For All Mankind – S04E04 – House Divided | Transcript

An accident on Mars strains relationships, while Miles embarks on a risky venture.
For All Mankind - S04E04 - House Divided

Original release date: December 1, 2023

An accident on Mars strains relationships, while Miles embarks on a risky venture.

* * *

[driver, on radio] Inbound with two tons of bauxite.

[machines whirring]

[cosmonaut, in Russian] You couldn’t be more wrong.

It is a return to the ideals of Lenin and Stalin.

Oh, please.

I came here to test the modified anchor clamps, not discuss geopolitics.

I already tested the clamps.

They work fine.

If only your opinion were enough for Star City.

Let’s go!

[cosmonaut] You don’t have Gorbachev and his cronies to protect you anymore.

New times, Svetlana Zakharova.

Oh, yes.

Will Korzhenko save us the same way Stalin did?

Shooting dissidents in the forest and dumping their bodies in pits?

[cosmonaut] Stalin won the Great Patriotic War.

[Svetlana] The blood of an entire generation won that war.

Not Stalin.

Listen, the West walked all over Mother Russia!

Korzhenko will return us to the days when the world lived in fear of our might.

You are delusional, Vasily.

And you are a traitor.

Spitting on your own culture spreading your legs in front of the West.

Go to hell.

Go yourself.

This is complete bullshit!

[Vasily speaks Russian]

[both grunting]

[Vasily grunting]

[suit hisses]

[Vasily wheezes, pants]

Exhale or your lungs will burst!


[in English] Mayday, Mayday! Happy Valley, we need a medevac at Depo One ASAP!

[Russian chatter]

…and may never regain consciousness.

I have spoken to President Korzhenko and he demands that there be repercussions.

[in English] Jesus Christ.

What did Mayakovsky say?

Uh, Vasily’s still unconscious. Got a hell of a case of the bends.

Won’t be out of the hyperbaric chambers for another few days minimum.

And that’s when they’ll know if there’s any long-term damage.

Been seeing more of this up here in the last couple of weeks since what happened in Moscow.

Russian against Russian.

We can’t have this, Ed. Not up here.

[groans] What are you saying?

I’m pulling her wings.

[scoffs] Just because he lost the fight doesn’t mean he was innocent.

Svetlana could have killed Galkin.

But she didn’t.

Either way, I’m removing her from flight status indefinitely.

Come on, Dani. You know what flying means to her.

Yes. But there have got to be consequences for what she did.

She’ll be confined to the base without pay for 60 sols.

I think you should reconsider.

You said it yourself. Look, she’s one of the best pilots we got.

And if you wanna stay on the asteroid training mission schedule, we’ll have a hell of a time

trying to find someone else to bring up to her level.

I’ve made my decision.

Bring her in.


[Ed] Svetlana.


[Danielle] Comrade Zakharova.

I have read the incident report, and I’ve come to a decision about your punishment.

It’s irrelevant.

What do you mean?

I’ve just heard from Star City. I’ve been recalled to Moscow.

I am to go home on Unity.

Uh, Unity leaves tomorrow.


I’m to stand trial for assault and crimes against a patriot of Soviet Union.

But-Wait. That doesn’t make sense.

The Soviets have never recalled a cosmonaut for something like this before.

Vasily’s family is connected to the new regime.

And with what we’ve all been hearing about political retribution under this new Soviet government,

I just don’t feel like I can agree to send her back under these circumstances.

As the Commander of Happy Valley, my first priority is to the safety of this crew.

[line clicks]

Well, I gotta say I’m with Commander Poole on this one.

We can’t just stand back while they ship her to some gulag.

I hear you, Will. I do. But… where this gets tricky is with the M-7 Charter that President Wilson negotiated with Gorbachev.

[Hughes] It says it pretty clear.

Any nation that desires to recall one of its citizens from Mars, it’s within their rights.

So we’re just gonna kowtow to this-this lunatic?

No one said anything about kowtowing.

The president wants to stand up for what’s right.

