For All Mankind – S02E08 – And Here’s to You [Transcript]

Gordo returns to space. Molly faces an upsetting new reality. Aleida confronts her first major hurdle at work.
For All Mankind - S02E08 - And Here's to You

Original release date: April 9, 2021

* * *

[radio crackles]

[man breathes heavily]

[Ellen] There’s been no sign of a Russian countermove on the lunar surface, sir.

We have two-man teams guarding the site around the clock.

Soviet activity around Zvezda is proceeding normally.

There’s also been no increase in military activity in Earth’s orbit.

Then I’d say our little operation was a success.

Yes, sir. It sure looks that way.

Please relay my personal thanks to everyone at NASA on a job well done.

Thank you, sir. I will.

Mr. President, if I may?

There’s still the matter of the Apollo-Soyuz mission.

What do you think, Ellen? Should we proceed or cancel the mission?

We still have the moral high ground after the shoot down of KAL 7.

I think we should keep it.

We’ve extended our hand in friendship for all the world to see.

If Andropov wants to slap it away, let him.

Let everyone see who’s working for war and who’s working for peace.

My feeling exactly.

Proceed as planned.

Yes, sir.

And I appreciate the way you handled this situation under extremely difficult circumstances.

Thank you, sir. That’s very kind.

I’d like to officially nominate you to the Senate as the new permanent administrator of NASA.

Well, s-sir, that’s q-quite an honor.

I’m not sure what to say.

Your country needs you, Ellen.

But take your time and think it over.

Thank you, everyone.






[chuckles] Old man knows how to pick ’em.

[chuckles] Thanks, I think.

What, are you holding out for a bigger office than Margo?

I would just like to think it over, that’s all.

Think what over, Ellen?

This is our ticket to Mars.

With you in the cabinet, it’ll become a priority again.

It was a priority for Tom. Didn’t seem to make much difference.

You’re an astronaut. That gives you a different voice.

[Bradford] She’s right. President loves his astronauts.

And you’re not just any astronaut. You’re the girl who caught the tank.

[Bradford chuckles]

He’ll listen to you on space policy more than anyone else.


I’ll think about it.

[man] General?

[Bradford] Thank you.

So, the Soviets have delayed the launch of their Buran shuttle.

Probably for repairs.

Wheeled it back into the maintenance building this morning.

I told you so. They got smart people over there too.

Probably figured out your little O-ring problem all by themselves.

Probably so.

[door opens]

Emma, reach out to Sergei Nikulov.

He and his team need to get back here as soon as possible to finalize preparations.

Yes, ma’am. Uh, just a reminder, Columbia is on the pad, scheduled for a 1430 liftoff.


Gordo’s flight.

Must be beside himself.

Let’s just hope he’s sober.

[clears throat]

[woman] MS-2. Right wrist ring. Soft capture and lock.

[man] Copy. MS-2. Right wrist ring complete.

[woman] How’s that feel?

Fits good.

[woman] PLT left wrist ring. Soft capture and lock.

[man] Copy. PLT left wrist ring… [dialogue fades]

[heartbeat thumping]

[heartbeat intensifies]

[Ed] I’ll take it from here.

[man] Yes, sir.

Here you go, sir.

[Gordo laughs]

Ah, Jesus, Ed.

Don’t you got anything better to do than to come all the way down to Florida just to screw up my launch?

I want to take one last look at these old shuttles before my Pathfinder make ’em all obsolete.

Fat chance.

Pathfinder’s like a Chihuahua compared to my sweet ride.

Yeah, you just listen to the big kids up front, don’t touch anything, you’ll be just fine.

[chuckles, sighs]

I’m proud of you, man.



Couldn’t have done it without you.

You ready?

[helmet latches click]


[“Roll with the Changes” playing]

[male PA announcer] Coming up on the 30-second mark, and we are go for auto-sequence start.

[song continues]

SRB hydraulic power units have started.

[song continues]

[PA announcer] T minus 20 seconds… 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, ten…

We have go for main engine start.

Liftoff of Columbia and astronaut Gordon Stevens to space after a ten-year absence.

[song continues]

[laughs] I’m back, baby.

I’m back.


[song fades]

[switch clicks]

[light buzzing]


You can sit back now.

You have what we call normal-tension glaucoma.

It’s a rare condition. No one knows exactly what causes it.

It means that your eye pressure’s within the normal range, but your optic nerve has been damaged.

It could be a problem with the amount of blood that’s being supplied to the optic nerve, or you could have a sensitive optic nerve.

Or there could be other conditions that have impaired circulation.

Like radiation?

