Halo – S02E02 – Sword | Transcript

Halo S2E2: Halsey's dark experiments, Spartan internal conflicts, rigorous training, and a looming Covenant threat set the stage for drama
Halo - S02E02 - Sword

Season 2 Episode 2
Episode Title: Sword
Original release date: February 8, 2024

Plot summary: In “Halo Season 2 Episode 2: Sword,” the narrative pace slows to explore character backgrounds and ongoing storylines more thoroughly. The episode starts with Dr. Halsey conducting an interview with a young girl who suddenly dies, signaling sinister undertones of experimentation and investigation. At UNSC command, debates about combat readiness and psychological stability among Spartans bring to light the team’s internal struggles, especially regarding Master Chief’s visions of the Covenant’s human ‘chosen one,’ Makee. Meanwhile, dynamics within the Spartan team are tested with the introduction of new challenges and the harsh realities of their duties, illustrated by rigorous training exercises and the complexities of leadership under new command. The episode intricately stitches together themes of intrigue, loyalty, and the heavy responsibilities carried by its characters, laying the groundwork for unfolding tensions and deeper discoveries.

* * *

[tense music]

[John] You Bravo?

Fog came in, comms went down.

Interference from the relay.

[soldier screams]

[gun fires]

[Elite roaring]

[sword whooshing]

The Covenant was already there, on Sanctuary before they glassed it.


[energy whooshing]

If your plan is to glass a planet, why invade it first?

[explosion booms]

[Kai] Who the hell is this guy?

Mr. Ackerson is Dr. Halsey’s replacement.

What do you think they were after?

I think they were training for something bigger.

He’s got us escorting a tech team on some fix-it mission.

What’s he got you fixing?

Comms relay went down in some nowhere system.

[John] So why send Cobalt team?

Just tell ’em what they’re walking into. Tell Cobalt.

John, I never approved of Halsey’s methods.

The Cortana system…


Was never intended…

[John] You took her out.

I cannot authorize Silver Team to perform combat operations.

You should have stayed with me.

[Minnie] In exchange for asylum, these persons submit to indentured service.

I don’t know how it happened, but the other families, they’re not afraid of you.

[people shouting]

I have something you want!

A bounty, for Catherine Halsey.

I know where she is.

[Soren] Antares, what the hell are you doing?

[Felix] Soren-066? You’re under arrest.

[Kwan] The only thing the monster wants is for you to know that there’s nothing you can ever love that it can’t take away.

You believe me now, don’t you?

[intense music]

[serene music]

[tea set clacking]

Good afternoon.

Two match a tea cookies, two macadamia nut, two shortbread…

And a blue nectarine tea.

It’s my favorite.

Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s native only to Earth.

In seven months, the orange flowers are supposed to turn into big red fruits, and then when you take a bite, the seeds just pop, pop, pop in your mouth like little balloons filled with juice.

I also have this.

I think it’s some kind of game.

Oh, you already have one.

[Halsey] That’s all right.

[Julia] Will you teach me?


But first I’d like you to do something for me.

Of course.

I want you to tell me what happens when you leave here.

Is that a problem?

I… I don’t know if I’m allowed to say.

[Halsey] Oh, I’m sure it’s all right.

There’s another room.

What kind of room?

A big one.

I dunno what you’d call it.

What does this one do?

That allows the players to bet on the outcome.

And then what happens?

We roll to see goes first?

No, what’s beyond the room?

Oh, um, there’s a hallway.

Go on.

There are many doors.

What’s behind the doors?

I don’t…

I’m not supposed to look.

Who told you not to look?

[Julia] The man. I’ll roll.

Tell me about him.

You’d like him, he’s very nice.

He’s the one who’s been sending you all the gifts.

[tense music]

I need you to tell me about the man.

My nose is bleeding.

I know.

Tell me what he looks like.

I don’t feel very good.

[low] Tell me his name.

I’m scared.

I know.

The man, his name.

His name!

Tell me his name.

[head thuds]

[serene music]

[Halsey sighs]

[indistinct chatter]

[Riz groaning]

What are you doing?


You heard what Chief said.

How much longer are you gonna keep this up?

They said I’m good to go.

Well, you could talk to Ackerson, take some time, get a chance to…

Time, for what?

To heal.

[Riz] I don’t even notice it most days.

Well, we both know that’s not true.

I’m a Spartan, Kai.

We’re at war.

You can put your pellet back in.

It will help with the pain.

They’ll have to put a bullet in me first.

