Hierarchy – Episode 3 | Transcript

As Jae-i and Kang Ha present as a couple, a jealous Ri-an resorts to his own tactics. At the lavish Parent's Night, Yoon He-ra pulls a hostile stunt.
Hierarchy (TV series)

Season 1 – Episode 3
Released worldwide on Netflix on June 7, 2024

Plot: As Jae-i and Kang Ha present as a couple, a jealous Ri-an resorts to his own tactics. At the lavish Parent’s Night, Yoon He-ra pulls a hostile stunt.

* * *

[theme music playing]


[music fades]

[unsettling music playing]

[Jae-i sighs]

Why’d you do that?

I could have dealt with it myself.

Because of what you just did for me, people are going to turn on you.

Kang Ha.

Why did you really come to this school?

So I guess… you know who I am.

[unsettling music intensifies]

I came here for one reason.

[music fades]


I’m here to take your place.

I’m trying to be number one.

I heard if I’m top student, Jooshin will pay for me to study abroad,

and when applying to foreign branches, I’d get priority consideration.

Up till now, you were always the top student, weren’t you?

No scholarship student has ever received those benefits.

[electronic pop music playing]

Well, I’ll be the first one.

So watch out. I’m coming for ya.

They’re just grades to you, but

it could be… a life-changing opportunity

for me.

[electronic pop music continues]

[Ri-an grunts, panting]

[both grunting]

[Ri-an] Was that little show really necessary?

[Jae-i] The kiss? What I said earlier should have been enough.

I’ve been perfectly clear to you.

Who I like and what I choose to do with them has nothing to do with you.

[both grunt]

[electronic pop music continues]

[breathing heavily]

[electronic pop music continues]


[Jae-i] Why did you really come to this school?

So I guess… you know who I am.

Kang In-han.

Kang Ha.

[electronic pop music continues]

[breathes deeply]

[music fades]

[He-ra] Let’s go together.

You know, if we’re gonna do this, I figure we’d better put on a show.

We should show up at school together.

Make it more… convincing.

Or not. [scoffs]

If you don’t want…

Come down when I call.

[chuckles smugly]

I’ll be back.

[pensive music playing]



[music fades]

[muffled] Oh. Jae-i?

What? Well, don’t just stand there. Get in.

Stop staring at it. It won’t fall off.

Oh, I’m not worried about that.

Then what?

It’s cute.

Seeing your car and my bike together.


Ugh, how tacky. What’s with the bracelet?

Ah! So it’s a friendship bracelet from Seonyul.


The orchestra I’m in.

Remember at your place? On the day that you and I first met?

I was there with other musicians, playing.

You all wear the same bracelet in your music group?


Is it tacky though?

I thought it looked pretty cool.

[Jae-i sighs]

[camera shutter clicks]

[indistinct chattering]

Let’s go in. You don’t wanna be late.

[camera shutter clicking]

[girl 1] Holding hands!

[girl 2] Is this real? Not a prank?


[girl 1] Seriously? For real?

[boy 1] Big news. Jae-i and Kang Ha are holding hands.

[boy 2] What the heck?

[girl 3] Wait, wait.

I need to get this on camera.

Hold up, hold up, hold up.

Are they actually dating?

What is it? Is there some kind of problem?

Oh, no. No problem here.

I’ve never seen her holding hands with a boy other than Ri-an.

What does she see in that kid? What has he got?

[mysterious music playing]

Don’t you have a class to go teach?



[He-ra] Oh, looks like the gloves are off.

Did you see the photos?

Are those two serious, like, for real?

Guys, let’s dial it back a bit.

Everybody’s been gossiping about it.

She’s our friend,

so I think we should keep it down and support her decision.

Damn! So it’s real! Oh my God!

What about our sexy bad boy?


Are they really over?

Looks like it.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t go out with someone else.

And who’s to say.

Maybe Ri-an has also found someone new.


[Ye-ji scoffs]

What’s all this?

It’s chocolate.

It’s for you.



