Hierarchy – Episode 1 | Transcript

Kang Ha enters Jooshin High and quickly ruffles some feathers. He soon attends a rowdy party - and partakes in a provocative game of truth or dare.
Hierarchy (TV series)

Season 1 – Episode 1
Released worldwide on Netflix on June 7, 2024

Plot: Kang Ha enters Jooshin High and quickly ruffles some feathers. He soon attends a rowdy party – and partakes in a provocative game of truth or dare.

* * *

[theme music playing]


[boy breathing heavily]

[footsteps echoing]

[unsettling music playing]

[boy] You’re crazy. Everyone here is crazy.

[unsettling music intensifies]

[boy] You’re crazy.

You’re all crazy! [echoes]

I’m going to expose it all!

[footsteps echoing]

You’re all crazy!

[unsettling music swells]

[breathing heavily]

[phone buzzing]

The teachers, the students, the entire school are all completely deranged!

I don’t care! I have to…

I’m… I’m gonna expose everything that’s going on here!

[tires screeching]

[metal clattering]

[gasps, coughs]

[tense music soaring]




[music crescendos]

[music fades]


[rhythmic pop music playing]

[teacher 1] The problem can easily be solved once you graph

the absolute value of x…

[players grunt]

[classical music playing over rhythmic pop music]

[teacher 2] The answer…

“I saw thee weep

The big bright tear

Came o’er that eye of blue

And then methought it did appear…”

[rhythmic pop music continues]

[breathes deeply]

[scoreboard beeps]

[pop music fades]

[marching band music playing]


[music stops]

[pensive music playing]

A new semester has begun at the most prestigious school in Korea,

Jooshin High, where we take pride in our time-honored traditions.

In the spirit of those traditions, we’re putting Jooshin’s motto, “noblesse oblige,” into practice.

To celebrate this new semester, let’s welcome our new scholarship recipient, who was hand selected… out of quite a few applicants.

Kang Ha. Come.

[Ha] Yes, ma’am.

[music fades]

Scholarship students never last here. Why admit them anymore?

[girl 1] Because they wanna give the poor kids a chance too.

“Noblesse oblige,” you know? They can’t forget that.

[boy 1] Who? The principal?

Check, check.

No, the school owners.

Ri-an’s mom and dad.

Good morning,

students, seniors, and underclassmen.

My name is Kang Ha.

As the first to ace the Jooshin High scholarship…

[students murmuring]

[unsettling music playing]

[murmuring continues]

[girl 2] Hey.

[unsettling music intensifies]

[music subsides]

[Ha clears throat]

As the first student to ace the test…

[footsteps approaching]



You’re late.

Please continue.

[microphone feedback]

Uh, ah. Oh, it’s working.

So, uh, where was I?

Um, the exam! Right.

I got the highest grade.

He has such a cute smile.

[Ha] How I got here doesn’t matter…

He’s got this puppy dog energy, right?

[Ha]…today transferring to Korea’s best private school…


[Ha]…Jooshin High.

To honor that reputation, I intend to focus on my studies and keep getting good grades so I can live up to your school’s legacy.

I look forward to the year ahead.

[pensive music playing]



[woman] That concludes our opening ceremonies.

Now, students, I’ll ask you to begin making your way to your classes, please.

Whoa. Sit down.

What? What?

[boy 2] Just sit down.

What’s wrong?

That crazy fucking dumbass.

[doors open]

[boy 3] What’ve you been up to? I was messaging Ye-ji the whole time.

[students chattering indistinctly]

Excuse me.

Hello. I was just up there. I’m the new student.

I have English first period, but I don’t know where I’m going.

Could you help me?

You’re too happy.

You need time to get to know your place.

[Ha] Hmm?

Get to know my what? You’re leaving? Uh, all right.

[Ha sighs]

You lost? They’ll show you where to go.

Gimme your number.

What? For…

Well, I didn’t expect that.

I figured you might want someone to help you out.

Like, if you have any questions.

Ah. Right.


Thank you.

What’s your handle?

We’ll follow you back.

I’m not on anything.

No social media?

[Ha] Mm-mm.

[girls chuckle]

There you go. I should get going. See you, guys.

[girls] Wow.

[girl 2] He is such a weirdo.


[Ha] Wow.

What is this?


Yeah, not there.

[door opens]

[footsteps approaching]

[door closes]

Oh, hello.

The scholarship student? You’re not allowed in here.

This is English, isn’t it?

At the end of the hall. Standard A.

This is Special A.

Ah, so not here.


