My Adventures with Superman – S02E07 – Olsen’s Eleven | Transcript

Lois and Jimmy recruit mercenaries and mad scientists to help them steal a spaceship out from under the nose of Task Force X.
My Adventures with Superman - S02E07 - Olsen's Eleven

My Adventures with Superman
Season 2 – Episode 7
Episode title: Olsen’s Eleven
Original air date: June 30, 2024 (Adult Swim)

Plot: Following Superman and Kara’s battle, Waller announces the formation of the Human Defense Corps (HDC) and places Metropolis under martial law in preparation for an impending alien invasion. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Lois plan to break into S.T.A.R. Labs and steal an experimental spaceship so they can find Superman. To help them, they hire Willis, who agrees over her girlfriend Heat Wave’s apparent protests, and recruit Mallah and the Brain, who had returned due to trouble with their multiversal doppelgangers and portal machine. Complicating matters, Jimmy discovers Lois intends to use her Kryptonite sample on Kara. Moreover, security proves tighter than expected due to Waller and Wilson overseeing Luthor’s work on the Metallos. Quickly discovering their presence, Waller sends Wilson to capture Lois and Jimmy’s group. Despite the chaos of evading Task Force X, Mallah and the Brain successfully launch the spaceship while Willis and Heat Wave, who were enacting a separate scheme to raid the armory, fend off the Metallos to ensure the group’s escape. As Waller deems Luthor’s work successful and allocates more resources for him, Mallah and the Brain use a newly constructed portal device to send them, Lois, and Jimmy into deep space, where they encounter Kara.

* * *

[Waller] Citizens of Metropolis, we have just witnessed the true magnitude of the alien threat to Earth.

Superman isn’t a hero.

He’s an invader.

The vanguard of a hostile military force.

Superman and his kind have declared war on humanity.

But our alien problem has a human solution.

The Human Defense Corps.

For the protection of Metropolis,

martial law is now in effect.

So when Superman returns…


and he will return,

we’ll be ready for him.

[opening music playing]

General Waller, you claimed Superman attacked Metropolis.

But witnesses say Superman was fighting the alien to save the city.

Metropolis would not have needed saving

if Superman wasn’t here in the first place.

The alien came for him.

We’ve all seen the footage.

Footage your agency seized just minutes after the event last night.

But this station has obtained its own footage, which we’re going to play…

That’s classified.

But thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Uh, hey, you can’t…

[static interference buzzes]

Ugh, this can’t be happening.

Clark’s been kidnapped, Waller’s trying to destroy him…

[Lois] And I broke up with him.

It doesn’t matter. We are going to find Clark and bring him home with this.


Amazo Tech jump-drive ship.

It’s still at S.T.A.R. Labs.

We steal the ship, go to space, get Clark back… [sighs] And…

Make it right.

And how exactly are the two of us going to steal the spaceship?

By hiring someone to help us.


Stealing stuff is her thing.

Plus, she knows us.

‘Cause we helped Superman stop her.

Do you have a better idea?

Because I don’t, Jimmy, and I… [sighs]

I need to make things right.

So, how do we find Livewire?

I burned through every favor I had with my contacts, and I got her last known address.


Not what I expected, but… [sighs]

Here we go.



Wait, wait. Don’t hang up. We need your skills and you’re…


Isn’t that Superman’s…


What could she possibly…

No idea.

[beeps]…and I don’t regret helping Superman stop you. But now…

Shut up and get to the point.

We need you to help us break into S.T.A.R. Labs to steal a spaceship.

[both laughing]

Oh, you’re serious. Oh.

We’re willing to pay.

[cash register dings]


I’m gonna need to see more zeros.

Whatever it takes.

[cash register dings]

[Lois gasps]


Is this mahogany?

Is that the stolen Ming vase from the Metrop…

I mean, uh, mahogany, huh? [laughs]

I love mahogany. [chuckles]

Leslie, seriously?

Babe, with this money, we could do anything.

Okay? We could retire and, I don’t know, buy a farm.

[gasps] We could have chickens.

[Heat Wave] I don’t want chickens!


You always do this.

You take impossible jobs and get in way over your head.

You never know when to walk away.

I know when to walk away.

No, you don’t.

But I do.

Good luck. You’re gonna need it.

Enjoy your stupid spaceship.

[door closes]

So, uh…

You and Heat Wave are…

Are no longer splitting the money.

Now shut up and listen.

You hired me, which means I call the shots.

S.T.A.R. Labs is tough, but not impossible.

I can get us in, but we need a crew who knows their way around a spaceship.

And there aren’t too many of those, especially with Waller locking down every scientist in the city.

So, I might know some people who can help us.

What? Who?



Mallah? Brain?

