Mary & George – S01E03 – Not So Much Love As By Awe | Transcript

Somerset puts obstacles in George's way, whereupon Mary decides to intervene; but her intervention ends in a debacle: Mary and George become the laughing stock of the court.

Mary & George
Season 1 – Episode 3
Episode title: Not So Much Love As By Awe
Created by D. C. Moore
Based on The King’s Assassin by¬†Benjamin Woolley
Starring Julianne Moore, Nicholas Galitzine, Tony Curran, Laurie Davidson, Trine Dyrholm, Nicola Walker
Original release date: March 5, 2024

Plot: At her first day at court, Mary attempts to confront King James about George’s continued mistreatment by the bedchamber, but she causes a scene and is excused. Queen Anne confronts Mary about the Earl of Somerset’s unwavering presence, now a two-fold nuisance due to his detestable wife. George is approached by Sir Francis Bacon, who seeks an allyship. After meeting with the Earl of Essex, the “cursed” ex-husband of Countess Somerset, Mary learns of a murder plot enacted by the Somersets and passes the evidence on to Sir Edward. George attempts to stand up for himself but is struck by “the pox.” Mary’s lover Sandie stays close and continues assisting her schemes. In the midst of the investigation into the murder plot, the Earl of Somerset visits an ailing George and professes his love in attempt to bargain for a pardon. The two have sex with George afterwards revealing he hopes to see the Earl hang. The Somersets are found guilty and sentenced to death, and the king apologises to Mary for not taking her previous concerns seriously. George and King James are reunited.

* * *

You are like the plague.

Always there, however much you bash it away. John needs a future, too.

Sir Edward Coke is looking for a soft man to wed his young daughter.

What sort of Lady is she? I hear rumours nothing of the sort.

And I might just believe them. A paragon of evil.

Told me I must tell him all I know of you.

Take me. Bury me.

I wanna forget who I have. (BOTH GROAN)




Where are we? SOMERSET: Patience.

Well, you’re never patient with me. Ah. Still.


(FINGERS CLICK) A private concert?

Won’t we wait for the music’s end?

I don’t… like spectators.

Ignore him. He’s nothing.

Who’s there? Are there other


Every touch is mine.

Every kiss. Every inch of length.



Well, who were they? Who?


You’re funny.

But know I only want you.

Are you sure?

There isn’t another

you want even more?

I sometimes wonder if you mean to hold me,

not so much by love as

as by awe.

Love is awe.


See? He’s mine.




‘My ma had the same gift as I.

‘And she would warn me. “Girl!”‘

Tis a dangerous game, to know our future.

Bad enough we must live it.’

Oh, I quite like danger.

I see.

What else? What else do you see?

Tis a delicate thing fate.

How it breaks ya. For or against ya.


matters are a stir.

The winds of change will blow. Hm.

And if you are ready to proudly wear a false face

blood will fall.

But not yours.

Now, at the finish

your victory

is assured.

WOMAN: Are we dry, yet? I know I am.

Don’t make me laugh, it’s unhelpful.

Then stop your nervousness. Or you’ll sweat your face right off.

It doesn’t matter you’ve never been to court before.

You are ready for the King.





GUEST: What is she wearing?

‘What are you doing? You haven’t written for weeks.’

How is the King?

I don’t know.

Somerset has had me too busy to know.

What the fuck have you done with your face? Busy doing what?

Anything low. Away from James.

So he and his Scots can toy with me and treat me like shit.

They trick me. They hurt me.

I don’t know where I’m safe or what to believe.

What happened to Sir David? It was easier before.

He just upped and vanished.No. Please forget about him. He’s gone.


I played music. In a veil.

For the King, Somerset and a few others, while they all.

What? Why? I was told I was playing for a secret meeting

between Somerset and a Catholic agitator.

I know. You’re here to be close to the King.

And that is what you must do. I’m trying.

The whole bedchambers against me. (LIGHT GROANING)

MAN: Mm. No.How many times have you had the King?


Unless you count manual.


No. He worships you. (GROANS)

Ah, you perfect creature of God.

Always round up. You’ve had the King thrice.(DOOR OPENS)

Somerset won’t let me a fourth.

Not everything’s in his power. (APPLAUSE)

What isn’t in his is in hers.

(SCOFFS) They’re both monsters.

Only children believe in monsters.

Or those raised by one.

Where are you going?

Hm. Maybe George has another little concert of the flesh to perform at?