Possibly. I don’t know of any studies looking at that as a cause.

Were you exposed to an unusual amount of radiation on your last trip to the moon?

Not as far as you know.

I see.

And I assume you have not had an exam by the flight surgeon at NASA.

[inhales sharply] Uh, could you just tell me about the treatment?

Well, the treatment to slow down the loss of vision would probably entail prescription eyedrops, combined with oral medication and possibly surgery.



But again, we’re talking about slowing down the deterioration of your vision, not stopping it and certainly not reversing it.

I’m sorry. So, you’re saying that you wanna cut open my eyeballs, but that’s not gonna fix it.

I don’t wanna cut open anything. It’s just a possibility.

But no, it’s not going to fix this.

I’m very sorry, Ms. Cobb. Glaucoma is not curable.

You could ask for a second opinion, but I’m quite certain that you’re going to experience a progressive loss of vision from now on.

And ultimately permanent blindness.


Thank you, Doc.

The flight surgeons are pretty good. They’re not going to miss this.

[footsteps echoing]

[metal clips clattering]

[airplanes passing overhead]

[Molly] Ellington Ops. NASA niner-6-4.

[man] Copy, Molly. Hold one.

Request you open box Whiskey 147 Charlie.

NASA niner-6-4, Ellington Ops.

You got it, Molly. Box Whiskey 147 Charlie is open.

Come on, let’s see what you got.

Give me more. More!

Come on.


Goddamn it. Go.

Fuck you!

Come on! Go.


[alarm beeping]

[breathing heavily]

[man] NASA niner-6-4. Ellington Ops.

You okay there, Molly? Your altitude just dropped 15,000 feet.

Roger that, Ellington Ops. I’m good.

[breathing heavily]

Everything’s A-okay.

[breathing heavily]

[Bradford] The president has decided to arm Pathfinder to show the Soviets this is not some tit-for-tat little game.

This puts us in the driver’s seat.

Now, we are going to install a battery of four Phoenix missiles in Pathfinder’s cargo bay.

Now, the space variant of the AIM-54C has been in development for several years at Vandenberg.

It was designed to be in a DOD shuttle, but it will be compatible with Pathfinder.

It’s been decided that this will henceforth be a joint mission between NASA and the Department of Defense.

Management of flight operations will be controlled from MOCR, but operations concerning the Phoenix missiles will come from DOD.

Will we be firing missiles on this mission?

There will be a live fire exercise to demonstrate the system.

Now, your targets will be a series of drones launched into low Earth orbit with a radar signature simulating a Russian satellite.

How many missiles will we fire during the exercise?

So we’re a warship now?

No. Pathfinder is not a warship.

But we’re packed with missiles and shooting things out of the sky.

Pathfinder’s weapon system is intended primarily for self-defense.

[Sally] Primarily, but not exclusively.

So in theory, these same missiles could be used for offensive purposes.

Am I right?

That’s not in the mission plan.

This flight is a test of the entire Pathfinder system, and as such, it is appropriate that we test this newest… component.

But it is only a test.

Phoenix is radar-guided.

With an operational range of 100 nautical miles, it uses a proximity fuse detonation system.

[voice fades] And once inside the cargo bay, the lift variation will be exactly 128 pounds per square inch.

[Pam] Are you okay?


What is it?

The president offered to make me NASA administrator.

Aren’t you already doing that?


[Pam] Wow.

That’s amazing, Ellen.

Congratulations. That’s really–

[Ellen] Crazy, I know.

It’s– It’s not like I’m gonna actually take it.

Are you sure?

Of course. Yeah, I’m just waiting for the right time to tell him.

There’s so much going on right now.

Yeah, but… this is huge.

I mean, you could… [chuckles] …be a part of Reagan’s cabinet.

You sound like you want me to take it.

No, it’s just…

Isn’t this everything you always wanted?

You would be in charge of NASA. You could finally get to Mars–


You’re what I want.



[“Back in Black” playing]

[song continues]

[song continues]

[song continues]

[music stops]

Gosh, this place must seem huge compared to the last time you were here.

Yeah, didn’t have a lot of legroom to walk around, that’s for sure.

[chuckles] I know. It’s crazy.

I mean, just to think about what you guys did in here.

I mean, it’s the galley now.

Yeah. Yeah, I knew that.

That’s where your old bunk used to be, right?

Looks about right.

So, where am I bunking now?

I don’t know how you guys did it, man.

All that time in this one room, I mean, I would probably just go out of my gourd.

[Gordo] Nick.


New bunk.

[chuckles] Right, sorry, uh…

Got you a prime spot right here in crew quarters A.

