Kota Factory – S02E04 – Repair & Maintenance | Transcript

When a bout of jaundice slows Vaibhav down in his studying, Jeetu insists he calls his only hope to get well quickly: his mother.
Kota Factory - S02E04 - Repair & Maintenance

Original release date: September 24, 2021

* * *


Sir, now you will point your finger upwards.


Like this.


Let’s keep it simple.

Bhaiya! Jeetu Bhaiya!

I’ve done it. I’ve done it.

What have you done?

I’ve booked Modi School from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. for 10th June.

Doesn’t Maheshwari conduct its entrance test there?


All the repeaters will appear for Maheshwari’s entrance from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m and then for us from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

This will make their lives easier.

The JEE-Advanced results are getting declared on the 6th, right?

Yes… so?

Actually, this is a good opportunity.

All the sincere students of class 12 who don’t get selected are pretty confused.

We should be the first ones to contact them.

No, wait a second.

6th is a Sunday, Jeetu.

Will you make me work on a Sunday as well?



Oh, God.

So… did everyone solve the DPP sheet?

Yes, Bhaiya.

So, will everyone give me the answer?

Yes, Bhaiya.

First one?








These were all simple questions.

Who could solve problem number five?

What happened? Couldn’t you solve the fifth question?

No, Bhaiya.

Why? I explained this to you in the last lecture.

I slept early last night.

I couldn’t complete my DPP either.

Make sure you attempt the 12th one. It’s important.

At least say yes or no.

Yes, Bhaiya.

Fine, sit down.

What about the fifth one?














Couldn’t you all solve this?


How many could solve the twelfth?

Another piece of roti, please.


It’s your favorite on the menu today. matar paneer!

It’s never been my favorite.

But it’s the least bad dish.

Look at the amount of oil they’ve put in.

So, why aren’t you eating?

You haven’t even started yet.

I don’t want to.

But it’s delicious.

I don’t feel too well.

Did you take any medicines?

Why will I have medicines?

I’ll just go and get some sleep. And everything will be okay.

That’s not right.


You’ll have to get treated, Vaibhav.


Just answer my question.

You were supposed to send pamphlets to the office by 6:00 p.m.

Where are they?

Are you printing them now?

You didn’t have the men but you had the machine, right?

Why didn’t you print them yourself?

The computer’s password…

You could’ve called me if your computer wasn’t working.

I could’ve mailed you on your email ID.

I see! As if I am not judging you now.

Send it over. Please.

And how can you be so cool?

Only 11 more days to go.

We still have a lot to do.

We need to design the brochure, make the banner, print the question papers, get the website made. We have a lot to do!

And now you’ve loaded me with the seminar work as well.

Whenever I get stuck in a problem, I simply delegate my work.

I am at peace as I have delegated my work.

To whom?

How will I do everything alone?

Why are you doing it alone? Delegate it.

Delegate it to who?

Here you go! It’s the guy making the posters.

Did you reach?

Then stick them.

So, you only deliver the posters but not stick them.

Oh, you do stick them but forgot to get the adhesive this time.

Did your owner forget to pay you for the adhesive or did you forget to ask him?

If you don’t have money for adhesive, then, will you call me or your boss?

I swear you’re so dumb!

Yes, your–


How do I delegate my work?

Where will I find such smart people?

You want smart people, right?

Yes, please.

Do you know what business are we in?

Hello, Jeetu Bhaiya.

Yes, Jeetu Bhaiya.

Okay, Jeetu Bhaiya.

Nothing much, Jeetu Bhaiya. I am chilling in Goa.

Fine, Jeetu Bhaiya.

They’ll be here in three days.

He’s got a fever.

He has weakness.


He vomited as well.

What color was it?

Oh, dude!

My uncle is an expert in homeopathy.

I am thinking of consulting him.

The last time when I puked, he asked me the color of my mucus.

That’s why I asked. What color was it?

Be quiet, Meena.

Meena, keep quiet.

Come on, we’ll take you to the doctor.

Yes, let’s go.

No need to go anywhere, guys. I’ve got it covered.

This is for fever.

Take this if you have a fever.

This is for vomiting.

Take this if you’re vomiting.

This is for gastric problems.

Take this if you have gastric problems.

But he doesn’t have gastric problems.

Meena, he doesn’t have it as of now.