Oh, fuck off. (LAUGHS)

Yes, let it out.

Or perhaps your son had the best idea?

An early exit? Who dressed you? A prostitute?

I heard you have one. (SPITS AUDIBLY)


Your first day in Court. Let it not be your last.

And look.

Even your phlegm is off-colour.

You should learn from her. Countess Somerset.

That’s how you dress. (CHAMBER MUSIC PLAYS)


What are we playing today? What are we playing? Can I have a little go?

En guarde, your majesty. Huh?




Alright. A little light-headed. Enough is enough. Bring me my wine.

Thank you. (GROANS)


You’re gonna kill your King are you?

Hey? Hey?

(GRUNTS)Why don’t you give me a wee kiss instead?




Ach. Oh.

Oh, you wee little rabbit. You’ll be OK.(GROANS)

You’ll be OK. MAN: Oh.Oh.Oh.



Not the first body the Somersets have slain, apparently.

Et tu…

Countess? Though the other did not stand again and bow.

I’m so sorry, Caesar. (GRUNTS)He made me do it.

(LAUGHTER AND APPLAUSE) Enjoy the show won’t you, darling?



(WAILS) Keep going. Nearly there.

(GROANS) Wa-agh!

I just wanted to say I’m sorry. You? Christ, what for?

My wife. Apology not accepted.

I think a union of my Frances and your John benefits both families.

And my career, in truth.

You and your boy seem… on the rise.

If only my two girls would agree.

They won’t, Coke. No.

But still, if I can help.

I may not control my family but I am Chief Justice.

I am on the Privy Council.

England’s laws, they do obey my…

Agh.(GUESTS GASP) SOMERSET: Oh, fuck me.

Coke, are you alright?

Is Sir Edward a wounded squirrel? (MUMBLES)

No, I’m fine, Your Majesty.


I’m just off to find my buried nuts.

(LAUGHTER) Yeah, you do that. Fine.

Do I know you, madam? Yes, Your Majesty.

Lady Mary Villiers Compton. (DOOR CLOSES)

Oh… Oh you’re the mother of-Yes.

Yes. Aye.

Oh, he’s a good boy. He is, Your Majesty.

And it is such a shame

that he is being treated quite so unkindly.

Hm. Unkindly? In what manner of.

You don’t think the King has more important concerns?

Yes, how much have you drunk, exactly, Lady Villiers Compton?

We’ve never met before this day and you question my sobriety?

(LAUGHS) It was just a question.

And I think it’s pronounced sobriety.(LAUGHTER)

Maybe it’s time for a dignified retreat, my Lady?

Not that dignified is the right word.


SOMERSET: The good Lady Hatton is right. As always.Oh.

Come. Get your fucking hands off me!

(GUESTS GASP) Let her leave. Of her own volition.

Madam. No more.

It’s not just your… your fashion that is misjudged.

Let us have peace. And play.

That’s all I want… please.


Your Majesty.

You promised me George was a new dawn.

But rather than replace one Somerset, now there are two.

His wife is not my fault, is she? No.

But your son is. Where is he?

He needs more time, that’s all. He has wasted enough, already.

And you. What sort of creature are you?

Or do I not want to know?



Where are you going, Lady Villiers?

To strategically vomit.


It all leaves a bitter taste, doesn’t it?

Your anger lets them win. Oh, what do you know of them or me?

You wouldn’t leave a poor defenceless woman in the street.

Who let that Celt cunt be King?

Not James. Somerset.

Look at him.

I don’t even think he’s that attractive.

But wee Jimmy does.

And here we are. Watching from the Gods.

I’m sorry, who are you?

Pretending not to know, son?

I am the Attorney General.

Statesman. Lawman. Philosopher.

A giant in a globe of dwarves.

The King will have mentioned me. He must have… often.

Yes, well, he doesn’t really discuss politics.

Oh, it bores him. (SIGHS) And me.

I am Sir Francis Bacon.

Well, Bacon. What is it that you want?

To guide you better than Mamma.

Shouldn’t be hard.

You deserve so much more than her.

Let me give it to you.

A fellow, special deity.

Drink? Sure.


Do you know who I am? No.

I am the Earl of Essex.

I was Countess Somerset’s first husband.


Have you heard the songs they sing about my

my impotence?

Sung from here to Colchester and back,

in every inn or brothel.

It was part of her campaign to smear my name,

to get her divorce from me.

All for her to marry Somerset.

Her lies worked, then?

Not lies, alas. Though…

I was not unable to

function… until I wed her.