[Ye-ji chuckles softly]

Help yourselves.

I have to go to a special class this morning.

I feel kinda bad for Kim Seon-u.

That guy falls all over himself for her, and she doesn’t even bat an eye.

I know, right?

He’s done it since they slept together at Woo-jin’s party, remember?

[Ye-ji] Hey!

Be quiet. Somebody might hear you.

Who cares. Everyone already knows.

It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be gossiping.

What if He-ra heard you?

She’d kill you.


[Ba-da] Calm down.

[He-ra] What’s up, fam?

That’s where Jae-i sits.

I’m being kind.

Ri-an wouldn’t be able to concentrate if Jae-i sat here today.

[pensive music playing]

What is that?

Oh, well, this is, uh…

It’s our seat.

I’m going to take this class with Jae-i from now on. Good to see you all.

[He-ra] What? Do you even know what this class is?

This is a special class just for the four of us.

This isn’t something just anyone can take…

“Just anyone”?


I took care of his tuition and schedule.

If you don’t like it, I’ll make a separate class for just us two.

[door opens]

[footsteps approaching]

[door closing]

[woman] Good afternoon.

[Ri-an chuckles softly]

So are you gonna start?


Today, we’ll start by looking into the literature of the 20th century.

Does anyone know of any famous poets from this era?

[bell ringing]

[indistinct chattering]


[He-ra] Really? You’re gonna let this happen?

She’s even bringing him into our classes!

Shouldn’t we do something?

I think you should be upfront and tell her that we’re seeing each other.

You gotta provoke her to get a reaction.

[scoffs] Wait, Ri-an!

Don’t be too much, He-ra.

[groans] Wha…

She’s the problem here. Why is he taking it out on me?

[indistinct chattering]


[indistinct chattering]


[Chan-min] Kang Ha.

Can we chat?

[Ha] Spit it out. What do you want?


Hey, I’m sorry.

I didn’t do it on purpose, Kang Ha.

What are you doing?

You already know my position.

I did stuff to you ’cause I felt pressured to do it

against my will. I’m sorry.


And why is that?

‘Cause of Jae-i?



Don’t treat me differently ’cause I’m dating her.

I’m still a scholarship student.

It’s kinda silly, don’t you think, Chan-min?

My dad works for Jaeyul.

What if you kick my ass?

Beat the crap out of me, Kang Ha!

Yeah, I’ll just, uh,

lie right here.

Do what you want. Come on. Bring it on. Lay it on me.

What’s wrong?

Want a stick? Is that what it is?

I’ll find you one. [grunts]

Here. Take this.

[groans] Smack me with it until it breaks, but

please don’t tell Jae-i anything bad.


I’m starting to notice that no one here has a spine.

Figures. If you did, you wouldn’t have banded together to bully someone

just ’cause you were terrified of big, bad Ri-an.


[door closes]

[breathes deeply]

Well, this shit’s gonna be a goddamn headache.



Do you think that means Jae-i and Ri-an are officially over now?

Jae-i seems to think so,

but Ri-an… still wants her.

It’s all crazy.

Why is she with that scholarship kid all of a sudden?

She’s acting out.

It won’t last.

It doesn’t mean anything.

I’m kinda worried.

It’s riling up the school.

We don’t want another tragedy to happen.

Wait, what are you doing? What if someone sees us?

Who cares if they see?

Nothing’ll happen.

Don’t worry, Ms. Han. It’ll be all right.


[chuckles softly]

[keypad beeping]

[unsettling music playing]


[stirring music playing]

That’s mine.

[music swells]

[indistinct chattering]

[whistle blows]

[whistle blows]

[whistle blows]

[footsteps approaching]

[footsteps approaching]

[Woo-jin sighs]

It’s getting in my head.


She looks at me with no emotion in her eyes. Nothing.

[Ha] No matter how hard I think, it has to be you.

You left that note in my locker… didn’t you?


[boy 1] He’s right over there. Let’s go ask him.

[boy 1 clears throat]

Hi. Dude, what’s your secret?


