Money Heist – S05E03 – The Spectacle of Life [Transcript]

A betrayal and an emergency both catch Sierra by surprise. Palermo rallies the troops as the army closes in on the gang.
Money Heist - Part 5

Money Heist (Spanish: La casa de papel, “The House of Paper”) is a Spanish heist crime drama television series created by Álex Pina. The series traces two long-prepared heists led by the Professor (Álvaro Morte), one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and one on the Bank of Spain, told from the perspective of one of the robbers, Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó). The narrative is told in a real-time-like fashion and relies on flashbacks, time-jumps, hidden character motivations, and an unreliable narrator for complexity.

* * *

Original release date: September 3, 2021

[“Que te vaya bonito” by Chavela Vargas plays]

Three, four.

[Stockholm] One, two, three.

[cries] One, two, three, four.

[Stockholm] Help me!

Get the forceps, the medical kit! We have to stop the bleeding!

He’s got no pulse.

[Stockholm] Let’s go!

On your knees, you son of a bitch!

[raucous and frenetic music plays]

Please, you can’t die on me.

Come on!

[Manila] Coming, coming!

The scissors.

Come on, come on…

Holy shit.

[Stockholm cries]

Ah, fuck.


[Stockholm] Get the forceps. Come on, Arturo.

Three, four.

Full charge!

We’re clear!

[electrical discharge]

Stop, you’re frying a dead body.


Get the epinephrine. Get it.

I got it.

[monitor flatline rings]


You executed him. Accept it.


What are we doing? The army’s about to blow us out of here.

We’re clear.

[electrical discharge]

He’s got a pulse.


Thank God.

[monitor beeps]

[Stockholm] He’s got a pulse.

He’s got a bullet in his heart. He’s never gonna survive.

We have to get him to a hospital, Palermo. We need to get him out now!

He was dead a minute ago

and he’ll be dead again when you stop blowing air into his lungs.

If we get him out, then we’ll become murderers.



They’re gonna break in. They’ll kill the hostages.

And they’ll kill us too.

We can’t just let him die.

It’s my fault.

Listen to me.

This fucking Goddamn crazy son of a bitch kept asking for it.

You shot him twice. You did good. But now you feel guilty.

You want to assuage your guilt by tossing a bucket of shit on us.

I can’t allow that.

You keep your conscience clean. Mine’s already dirty. I’ll finish him off.


[Palermo] I’m going to shoot him!

Then it’s all over!

Listen to me.

Calm down, calm down.

Look at me.

We’re getting him out… and I’ll tell you why.

[intense and dramatic music plays]

[governor] Doctor!

We need a doctor!

[helicopter whirs]


[sirens wail]

[Tokyo] As Stockholm watched Arturo hanging between life and death,

she felt like a murderer.

She realized she’d cut her son’s last safety net

and now Cincinnati was on his own.

After all, Arturo was the kid’s biological father.

It made Stockholm feel certain

that neither she nor Denver would ever see Cincinnati again.

[dramatic music continues]

[Tokyo] She wasn’t the only one feeling the weight and responsibility

of having a child.

[newscaster] While we wait for more information from the police,

we have new reports of movement inside of the Bank of Spain…

[Tokyo] Our lives depended on three guys who were tied up and held at gunpoint.

Under other circumstances, they would have given up,

but Benjamín had a child inside the bank.

And the Professor had us.


[music intensifies and ends abruptly]

[“My Life Is Going On” by Cecilia Krull playing]

♪ If I stay with you ♪

♪ If I’m choosing wrong I don’t care at all ♪

♪ If I’m losing now But I’m winning late ♪

♪ That’s all I want ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ I am lost ♪

♪ I don’t care at all ♪

♪ Lost my time ♪

♪ My life is going on ♪

[Tamayo] His condition is critical.

I’ll be there as soon as possible.

Search these men in my office.

I need to start the interrogation right away.

Run the electromagnetic detector over all of them,

they could have mics in their tooth fillings.

[sound waves hum]

There’s no radioelectric waves.

Bring them some clothes.

Colonel, they’re clean.

[governor] There’s ten of them.

There’s always one with the hostages, here, in the library.