She cursed me

with witchcraft before our wedding night.

She’d already decided she was repulsed by my markings.

Already had eyes for Somerset.

That’s why I’m here.

To warn you of the power she yields.

Impotence is not really a concern for me.

Nor witches’ spells. Believe me or not.

You crossed her today in public.

She will come for you. Destroy you and your son.

As she did me.


That’s all you came here to tell me? To flee?

And now you flee, too?

As I wish I had from this country. So why don’t you?

She likes

she likes to keep me around.

As a message to others to never cross her.

She told me, if I don’t appear, she’ll do much worse to me.

What could possibly be worse?

At least I am alive.

You know something else, don’t you?

Tell me what you know.

This was a mistake.


Follow him.

Am I your servant now, master? What do you want to be?

Paid. You will.

Anything else?

To die a rich, fat old lady,

on a farm bigger than France

with no Englishmen for a thousand miles.

I will make it yours, mademoiselle.



They drug these, you know. (LAUGHTER)

But I’m either immune or just


I wouldn’t know.

You’re not sure what you are, yet?

You’re all lost, in the wilderness.

Thanks for the drink. But I don’t understand a thing you say.

Then listen closer. I’m just as lost on the Privy Council.

King Somerset does what he wants with the levers of state.

The powers of life and death over us all.

And the King

the real one

lets him.

Suffocated by nothing but a surly buggerer.

Are you not a… buggerer?

Yes, but I’m a very good one.

So, tell me

what is it that have you against my mother?

Nothing. Never met her.

But she’s not the woman you think she is.

Still you make no sense.

Why am I here? Just remember.

The King had boys before Somerset. And more will come. As you have.

The King yearns for a new, fresh cunt. You.

Stop this moping, haunted manner, you now wander the Court with.

Who wants that in their bed?

And stop letting Somerset just stomp all over you.

I have heard that he has had- You’re safe, son.

I don’t feel safe. Somerset will topple.

Be sure you’re there, stood tall, when he falls.

And what if he doesn’t?

Then draw a line with your Goliath. And say, ‘No more.

‘No more. Or I, David, will sling.’

Stand your ground.

Take what you want to take.

It looks like you’ve been hurt. (LAUGHS)

Not sure where I picked those up.

Though do you want to hurt me?

Because that’s, you know, extra.


Then we’ll be gentle boys.

Won’t we?

You hoping for divine intervention?

Who is not? Those who can’t wait on the Lord.

Are you not a true Christian?

You’re the one speaking of spells and witchcraft. Not here.

Not in God’s home, please.

God loves an honest tongue.

What’s the worst she’s done?

Sir Thomas Overbury.

A good man.

An old friend.

He objected to her marriage to Somerset and her divorce from me.

For that, he was put in the Tower on false charges.


He was cursed. As I was.

And then poisoned by the Somersets.

Everyone in their inner circle knows. They brag of it.

(GASPS) There’s a woman. Who sees the future.

Go to her. And she’ll be able to help you.



WOMAN: ‘My ma had the same gift as I.

‘And she would warn me: “Girl”

’tis a dangerous game to know our future”.’

Oh, I quite like danger.

I see.

What else?

What else do you see?

It’s a delicate thing


The winds of change will blow.

And if you are ready to proudly wear a false face.

Blood will fall.

But not yours.

And at the finish

your victory is assured.


A little vague? I see what I see.

Do you see what I see? May the Devil piss in your eyes.

And your hollow black heart if you mock me.

He might. But there it is.

I see

a man chokes to death in a prison cell.


by an untouchable Lady and Lord who’ll never hang for it.

But all who helped him will.


The guard who served it.

The Lieutenant of the Tower bribed to get it in.

The lady-in-waiting who laced the pie.

The apothecary who supplied the poison.

And the witch… who cursed the man.

Who doesn’t want to see a woman like that hang?

Unless she might offer evidence that points to the rest.


Chief Justice.

Here is evidence of a conspiracy to murder Sir Thomas Overbury

by Lord and Lady Somerset.

That you wish me to prosecute? No.

If you attempt to try it now, before the box’s contents are made public,

Somerset will lean on the King, who’ll lean on you.

Bury it. Take it home.

Hide it with your most precious things.

Lady Hatton is the sort

who’ll have your affects searched. She’d never dare.

What’s in the box?

Hm. I already told you. Will you do it?

If you do, George and I will rise, further, our children may be wed.

And I will take you with us on our ascent.