How’d you get close to her?

Oh, yeah.

To us scholarship kids, you’re a role model now.

You’re dating Queen Jae-i. So what’s your secret?

Also, um, can I get your number?

[students chuckle]

[crowd cheering]

[Yun-seok] Okay, focus, focus!

[exhales sharply]

[tense music playing]

You can do it!

[chanting] Kim Ri-an! Kim Ri-an!


[Woo-jin] Blue 15! Blue 15!



[rhythmic pop music playing]

[Woo-jin] Set.

Down! Hut!







[rhythmic pop music continues]



[crowd cheering]



[whistle blows]

[horn blaring]

[Woo-jin] Did you see that? Did you see that?

Let’s go!

[Yun-seok] Yeah, let’s go, baby!

[chanting] Kim Ri-an! Kim Ri-an!

Kim Ri-an! Kim Ri-an!

Kim Ri-an!

[He-ra] Yeah!

You’re amazing, Ri-an!

[theme music playing]


[chuckles softly]

[music fades]

[Ye-ji] That was absolutely unbelievable.

The most incredible touchdown celebration in history.

I know, right? What a man.

So romantic. What a sexy bad boy.

[sighs] It totally got me right in the heart.

[He-ra chuckles]

[gasps] Wait!

So when you suggested he might already be into someone else,

you meant yourself!

Get it, girl!

Well, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have an idea.

But yeah. I kinda figured.

And you just kept us in the dark. I’m disappointed, Queen He-ra.

“Queen He-ra”?

You’ve advanced to queen.

You’re Ri-an’s new girlfriend, who he kissed publicly.

[Ye-ji laughing]

Stop it.

[motorcycle approaching]

[tires squeal]

Oh. It’s Seon-u again.

You don’t quit.

Get on. We need to talk.

You two go ahead.

Do you think Seon-u rushed over after what he saw on the field?

Because Ri-an kissed He-ra?


Where do you think he took her? She’s okay, right?

By the way, have you ever been on a motorcycle?



“Get on”? “We need to talk”?

How dare you! It’s embarrassing.

You like Ri-an? What happened to… to me and you?

Why are you so curious?

I’m warning you, Seon-u.

Don’t overstep your boundaries.

[Seon-u] Then why did you sleep with me when you don’t even like me?

‘Cause the girls wanted to know about the cute new student.

Fit and fresh meat.

They were all wondering what you’d be like in bed. So I found out.

Are you happy?

Are you serious right now?

‘Cause I’m… I’m really into you.

Ooh, and why is that? ‘Cause we slept together?

If that’s why, you’re awfully selfish.

It was mediocre. That night.

You’re a total bitch, He-ra.

You’re a good judge of character. So leave me alone already.

I’m gonna let Ri-an know that we slept together!

Do it!

Whatever will make you go away.

Are you all right, miss?

[He-ra] Is your GPS broken or something?

You know I left school forever ago.

Leave him alone.

[pensive music playing]



[electronic music playing]



[computer chiming]

[electronic music continues]

[mouse clicking]

[mouse clicking]

[music fades]

[footsteps approaching]

She’s waiting for you, ma’am.

I don’t think you have anything to be worried about.

Rest assured, our staff keeps a close eye on Ri-an

and is carefully overseeing all aspects of his well-being.

Let’s host a parents’ night soon.

Will you be in attendance?

I wonder if it’s a delayed adolescence.

Ri-an said the strangest thing to me.

He said he wanted a bit more parental care.

I don’t know what he’s complaining about with so many people waiting on him.

If it’s attention he wants, I’ll give it to him.

After all, it’s the role of the parent to meet their child’s needs.

[woman 1] You’re extraordinary.

Despite being incredibly busy, your first priority is still your child.

You have my utmost respect.

[woman 2] Let’s have our affiliated companies attend.

We can take care of any minor business deals while I’m there.

[man] Consider it as good as done, ma’am.

[footsteps retreating]

[Ha] Hey, I’m here.

Hey, Tae-ho.