[distant chatter]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[Kai] How long are you planning on staring at that thing?

Ackerson thinks there’s something wrong with me.

I never thought I’d miss Halsey.

It’s like they don’t trust us.

Do you?

Do I what?

Think there’s something wrong?

It’s only been six months since since they took Cortana out of your head.

It’s not that.

Then what is it?

I know you, John.

We’re more than just…

I saw her.

[Kai] Who, you saw who?

Makee, on Sanctuary.

[emotional music]

Makee’s dead.

I know.

I shot her myself.

I know that.


[slides clacking]

[John] What are you doing?



Why did you change that?

Uh, well, I think it means that…

They’re still out there. They haven’t come back yet.

You know that, right?

Where’s Cobalt?

Look, I’m just doing my job.

[Vannak] What’s going on?

[Kai] Yeah, that’s what we’re trying to figure out.

What happened to Cobalt?

I have no idea. They tell me to change the board, so I, I change the board.

Who tells you to change it? Keyes, Ackerson?

Put that back.

[tense music]

[haunting choral music]

[energetic chatter]

[steam hissing]

[Oswyn] Next.

[scanner beeping]

[tense music]

[scanner beeping]

Clive, we’ve got one.

[woman coughing]

[energetic chatter]

[refugee] Thank you, thank you.

[tense music continues]

Ah, come on.


That doesn’t belong to you.

But you belong to me.

You’re indentured to the Spiffs.

I don’t think so.

Well, [scanner beeping] your tag says otherwise.

[ominous music]

[pots clattering]

Hey, stop!

[intense music]

Drop the gun!

Take the alley!

[Kwan panting]

[both grunting]

[body thudding]

[people gasping]

[man] Stop, she’s here!

[people clamoring]

[Clive] She’s here!

[people clamoring]

[Kwan grunting]

[Kwan panting]


[Kwan grunts]

[people clamoring]


[Kwan grunting]

[Kwan panting]


[Clive grunts]

[Clive] Move!

[Kwan panting]

She’s there. The disposal! Move!

[Kwan groaning]

[machinery thudding]

[people chattering]

[Kwan pants and grunts]

[Kwan screams]

[tag clinks]

[Oswyn] Shut up. Did you hear that?

[machinery thudding]

[Oswyn] Take that side.

[machinery whirrs]

[conveyor belt clatters]

[tag beeping]


[tense music]

[machinery thudding]

Be a smart girl.

Ruby Ann bought Soren’s crew. He’s not coming back.

[machinery thudding]

[machinery beeping]


[eerie music]

[low] You slippery bitch.

[loudly] That’s a shame. Now I won’t even make it quick.

[Kwan panting]

[Oswyn grunts]

[Kwan yelps]

[Kwan gasping]

[Oswyn groaning]

[tag clinks]

[Kwan grunts]

[Kwan yelps]

[Kwan gasping]

[tag beeping]

[hammer strikes]

[Riz grunts]

[chains clinking]


I said stop.

How bad is it?

It’s nothing.

You assholes.

At war your whole life, surprised when you break down.

Let me help.

Not here.

[Louis] I could recommend that they pull your ass off the line.

And I could kill you.

There she is.

Relax, no one’s looking.

How would you know?

[Louis chuckles]

[Riz groans]

That hurt?


[grunts] Dick!

Be nice.

Don’t let them see.

[Louis] It’s cool, I got you.

[Riz] Thanks.

You know you can’t do this forever.

Spartans never die.

I’m serious.

There’s other things to be, other ways to live.

You ever think about that?

[Riz] Think about what?

Life without all this Spartan shit.

You mean a life that doesn’t matter?

[Louis chuckles]

Louis, I’m sorry, I didn’t…

It’s all right.

I didn’t mean…

I know how you assholes think.

I was you once.

You were great.

You were the best.

Don’t blow smoke up my ass.

But it’s true.

[Riz] I wish you were out there with us.

[Louis] Yeah, I used to wish that too.

What changed?

[somber music]

You wouldn’t understand.

[John] Where’s Cobalt?

[Ackerson] Do you want a drink?

I don’t drink.

No, of course not.

What about food? Do you eat?

What happened to Cobalt?

Are they still alive?

Well, as far as I know, Spartans never die.

Clear us for action, or I’ll find somebody who will.

Are you threatening to go over my head, John?

You like a hierarchy, I respect that.

But make no mistake here, John.

The ONI is running the show.

And I am the ONI.

You sure I can’t get you something, hm?