What happened to Arturo Román?

We tried to bring some hostages to safety… but he lost his mind.

He was drunk with his power. He attacked them with a flamethrower.

Mounted the machine gun on a forklift.

He put us all in danger. They had to take him out.

He had no pulse for a few minutes, but they resuscitated him.

They didn’t resuscitate anyone. They killed him in cold blood.

The best thing that could happen is for him to die in the next ten minutes.

They gave us a gift and I’ll use it to finish them off. No law, no rights!

We’ll shoot them in the back even if they’re on their knees!

But before we do,

I need everyone to believe they’re all fucking murderers.

Are you following?

Anyone else injured?

Two hostages.

They were injured by Román.

Absolutely not. It was them.

I’ve been summoned to the Ministry of the Interior by the president.

No one enters the building until I get back.

[tense music plays]

[Tamayo] Martínez, bring the documentation! Martínez!

[music ends]


[Manila] He would’ve killed you.

Why am I here?

What am I doing here?

I’m shooting people while my kid is with some monks.

[cries] When he’s older…

and he hears about this, he’ll ask about me and…

I don’t want him to know who I was.

I’ve fucked up my son’s whole life.

My dad also thinks he fucked up my life,

but I love him to death.

A miner with a trans daughter, back in the ’90s…

He made a ton of mistakes.

When I was five, I came up to my dad and said, “Daddy, I’m a girl. Okay?”

He looked at me with that serious miner face

and said, “Juan, you are a man. And men cannot be girls.”

I saw this makeup case once and I was crazy about it.

I don’t know how many times I asked him to buy it for me as a gift.

And I did get a case after all, yeah. But it was a tool case.

Then I just ended up understanding

that anything my dad thought was girly was bad. So I tried to hide it.

But wasn’t there anyone you could have talked to?

Nobody in our neighborhood.

There were a lot of pickpockets, burglars…

There were junkies, a lot of them. But there wasn’t anyone who was trans.

Back in those days, whenever a man was dressed up as a woman on TV,

it was just a big joke, just for people to laugh.

My dad would be the first one to crack up.

But I forgive him now because, the truth is,

I didn’t have any role models, but neither did he.

I think the natural state of parenthood is just plain confusion.

And at the end of the day, it’s not about doing everything the right way.

It’s about loving.

[Tatiana plays “Piano Concerto No. 21” by Mozart]

Do you like your presents?

Are you referring to these gentlemen?


They’re incredible teachers.

Like authentic, ivy-league professors.

Two brilliant captains for your first flight.

And we chose, specifically for you,

a robbery with no risk.

Basically, just to enjoy it.

So, can you tell me, Dad, how come this job has no risk?

It has no risk because no one will notice they were robbed.

Well… [laughs] At some point they’ll find out.

[Berlin] No.

Not in a month, not in two, not in three.

Not even ten.

[Tatiana laughs]

In 15, yeah. When the Viking gold museum opens.

But by then, who’s gonna connect the dots? [laughs]

Viking gold?

[Berlin] Mm-hmm.


[solemn music plays]

[Tatiana] Exact replicas made of brass

of all the pieces

of the biggest Viking treasure hoard discovered ever.

Eight months ago, it was found at an archaeological site.

It was cataloged,

and now it’s being kept in a secure room in the Danish National Heritage.

The real one’s there, all locked up, in limbo, awaiting its destiny.

And do you know where that security room is?

In the Castle of Frederiksborg.

Exactly the same venue where I’ll be performing a concert in just three days.

[solemn music continues]

[Berlin] It’ll be the perfect evening.

Luxury cars, tuxedos, cocktails…

[reporters clamor]

…classical music…

and 12 kilos of gold.


What’s so funny?

First of all,

these are Viking burial gifts, not a Viking treasure.

That’s the correct term archaeologists use.

And secondly, um, you’re a total cynic.


Dad, you come across as a person that you know is fond of art

and restores monasteries.

I’m sorry, I gotta say it. These pieces belong in a museum.

Wait a minute. Are you calling this art?


Of course I am.

These pieces are more than 1,000 years old.

They’re hand carved. They have Nordic mythology symbols.

