Midnight Mass – S01E06 – Book VI: Acts of the Apostles [Transcript]

A fervent Bev calls for faith on the night of Easter vigil. Sarah reveals the results of a troubling experiment, along with a sobering theory.
Midnight Mass

Erin returns to the island after witnessing Riley burn to death and tells Sarah what is happening. Sarah shows Erin the de-aged Mildred and how her blood samples burn under sunlight. Bev convinces Father Paul to share what he has with the other residents. Sarah shares with Erin and Mildred her theory that Father Paul is spreading a virus that creates these strange medical miracles via the wine at church. Sarah informs Sheriff Hassan about her suspicions regarding the church but Hassan refuses to look further, fearing further alienation from the locals. Erin informs Annie of Riley’s death but is berated by a furious Annie who refuses to believe her. Erin, Sarah, and Mildred attempt to get the ferry to the mainland but discover Mayor Scarborough has sent the ferries away and witness Sturge locking down the fishing boats. That night, before Easter mass, Sturge cuts power to the town and sabotages the cell tower. The townsfolk perform a candle-lit march to church before Mass begins. Father Paul reveals that he is Monsignor Pruitt to the residents. The vampire arrives at Mass and Father Paul informs the churchgoers that all of them have the vampire’s blood in their veins and encourages them to drink poison in order to die and be reborn. Several residents drink the poison including Leeza’s parents, Sturge, Ooker, and Ali. Mildred shoots Father Paul in the head and is attacked by the vampire who swoops her out of the church. The dead churchgoers resurrect as vampires and attack those who haven’t drunk the poison. Ed is turned while Erin, Hassan, Leeza, Sarah, Warren, and Annie escape. Erin shoots Bev before the group flees into town. A resurrected Bev and Sturge unleash the vampires onto the remaining townsfolk.

* * *

[waves splashing]





[eerie music playing]


[inhales sharply]




[knocking at door]

[Sarah] Erin.

I need your help.

And now you think I’m crazy.

Because I just heard that come out of my mouth, and I think I’m crazy.


It sounds crazy.

Have you ever heard of… Ignaz Semmelweis?


[Sarah] He was a Hungarian physician in the 1840s.

Finds himself in charge of two maternity wards.

One was a teaching school, best and brightest, birthing to autopsies, everything in between.

The second was a clinic for women who couldn’t afford medical care.

Wasn’t even run by doctors. It was midwives.

No surprise that one clinic had a higher mortality rate than the other.

The surprise was which one.

It was the first one.

The teaching school. Death rate was staggering.

Women had a better chance of living giving birth on the streets.

But it didn’t make any sense, and it drove him nuts.

He did study after study after study, and beat his head into the wall, until finally, he suggested that [inhales deeply] maybe, just maybe for no reason that made any sense, maybe his students should wash their hands.

After performing the autopsies. Before going into the birthing ward.

So he started a mandatory chlorine hand wash.

Lo and behold, death rates plummeted.

And the scientific community ate him alive.

Germ theory was two decades away from acceptance.

Ideas in that direction were met with disdain, ridicule, exile.

Semmelweis was committed to an asylum. An asylum.

By another scientist.

In fact, he died there.

Oh, and when they replaced him at these clinics, got rid of that crazy, silly hand wash?

Mortality rates went back up again.

So, yeah, Erin, your story is crazy.

Let me tell you something crazy while we’re at it.

I mean…

What’s a little crazy between friends, right?

So my mom has made a recovery that is…

“Unprecedented” doesn’t quite seem to cover it.

And I’ve been trying to understand it quietly for now, because if I told anyone in the medical community what I’m seeing, they would think that I’m crazy.

They would think I’m fucking insane.

So I’ve been running tests. Lots of tests.

Which means taking blood to send to the mainland for analysis, but I haven’t sent them yet, because I keep doing this.

Just to see it again.

That’s the thing about science.

It deals in what is observable. Testable. Repeatable.

You’re telling me today that Riley Flynn caught fire in the sunlight?

That’s right.

He literally combusted in the sun?

You’re right, Erin. That’s crazy.

That is batshit, hold-the-phone, padded-room, clozapine insane.


[eerie music playing]

Fucking bonkers.

[smoke detector beeping]

[Mildred] Jesus!

What are you doing in there?

Not a day goes by lately without you setting off the… smoke alarm.

Yeah, Mom.

