Batwoman – S02E09 – Rule #1 [Transcript]

Batwoman hunts down Black Mask, who has taken Angelique prisoner.
Batwoman - S02E09 - Rule #1

Original air date: March 28, 2021

Jacob, Mary, Luke, Julia, and Ryan hold a funeral for Kate, but Black Mask is holding Kate. One month later, the GCPD is cooperating with Batwoman to some extent against the False Face Society. A woman confronts Commissioner Forbes, and later that night she sees him assassinated by three people while he is tagging the outside of the police station. She is Sophie’s younger sister Jordan and asks for help but will not cooperate with the Crows. Two more False Face assassins find them but Sophie and Batwoman save them. Angelique claims she will leave the False Faces and wants Ryan back. But from Jordan’s evidence they learn Angelique they drove the getaway car. Batwoman apparently convinces them to cooperate, but she is seized by Black Mask, and when Batwoman attempts a rescue she is captured. Black Mask claims that Kate Kane killed her daughter before Sophie rescues her. Angelique confesses to the murder of Forbes, saying she was alone, because Black Mask would kill Ryan. Alice imagines talking to Kate and seeing her dead cat alive. Julia notices memory gaps in her investigation of the plane. Black Mask brings Enigma to Kate.

* * *

K.S. Rhoads’ “Thunderwing” playing…

Ryan: Dear Kate…

Rhoads: ♪ You look to the heavens ♪

Ryan: It doesn’t feel real to say good-bye.

Rhoads: ♪ You know who you are ♪

♪ Say you’re gonna save it for another lifetime ♪

Unbeknownst to us, Julia Pennyworth spent months with a recovery team combing the ocean floor for any sign of you. She found something caught, a parietal skull bone in the shores outside of bludhaven, had 3 different labs match it to your DNA. It was enough to confirm you were gone, and since I can’t exactly be there to say good-bye in person, I’ll say it here in the place where I feel like I know you the best, and since I can’t lay flowers at your gravesite either, I have another idea. This plant was my connection to my mama. Then it turned out to be more than a plant. It’s a desert Rose from coryana, probably snuck over to the states by an islander named Ocean, who eventually gave it to my ex for safekeeping, who then gave it to me, having no idea that its serum was actually a miracle cure. Like you, this plant is one of a kind, and like you, it gave me a second chance.

Beyond all earthly words and songs of blessing, praise, and comfort.

Rhoads: ♪ Thunderwings are beating ♪

Ryan: So now when I look at it, I won’t just think of my mama. I’ll think of Kate Kane, and I’ll think of the woman who saved a hell of a lot of people, the woman who created a family for everyone, the woman who would keep us from surrendering to our demons, the woman who inspired people to stay true to themselves even when it felt impossible, to always be there whenever someone needed them, who brought out our humanity, even in the darkest of moments, and the woman who changed me. Like everything good in my life, I thought my time with the bat was temporary, but it’s for real now, and I’m not in your shadow anymore. I’m it. I am batwoman. Good-bye, Kate Kane. Thank you for changing my life. May your memory be a blessing.

May her memory be a blessing.

Rhoads: ♪ When the water gets high ♪

All: May her memory be a blessing.

Rhoads: ♪ Tell me can you feel it? ♪

♪ Thunderwings are beating in the sky ♪

[Heavy breathing]

Your family has declared you dead, Kate Kane… But sit tight. We’ll make them believe in life after death.

Dana DeWitt: Rolling? Ok. Here they come.

Nice and tight on Forbes, please.

Commissioner Forbes, it’s not news that the GCPD has been working tirelessly to put snakebite dealers behind bars, but it’s now rumored you’re getting your help from batwoman. Can you comment?

There’s no question we will put a stop to snakebite and its manufacturers, the False Face society, but this drug, it has its teeth in people, it’s addictive, it’s sexy, and it’s lethal. The last I checked, Dana, the GCPD was never one to turn down a little extra help from a vigilante. Now I have a 10-hour budget meeting to get to.

I’m actually here to talk about that budget meeting, commissioner.

Oh, goody. Let me guess… You want to defund the police.

Defunding the police means reducing your budget in areas like officer bonuses and cannabis regulation and redistributing the funds to things like mental health, education, employment, housing.

Where do you think the money comes from every time we have to clean a building you and your friends Graffiti Tags, huh?

