Manifest – S03E06 – Graveyard Spiral [Transcript]

As Mick and Zeke finally collide with Jace in a grueling match to survive, Ben races against the clock to save his family. When they all converge in an intense battle, the fallout will reveal a massive new clue regarding the fate of Passengers.
Manifest - S03E06 - Graveyard Spiral

Original air date: April 29, 2021

Michaela fights Jace who experiences a Calling of Cal playing basketball and repeating “last chance”. Convinced that his survival is connected to Cal, Jace kicks Michaela off of a cliff and goes after Cal. Michaela is later rescued by Zeke and Jared. Due to the family’s whereabouts being revealed, the tires on both of their cars are slashed, stranding Tarik, Grace and Cal and revealing their location when Jace hears the call about the vandalism on Michaela’s police car’s radio. At Tarik’s house, Jace ambushes the family, Pete, and Angelina when they arrive to help and reveals to Pete that he believes that the resurrections are all connected to Cal and that if Cal dies, they’ll come back again. Jace kills Tarik leading a vengeful Grace to attempt to kill him while Kory arrives to protect Cal. With time almost out, Ben convinces Grace to not shoot and Jace dies again by spewing lake water while Pete and Kory’s injuries heal and they remain alive, seemingly beating the death date. Michaela promises to help Pete get early release in a couple of years for his good deeds and Angelina promises to wait for him. After Olive stops the parchment from being taken away by two men, someone returns Ben’s bag containing the final missing piece that Eagan had stolen. The parchment reveals that as the three men were resurrected together, they are being judged together. A shadowy figure rises from Jace’s body, grabs Pete and Kory and causes them to die for a second time. Ben and Michaela are saddened by the realization that they were wrong about what needed to happen while Angelina is devastated to lose Pete.

* * *

Zeke, where are you?







[Gun cocks]

[Breathing heavily]


[Thudding, high-pitched ringing]

Cal Stone, racing to beat the buzzer.

[Ball bouncing]



Aah! [Grunts]







[Breathing heavily]

[Ball bouncing]

Last chance.

Last chance.

You had a Calling, didn’t you?

Where’s your nephew?

It’s got nothing to do with him.

He’s my last chance.

No, you are your last chance.

Okay? It’s all about you and your choices!

Where is he?


Suit yourself.



[Engines roaring]


Ben: It’s been almost three hours.

[Sighs] Still no word from Mick, but I should get going.

Pete just had a Calling. Cal’s voice.

Uh, he… he said, “Last chance.”

Last chance to help my brother, right?

That’s what it means. Sounds right.

Alright, the clock’s ticking. We should go now.

W-W-Wait. The last chance?

The papyrus that we’ve been restoring? “The Last Trial.”

Yeah, it’s about the last chance you have to save your soul.

This must be connected.

But he just had this Calling now.

It means we must’ve missed something.

Why don’t you two go to campus, see what you can find out?

Wait, you go. I’m not leaving Pete.

Angelina, I understand, but this is too dangerous.

You can’t go with us. You got to go with Olive.

No, I can’t let him go through this alone.


Alright, you can ride with me.

Olive, we’ll drop you at Astoria.

But we’ve got to go now.

Sorry, but I gotta.

[Handcuffs clicking]

[Birds chirping]




[Cellphone beeps]

[Vehicle approaches]



[Breathing heavily]


Pete has done his absolute best with his second chance.

He’s gonna survive this.

I just wish we knew what the Callings meant by “Last Chance.”

For what?

What is Pete supposed to do?

Maybe it’s not just him. Can you dial Jared Vasquez?

Pete said he heard Cal’s voice.

Whenever that’s happened before, all three of them heard it.

[Cellphone ringing]

Hey, Ben.

Hey, uh, is Kory Jephers still in the hospital?

Yeah, for another day or so. Why?

You think you could ask him a few questions for me?

Like, now-ish?

Yeah, I could do that. What’s up?

Copy of my report.

Thank you.

I’d hate for something like this to happen again.

I mean, I don’t even know how they knew we were staying here.

Might wanna check out the local news.

Okay, um, in that case, is there maybe something more you could do?

Like, could you stick around for a little while or…

It was kids playing a prank.

You’re fine.

Unless, of course, your kid really is ET.

Uh, thanks for coming, Officer.

In the future, maybe there are better ways to advertise your new restaurant.


I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean for this to happen.

Tarik, what did you do?

What did you do?

How long will it take to fix the cars?

The tires are slashed on both of them.

[Baby crying]Uh, three hours?

Too long.

We could, uh, call a cab, Uber.

You trust the driver?

They might recognize Cal.

Yeah, you’re right.

Didn’t Ben and Michaela say that they know where these guys are?

A-And it’s not here, right?

So isn’t this the safest place to be?

I guess we only have to worry about this for a few more hours.

