Hierarchy – Episode 7 | Transcript

Kang Ha's crusade against the bullies wreaks havoc at the school. As a reckoning unfolds at Jooshin, will Kang Ha finally be able to fulfill his purpose?
Hierarchy (TV series)

Season 1 – Episode 7
Released worldwide on Netflix on June 7, 2024

Plot: Kang Ha’s crusade against the bullies wreaks havoc at the school. As a reckoning unfolds at Jooshin, will Kang Ha finally be able to fulfill his purpose?

* * *

[opening theme music playing]


[music fades]

[ethereal music playing]

[Ms. Han] Woo-jin.

[Woo-jin chuckles]

You didn’t have to come.

It’s your first birthday since we’ve been together.

I wanted a proper celebration so…

How so?

Your present. [chuckles]

I’ll need more than that.

Here’s your second present.

Don’t be late.




M… Ms. Han?

[exhales] In-han?

What are you…

In-han. It’s not like that.

Just leave him. I’ll have the guys handle it.

Don’t do that. No one can know about this.

In-han! [panting]


[In-han panting]

[Ms. Han] No.


Woo-jin, hey. You seen that scholarship kid?

He ran off right when things were getting fun.

Where’d he go?

[Woo-jin] Hey!

Let’s take it easy.

It’s fun and games till someone gets hurt.

Well? Go back in.

[boy 1] Let’s go back.

[Yun-seok] Why you so mad, bro?

The roof.

[Yun-seok] Or the back. Let’s check out the back.

[door closes]

[Ri-an] Just leave him.

[uneasy music playing]

He’s a scholarship kid. Why are you chasing that guy?

He’s my friend.

Were you crying?

Why do you look like that?

It’s nothing. I’m… I’m good.

No, it’s obviously not nothing. What’s going on?

[Jae-i] You don’t know what my dad is like.

[In-han] We’ll figure something out.


I’ll talk to the guys and tell them to get off his back.

Why don’t we just go inside?


[tense music playing]

In-han! [panting]

[car horn honking]




Kang. Kang Ha. Kang Ha.



[panting echoes]

[tires squeal]


[car horn honking]

In-han, listen to me! Huh? In-han!




[phone buzzing]


In-han, let’s just talk about it.

You’re crazy. Where are you?

You’re all crazy!

Let’s talk face-to-face.

…students, the entire school are all completely deranged.

In-han, hear me out. Let’s talk about this.

Stop it! Leave me alone.

Just tell me where you are.

Why are you doing this to me? Let’s talk face-to-face.

In-han, please listen to me!

I don’t care!

Come on, In-han!

I’ll expose everything that’s going on! Let’s talk. I’m your teacher.

[phone beeps]

[engine roars]

[tires squeal]

[loud clattering]

[metal clattering]

[In-han gasps, coughs]

[blood squelches]

[Ha] Hello? Wait. What… what was that?

[In-han gasps]

[Ha] What happened, what happened?


Answer me.

Kang Ha.


Kang Ha.

Answer me! Where are you right now? Shit.

Okay. Hold on, hold on. Okay? Hold on. I’ll call you right back, okay?

I’ll call you right back!

[blood squelching]

[disconnect tone]

[In-han gasps]

[Ms. Han breathing shakily]


[seat belt unlocks]



[Ms. Han gasping]



[breathing shakily]

[Ms. Han whimpers]

[electronic pop music playing]

[breathing shakily]

[music intensifies]

[music fades]



[somber music playing]

[Woo-jin] Bullying?

My friends and I are at the level

where we wouldn’t put ourselves in that situation.

We don’t have a need to bully anyone.

I actually find all of this rather rude.

What evidence says I did anything wrong in this school?

Attorney Kim, don’t we, you know, have the right not to answer?

Those drugs were prescribed by a medical professional.

He suffers from anxiety.

[Yun-seok] If you don’t believe me, test my hair.

Look, I just said I didn’t do it, bro!

I’m not a bully!

[scoffs] I never laid a finger on that kid.

I was just showing off magic tricks. That’s all, you know?

I was just…

I was just trying to be the best upperclassman that I could

and help him survive through school.

No one ever put me up to anything.

[Ye-ji] I don’t know.