I’m nuts.

[Mildred sighs]

Fit for the asylum, all of us.

[laughs weakly]

Monsignor, you have got to be careful.

These curtains are wide open.

[Father Paul] He’s gone.

I’m not sure how I can tell. [inhales deeply]

Uh, maybe the same way I could tell that Leeza could walk, I suppose.

Same way… I can hear the voice of the angel.

The sun came up and I could just tell.

He’s gone.

I’m sorry.

It was a gift. It’s a gift.

He spat it out.

“For the wages of sin is death. But the gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ, Our Lord.” Free will.

The heartbreak you feel at his choice… How must God feel for the world?


I’m sorry that Riley chose what he chose.

It breaks your heart, but that isn’t the worst part, is it?

It’s that some people aren’t content to ruin it for themselves.

They have to poison it for others, as well.

I’m sorry to have to say this, sorry to have to think this way, but the world is the world, and we have to be smart about this.

“As wise as serpents, as innocent as doves,” He said.

Who knows who he talked to all night.

Who knows what else he has done

to deprive others of God’s graces.

Judas was part of God’s plan too.

Judas was part of it.

The Acts of the Apostles.

When those brave early followers were sent out into the world as sheep among wolves, “All the believers were of one heart and mind.”

“No one claimed that any of their possessions were their own, but they shared everything that they had.”

There will be others like Riley. There always are.

Who try to poison the ears of the faithful against their God.

But tonight, let’s have faith in our church. Let’s share everything that we have.


Easter Vigil has always been a night of baptism.

Hasn’t it?

[Sarah] So there’s a blood disorder called erythropoietic protoporphyria. EPP.

A lot of those myths probably came from EPP.

People with it are extremely sensitive to light, to the point of burning and blistering in the sun. And very anemic.

So this is a blood disorder?

Not this. No.

But in the same family maybe.

Kind of like the common cold and the bubonic plague are in the same family.

Say something has been ingested by people on this island.

A virus. An enzyme. A new type of cell.

Some kind of parasite. Who knows?

Something that repairs damaged cells, is violently photosensitive, and causes an insane anemia.

A desperate hunger for iron. Iron in blood.

At first, this thing in the blood is only present in trace amounts.

But as that ratio increases, the physical alterations become more pronounced.

Mom, when I put your blood in the sun, and yours too, Erin, this thing burns away, leaving your normal blood behind.

My blood?

Yours too.

I took the blood sample after the…

And I bet if I’d take Leeza Scarborough’s blood after she could walk again, it would be the same.

But with both of you, your blood is still mostly normal blood, made up of typical, boring old red blood cells.

But with Riley, perhaps he had more of it in his bloodstream, so that when the ultraviolet rays penetrated his skin, the blood, now predominantly this thing, ignited.

This thing?

If you ingest it…

What would happen if you were pregnant?

What happens then?

[Sarah sighs]

Hypothetically, a pregnancy is an alien presence in a human body.

A lot of processes occur to stop a mother’s body from attacking a fetus in the womb. And even then, sometimes…

But hypothetically, given how aggressively this thing alters the body, its response to a fetus could be equally aggressive.


Could you stop it?

If most of your blood was still yours?

Could you stop the process?

[Sarah] I don’t know. I have no idea.

I think when we ingest poison, alcohol, whatever, before a certain point, if we stop taking it in, maybe our body can push it back out.

Filter it out, the way it does any other harmful substance, if it’s not too much.

I mean, that’s what I want to think.

Honestly, Mom, I don’t have a fucking clue.

All right.

[inhales deeply]

All right.

Where do we go from here?

[Sarah sighs]

[Erin] Riley.

I’m trying to remember exactly what he said at the end.

But I can’t remember it all, not perfectly.

But I do remember one thing pretty well.

He said to run.


[Bev] Ed Flynn! Good morning to ya.

Hi there. You mind if I…


Sorry to interrupt.

[Bev] Oh, it’s nothing. We’re just getting ready for tonight.

[Dolly sniffling]

You all right, Dolly?


Uh, what can we do for you, Ed?

[ominous music playing]

Would you mind if we maybe take a walk?

It’s a bit private, what I have to say.


We were headed out already.

A lot to get done today, it turns out.

Leave you to it.

[Ed] Dolly.

[Wade] Ed.

[Ed] Wade.



God bless you, Ed.