But history is not made by talking with only the people that agree with you.

Now tell us more about this new head of Roscosmos.

So I know who we’re dealing with here.

[liaison] Irina Morozova.

From what little we know about her, she’s been in the security and surveillance apparatus at Star City since ’69.

From an elite Russian family in Moscow.

She seemed to have fallen out of favor with the Gorbachev regime, as did much of the KGB, which, we think, is why she backed Korzhenko.

We’ve been getting reports that she’s been slowly purging Roscosmos of those thought to be disloyal to the new regime.

And it looks like she’s settling scores up on Mars now too.

Cosmonaut Zakharova was an outspoken supporter of Gorbachev.

Well, I’m sure a compromise can be found.

If I can hash out a good deal with the UAW, I guarantee I can with her.

I like working with the Russians.

They’re direct.

They don’t like beating around the bush.

We’ll just have to talk it out.

Here is the underwear for Libes, dental floss for Crouse, socks for Halotek.

Here we go.

[Miles] Okay.

I got some more orders.

David Markman wants more beef jerky.


And Reilly wants more porn.


These are his preferred, uh, genres.

Ah, Reilly, he is a sick fuck.

[chuckles] A sick fuck with money.

[chuckles] My favorite kind. [chuckles]

And Lee gave me the next order for the North Koreans.

They want more fungal cream, more energy bars, more Fruit of the Loom.

This North Korean market, Milosh.

This is a gold mine. [chuckles, speaks Russian]

Speaking of which, uh, any word on that special request?

Our North Korean friend was asking.

My associate is working on it. Tell Lee to be patient.

Your, uh–

Your associate, how long have you worked with him?

Many years. He is friend.

We worked together on Moon. Now he is Earthside.

And your associate, would he be interested in other business ventures?

I mean, like, if we found something up here that we could sell down there?

[laughs] What could people on Earth want from this wasteland?

Well, I sent my daughter a Mars rock.

Well, Sam found it for me, actually, but it’s like a really rare volcanic glass.

A rock?

Here. Just listen.

She loved the rock you sent her, but… [sighs] …don’t get mad.

Um, okay, we were at the Galleria and I was just browsing for a new pair of earrings and, you know–

Of course, Lily was playing with her favorite new shiny red rock.

And the owner of the jewelry store started asking me about where the thing came from.

Well, I told her.

And, get this, she offered me five grand for it on the spot.

[chuckles] She’s-She’s gonna make jewelry out of it, and she wants more.

I’m thinking if your guy could get it to Amanda, this could be a big opportunity.

[Ilya] Mmm.

So now we are import-export, huh?

Why not?

No. Milosh, this is not what we do.

I have system. Same system for years.

Ilya, she made five grand off a couple ounces.

I’m talking about it’s rare even up here.

Could you imagine what we could do with that?

No, we have to be careful. You understand?

Start sending things down, we’d need more people.

More people means more risk.

More mouths to feed. More ways to get fucked.

My way is the best way, Milosh. You understand?

Yeah, I understand.

[Hobson] And it is my sincere hope that the two of us can find a reasonable solution to this situation that is acceptable to both our nations.

We are partners after all.

[Irina] Indeed, we are.

As partners, we appreciate your cooperation in returning Svetlana Zakharova to the Soviet Union to face justice.

[chuckles] Look, it was just a little dustup. That’s all.

Tempers ran hot.

They’re under a lot of pressure to get the asteroid program up and running.

And from what I’m being told, Galkin is on the mend.

So this really would be best handled by Commander Poole in situ.

It is not a question of his recovery.

Cosmonaut Zakharova broke Soviet law, Administrator Hobson.

At any rate, the Happy Valley Commander is on top of the situation.

Our charter clearly states that no individual member of the M-7 has authority over base disciplinary action.

That is in the purview of the base commander.

But this doesn’t fall under base discipline.

As I said, this is about enforcement of law. Soviet law.

Zakharova’s a Soviet citizen and she assaulted a Soviet citizen.