We’d just attend some parties

but never bullied or done drugs.

No drugs either.

We’re good students.

We weren’t involved in any of that.

We were involved.

And I take responsibility for my part in all of it.

[Ms. Han] You have some nerve.

In all my years, I’ve never seen a scholarship student like you.

I had no idea that you would wreak all this havoc

on everyone at Jooshin.

That’s what I came here to do.

[pensive music playing]

To do everything to make things right no matter what.

And catch who killed my brother.

[unsettling music playing]

I’ll never be able to go back and prevent what they did on that day.

But I can absolutely get revenge on every one of those bullies.

I’ll get justice by bringing them all down.

Please don’t tell me that you’re one of those people.

Are you?


[loud bang]


[scoffs] You called the cops on me? Really?

For drugs and bullying? Got fuckin’ evidence?

Seriously. You barely even know me. What gives you the right?

I’ve done nothing to you!

What’d you hand over to the police? What was it?

I wanna see your little videos. Come on. Show me.


Just leave, and don’t think about coming back here.

I thought I told you before.

I’m the one who decides whether I stay or not.

You don’t have the right to force me, Choi Yun-Seok.

Why wouldn’t he be able to?

You kids don’t pay a dime to come here.

We have to pay tuition and your development fund.

Have you ever thought about that? Who’s footing the bill for your benefits?

Seems selfish to me.

Right, He-ra?

[clears throat]


That’s right.

Scholarships are given out ’cause “noblesse oblige” and all that.

But that’s all it is, so don’t go getting it backwards.

You’ve never heard of “don’t bite the hand that feeds?”

[loud bang]

That’s a really crappy reason.

[girl 1] What is his deal?

[girl 2] What the hell?

So it’s okay to treat them badly ’cause they don’t pay to go to school?

What is this shit?

He’s right about that!

We shouldn’t have to be marginalized and bullied

just because we’re not rich kids.

[Yun-seok] Have you lost your damn minds?

If you don’t wanna be reported, you shouldn’t’ve done anything wrong.

[Yun-seok] You don’t know when to stop.

[Jae-i] Let go, Choi Yun-seok.


[He-ra] Jae-i.

Please tell me you’re not taking his side.

Kang Ha isn’t the one who’s wrong.

We’re in the wrong.

The rest of you shouldn’t be afraid to cooperate with the police.

The mistreatment you faced at school…

Go and tell them.

About everything.

Make us face what we’ve done.

That way…

no one goes through it again.

[unsettling music playing]

Oh my God.


[music fades]

[phone ringing]

[Chan-min] Why don’t you get what I’m saying?

The police came here to the school!

But, Mom, I didn’t hit anyone.

Well, I did hit some people, but it’s not like that.

And I told you, I didn’t do it ’cause I wanted to.

Never mind. We’ll talk later.

[toilet flushing]

Oh goddammit.

[door opens, closes]

[Ha] You think he’s being ridiculous?

I mean, you know Chan-min’s right.

He never wanted to bully anyone.

He did it ’cause you all said to.

So he could fit in with you.


What about it?

Anything else?

I mean, you said you were here to right some wrongs.


So what now?

It was on your birthday.


[intriguing music playing]

[scoffs] But you dodged a bullet somehow.

You weren’t in any of the videos. Lucky.

So what now?

I’m just getting started.

Everyone responsible should be punished.

And I’ll make sure they get what they deserve.

[music stops]

Do you really have to go to New York?

It’s already been decided.

[Ri-an] I don’t ever wanna leave you alone again.

To think of how hard it all must’ve been…

I can’t tell you how sorry I…

You don’t have to keep saying sorry, Ri-an.

I know exactly how you feel.

Ri-an, give me a minute.

[Ri-an] Mm.

[phone buzzing]


[unsettling music playing]


[Jae-i] Nam Ju-won!

I wanna talk to you.

Let go.

The video that you sent me.

I could report it to the police.

Nam Ju-won.

I didn’t know anything about you before you blackmailed me.

But even now, I have trouble understanding.

Why would you do that?


Just think about all you’ve done.

You had the students in the palm of your hand.

You even had control of the teachers.

You ruled Jooshin, and I…

despised you.