See you tonight.

[Ed] Sorry to interrupt, like I said.

Not at all.

I don’t really know how to say this, so I’ll just come out and say it.

My son. You’ve been what? Getting him to… write letters?

Making amends?


Yeah. Part of his recovery, making amends. We’re working on that.

[Ed smacks lips] Well… I don’t think he’s well.


It’s no surprise to you or me or anybody else, but…

So he wrote some letters.

Uh, to me, his mother.

And I read mine first and it was unsettling.

[smacks lips] Then I read Annie’s and hers was…

[exhales sharply]

He isn’t well, clearly.

[sighs] I mean, this stuff, it’s…

Crazy stuff. Delusional stuff.

And I don’t know where he is. I don’t know where to look.

I don’t know where to go. I can’t go to the sheriff.

I mean, if he’s in a bad way and it’s my phone call that sends in the law, and he’s gotta go back. I mean, he’s gotta go back to where he’s been, and it’s me that helps send him there… [sighs]

You’ve been spending time with him.

And I thought you’d be the one to ask.

I think… [sighs]

I think he may have done something to himself.

These letters seem as much like a goodbye as I’ve ever heard.

[sighs] And I had to ask you about it because whatever delusions he had, he put you in the middle of ’em.

He said some crazy stuff about you.

Um, I’m so sorry about that, Ed.

Uh, yes, the answer is yes.

Riley wasn’t well. Isn’t well.



Oh, come on. Ed, I don’t want to make you feel like that.

Will you please believe me?

I just never, never could do it with him. I…

It’s like we spoke different languages sometimes and I…

I did my best.

[Father Paul] Well, we don’t know, Ed. We…

Uh, maybe he’s on a bender.

Maybe he’s taken the ferry to the mainland.

He’s just in a bad place. Don’t assume the worst.

In fact, hey, assume the best.

That’s what God teaches us about being parents.

Do as he does.

You love your son as God loves us. Assume the best.

Do you want… Do you want me to take the letters, uh, just to see if it sparks something?

Yeah, I was gonna give ’em to you anyway, ’cause, see, one of them is made out to Monsignor Pruitt.

I didn’t open that one.

[exhales] I didn’t wanna burden the poor man.

If he even remembers who Riley is anymore.

He does.

I thought you’d know best if we should send it to him.

Altar boy to his priest. I thought maybe… I don’t know.

I don’t know.

[somber music playing]

[Annie] Oh, Erin.

How, um…

How are you?

[Erin] Um, well, I’m…

I was hoping that maybe you and Ed and Warren would…

I’m going to the mainland this evening, I’m catching the Belle.

I was hoping you would come with me.

Well, dear. That’s…

My, what an odd request.

No, we have mass tonight, Easter Vigil.

And why would we…

Are you all right?

[sniffles] Oh, yeah.

[Annie] Whatever we can do for you, we’re here. We’re here for…

Honestly, instead, I wonder if you would help me.

I, um…

Well, to put it plain…

I’m worried about Riley.

And… maybe if you tell him he needs to come home…

I’m not about to be in his business.

But this is days now.


Maybe you could bring him home tonight?

We could all have dinner before mass?

Riley’s dead.

He is.

I’m so sorry.

[sniffles] But he’s gone. I’m…

He told me, if I could, he wanted his family to be safe.

He wanted you away.


I’m sorry.

Be quiet, dear.

We have always tried. Our whole family, we have always tried to be there for you, and we have always been.


Why would you say something like that?

I’m sorry.

[yelling] Why would you say something like that?

You’re not funny.

What is wrong with you?

Mrs. Flynn…

Get out!




[Hassan] What?

I know.

I’m going to the mainland this afternoon.

I’m bringing my samples, giving them to my colleagues to corroborate my findings, and then I’m coming back here.

With help.

You’re telling me there’s a contagion being spread intentionally at St. Patrick’s.

I’m telling you that is what I suspect, even if it sounds… [scoffs]

What exactly are you asking of me?

I suppose I’m asking you to look into it.

Look into what, exactly?

Look into St. Patrick’s?

On… And just to be clear, on the basis that some of your mother’s blood tests got damaged?

It’s a lot to ask, I know.

Do you?

[Sarah sighs]

Do you?

[clicks tongue] Did I ever tell you why I moved here?

No. No, I don’t think you did.

Didn’t tell anybody, now that I think about it.