We could wait it out. Lay low.

And I happen to know the best hiding spot in the world.

We used to hide there for hours without anyone finding us.





[Ball bouncing]


Cal, what are you doing?!

I told you to stay inside!




[Breathing heavily]




[Indistinct conversations, telephone ringing]

What the hell?


Hey, where’s Kory?!

Uh, he was just here.

We have a problem. Kory flew the coop.

I’ve got a strong hunch he had a Calling. “Last Chance.”

And I got a pretty good idea where he’s headed.

Where’s that? Back to the lake.

We think Jace is there, too.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We?

Mick. She’s already up there, and, Jared, I can’t reach her.

I’m on my way, Ben.



Michaela: Zeke!


Over here! Over here!

Michaela? Oh, thank God. Are you okay?

No. I’m hurt. I can’t make it.

Jace… he’s going for Cal. We got to go warn them.

I’m coming down.




[Rocks clattering]



You okay? No, my shoulder’s dislocated.

Let me see. No, we got to go.

There’s no time.Okay.

I’ll help you up.

We can do this.

I got you. Ready?


Okay, come on.

[Radio chatter]


Man: Returning to precinct?

Woman: A truck took some damage. Couple of slashed tires.

Apparently, there’s some 828 kid living there.

10-1 that location.

I have a 730 Grapevine Lane.

Thank you very much.

Unit requesting information, identify yourself.

Unit, please respond.

Cal: I don’t even know what a root cellar is.

[Laughs] We didn’t either.

The house that it was attached to burned down even before your mom was born.

Yeah, I know.

A lo-o-o-o-ng time ago.

Oh, that’s very funny, Tarik.


[Zeke grunting]

Come on.

Mick, come on. You can do this.

I’m slowing us down, Zeke. You got to go.

They need to know about Cal.

So get up here, and let’s go.

Come on. Come on.


Throw me your arm.

Okay, okay.

Zeke: Come on.


[Scream echoes]

[Breathing heavily]

Are you feeling that?

No, no, I got it.

No, no, Zeke, you’re feeling that. I can tell.

Don’t worry about me, Mick.

We need to warn them. They need to know.

They need to know. They need to know.

[Breathing heavily]

One… two…



[Grunts] They need to know!



[Tires screech]

Who threw that ball?

You okay? Why did we stop?

The basketball rolled right in front of the car.

It was red and blue.

You didn’t see it, did you?

I was staring at the road the whole time.

I didn’t see a basketball.

It was a Calling.

Cal’s ball.

Change of plans. I think my son’s in danger.

I only have authorization to bring the prisoner to a specific location. Just follow me. Please.

I think my son’s life might be at stake.

[Engine starts]

Are we close?

See? You didn’t even know it was there.




Perfect place to hide.


Sort of stinks.

Yeah, definitely stinks.

But your mom and I planned several successful missions here.

It’s true. Operation Get a Dog.

Two months later, we got Screech.

Ooh, Operation Avoid Auntie Louise.

She was a-a check pincher.



Hey, T, remember this?

Oh, Operation Go to Hawaii.

So some unsuccessful missions, too.


So, yeah, it’s a root cellar.

We’ll be safe here.


You know your dad and your Auntie Mick have the situation under control, right?

There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

But we’re gonna wait it out in here anyway.

We’re just having a picnic lunch.


Where… Where is the artwork that was just here?

And you would be?

I-I work for Professor Stone, okay, and I-I really, really need that piece.

Stone. I was just seeing that name somewhere.

Yeah, you can call him, okay?

I just… I-I… really, I need the artwork that was here.

Two guys just boxed it up to within an inch of its life, took it out of here.

They… They’re moving it? Why?

Only thing I know, they left a damn mess.

Try Grace.

One bar. Just won’t go through.

Okay, just keep trying, please.

Hey. Hey, what’s that?

You want this?

Still nothing.

I’m sorry.

I just…

I saw the restaurant as a future with you, with my family.

I wasn’t trying to drive you away.

I was trying to pull you closer.

It’s my fault, too.

I thought you’d be safer and we’d be safer if you didn’t know everything.

But if I’d told you…

Told me what?

We have to deal with that.

No, we got to get Cal.

No, do not put your voodoo empath stuff on me.

What? You don’t want your husband knowing exactly what you’re thinking at every moment?

No, I don’t want my husband feeling what I’m feeling when this pops back into place.

Your husband can take it.


Be quick.

Okay. O-On three.

Ready? Yep.

[Exhales sharply]


Aah! Aah!



Yeah, thank you.

My pleasure.Yeah.

Just kidding. That was awful.



No, there’s still no service. Let’s keep moving.


S-So how can you control them?

Can you have a Calling now?

They don’t work like that.

At least, not that I’ve ever seen.

That’s, uh…

Crazy. Yeah, I know.