Out of all the videos he gave the cops,

you didn’t include the videos that you were blackmailing me with.

Yeah, he didn’t use the most important videos.

I didn’t share those.

Does that mean

you’re holding on to that threat?

Thinking about it.

[scoffs] You know what I think that sounds like?

You won’t actually do it,

and I bet you never will.

Probably because you’re protecting something.

Like I am.

‘Cause you know very well that by making it public, then

your mother will get hurt.

And the reason I was the one you went after

was because you were afraid of Ri-an.

[He-ra] Jae-i seems so different.

[Woo-jin] Different? How?

Well, for example, when did she start speaking up for others?

She’s definitely changed.

When do you think she’ll come back to us? Honestly, I kinda miss her already.

The cold Jung Jae-i I’ve always known, you know?

[clears throat] Don’t know.

But why do you even care?

She’s leaving soon.

I should stop caring because she’s gone?

But you hated Jae-i.

You wanted her to leave Jooshin more than anyone.

Yeah. Well, that was just…

That was when I was extremely pissed at her!

These kinda things happen between friends, you know?

You said you weren’t friends anymore.

And that you’d get your revenge on her.

In the end, it was Jae-i who saved me from hell.

I guess she’s always been that way.

Ever since we were little, she always accepted how bitchy I was.

After that, I wanted to start acting like a real friend from now on.

But now she’s leaving us.


That video.

Did you send it, Principal Park?

“Video?” What do you mean by that?

Where and how did you get it?

What the hell are you trying to pull? Do you have any idea what you’ve done?

Slow down.

[loud bang]

Don’t ignore what I asked you.

Now give me an answer.

[unsettling music playing]

[breathing shakily]

This is

a private institution affiliated with the Jooshin Group,

and you’re its heir.

So what?

I’m telling you that when it comes to you,

I don’t have any power to make decisions independently.

My mother?

[footsteps approaching]

[Ri-an] Were you spying on me?

Seriously, what’s the matter with you?

[exhales sharply]

Fine, let’s put aside the fact that you spied on me,

even though you completely crossed the line.

But why would you send me that video?

Because I was concerned.

If you were to keep seeing each other, and she wound up pregnant,

it’d be a headache.

It was a reality check.

What the hell?

How dare you raise your voice at me!

You’re my only son and the heir of Jooshin!

But before being all those things, I’m also a person.

I’m not your pet dog on a chain!

I can’t stay. You’re suffocating me here.

It’s miserable.

You know, I almost wish you decided to throw me away like my father.

All right, I’m done.

I can’t quit being your son, but I… I can quit being your heir.


How could you say something like that?

You are my son.

My only son, the owner of Jooshin, and the center of my entire world.

Those things…

I want you to remain all three.

You are my one and only hope, Ri-an.

[breathes shakily]


[exhales sharply]

Good afternoon! How are you?

[woman] Oh, hello.

[tender music playing]

[Jae-i] I didn’t think you would actually go to the police.

[Ha] A school should protect its students.

And they didn’t do their duty.

Well, you certainly found justice for them.

You got revenge for your brother.

You righted all those wrongs.

[Ha] He would’ve done the same.

He never would’ve tolerated what they were doing.

He wouldn’t.

I knew In-han.

That’s exactly who he was.

I don’t really think of it as revenge.

I think it’s just…

us paying for all the things that we did to him.

So I’m willing to take whatever it is on the chin.

There’s a lot of things that I was never taught.

Things I never quite understood were wrong.

Things that I enabled and let slide.

It would’ve been nice if we had learned it sooner.

Before we lost In-han.

I apologize…

for not realizing it sooner.

And also for

having been selfish and only trying to protect Ri-an.

I’m sorry too…

for making it hard.

Soon, I’m leaving for New York.

To New York?

What’ll happen to you then?

Oh, nothing.

I’ll go on as Jung Jae-i of the Jaeyul Group. That’s it.

So, Kang Ha,

take care.

Become top student.


Did you…

ever have feelings for me at any point?

Honestly, no.

Not even a little.

[chuckles softly]

Stop lying.

[music fades]

[acoustic guitar music playing]



[phone line ringing]

[acoustic guitar music continues]

[Ri-an sniffles]

[Ri-an sobs]

I’m sorry.

