Jupiter’s Legacy – S01E03 – Painting the Clouds with Sunshine [Transcript]

Worried about Sheldon's uncharacteristic behavior, George pays him a visit. A foiled theft lands Hutch on the wrong side of a superpowered crime boss.
Jupiter's Legacy

Original release date: May 7, 2021

A gang of villains, led by a man named Hutch, has a series of foiled heists in trying to complete a task for their boss. After what seems like a clean getaway they have a run-in with a drunk, disoriented Chloe who takes their ill-gotten goods. In 1929, after the funeral, Sheldon’s brother and friends become consider on what looks to be a deteriorating mental state. Worried about Sheldon’s uncharacteristic behavior, George visits him and is unable to figure out how to best help his friend while trying to deal with the turn in his fortune.

* * *

[radio static crackling]

[reporter] People are on edge as rumors swirl about impending attack as we approach the 40th anniversary of George Hutchence, also known as Skyfox, leaving the Union.

[Jack] Are you hearing this, mate?

They’re talking about your father on the radio.

Do you mind telling us why we’re not backing you up on this heist?

If you’re pulling a Phil Collins, I swear…

Phil Collins?

Going solo. Ditching us like he left Genesis.

[Hutch] I’m not leaving anybody.

Who’s Genesis?

[Hutch] Here we go.

Uh… [scoffs]

What was it like when Beyoncé left Destiny’s Child?

Good for Beyoncé, not so much for the others.

He’s pulling a Beyoncé.

Actually, I prefer the classics, Brunettes, Shirelles.

This is how it starts. You do one gig alone. It goes well…

Then you realize you don’t need us anymore.

Look, we haven’t had a big score lately, but it’s just a slump.

And we’re following your rules, never kill, all that stuff.

Look, I would never think about leaving you.

How can we be sure, mate?

Because we have been friends since we were kids. We’re family.

Hey, if this is a job for the Big Man, all our asses are on the line.

[Hutch] Guys, the Big Man wants the Quantum Modular, and he wants no clues left behind, nothing that can get traced back to him, which is why I’m going alone.

And with this, no one will ever know I was there.

[electronic beeping]

[indistinct shouting]

[robber 1] When do the buyers arrive?

[robber 2] You know how they are. [grunts]

[robber 1] Yeah, they’re always late. [grunts]

[robber 2] Speaking of late, when do you think that we’re gonna get…

[robbers chattering indistinctly]

Back of the van.

[robber 2] You got a billion to burn, my brother.

[gun cocking]

We’ve got an intruder in the van. Hey, drop whatever the hell that is.

Safe place.





[robber 2] Utopian!

[robber 3] Shit!

Aw, hell!

[man 1] Utopian!

[man 2] Check him out!

[robber 2] Die, goddamn it!

Unleash! Come on! Let’s go!

Back of the van.





[dramatic music playing]

[“Painting the Clouds With Sunshine” by Jean Goldkette & His Orchestra playing]

♪ When I pretend I’m gay ♪

♪ I never feel that way ♪


♪ I’m only painting ♪

[chuckles, grunts]

♪ The clouds with sunshine ♪

♪ When I hold back a tear ♪

♪ To make a smile appear ♪


♪ I’m only painting the clouds ♪


♪ With sunshine ♪

♪ Painting the blues beautiful hues ♪

♪ Colored with gold and old rose ♪

♪ Playing the clown Trying to drown all of my woes ♪

♪ Though things may not look bright ♪

♪ They all turn out all right ♪

♪ If I keep painting the clouds ♪


♪ With sunshine ♪

Good morning, sir. I trust you slept well?

Oh, like a drunk baby in his mama’s arms.

The way God intended, sir.


Are you being cheeky, Cuthbert? Was that cheek?

All tongue and lips, I assure you, sir.

Did Wingate send over the papers?

[Cuthbert] In your study, sir.

[indistinct chattering]

Ah. Thank you.

The chef has prepared 99 eggs, boiled to varying degrees, exactly as you like them.

Which will it be today, sir?


Let’s go with a number 72.

[Cuthbert] Excellent choice, sir.


[Walter] George!

I’m sorry, sir. They just…

No. It’s all right.

Come in. I was just sitting for breakfast. Have an egg.

Cuthbert, number, uh, 82 for the lady, please.

And for the gentleman, a number 12, soft-boiled.

We’ve already eaten, thank you.

All right.

Where have you been?

Oh, here, there, everywhere the mood takes me. [chuckles]

Except where you’re needed.