We all sound crazy.

Th-Th-That might be the coolest thing I ever heard.

My nephew is a real-life superhero.


Hey. Hey, look. Look, look, look.

Hey, hey, hey. Look.

[Imitates whooshing]

So is my uncle.



Stay in the car.


Shh, shh.

Ben: Grace! Grace!

Did you hear that?

Grace, are you there?!



Grace: Ben!

Oh. Oh.

Is everything okay? I saw graffiti and the tire.

Yeah, it’s just kids. We’re fine.

Hey, Ben. Long time.

Just having a little picnic.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am, but we’ve got to go.

Okay? Now.

We’re going home, okay?

We’re going home.


I can take someone in the pa…


[Body thuds]


Go! Go!



Get back in the car! Stay down!

[Glass shatters]

[Baby crying]



[Rock thuds]

[Gunshots continue]


Pete: The roof! The roof!

He’s on the roof!


[Gunshots continue]


Grace: Careful. Good.

Let’s go.




Is it, uh… Is… Is it over?

I don’t know.

Maybe he ran out of bullets or reloading.

Wow, man, I wish I had my Vanguard right now.

Son of a…

You still have my rifle?

No, but I still have Dad’s.

In the shed. Hasn’t been used in a decade.

Oh… Look, look, I can make it.

Head down to the root cellar. I’ll meet you there.

No, Tarik, it’s too dangerous.

What? This guy’s here because of me.

My stupid mistake.

He’s not here for you.

None of this is your fault.

I have to do this.

Take the kids and run, okay?

No, Tarik. Tarik.

Come on. Let’s go.


Ben: Pete, stay down.

You know I always take care of you, bro!

Now, let’s go!

Wait, Pete. Pete.

Stay with me. Please.

I’m sorry.

But I’ve got to stop him.

Angelina, no. It’s safer here.

Get back in the car.


Excuse me, there’s a piece of artwork you guys took.

“The Last Trial”?

Uh, yep, restoration is complete.

Ready to be shipped.

Professor Stone, he… He really needs it back.

Oh, sorry. No can do.

He’s insistent.

Oh, well, if he’s insistent.

No. Look, his… his name is not the one on the list, so he has no say.

And neither do you.

Well, it’s just that there were some pretty serious chemicals in the restoration, and they forgot to neutralize them.

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

And it’s fine, because I also don’t care.

Okay. Well, just make sure that your guys’ windows are open, and you have a fire extinguisher in your truck, right?

[Breathing heavily]

Anything? Unh-unh.

Okay, um…

I’m, uh… I’m actually gonna continue up and see if I can get some service.

Why don’t you go down to the road, see if you can flag someone down?

I don’t want to leave you.

This isn’t about me. It’s about Cal.

I’m fine.

Just please be safe.

[Cellphone ringing]

I’ll be damned.

Hey, we have service.

Okay. Jared?



[Breathing heavily]



Didn’t I see you run into the woods with the Stone kid?

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’m here by myself.

Damn, you’re a terrible liar.

Jace! Please!

You don’t have to do this.

I know that now. Please.

Just put the knife down.

If this guy tells me where the kid is, he can go.

That’s never gonna happen.

Grace! Run!

Thanks. That’s all I needed.



Jace! No!

Mom, you have to go.

I can’t.I’ll be safe here with Eden.

We’ll hide here just like you and Tarik used to do.

I can’t leave you.

Mom, you can go.


The Calling says it’ll be okay.


I’m so sorry.


Where you going, Jace?

What happened the last time we died?

The kid died with us, and we came back.

The same thing happened with the plane.

He died with them, and they all came back.

What are you saying?

If the kid dies, too, we can’t die.

You think you’re supposed to kill Cal?


Jace, this is your last chance to redeem yourself.

Please. You can still make the right choice.

I got no choice.

[Breathing heavily]

Thanks for letting me know they’re in the woods.

They aren’t.


Shh, shh, shh. We have to be so quiet.


♪ We’re going on a treasure hunt ♪

♪ A very important treasure hunt ♪

♪ X marks the spot ♪

♪ A circle with a dot ♪

I’m not gonna let you do this.




Cal: Spiders crawling up your back.

Blood gushing down.

Tight squeeze. Feel the breeze.

Now you got the shiveries.

The kid.

He’s that way.

I’m gonna miss you, Petey.

But that kid is my insurance policy.

What if you’re wrong?

Well, then I’m dead.

And what do I care?

I got nothing left to live for anyway.





No, no. Hey, hey, T.

Hey. It’s me.


Oh, my God.

Hey, it’s me. Okay, okay.

Hang on, hang on. I’m gonna go get help, okay?

T, can you hear me?

I’m gonna go get you some help, okay?

You’re gonna hold on.

I love… I love you.

I’m so sorry… No.