What do you think?

The King will excrete with joy. (CHUCKLES)

Shall we expose more flesh? Always.

Miss Turner.

WOMAN: Well, don’t you look ghastly.

Haven’t you duties to attend?

Or your instrument to play?

I have words

to say to the Earl of Somerset

if I may.

Well, my husband and I have no secrets.

We share everything.

Even truth.

I want it to stop.

What? He’s even sweating, poor bitch.

Come on. Stop what?

Yes, out with it.

These… intimidations.

Threats and games. All of it.

No more, please.

But what do you want?


More time… with the King.

So why don’t you ask him?

What’s going on? (GASPS)

(STUTTERS) Your Majesty.


miss… our


the moments. Ah.

He wants more time with you, Sire.

Is that what you want, Your Majesty?

More of him?

Less of me?


Is it the pox? Likely so.

And he brought it to your palace.

But how was he infected? Well, let us not speculate, Sire.

Though, if I was being unkind… (WHISPERS) ..I’d guess.

Your Majesty.

How can I touch you,

and risk the whole nation’s sanctity?

Return if you are ever yourself again.

If you ever are.


What did you do?

All the vile things I need do to get you inside James’ bed.(INHALES)

And now you can’t step foot in the palace.

Can you just care for me?

I do. A great deal.


Who are you?

I’m the new girl.

(BIRDS TWEET) Will I heal?

I’ve known many girls in the villages, where I’ve worked,

who came down with these sores.

Most recover in time.

(CROAKS) Mostly.



But not all of them?

I won’t lie to you. Some are marked still.


Have I seen you, somewhere?

You probably passed my family farm.


Am I, um, cursed?

Well if any has cursed you, they’ll have your fucking ma to answer to.

BACON: Oh, I’m sure deep down she’s a big softie.

Do you know him? (SIGHS) Mm.

What is it, Francis?

Lady Hatton is telling everyone.

Coke is readying some legal case against the Somersets.

There’s witchcraft in it. On what charge?

Murder. Thomas Overbury.

They cursed him. And then murdered the poor fuck.

And as Attorney General, I’ve asked for details

but Coke is stalling, while Somerset is shitting his breeches.

Begging at the King’s feet for days to issue a pre-emptive pardon

against all possible charges. The King had it drafted.

Presented to the Privy Council. (GASPS)

And what happened? Did it work?

We told the King a general pardon against all past crimes?

Impossible to sanction or sign.

And what did Somerset do?

He offered his own legal counsel.

When will this… (sighs) ..this trial-Ways to go yet.

Seems they had many underlings in it who need to be tried first.

So, recover.


And know this, George.

The Somersets

they are un-fucking-done!

A goddess in cloth, my Lady. I agree.

Hm.I’m not sure this is a good time to bring more attention to.

Oh, the more attention the better. That’s what I say.

What is it about your family and unwanted appearances?

No. Let Miss Turner stay.

You don’t tell me what to do. Then go.

How’s George?

He’s a lepper, now isn’t he?

Hm. Despite your best efforts, not yet.

(SCOFFS) What efforts?

This. Doesn’t look much like George.

But I suppose that’s not it’s purpose, is it,

the ‘Corpus’ to push him towards death?

The hair that’s pinned to it, that one of your vicious boys

plucked from George.

That ties the spell. What is she talking about?

No idea. Can I see?

Yes of course.

(FIRE CRACKLES) Thank you, Miss Turner.

Wouldn’t want that to get out anywhere.

Rumours of witchcraft are damaging.

For both the cursed and the cursee.

But you’ll soon find that out when it gets to the legal courts.

The Overbury matter, at least.

Not the Curse on George.

So, you found a doll? With a hair on it?

(SCOFFS) What proof is that?

Of anything? You’re pathetic. In every way.

Let us see.

Yes… we will.

Because if we were to have poisoned Overbury,

anyone we plotted with would be the most loyal of animals.

The sort who know, to keep us all safe,

they must keep their mouths forever, firmly, shut.

The thing about mouths, is there are countless ways to open them.


Mr Franklin. I’m waiting for an answer?

Are you an apothecary of longstanding?

And did you give poison to Miss Turner,

which was used to murder Sir Thomas Overbury?

Well, I am an apothecary.

And you could say it was poison.

But…(MAN YELLS) ..these drugs have many uses.





I thought you were under house arrest?

You and your

wife? SOMERSET: It’s true.

Coke had us detained. Like criminals.