Is something chewing on your shorts, Walter?

Let’s be out with it, hmm? Insinuation’s bad for the digestion.

[Jane] It’s Sheldon.



He’s not well.


He snapped out of whatever that was at the funeral.

Medical boys gave him a clean bill.

It’s not physical, George. It’s…

At least, they don’t think it is.

He, um… he’s not eating.

He hasn’t slept in days.

[Jane] And he’s…

Well, he’s just not himself, that’s all.


Yeah. It’s been tough on all of us.

Not everyone, it looks like.


Will you please visit, George?

Seeing you will help. I know it will.

Yes. Yes, of course.

I’ll stop by on the way to the benefit tonight.

[Jane] Thank you.

Oh! Okay. All right.

Don’t get all soggy on me. Sheldon will be just fine.

How would you know?

Because it is all about the attitude, chum.

Chin up, eyes forward. Paint the clouds with sunshine.

[Jack] Jesus Christ!

Everything’s gonna be all right. Just relax. Let me handle it.

Relax? Yeah, right, mate.

There’s no way the Big Man doesn’t slap the shit out of us for this.

Popsicle is right.

You should’ve let us help. Now we gotta get out of here.

He can get to anyone, anyplace, anytime.

[Jack] Mm-hmm.

If he doesn’t squeeze our nuts off, the Union will.

Do you wanna end up in the Supermax with Blackstar?

Jack, shut up and listen.

It’s on me. I got it.

You hope.

I know.

Trust me.

I still say we hit the road. There’s plenty of room in the van.

[phone chimes]


[Jacinda] Is it him?

No. It’s personal.

Keep your head screwed on. Don’t do anything stupid.

[Jacinda] Hmm.

[man 1 over phone] You’re late.

I know. There was a complication.

[man 1] There is another buyer.

I’m your buyer.

[man 1] Then where is my money?

We had a deal, you goddamn Nazi.

[man 1] All are equal in my eyes, if they can pay.


I’ll get you your money. Just give me till the end of the week.

[man 1] Two days.

That Nazi comment, it will regrettably cost you an extra ten percent.

[line hangs up]


[man 2] Rough night?

About to get rougher.



It’s Kevin, you freaking mutt!

He knows who you are, and he knows why we’re here, don’t you, Hutch?

Yeah. Look… something’s just come up. Could we maybe do this some other time?

[Kevin] Some other time?

No time like the present, huh?

To the Big Man.

[Sheldon yelling indistinctly]

Get out of my head! Stop it!

Get away!

No! No! There’s no reason why!

Let me figure it out myself!


[Sheldon continues yelling indistinctly]

It’s me, George. I… I got all dressed up for you. [chuckles]

[Sheldon continues yelling indistinctly]

[clears throat]

[exhales deeply]


Come on.

Come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on.

[exhales deeply]


[George] Uh, who… who were you talking to?

Oh, uh…

[splutters] Nobody. I was… I was just thinking out loud.

Now, that is a handsome man.

[George] Uh, you know, you gotta be careful with that.

Folks will get the wrong notion. [chuckles]



[Sheldon] Stop it.

Stop what?

[spits] Nothing. Nothing.

Why are you here, George?

Shel, they’re worried about you.

[sighs] Look, I can’t talk anymore, all right? I gotta get back to work.

[exhales deeply]


I didn’t know you draw.

I don’t. Well, I… [laughs]

I didn’t, and… and…


Look, Shel…

I’m real sorry that I wasn’t here before, but I’m here now, buddy.

[Chester] Don’t listen to him.


He’s just here for the spectacle, because that’s what they want.

That’s what they all want.

Come on, pal.


They want to see you end up like this.

Get away from me!

[exclaims] Sheldon!

[Sheldon panting]


[George] Okay. I got you. All right.

You’re okay.

George, I don’t think I’m okay.

I think maybe I’m not… okay.

Okay. All right. Uh…

Hey, why don’t you, uh… why don’t you sit, huh? Have a seat.

Go on. Go, go, go. Here, have a seat.




Shel. Hey.

Walt thinks I’m going around the bend…

And Jane too.

[George] Oh, come on, Shel. You’re grieving.

You’ll get past this.

Have you?

Have you?

I’ve known you my whole life, and you’ve barely said two words about your parents, about what… what happened to them.

Well, life happened.

And then…

And then it stopped.

Life happened, and then it stopped?

That’s it?

[thunder rumbling]

He did it right in front of me.