And the M-7 Charter also clearly stated we have the right to recall any Soviets from Mars at our discretion.

A right we now wish to exercise.

Well, that’s the tricky thing, Irina.

As you know, that agreement was made when Gorbachev was head of the USSR, but now with your recent change of government that you’ve all experienced–

Am I also to understand that once Albert Gore became president of the United States, all of President Ellen Wilson’s treaties become invalidated?

[Hobson] That–

It is not the same thing.

At all.

Why don’t we just cut to the chase here, okay?

You are insisting on this because Vasily Galkin’s uncle has close ties to your new premier.

Propaganda spread by opponents of the new government.

Galkin’s family has no bearing on this.

As it would have none in your system of justice.

The simple fact is the United States is not going to sanction this transfer.

If you don’t agree to abide

by the terms we have all agreed to in the Charter, then we will be forced to reconsider participation in the M-7.


[Hobson sighs]

Well, that didn’t go well, did it?

[in Russian] Good day, everyone.

There is much to discuss.

Let’s begin.

First order of business.

The Americans have chosen to disregard the terms of the Mars Treaty and are refusing to send Cosmonaut Zakharova back to face justice for her aggression against the nephew of a highly respected member of the new politburo.

We must resist this egregious act.

Our response is in progress.

They will face consequences for this course of action.

[bureaucrat] Director…

it may be wise to reconsider this position.

If we hope to reactivate the asteroid program Zakharova should remain at her post.

Are you suggesting that Zakharova did not, in fact, attack Vasily Galkin?

No, I am–

If you were stabbed in the back, Comrade Babanin, would you hand the dagger back to your assailant?

No, of course not.

I did not think so.

We must find out if we can once again trust the Americans.

To this end, there will be no reactivation of the asteroid program until we know what went wrong with the Kronos mission.

A tragedy that took the life of our beloved Comrade Kuznetsov.

Comrade Semenov, you have the preliminary draft of the XF Kronos asteroid capture accident investigation ready for us?


Comrade Volkova, would you mind handing them out for me, please?

[Volkova] Immediately, Comrade.

Please give one to Margaret Reynolds as well.

I want her to review the findings.

My apologies, we only made enough for–

You can give her Babanin’s copy.

Comrade Semenov, please continue.

[Semenov] The American design was flawed.

The problem was caused by an underdamped harmonic oscillation, induced by the spacecraft altitude control system.

Altitude control thruster firings on Ranger-1 excited…

[jazz music playing]


[music ends]

[Sam, in English] Commander Poole’s protecting her.

And she’s just walking around up there like nothing happened.

Yukking it up with the XO.

And I heard that Vasily might be paralyzed too.


That’s what Manush told me.

[Rich] Really?

A cool 20 says Vasily gets sent home, and the cosmonaut gets a slap on the wrist.

No. You really think that?

We gotta spell it out for you? Svetlana, she’s-she’s an anointed one.

She’s a cosmonaut. And Vasily, he’s just a peasant like us.

I can guarantee you it would be a very different story if one of us sends one of them to the hospital.


Very different.

Guys, I mean, Vasily is kind of an asshole.

[Sam laughs]

What? I mean, you know it’s true. You know it.

And that makes it okay?

What-No, okay. I’m not saying–

No, the truth is they don’t give a shit if one of us gets hurt or worse.

Hey, Sam. You got a second?


[Maya] It’s too much. It’s gotta stop.

[Gerardo] I’m telling you, that’s how it goes.

That obsidian rock. You remember where you found it?

Yeah. Yeah. It was-It was by Peckinpah Mesa.

There were a bunch there.

Would you mind taking me out tomorrow morning?

I think I can sell them back on Earth. I’ll give you a cut.

How can you be thinking about selling fucking rocks right now

when Vasily’s laying in a hyperbaric chamber?

There’s nothing we can do about that right now, except not play by those motherfuckers’ rules.

So this is about justice, not about filling your pockets?

Why can’t it be about both?