Uh, far away from the recirculating pump.

That sucker starts up about every half hour.

Drives most people crazy until they tune it out.

Well, I sleep like the dead, so no worries there.

Well, you are very lucky, because Vance over there snores like a roller coaster.

Man, I mean, up, down, up, down, all night.

He’s a good guy. Though he’s one of the marines.

Little bit edgy. Uh, but he’s right over here.

And across from him is where your ex is hot racking. [chuckles]

Sorry. Crew quarters B and C are full. There’s not that much space up here.

Hope you don’t mind.

Nah. No, we’re good.

Where is she anyway?

Oh, uh, she’s out with the marines.

They’ve been doing EVAs by the reactor all week.

Something with the last Sea Dragon’s cargo.

All very, uh, hush-hush.

[English accent] Very top secret stuff. [chuckles]

With the marines? Tracy?

It was supposed to be temporary, until one of their guys could get up to speed on flying the LSAM.

But word is guy’s not getting the hang of it.

Yeah, well, LSAM’s a tricky beast.

Holy shit, that’s right. You flew the original.

[chuckles] Afraid that one’s just a junker now, you know.

We just use it for spare parts.

But the other two are still flyable.

Although they’re getting pretty cranky in their old age.

Aren’t we all? Well, I wouldn’t worry.

I’m sure Trace will get that poor jarhead up to speed in no time.

Yeah. [chuckles] Yeah, maybe. Probably.

Anyways, I’ll just let you get settled in.

All right.

[English accent] Welcome home, sir. [chuckles]

[Aleida] Look, these three teams are working on separate components of the docking module that will eventually have to work together.

Mechanisms, avionics, life support.

But the inter-team review doesn’t happen until after each team has completed their preliminary design.

Standard procedure.

Yes, I know, you’ve told me.

But if they simply collaborated from the outset–


I’m an engineer, and I’m looking at a bad design.

Oh, that’s rich. [chuckles]

For your information, we went to the moon with this bad design while you were literally in diapers.

Maybe you should have worn diapers during Gemini.

[inhales deeply]

Get out!

Sure thing.


[sighs heavily]



[woman speaking Vietnamese]

[speaking Vietnamese]

Oh. [chuckles] I’m sorry, I don’t, um…

Oh, sorry.

Um, welcome to Little Saigon. Uh, how many in your party?

Just me. [chuckles]

Something to drink?


[all speaking Vietnamese]

[man speaking Vietnamese]

[speaking Vietnamese]

[in English] Know what you want?

Oh, uh… not really.

I haven’t had that much Vietnamese food, to be honest.


Yeah. [chuckles]

Do you like Chinese food?

I love it.

It’s similar, sorta.

Um, I’d start off with some spring rolls. Then either pho or banh mi.

[chuckles] Beef noodle soup or a pork sandwich.

Uh, the sandwich is good, but pho is Dad’s specialty. [chuckles]

Your dad’s the cook?


Um, I’ll try the “fo.”

Pho. [chuckles]


[cook speaks Vietnamese]

[speaking Vietnamese]

[bell jingles]

[door closes]

Told you. Family recipe.

It was delicious.

Could you sit?

So, did your dad learn to cook in Vietnam?

Uh, from his mother, my grandmother.

Is she still alive?

Who knows?

Dad pretty much cut off all ties when he left.

Doesn’t talk about family back there much.

Oh. What about your mom?

Uh, she’s here. Not today, but she’s alive.

She’s not from Vietnam though. They met after he came to the States.

So you were born here?

Yeah, I’m a natural-born all-American girl. [chuckles]


Here. Whenever you’re ready.


[speaks Vietnamese]

Here you go.

Thank you.

[cash register beeps]

Here’s your change.

Oh, you can keep it.

Thanks. Try the broken rice with pork next time.

I’m assuming you’re coming back and spending a lot more money with your friends?

Yeah, I’ll– I’ll definitely be thinking about it. Thanks.

[register closes]

[cook speaks Vietnamese]

[speaks Vietnamese]

[cash register beeping]

[bell jingles]

[radar beeps]

I have target acquisition.

[Sally] Confirmed. Radar shows two active targets.

First target range 31 kilometers.

Relative velocity out of plane 1,2 meters per second.

Within targeting parameters.

Ride, lock weapons system to target one.

System locked. Target one.

[computers beep]

Lock confirmed. Second target range 45 kilometers.

Y and Z velocities are within targeting thresholds.

Target will be out of range soon.

Switching to second target.

[Sally] System locked. Target two.

Lock confirmed. Ready to fire.