Don’t! No, Dad!


Why would he do that? Why would he do it?

Why would he… why would he do that right in front of me?

I don’t know.

[Sheldon exhales sharply]

At least you, uh…

At least you got to see him.

One day, good old Mum was flush as a rose, and then she, uh, caught a fever.

And so scared that she’d pass it along to me that she wouldn’t even let me in the room.

Not even at the end.

[inhales sharply]

And then Dad, he went the following year.

Heart gave out.


You know, sometimes I look at you and Walt, and I wonder… what it would’ve been like if they had lived just a little longer, you know, if I hadn’t been alone?

Well… [chuckles] I mean, there’s Cuthbert, but, uh, he’s hardly what I would call a scintillating conversationalist.

[breathing softly]

[thunder rumbling]

[thunder crashing]

[ominous music playing]


[Big Man grunting]

[toilet flushing]

[Big Man] Where is my Quantum Modular?


Well, I’m waiting.

Hey, look, I know I screwed up, but I promise you…

[air blowing]


You were saying?



You are one hard son of a bitch for a shit with no powers.

I like that.

But that crew of yours, maybe if I take them apart a piece at a time, that’ll soften you up.

[chuckles wryly]

And that right there is why you’re a stupid little shit.

I thought we already agreed on that.

Don’t sass me, boy, or I’ll take that little toy of yours and jam it up your ass.

How can I make this right?

Kulakov Brothers are delivering a briefcase to the Hun tomorrow night.

Take it off their hands. We’ll call it a push.

What’s in the case?

Your lives.

We’ll get it for you.

And get a haircut.


You look like an idiot.

Thanks for the tip.



[electricity zapping]

[hip-hop music playing]

[moaning continues]

[gasps, shouts in Portuguese]

Shit! Would it kill you to use the door?

Sorry. It’s important.

Yeah, so was this, asshole.

The Big Man reached out.

What did he say?

That I screwed up.

We know you screwed up. Jesus! What else?

[inhales deeply] He’s got a job for us.

We just have to take a briefcase off the Kulakov Brothers.

The Russians?

[shouting in Portuguese]

You wanna tell the Big Man no, Jacinda?


[smacks lips] When?




…before they deliver it to the Hun.

Wow. It keeps getting better and better.


Is Jack in?


We need Jack.

I’ll talk to him.

No, we need his van, Hutch.

I will talk to him.

No way he’d leave us hanging.

Hell, no!

This is gonna make it right.

This is gonna make us dead.

The Kulakov Brothers, they’re freakin’ animals!

Did you hear what they did to Stuart?

Yeah, I heard.

They zapped his dick off, like, clean off.

And that was just for looking at ’em sideways.

Stuart’s an asshole.

We’re all arseholes, mate.

You can’t run from the Big Man, Jack. He’ll find you.

Ah, well, he’d better bring his parka.

Antarctica’s my turf, mate.

I’ll bring down half the continent on the son of a bitch who comes at me.

You can’t drive to Antarctica.


This old girl, she’ll get me anywhere I wanna go.

Jack, come on.

Hasta la kiss my ass.

Gabby and Jacinda won’t do it without you.

Did… did they say that?



They said we need you, and they’re right.

We mess this up, we’re all going in the stall.

It’s a simple grab-and-go.

We’re in. We’re out.



[Gabby] Okay, okay!

They shot me!

Stop screaming! I’m trying to drive!

[Jacinda] Hold still!

They zapped me, mate!

Well, at least it wasn’t your dick.

[Gabby] Okay, this is gonna hurt.

It already hurts!

[electricity zapping]


Are you okay?

[Gabby] Jack…

No! No, I am not okay, you arsehole!

We’re almost there.

[explosion rumbles]

Shit! Kulakov Brothers.

[Gabby] Crap!

[panting, grunting]


[tires squealing]


[tires screech]



Shit! It’s a dead end!

[Gabby] What?

Hit the wipers!

Now what?

Punch the cigarette lighter three times!






[all laughing]

Good job, Popsicle! Mwah!

I told you we needed his van!

[Hutch laughs]

Wait. You just wanted my van? You lying motherf…

Oh, we did it, all right?

So shut up and start kissing my ass, because we are home fr…

[Gabby screams]


[man on phone] This isn’t working out. Chloe, this isn’t working out for us.

[Chloe grunts]

Goddamn it.


Hey. Hey, are you okay in there?