But after having all the pills, he’ll have gastric problems.


I had told my father to make me a chemist instead because doctors are assholes.

They do five years of MBBS, two years of MD and prescribe the same medicine as the chemist.


I agree with you.

But your statement reeks of sarcasm.

I do.

Go see a doctor.

He’ll diagnose you based on your symptom.


Then he’ll do a prognosis after giving medicines.

You got these pills but do you know about its side effects?

Hello, I brought these medicines from Deepak’s shop.

All the popular doctors of Kota buy medicines from him.

And bro, don’t be afraid of side effects.

We’ll get you another pill for the side effect.

Come on. Take these pills.

Take these pills.


Let it be.

Here, drink this.

What if this thing has a side effect?

It’s ORS.


I don’t care.

Let him sleep.

Lie down. Lie down.

So… what’s the answer to the first question?




And third?


Fourth one?


Did you solve the fifth one? What’s the answer to the fifth one?


Oh, good!







What’s the answer to the seventh question?


Sit down.

I couldn’t do the DPP last night as I fell asleep.



But options have root 15.

I normally take this lecture a month later.

But let’s do it today anyway.

JEE-Advanced is our life-altering critical event.

This means we cannot afford to fall ill until the exams.

So, what do we have to be for that?


I am already awesome, Bhaiya.

He meant the Hindi one.

“Aw” for Awshadi.

All of you will go and get your tests done today.

And if you’re diagnosed with something then start taking medicines right away.

But what for? We’re not even sick, Bhaiya.

We all think that we’re not sick.

If none of your body parts are aching, that doesn’t mean that you’re fit.

We’re fit only when every organ in our body is working to its full potential.

Is it working?

They are!

So, tell me… how many of you feel that even after eight hours of sleep, they still feel tired?

How many of you feel that they can’t focus for too long?

And how many of you feel that no matter how many times you learn the values of constants yet you keep forgetting them?

So how many of us are in our natural state or sick?

Many of us can be sick.

And this is not me but the studies saying this.

As per the studies… 20% of people are low on B12 and 85% on vitamin D and 50% are low on hemoglobin.

Get these tests done today.

If you’re low on any of these then… have your medicine.

And the next one is “swachta”.

Maintain cleanliness.

Wash your clothes regularly.

And those who bathe at two-day intervals should bathe every day.

And you… start with bathing once a week.

This is not a school or a job.

You’re not allowed to take sick leaves in JEE.

If you fall sick then it will be your fault.

So, go to Baheti hospital and get your tests done.

And what about “M”?

I hope it doesn’t come to that.

I’ll tell you when we come to it.


Okay, I will check the same.

Take this.

Please go upstairs. I will inform him.

The floor above the blood bank?

No, you need to go above that floor.

It’s done.


Were you scared?

Uday Gupta?


You’re low on vitamin B12.

At least I’m not naturally slow.

You’ll have to take this medicine once a day for two months.

And get another checkup done after two months.

Will it be sweet?

Balmukund Meena.

Yes, ma’am.

You’re low on vitamin D.

What’s the point of eating okra then?

Meena, vitamin D comes from the sun, not okra.

Vaibhav Pandey.

Please come to this side.

Show me your nails.

You have jaundice.



Drank what?

I don’t know.

Ma’am, why don’t you check again?

The reports are clear. These are symptoms of jaundice.

Doctor, how long does he have?


It’s just the early stage. Don’t worry.

He’ll be fine in a week. I’ll prescribe medicines.

Ma’am, will I be fine?

Yes, you’ll be fine in a week. Don’t worry.

Who puts so much oil in a pilaf?

He hasn’t clicked good pictures.

It’s all dark.

Great. My lions have arrived.


Yes, Bhaiya.

How are you guys?


Everything’s fine.

Bablu, he’s Sarvesh.

This is Karthik and that’s Pranav.

Guys, he’s Bablu.

CEO of Aimers.

That’s great.

I am sure you had some breakfast.


Yes, Bhaiya.

Then get to work.

What work?

We have only nine days left and lots to do.

You take care of the posters and pamphlets.

You may take care of the brochure design and you can develop the website.


We’ll get it done, Bhaiya.

It will be done.

How much are they going to charge us?

Not everyone works for money like us.

Some people have respect.

Let’s increase some brightness. It’ll look better.