This is pure art!

Any blacksmith could make this garbage!

This is the coarseness of barbarians!

Those people pillaged iconic pieces, extraordinary ones:

Latin, Greek, Phoenician,

and then melted them for their cups of wine, plates, amulets!

[metal dings]

We’re giving the dignity back to this gold.

Oh, for God’s sake.

[Berlin] We’re the ones who are going to make art.

This heist will be unforgettable.

[music intensifies and ends]

Imminent press conference from the Ministry of the Interior.

Luis Tamayo, colonel in charge, will speak in just a moment.

Until then, here’s an update on Arturo Román’s condition…

[Alicia] You almost kill the only hostage people know.

On top of that, you release the governor from the bank.

Hello? Anyone still at the wheel in there?

Here’s the situation, the army’s going in.

They’re waiting for Tamayo to destroy you guys,

and he’ll do it, for two reasons. First, he’s an asshole and a coward.

Second, you’re making it so easy for him.

We’ll find out soon.

Are hostages being executed?

And, is the army getting ready for an intervention?

You’re shooting hostages. The public is gonna go crazy.

Your girlfriend,

the Power Ranger you love so much,

the teddy bear from the Balkans, the kid from the grave…

All those people you’re willing to die for.

Your people, they’re…

already dead.

[suspenseful music plays]

But I can stop all of that.

You give me the information,

I pick up the phone and nobody dies, Sergio.

[camera shutters click]


[Martínez] Please, move to the sides. Move to the sides!

[suspenseful music swells]

Good morning.

We brought you here today to this press conference

to fill you in on all the latest information

regarding the disappearance of Alicia Sierra.

Former Inspector Alicia Sierra has betrayed the police force

and she has now begun collaborating with the Professor.

We currently have no information regarding her whereabouts after she fled the city.

But we’re using all the means at our disposal to bring her to justice.

She looked like this when she disappeared.

A security camera from a store close to her home captured this image.

Son of a bitch.

We traced her cell phone’s last registered location

to within two blocks of the National Court.

A safe house has been located

where she might have coordinated Murillo’s evacuation.

All this is currently under investigation.

Forensic analysis regarding the equipment found at her house

suggests that she leaked email conversations

regarding the events in Algeria.

She organized the depositions

as well as the broadcasting of Aníbal Cortés’ fake burial.

We’ve also found encrypted traces of communication with underground servers.

Through them, Alicia Sierra leaked sensitive information to the Professor.

In the last few hours, we’ve learned that Alicia Sierra received eight million euros

deposited to various shell companies

in Panama, Belize, and Delaware.


What did you expect? There’s no going back now and no way out.

I’ll find a way out.

Now, does anybody have any questions?

Colonel, please!

[reporters clamor]

And what about Arturo Román?

He’s in critical condition, doesn’t look good.

Now, it’s too late.

The police, the CNI, the government… All of them fabricated evidence.

If you turn us in, they’ll say first you betrayed them and then us.

Shut it. Just shut up.

Do you really think they’ll admit they created fake evidence?

The CNI doesn’t back down or apologize. You know that perfectly well.

Shut up.

[reporters clamor]

Are you planning an intervention?

As you can see, the situation has drastically changed.

This is no longer a robbery with hostages. It’s a kidnapping with executions.

The protocols are completely different.

Is that why the army’s been mobilized?

I’m sorry. I can’t provide any details. The operation is ongoing.

[reporters clamor]

That’s the green light right there.

[sighs] It’s going to be a total massacre. They’re going to go in now.

How are they getting the gold out?

I don’t even know how they’re gonna get the gold out.

The gold.

It’s not important.

Of course it’s important, idiot.

You’re absolutely clueless. The gold is not important.

Shut up.

They signed your sentence.

They charged you with the same crimes we were charged, maybe even worse.

Shut up.

Because yours includes contempt.

Shut up.

Now you’re nothing but a traitor.

Shut up.

To the police,

to the government, to all of your colleagues…

Shut up.

Nothing can save you from going to jail.

Shut your mouth! I need to think!

[water breaks]

No. No. [pants]

Her water broke.