Got it. So spray paint will get your attention but not your own officers killing 4 unarmed black men this year alone?

It’s an elected position, sweetie.

You don’t like me, run.



I’ve never had sweet potato pancakes before, but… if I had, these would be my favorite.

It’s all about the skillet.


Thank you for this and for letting me cry at odd hours of the day and letting me finish all the ice cream in the freezer.

I’m gonna need that replaced actually.

Mmm. No way.

These past few weeks, you know, have been really, really tough, but somehow, it all feels a little less awful when you’re around, and I know Luke feels it, too, so thank you.

You and Luke, you saved my life.

We have to take care of each other.


[Knock on door]

Got it.


It smells so good in here.


Ryan: Ang?

What are you doing here?

Uh, didn’t mean to interrupt, but I did, so I was hoping we could talk.

There’s nothing left to talk about.

Well, then maybe just listen because I’m trying to say I’m sorry.

Mary: Uh, ok.

I am gonna take this and these downstairs out of earshot… Maybe.

I, uh… I said some pretty awful things to you a while back.

Well, I mean, in your defense, you were in the process of dumping me.

Ry, you worked with the crows to lojack my phone.

Ok. I know you didn’t just come all this way to relive this…

I miss you.

You’ve always been my constant, and you made every crappy group home feel like a real home, and then Cora adopted you, and I was, like, on my own, crushed but happy for you.

I… I just couldn’t fight to keep you then, but… now I can.


I am moving forward in my life, and as long as you keep doing your thing, slinging snakebite, we don’t work.

I’m getting out.

You said you couldn’t get out.

No. I said I didn’t want to, but False Face found out that ocean taught me how to make snakebite, and with ocean M.I.A., they wanted me to open my own lab, but I don’t want to be the Walter white of Gotham city.

Uh… I found someone worth turning my life around for.

Just think about it because I know my mind is already made up.

Alice: Kate Kane sat on a wall.

Kate Kane had a great fall.

All the bat’s gadgets and all the bat’s men couldn’t put Kate together again.




It’s a pity you’re coming all the way from coryana just to die.

Should have figured you were in here.

I’m sorry. What is happening?

Don’t be silly. You invited me for tea.

[Tires squeal]


We’ve got extra eyes!

[Tires squeal]


Come on! We got to go!

We’re coming for you!

[Tires squeal]

DeWitt: The High Commissioner Forbes’ Chalk outline represents one of the most brazen criminal events in recent Gotham history.

I’m joined by janus cosmetics ceo Roman sionis.

Mr. Sionis, I understand you have something you’d like to say to the Gotham public.

Yes. Thank you, Dana. You know, it shouldn’t take a businessperson to step in here, but I have made a career out of concealing blemishes, and quite frankly, the makeover this city needs comes from an ugly I’ve never seen before, so, yes, I am here to speak on behalf of the people without a platform like the hundreds who work for me who say they’re scared to death, Dana.

They are scared to death of the criminal element lurking behind masks, but I’m not here to beg for help today.

I’m here to offer it.

To the law enforcement in charge of protecting us, what can we do, hmm?

How can we help you?

Because enough is enough.

The gangs in the city are stupid but not kill the commissioner stupid.

It’s common knowledge that Forbes was having an affair.

I wouldn’t eliminate lady spite killing.

Or any recently released inmate who may feel like Forbes screwed them over.

License plates, facial rec.

Any vehicle that didn’t stop long enough at a stoplight last night gets put through the system.

I don’t get it.

I thought he was gunned down on those steps.

He was.

Where the hell’s the commissioner?

There’s nothing there.

Hang on. Go back.

Check out the timestamp.

Someone scrubbed 5 minutes on both sides of the murder.

You got to be kidding me.

I want the name of everyone in this city with access to this feed.

Mary: So whoever shot the commissioner has access to the city’s cctv.

This was a well-planned execution.

Whoa, whoa. Wait. Rewind again.

Look at the far right after the jump.

Someone tagged it.

Can you get a closer angle at that?


Someone could have been tagging the building while the shooting was happening.

Then got the hell out of dodge, left behind work in progress.

Which means the tagger could have seen the shooter.

And the shooter could have seen them, so how do we track down a potential witness and protect them solely off the words “defund the police?”

I think I found it.

Literally how?

Social media. Figured the “x” inside the “o” and monochrome on top of the neon was some sort of signature.