But you are. Criminals. I am…

Write to the King. Tell him.

There’s still time for a pardon. (SCOFFS) Why would I do that?

So, we can share him.

Like you want.

Even if…

I didn’t detest you,

he won’t respond to my letters.

He’s returned them all.


They say he leaves his chamber even less than I do.

Oh, he is lost, without us.

Go to him in the flesh.

As I can’t.

Look at me.


What are you doing?

I didn’t ever want to keep you from the King.

But the King from you.


I love you.

Since I first saw you.

You’re lying. Look in my eyes. And doubt me.

You know what I want.

Give it to me.



How do you find the strength?

A miracle.

How will you do it?

Get my pardon? (SIGHS)

(GRUNTS) My wife can hang if she has too.

(BOTH LAUGH) As long as I am free I don’t…

I barely have the energy to leave my bed.

Let alone beg a King,

for your freedom.


(SIGHS) Most hours, I long for death.

I just wanted, like my mother

to fuck you. (LAUGHS)

And be the last thing you think of before you hang.





This speaks for itself.

Also in the box.

Letters you sent to the witch

who had it made on your say.

That witch has fled into the ether.

So, we cannot ask her why.

I swear my husband did not know. I acted alone.

For my own purpose.

It’s noble. To protect him.

Who of our jury believes that a man of the Earl of Somerset’s stature,

could be so blind as to his own wife’s deeds?

I was neither guilty of

nor privy to

any wrong Overbury suffered.

We’ll see what the jury weigh more heavily.

Your words.

Or the mass of evidence that damns you to guilt.

Robert Carr, Earl of Somerset.

The jury have reached their verdict.

You have been found guilty

of the poisoning and murder of Sir Thomas Overbury.

You will be carried to the Tower.

And from thence to a place of execution,

where you will be hanged until dead.

May the Lord have mercy on your soul.




Lady Villiers Compton. Lady Hatton.

Frances. Sir Edward.

You all look well. You were impressive at the trial, Sir Edward.

The court makes a man of you.

How’s George? Is he better, yet?

It is what it is. Hm, is it? So he won’t recover?

Just like everyone says. What a shame.

Woman. One shouldn’t listen to gossip, should one?

Well mourn your son all you want. You will never have my daughter.

As long as there’s blood in my strong heart.

As long as the terms are clear.

Ha. Aha. Oh, you do have some wit.

I’ll give you that.

But nothing else. Ever.

Such a different atmosphere. At Court.

Since the trial. A new age.

What have you created, dear Mary?



Can you ever forgive me? Whatever for, Your Majesty?

You tried to tell us about their… unkindness.

And we… shunned you.

You carry his

his face, you know

on yours.

It hurts to even… (INHALES)


I may need some time alone to.

Walk with me, Your Majesty.

I deserve that. It is all I ask.


I was told you’re a… you were a harridan.

But I can see you’re like me.

Against the odds of what is thrown at us, we survive.

Though I worry that that doll.

The Overbury figure. Do you, um

do you think they made one of me?

I’ve, um, I’ve read of such things.

Death spells. Fertility spells.

Even… love spells.

Their curse is over, Your Majesty.


well I heard your infection had taken you from me…

I… I should have written… or responded to your letters.

I- You have lost, as well.

You really did love him, didn’t you?

I’ve wronged you.

You shall have more titles, land


I plan a trip to Scotland. (CHUCKLES)

Come with me as my closest aide.

And now

at this hour

tae my chamber. I need you.

May I perform for you, Your Majesty?


I’ve missed your audience.

All the world should hear you play.



I suppose the pox was the best warning George could be given.

Do not associate with strange men.

I don’t know.

Some of my best experiences have been with strange men.

Hm, I’m sure. Never visit my home again. And leave George be.

More impressive appearance than the last time, anyway.

Vomiting in the gutter.

Drunken screaming at your foes

in that dreadful outfit and painted face.

Or… was it all deliberate?

James does love an underdog. And you played the role perfectly.

Hm. I’ve never acted a day in my life.

I can almost believe that. Believe what you want.

Do what you want. Just leave my fucking boy alone.

Sir David and I always disagreed about the fucking boy’s potential.

He was sceptical. But I am not.

And I did warn Sir David

not to threaten you.

Blackmail is a low art but you went lower.

You and your ‘girl’.

Are you threatening me?

It seems to be the fashion.

Is it? Should I threaten you back?

No. I assume you have.

Now be quiet.

And let George play.



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