Not now. [exhales]

[soft and tense music plays]


Not now, not now, not now.

Be reasonable, no? You can’t raise a child in prison.

I can raise a child in prison perfectly well.

Maternity ward. That’s how you do it.

[Alicia pants]

[Manila] Hey, Godfather…

I’m grateful you brought me into this.

I really needed it.

Sweetie, if you needed money, you just had to call us.

What I needed was someone to believe in me.

She’s talking about her dad, Papa.

For fuck’s sake, I know she’s talking about her dad.

My dad thinks I can’t be a robber anymore,

but actually, I can do it now better than ever.

You gotta study. We’re going to print two billion bucks.

Like this: peekeepee, peekeepee… [laughs]

You… You told your father you’re here, right?

I didn’t and I never will.


So, uh, we need to go to bed.

Tomorrow we have shooting practice and… yeah. Come on.

Buenas noches.

[Denver] Good night.

[footsteps walking away]

[crickets chirping]



Wake up, man! Hey!

What happened? What happened?

I think we might be getting something wrong here.

What are you talking about, Papa, it’s…

[metal clangs]

[Denver sighs]

Papa, it’s five in the morning! Why are you even up right now?

[Moscow] Maybe we didn’t understand

the way Benjamín wanted us to look after, uh, Julia

and we’re screwing this up.

We’re not screwing anything up. Julia wants to be here.

And Julia… she’s a grown-up woman,

with all her things, with her independence.

[concerned] Even if she wants to do it, I’m still supposed to tell Benjamín

that maybe I took her off of a good path.

And you know, maybe what’s a good path for me

is not the same as a good or a bad path that Benjamín has in his head.

So, we should fix this, true up, before we take her to a war zone.

[irritated] Papa, Benjamín’s in jail and we can’t do anything about it

’cause we don’t even have a phone.

We just need to move on. So good night.

[Denver sighs]

Come on, just get up! I… I… I have to call him.

So you wanna go call him in jail right now?

[spluttering] What do you mean?

We have to walk for three or four hours just to find a phone so…

I’m not going anywhere.

[angry] What do you mean?


Come on.

Damn it, now I can’t go back to sleep.

So get up.

[action music plays]

Cover that C4 with steel sheets. You don’t wanna blow your head off.

[Tokyo] Our defense strategy was to move the weapons to a safe place.

Take seven more.

Rio, grenades?


Take as many as you can, brother.

[Tokyo] But rather than a bunker,

it felt like we were digging our own graves.

We can do this.

[Tokyo] Without the Professor, we felt like orphans.

This is our last dance, Fatty. Make it a good one.

[Tokyo] No father, no plan, no hope.

Pardon the soccer reference, it’s appropriate for the circumstances.

Sometimes, during the World Cup finals, you know which team is gonna lose

by the look of fear in the players’ faces as they sing the anthem.

And that type of fear is what I’m seeing here, right now.

But that’s all about to change.

In soccer it’s 11 against 11.

We’re ten against 10,000 without a coach.

Ding, ding, ding!

Attention all the robbers currently at the Bank of Spain.

Breaking news just arriving straight from the stormwater tank:

Alicia Sierra no longer plays for the police.

Tamayo dethroned her, left her on her own.

Sierra’s playing solo. You know what that means, don’t you?

Care to guess?

Tokyo, Rio? Do you know?

The Professor hasn’t lost just yet.

He’s playing his own match and still could win.

He’s playing against a nutcase.

No. She’s more than that.

[Palermo sighs]

She’s also really pissed off, because she was just betrayed

and thrown to the lions.

Right now she knows the Professor’s not her biggest enemy.

[metal clashes]

[screams in pain]


Breathe with your diaphragm.

[Alicia] What?

So… So you control the contractions.

Breathe with your diaphragm.

[pants] Now you’re a midwife too?

We can’t win this war.

Ding, ding, ding!

The bear from the Balkans gets it wrong again.

We don’t need to win this war. In fact, we’re going to lose it…

but at a slow pace.

And you…

my boys and girls in red…

We… We’re the fucking dregs of society,

a team with the biggest losers in history:

trans, criminals, scumbags, gays,

Balkans, Latinos… What the fuck can they teach us about losing?