Come on. I cut a deal with the suit soop and he’s gonna let me skip the line and get a pressure suit.

I don’t have rover access and you do.

So you in?


Fine, I’ll hoof it.

[Sam scoffs]



Damn it.

[Volkova] Wait.

May I?

[footsteps departing]

Same diameter and weight.


If only the coffee were worth the effort.

I’ll take anything right about now.

[Volkova] Hmm.

[Margo] Thank you.

[coins clatter]

[machine whirs]

[machine clicking]

Are these spin vector calculations for the new asteroid capture protocols?


Yes, and I admit

I’m unable to get the finite element model to replicate consistently.

May I?

If you switch reference frames, you might have better luck with inverting the matrices.

Thank you.

We’re even.

Uh, Tatyana Alexandrovna Volkova.

I’m Margaret.

I know. We all know who you are.

No one even so much as says, “Hello.”

Director Morozova…

Well, she made it very clear that, uh, we should keep our distance.


So why did you help me just now?

Well, a woman without coffee is a dangerous woman.

[Margo chuckles]

Very true.

[Margo chuckles]

[Margo] Good night.

Good night, Ms. Reynolds.

Have you tried rebooting the primary root server?

Twice. Also tried cycling the CPU processors.

Zilch. It’s still all in Cyrillic.

Be right back.

Yevgeniy, you know what’s going on with the user interface?

It’s all in Cyrillic.

Yes. Roscosmos decided to revert Ops computer system back to original Soviet parameters.

What? That is going to severely disrupt operations.

As the commander of this base, any changes need to be run–

Soviet Union no longer recognizes your role as commander.

You can’t be serious.

I’m sorry.

Son of a bitch.

I mean, I thought we were beyond all this bullshit.

It looks like all the other Soviet-aligned countries are backing their play.

ESA, JAXA are still with us. ISRO’s playing it coy as usual.

What’s Houston got to say about all this?

Well, Hobson’s getting into it with Moscow, but it’s not looking good.

They’re digging in their heels. They still want Svetlana sent back to Earth.

Wish Kuz was here. He wouldn’t have put up with any of this shit.

Yeah, you got that right.

I doubt this is over, so I want you all to do safety checks.

Then run full diagnostics on all your equipment, your stations, make sure everything’s still in working order.

Palmer, let’s do a security sweep of the entire base.

Make sure they’re not up to something else.

And I want to put someone outside of Svetlana Zakharova’s quarters immediately to make sure the Soviets don’t try and grab her.

Good idea.

All right, you’ve all got your marching orders.

Let’s meet back here in two hours.

[Ed, Danielle] All right.

[Gore, on phone] How is this even possible, Eli?

Well, sir, I–

A month ago, Happy Valley was a beacon of international cooperation.

And now it’s the front line of a new Cold War.

Mr. President. Al, I’m working on it, but this new director of Roscosmos–

You remember my speech in Chicago, don’t you?

I said the Cold War was over.

You think they’re not going to play that on repeat until election day?

That is not gonna happen, sir. I am going to resolve this.

See that you do.

And may I–

[line clicks, beeps]

[phone beeps]


[Christine Francis] The future of the M-7 alliance is being called into question in the wake of a diplomatic crisis over the legal status of Cosmonaut Svetlana Zakharova.

International cooperation has been a hallmark of the Mars colony to this point.

But that seems to have evaporated as several M-7 nations are refusing to back the Gore administration’s efforts to protect Zakharova from reprisals by the new Soviet regime.

The growing conflict has fueled concerns that this may reignite tensions between the two superpowers for the first time since the early 1990s.

Because of what is at stake, this matter must be resolved expeditiously, but deliberately and without any rush to judgment.

This is the question that’s on everybody’s mind.

Are you worried about how the current diplomatic crisis between the United States and the Soviet Union will impact Helios’s financial position?

Not at all. Helios is a multinational corporation.

We don’t have a dog in this fight.

[Miles] Shaw.

You got my suit and camera ready?

[Shaw] Pretty cool, huh?