It’s almost as if nobody asked.

You know, I was, um, 21 when the Towers went down.

Watched it on TV in my dorm room just weepin’.

When I was a kid, I wasn’t religious at all, really.

But I went to the mosque that day, because they had a blood drive, and the line went for blocks.

I wanted to help.

I wanted to protect this country.

So I moved to New York and enrolled in NYPD training.

Now, some of my friends, they weren’t happy.

“NYPD is against us,” they’d say. But I’d tell them, “No. You’re wrong.”

“I’ll show them they don’t have to be afraid of us.”

“I’ll show them who we are.”

So I worked my way up.

You know, traffic, and translating and transcribing wiretaps, then Vice.

I get married. Ali is born, and I’m promoted again. Detective now.

Top secret security clearance for the joint terrorism task force.

I’m helping the FBI fight terrorists.

We’re taking collars. You know, petty stuff, pot, parking tickets and leaning on them hard if they’re Muslim.

“You know, we’ll drop the charge, help you out.”

“You go to the mosque and listen.”

I thought we were supposed to be fighting terrorists.

Not flipping some pothead student in Queens to spy on Americans.

So I complain.

Gently. One time.

Everything changed.

I was surveilled by other cops.

I mean, they even had an official file on me.

And not just me. See, like, after the Towers, Muslim officers were promoted fast. Especially if we knew the language, like, linguistic knowledge, cultural knowledge.

We were very desirable for that.

But it started to occur to them, with so many of us on the force, elevated to positions of real authority, what if that had been our plan all along?

What if we were interlopers?

What if we were infiltrators?

What if we were double agents? And they fucking panicked.

Internal Affairs was suddenly all over us. We were being followed.

We’re being recorded. Civilians too. Surveilled at mosques, cafes.

And suddenly I’m out of plain clothes and I’m back in uniform.

Night shift, street beat.

And more and more, I realize I’ve lost their trust.

I roll with it.

I keep my head high.


Dignity is a word my wife uses.

“Show them dignity.”

And then she’s diagnosed.

And she’s robbed of her dignity so fast.

And then she’s gone.

And I couldn’t…

Ali and I get as far away as we can. And I find this gig.

This little island.

So sleepy, it could be dead.

No elections, no staff. Just a tiny room at the back of a grocery store, and a bunch of fishermen without a notable incident of intentional violence in almost a century, and I beg for the post.


Ali is bored to tears.

But he’s safe.

And I still think I could maybe move the world that one millimeter.

You know, maybe here’s where we make a difference.

Not in the big city, but in this tiny village.

Win over the fucking PTA and call it a victory for Islam.

So I don’t intimidate.

I don’t overshare or overstep or intrude in any way.

I don’t even carry a gun.

And still…


Beverly Keane and a few others too look at me like I’m Osama bin-Fucking-Laden.

And you’d like me to investigate St. Patrick’s?

For what it’s worth, I want very much… very much to be wrong.

[Sarah sighs]

Well, remind yourself, if this persists, you’re basing this on a third-hand account from Riley Flynn.

Hardly the most reliable person on the island.

You don’t carry a gun?

No need.


[door closes]

[seagulls squawking]

[Sarah] Where’s the Belle?

I can count on one hand the number of times that boat’s been late.

In my lifetime, anyway.

Can I help you folks?

Just looking for the Belle.

No Belle today.

The mayor sent it for repairs.

Uh… some parts that got recalled.

The Belle and the Breeze. We shipped ’em off this afternoon.

Both of them.

Well, not a lot of people go off-island in the afternoon, he figured.

That’s morning business.

Are y’all planning to go off-island this afternoon?

You’d get stuck over there. You’d miss the vigil.

The Breeze will be back in the morning?

I think so. It’s tough to say, though.

But if you’re worried, Doc, I suggest you bring it up to the mayor.

I’m sure he could put your mind at ease.

I’m sure he can.

If I did wanna send something over, I could always ask a fisherman to run me, right?

Lots of boats on this island, if nothing else.

You service them all, don’t you?

I reckon so.

Like the one you’re on right now?

Yep. Just, uh, giving her a tune-up.

Hey, don’t forget!

Easter Vigil.

[eerie music playing]

[thunder rumbling]



[Sturge] Yeah.


[Sturge] Yeah, hey. Uh, hey, Sheriff. What do you want?