We know the terrible feeling of a slow defeat.

We know it.

So it’s just another day as losers.

And why do we wanna be losers again?

So we can melt the gold and take it all out, brother.

Get back at it.

Sounds fucking good to me.

So you’ve got a losing plan that you’re not telling us about.

Of course I do.

I graduated as an engineer,

but my vocation is a general in the infantry.

[exhale] I need to dilate.

Some… oxytocin… would be great.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any…

Something for the pain.

No, no, no. You’ll put the baby at risk.

[screams] Holy shit!


We don’t stand a chance at open warfare,

but in these rooms their advantage disappears.

We’re gonna crawl through every nook, every corner,

every fucking pile of rubble.

We’ll throw a grenade, then a second one, followed by machine-gun fire.

This isn’t a fucking Vietnam movie.

Exactly, it’s much worse. It’s the defense of Stalingrad.

This strategy is not mine, it’s Vasily Chuikov’s.

We’re gonna blast music so loud they won’t hear our grenades fall,

they won’t hear the explosions. And what’s better…

they won’t even hear their own radios.


[Professor] Alicia, listen to me.

Now you can no longer go to a hospital.

And you can’t do it on your own.

You have to release us. You need our help.

Let us help you.

I’m gonna give birth…


Same way my grandma did,

and hundreds of other women throughout history.

Like this! [sighs]

Welcome to the spectacle of life! [shouts]

I need three volunteers and the mission won’t be easy.

Those three people will have to advance from the rear.

Our only chance is to attack them from both fronts.

We need to move as fast as lightning.

Go through the elevator shaft or the air ducts,

whatever, just be fucking fast.



[Alicia] Logroño.

You know more than him. How’s my dilation?

Mm, I couldn’t tell you.

Dilation is measured by touch.

Let’s see.

What part of the plan is this?

The birth plan!

Three volunteers and, folks,

remember you’re the most exposed, okay?

Good. Let’s do it.

Let’s go, come on!


say goodbye to her.

It’ll be a long night. And this might be our final one.

[door opens]

[Denver] Are we seriously gonna walk the whole way?

It’s five in the morning, how else can we go?

Shit, maybe stealing a car.

There you go. Stealing, huh?

The first thing that goes through your mind, right?

The smallest hitch comes… Boom, let’s steal.

You’re one to talk. You brought to me to steal the money-making factory.

So you’ll learn to do it intelligently, like the Professor.

He knows how to do it right.

You steal big in one go,

not in small amounts and screwing people over.

Yeah, but it’s 5:00 a.m. Leaving now, we’ll be back by 11:00 a.m.

If we come back to the Professor, what are you gonna tell him?

See? You start using your head and suddenly you make sense.

We’ll steal a car.

But let’s steal it from someone who won’t say anything.

[quiet footsteps]

[stealthy music plays]

[Moscow] Hey!

[Denver] Almost there.

[Moscow] Come on. Let’s go.

[crickets chirping]

[Moscow] I don’t know what you want me to say.

What can I say that you don’t know already?

You know, there’s always some risk.

The job is… It’s huge.

It was calculated down to the millimeters. I promise.

If something goes wrong, Julia will go to a prison for men and I don’t…

I don’t even want to imagine it.

Yeah, but… she could ask for a transfer for a women’s prison,

which I’m sure they’ll allow.

Julia’s been through a big journey to be where she is now.


[sobs] She’s starting to live.

She’s happy. I’d never seen my daughter so happy in…

[sobs] In 30 years.

She’s been in jail all her life. Don’t put her back there.

If the job is as big as you say, how can you look after her?

[sighs] Of course I will. As if she’s my daughter.

Benjamín, listen,

I’m on Julia’s side to death, you understand?

And I’ll always be. To death!

[patrons murmuring]

[man coughs]

[cries] Thanks, Dani.

Yeah, don’t mention it.

I gotta go.

Ah… big hug.

Wow. You went a little too far there, no?

Did I?

Let’s get out of here. [sighs]

[Moscow] Bye.

[Denver] Bye. Bye.


[knocking on metallic door]


[metal door opens]

[Professor] That phone call is irreversible.