How’ve you been?

It’s weird. This feels like

the old days.

[chuckles] Let’s head inside. Hmm?

We can catch up over food.

Get your dirty hands off me, you charity case!

[student 1] Hey, Tae-ho.

[Tae-ho] “The only son of Jaeyul Hotel.”

That’s how they all know me.

No one there knows where I actually come from.

That’s why I avoided you.

Well, you

and In-han.

Look, I get it.

You still tried to help, and that’s what matters.

[both chuckle]

And I know that you sent the same note to In-han.

Why’d you come to Jooshin?

And what’s going on with Jae-i and you?

Don’t do anything dangerous.

I don’t know if Jae-i’s trying to rile up Ri-an or what,

but those two have been together for a very long time.

I know.

That’s why I wanted to get up close and personal.

So you’re… messing with Ri-an

on purpose.

In-han called me, you know.

So I know this wasn’t an accident.

But not even the police can figure out who did it to him.

Just said it was a hit-and-run.

So what can you possibly do if even the police can’t do anything about it?

Collect evidence.

Alcohol, drugs, bullying.

The people who did that to In-han, Kim Ri-an included,

I’m going to expose everything they’re getting away with.

[stirring music playing]

So, Tae-ho, I need your help here.

Wha… what could I do?

Get me Kim Ri-an’s locker code.

[Tae-ho] The code?

[Ha] Choi Yun-seok is supplying drugs to Kim Ri-an.

I’m sure there’s something in that locker to prove that.

I can’t get close to those guys, but you can.


I know you’re right, but I’m just

a little scared.

Please help me out.

Help me.

[stirring music continues]

[vehicle approaching]

[music fades]


what did you want to say?

What are you doing dragging He-ra into it?

If I remember… we are now in a place where

who I’m seeing isn’t any of your business anymore, right?

Come on, Ri-an.


[phone buzzing]

[He-ra] Did you get home all right? I just wanted to talk to you.

Are you free right now?

Come over.

We can talk here.

[Jae-i sighs]

You’re going to his home? This late?

I just called to talk to him. You know, just to have a little chat.

And he said come over. [chuckles]

That’s wild.

You don’t… you don’t think you’re moving too fast?

Do I look okay?

I think I’m getting some nighttime face bloat.

Mm-mm. You’re gorgeous. You’re smoking hot.

So pretty.

Yeah? Mmm. Yes!

Meongnyang, isn’t He-ra super pretty?

Yeah, she’s gorgeous. Mmm.

Good boy. You’re so smart.

I’ll call you later, okay?

[Jae-i] You got here fast.


Jae-i! Hi! [laughs nervously]

Uh, Ri-an invited me over out of the blue. I needed to talk to him, so…

I was gonna call him out about today.

I know your relationship has been on the rocks, but that was uncalled-for.

I mean, especially ’cause you and I are best friends.

Don’t worry, Jae-i. I’ll give him a piece of my mind.

Don’t play along with Ri-an’s little games.

[car engine starts]

“Little games?”

[intriguing music playing]


[intriguing music continues]

It’s been quite a while.

I know.

The lobby is a lot nicer than I remember it.

I’ll show you inside. Follow me.

[sighs contentedly]

[chuckles playfully]

[mysterious music playing]

[phone buzzes]

[distorted voice] Are you going to kill this one too?

[In-han] You’re sure you did?

[Jae-i] Yes, I’m sure.

I checked twice. No, three times. I’m absolutely sure.

When he finds out, he’ll hide me away like my mom.


[distorted voice] These aren’t just empty threats. I have everything.

This and also that.

[Jae-i] What do you want from me?

[mysterious music intensifies]

[banging at door]

[banging continues]


Dad’s looking for you.

[papers rustling]

Have you decided on what to wear?

You mean for Parents’ Night?

Chairman Park of the Gongseong Group will be there.

Their second child is a student at Jooshin.

I’ve heard of him. He’s a first-year.

Well, his oldest boy lives in New York.

We’ve been discussing it for a while.

