Your Honor - Part Seven

Your Honor – Part Seven – Transcript

Michael’s solution to his blackmail problem unearths deeper troubles. Eugene finds family in Big Mo’s crew. Adam’s secret is threatened to be outed by a problematic relationship.

Shameless - S11E04 - NIMBY

Shameless – S11E04 – NIMBY – Transcript

Frank, Kev and Liam plot to get rid of the Milkoviches. Mickey starts a new security gig. V and Debbie turn into stage moms at a beauty pageant. Lip goes to brunch with Tami and her old teacher.

A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

A Discovery of Witches – S02E05 – Transcript

Mont Saint-Michel, France, 1590. Matthew and Diana make it there in their rowboat and immediately find themselves greeted by the ominous presence of Philippe’s men. Together, they ride in their company to the Province of Anjou, an area that refuses to acknowledge the King’s protestant claims…

A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

A Discovery of Witches – S02E04 – Transcript

The episode begins in Oxford, England as another brutal murder rocks the streets. There’s another vampire killing and Domenico receives a call, letting him know that “it’s happened again.” And just like that, he rings Gerbert and tells him he believes Blood-rage is back…