[boy 4] Fuckin’ scholarship kid.

[boy 5] Why’s he in here?

[indistinct chattering]

[pensive music playing]

[boy 6] I’m so excited. I can’t wait to get tickets.

[girl 4] That’s my seat.

Ah, okay.

Uh, sorry.

[girl 4] That’s my friend’s seat. [scoffs]

Oh, is it?

[breathes deeply]


[sighs] No bag hook?

[music fades]

[coach shouting encouragement]

[water burbling]

[muffled shouts of encouragement]

[breathing heavily]

[coach] Shaved off 1.25 seconds.

Ri-an, how about we grab lunch?

[classical music playing]

Any classes left?

I’m all done. You have one more, right?

At 4:00. Social studies.

[phone buzzing]

[boy clears throat]

Woo-jin’s so weird lately. He dating anyone?

[door closes]

And Jae-i? Still ghosting you?

[Ri-an sighs]

If you two haven’t made up with each other,

then maybe I

should make a play for her king while the queen is away.

[intriguing music playing]

How do I get that checkmate?

I worked out the whole break.

Take a good look. Did my work pay off?

I don’t even need to look.

I’m well aware you’ve got a body models would kill for.


stop messing around.

I wasn’t though.

You didn’t have to be so direct about it. Damn.

Where you going?

I have plans.

Not fleeing from humiliation.

[intriguing music continues]

[girl] Jae-i!

[intriguing music stops]

What’d you do for three months in America all alone?

I have cousins in Irvine, so I had stuff to do.

Wow. I’m still pretty hurt.

Always sent me straight to voicemail. I mean, you can do that to me and Woo-jin.

But don’t tell me you also did that to Ri-an?

Of course. I knew it. Something was up. Now I know why he’s been so moody lately.

You fight or something? What’s wrong?

I mean, even if you did, you’ll always be inseparable.

How could you ghost him for that long?

I have something to say to everyone.

What is it?

I have plans in the morning, but let’s do Sunday afternoon at the track.

The racecourse?

[girl] Why there? And why does she want me to assemble the troops?


[Jae-i sighs]

[man 1] Assemblyman Lee. Over here. Let’s take a group photo.

Say “kimchi.”

[kids] Kimchi!

[man 1] One, two, three.


[man 1] All right, we got it.

Give yourselves a round of applause.

Well done.

[kids] Bye.

[phone buzzes]

[girl] Attention, everyone. Are you all free Sunday afternoon?

It’s been a while. Let’s hang out.

[woman] Thank you!

[woman 2 in Spanish] Jooshin Electronics’ cell phone sales have been on the rise.

Especially in Barcelona.

I read that this morning.

What about France?

[woman 2 in French] Jooshin bakery brand will be launched…

Just a moment.

[girl in English] Our Jung Jae-i has finally come back to us.

Let’s meet at the track Sunday. Don’t be late, all right?

[pensive music playing]


[assistant] And this one? What do you think?

It complements your complexion.

This one here.

[phone buzzes]


[classical music playing]

[man 1] I certainly hope the food is to your liking.

[man 2] I don’t often indulge in such luxuries.

You spoil me, truly.

Sharing a beautiful meal in a beautiful garden

and with you, above all people, Chairman Jung.

[Chairman Jung] Thank you.

Assemblyman Lee has mentioned organizing a lunch several times,

but I was busy, so I hope it was worth the wait.

Pardon me, but may I say you have a beautiful daughter?

I bet she takes after her mother.

[all laugh]

[woman 1] Oh, do you think so?

I appreciate it, but I think Jae-i is…

far, far prettier.

[all laugh]

[woman 2] Blessed with both looks and brains and excels in school.

You must be so proud.

Woo-jin told me that Jae-i is at the top of her class at Jooshin High.

[woman 1] Well, we’ve been pretty lucky.

The children study hard without us having to push them, really.

We’re proud of our Jae-hyeok as well.

Graduated from Hanguk Middle, top of his class last year.

I’m just glad to have graduated. [laughs]

[man 2] You graduated from Hanguk Middle School?

That’s my alma mater!

I didn’t expect to meet a fellow alumnus here. Wow!

[all laugh]

[classical music continues]

[Chairman Jung] Jae-i?

Are you not feeling well?

I noticed you weren’t really eating much.

I’m fine, thank you.

Well, we’ll be heading upstairs for tea. Come up when you’re ready.

All right. Be right up.

That outfit…

Did you pick out that dress?

You should go and get changed.

I just don’t think it suits an occasion like today’s.