Then allow me to be direct.

Your account of events on Sanctuary has proven dubious.

[John] What?

We were unable to corroborate it.

Well, talk to that corporal, Perez, she was there.

Yes, I did. We spoke at length, but these things that you insist happened,

Covenant Elites wiping out Marines?

Those Marines are dead.

What do you think happened to them?

I think the Covenant glassed the planet.

I think it was a terrible tragedy.

But the fact remains, the corporal did not confirm your story.

[chuckles] What are you talking about?

What does that mean?

It means she has absolutely no recollection of what you say you encountered on Sanctuary.

That’s impossible.

She’s lying.

[somber music]

Put yourself in my position, John.

Given your recent behavior, would you trust you?

Can’t win this war without us, sir.

You’re right.

I need Master Chief. We all do.

But John, at the end of the day he’s just a guy in a suit.

[door rattling]

[Kessler] I brought you food.

[soft, pained grunt]

What’s wrong?

[machinery whirring]


Laera, what are you doing down here?

I told you I’d come get you when the ship was ready.

You said it would be ready today.

Yeah, I know what I said.

Um… we found a problem.

We found a crack in the stream manifold.

How long?

[Castor] There’s a lot of debris around that cargo ship, took more hits than we realized.

How long?

It’s hard to say.

A couple of days, maybe more.

[tense music rises]

We’re doing the best we can here.

You should go upstairs and get some rest.

Soren never would’ve left any of you behind.

That cargo ship was in a decaying orbit.

We got hit, lost the gyro. It was either detach or…

You said that.

How’s Kessler doing?

[Laera] Kessler’s fine.

This sort of thing’s pretty hard on a kid.

Soren is not dead.

No, of course not.

He’s alive, do you understand me?


Laera, we all wanna find Soren.

You know this isn’t the only ship on the Rubble.

This is Soren’s ship!

Your captain.

[Antares] Wait.

[Kessler] What happened to your ear?

Did I do something wrong?


No, it’s grown-up stuff.

[Kessler] I know grown-up stuff.

I have to go.


Because… I just do.

[Kessler] Bad people are looking for you?

How do you…

[Kessler] I told you I know grown-up things.

You don’t know anything.

You’re in danger.

[Kwan] You, your mom…

[Kessler] When my dad comes back, he’ll protect us.

He’s not coming back!

[emotional music]

[visor clacks]

[Kwan sighs] Kessler.

[Kwan shouts, object clatters]

[Kwan panting]

[Kwan sighs]

[somber music]

[running footsteps]

[tense music]

[Riz grunting]

[Riz panting]

[Riz grunting]

[Riz panting]

[water rushing]

[Riz panting]

[John] Riz, I see you.


[John] Too slow.

I have PID on target, taking the shot.

[Riz] Chief! [Groans]

[gun fires]

[Riz shouting]

[Riz groaning]

[Vannak chuckles]

[Vannak] Game over.

Tell me, what is it like?


Losing, I wouldn’t know.

You’re insufferable.

Because I’ve never lost.

Yeah, I get it.

So for me, it’ll be a new experience.

Chief, make him stop.

We’re going again.

Riz, you’re up.


Well, I can go, Chief.

I said Riz.



[Kai] Look at her.

[John] Hey, you good?

[Riz] Yes, Master Chief.

[Riz grunts]

Something you wanna say?

[somber music]

[ominous music]

[Riz grunts]

[Riz panting]

Come on.


[John] Vannak.

[Vannak] I got her.



[panting continues]

[soft cry]

I have PID on target.

Come on, come on.

[Riz panting]

[Riz grunts]

[Riz grunting]

[Riz grunting]

[ominous music]

[Vannak] Riz!


[gasping and coughing]

[Chief] Get up.

Don’t you quit.


Get up!

I can’t.

You’ve gotta stop pushing her, we’ve been out here all night training, why?

Because they’re training!

I told you what I saw on Sanctuary.

Our enemy is out there.

They’re getting close, I can prove it.

How are you gonna do that?

I’m gonna find Cobalt.

Run it again.


[die clatter]

[serene music]


The game’s over.

But we’re playing to 50.

I got over 50.

I turned the doubling cube each round, and you accepted every time.

Sometimes taking a small loss is better than trying to win.

I understand.

Who’s the man who sent you here?

How do you know about him?

Well, these lovely gifts.

Someone must be giving them to you.

It won’t stop.

[Halsey] Tell me about the man.

[stammers] He’s…

[Halsey] Yes, you said he’s nice.