Uh, nothing. Well, uh, we lost power at the general store.

I just want to see if you’re aware…

Whole island, I’m afraid.

What, brownout?

[Sturge] It happens now and again.

Sometimes as simple as something come loose underwater and the mainline getting funky.

I tell you what, I’ll swing by the power station and, uh, take a look.

Uh, you need any company?

Nah. No, I’m good.

Okay, well, um, just keep me posted.

Yeah, will do.

That’s the last of ’em.

How about the boats?

Got about half of ’em. The rest I’ll hit before the vigil.

Let’s wait on the tower.

Maybe do that one last.

When people are asleep or in church.

Sheriff’s eyebrow’s already up. The cellular might be a bridge too far.

[Sturge] I’ll handle it.

[somber music playing]

[Erin] So the ferries and the lights.

And Sturge is servicing fishing boats at the end of the day on Easter Weekend.


And if the cell tower goes down, then we are completely cut off.

[Erin] Mm-hmm.


[Sarah exhales]

What about the smaller boats? Uh, rowboats, canoes?

We’re surrounded by water for 30 miles in every direction.

It’s not really an option. It’s not really.

[sighs] The whole town is gonna be at mass tonight.

Well, not me and not Sarah.

I told her never again, even before we heard all this.

I really appreciate you taking me in today.

But I’m gonna go tonight.

Why would you?

[Erin] Because I don’t know anything.

I don’t know what’s gonna happen, if anything will.

What I know is that Riley sacrificed everything.


Because he thought I could help.

And now the ferries are gone and the power’s out, and there are gonna be people there tonight that I love.

That Riley loved.

So, yeah, I’m gonna be there.

I’m gonna be there.

[reciting Quran]


I miss you praying.

It’d mean a lot to me if you’d join me.


Ready for bed then?

Tonight’s Easter Vigil.

It’s at midnight. And it would mean a lot to me if you came with me.

[sighs] We’ve been through this, Ali. I don’t want to…

I know, but they just keep telling me what a big deal this mass is, and how important it is.

Ooker says Father Paul’s been scrambling all day.

There’s supposedly some big surprise.

Said something about sharing a miracle tonight.

A miracle?

[Ali] Yeah, I mean, if it is, you know. If it is a miracle, another miracle, I just want you to be there. To see it together.

Will you come?

[Bev] Happy Easter.

Happy Easter, Miss Keane.

How do you want to start?

I gathered as many candles as I could find, that we aren’t using in the church itself, that is.

Figured we will start up the street, then cut through the square around the east bank and to the church.

Let people hear us.

I brought some printouts for the hymns. Wade, do you mind?

No, of course.

For you.

Thank you.


[Bev] “Sing to the Lord a new song.”

“Sing to the Lord, all the earth.”

[singing “Psalm 96”]

[singing continues]

[all singing]

[singing continues]

[organ playing]

[music stops]

[Father Paul] This right now is one of the most beautiful things that I’ve ever seen.

Now, some of you may have noticed that I’m wearing a gold chasuble tonight.

I was actually wearing this on that first Sunday, the first day of the New Covenant.

Bev called me out on it, in fact, and asked why I was wearing it on a day in Ordinary Time.

And what I couldn’t tell her then, but what I can tell you now, is that I chose it because it was not an ordinary Sunday.

Not even a little.

And I had cause to celebrate, to rejoice. It was a holy day.

And tonight will be different as well.

Tonight is the beginning of a new era.

And we are meant to celebrate the Resurrection tonight, and, and we will more than anyone ever has.

But first, bless me, brothers and sisters, for I have sinned.

It has been too long since my last confession, and it is so long overdue, but here is my sin.

I’ve lied to you all.

I didn’t come here to replace Monsignor Pruitt.

He isn’t recovering in a hospital in the mainland. He’s perfectly healthy.

He has been blessed.

As you have all been blessed, he has been made well, made whole, made young, the same as you.

He was healed long before you ever saw this face.

He was the first, in fact, and he stands before you right now, asking for your forgiveness.

Now, some of you must have thought it before, in the backs of your minds. Minds so trained by the world to ignore that voice, because how could it be?

That would be impossible. But nothing is impossible with God.

As we have seen.

I was lost and confused, tired and old, on the road to Damascus when lo and behold, an angel of the Lord appeared unto me and bestowed upon me the healing graces of God.