People are judging us on the tiniest details.

Your style. How tasteful your clothes are. Everything.

Try dressing more modestly, classier. A bit, uh, a bit more like your mother.

And which mother are you referring to?


We’re not doing this again!

[unsettling music playing]

I mean my wife, and you know that.

The woman you were raised by.

Not the one who gave birth to you.

Anyway, I think you’d better go change that outfit.

I’ll go get changed.

And while we’re at it…

you need to put on a different shade of lipstick.

Look at that. The color, it’s…

it’s vulgar.

Just exactly like your birth mother.

You are my firstborn.

I hope you will start behaving

more like my child

and heir to the Jaeyul Group.

I’ll see you upstairs.



[dress tears]


[music fades]

[gentle music playing]

[inhales, exhales]

[Ha gulps]

[Ha clears throat]

[breathes deeply]


[music fades]


[Ha] I’m just, um,

working part-time.

A gig, playing piano.

I… was taking a short break, but it’s over now.

Gotta get back.

Do you need this? To wipe off your…

Yeah, no.

You can give me your shirt.


Your shirt.

I need to borrow one.

[chuckles] My shirt?

I have to be somewhere, but I can’t go looking like this.

Oh. Right. Right.

It’s just… I couldn’t just walk around without a shirt on, you know?

Okay, wait.

Looks like…

you need this more than I do.

[Ha] Jeez, it’s cold.

[mysterious music playing]

[engine roaring]

[engine revving]

[music fades]

[girl] Don’t they get freaked out? Why do they do this?

[Woo-jin sighs] I don’t get it either.

For the thrill. To feel alive.

Hey, Jae-i!

[Woo-jin chuckles]

It’s been forever.

I really missed you.

How are you?

[Woo-jin] Your outfit today is, uh, a statement.

[footsteps approaching]

[tender music playing]


Hey, since it’s been forever, let’s celebrate.

You know, let’s go somewhere after this. Let’s have fun.

Hello, Jae-i.

[music fades]

You’ve really got nothing to say?

[sighs in frustration]



I’m gonna play a game with Ri-an.

A game? Like what?

The winner gets their wish granted.

[Woo-jin] What kind of wish?

You’ll find out.

Three laps, I take the pole.

When I win, that’s it.

Once you agree, no backing out.

You haven’t won yet.

Now, if I win,

you’ll have to start by explaining

what the hell is going on here.

[Ri-an sighs]


[tense music playing]

[engine roaring]

[engine roars]

[car engines revving, roaring]

[tires squealing]

[engines roaring]

[engines roaring]



[tires squealing]

[tires squealing]

[engines roaring]

[engines roaring]

[He-ra yelps]

[gasps] What’s gotten into those two?

Why are they so extra?

Uh, who knows.

[engines roaring]

[engines roaring]

♪ Wild ♪

♪ I’m wild ♪

♪ I’m wild… ♪

[tires squealing]

[engines roaring]

[tires squealing]

♪ Now I’m coming for you Now I’m coming full attack ♪

♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ Now I’m coming full attack ♪

♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh ♪

♪ Now I’m coming for you Now I’m coming full attack ♪

[music stops]

[engine roaring]

[engine stops]


Hey, why were you driving like that? You could have gotten hurt, Jae-i.

I won.

I won, so now…

now I’ll…

tell you my wish.

We’re finished.

I’m done.

[electronic pop music playing]



Let’s get going.

I don’t get it. Did something happen before she went to America?

[sighs] I don’t know. I have no idea.

I’ve never seen them act this way.

[Ri-an] Say that again.

Let’s break up. Let’s end it.

[Ri-an] But why?

I’m talking to you. Why are you doing this?

You… you acted like a total stranger before you left,

then you go radio silent and disappear for three months?

And this is the first thing you say to me?

[Jae-i sighs]

We were six years old when we met.

And then the summer we turned 15,

you said you liked me from the moment you saw me.


What was your reasoning?

You don’t have to have a reason when…

[Jae-i] Exactly.

There was none.

There isn’t a good reason for why you like or dislike someone.


[Jae-i sighs] Let’s be friends.

Just be friends from now on.

I won the bet.

Keep your word.

Hey, Jae-i.

Come on, Jae-i!

[Ri-an grunts]

[helmet clatters]

[electronic pop music continues]

[music fades]

[girl 1] He’s killing it.

Really giving “sexy bad boy” even more than usual.

Did you see the bandage on his hand? Is he hurt?

Jae-i. Rooibos.

Oh, thank you.

Did you… get home all right?