Definitely could be the same artist.

I’ll get the user’s info.


So… we just gonna act like Angelique didn’t come by yesterday, or…


Whoa. I thought that was over.

It was. Major dumper’s remorse.

You were listening?

Well, you know, just in case I had to step in and defend.

So spill. We taking her back?

I don’t know.

I love her.

She’s a huge part of my life.


Luke: Hey. I’m in.

So no real name. It’s someone’s finsta, but I matched the login information to another profile.

Jordan Moore.

You don’t think she’s any relation to…

Sir, where are you?

The commissioner was assassinated, and that pompous ass Roman Sionis is getting more airtime then the crows commander.

Maybe you should release a statement or something.

Call me!


What the actual hell?

Jordan! Uhh.

What is happening?

I saw Commissioner Forbes get gunned down.


Look. I… I didn’t know where else to go.

I’m… I’m scared to go home.

I feel like I’m being followed.

Hey, hey. I got you.

Everything’s gonna be all right.

Let’s go upstairs.

I’ll take your witness statement.

Are you kidding me?

I’m not giving my name to the crows.

I may as well just do a sit-down with vesper Fairchild.

Do you have any idea what a huge deal this is?

There’s no other witnesses.

I don’t care. The crows don’t keep people like me safe, and you know it.

I came to Sophie, my sister, for help, not Sophie the crow.

[Tap on window]

Get down! Told you they were following me!

Who’s they?

Now is when you pull your gun!

[Bone cracks]




You’re batwoman.

It’s False Face.

So the Commissioner’s hot take on snakebite got his ass killed.

How did you know we were here?

Ryan: Jordan wasn’t at her place, so I hoped she went to her sister for help.

Apparently False Face had the same idea.

Sorry. H-How do you know my life?

I’ve seen your skills around Gotham, and I know you were tagging city hall last night.


Girl, so not the point right now.

Ryan: I need you to tell me everything you saw.

You don’t get it. I snitch, it comes back to me.

They saw me there. They’ll know it was me.

The costume party on the ground tells me.

They already know it was you.

You can trust her.

There were 3 dudes.

Two got out of the car and gunned down Forbes, one in a gas mask and one in a hockey mask and then a driver.

Was he wearing a mask?

She. Yes. A… a baby doll thing.

Ryan: So it could be literally anyone.

It isn’t enough.

You’re off the hook. Consider yourself lucky.

Don’t know if it helps, but I saw

the driver’s bracelet.

It was a big gold key. It looked ritz.

Everything ok?

Get her somewhere safe.

I’ll figure this out.

You and your friend go tell your boss we’re good here.

The girl will keep her mouth shut, and you will leave her alone.

Alice: You’re not real, this tea’s not real,

and this cup is… not real.

Correct, but you don’t want reality.

That’s the point.

No. I just spent the last two weeks in the bowels of a ship, trying to escape a godforsaken island.

Trust me. If I were to conjure up some fantasy, this would not be it.

You mean the same island you risked everything to get to in order to see me again?

Well, here we are.

Of course. I ask the universe for my sister, and this is what I get.

I’m not sure why that’s surprising.

You never get what you want.

Cheers to that.

Nothing about your plan unfolded the way you wanted.

After we left you in this cell for 11 years, you set out to make sure your family never left you again, but… dad helped lock you at Arkham, and I’m dead.

Am I so mentally disturbed that my imagination created you to rub it in?

You created me because you were always the one who got us into trouble, but I was always the one clever enough to get us out of it.

What trouble?

Your pain.

What if I told you I had a way to make it disappear?

Ang, open up. It’s me.


You said you were getting out, ang!

Ok. Your energy is superintense right now.

Who killed the Commissioner?

What were you thinking driving the getaway car?

Who else knows?

That is not the appropriate response to what I just said.

You want me to end up dead?

Who else knows?

I do!

That should be enough!

I don’t even know what I was doing there.

I said I wanted out, and they were willing to let me go if I just did this one last thing.

They gave me a mask, keys, and an address.

Am I supposed to believe you right now?

When have I ever lied to you?

If my name is out, False Face will kill me to protect themselves.

Then out them.

Turn in the actual killers.

Tell the court what you just told me.

You didn’t know.

False face is run by a psychopath named Black Mask, who will leave me for dead in a sewer before I ever get on a witness stand.

I can protect you.

You? How?