And I was restored, as you have all been restored.

I returned to you all and I brought with me that angel of the Lord so that he might bless us all, and we have, we’ve seen the miracles.

Our new bodies.

The resurrection of the body, new and everlasting life.

Now tonight, we will be tested, just a little, but we will be tested, as was Jesus.

I was afraid when the New Covenant was fulfilled for me.

Afraid as was our Savior, but “he who says he abides in Him, ought himself also to walk just as He walked.”

“Be imitators of Christ.”

I followed him into the valley of darkness, and like our Lord, I endured death.

Mercifully short. A leap of faith, a step out onto the water, was all he asked of me. And, like Jesus, you will doubt, you will feel fear, but believe me, I promise you, brothers and sisters, if you follow me, if you follow us, if you follow Him,

He will raise you again in His glory to eternal life.

There is a price to be paid for everlasting life, as there was for our Savior.

And each one of us will have the opportunity tonight to pay that price.

But first and… [hesitates]

I know after everything we’ve been through together, this is not easy to believe, so I invite you as Jesus invited Thomas to witness for yourself.


[reading] “And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of Heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”

“And I heard a great voice out of Heaven saying…”

“…Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them and be their God.”

“He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. Death will be no more.”

“Mourning and crying and pain will be no more.”

“For the first things have passed away.”

“And the one who is seated on the throne said, ‘See, I am making all things new.'”

“‘I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.'”

‘”To the thirsty, I will give water as a gift from the spring of the water of life.'”

This will be frightening for all of us, but, Sturge, my brother in Christ, are you afraid?

No, Father. No, I’m not.

God be with you.

I’m with you.

I’m with you. I’m with him.


It’s all right. That’s okay.

[all exclaiming]

It’s okay. It’s all right.

[all gasping]

[Sturge groaning]

That’s all right. He’s all right.

It’s all right.

It will be over soon. It will be over soon.

It’s all right.

[Sturge groaning]

It’s all right. Have faith! Have faith!

Have faith, my brother. Have faith!

It’s all right.

It’s okay. I know.

[Father Paul] This will be over soon.

Soon. Soon.



Just a few minutes! Just a few moments, really!

The body is dead, but just for a moment!

The resurrection of the body is what Easter’s about.

That is what we are about to witness.

Sheriff, please. I…

[ominous music playing]

[all gasping]

[Father Paul] Behold.

“Lo… lo and behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to them. And they were afraid.”


Have faith, brothers and sisters.

I would not make you see what you have seen, I would not ask you to choose what you may choose,

without first showing you God’s messenger.

[Sarah breathing heavily]

And remember, brothers and sisters, have faith that in the Bible, every time they mention an angel, when an angel appears to we humans, we are afraid.

“And an angel of the Lord appeared to them on the right side of the altar of incense.”

“And when Zechariah saw him, he was terrified and overcome with fear.”

[all gasping]

[Father Paul] “Just then, an angel of the Lord stood before them.”

“And the glory of God shone around them and they were sore afraid.”

“And the angel said, ‘Fear not, fear not, be not afraid!'”


[all gasping]


[Sturge groans]

[Father Paul] “And then they took away the stone from the cave where the dead man was lying.”

[all exclaiming]

[Father Paul] “And Jesus looked up unto the sky and said, ‘Father, I thank you, for you have heard me. You have heard me.'”

[Sturge grunts]

[Father Paul sobbing] “‘Thank you for hearing me.'”

[organ playing softly]

[Father Paul] “And he cried out in a loud voice!

‘Lazarus, come out!'”

“And the dead man came out!”

“And his feet and hands were bound with shreds of cloth, and his face was wrapped in cloth, and Jesus said to them, ‘Unbind him and let him go!'”

Brothers and sisters, you are so close to salvation.

The miracle is already in you.

The blood of the angel is already in your veins, but it is incomplete.

The final transformation will not be yours unless you let your earthly body die, so that your divine body can awaken.

One moment of faith. That’s the price God asks of us.

Just one moment of courage.

A small step out of the boat. Just onto the water itself.

A small moment of discomfort. A small passion of our own.

A gift offered up, and then we are reborn.

Open your minds! Open your hearts!

And listen to that voice. That voice in the back of your head.

That voice the world has tried to silence, has tried to teach you to ignore!

The voice of our angel, telling you, “Be not afraid.”

No. No.