I thought you went to another dimension.


Ah, for the past six months, mon amour and I have explored the wonders of the multiverse.

But it turns out, every dimension has already its own Mallah and Brain, which is plenty.

[Brain] Also, we may have been chased out of the last dimension for creating another unstable black hole. [laughs]

[Mallah] Thus we returned.


We do brunch with Jimmy on the weekends, and now we are here to help our friends.

[Brain] And work on a machine that can open portals without destroying everything.

Which, we now understand, is a drawback.

Okay, we’re on the clock, people. [sighs]

Curfew means we have to move during daylight.

Luckily, that also means we’re dealing with

S.T.A.R. Labs’s state-of-the-art security system.

How is that lucky for us?

Because systems are only as good as the people behind them,

and people have weaknesses.

So, entry is a two-step process.

Only those accompanied by a guard can enter the facility.


However, my sources say that the back entrance guard visits his grandma at her nursing home on 47th Street every Thursday.

That’s when we grab his prints.

When his shift ends at 5:00, we’ll have a 30-second window before his replacement arrives.



[Mallah] And this is where we come in.

[Brain] I will access the security system and loop the cameras.

[Mallah] While my incredible husband is in the system, we’ll also hack and download blueprints and manifests, which will show us the exact location of the spaceship.

[Brain] As well as what equipment they have, so we can make modifications.

[Lois] What? Hold on.

We never said anything about modifications.

[Brain] You also never said anything against them.

No, the longer we’re in, the greater our chance of getting caught.

Once we find the ship, and only the ship…

[Brain grumbles]

…we fly it out, and we go our separate ways.

If something goes wrong, we do Plan B.

[Lois] And what’s Plan B?


We’re not hurting people.

We do this peacefully, or the deal’s off.

You don’t get it.

Superman isn’t here to save you.

You’re gonna have to get your hands dirty.

There’s always another way.

It’s your funeral. Now…

We’ll stay in communication with these earpieces.

And this microcomputer.

No, put that back.

Oh, and this laser gun. Pew, pew, pew. [laughs]

Stop touching everything.

[Brain mockingly] Stop touching everything.

[Livewire grunts]

Lois, it’s not just the ship.

Mallah and Brain think they can pinpoint Clark, but when we find him…

We also find his evil cousin.

Which is why I brought… this.


No. Why is everyone so trigger happy?

We’re not going to hurt Kara.

Kara? Um, I’m sorry, you’re on a first name basis with Clark’s kidnapper?

Well, it’s… It’s more complicated than that.

She took Clark. I’d say it’s pretty simple.

I just think before we resort to Kryptonite, we should talk to her.

This is our only weapon against her.

Livewire’s right. We don’t have Superman.

It’s up to us to save Clark, and this is how we do it.

Is it? Because you’re starting to sound a lot like…

What are you doing in here?



Whatever, wrap it up. It’s time to move.

Stick to the plan and we might just pull this off,

as long as there are no surprises.

General, uh, we weren’t expecting you.

Well, that’s kind of the point of a surprise inspection, Alex.

I’ve been hearing a lot about how Project M will be operational soon, but no timelines.

I’m here to see what progress has been made.

Unless that’s a problem for you.

Not at all.

This way, General. Let me give you the full tour.


Shift ends in three…

Two… One.


[Jimmy] Why isn’t he leaving?

[Lois] Ah, he must have a double shift.

[Livewire shushes]



Hello? Is someone there?


[whispers] Hey, get back here.

Hi there.



Henshaw was supposed to let you know I was coming in.

I’m the new hire, starting today.

-I’m, uh… -Don’t say your real name. Don’t say your real name.



Hey… [chuckles] You… You look familiar. Uh…

This is a weird question, but is your grandma at the nursing home on 47th Street?

Uh, yeah.

[laughs] I knew I recognized you.

Uh, my nana lives there too.

Huh. Small world.

[Jimmy] Ah, I visit her every week, but I wish I could see her more often.

[guard] Yeah, tell me about it.

I was supposed to visit my gran today, but I got pulled into a double with no warning.

What? That’s the worst.

I wouldn’t usually do this, but if you want to go see her, right now,

I can cover this shift.


Oh, that’d be great, man.

I owe you one, Jimmy.

[beeping and buzzing]

Very impressive, Jimmy.

Thank you.

See how I used talking to solve the problem?

Because sometimes talking…

Yeah, you’re a real hero. Cameras?

Looped in this room.

Then let’s go.

[Brain] Uh-oh.


[Brain grunts] They’ve increased their security encryptions.

Uh, just a moment, Fraeulein. [laughs]

[Alex] As you can see, security has never been tighter.