This is going to sound… Insane…


I know batwoman.


How do you think I know you got wrapped up in this crap?


You and your comic book heroes.

Yeah. Well, thanks to me and my comic book heroes, your ass has an out if you’re willing to take it, but you need to take it.

Can I think about it?

Luke: What do you mean you’re letting her think about it?

She just gunned down the commissioner.

She drove the getaway car.

Oh, right. She didn’t pull the trigger.

She just stepped on the gas.

Yes. Please give her all the time she needs.

Ryan’s right. If Jordan testifies against False Face, they’ll kill her, but if Angelique does, Jordan doesn’t have to.

Exactly. Ang just needs time.

She’ll make the right decision.

She could have gone to the cops when you were busted for her drugs on you.

She didn’t.

She’s changed.

You literally just said the words, “she drove the getaway car.”

Ok. You have my back, right?

I’ve been down this road before with another batwoman… Kate…

And she found every excuse in the book to justify her twin sister’s actions, and you’ve always been the one to remind me that my mom died because of it.

Angelique is not Alice.

No one is ever Alice until they are because someone let them be.

Maybe you don’t have to wait for Angelique to turn herself in.

You can do that for her.

Y’all are supposed to be my team.

What do you mean? We are your team, which makes you our leader.

This is it. This is your chance to make the right call.

I’ll give Angelique an hour to talk, but after that, I’ll call the cops myself.

No. I personally never thought Safiyah was responsible for Kate’s plane blowing up.

Not her M.O.

The NTSB concluded that based on the weather and the atmosphere it was likely a lightning strike that knocked out the controls.

A recalled circuit breaker could have sparked an electrical fire in the cockpit.

I take it I’m reading their report because you don’t believe that.

Over the last few months, I’ve discovered that one of my daughters was batwoman while the other ran an illegal underground medical clinic, so I’m not taking anything at face value anymore.

Sir… I… I can’t even imagine what you must be feeling as a father right now, but Kate would want you to find peace.

Then eliminate each and every one of her enemies who could have done this or find me the one who did so I can kill him myself.

And… if I find nothing that contradicts this report, then will you please accept it as what I believe it is, a horrible and tragic accident?

Convince me I’m wrong, and I’ll let this go.

Woman: ♪ I am the absolute goddess ♪

♪ Don’t got the time to be modest ♪

This is your idea of a safe space?

I need a drink, and you only have expensive wine I’m not allowed to look at.

You wouldn’t even be in any danger right now if you hadn’t been out tagging again.

It’s how I express myself.

Then grab a notepad.

Defacing property is illegal.

Oh, my god.

Why did batwoman have to save me?

I… I was having more fun having a crowbar swung to my face.

Sounds like y’all could stand to be less sober right now.

Two club sodas.

Uh, vodka with a vodka back.

Ryan, this is my littler sister Jordan.


So you were saved by batwoman.

That’s dope.

Yeah. I mean, it was… Fine.

Fine? It’s batwoman.

Yeah, but she’s so… Cringe.

At least she ditched the party wig.

Harsh words for someone who just saved your life.

She’s one of them.

One of who?

Cops, crows, the law.

Just another suit who shoots first and asks later.

Ryan: Ok. Then…

How will you stop Gotham’s crime problem?

Before it starts.

Currently, I’m working with grassroots organizations to get funding for a community center off skid row, I’m on a council to move money to neighborhood-led safety initiatives, and I phone bank for no new jails in Gotham city.

This one’s on the house.

She’s… passionate.

I can see that.

Let’s go.


So… the vibes are there, and sis just came out of the closet.

What are you talking about?

This is me being your wingwoman…

In case you missed it.

Mom told you?

Just because she needs to take time with it doesn’t mean I do.

Thank you.

So… bartender chick… Fire!

Nope. Not happening.

Not even an enemies-to-lovers maybe.

You’re gonna have to swipe right on someone eventually.

I got to make a call. Stay put.

Hey. I need you to ask a favor of your associate.

Luke: She doesn’t really do favors per se.

Sophie: I think batwoman has intel on a member of False Face.

Perp I’m looking into was wearing some kind of key bracelet.

Seemed to ring a bell with her.

Why not use the crows?

It’ll take forensics months.

Luke, False Face just executed the commissioner in cold blood because he spoke out against snakebite.

I’ll see what I can do.

Why didn’t you just tell her?

