Kota Factory – S02E05 – Packaging | Transcript

JEE results send Kota into celebration mode and give Vaibhav, Meena and Uday glimpses into their own futures, but the occasion comes with sad truths.
Kota Factory - S02E05 - Packaging

Original release date: September 24, 2021

* * *

Shall we?

Let him call first.

When will he call?

At eight o’clock.

How much did you get?

Ten, eleven, twelve…


And you?


Don’t forget to give negative markings for the ones you got wrong.

I did.

I didn’t.

Yes, Meena.

It’s me, you rascal.

And what stupidity is this?

Why are you attempting the JEE-Advanced paper one year in advance?

And that too today?

What’s the score?


It’s okay.

What about you?


Did you attempt the class 12 questions as well?

No! I just attempted class 11 questions.

But, why did you do it?

To check whether we can get into IIT next year or not.

How will you know it a year in advance by attempting just half the portion?

If we can score half the cutoff score this year, then we’ll get selected.

So, did you get selected?

I don’t know.

We don’t know this year’s cutoff score yet.

Exactly my point!

Let’s go and find out the cutoff score.

Go where?

Results will be declared today in Kota.

It’s celebration day today. Today is Diwali in Kota.

Definitely not. I am not wasting any time.

My answer to the constraint motion question is wrong.

I’m going to revise with Susu. You may go.

I got the permutation and combination question wrong.

Fine. As you wish.

You have never witnessed the result day in Kota.

What’s so special about it?

And anyway, we’ll celebrate our result next year.


How do you know if you’ll make it next year?

Let’s celebrate now.

We’ll also get to see the cutoff score.

Why do you say such negative things?

Is Meena coming?

I’ll convince Meena.

Meena, Jeetu Bhaiya says that witnessing the important moments helps us get rid of the fear.

And the result is a very important moment.

Such is my world with friends

He was a good student, but he couldn’t make it.

What about this guy?

No one has a deodorant.

Why are you checking the results?

You can check it after the seminar. Practice your speech.

No, I can’t focus right now.

The server is pretty slow.

The server isn’t slow. You’re nervous.

This will take an entire day.

No, I just want to check these. It won’t take long.

Are they toppers?

I don’t need to check the result of the toppers.

I am checking the results of the ones who are weak.

Sarthak Mehta.

Why are you scared of your students?

I am not scared of all, but some–

What happened?

It’s an instance crash.

Some roll numbers often keep crashing.

I’ll try again.



We were checking your result.

I already checked that, Bhaiya.

I wanted to speak to you.

I’ll work harder next time.

And I’ll always keep in touch with you.

I’ll keep telling you what’s going on in my life.

I got selected because of you.

Did you get selected?

I did.

Oh, wow! That’s awesome!


You really are very scary.

Very nice.

Will you have sweets?

You scared me, dude.



He didn’t even make it to the top ten.

The third rank has been claimed by Hyderabad.

Check Nishant Bansal’s result.

Yes, sir.

Got it.


Well, at least someone made it to the top five.

Sorry, sir.

Sorry, sir.

Sorry, sir.

Sir, we must stop teaching for the Maths Olympiad.

Really? Why not the chemistry Olympiad?


Because maths is shit!

What is your problem?

He’s causing the entire problem.

Calm down.

Rank three and rank five are from Hyderabad.

But not from Narayan, but from Sri Sai.

An institute whose valuation is not even ten million dollars.

They got a better rank than 1,5 billion worth Narayan which is in the same city.

It happens.

We’re at 1,6 billion ourselves.

And no one’s got a better rank than us in Kota.

So don’t worry, guys.

And let’s focus on the next batch.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

AIR number one, Utsav Manglani! We’ve done it!

Sir… CLA?


Yes, sir. Shall we put it up?


Second. Put it up.

The highest rank we got is 107.

That’s not a rank, Deepak.

If you want… I can get three ranks from the top 50.

For ten lakhs.

That’s too much.

This will give you a business worth of at least one crore.

You know that.


Maheshwari got AIR one.

Now, look. They will make 20 crores.

Get me one in the top 50.

He got in. He got in.


Come on, give me a hug.

Rank 5238.

Mohit’s rank is far behind.

Will he get into IIT with this?


Papa… I got in.






Please inform mom.

I’ll see you later, bye.

What do you think?

Will we cry on seeing our ranks on the screen?

Brother… how are you feeling?

Honestly speaking… I feel unburdened.

I feel way better.

What is the cutoff score, brother?

I think 120.


I think 100.



No! It must be at least 140.


I just cracked the IIT, sir.


I just cracked the IIT.

Oh, my God!

Meena, ask for her name. Take her number.

See you at Chambal Garden at 5:00 p.m. Chambal Garden.

Everyone’s lost their mind.

May God get every girl in IIT.

Sir, what’s the highest rank?

Our’s is 107 and Maheshwari is at number one.


Maheswari is at number one.

I got it! Let’s go to Maheshwari.

First, find out the cutoff score.


The cutoff score must be the same as all over India.

Yes. Let’s go.