[Jack grunting]


[Jack coughing]


Oh shit! [grunts]

[Chloe grunts]


[sighs] You’re kidding me.

What are you doing?

[panting] It’s the Utopian’s kid!

[speaking Portuguese]




[electronic music playing]




[grunts] I can’t keep this up!

I got this, baby!





[Gabby screams]




You want some of this?





[Chloe] Hey!


I know you.

[grunts] Idaho.

[sirens blaring]

Oh shit.

[piano music playing]

[indistinct chattering]

[George sighs]


[woman] You aren’t still sore, are you?

Oh, how could I ever stay mad at you, Mary?



[clears throat]

Uh, but, you know, maybe you ought to keep your sister from playing with matches.

[laughs] We’ll pay for the boat, I swear.

Oh, family’s still flush, are they?

Well, Daddy had to sell the estate in France, but we’re getting by.

Mmm. Well, what’s one estate, more or less?


Well, I’m just glad you’ve kept your pretty little head above the waves.

Well, I’m a strong swimmer. You know, that helps when your boat sinks.

[laughing] Oh, George!

[Mary giggles]

[Margaret] Oh, she’s got that look in her eye.

We’d better go over there before she starts doing something dreadful.

Okay. You start smoothing her feathers. I’ll join you in a minute.


All right.

[ominous music playing]

[George gasps]

Hey, Georgie, give me something for the society page, will ya?


[Sheldon yelling indistinctly]


[Sheldon] Come in!

[Jane] Stop! No!

[laughs] George! We were just talking about you.


Oh. If this is what happens to a fella with you on his lap, hop on.

[Jane] Mmm.


Easy there, pal.

That’s the future Mrs. Sampson you’re making eyes at.

Hey, can you blame me?

Hey, whatever tonic you juiced him with, you ought to bottle that.

I mean, he could use a shave but…


I had nothing to do with it.

Oh, don’t tell me Walt sat on his lap too?

[Jane chuckles]

Mm. “Life happened, and then it stopped.”

Your words. Simple as that.

No… no great mystery.

No secret messages from beyond the grave.


I just closed my eyes and kept repeating over and over and over what you said, “Life happened, and then it stopped.”

And when I opened my eyes back up, it’s like I didn’t see… I didn’t see the past anymore. I just saw the future. [chuckles]


Chin up, eyes forward.

That’s right.

Well, the lap doesn’t look big enough for the both of us, so, uh, do me a favor.

Wait till the door closes behind me. I got delicate eyes.


Don’t be silly! I’ll make coffee.

[whispers] Thank you.


She whispers so loud, you could hear it next door.

[George] My ear’s ringing.


But she is right… to thank you.

If you hadn’t dropped by, who knows? I might’ve… I don’t know. I might’ve found my own roof to jump off of.

Don’t ever say that.

I actually thought about it.

Don’t tell Jane or Walt.

God, if… if he knew, he’d have me locked up before you could even take your tie off.

I’m not gonna tell anybody.

What do you got there?

Nothing. Uh…

I just borrowed a few of your drawings.


Throw ’em in the fire with the rest of it, would you?

You burned ’em?

[laughs] They were nothing. They were just crazy doodles.

What if they weren’t?

Take a look at this, huh?

So, uh, there was something about these shapes, something that, uh… something I… I couldn’t stop thinking about.

You know, it was like a… like a puzzle that needed to be solved.

Is that a windmill?

Maybe you saw it when you were a kid. Some place your father took you?

We need to throw these in the fire.

No, no, no, no. It… it’s not a message, Shel.

It’s a… it’s a memory, a fragment, something you forgot, but…

No. I’ve never seen this before.

[George] Ah, Shel…

Oh, it’s too late for that, kid.


[ominous music playing]



Get out!




[metal creaking]


[dog barking]


[George] Shel, don’t try to move. Don’t try to move. I’m gonna ring the doc.

Shel, just… just stay right there.

I have to go. [panting] I have to find this.

[line rings]

[woman] Operator.

Yes. Uh, hello, operator. Uh, I need…


[woman] Hello?

I… I’m sorry. Just one…

[woman] How can I help you?

[George] Sheldon! [echoing]

What were you thinking?

Telling him you saw something in those crazy scribbles.

Well, I told him the truth.

Since when did the great George Hutchence ever care about the truth?

The hell does that mean?

[Walter] Well, look at you.

All dressed up as though your life is nothing but flowers and sunshine.

I heard about Wingate.

You’re broke.

This isn’t about me.