I saw Ri-an got hurt.

Did something happen after…


Maybe later.

All right, then. Well, good chat.

We have no special announcements.

If anyone needs to change their classes, you have until the end of the week.

Let’s make this semester an uneventful one, please.

And with that, good luck with your classes today.

Class President, could you and I have a word, please?

[girl 2] Hey, signing up for cello? I’m playing flute.

[boy 1] Probably stick to cello. No way I’d have time for both.

Sorry, I have a question for you.

Class changes. How do you apply?


I heard there were classes like rowing and fencing, but none on my schedule.

Why are you asking me that?

You should ask your little friends.

[Ha] “Friends”?

[intriguing music playing]

So, uh…

What now?

Where do I go to change classes?

[woman] Here’s the main event schedule for the semester.


Can you please keep an eye on the new student?

You’re our class president, so I’d like to make sure his transition goes smoothly.

So what happened before

doesn’t happen again.

[music fades]

Yes, ma’am.

[whistle blowing]

Did you figure out what her problem was?

[Jae-i] There was none.

There isn’t a good reason

for why you like or dislike someone.

[Woo-jin] Let’s backtrack.

I remember you had your falling out around my birthday,

right before she ran to the States.

So you don’t have any idea at all?

No idea what might’ve upset her? Come on, think.

[Ri-an sighs]

No idea.

Damn, man. Sounds like you should’ve given up trying to figure it out.

You can spend years and never figure out why a girl’s mad at you. They’re insane.


You could apologize. “I don’t know what I did, but I’m wrong.”

That’s when she’ll come clean.

“Actually, okay, this is why I was upset.”

And even then, you won’t get it.

Yun-seok’s kinda got a point.

Go to her and say you’re sorry.

Girls sometimes put their men through tests.

What tests?

Just to see if you’ll say sorry to her.

Apologize. Say you can’t live without her.

Girls eat that up. Trust me.

Even Jae-i?

She’s a girl, isn’t she?

Tell you what. Let’s have a party.

At the vacation home. He can tell her there.

[girl 1] Ooh, that sounds like fun.

[He-ra] Right?

[girl 2] Yeah!

[Yun-seok] I wanna do magic.

Um, please tell me he’s not actually going to sit there.

[indistinct chattering]

[boy] You crazy bastard!

Move aside.


A little birdie told me you’re having a hard time learning your place here.

[scoffs] I am?

Ri-an hadn’t even left the assembly yet, and you just stood up.

You were snooping around all the special classrooms.

Tried to sit wherever you damn well pleased.

And today, trying to sit on the stands, bro?


I did. That was wrong?

[girl 1] This guy’s clueless, Chan-min.

For a kid who came here on scholarship, he isn’t very smart.

He even asked Ye-ji about how to change classes earlier.

The Jooshin Mart owner’s kid.

[pensive music playing]

So what’s wrong? What’s wrong with the classes you’re in?

I just… I would rather do fencing and rowing.


Fencing and rowing?

There were no classes like that at my old school.

But this school’s cool. They even have…

Go to the staff room for that.

But can you… even afford the special class fees?

Rowing’s around 40 million won a pop.

Fencing’s a little bit cheaper.

Forty million?

Oh! Pretty pricey!


[boy sighs]

All right, newbie. Listen carefully.

This school isn’t like any other school you’ve been to

’cause Jooshin’s rules are different.

The rule?

Never piss off the wrong people.

And who are they?

Jae-i, Hera, Woo-jin, and especially Ri-an.

They’re the royalty.

Why are they royalty?

[girl 2] What do you mean, “why”? It’s obvious.

They’re not like us, all right! We’re scholarship kids.

They give us different colored ties based on our status to set us apart.

Scholarship kids get navy.

The others get maroon.

Ri-an’s great-grandfather founded the school.

His grandfather and his descendants all went to this school, so he’s a given

because he was born into a family who contributed to the school.

We’re only able to study here thanks to their generosity.

So it’s only right we treat him with respect, don’t you think?

[inhales sharply]


Dude, come on!

It’s not that hard. Just get it through your thick skull!

Don’t snoop where you don’t belong.

And do your best to stay out of their way.

Why is that so hard to grasp?

[Ha] No. It’s just…

Respect. I got that.

But putting them on a pedestal, treating them like royalty?

You don’t think that might be a little extreme?

You can call it whatever the fuck you want!

Think I’m overreacting, do you?

You should be as well.


Do you know why you’re even here?

There was an opening for a scholarship student.

Why was there a spot open?