Dev Ayesa back in charge.

Can’t wait till he kicks some ass down there.

Yeah, fuck that guy.

What’s your beef with Dev?

Man, he put a lot of people I know out of work.

Mr. Buzzkill over here.

Here’s your camera and cooling garment.

I’ll bring your suit out to you.

Store your shit in one of those lockers over there.

…’cause Helios is a service company. I’m here to change all that.

To get back to the original vision.

Building a thriving colony on Mars.

Not just for astronauts and scientists, but for anyone who wants to make the journey.

[Miles] Hey, how you doing?

My first time out on the surface.

I’m gonna take some pictures for the kiddos.

[sighs] And here’s your suit.

Can I get one of those suits?

They’re all booked.

If you want to get out there today, this is the only one I got available.

[helmet clicks]


[no audible dialogue]

[Shaw] You gotta key your radio.

Is it supposed to smell like this?

[Miles] They’re on that mesa, pilgrim.

They’ve been following us for two days.

Only one tribe wears a war bonnet like that.

Noyuhka Comanche.

Don’t look, you fool!

[breathes heavily]

[grunting] Where the hell are these things?

This is where Sam said they’d be.

[breathes heavily]

[breathes heavily] Bingo.

[heavy breathing continues]


[panting] Goddamn it!

[grunts] Fuck!


Oh, man! [grunts, shouts]


Commander Poole?

Uh, sorry to bother you–

What’s on your mind?

Well, uh…

Ma’am, downstairs, we’re, um, concerned about the way you dealt with-with Svetlana Zakharova.

Who’s we?

Some of us Helios workers.

Look, Vasily was our colleague and we feel like the punishment cosmonaut Zakharova receives should be more appropriate.

How do you know what her punishment’s gonna be?

Well, we heard that you might not be sending her back.

You heard?

I see.


Well, I talked to everybody who was there, and you have no idea how complicated the situation is.

Now, if you’ll, excuse me–

She put him in a hyperbaric chamber.

I mean, the nitrogen in his blood could lead to a stroke, paralysis or worse.

And she’s just walking around as if it’s another day?

It’s not right.

You know it’s not right.



[Danielle sighs]

How’s he progressing, doc?

Arterial gas embolism is the main concern.

No way to predict.

But he is strong. We can hope.

What do you think of all this mess?

You and I, we’ve been through worse.

Hey, where’s Miles?

We gotta get the obsidian into the hopper cargo before launch.

How should I know, Rich?

Thought you went with him.

No, no, he–

He asked me, but I said no.

He should have been back by now.

It’s been almost five hours.

We need to go find him.

[Sam] Miles, Sam. Do you read?

Miles, Samantha, do you read? Over.

Waters, rover 7, I’m arriving at Peckinpah Mesa now.

I think I see where he was headed.

[Rich] Copy that.

[Sam breathing heavily]

[whispering] No, no, no. No, no.

Thank God. Miles? Miles, are you okay?

Miles. Miles. Miles!

[suit beeping]

[beeping continues]

Sam, you found me. You found me.

Thank God. Thank God. You gotta get me out of here, Sam.

What happened?


Can you hear me? How the hell did you get down there?

[no audible dialogue]

Radio must be busted. Hang on, I’m gonna get you out of there.


[machine whirring]

[machine powers down]

[machine whirring]

[Sam sighs]

[grunts, pants]

[breathing heavily]

[pants, grunts]

I fell and I think I gashed my arm when I fell.

Thank you for coming to get me.

You fucking asshole!

What the fuck is wrong with you?


That tank in the Helios suit is the only reason you’re not dead!

Sam, relax!

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Sam, Sam, calm down.



Hold still.


Take it easy.

Okay, all done.


[Rich, on radio] Rover 7, Waters, come in. Have you located Miles? Come in.

We, uh-We should get back.


Waters, rover 7, I found him. All is fine. We’re heading back soon.

[Rich] Great news, rover 7. Please smack him in the head for me.

Is this accurate?