Think about it for a second, please.

That call is a death sentence for you and your child.


[Professor] You can hate me if you want. You can wish me dead if you want.

Whatever. But, unfortunately, right now,

to save your life and your child, you need to save mine.

At this very moment, we’re in the same place, we’re equals.

[groans] You and I aren’t equals, you piece of shit.

You’re here to break the law. I’m here to stop you.

[metal thuds]

[groans] Jesus.

[exhales] And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.


[metal clanks]

You’re sentencing your child.

They’ll destroy you because they don’t owe you anything.

My life.

They owe me my life.

I’ve turned into the regional queen of bitches for them.


And you don’t let bitches like me down.

I will not let you down.

Shut up.


I’ll never let you down.

Don’t talk to me like I’m one of you.

I won’t spend my life on the run, especially now. [groans]

I don’t run away.

I don’t hide.

I don’t go to the Philippines. I don’t go to the Philippines.


I actually liked my life.

I like Madrid. And lamb chops.

And the Puerta del Sol. And the corruption.

And I’m not losing my fucking country because of you, asshole.

You were betrayed by Tamayo, not me.


I hate you. [pants]

Very well. But we’re currently running out of time

and your hatred towards me

does not entitle you to put this child’s life at risk.


This child…

adores risk, you son of a bitch!


[tense music builds]

[pants and yells] Fuck!

[sirens wail]

[brakes screech]

[crowd boos and clamors]

[action music plays]

[snaps fingers] With me.

Tamayo just got back.

Some soldiers are going in with him.

Did the Professor call?

If he did, I would have informed you.

Everyone out now!

We’re about to prepare a military operation in here! Let’s go!

[Helsinki] Police officers are coming out of the tent.

Looks like they’re organizing.

[Palermo] Copy. That means only a few minutes.

[music ends]


When you shoot someone, you feel like shit, you know?

You hate yourself for it.

I shot you.

And to think that something could’ve happened.

To think that I could be a murderer.

You think, “All that’s left is either jail or death.”

But it’s not.

It’s not like that.

I treated your wound.

I danced.

And from that moment on, we’ve actually we’ve been happy, Mónica.

[cries] Just ’cause it happened once doesn’t mean it’ll happen now.


maybe all of us have just run out of luck.

I think we need to talk when you get back.

[water running]

If I come back.

In that case, we should kiss.

For the first time.

[faucet turns off]

A first kiss only happens once.

Maybe you don’t get it. That’s why it’s called that.

But I don’t wanna give you a last kiss. I want another first kiss.

The kind of kiss couples do when they get back together.

I want that.

[dramatic music plays]

[music ends]

The building is shielded.

Which means there aren’t many entrance points for us to choose from.

The main entrance,

loading bays,

or windows.

But… those are the exact spots where they’ll be expecting us,

so none of them are an option.

But there’s one more possibility.

You already know Captain Gandía,

former green beret.

I had the honor to serve with him and some of you have too.

He’s proposing an alternative plan.

The rooftop. In the plans, everything is shielded.

However, there’s one area that’s clear.

It’s confidential information. They ignore it.

What did you say? There’s a hole in the shield of the Bank of Spain?

No. It’s completely shielded.

But it starts at the museum.

It shuts down with steel doors, like the ones on the first floor.

[Sagasta] So we’re gonna climb up there,

we’re gonna blow this up, and we’ll drop straight into the dining hall.

[Ángel] That ceiling was constructed in the 18th century.

It was brought from a palace in Jaén

during the Civil War to protect it from the bombings.

Hold on, Ángel, do you think someone in Bosnia said,

“Don’t blow the Mostar Bridge, it’s an antique”?

No, and there it is, rebuilt.

What about the Sarajevo Library?

They burned down Berlin during World War II,

and nobody said, “Don’t bomb this neighborhood, it’s very beautiful.”

[Ángel] There are Goya paintings in there, the Quimbaya gold…

We’ve got Amnesty International on our backs.

You wanna pick a fight with UNESCO as well?

[Tamayo] You don’t give a shit about the Quimbayas.

You stare at me like I’m a monster. Can you just say what is on your mind?