[cup clatters]

Come on.

[Ali] Dad.

Dad! Dad! Stop! Stop!

Sheriff, Sheriff. I implore you not to deprive yourself.

Not to deprive your son of the opportunity for salvation.


[all screaming]

[Hassan] Everybody stay back!


[Hassan] Ali, come here right now.

You’re coming with me right now.

And if one of you fucking people come anywhere near my son!

Hey, Sheriff, put that down. There’s no need to be waving a gun.

[gun fires]

[all screaming]

Back up!

[Bev] How dare you?


How dare you bring a firearm into the house of God!

Blessed are you, my son, for setting an example of courage.

This young man is choosing God in the face of pressure from his own father.


That we should all be so fearless.

Thank you. For setting an example.

Welcome, my son.

[Hassan] No, Ali. Hey, look at me.

[breathing heavily]


I choose God.

[crying] No! No! No! No!

I’m with you. I am with you.

No! [sobbing]

[Father Paul] I am with you. It’s okay.

We have to do something. We have to do something.

[all murmuring]

[Hassan sobbing]

[Leeza] Mommy, no. No.

It’s okay.

Don’t drink that.


Don’t. Please!

You don’t need to do that.

[Sarah] No!

[all coughing]

[crying] No.

It’s okay.

[Wade] I can help you, honey.

Listen to me, you’re scared. I can help you.

[Hassan sobbing]

Daddy, wait. No.

I can help you.

Look at me. We’ll do it together. Okay? Look. [moaning]

It’s okay.

[murmuring] Faith. Faith. Faith.

Don’t look at her.

[woman] Leeza!

[man] Leeza!

[cup clatters]


Faith! Faith! Faith!

When he raised them up, and carried them on eagle’s wings and brought them to himself!



[Mildred screams]

Mom! Mom!

[Mildred continues screaming]

Close the doors.

Close the doors!

Oh, thank God.

Lock them!

He is okay.

He will be okay. He will heal.

That is part of God’s miracle!

His miracle which some of you would destroy!

It won’t be long. It won’t take long.

You rest and you heal.

Hold him down.

What do we do? Is he really gonna be okay?

[Bev] Of course he is.

What is wrong with you?


Spitting in the face of such a gift!

Remove the sheriff. Take him out back.

We’ll need… We’ll need food soon.

[breathing heavily]

[Bev] Sturge.


[heart beating]


[breathing heavily]

Keep the doors locked.

He planned on that. He said, “Keep the doors closed, and when they woke, help them!”

Brothers and sisters, rejoice!

The first of the apostles awakes.


[Bev] They will be thirsty for Communion.

Ali. Hey.

[Bev] The blessings of the Lord will be bestowed on all of us!


[Leeza] Mommy?


[Dolly] Leeza.

[Leeza crying]


[Leeza] Mommy!

[Dolly] My love. We’re saved.

Oh, I was scared.

[people gasping]

[Leeza] Mommy!

I’m okay, love.

I’m okay. And I feel…

[Leeza] Mommy?

Oh, honey.

Oh, it’s amazing.

The candles, they’re singing.

[Bev] Thank God.




It’s all right. It’s okay.

It’s fine. It’s okay.

[woman] No.

Don’t be suspicious.

[woman whimpering]






[man grunts]

[all screaming]

Come on! Let’s go. We gotta go.

[all clamoring]



Let’s go! Come on, this way!




[all screaming and grunting]

[breathing heavily]

That’ll all be over soon.

And they’ll all wake up, eternal.

You hid?

What are you gonna do, Erin Greene?


Those things don’t matter anymore.

Not in the new world. The world without death.

You could shoot me right now. It would mean I’m five minutes behind…



We have five minutes.

[eerie music playing]

[screaming continues in background]



[Sturge] I don’t…

I don’t know what happened.

It’s okay.

I don’t, uh…

Open the doors.

Monsignor said we should close the doors before they wake up.

So we can guide them, orient them, so that this…

So that this wouldn’t happen.

I love him. I truly do. But look, it happened nonetheless as it was meant to.

You know what they say. “Man plans, God laughs.”

Those who have been coming to church and taking Communion, they have nothing to fear tonight.

As for the rest of them…

Let God sort them out.

Faith, Monsignor.

Faith and courage. Like you said.

Open the doors.

The doors stay open, just as the gates are always open.

How else does the gospel spread?


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