[Semenov on phone, indistinct]

[in Russian] Come in to my office.

[Semenov speaks Russian]

[in English] Sit.

I want you here.

[in Russian] Have a seat, Comrade Semenov.

We were just going over the accident report issued by your department.

Is there some problem?

[in English] Tell him what you told me.

There was a manufacturing error in the asteroid anchor bolts that were designed and built by Roscosmos, but it wasn’t caught by quality control.

They did not meet specifications and should not have been certified for flight.

That was one of the main underlying causes of the failure.

What about Commander Baldwin sanctioning an emergency EVA?

Your report was quite clear about the command and control issues, but even if everything had gone according to plan, those anchor bolts would have failed.

And so would the mission.

Your report doesn’t mention this.

[speaks Russian]

[in English] I will not sit here and listen to an American making unfounded accusation–

You will sit here until you are dismissed.

[clears throat] When they get this, NASA will double-check every calculation before combining it in the joint incident report.

They’ll realize that the extrapolated tensile yield strengths of the bolts couldn’t possibly be correct.

And Roscosmos would be accused then of a cover-up.

And President Korzhenko’s government embarrassed before the entire world.

[in Russian] Director, I–

[Irina] You’re a good engineer.

You knew about this, didn’t you?

But you didn’t include it in the report.


It was a units error made early in fabrication.

NASA sent the torque test specifications in pound-feet, but we work in Newton-meters.

And someone screwed up the conversion.

The bolts passed and we flew them.

Only after the accident did we… [sighs] discover the error.

Who screwed up the conversion?

My team performed the calculations and therefore I am responsible.

Finally… some accountability.

[in English] Excellent work, Margaret. Stay here.

[in Russian] Come, Kirill.

[door opens]

[footsteps approaching]

[in English] It’s a poem Pushkin wrote in 1825.

He wrote it to Anna Petrovna Kern, with whom he had an affair.

[in Russian] “Remote in my darkened exile, the days dragged by so slowly. Without grace. Without inspiration. Without tears. Without life. Without love. Then my spirit woke and you… you appeared again. Like a transient vision. Like pure beauty’s spirit.”

[in English] You did a service today to the Soviet Union.

And to me.

I want you to have this.

It’s a picture of the engineers of our ground control in 1969.


You knew him?


We worked together. A long time.

He was a close friend.

Please accept this as a token of my appreciation of what you’ve done today.

What will happen to him?

To Kirill?

He will find a new employment.

I wanted you here because I know what you’re capable of.

All of them, they’re afraid.

Afraid of their own shadows.

You are different.

The Americans took you for granted.

I will not.

And I assure you the work we will do together will take us far into the cosmos.

Thank you, Director.

[electronic voice] Pick up the pace.

Pick up the pace.


Pick up the pace. Pick up the pace.

Shut up.

Pick up the pace.

Pick up the pace. Pick up the pace.

Shut the fuck up!

Pick up the pace.

Pick up the pace.

Shut the fuck up!

You fucking piece of shit!

Pick up the pace.

Eli, what’s going on?

I’m sorry, I just…

It wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

We both know the bike isn’t the problem.

I know. I’m sorry.

The president tore into me. He was pretty peeved.

How peeved?

Well, he may have implied that I have single-handedly brought back the Cold War.


I’m sorry. I know how hard this job is.

I’m fine. It’s just–

You’re not fine, Eli.

Your cholesterol’s up again. You’re not sleeping.

You can barely sit down with your hemorrhoids flaring up.

Is this you trying to make me feel better, Kath?

You didn’t have to take this job.

I know.

I just-I felt it was–

Your duty.


I know. But there’s no end to that.

It’s not like one day you wake up and decide you’ve made enough of a difference.

The only difference I’m making now is destroying our alliance on Mars.

Well, you’ll figure it out, hon. You always do.

[sighs, chuckles]

I don’t deserve you.

Hmm. No, you don’t.

It’s only a few more years. I promise I will make it up to you.

We’re supposed to be enjoying our retirement by now, traveling around the world.