I am coming!

Brother, any clothes for laundry?

There are none.

How is that possible?

You haven’t given me any clothes for a week now.

Don’t come back for another week. Okay?

I said there are no clothes.

Why are you guys here?

Vaibhav, how are you feeling now?

I am better.

Life without friends is no life

Such is my world with friends



Vaibhav… fruits.

You were supposed to slice the muskmelon.

And peel the bananas and oranges.

Shall I put them back together?

I’ll slice these up.

Don’t confuse me.

Wait a minute.

Wear these shorts.

It’s good.

Make him wear it.

Have this. I brought offerings for you from Ganesh Temple.

Thank you.

We got it.


I made these myself–

Oh, wow!

That’s a lot of oil.

It’s from the mess.

I packed them myself.

You have packed it so well! Wow!

Oh! Sorry. The lovebirds are here!

Vaibhav… show me your eyes.

Did you go see the doctor?

Obviously. She told me I’ve jaundice.

But that was last week.

Your eyes look yellower than last time.

There’s a lot of turmeric in it!

My uncle is an expert in homeopathy.

He says that you shouldn’t eat any yellow stuff in jaundice.

Meena, either call it homeopathy or call him an expert.

Come on, let’s go back to the doctor.

No, Shivangi. It’s okay.

I have to eat my meal and then sleep.

The doctor said that I will be fine in a week if I keep taking my medicines.

And anyway we’re taking all precautions.

I mean he is. We’re just watching him.

I mean the doctor said that I should eat pilaf, so…

That’s the best food.

Isn’t the oil less?

Imagine the furniture or luggage in your house.

Is it easier to push or pull?



Both answers are correct.

But pushing a cupboard and pulling a suitcase is easier.

Why is that?

Bhaiya, since the cupboard is tall so, we will push it and this will make the direction upwards.

The vertical component will reduce the normal, hence causing less friction.

But if we push a suitcase… its direction will be downwards.

This will increase the normal as well as the friction.

So, it’s easier to pull any object with less height.

Did you all get it?

Yes, Bhaiya.


What’s the matter, Meena? You’re right on the nail!

My vitamin D is better now.

Great. So, everyone got their tests done?

Yes, Bhaiya.

Yes, Bhaiya.

What were the reports?

I am low on B12 and Vaibhav has jaundice.

There goes another month.

No, Bhaiya. I am taking medicine.

I’ll get better.

You won’t get better like this.

Time to use the infallible weapon.

Do you remember “M”?

Yes, Bhaiya.

Yes, Bhaiya.

“M” for Mom. Call her ASAP.

I am feeling much better now, Bhaiya.

I’ll get better.

Why should I call her to Kota for such a small thing?

If you stay ill for too long, you’ll miss your syllabus.

If you miss the syllabus, you won’t be able to revise.

And without revision, you won’t get selected.

Then you’ll cry taking mom’s name.

So, it’s better to call her now than repent later.

But papa is all alone at home.

She is his wife. She’s your mom.

Papa will call his mom if he needs it.

The entire family appears for JEE and not the kid alone.

If your papa, grandpa, grandma need your mom, then let them make some sacrifice.

If you score well, then they will be happier than you. Be selfish.

My younger brother has his class ten exams.

He is appearing for his board exams but you will be appearing for JEE.

What’s the point of cracking class ten?

You cracked it as well, right? Did it help you?

You know, he scored 90% and still, his father got kicked out of Maheshwari.



Should I call her?

Why are you feeling awkward calling your mom?

If I message her, she will think I am desperate.

Let’s meet a couple more times and then I’ll invite her.

She is your mom.

And jaundice, typhoid, swine flu don’t get cured without mom.

You’re a smart guy yourself.

So what?

More than 7,00,000 kids score more than 90%.

Mom, it’s obvious that I will help him out once I clear my IIT.

Mom, you know I love you more.

I love you two years more than him.

Chotu was saying he’ll buy a sari for me with his first salary.

But you don’t even call me.

You’re worried about everyone else but me.

Fine, stay with him!

Don’t worry about me. I’ll handle it myself.

No need. It’s okay.

But Vaibhav…


Oh, come on.

This is not a surprise at all.

I knew you would come.

I see!

That’s why I came here from Meena’s house last night.

Come on, we’ve got work to do.

All yours.