[Sally] Fox three.

[Gary] Good lock on first target.


[Sally] Fox three.

Good target lock on both. Target’s maneuvering, weapons still on track.

[alarm buzzes]

First target destroyed. Second missile approaching.

[alarm buzzes]

Second target destroyed.

Confirmed. No active targets.

They’re all dead.

[man on radio] Sim complete.

Secure cabin and prepare for debrief.

Nice work, people.

Thanks, chief.

Yeah, thanks.

Look, I could use some air.

[door opens]

[door closes]


Not so bad. [inhales deeply]

Not bad at all.





You hurt yourself?



You should have seen your face.

Yeah, got me good, I guess.



So you’re here.

Here I am.

How’s it feel? Feel any different?

Totally different.


Like, different in every–

Oh, hey, Vance. Have you met my ex-husband Gordo?

Gordo, this is Vance Paulson.

He’s one of the leathernecks sent here to protect us from the red menace out there.

Hey. Pleasure.


Navy, right?

That’s right.

Ah, I won’t hold it against you.


This one here, she should have been a marine.

[Tracy] Oh, stop.

No, the way that she flew that bucket when we swooped in on the Russians?

We came right down to the deck.

So low if there were rabbits out there we’d have been clipping their ears.

Thing of beauty.

[Tracy] Y’all are such pussies. I was at least five meters off the deck.

Five me– My ass.


I got moondust in my boots from kicking the hilltops.

[Tracy chuckles]

Your boots?

[Tracy] Yeah, they were– they were hanging on the outside skids, all Tarzan-like.

Yeah, singing “Ride of the Valkyries” Apocalypse Now-style.

That was some fun shit.

Fun shit.


These bastards keep me young. [laughs]

Well, I’m hungrier than a horse. I’m gonna go grab some chow.

You know, I’m gonna do the same. You wanna join?

Uh, mess hall’s your old stomping ground.

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

Nah, I’m good. You know, just settling in.

Might get some rack time, wait till breakfast.

Good to see you, Gordo.

You too, Trace.


[newscaster] …reports indicate a massive explosion on the grounds of Fort Gulick, which is home to elements of the United States 10th Infantry and some Special Forces units in Panama.

Eyewitness reports describe a large truck, which broke through the sentry post…

Fucking animals.

…and drove directly into the barracks before exploding…

Enchiladas are ready.

Great. Starving.

Could use another beer.

[Wayne grunts]

…to stay out of the Canal Zone, which is sovereign US territory under international law.

[female newscaster] What was supposed to be a routine resupply mission to the Jamestown moon base has turned into another front in the escalating war of words between the United States and the Soviet Union.

God– What you doing creeping up on me?

I’ve been standing right here.

[scoffs] Very funny.

…which NASA says is a routine resupply mission, will actually be carrying nuclear–

I was watching that.

You didn’t see me.

Of course I saw you.

Does it not occur to you that I might have other things on my fucking mind?

Yeah. That occurred to me.

It occurred to me two months ago when you first got back, and you’d sit in the bathtub for hours staring at the wall.

Told myself, “She’s got a lot on her mind. I’ll leave her be.”

Told myself that every time you’d bite my head off for no reason.

Or every time you’d just sit there silently, not wanting to talk about anything.

Well, I’m done leaving you be. Okay? I’m done.

Because there’s something going on, and you need to tell me what it is.

What? What do you want me to say?

I want you to tell me the truth.

I want you to tell me… the truth.

I mean, whatever it is, we’ll get through it.

I don’t know if we will.


I went out into that solar storm… after Wubbo.

I did not stay in the lava tube.

That was a lie.

I was on the surface for an hour.

Maybe more.

[inhales sharply]

He would have died if I didn’t.

Is that why…

Called normal-tension glaucoma.






[ventilation machine whirring]

[Gordo] Trace.

Shit. Gordo, get in here.

Get in here. Be quiet. Close the door, all right?


What you doing?

Well, I cycle the air when I’m done, and it just goes out in the great beyond.

You see, and then the next day, if someone smells something weird, they just think it’s the food.

Oh, that’s genius.

How many more of those?


Seven until, uh– until Jimmy sends the new stash up with the next supply run.

Jimmy? You got Jimmy sending you contraband to the moon?

He hollows out this block of stinky cheese and then puts it in a plastic bag.

You know? He’s a smart boy.

[inhales] That’s a little too smart.

Yeah, I really don’t wanna know where he picked that up.


You gonna share that?

Yeah, why not?

You look good, Gordo.

You look happy.




I haven’t seen you like this in a long time.

Turned a corner, I think.