[Ri-an sobs]

This is all my fault.

[Ri-an crying]


[sniffles, sobs]



[music fades]

[wistful music playing]

Kang In-han.

How are you?

Say hi.

I invited Ri-an because I thought he might have something to say to you.

{\an8}KANG IN-HAN APR 13, 2007OCT 27, 2023

[breathes deeply]

[Jae-i] I think we should take a step back and slow down,

try to make things right, one at a time.

I’ll do everything I can

right up until I leave for New York.


Is this really the end for us?

It’s not the end.

The two of us are only 18, Ri-an.

It’s just… a little pause.

We’ll still be thinking about each other.

I don’t think I can go on without you.

And you?

Without me, could…

could you go on?

Will Kang Ha get an apology?

He will.

I’m begging you, please don’t go.


to me, it feels like

this is our punishment.

This is how we’re paying for what we’ve done.

Or at least, that’s how I think of it.

We left people with scars that will never heal.

We both did.

So we should also

take accountability for it.

Embrace it.

[music ends]

[Ms. Han on video] One moment.

[Woo-jin laughs]

[Ms. Han laughs on video]

[sensual music playing]

[Woo-jin and Ms. Han laughing]

[music continues on tablet]

How did you get that?

Ms. Han Ji-su. This is Jooshin.

A relationship with a student…

How could you abuse your position like that?

I’m sure you’re well aware of the position this will put us in.

All that’s been going on has been a blight on this school.

And if this gets out…

I think you can imagine how that’d go.

Mr. Woo-jin’s parents would like to keep this matter quiet,

so I’ll be clear about this.

As soon as you leave here today, you will submit your resignation

and leave the school.


Principal Park, I’m…

You really should be thankful that his parents are being

as generous and considerate as they are right now.

Remember that generosity often masks something else, as you know.

Was it Woo-jin…

who revealed it?

Ms. Han, if it wasn’t for Mr. Woo-jin’s intervention,

odds are good

that you’d be in prison for that hit-and-run.

In return, we expect your silence

on your inappropriate relationship and all other matters.

[Woo-jin sighs]

Should we all go on a trip together before she leaves?

We could go somewhere close by.

No, thanks.

I’m good.

Let’s not make a fuss.

It’s not like I’ll be on a different planet or something.

Hey, Woo-jin?


Are you all right?


[pensive music playing]

Can you come back here during breaks?

I wouldn’t count on it. I’ve been told not to return.

Man, he really got his vengeance.

[clears throat]

What do you mean?

That idiot went and exposed everyone here. Now you have to go to New York.

And you’re being torn away from the three of us.

That’s so revenge.

After everything that he’s been through, I don’t think it’s enough.

[Woo-jin breathing heavily]

[door opens, closes]



[music fades]

[He-ra] What did you do?

What the hell did you do to Jae-i?

I met with her father.

I thought…

I thought you wanted her to disappear,

so I asked him to send her to New York.

I said if he didn’t,

I would tell everyone her secret.

What secret are you talking about?

That she was pregnant.


With Ri-an’s child.

Oh my God, how can you be such a jerk!

How could you tell that to Jae-i’s father? How could you do that, huh?

How could you do something like that?

It was you!

You made it clear I had to choose sides.

I chose you. Don’t you get that?

[Woo-jin exhales]

[He-ra] Fine, but I still don’t understand how you could do something like that.

How are you ever going to face Ri-an now?

How will you be able to look Jae-i in the eye?

You know how important you are to them, you idiot!

I’ll come clean, then.

I should tell them it was my fault. That it was my doing.

No, are you crazy?

You have to keep your mouth shut if we want them to keep being our friends.

[tires squeal]

[engine revving]

[revving subsides]

I wanted to say goodbye before I go.

I just handed over my resignation.

[breathing heavily]

[Woo-jin] Nothing bad’ll happen.

And no one will know.

But how can you really know that?

You and I,

we know everything.

There’s no way this is over.


But what the hell did she mean by that?

Did she do that to me on purpose?

[Woo-jin sighs]

[pen clicking]

[Woo-jin] Do you remember when you asked me who I wanted?