Because Ryan told us she’s got this.

I know, but wouldn’t it just be easier if Sophie handled it?

Angelique is Ryan’s lesbian achilles heel.

She’s not gonna turn her over to the authorities, and this way, we don’t have to either.

We told Ryan we’d hold her accountable, and that doesn’t mean going behind her back the first chance we get.

Definitely didn’t have Luke puts his faith in a snakebite dealer on my bingo card.

I’m putting my faith in Ryan.

You were right. We’re the bat team, and the only way it works is we have each other’s back, even if we don’t always agree.

[Cell phone vibrating]

I’m really glad you’re calling.

You were right.

I got into this thinking I’d found some version of a family.

I never signed up to watch someone get gunned down.

Then you’re ready to make it right.

Who killed the Commissioner?

You really friends with batwoman?

I’m here.

We need to find a safe house for Angelique until the real killers are behind bars.

I know an underground clinic that’s not being used at the moment.

Perfect. Anything else anyone wants to add?

Starts with an “s,” ends with me saying, “I told you so”?

Even if we don’t agree with the method, we have to trust you to make the hard decisions.

We’re a team.

Angelique? Angelique?

They got to her.


Oh, oh, oh!

Black Mask: Angelique Martin, I understand you’re interested in leaving the False Face society.

A word to the wise.

That’s what leaving looks like.

Luke: Angelique’s phone sent a signal from the west yard 30 minutes ago, then died.

Ryan: So she’s somewhere inside a janky, old sawmill?

Gotham bad guys wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tell me about it.

[Lenses click]

Found her.

Batwoman, I think they found you.

[All grunting]

Luke: Yo. You ok?

Ask them that.

Batwoman, come in. Are you there?

Man: Don’t, no. Please, please. Help me.

Oh, my god.


They must have taken my comms.

Black Mask: Find the witness, bring her to me.

Very simple task…

And you failed.

Consider this your termination notice.

No, no, please. Come on. No, please, please.

Stop it, stop it. Please!

Oh, god! Please, please!

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!

Oh, god!


Black Mask: Ahh. Next!

What the hell are you doing?

It’s an H.R. matter. What are you… osha?

I’m here for your prisoner.

Let her go. She’s not like you.

Oh, please. Enlighten me.

Who am I?

You’re a sadistic drug lord.

Ok. I can see why you might think that, but it’s Gotham that’s sadistic, not me, and they say the best way to change the system is from within.

You’re not changing crap.

And you are?

I’m doing my best every damn day!

Your best isn’t good enough, and I know that better than anyone.

My daughter was imprisoned by the crows and killed by batwoman.

I never killed anyone.

But you’ve taken on the symbol of the woman who did, so tell me is that change, or is that just pandering to a sick city that worships extremist crows and bats?

Maybe you wouldn’t bother me so much if I said I was a squirrel.

You’ve really convinced yourself this creepy mask is a symbol for, what, a concerned citizen?

No. It’s a symbol of liberation from people like you, people who think they’ll never be held accountable as long as they pretend that what they do is justice.

Look. We all have pain in our past.

You can’t use it to do this.

I promise you if you let us go I will find out what happened to your daughter.

There will be accountability.

Oh! There will indeed.

But not because of anything you did.

[Blade whirring]

[Ryan grunting]



Thank you!

Got an sos from Luke.

He said your comms went off.

You’re safe now. I got you.

Damn. Ryan was actually serious.

Angelique’s gonna take down False Face, and we’re gonna protect her.

What is this?

That would be my confession.

Come on. We both know you didn’t pull the trigger on Forbes.

A witness saw you drive the getaway car.

Why confess to a crime you didn’t commit?

I knew the crows were dumb.

I didn’t know they were deaf, too.

If you give me the names of the shooters right now, I can help arrange a plea deal.

You could go free.

I killed Forbes, I pulled the trigger, and I acted alone.

Now read me my damn rights and take me to jail.

Why throw away your life for a gang that doesn’t give a crap about you?

Want to tell me what I’m missing?

Jax Anderson: ♪ All of my friends are dying ♪

♪ And I think I know the reason ♪

Your sister’s at the bar.

She can throw them back.

Not who I’m looking for.

Your girl Angelique, she wanted me to give you something.

Anderson: ♪ Please just talk to me ♪

♪ Oh, I know these… ♪

Why do you have this?

Where’s Angelique?