Yeah? How so?


All right, well, unless you want this to be your last cigarette for the next six months, I suggest you start talking.


Well, last– last time I was up here…

I lost it.

Lost my way.

Started seeing things, and…

I even tried to take my helmet off while I was outside.

Oh, my God.

Dani broke her arm on purpose, Trace,

so that Ed wouldn’t have to tell Houston to send me to the nuthouse.

I’m sorry you had to go through that alone, Gordo.

Really wish you would’ve told me.

You and me both.

This place can take a toll on you.

Even with all these people here, it can still feel really, um… lonely, isolating.

I can’t imagine how much worse it must’ve been when you were here.

Spent the last ten years thinking about it.

Could never understand what really happened.

And then the other day I was… eavesdropping, that’s what I was doing, I was eavesdropping on you talking to Jimmy about his sixth birthday.

And you were saying something about how that was a “happy time.”

[Tracy] Mm.

And, click, it all just fell into place.

What happened up here was nothing to do with space or claustrophobia or losing my mind.

See, I knew that when I got home, I was moving out.

That was just the beginning of the end.

And I don’t think I could handle it.

[inhales sharply]

I couldn’t handle losing the most important thing in the world to me.


And it was all my fault. I mean, you have your moments, but…


Fuck you.

I’m the one that screwed up our marriage, Trace.

The lying, the cheating, not being there when you needed me.

Even when I was there, I know I wasn’t.

I know that.

And it all just came apart.

And I heard you talking to Jimmy about a happy time, and… I just knew right then in my heart that I wouldn’t ever have a happy time again until I was back with you.

Oh, Gordo.

That’s why I’m here, Trace.

I’m here to get you back.

Hell, I even told Sam.

I’m sorry, you what?

To his face.

I said, “I’m getting Tracy back, Sam.”


Oh, God, Gordo. What did he say?

He said–

Goddamn it, Gordo.

[laughs] Wait, wait, wait, wait. He said… “Tracy is like a wild horse. No one’s ever gonna catch her.”


[Gordo laughs]



Is that what you think?

I think no man, woman or beast could ever catch you.

Unless you wanna be caught.

Catch me if you can.

I don’t know if you saw the d-mail from NASA HQ asking about the Pathfinder cost estimates?

I did a quick budget analysis last night, if it’s helpful.


I’d go with red.


He likes red.


Mr. Nikulov. Your first meeting.

What does what he likes have to do with anything?


Nothing, I suppose.

I’ll get you that Pathfinder budget analysis right away.

[door closes]

[Margo] Morning.

Oh, morning.

Nice color.


Did you get a chance to review the docking loads analysis?

I did. Uh, they seem satisfactory.

[clears throat]

There’s a new… directive from Moscow.

The politburo has determined that the symbolism of the first handshake is important and that it should be exactly, um, um… equidistant, that’s the word.

Equidistant between the two spacecraft.

That way neither side is the host, neither side is the visitor, you see?

Well, the module is exactly 3,15 meters long, so the midpoint would be 1,575.

Yes. Uh, here… here.

But that presents certain problems.


Uh… you be the Americans.

[footsteps echo in module]

Now, the midpoint is there.

So– Come on.

[Margo grunts] Ow.


In theory, if you give me your hand…

Like that, so– All seems good, no?

No. Yes.

Um… [inhales] Seems good.

But the problem is that from this position we are blocking all views from both Soyuz and Apollo.

Well, I suppose. What–

Now, where will the camera go? No one will see this.


No point in doing a symbol of peace if no one can see it.


Well– [sighs]

If one side had to host…

Moscow would prefer it be the Soviet Union.

And Washington would prefer it be Apollo.


What if we just… flip a coin?

Mm, that would be, uh… acceptable.

Do you have one? Sorry.

Yeah. [grunts]

No pockets. [clears throat]

Yes. I think so.


You call it.

Oh… [speaks Russian]

Uh, eagle.



I’m sorry. Uh…

Oh, yeah, hold on. Um–

[grunts, chuckles]

I– I think it’s on, uh…

Oh, yeah.

[Sergei] Under. [grunts, chuckles]



Sorry, you’re– you’re gonna have to back up. I– I can’t get…

My– [chuckles]

My pants are caught. [chuckles]


[both chuckling]

Uh, well, I– Maybe I could get…


[stammers, laughs]




Ms. Madison–


Ms. Madison, uh, there is a situation I think you need to deal with.

[clears throat]

Uh, excuse me. [grunts]

Bill Strausser quit. And, evidently, you’re the cause.

M-Me? I didn’t do anything.