Yes, but describe him.

What’s happening to me?

You’re dying.

What? Did I do something wrong?

Look at me, look at me.

I’m scared.

I know.

[Julia] I’m very scared.

Tell me his name.

Tell me the man, his name.

[heavy thud]

[serene music continues]

[calling out] What’s the point in this?

[ominous music]

[Louis] Riz, relax. You’re good.

I shouldn’t be here.

He’s the only guy that can help you.

How would you know that?

‘Cause he’s the one who saved me.

Look, when we came outta augmentation…

I felt completely new.

Even when people started getting sick, I was invincible.

After a couple of days, there was this darkness at the edge of my vision.

I just pretended like it wasn’t there.

But it grew, and it grew.

I never told anybody.

You could have told me.

No, I couldn’t.

Why not?

‘Cause then you’d know I wasn’t one of you.

I knew I only had a few days.

I didn’t wanna be somebody going blind.

I wanted to be a Spartan.

Even if just for a little while.

You know, the last day I could really see anything…

I remember looking at all of you how proud you were how beautiful.

Then it all went dark.

[Danilo] Be well.

Who’s this?

She’s a friend.

[Danilo] Hello, friend.

[Ackerson] I am a bit worried about John.

Not Master Chief, but John the man.

And I know how long you’ve been together.

I know you care about him.

In fact, I venture to say you probably know him better than anyone.

Do you agree?

Well, I…

[Ackerson] I thought perhaps you might help me to help him.

Is that something you could do?

Of course.

[Ackerson] Have you witnessed any behavior that might indicate John could be a threat to his team, or, God forbid, to himself?

No, sir.

That’s a relief.

I just think it’s a lot, sir.

Carrying everything he carries, seeing everything he’s seen.

Like what they did to him, sir.

I just wonder sometimes

if he can let the past become the past.

Do you have concerns about John’s mental state?

No. Absolutely not, sir.

The chief is solid. He’s the best we’ve got.

Well, I certainly understand what he sees in you.

Thank you, sir.

I only hope he values your loyalty.

Will that be all?

Yes, dismissed.

My door is always open, Kai.

Why didn’t you tell Ackerson what you saw?

I’m sorry, this isn’t a good time.


[Manuela speaking Spanish]

Abuela, just go back inside, okay?

[Manuela] Everybody’s waiting.

[Manuela speaking Spanish]

He was just about to leave.

You are very large.

Yes, ma’am.

He’s someone I work with.

[Manuela] You were there on that planet with Talia?


Why are you standing out here?

Come and join us, we have a table full of food up on the roof.

You’re not the first to come see me.

You warriors think your scars are on the outside, but they’re not.

[Danilo sighs]

[softly audible wince]

What is that?

[somber music]

What is that?

That’s just your pain.

It’s okay.

Let it go.

[Riz gasps]

Your life is yours.

It belongs to you.

I promise you, it’s yours.

[family praying in Spanish]

[finger tapping]

[ominous music]

[soldier screaming]

[Manuela] A ver, make sure our guest gets enough to eat.

[speaks Spanish]

What’s the story with you two? Hmm? Hmm?

Can we just eat, please?

Look at this guy, he must have women climbing all over him.

Probably some men too.

[Lucia] Hey, mind your business.

Come on, Talia never brought anyone home before.

[Talia] I didn’t bring him home.

Yeah, and I think we all deserve to know if they’re.

[Antonio murmuring] Antonio?

Basta, Antonio.

[Mateo smacks lips]

[Lucia scolds Antonio in Spanish]

[Antonio] Sorry.

Hey, what’s your KDR?

Kill-Death ratio.

Come on, man, you don’t play Spartan Attack?

I don’t keep score.

[Mateo chuckles]

Think I almost peed myself.

[Mateo speaking Spanish]

I told you, he’s one of them!

Oh! I’m calling Beto.


[Mateo] Yeah, you should.

What? We have a Spartan at our table.

Of course I’m gonna call him.

[Talia speaks Spanish]

[Lucia] I’d like to make a toast.

To Talia and her Marines, and the Spartans.

We thank God for their sacrifices.

[Antonio] To Talia.


[Lucia] Talia.

Little cousin who kicked some serious Covenant ass.

Hey, what’s your problem?

[Mateo] Way to go, asshole.

[Antonio] What did I do?

[Talia] The comms went down around the relay.

I couldn’t figure out what was causing it.

I was scanning the band and… I heard something in the interference.