She’s on her way to jail.

I’m sorry.

What did you do?

She confessed. She’s taking the fall.

It was your job to stop her.

Trust me I tried.

She knew she would have been protected.

Why would she destroy the rest of her life to cover for a bunch of False Face thugs?

Because apparently Black Mask threatened to kill a certain bartender that Angelique had been texting with to get back together.

Angelique was willing to risk her own life, but there was one thing she wasn’t willing to risk…


I’m sorry.

Anderson: ♪ Power to save ♪

♪ You have the power to wound ♪

♪ The way that you use… ♪

You know she didn’t do it.

You can’t let her get away with it.

That’s how the law works.

And that’s exactly why all these systems are broken.

Anderson: ♪ I know these are gonna be hard times ♪

You’re right.

So what are you gonna do about it?

I don’t know, but I know that can’t be the way it is.

Anderson: ♪ Blue skies ♪

Hey. When did you become so wise?

When you stopped seeing me as your little sister.

Ooh. Well, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll always be my little sis.

Anderson: ♪ Don’t you lose your light ♪

Hi. I’m agent Julia Pennyworth.

I’m investigating the crash of flight GC9K23.

Man: Ah, yeah. Agent Pennyworth.

We spoke about this last month.

Um, I’m sorry?

You called last month inquiring about the third loader.

I explained it was a reporting error.

We only employ two loaders at national city’s private airport.

Um… heh. I think you’ve mistaken me for somebody else.

I just started my investigation today.

Julia, right? It’s Kurt.

We talked about your accent.

We both used to summer camp in oxfordshire.

Why don’t I remember speaking with you?

When we learned Kate was gone, I asked myself what my legacy would be as batwoman, but that wasn’t the right question.

The question isn’t who am I in the suit.

It’s who am I out of it.

Two days ago, I didn’t know.

Bruce Wayne had the bat code for himself.

I’m declaring the 3 rules of the bat team.

Rule number 3…

We’ve got each other’s backs…


Works for me.

Me, too.

So if we’ve got each other’s back, that means rule number two.

We hold each other accountable.

Like you did for me today.

Most importantly, we stand for something bigger than ourselves.

So, it’s a little easier said than done.

What are you thinking?

Batwoman takes some of the awful off the streets, but the bat team needs to replace it with something positive.

That’s how change happens.

Getting adopted by mama Cora, that was my game changer, but Angelique didn’t have that.

We are going to take down Black Mask and his False Face gang, but what are we gonna bring to Gotham so that no other guy comes along and gets his hooks in other kids?

Jordan Moore is working on building a community center.

I want us to bring it to life.

What do you say? You guys want to help me?

So the key to making my pain disappear is to dig up my dead cat?



I am not opening a dead kitty’s coffin.

Then why’d you dig the hole?

Ok. My interest is piqued.


What is happening?

This is what you do, Alice.

What you did that day in your cell when you learned to sew faces using human flesh.

Then you did it again when you found your mother’s head in a freezer.


I’m having a psychotic break.

When your reality is too much for you to process, you imagine things askew so they’re easier to digest.

You pretend you’re in wonderland drinking tea, or you black out your own moral code to scorch a woman to death, or you see your dead sister.

I’m not handling Kate’s death very well, am I?

You’re in shock, and you know that once it wears off you’ll be struck by a Tsunami of grief.

How does one deal with grief exactly?

That’s the problem.

You’ve never done that before, and you’re scared of what it will make you do.

Or undo.

Spare yourself the pain.

Your mind is limitless, Alice.

If it can make you believe you’re petting your dead cat right now, it can make you believe anything.

It can make me believe in a world where Kate never existed.

I can forget you, Kate.

Poor thing.

What happened to her face?

She fought my men while they were pulling her from the plane.

Didn’t go so well for her.

I suppose it’s for the best.

Facial recognition leads to memory recall.

Leave us.


My name is Enigma.

You won’t be needing this anymore.

It’s time to say good-bye… to Kate Kane.

Man: Greg, move your head!


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House of the Dragon - S02E05 - Regent

House of the Dragon – S02E05 – Regent | Transcript

Amid whispers of bad omens, the Greens consider how to fill a void on Aegon’s Council. Jacaerys sets out on a rogue mission to strike a deal. Daemon enlists Lord Willem Blackwood to help persuade the Brackens to bend the knee.

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