Well, you must’ve done something.

“It became apparent today after a conversation with Ms. Rosales that I do not have the respect of my colleagues, and therefore I am unable to continue in my position.”

What the hell did you say to him?


What did you say to him?


I mean, okay… I did call him…


[inhales sharply]

I should have never told you that story.

I was trying to be nice and share a confident–

It just popped out. I didn’t think it would make him quit.

You didn’t think.

Bill Strausser is a valuable member of this team who has given over 20 years of loyal service to this agency, and he does not deserve to leave because some dumb kid shot her mouth off and humiliated him!

Convince him to come back… or find yourself another job.

Excuse me?

Aleida, I stuck my neck out for you.

You owe me at least–

I don’t owe you a damn thing.

Calm down.

No, don’t tell me to calm down.

You don’t get to tell me anything, ever.

If you wanna fire me, go ahead. I don’t care.

I don’t care.

Oh, I see.

This is what you do, isn’t it?

What? Stand up for myself?

That’s why you’ve been fired from every job you’ve ever had.

Going gets rough and Aleida gets going, right?

Fuck you.

I– I think you’re doing a pretty good job of that yourself.

You wanna blow this job, go right ahead.

But if you wanna be an aerospace engineer, this is the end of the road.


[breathing heavily]

[TV: zoom effect, beeping]

[doorbell rings]

And with answers ranging in value from $100 to $500 in–

[TV audio stops]


Could I come in and–

Wait, no, no, no. I– I just wanna talk.

I don’t wanna talk to you.

Just for a few minutes. Five minutes.

Please, Bill. Come on.

Yeah, all right. Come on.

Goddamn it, I missed it. I knew it.


Is that a real commlock from Space: 1999?

I gave a tour of MOCR to Barbara Bain a few years ago, and she sent that as a thank-you.

Is that Buzz Aldrin’s glove?

I’m not giving you a tour. What do you want?

I’m here ’cause I– I wanted to say…

I’m sorry.

Fine. Thanks for coming by.

So, are you gonna come back to work? Or…

[Bill] Nope.

[fridge door opens]

Please, Bill. Come on. It was just one moment.

Just– Just a dumb thing to say, and I’ll never ever say it again.

You think it’s about that?

I’ve been dealing with this story for almost 20 years.

[chuckles] You’re barely at NASA a month? You’ve already heard.

Do you even know what Gemini mission it was?

What was going on when Bill peed his pants?

It doesn’t matter.

Yes, it does.


It’s March 16th, 1966. Gemini 8.

That mean anything to you?

Yeah, sure.


Neil Armstrong and David Scott started tumbling and spinning in orbit, and they nearly blacked out.

Nearly died.

If they black out, it’s over.

Now, I’m on console, about to go off duty, and, yeah, I had to pee.

And suddenly Neil is saying he’s lost control of the spacecraft, and it’s getting worse.

And we might lose two of the first Americans in space.

So I stayed at my post.

Even after Neil regained control.

We didn’t know how badly damaged the capsule was.

So I stayed… with everyone.

Waiting and watching and hoping and praying.

You know they had to reenter over China?

Yeah, we don’t have any tracking stations in China.

So when we lost their signal, it wasn’t for a few minutes.

It was an hour.

Until an air force pilot saw their chutes deploy over Okinawa.

We got word that they splashed down, and they were okay.

We jumped up. And we cheered.

It was the first time I’d ever been part of a moment like that.

And I’m standing there, cheering.

And Frank Bedlow looks at me and says, “Bill, did you pee your pants?”

People still talk about it 20 goddamn years later.

[TV remote clicks]

[TV dialogue, indistinct]

[can clicks open]


was shot.



Rock salt, but, uh, there was some bird shot in it too.

There’s still some of it in my shoulder–

Look, I don’t know what you’re trying to do–

Just– Just hear me out.


There was a time in my life where… I didn’t have anywhere to live.


Occasionally I would crash on friends’ couches, but it was mostly underpasses, park benches. Some backyards.

Some backyards are so big, people don’t know what’s going on back there anyway.

I had to eat. Obviously.

But I had no money.

So, I would, uh… scavenge behind restaurants for food.

There’s this restaurant on Bryant Street that had some really good stuff, so I would go back there, and the owner would come out, and he would just yell at me.

“Get out of here, you wetback. You’re stinking up the neighborhood. Get a job.”

So, one day, I’m back there.

The guy comes out. And this time… he’s got a gun.

I don’t even remember getting shot.

I just remember this loud noise and being on the ground and then just getting up and running.

Just kept running.

Stopped in the park.