[Jae-i] You mean between the Hermès and He-ra?


It’s He-ra.

The one that I really wanna be with.

I know.

You came here at this hour just to tell me that?


I did something horrible.

And I think all of this started

on my birthday.

All my wrongdoings.

And I’m scared to own them.

But there’s one I have to tell you.

Lee Woo-jin.

What are you about to say?

That day, I didn’t know

what really happened.

[melancholy music playing]

I didn’t tell anyone…

that she was the one driving the car.

My dad’s a politician. I didn’t wanna hurt him.

So I had it covered up.

Then one day,

I found a small pen in the car.

I didn’t know till recently

that it was a camera.

[intriguing music playing]

I’m sorry, Jae-i.

[funky pop music playing]

This belongs

to In-han.

[funky pop music continues]

[man] So you’re saying the woman in the video is a teacher at your school?

Yeah, start by finding out the suspect’s address, Detective.

What was that about the car registration? It belonged to an assemblyman?

Presidential candidate Lee Han-jong.

What would a presidential candidate have to do with a hit-and-run on a student?

I definitely think we should report this to the chief.

[man 2] Yeah, I think so too.

[funky pop music continues]

[siren wailing]

I’m Assistant Inspector Jung Ju-han. You need to come with us.

[Yun-seok] Hold on a minute.

We have a search and seizure warrant.

Please cooperate.

Who gave you the permission to do this? This is Jooshin High!

[funky pop music continues]



Damn it.

Ms. Han Ji-su? I’m Inspector Jang In-ho, Seoul Yongo Police.

You’re under arrest for hit-and-run according to Article 5,

Paragraph 3 of the Act of Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes.

You have the right to remain silent. You can refuse to give a statement.

[In-han] Hi. Ms. Han?

Thank you for last time.

[Ms. Han gasps] Thank you.

Are things better for you yet?


You’re a very skilled artist, In-han.

Keep up the good work.

See ya!

Appreciate it.


[man] The former chairman’s purpose for establishing a private institution

was to nurture students to become assets to their country.

But instead, we have a place that enabled drugs and bullying to become rampant.

And a Jooshin teacher was behind the hit-and-run

that resulted in the death of a student.

I’ll take responsibility.

The losses suffered can’t be replaced by taking responsibility.

We will discuss how this shall be handled

with the new principal of Jooshin.

[Mrs. Park] Chairwoman An! Chairwoman An!

I hope you’re aware of how hard I have worked

to protect the school’s reputation over the years.

I don’t understand.

How could you treat me like garbage and just throw me away?

Considering everything you’ve done,

I think “garbage” is being a little too kind.

Do you think I actually bother to be involved in the school

because I care about some institution?


I’m doing it all for Ri-an.

You should’ve done everything in your power to protect my son.

That was your one duty.

Protecting the successor of Jooshin.

[pensive music playing]

[exhales sharply]

I’m glad you’re leaving the school, Mom.

I no longer have to be ashamed of your actions.

I gave Kang Ha all those videos that he showed the police.

I’ve known for a while that Jooshin told you

to keep an eye on the student’s personal cloud, so…

So I wanted to use it to destroy this place.

But I couldn’t ’cause I didn’t want it to blow back on you.

[breathes shakily]


But it’s all over now.

And I’m happy you no longer have to play a part in that.

That’s all I ever wanted.

[Ju-won sobs]

Is it true there were drug deals…

Can you elaborate on the eldest daughter’s pregnancy?

[man 1] It’s come as a huge shock

that the eldest daughter of the “A” Group family was pregnant

and has since had a miscarriage.

Even more shocking is that the father is the heir to the “B” Group fortune.

[man 2] Yes, and the relationship between the A and B Groups…

I want this handled.

Make sure the response does no damage to Jooshin’s reputation.

[Chairman Jung] So how are you feeling?

I’m asking you how it feels to live a life exactly like your mother’s.

And no matter how repulsive I find it,

I have to acknowledge that you take after her.

Your behavior makes that clear.

Your carelessness has destroyed any plans I had in place for you.

[pensive music playing]

You serve no purpose to me now.

I guess this was inevitable.

You and I have just wasted our precious time.

[sighs] I was scared…

that you’d throw me out like you did to Mom.