You’ve become quite straightforward.

What are they teaching you in Kota?

Kota sets the mood.

Come on.

What have you done to your room?

Mom, why have you got so many things?

How do you manage to do it all the time?

How do you manage to do it all the time?

You make all my troubles disappear

Whenever life seems to be scattered

You come back to my life

When my worries open my eyes

You put me to sleep

Open your mouth.

You wave some kind of a magical wand

And all my worries disappear

Now that’s a pilaf!

Made in pure clarified butter and no oil.



Eat it before it gets cold.


I have informed him. I’ll pass the phone to him.

Here, talk to Rinku.

Talk to him.

Come on, talk to him! Here you go.

Rinku. How are you, bro?

Why don’t you call me?

Come on! You should’ve come over with mom.

Let me talk to him for a minute.


Yes, son.

Meena, will you have some more roti?

No, auntie.

Bring your plate forward. Come on.

Will you have one more?


Auntie, the food is delicious.

I’ve never had such tasty matar paneer ever in my life.

Hereafter, it’s my favorite as well.

There’s more. I’ll pack some for you.

You can eat it tomorrow morning as well.

Why are you feeling shy? You’re all like my children.

No, auntie. Only the five of us are like your children.

Vaibhav, pass me the rice.

Why are you so shy?

So Vaibhav, how are you feeling now?

Bhaiya, it’s been executed.

I can see it on your face.

A heater of 240W is connected in parallel to the bulb.

What would be the voltage drop?

How much is it? It’s very simple.


How much?


What’s the matter, Vaibhav? This one was simple.

I didn’t do it, Bhaiya.


I slept early last night so… I couldn’t do my DPP.

Hasn’t your mom left yet?

No, Bhaiya.

You must be getting good food.

Yes, Bhaiya.

You both must be gossiping.

Yes, Bhaiya.

You must be getting all the gossips of the family.

You must be watching serials as well.

A couple.

Are you crazy?

I told you to use the infallible weapon, not keep it.

You’re better now. Send her back.

She will beat me to a pulp.

You want me to tell mom that your job here is done. Go back.

Yes! What generation is this?

Why are you all so formal with your mom?

The real meaning of family is taking them for granted.

She is your mom and not your girlfriend.

You can only take her for granted.

You can exploit her as much as you want.

I’ve emotionally blackmailed my mom so many times.

I made her send too many marriage proposals.


And look at him. He can’t even send his mom back.

What if she feels bad?

Moms don’t feel bad.

You’re not strong enough to be in the same room and not gossip with her.

You can’t do it.

Otherwise, you’ll have to get used to the 21-day program.

Your mom will have to get used to this as well.

Finally, there goes the bell.

How do I tell mom?

“Your job’s done. You can go.”

Don’t be crazy.

It isn’t the right way to do it.


Get her a ticket first.

Your mother makes such delicious food.

I haven’t eaten anything after matar paneer so that I never forget the taste.

Don’t send her back.

But I am not able to study.

But what about matar paneer?

Why don’t you call your mom if you want to have matar paneer?

But then I won’t be able to study.

Fine, you won’t understand.

I am feeling hungry.

I don’t know what to tell mom.

I am hungry.

Tell her something.

The class at this coaching center is going to get–

Naughty boy.

Hello, auntie.

Hello, dear.

Where are you going?

You’re fine now.

So, I am going home.

Chotu’s got his exams as well.

Don’t go.

Why are you going?

I don’t want to go either.


You’ll have to go back for Chotu.

I’ve kept laddoos in the canister. Have them.

My beloved child.

Be careful, auntie. I fell twice on these stairs.

Yes, son, I’ll be careful. Thank you.

Take care.

You should take care as well.

You guys take care of your health as well.

Yes, auntie.

Yes, auntie.

Okay, auntie, bye.


Drive carefully, brother.

Call me when you get home.



I won’t buy a sari for mom with my first salary.

I’ll give her the entire salary.

What do you mean? Is she your maid?

I am not talking about her salary.

I’ll give her my salary.


Why will you give it to her?

Use net banking instead.

Jeetu Bhaiya was right.

One can test their family by taking them for granted.

Why are you getting sentimental?

My mom’s leaving.

What’s the matter?

I was just saying.

Matar paneer!

All well?


Hello, Sarvesh. What’s the update?

It’s done.



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