And that’s when I realized that… blood was soaking my shirt.

And the left side of my body felt like it was on fire.


So I went to the emergency room, and they cleaned me up.

And I told them what happened, and they called the police.

‘Cause that’s what you do when someone gets shot.

You call the police.

But I was here illegally, and I didn’t want to talk to the police.

So I just…


I left before they got all the bird shot out.

So I still have a lot of it in there.

I have these, uh, big, ugly… scars… all through there.

So… I don’t wear any, um, tank tops or bathing suits or halter tops or any of that shit.

Nobody gets to see that.

So… I have my own shame, Bill.

And believe me when I say that… I’m really sorry…

I made you feel yours all over again.

[TV dialogue continues, indistinct]

[Alex Trebek] Screen Actors Guild is absolutely right.

[man] World Leaders for 200.

[Alex Trebek] The answer: Britain’s first female prime minister.

Her popularity soared after the Falklands War. Larry.

It’s Margaret Thatcher.

[Larry] Who is Margaret Thatcher?


[Larry] Let’s try Hot Movies for 400.

Needs to be in the form of a question.

[TV audio continues]

[Bill chuckles]

Fuck you.

[Trebek] You’re right.

[man] Hot Movies for 300.

[Trebek] The male stars tested their disguises for this ’59 film by visiting the studio ladies’ room. Larry.

[Larry] What is Some Like It Hot?

Some Like It Hot. Yes.

Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis.

They must’ve had a lot of fun going to the ladies’ rooms dressed up that way, but we’ll talk about that on some other show.

Right now, Larry, make a selection.

Okay. I have your tips ready.

[coins clink]


Not a bad night.

No. No, that’s great. Thank you.


Uh, I just– I just wanted to say… about the other night…

Yeah, I don’t really know what happened.

Nothing happened.


Two friends had a nice moment… and shared a friendly kiss.

Maybe it was a little more friendly than it should have been, but… [chuckles]



Don’t be sorry.

Um, we can move on. We don’t have to keep talking about it.


Good night, Danny.

Good night, Mrs. Baldwin.

Thought you were leaving.

I don’t… I don’t know what to say.

I– I know we’re supposed to… forget about what happened.

But I… [exhales]

I can’t.

I just keep thinking about it.

Your hair… and your lips.


All I can do is think about holding you in my arms.

Stop talking.

Stop talking.

Go lock the door.

Turn off the lights.

Come meet me downstairs.

Go. Now.

[breathing heavily]

[door lock clicks]

[inhales cigarette]

[exhales heavily]

You really gonna sell this place?

Hmm. Lock, stock and barrel.

Gonna be weird, someone else owning the Outpost.

First day I ever came here, day you had the grand opening.

[laughs] Yeah?


That was a fun day.

It was a total disaster.

I remember the beer taps wouldn’t work, the toilets overflowed.

It was… a mess. But fun.

Um, so, is it just not… fun anymore?

That’s a good way to put it.

People love it though.

They do. They come in here, and they look at the space pictures and the space models.

Anything that has anything to do with space.

Yeah, I see it in their faces when they come through the door.

They look around, like, “There any astronauts in here?”

“Oh, did that piece of crap really go to space?”

[Danny chuckles]

“Ooh, is that space crap?”

[both chuckle]

I swear I could sell actual crap.

You know, just a ziplock bag filled with it, if I said it had been to space.

Yeah, I don’t doubt it. [chuckles]


Everyone wants to go to space.

Not me. Never have.

Well, everyone but you.


But… most people never will.

So coming here, buying some goofy trinket is the closest they’ll ever come to the real thing.

Till NASA starts selling tickets.

[Karen] Hmm.

NASA’s never gonna do that.

They would never sell tickets to space, right?

I highly doubt it.

Someone will.

And they’re gonna make a killing.


You called me Karen.

I love you.


No, you don’t, Danny. No, you don’t.

Yes, I do.

No, you don’t.

I… I love you, Karen.

Okay. Let’s just– Let’s get a grip here.

I– I– You’re all that I think about.


I’ve been in love with you for years now.

What? No. That’s not what this is. No.


No. No, no, no. No.

I’ll leave the academy. We can find a place to live in the city.


Danny, that’s not– that’s not what this is.

This is not love.

It’s not going any further.


I thought we just had–

We had a really great time.

We did. It was really, really great, okay?

And– And it was something that we both wanted and needed maybe.

I– I don’t…

I mean, I know I wanted it. And I– And I needed it.

And so I did it.

[stammers, inhales]

And it was great.

Hey. You were great.

You were great, sweetie.

But it’s over.