[Walter scoffs] It’s always about you, George.

You’re the center of the goddamn universe.

Well, not anymore.

I know what I saw, Walt. Sheldon…

Sheldon’s lost his mind!

[footsteps approaching]



Uh, Jane, I’m… I am so sorry.

[Jane] For what?

It’s true, isn’t it?

Did you find him?


I’ll alert the authorities. Maybe…

The police? Is that really necessary?

Yes, George. You threw gas on the fire and burned the house down.

Now everyone’s gonna know that Sheldon’s…

[Jane sighs]


That he’s not well.


You know the way out.


Janey, I would never do anything to hurt Sheldon. He’s my best friend.

But he isn’t here.


Is he?


[pool balls rattling]

[pop music playing in background]


[Linus] Hutch.

Big Man’s been waiting for you.

It has been a long day, boys. Any chance we can do this in the morning?

You’re all out of chances, you little shit.

Where’s the case?

We had it.

We took it off the Kulakov Brothers, just like we were told.

Then our van hit this girl.

The hell do we care?

Because it wasn’t just any girl. It was Chloe Sampson.

You’re shitting me.


The Utopian’s daughter? This guy, Linus…

So she took the case?

Just what was left inside, one bag.

[Linus] Well, get it back. Maybe he’ll go easy on you.

It’s gone.

So use your magic jerk rod and go get it.

Already tried. It’s gone. Live with it.

[Kevin] Yeah, we can live with it, but you and your shithead friends won’t.

Really wish you hadn’t said that about my friends.

[glass shatters]

Now who’s got your little toy, asshole?

You do, Lucy.

Shark-infested waters.

The hell you just do?

Thought the description was pretty freakin’ clear.


You see… [chuckles]

…common misconception.

It doesn’t matter who’s holding this.

It only listens to me.

We were just following the Big Man’s orders.

You know that, right?


So what would you do in this situation if you were the one calling the shots?


Big Man’s heart.


I broke a promise tonight, Linus, when I did that to Lucy, Big Man.


But the world is changing.


So I guess I’m gonna have to change with it.

You gotta do what you gotta do.

[Hutch] Oh, Linus?

I’m gonna need one more thing from you.

Consider it a… an advance.

It’s all there, plus ten percent.

You can count it.

We are friends, yes?


Who can we trust if not each other?

[Hutch] Mm-hmm.

You got what I need?

Of course.

I don’t need to remind you to be extremely careful with this, yes?

Will it work?

I constructed it myself, so, yes, it will probably work.


What is in this case could power a small city for a year or punch a hole through the mightiest being on the planet.

Whatever strikes your fancy.

I’ll keep that in mind.

[man] Hmm.

[suspenseful music playing]

[“Painting the Clouds With Sunshine” playing]

♪ When I pretend I’m gay ♪

♪ I never feel that way ♪

♪ I’m only painting the clouds ♪

♪ With sunshine ♪

♪ When I hold back a tear ♪

♪ To make a smile appear ♪

♪ I’m only painting the clouds ♪

♪ With sunshine ♪

♪ Painting the blues beautiful hues ♪

♪ Colored with gold and old rose ♪

♪ Playing the clown Trying to drown all of my woes ♪

♪ Though things may not look bright ♪

♪ They all turn out all right ♪

♪ If I keep painting the clouds ♪

♪ With sunshine ♪

Good morning, sir. I trust you slept well?

Oh, yes, fine. Thank you, Cuthbert.

Has Wingate sent over the executed papers?

Yes, sir.

He has graciously agreed to allow adequate time for you to secure other living arrangements.

And the staff?

Well, they have been adequately compensated, sir, thanks to your generosity.

Hmm. Good, good.

How’d they take it?

[Cuthbert] As well as can be expected, sir.

[George] Hmm.

I took the liberty of averaging all of your selections over the last year and arrived at the estimation number 58 will be most appropriate this morning, sir.

[clears throat]

Thank you, Cuthbert. I…


[whispers] Thank you. [sniffles]

Of… of course, sir.


There are still details to be attended to…

If you don’t require anything else, sir.

That’ll be all. Thank you.

[inhales sharply]


[suspenseful music playing]



[Hutch] Almost there, Pops.

Almost there.

[welder sizzling]

[“Painting the Clouds With Sunshine” playing]

♪ Though things may not look bright ♪

♪ They all turn out all right ♪

♪ If I keep painting the clouds ♪

♪ With sunshine ♪

[ominous music playing]


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