Since I was three years old, you always told me

that if I wasn’t good,

you’d make me disappear too.

And I was so scared of that.

But I’m not now.

Not anymore.

[stirring music playing]

Just be aware…

I don’t see a point in ever going back when I end something.

And that goes even more so

for people.


[boy 1] Let’s go play some basketball. Free throw bets.

[boy 2] What? I’m never holding us up. Come on, let’s go.

[boy 2] Loser buys drinks, okay?

[boy 3] Okay. Let’s go.

[boy 4] Hey, let me join, let me join.

[Ha sighs]

[keypad beeping]

I wanna say I’m sorry.

I went to where In-han is.

You went to see my brother?

[tender music playing]

So, uh, just so you know,

while I didn’t directly cause what happened,

it is true the guys were bullying him that day.

And it’s all my fault.

I should’ve stepped in and put a stop to it all.

At the time, I just couldn’t stand seeing him hang out with Jae-i.

So I just stood there

as they tormented him and pushed him around.

Look, I know

I’ll probably never be forgiven.

Even so…

I owe an apology

both to you and to…

and to In-han too.

I lost my brother, Ri-an.

You could apologize a million times, and still, it won’t bring him back.

You’re sorry, are you?

Must be nice.

If it wasn’t for that accident,

my brother would still be here, laughing and joking with me.

If you guys didn’t bully him,

if he wasn’t driven into the streets so late…

then he’d…

he’d still be alive and well.

You’re sorry?

All right.


take that guilt and learn to live with it.

Because I will never

accept your apology.

[music fades]

[Mrs. An] Everything is a result of my negligence.

Before being the chairperson and the leader of a group,

I am a mother, and my child has caused trouble.

[pensive music playing]

And for that, I apologize.

However, the illegal video currently circulating

is a clear violation of the law.

We will take legal actions to curtail its circulation.

[man 1] Mr. Choi Yun-seok.

Do you admit to inflicting acts of violence

on the scholarship students?

[Mrs. An] And lastly,

I fully acknowledge the magnitude of the violence and inappropriate behavior

by the students of Jooshin’s private institution,

and I vow to ensure all wrongs shall be righted.

[man 1] Choi Yun-seok, Baek Chan-min,

Kwon Jae-jun, Cha Ji-seok, Lee Yu-jin.

Do you still deny your actions?

[door opens]

[door closes]

I am also

an offender.

Maybe I should’ve just come clean

about visiting Jae-i’s father.

You already destroyed your dad’s presidential campaign

by handing over that spy pen.

And you know there are times when some things are better left unsaid.

Like your betrayal of Jae-i.

We’ll be taking that to the grave, all right?

Just be sure to treat Jae-i and Ri-an well till the day you die.

Wonder if it’ll change.



Us four.

I mean, I just don’t see… any quick fix for things like that.

Whether that’s us or Jooshin.

I’ll see you later?

Don’t go anywhere, and head straight home.



Our first time taking the bus together

as high schoolers.

[wistful music playing]

[Ha chuckles]

We always took it together in the middle school days.

I was scared.

And I’m sorry for avoiding you.

I should’ve been there for you.


You’ve changed so much since you’ve become rich.

When did we ever apologize for stuff like that?

We would beat each other up and just let it slide.

Don’t you remember? In-han would always go,

“That stuff happens between friends.”


See now? Told you it’d look good on you.

[scoffs] Yeah, but that’s a given.

I’m Yoon He-ra.


[He-ra] Mm-hmm?

I never knew that you secretly felt that way.

I know that I can be direct and a bit cold.

But I thought you knew that’s just how I communicate.

It was never because I didn’t consider you a friend.


I know that.


And I didn’t act any better.

Kinda embarrassing, actually.

I feel like we’ve been best friends for next to forever,

but I only just got it.


You’re not cold naturally, but you just pretend like you are.

And it was just a way for you to protect yourself.

I’ll wait for you, okay?

Please hurry back.

[rhythmic pop music playing]

My friend, Jung Jae-i.

Take care of yourself,

my mean…

and beautiful friend.

Let’s go.

[both laugh]


Could you pull over?

Skip school and spend the day with me.