I think it’s time that the two households get to know each other.

We’ll speak to Chairman Park on the night

and arrange a formal gathering for the near future.

Appa… I’m not ready.


This has been in the works since your mother was pregnant.

Since the moment we found out you were a girl.

[unsettling music playing]

This isn’t just about you.

This is going to affect the way Jaeyul Group’s entire business is run.

[Jae-i] I understand what you’re saying. I do, but…

[Chairman Jung] Their scale and business potential align well with ours.

He’s the perfect match, so be careful

to ensure nothing gets in the way of your role

and its obligations.

And be especially careful of who you associate with.

Or anything you might do that could stir up gossip about you.

‘Cause you know…

I won’t have it.

[unsettling music continues]

[Jae-i sighs]

What are you doing here?

I was waiting for you.

How about I take you today?

[acoustic guitar music playing]

Ah! The breeze feels good, right?

This reminds me of the Healing Forest when we rode that bike together.

[acoustic guitar music continues]

Let’s stop. Grab a bite to eat.

Thank you.

[woman] Absolutely. Please enjoy.

[Ha] Here.

Trust me. This is gonna blow your mind.

It’s so good.


Don’t like me.


I’m not really into you, so you shouldn’t like me either.


The time I spend with you is purely out of goodwill.

I don’t wanna see one more person getting hurt.

Not because of me.

Everyone targeted by Ri-an eventually left.

You’re a target now. So if I don’t save you,

you’ll be like the others.

That’s why I’m helping you. That’s all there is.

So stick to your role, and don’t overplay your hand.

Don’t mistake… my goodwill as something else.

[acoustic guitar music continues]

No, I got it.

I know what my role is.

I won’t overplay anything. But still, can I worry about you?

You worry?

Yeah, I’m concerned.

You seem vulnerable.

Even now, you seem that way.

Your expression is cold and indifferent.

But your eyes tell me otherwise.

You’re lonely and afraid.


How was that for performing my part?

Since my current role is playing Jung Jae-i’s boyfriend.

What kind of terrible boyfriend would I be if I didn’t care about your feelings?

Hmm? Don’t you think?

[acoustic guitar music continues]


Good morning, Ms. He-ra.

[girl 1] Hello, He-ra.


[boy 1] Oh, hi, He-ra.

[music fades]

[phone buzzing]


[phone buzzing]

[phone buzzing]

Hi, Jae-i.

[He-ra] It’s crazy, actually. ‘Cause I’ve been meaning to call you.

What happened with the thing I asked you?

What? What thing?

The anonymous account.


Oh. I’ve found someone who can track it down.

They said it’d be hard to figure out the account holder.

I told them to track the location if they couldn’t track down the owner.



I said spill it.

Tell me why you said you’ve been “meaning to call.”

[sighs] I feel bad. I’m sorry.

Bad? For what?

I’m your best friend.

I can’t be doing this.

I tried convincing him, and I even yelled.

I tried everything possible.

[exasperated sigh]

But Ri-an is too hardheaded.

He was struggling so much after your breakup.

I just couldn’t bring myself to tell him no.

I’m worried of what he might do if I refuse him.

I know that you might get hurt, Jae-i.

It won’t hurt me, He-ra.

I just…

won’t allow it.

Won’t allow what?

You can’t just start going out with my ex all of a sudden

now that he’s single.

I mean, you have to be aware you’re not really a good match for him, are you?

Remember what I told you?

I said not to play along with Ri-an’s little games.

Hopefully, by now, you’ll understand what I meant.

Get the anonymous account issue resolved ASAP.

Not a good match for Ri-an, huh?


Isn’t this a gig for your school? Why are you playing your own event?

Scholarship students aren’t invited.

They really aren’t?


I guess… we’re just special like that.

It’s an event for parents and students, but they invite the rich kids and not you?

What kind of school is that?

I think it’s good.

‘Cause those events are awkward, and I’d rather make money, you know?

I’m good.


Your tie is crooked again.


In-han was so tidy.