Let’s go.

See you, buddy.

On this bright day in Kota, Rajasthan the weather forecast has predicted heavy, yet conventional rainfall with the chances of a thunderstorm.

But the only thing in the air right now is joy and celebration.

We’re outside the Maheshwari classes–

It’s a reason of joy that Maheshwari classes have proved yet again–

Mahesh, we want to know your father’s profession.

He’s a doctor in a government hospital.


Compounder. That’s fine.

Come on, roll.

So, tell us. What does your father do?

He’s a compounder.


As you can see a compounder’s son got selected in IIT.

This is a reason for pride for us and our state.

This is Rohit Modi with the cameraman, Shree for Jagran News.

Uday… I attempted the question paper.

I am going to find out the cutoff score.

But you didn’t even attempt the paper. Why are you so excited?

Come on, Meena.

This is the only day when I can see toppers crying.

Do you know Utsav Haghwani? He’s such an arrogant kid.

Nishant Bansal must have screwed him.

He must have been really disappointed.

Was Nishant Maheshwari’s topper or was it Utsav?

It was Nishant.

He scored high in JEE Mains and he’s going to do well in JEE Advanced as well.

He’s a real topper.

Physics, Chemistry, Maths…

He topped all three Olympiads in class 11.


Utsav Haghwani has no class compared to him.

Nishant is such a humble kid.

He’s so helpful.

And look at Utsav Haghwani.

He is such a wise guy. Pseudo topper.

What does pseudo mean?

Meaning fake, Meena.



Did Utsav Manglani top the exam?

Forget about the Baniyas but now, Sindhis are topping as well.

What do we do now?

So now… we’ll screw with Nishant.

What are you doing?

Have a sweet.

My brother scored AIR rank one.

Where is Sushrut?

Sushrut must be at home.

Tell him IIT is not a waste.

It’s in fact great. I got in.

I am an IIT material.

Brother, what’s the cutoff score?

I don’t know. How would I know?

IIT, I am coming.

How did I get in?

How did I get in?

Am I dreaming? Is this a dream?

This is not a dream. It’s real.


It’s real.

I got in. I got in.


You get a car if you rank first!

This is not just a car.

It’s called a BMW 5 series.

Our career will end on BMW.

Utsav’s going to start his career from this.

He’ll drive this to college.

But what’s the point?

There are no girls in IIT.

It’s a nice car.

It is!


Did you get into IIT?

Yes, I did.



Bro, what’s the cutoff score?

The cutoff score must be around 95.

That’s lower than 130.

It’s 96!

But you’ll know it when you go upstairs.


You forgot your slippers.

Oh, this… I was going barefoot to the temple to tie this thread.

You mean, to open it.

No, I am going to tie this.

So that I get 95% in class 12.

But what’s the point of class 12 scores?

I’ll be asked during the IIM admission.

Bro… I am sorry we wasted three minutes of yours.

Please go.

All the best.

That’s the kind of focus you need in life.

I mean he’s thinking about his next accomplishment.

What did he say his name was?

Do you want to know his name?

He doesn’t deserve to be alive.

Why don’t these guys die?

I wish he gets in IIT Kharagpur in mining.

He messed with my mind.

Let’s go upstairs and check the cutoff score.

Come on. Or it’ll start-up.

80 parents have arrived but they aren’t here yet.

Don’t worry. Did you try calling them?

I did but they didn’t answer.

We must start the seminar in 15 minutes.

Don’t worry. They will be here in sometime.

Your phone is ringing.

Yes, Ms. Sarika.

Jeetu, I can’t join Aimers.

I’ve some personal problem and I am helpless.

I am so–

What happened?

Ms. Sarika isn’t joining us.


I am not interested in finding out.

Ask her.

Ma’am, please don’t call me again.


You conduct the seminar. We won’t talk about it.

Where are they both?

They are both conducting workshops in different centers.

Who is conducting a workshop?

Sir… we thought you wouldn’t show up.

You weren’t answering your phone either.

Of course, I won’t if I am driving.

You said three o’clock.

We still have ten minutes. Shall we go?



Before we go inside I must tell you that Ms. Sarika isn’t coming.

Yes, I think she joined Maheshwari.

This is why you should’ve made a contract, Jeetu.

Where is Utsav? I can’t see him in the crowd.

You are from a different institute. How can you stand in the front row?

We’re from Maheshwari. Get going.

There he comes.

Look at the number of garlands. He’ll fall flat on his face.

His picture will be all over the newspaper tomorrow.

He’s getting so much respect.

I agree.

He is getting respect, as well as gifts.

Students and faculty members, please put your hands together for Mr. Keshav Maheshwari.

Congratulations, Utsav.

Thank you, sir.

And congratulations to you all.

This year is really special.

700 selections this year. 35 more than last year.

You all made it despite a high cutoff of 95.

95? We cleared!


Look at him. See.

I passed! Yes!

So congratulations to you all and special congratulations to Utsav.

He is getting the car!

Guys! Whoever reaches last is an asshole.


Wait, guys.

It hasn’t started yet.