You ruined the life of an innocent person. You set her up to go to prison.

Just so you know, a country’s security is above the honor

of a particular individual, it’s above everything!

The National Reserve is a country’s backbone.

Are you really saying that Sierra’s dignity

is more important than the safety of 47 million people?

You’re full of shit!

You did that to save yourself,

not to save the security of 47 million people.

[soldier sings war cry]


We’ll go in by making that fucking ceiling fly!

[all soldiers sing]


Come on, baby! Just a little more and you’ll be out!

[yells] Fuck!

It won’t come out! It won’t come out!

[pants] It won’t… It won’t… Why?


Because it isn’t the head.

What? What?

It’s a breech baby.


Now what?

You need to insert the hand…


[Professor] …place the baby on your arm as if it were riding it,

hold its mouth with your index and thumb, bring its head close to the breastbone,

and then pull it out.



There’s no other way. And you need to do it right now.

[pants and moans]

[Professor] You have to release me.

[tense action music plays]

[crowd boos]

A convoy just left the tent.

[Palermo] Copy that. Everyone in position. Lisbon?

[guns cock]

[Lisbon] We’re ready.

[crowd clamors]

[tense action music plays]


[Palermo] Tokyo?

I’m in.

Matías, code red.

All right, nobody moves!

Head between your legs. Brace yourself with your arms.

Like in a fucking airplane!

We’re gonna have some turbulence.

[guns cock]

[music intensifies]

Change of plans! No matter what happens up there,

no matter what you hear, or if everything’s shaking,

don’t stop melting!

If the Virgin Mary appears in front of you dancing to reggaeton,

don’t stop melting.

[smelters laugh]

[Palermo] Bogotá?



If anyone’s thinking of taking a little bit of gold

to make earrings for their grandma…


When we’re outside, just come and ask Papa.

Got it, kiddos?

Let’s get to work!

[smelter 1] Let’s do it!

[smelter 2] Let’s get melting!

[action music plays]

They’re heading southwest.

[Alicia] Jesus.

[tense music plays]


[tense music plays]

[pants and grunts]


[music ends]

[Alicia pants]

Marseille, blankets.

Benjamín, clean water.

[Alicia moans]

[breaks squeak]

[Sagasta] Let’s go! Everyone down!

Move it!

Let’s go, everyone down!

Come on! Down!

They’re in a blind spot.

If they’re in a blind spot, then they’re climbing.

They’re gonna blow the roof!

Tokyo, Denver, Manila, get out of there! Go to the stairs!

[action music plays]




[engine starts]

[action music continues]

[action music builds and ends]


[Professor] Listen carefully.

Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath.

[breathes heavily]

[Professor] That’s it.

This is really important. You can’t push now.

I’m going to put my hand in.


[Alicia] Okay.

[pants] Okay.

[scared] It’ll be okay.

It’ll be okay.


Let’s do it.

[Alicia grunts]

[suffocated scream]

[action music plays]

Tokyo, situation.

We’re on the second floor.

Third floor.

All the way to the roof, you gotta catch them from behind. Helsinki?

I need to build a trench here.

Retreat to the museum. Wait for me there.

[breathes deeply]

[grunts and cries]

[pants and yells]

I can’t. This doesn’t work.


[cries] Please! Please…

[gun cocks]

Come on.

[suffocated scream]

A little more.



The breastbone. I got the breastbone.



[Professor exhales]

[moans] Come on, please…

Almost there.

[Alicia cries]

I’m pulling it out.

A little more, just a little.



Get out of the dining hall. Take shelter in the museum.

[pants] Negative.



[music intensifies and ends]

[action music plays]

[Professor] Come on, almost there.


[Professor] Almost there!

Take cover.

[music intensifies]




[music builds and ends]

[baby cries]




[crowd screams in panic]

[laughs hysterically]

[epic music plays]

[baby cries]

[crowd clamors in panic]

[reporter] We’ve witnessed an explosion…


[baby cries]


[music intensifies]

[voice speaks indistinctly over TV]


It looks like they’re planning to enter the building.

[music ends abruptly]

[tense electronic music plays]


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