He’d never let this fly.


This is all his fault, you know?

He always did it for me. How does it look now?

There we are. Good!


This is a Valentino dress.

A classic minimalist red dress with a statement zipper.

This mini dress here is Prada’s newest release.

It has an elegant, timeless design

and would be well-suited to Ms. Jae-i’s figure.

That one will be perfect.

[classical music playing in the background]

Yes, I think these will look really nice on you.

There you are.

I approve.

[Ha] Your expression is cold and indifferent,

but your eyes tell me otherwise.

You’re lonely and afraid.

I trust that all the preparations are in order?

Sweetheart. Are you seeing someone?

Why are you so dolled up tonight?

Keep your eyes peeled.

See if you can figure out my secret boyfriend.

Oh, I’ll keep ’em wide open. I’ll find that punk.


Is Jae-i’s father… also gonna be there?

I think so. Ri-an’s mother is as well.

And you said that you and Jae-i are best friends?

Well, I’d say we are.

Would it be all right

if your dad could take advantage of that connection?

What do you mean by that?

Uh… my company was working on a deal with Jooshin.

It didn’t go well.

You said it was an important deal.

That’s why I’m thinking of approaching Jaeyul.

Chairman Jung is well-known

for not interacting with people who aren’t on his level.

But because he’ll be there tonight, I was hoping you and Jae-i

might be able to arrange a casual introduction?

I’ll speak to Jae-i about it.


[Ha] Jae-i.

Oh, I came here for some work.

Another piano gig.

Wow, you look so incredible tonight.


Oh, hold on.

You have a stray hair right here.

Why are you doing this?

I know my reason for keeping you around.

So what’s yours?

You say I’m pretty, and you’re worried about me.

Why say those things when no one’s around to hear them?

There is none.

No real reason.

[chuckles] Just ’cause.

I’m saying those things ’cause you’re pretty, and I worry about you.

Whenever I see you smiling, I think,

“What’s behind that smile?”

“What is he hiding?”

Tell me why I think that.

[woman 1] Oh my. Chairwoman An. Welcome.

[woman 2] Mrs. An, have you been well?

You’re not busy for once?

You’ve never come to a school event before.

My son said

he needed a bit more parental care.

I’m giving it to him.

[woman 3] Good evening, Mrs. An.

[man] Welcome, Mrs. An

[woman 2] Good evening.

Do you see it?

The depth of love and care I’m showering you with?

All these people here are our countless affiliates.

It’s something no other parent in the world can offer their child.

And I will bequeath every last one to you, Ri-an.

[classical music playing in background]

[Mrs. An] Now and in the future,

Jooshin will not only lead the way putting noblesse oblige into action

but also help our students grow into upstanding young leaders

in both character and intellect.

[crowd murmuring]

[murmuring subsides]

All right, then.

I propose a toast.

To both Jooshin and to our children’s future!

[all] Cheers!

That Bulgari necklace Ri-an’s mom is wearing

is, like, a hundred million.

A hundred million?

Wait, then with her earrings and necklace, how much is that outfit?

She’s on another level.

The Van Cleef Yun-seok’s mother has, you couldn’t even pay for.

Are you two just gonna stay here all night stuffing your faces, huh?

Why don’t you get out there and network?

I mean, they all look kinda busy.

[groans] Go. Didn’t I always emphasize the importance of making connections?

With who? Ugh.

No, Mom.

Why are you so clueless?

I really don’t want to.

[classical music playing]


Can I have a word?

Be right back.

[Woo-jin] Okay.

Have you seen Jae-i? Did you ask her?

Not yet, no.

I’ll ask her now.

[breathes deeply]

Oh, Jae-i.

My dad’s looking for a second with yours. He wants to say hi

and talk to him about something.

It’s been a while, Jae-i.

I heard Chairman Jung was here, so I was hoping we could chat.

You and He-ra are such close friends,

and yet I don’t think he and I have ever gotten the chance to meet.

He’s a bit busy.

I’ll let him know that you said hello.