Wait! Meena.

I am your friend. Vaibhav.

You always borrow my bike, rascal.

Hey! Stop it.

He’s a rascal!


What happened?

Only toppers sit here.

It must be such a great feeling.

Ladies and gentleman, put your hands together for AIR one, Vaibhav Pandey.

You won’t be sitting here.

Only the top ten will be sitting here.

They have class!

They don’t.

Uday, here goes an unhappy topper.

Look at how sad he is even after getting AIR four.

When the top ten sit in those chairs… only one of them must be really happy.

It wouldn’t have mattered if someone else had topped.

How does it feel when someone you have been topping against for two years… makes it to the finish line first.


When everyone’s looking at you and thinking about only one thing.

And you know what they are thinking.

Imagine how lonely you feel.

Now I understand.


I understood why Bhaiya throws a party for those who get rejected.

They are the ones who need it.

Sir, where’s the ma’am who’s supposed to be with you?

She is conducting a seminar somewhere else.

First of all, thank you for coming here.

Missed it by four marks.

I missed it by one question.

Which question?

The one from permutation and combination.

They asked, “How many more ways?”


I didn’t subtract one from the final answer.


One shouldn’t check the results from that cyber cafe.

I did it last time as well. It’s unlucky.

What do you think?

Will we get a beer or not?

Shadab didn’t get in either.

And Sarthak got in.

Have you thought about a college?

I shouldn’t have taken that one-year drop.

All my friends are getting in the second year… and I am still thinking about college.

I should’ve enrolled in BSc instead.

You guys must be careful.

The questions that you get right all year round can go wrong in three hours.

I made a mistake in permutation as well.

-Did you attempt the paper as well?

Yes, I got 48.

I just attempted the class 11 portion.

Yet I scored half the cutoff score.

So, we should reach the cutoff score in the final year.

Had you seen the questions before?

Not at all.

We applied the standard exam conditions.

Pin drop silence.

We sat through for three hours with just a glass of water.


You will attempt the paper in halftime, right?

You’ll have to do it in one and a half hours.

You’re miles away from the cutoff score.

That’s right.

We need to take half time for half of the exam.

Since when did it become halftime?

We have to take half time for the class 11 portion.

Only two parents booked an appointment.

Sir, I wanted to talk to you.

Yes, tell me.

What do I do about my, son?

He was a repeater, but he still didn’t get in.

He’s disappointed.

We’ve a good business. We aren’t facing any trouble.

But he feels without IIT there is nothing in life.

I am feeling helpless, sir.

If donations were a thing, I would’ve paid long ago.

But there’s nothing I can do about IIT.

So, tell me. What do I do about him?

You should celebrate, sir, that your son is upset.

He’s upset because he was serious.

He was serious because he was responsible.

And your son has become responsible at the age of 18.

He’s set a high goal for himself and is fighting for it.

It’s a success for your parenting.

Are you really proud of him?


Then go tell him.

If you actually feel there’s been no tragedy then at least you must act normal.

If your hands stop shivering, then he’ll return to normal as well.



Thank you, sir.

Well, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t feel bad.

When you’ve done your job, you’re bound to expect a reward.

That’s natural.

Lord Krishna never said that… one shouldn’t expect to get rewarded.

He just said that we should do our job but the reward is not in our control.

And one can clearly see that.

But that doesn’t mean… one shouldn’t expect to get rewarded.

Those who are not upset about getting rejected, never fought the battle.

They never pushed themselves beyond.

We worked hard. We’ve every right to be upset.

If we’re feeling sad, then we can feel sad.

If someone wants to cry, then he can cry.

But there’s one thing no one’s allowed to do.

To sit there and feel worthless.

We are worthless, Bhaiya.

No matter how close you come to your focus or stay away… until we don’t cross it… we can’t get into IIT.


If you cross the focus, you’ll get in the mirror.

But did anything change if you couldn’t cross the focus?

Your size, your image, has become larger than you think.

But the world sees you in this size.

But you’ve grown much bigger in size.

Those who never came close, never got to grow.

So we’re not worthless at all.

Do you get it?

Soldiers fight in the war.

One opponent wins whereas the other loses.

But those who lose in war are called warriors and not losers.

You tell me.

What if you had got in and Sarthak didn’t?

Would you consider him a loser?

No, Bhaiya.


Neither you nor he is a loser.

Not him, nor Piyush, or Vernali.

The only loser is me.

And yet I am partying. I am so happy.

Come on, let’s party.

Pick it up.

Have a fruit beer.

Come on.


Of course.

Come on, grab one.

Uday, play some songs. Cheers to failures!





Vernali, open the door.



Why do you teach such things to your students?

I don’t teach everyone but only kids like them.

I am scared of them.

Why are you scared of your kids?

Some kids… come over and stay with me at every step.

They keep doing whatever you tell them to do.

Be it day or night, dusk or dawn, weeks or months or years, they do everything I say.

They eat and sleep whenever I ask them to.

But when these kids are not able to get into IIT, I feel ashamed to face them.

I am scared of these kids.



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