It’s over.

It doesn’t have to be.

Yes, it does.


Because I said so, okay?

It’s over. Get dressed.

Just– You should leave out the back door, all right?

Just lock it behind you like you’re the last one that was here.

And I’ll leave later on.

Just get in your car and you drive home.

Call in sick tomorrow though.

And you leave for the academy at the end of the week anyway.

Don’t worry. I’ll get you your last week’s paycheck.

I don’t care about any of that.


That’s an order.

Don’t turn back. Just go.

[sighs] Oh, my God.

[Tracy] 357 Bravo, LSAM 2, I am five minutes out with your relief crew.

[Helena] Copy that, LSAM 2.

Looking forward to some hot chow and a shower.

Captain Stevens, you ready for some stick time?

Roger that.

All right. Switching to PLT. You have the vehicle.

A lot of lag in the RCS thrusters.

Man, she does not respond like she used to.

Okay, boys and girls, please return your tray tables and your seat backs to their upright and locked positions.

[Helena] Next mining crew is set to arrive at 1130 hours to start.




[Jason] Ten o’clock. I saw something flash at the top of that ridge.

[Vance] Are you sure? I don’t see movement anywhere up there.

Wait. Got it.

We got company.

Wilhelm, hold the fort.

Webster, Lopez, come with me.

Houston, MARDET actual.

We’ve got unfriendlies on the ridge over 357 Bravo.

Heading up to check it out.

Copy that. Approach with caution.

Once you have them in your sight, attempt to contact on their radio frequency.

[Vance] Will comply, Houston.

Heads up, eyes open. Spread out.

[heavy breathing]

[Lopez] Clear on the right.

[Vance] Webster, cover left.

[Helena] Roger left. Holding.

[Lopez] Moving.

[Helena] Left is clear. Crossing right.

[Lopez] Gotcha. Taking left flank.

[Vance] Still nothing.

[heavy breathing]

[Vance] Houston. Contact, front.

[Bradford] What’ve you got?

[Vance] I see two cosmonauts working on some kind of equipment.

They haven’t spotted us yet.

Lopez, you see any more of them?

[Lopez] Negative, skipper. Just these two.

[Vance] Houston, your call.

[Bradford] MARDET 1, switch to Russian communication frequency and order them to vacate immediately.

[Vance] Wilco.

Webster, take point.

Get on their freq and tell these guys to get lost.

Lopez, keep her covered.

[Lopez] Roger.

[Helena] Switching frequencies.

[in Russian] Attention Soviet Cosmonauts.

[cosmonaut speaks Russian]

This area is claimed by the United States government.

[cosmonaut speaks Russian]

[Helena speaking Russian]

[cosmonaut speaks Russian]

[Helena speaks Russian]

[cosmonaut speaking Russian]

[Lopez, in English] They’re moving.

[Helena] I got ’em.

[Vance] Stay cool, guys.

[cosmonaut speaking Russian]

[continues speaking Russian]

[Lopez] I don’t like this. What’s he doing?

[Helena] What’s in that case? Is that a gun?

Stop! Step away from the case.


[screams, grunts]

[cosmonaut shouts in Russian]

[Vance] Shots fired. Shots fired.

Enemy down.

You, stay away from the case.




Shit. Go, go, go.

Goddamn it.

[continues screaming]

[Bradford] MARDET 1, Houston.

MARDET 1, sitrep.

[Vance] Houston, two hostiles down. And it’s bad.

Wait one.


[Lopez] Jesus. This guy’s on fire.

[Vance] Holy shit.

[Lopez] Jesus. What do I do?


[Vance] Hold on, buddy.

You got a hole in your suit, but we’re gonna patch you up.

Webster, Lopez. Sound off.

[Lopez] I’m good.

[Helena] Uh, I– I’m good.

[Vance] Breathe, buddy, breathe. You’re gonna be okay.


[Tracy] Copy, Vance.

This guy needs a medevac, ASAP.

Fuck me.

[Vance] We’re on the ridge. About 300 meters in from the crest.

[Tracy] Copy your position. Be there in a flash.

[Vance] Webster, secure their weapons.

Aye, aye.

[Lopez panting]

[Bradford] MARDET 1, Houston. What’s your situation?

I say again, MARDET 1. Houston. Request status update.

Houston, MARDET actual.

Site is secure.

We have two enemy casualties. One dead, one wounded.

Medevac inbound.

Get the White House.

[Helena] Jesus. Skipper.

[Vance] What is it?

[Helena] There are no weapons.

Then what were they reaching for?

Oh, my God.

[breathing heavily]


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