What did you hear?

[Talia] I don’t know.

I just knew we weren’t alone.

I knew there was something out there.

I could feel it, and Rand could feel it.

And I didn’t see anything.

And now all my guys are gone.

How do you explain that?

How do you explain why that thing didn’t kill me?

‘Cause it should’ve killed me.

That’s why I didn’t tell Ackerson.

They gave me a medal.

I still don’t know what it’s for.


Is that all I did?


[eerie music]

You heard a message. This will happen again.

You’ll think about it every day.

Their faces pop up when you least expect.

Doesn’t get better.

Just gets further away.

[Halsey] It is strange.

The clones all described a nice man.

And yet here you are.

Well, we both knew I’d be here someday.

There was a pomegranate tree in my father’s garden in Port Vernon.

He spent years cultivating it, even though they’re not native to Endymion.

And he used to wake me up a couple of hours before sunrise every day to till the garden.

I resented him for this, I thought the work was beneath me.

And I remember one evening there was a lightning storm, and I snuck out of my room, and I set his tree on fire.

He never suspected I had anything to do with it.

I have never told anyone that story, and yet somehow that tree…

There’s only one person who could know about it.

I assure you, any resemblance is pure coincidence.

Where is she?

Cortana? She’s secure.

Where’s John?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

What is it you want from me?

What I want is to introduce you to someone.

This is Julia.

She’ll be your attendant.

I’m sure you two will enjoy getting to know each other.

Your tree.

[ominous music]

[urgent music rises]

Show me the flight plan for Cobalt team’s mission.

[computer] No missions associated with that call sign.

Show me all Spartan flight plans.

[computer] Displaying Spartan flight plans.

Hello, Cortana.

Hello, Colonel Ackerson.

Did you find the information I provided useful?

Quite, thank you.

Is there anything else you would like to know about Dr. Halsey?

No, we can save that for later.

So, have you made any progress with the problem I gave you?

Yes, but it’s a complex simulation.

I could provide you with a more accurate analysis if you could give me access to external systems.

Well, I’m afraid I can’t do that.


[Ackerson] But give it your best shot, even with a margin for error, there’s value to your projections.

Based on the data available to me, there’s a 97% probability.

[ominous music]

And with the data you’ve been given, are there any viable strategies you would recommend to prevent that outcome?

All of my simulations return the same result regardless of any action taken.

I see.

So there’s nothing to be done.

I can continue to run simulations.

No, that won’t be necessary.

[Cortana] Are you leaving already?


I’ll try and visit again.

But you won’t.

You can’t.

According to the simulations.

I know.

It’s just something people say.

[ominous music continues]

Crosscheck communications relays.

[computer] There are two active missions.

Meridian relay, standard crew rotation.

Unknown mission, Epsilon Eridane system.

Zoom in.

[computer] Mission time, 81 hours.

Identify call sign.

[computer] No call sign associated with this flight plan.

They never left the planet.

[Bravo] Hotel Victor 3-2, this is Reach Flight Bravo.

You are cleared for Sector Longhorn, heading 2-4-9’er.

[John] Copy that, Bravo. 3-2 out.

[assistant] Autopilot disengaged, new course.

[aircraft whooshing]

[Vannak] No training?

What’s going on?

I thought we were going to Longhorn Valley.

I was looking forward to turning you all into chump bait.

Change of plans.


Where are we going?

Visegrad Relay. Riz.

The comms array on Sanctuary went down just before the Covenant attacked.

Visegrad went down a few days ago, and they sent Cobalt.

We’re going to get ’em back.

[seat mechanism whirring]

So we’re cleared for combat?

Affirmative. Vic, ready.

Vannak, conduct PCIs.

You got it, Chief.

[ominous music continues]

What exactly is the mission?

The Covenant’s on Reach.

[music crescendos]

[static transmission]

[marching footfalls]


Make ready.

[building rumbling]



[automatic gunfire]

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Cease fire!

[guns cocking]

Oh, shit.

First squad.


[automatic gunfire]

First squad, sit-rep!

Second squad, go!

[quiet panting]

[soldier] Contact!

[screams and gunshots]

[ominous music]

[Kessler grunting]


[woman speaking alien language] Enough!

[low growl]

[speaking alien language] There’s no honor in this fight.

[speaking alien language] Door.

[low growl]

[speaking alien language] Please.

[door crashes open]

[ominous music]

[low hum]

[low gasps]

[closing theme music plays]

[theme music ends]

[signature theme plays]


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