[rhythmic pop music continues]

You have to hold on, okay?


[Ri-an] All right?

I’ll hold on. Now, let’s ride.

[Jae-i] Ooh!

So close.

[Jae-i] Are you good?

Let me try again.

[Ri-an] I’m going.

Let’s go.

[Jae-i laughing]

[Ri-an] Look at me. How am I doing?

That’s it. Try coming this way.



Easier than I thought it’d be!

[Jae-i] You’re good at this. You are.

I know, right?

What do you think? I’m good, aren’t I?


[Jae-i] Here. Try it.

Oh. This is… what?


Just try it, all right?

Hold on. When did you try this before?

I actually haven’t yet.

I wanted to try it with you.

[rhythmic pop music continues]

Ooh, it’s really good.

Quick. Try it.

Let’s go.

How is it?

Mmm. Really good.

It’s good, isn’t it?


Does this chef have a Michelin star? They should be famous!

You’re not hungry? I’m taking yours too!

No! No way, I’m gonna eat it.

Let’s get another one.

[music fades]

[Jae-i] The weather is beautiful.

The breeze feels good too.

Yeah, real good.

[Jae-i] Ri-an.

Kang Ha once said to me

that I should find and protect

whatever makes me happiest in life.

So I thought about it.

And it’s you, Ri-an.

From the moment I first saw you when we were children,

you have always been part of my world.

That’s how I survived and still survive.

Even to the 18-year-old Jung Jae-i,

you are her one and only source of light.

You’re mine as well.

If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here either. No way.

[Jae-i] But, Ri-an,

I think it’s probably time

to stop being so dependent.

I’m looking forward to us meeting again

when we no longer have to lean on each other

but can share in each other’s happiness individually.

Then we can come back together.

Let’s say goodbye with a smile

so that one day we can be together

and smile again.

[wistful music playing]

Jae-i, I hope that…

you don’t have such a hard time.

I only want you to be happy, Jae-i.

Me too.

I also hope that…

you always smile and lead a beautiful life.

[music fades]


[wind gusts]

[footsteps echo]

[rhythmic pop music playing]

[teacher] Moving forward in time,

we’ll discover the poetic verses of William Shakespeare

and delve into the…

When you substitute it for five, it becomes minus two here.

Do you follow me?


Hey, this looks nice. Did your mom buy this for you?

Two, three. One, two.

Hey, give me that.

[camera shutter clicking]

I’ll be graduating, so I won’t be able to take care of you like I have been.

You’ll take care of everyone now.

Did you get me a gift for graduation? I’m just…

Get off your damn phone! A senior’s talking!

Ugh, jeez.


[rhythmic pop music continues]

Jae-i said, “Say sorry.”

Um, is it for…

I mean, who else is here?

This isn’t like you, He-ra.

I was wondering who’d eat this kinda thing.

I heard you introduced her to it.


she didn’t actually eat it, so she wouldn’t know if it was good.

[groans, coughs]

Too sweet.


Who is this for?


[rhythmic pop music continues]


[music stops]


[acoustic guitar music continues]


[Ha] I didn’t know it would turn out this way.

I tried so many times to stop and forget everything.

I just…

I just wanted…

I just wanted to be with you.

But I couldn’t.

I wasn’t able.

I couldn’t let another tragedy happen again.

It’s why I was here.

Kang Ha.

So I had no other options.

I didn’t know it would force you to go.


[Ha sobs]

I’m sorry for making you leave.

I’m sorry for having a crush on you

and for everything.

[acoustic guitar music continues]

You said you wanted to see me smile.

You won’t be able to see it through those tears.

Don’t worry too much.

I’m not going.

You’re not?

I’m gonna stand on my own and follow my heart.

I’m going to a new place to start over where I’ll be happy.

So, Kang Ha…

don’t worry about me at all

and take care.

Oh yeah.

That day.

Do you remember the last question you asked?

You were right about it.

I was lying to you.

[exhales sharply]



[music fades]

[wistful music playing]

[music fades]

Hi, Mom.

[chuckles softly]

[electronic pop music playing]

[music fades]

[tender music playing]

[tender music continues]

[indistinct chattering]

[unsettling music playing]


[phone buzzes]



[music fades]


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