We have our whole lives to travel.

We may not have knees to walk on by the time you’re done making a difference.

[chuckles] Well, a beach in Aruba does sound really good right about now.

Mmm. Or a cruise down the Nile.


Oh, you know what?

I read about this temple in India.


It was beautiful, Eli.

It’s not the Taj Mahal.

It’s in the south.

What is that city called near the Indian Ocean?


[mutters] No, I-I just-I–

I think I just figured something out.

I got to go back to CSC.


Thank you. I love you.


You’re still in your sweatpants.


They’re the only neutral country in the M-7.

They’ve agreed to accept Svetlana when she gets back to Earth.

She’s gonna be put on trial in India?

Korzhenko and President Gore have already approved it.

And once she’s on Unity, Roscosmos has agreed to abide by the terms of the Mars Charter, and I’d be back in full command of the base.

Ah, that’s all well and good. But what about Svetlana?

We can’t just throw her to the wolves.

No, of course not.

It’ll be a fair trial.

With an independent judge looking at all the evidence.

You really think the Soviets are gonna abide by this deal?

The State Department’s already signed off on it.

They feel that with the security protocols, we can prevent any kind of retribution.

Bunch of pencil dicks trying to cover their own ass.

[stammers] This isn’t right. You-You need to refuse.

Yeah, just tell him to go to hell.

Ed. I’ve already agreed.

You what?

Svetlana, she’s not blameless in all of this, all right?

She seriously injured a Helios worker.

Intentional or not, there’s got to be some real repercussions for what she did.

You need to back me on this, Dani. Svetlana is one of our best, right?

[stammers] And she-she’s-she’s important to this base.

And-And she’s important to the asteroid capture team.

I know that.


Don’t send her back. No, you-No, you-you find another way.

I can’t.

You won’t.

I can’t and I won’t.

[Ed sighs]

Ah, of course not.

[chuckles] This is so fucking typical.

Typical of what?

Of you!

Always so eager to please the higher-ups to further your own career.

I came out of retirement to take this job.

You think I give a damn about my career?

If this is typical of anybody, it’s you.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Time after time, you make exceptions for the people you care about.

And now you’re doing it again with her.

You don’t think I see what’s going on between the two of you?

Once again, you’re letting your personal feelings affect your judgment.

Once again?

Gordo on Jamestown, Danny when we–

Wait, whatever happened to Danny is not on me!


You don’t remember me pleading with you that he wasn’t ready?

But you ignored me! Because you didn’t want to see it.

You let your emotions get the best of you and because of that, he–

And because of that, what?

Now say it, Dani.

Say it.

[whispering] Say it.

Svetlana Zakharova will be on Unity when it leaves tonight.

My decision is made.

[engineer speaks Russian]


[in Russian] Are you okay?

The KGB took him.

Took who?

My mentor, Kirill Semenov.


No, that’s not…

He was fired. She wouldn’t–

Of course she would.

She is one of them.

Two men came to his office and they took him away, in front of everyone.

No one did a thing.

Cowards, all of them.


Even me.


[speaks Russian]


[door opens]

Good afternoon, everyone.

I have good news.

The Americans have folded.

Thanks to our efforts, Cosmonaut Zakharova will stand trial for her crimes against the state.

Great job, thank you.

Now we have another busy day, so let’s begin.

[clears throat]

[papers shuffling]

First item on the agenda…

[in English] This is everything.

Hopper launch is in 30 minutes, I suppose.

No, this isn’t over.

Uh, Sveta, you don’t have to–

If we leave now, we can make it down to sublevel 4.

They’re still working on the east module there and it’s pressurized, but no one’s down there right now.


I-I could bring you supplies and food till all this blows over and then we figure out how we keep you here.

Edward, I will not let you destroy your career to protect mine.


I’ll walk her down.

Uh, sir. Are you sure? There’s a lot of angry people out there.

I said I’ll walk her down.

Aye, aye, sir.

[both sigh]


You ready?

Goodbye, Edward.



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