For all the pain I’ve caused.

It’s okay.

It’s okay.

No. [Crying]

You’re my baby brother.

And I’m supposed to take care of you.

No. No, no.


[Breathing heavily]


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

[Door opens]


[Gun cocks]


Let’s go get our kids.







[Knock on door]

You said you work for Professor Stone, right?

Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Someone dropped this off earlier, and I was gonna leave it in front of his office door,

but since you’re here…

That’s him, right?

Yeah, that’s him. Um, I’ll make sure he gets this.


Thank you.

[Sighs] Okay.


[Chuckles lightly]


Oh, my God.



So we all pretty much believe in miracles at this point, right?

You okay, Ol?

The papyrus Angelina and I have been studying, the one with “The Last Trial,” you know how it has a missing piece?

Yeah, the other side of the scale.

What about it?

I just found it.

What? How?

I don’t know. It was in Dad’s bag.

He lost it after he and that Eagan guy completed a Calling, and it just… It randomly showed up here.

Hey, Ol, maybe your dad didn’t complete the Calling.

Maybe you’re completing it right now.

It’s covered in the same muck that’s all over the rest of it, so I-I really… I can’t really see anything, but I know how to clean it.

It’s just if I rush it, I could destroy the image, and then we won’t be able to figure out anything.

Be careful, Ol. We need to know what’s on that picture.

I’m on it. There he is.

Hey, are you guys alright? She’s pretty beat up.

You got a first-aid kit? Yeah, in the back.

You guys want to tell me what the hell’s going on?

I would, uh, say that you wouldn’t believe us, but I think we’re past that point.

You think?

Tight squeeze. Feel the breeze.

Now you got the shiveries.

We’re going on a treasure hunt.

A very important treasure hunt.

X marks the spot.

Circle with a dot.

Spiders crawling up your back.

[Door opens]


[Door closes]Man: Spiders crawling up your back.

Blood gushing down.


[Breathing heavily]

If I can find you when you do that rhyme, he can find you.

I-I thought you were in the hospital.

Until I heard your voice.

I had to come.

So I broke out and borrowed my brother’s car.


And then I just knew which way to go.

I can’t explain it.

You don’t have to.



Where are you?!


[Handcuffs click]

Thank God you’re okay.

You’re my guardian angel.

I love you.

I love you, too.

But you have to go back to the car.

I’ve got to stop my brother.


No. You… You tried.

Jace made his choice, and he’ll have to live with it.

There’s nothing more you can do for him.

Please, please let him go and stay with me.


Wait, Mick.

Grace! Cal!

We have a body.

Jared: His gun’s gone.

Alright, I’ll go right, you go left.

Stay behind her. Keep your head down.

I’ll be fine.


[Door opens]



[Door closes]

Cal: Dad, Dad!

It’s okay.

He’s protecting me.


[Kory spits]

For as long as I can.


That’s Tarik. Grace’s brother.


[Gun cocks]


Looking for someone?




You missed.

I never miss.

That one was just to get your attention.

This next one’s going right between your eyes.


Grace, wait! Don’t do it.

He killed my brother.

Let this run its course.

It’s his Last Trial. He’s out of time.

He’s failed. He’s going to die.

[Crying] I have to!


No, you don’t.

Grace, please.

I don’t always know what the Callings want, but I do know that you shouldn’t have to live the rest of your life with blood on your hands.

He’s going to die.


Any second.

All we have to do is watch.



[Gun cocks]

Don’t you move.



I’m not scared of death.

Michaela: Jace, it’s over. Drop the knife.

Kory: Jace.


Traitors. Traitors.


Oh, my God. It’s happening.

No, no. Stay back.



Hey. Hey, it’s over.

It’s okay. It’s over. [Sobbing]

It’s okay. It’s okay.


Are you okay?

I’m fine.

I made it.

I think we’re okay.

Hey, I’m, uh… I’m sorry you had to see that.

He made his choices.

I made mine.

Well, clearly, yours paid off.

I’m guessing you’re gonna have to take me back to jail now, right?

Yeah, but w-with everything you’ve done, all the ways you’ve helped, I can ask for an early release.

I-It’ll still be a couple of years, though.

Which is nothing compared to how many years you have left.

I’ll wait.




Hey, Ol, it’s… it’s over.

It’s not what we thought.

We didn’t understand.


Ol? You okay?

No, Dad, the last trial isn’t about each person being judged individually.

They all came back together, and now they’re all being judged together.

That doesn’t make sense.

Jace died, but Pete and Kory lived.

Guys. Guys.

Does anybody else see this?

Jared: What is it, Cal?

Something’s happening.

Cal, is it the three shadows?

Just one.






No. Stop. You can’t.


What’s happening?

No. Stop. No.




[Crying] No!


Pete, please!



God help us.

We were wrong.


We were so very wrong.




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