[shouts] Here’s why!

The kid ignored my warnings and stepped out of line…

and was killed by Ri-an.

[Ha chuckles softly]

[music fades]



I think I understand what you’re saying.

I should, uh, try to get along with them

if I want my school life to be a lot easier.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you.

[electronic pop music playing]

You think he got the message?

Why is that moron still smiling?

[electronic pop music continues]

[Ha clears throat]

I’ve been here a few days but never got to say hi.

You guys remember me?

Kang Ha.

Nice to meet you, Kim Ri-an.

[Woo-jin sighs]

[Chan-min panting]

[Yun-seok] Oh my God.


You’re slacking off, buddy!

Come get your boy.

[Chan-min] Sorry, Yun-seok.

[panting] You prick.

Oh my God! You pranked him, didn’t you?

Oh, not a prank.

What did they tell you? We’re evil rich kids?

So suck up to us so we don’t eat you alive, right?

[Ha] Hmm?


Well, they were wrong. They were pranking you.

Yeah, we really should’ve had your party before you got hazed.

You’re coming, right?

It’s gonna be your welcome party, okay?

Welcome party?

See you tomorrow. I’ll send you a ride.

[theme music playing]

[Chan-min] See you.

Better be there. We’ll be waiting.

[theme music continues]

[engine roars]

[muffled music playing]

[He-ra] That should do it.

She’ll like this? Are you sure?

Jae-i will?

Pretty sure.

I’ll see if she’s on her way.

This is totally not her style.



[gentle music playing]

[phone buzzes]

[He-ra] Jae-i, girl. I’m serious.

I won’t start the party until you get here.

[phone buzzes] So hurry up!

[drawer closes]

[muffled music playing]

[car door closes]

Uh, no electronics past this point.

Your cell phone and other devices

will be stored and returned when you leave.

Ah. Sure.

♪ And everyone’s somebody Come on, come on in ♪

♪ We are, we are ♪

♪ We are the new generation ♪

♪ We are… ♪

[Chan-min] Oh?

Dude! I can’t believe you actually showed up!

Go on.

Hurry up, Chan-min!

[Chan-min] Rin-a, wait for me!

♪ We are, we are ♪

♪ Feel the vibration It’s a new generation… ♪

What? He actually showed!

How’d you even get over here?

You’re unbelie-bubble, asshole.

[both laughing]

♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Something burning deep inside ♪

♪ Turn it up ’cause we’re on fire ♪

♪ One, two, three, and four ♪

♪ You ain’t seen nothing Like this before ♪

♪ We are, we are ♪

♪ We are the new generation ♪

♪ We are, we are ♪

♪ A brand-new sensation… ♪

Oh God. He-ra.

She’s so pretty.

♪ ‘Cause here we go Here, here, here we go ♪

♪ We are, we are ♪

♪ Feel the vibration It’s a new generation… ♪

The star of the party! Couldn’t start without you.

♪ It’s a new generation… ♪

He’s like a lost puppy! [laughs]

He’s brave for coming here.

Yeah, he actually showed up!

Tonight is going to be so much fun.

[electronic dance music playing]


All right. What do you say we get this party started?

[all cheering]

How about a welcome shot?

[Chan-min] Welcome shots coming up.

[all exclaiming]

[He-ra] A time-honored tradition.

We do it with scholarship kids. Like a lucky draw.

How so?

[He-ra] Five of these shots are regular alcohol,

but one is something very special.

[all] Whoa!

“Something special”?

You’ll know it if you drink it.

All right, then. I’ll start.

All right!

[all exclaiming]

[all] Ooh!

[all exclaiming]

[He-ra chuckles]

Regular booze.

[all laughing]

[sighs] I don’t drink alcohol.

[all jeer]

[all booing]

[chanting] Drink the shot.

[all chanting] Drink the shot.

Drink the shot.

Drink the shot!

[chanting intensifies] Drink the shot! Drink the shot! Drink the shot!

We went through all this trouble for you. You can at least try it.

[boy 1] Pick a shot!

[boy 2] You do it!

[students shouting indistinctly]

[boy 3] Come on.

[girl 1] Pick one, pick one, pick one.

[students shouting indistinctly]


[all cheering]

[He-ra chuckles]

[students shouting indistinctly]

[boy 4] Yeah!


[all cheering]



[girl 2] Let’s get this party started!

[students shouting indistinctly]

[students laughing]

[boy 5] Whoo!


[girl 3] It’s the weekend!