[door closes]

[He-ra sighs]

I’m not asking for anything crazy.

It’s not crazy.

I just have no interest in doing it.


I have no desire… to do you a favor.

[exhales forcefully]

[unsettling music playing]


[door opens]

[door closes]

[Ri-an] Your dress.

It’s beautiful.

So beautiful, I don’t wanna fight you.

At least not today.

We’re not fighting, Kim Ri-an.

Just broken up.

[Chairman Jung] I have nothing but admiration for you.

That you have such a passion for education.

The future of our children is the future of this country.

We can’t just focus on growing our business.

I believe corporations have an obligation to create a harmonious society.

And I respect you a great deal too.

There are so many far-fetched rumors surrounding Jaeyul and Jooshin,

but you sent Ms. Jae-i to us, for which I’m very grateful.

Well, I’m grateful you welcomed her. [chuckles]

I’m so sorry I’m late.

Long time no see.

Indeed, Chairman Park.

[both laugh]

[Mrs. An] Welcome.

[Chairman Park] You’re as glamorous as ever. [chuckles]

[Mrs. An] Thank you.

[Chairman Park] I trust you’re well.

[Chairman Jung] Yes. You?

It’s been far too long.

[Chairman Jung] Over here, Jae-i.

Say hello.

My name is Jung Jae-i. It’s nice to meet you.

[Chairman Park] Nice to meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you, Ms. Jae-i.

Well, seeing such a good-looking young man and woman together

has got my wheels spinning.

If the two families were to become one,

it would be the union of Jooshin and Jaeyul.


No one else in Korea could wield that much power.


Is that so? We should consider our children’s desires.

We can’t just think about our business interests.

[Chairman Park] Don’t think it would make a wonderful story?

“Two competing corporations become one through the love of their children.”

It is a great story.

But what usually makes stories great is because they’re far from reality.

And I know they’re rarely ever true.

Maybe not, but I’ve heard rumors that make me think, never say never.

I heard that Mr. Ri-an and Ms. Jae-i here are in a relationship already.

[dramatic piano music playing]

That isn’t true. [laughs]

I’m sure it’s mere gossip that arose

from two high-profile children attending the same school.

Ri-an, isn’t that so?

[Mrs. An] It’s such preposterous gossip.

Above all else, our main intention

is to match our son with a family who shares similar values with Jooshin.

We’re committed to upholding traditions and giving back.

Meanwhile, Jaeyul prioritizes profits overall.

In essence, we have very different goals.


The two corporations are like night and day.

If growth potential was your main priority, for example,

there’s no reason for the Jaeyul Group

to even consider merging with a stagnating Jooshin.


[Chairman Park] It appears I’ve broached a sensitive subject. I apologize.

Excuse me.

Hope to see you again soon.

[dramatic piano music playing]


[dramatic piano music continues]

[music swells]


[eerie metallic stab plays]

Ri-an will never let go of Jae-i. Unlike me, he doesn’t get bored.

And unlike you, he actually knows the difference between love and greed.

You’re off the rails these days. I’m worried about you, honestly.

You still have a thing for me?

[Woo-jin] Whoa! What are you…

If not, then just stay out of my business.

[piano music swells]

[piano music ends]

[rhythmic pop music playing]

[He-ra] It’s been a long time.

You remember me, don’t you?

Of course. Hello, dear.

Well, I have someone who’s been waiting to introduce himself to you,

but he’s very shy.

And who’s that?

After all, I’m Jae-i’s friend.

It’s only right to help her out. Wouldn’t you say?

Yoon He-ra.


Meet Jae-i’s boyfriend.

[He-ra chuckles]

He’s living proof our school motto works.

It’s noblesse oblige in action. Carrying on our tradition.


The pride of Jooshin. A scholarship kid.

[rhythmic pop music continues]

Don’t be shy. Say hello, Kang Ha.

[rhythmic pop music continues]

[music ends]

[melodic pop music playing]

[music ends]

[tender piano music playing]

[music fades]


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