We’ve converted two of our hangars to store the Project M prototypes. I can show you the feed…

Or you could show us the main event.

Unless “operational soon” meant not operational at all.

Look, I’m back-engineering an alien substance into a new type of power source.

We need time.

The new cores are at ten percent capacity…

[Wilson] Are you going to shoot excuses at it?

[Alex] Okay, I didn’t come to this organization

to be middle managed by a wannabe ninja.

Got it.



We have a security breach.

Sweep the facility.

Let me assemble a team.

No. Wilson will handle it.

With extreme prejudice.

Ah-ha! I have the ship’s location.

There it is. Vehicle Hangar 3.

Let’s go.


[gasps] Mon amour.

Do you see what I see?

They have Europium.

It’s the last component we need for our portal machine.

We shall make a detour.

[Lois] Okay, can we please focus on stealing one thing at a time?

[footsteps approaching rapidly]




[sighs] Black ops.



[electricity crackling]



They’re running.

Activate lockdown.

[Waller] What is Wilson doing?

[Alex] This is it.

You want to see what Project M can do, General? Let me show you.

All right, Luthor.

Bring them online.

Mallah, Brain, come in.

-[panting] -I’m just getting static.

Isn’t it obvious? They ditched us.

No, they wouldn’t do that. Would they?

-[electricity crackling] -[grunts]

Livewire, hold the door.

Sorry, kids. But Rory’s wrong.

I do know when to walk away.


What do we do now?

[footsteps approaching]

[growls] Keep up the sweep.

I hate tight spaces.

When I get my hands on Kara, she is gonna wish she stayed in space.

This is all her fault.

Lois, it’s not that simple.

Of course it’s simple.

She’s an enemy. You take out the enemy.

Take out the enemy?

You know, you’re sounding an awful lot like your dad.

I am nothing like my father.

I know you’re not. Because you gave Clark a chance.

The only difference between Clark and Kara

is that Clark had us and Kara had no one.

She’s not a lost cause, Lois.

[gasps] We made it.

We’re getting out of…

There’s no way that thing can fly.

No. This was my chance to make things right.


I’m never gonna see him again, and it’s all my fault. [crying]

I don’t even know why I broke up with him.

I was…

I was just so afraid he was going to leave.

So why not cut to the chase?

I love him. But… I…

I got scared he wouldn’t love me back the same way.

That is so beautiful and sad.


Mallah, Brain, you didn’t abandon us.

Bien sur, we would never.

We were just gathering supplies for the portal machine.

Plus, we needed to get the shuttle running.

Give us a minute, and we’ll compensate for the missing thruster.

Then… [chuckles] To space!

[both gasp]


[Brain] Everyone, to the ship!

[siren blaring]

[laughs] Fire the engines.

[engine starting]


Ugh. Zut alors.

Um… Guys?

Again, mon amour.

[engine starting]

Any time now, mein liebchen.

[speaking French]


[engine starts]

[all cheering]

We did it!


[all gasping]


[Lois] No.

We’re not gonna make it.

No Superman to save us.

[electricity crackling]




Heat Wave?

Heat Wave?


You came back?

I never left.

That was the plan. The real one.

After I let you in, Rory left to put together the actual crew.

I knew that once Waller realized you were after the ship,

the armory would be unguarded.

So while she was occupied with you dummies,

we stole everything that wasn’t bolted down, and then some.

The plan was for us to get away scot-free, while you took the fall.

[Lois over the earpiece] I’m never gonna see him again. It’s all my fault. [crying]

[Livewire] But then we kept hearing you two whine on and on.

You got scared.

But love is not for cowards.

Sometimes you have to put it all on the line to be with the person you love.

Working together to rob the woman who kidnapped you.

Aw, babe.

Love is not for cowards.

[Livewire] That’s right.

Now get out of here.


[driver] Whoo-hoo!


Told you. You never know when to walk away.

Oh, Alex. This must hurt.

You gave it a good shot, but they still got away.

[Waller] This was a success.

At only ten percent capacity,

it stood up to alien tech weapons and superpowers.

Whatever resources you need, they’re yours.

Project M is now top priority.

Wilson, clean up.


What was it you so eloquently said to Lane?

Oh, right.

“Mommy doesn’t need you anymore.”

We did it.

We did it.

Thanks, Jimmy.


[sighs] I promise I will try to talk to Kara before punching her with Kryptonite.

That’s all I ask.

I know we can get through to her.

I saw a different side to Kara when we got ice cream, and went to the gardens, and watched the sunset together. Ooh, and…

Wait. You’re describing a date.

Did you go on a date with Kara…

[Brain] The machine is complete.

Portal opens in three, two…

The repairs are not holding.


[Mallah] Mais non.

[closing music playing]


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