[electronic dance music playing]

[all screaming, laughing]

[students shouting indistinctly]

[Chan-min] The next magic trick will be tissue magic!

[Chan-min laughs]

Eat the tissues.

Yeah, suck it down.

[all exclaiming, laughing]

It keeps coming out!

[all cheering]


[Yun-seok] Now, begone!

[Chan-min] Magic show’s over!

[Yun-seok] The show is over!

All right, let’s make a bet.

Between you and Chan-min, who can walk in a straight line without tripping?

Loser pays 500,000 won.

All right!


Stop breaking things!

[muffled] Do you know how much all of this costs, asshole?

[high-pitched tone]

[muffled] Oh no. Jesus. He’s screwed.

Dude, you better call your mom. Not playing.

This is fucking serious. You better get your parents on the phone.


[unsettling music playing]

[Yun-seok] Hey! Come on!


[indistinct chattering]

[music swells]



[water running]


[Chan-min] Spin the wheel!

[Ye-ji] Spin it!

[all exclaiming]

[Chan-min] Spin it!

[Chan-min] It’s Ba-da!


Okay, you’re it, Ba-da. You’re up.

Your question is…

When was the last time you did it? Truth or dare?

[Ba-da] Truth. Mmm, nope, dare.

[Ye-ji] Oh, come on. Don’t chicken out.

[Chan-min] Whoa!

[Ye-ji] Tell us anyway.

Okay, spill. Was it, like, this morning?

No way.

[Ba-da] Forget it.

I’ll just take the damn shot.

Girl, seriously?

I’ll take it.

[girl 1] Aw!

[boy] Look at this guy.

[girl 2] You’re so sweet!

[girl 1] Look at that. Chivalry is not dead.

[indistinct chattering]

[male and female distorted voice] You’re finally back, Jung Jae-i.

[unsettling music playing]

[indistinct chattering]

[mysterious music playing]

[female distorted voice] Do you remember? October 27th last year.

[male distorted voice] I was surprised.

Do you think your dad would like this video too?

[phone buzzes]

[Ri-an] Let’s talk.

[Chan-min] Okay, okay. One more round.

Last time, I promise!

[Ye-ji] Better make it count.

[Chan-min] Spin it!

[device spins]

[Chan-min] Come on. Come on, come on.

[mysterious music stops]

[Ri-an inhales deeply]

[clears throat, exhales]

[Ri-an clears throat]

I know

it isn’t your style.

But I…

I mean, I thought I had to do something.

I’m sorry.

For what?

Whatever I did.

I’m sorry for everything.

I don’t need an apology.


I do need you to accept that

it’s over.

And I won’t tell you why.

Till the day I die.

[sighs] Are you hearing yourself right now?

Just tell me what the hell is going on!

You have to give me a reason, or else… No, I can’t just accept it.


[Chan-min] Come on, come on, come on!

It’s Kang Ha!

[Ba-da] Oh!

[girl] Scholarship kid!

Your turn, newbie.

All right, is there a girl here you’d wanna sleep with tonight?

[all imitating a drumroll]

[Yun-seok] Choose wisely. Depending on who you pick,

she might let you.

[Ha scoffs]


[Chan-min] Truth.

[Ba-da] Hmm.

[Ha sighs]

No. Dare.

All right, dare.

Hmm. Kiss one of us girls with tongue for three whole minutes.

[Yun-seok] Oh! French kiss? French kiss!

[all chanting] French kiss! French kiss!

French kiss! French kiss!

[Yun-seok] Hey.

[all] Ooh!

[boy 1] Oh, I thought he was angry.

[girl] Oh my gosh. [laughs]

[girl] Oh!

[boy 2] Dude.

[muffled electronic dance music playing]

[music plays clearly]

[Chan-min] Where… where you going?

Oh, that fucker already had a girl in mind!

[Ye-ji] Come on, let’s go!

[Chan-min] Wait for us!

[Ye-ji] Follow him!

[music fades]

[theme music playing]

[Ha] I hope you haven’t forgotten the promise I made you,


[Ha sobbing]



[engine roars]

[glass shattering]

[Ha] I said I’ll do whatever it takes

to find whoever did that to you.

[In-han] K… K… Kang

K… K…

[Ha] The bastard who killed you.

[Chan-min] Why was there a spot open?

The kid ignored my warnings and stepped out of line and was killed by Ri-an.

Why are you here?

[Ha] To expose everything.

Everything that asshole did to you.

What the hell do you want?

I’ll expose it… no matter what.

[electronic pop music playing]


[electronic pop music playing]

[music fades]


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