Batwoman – S02E07 – It’s Best You Stop Digging [Transcript]

As Ryan's condition worsens, she questions Batwoman's "no killing" code when she realizes the opportunity to avenge her mother is slipping away. Tatiana fills in the gaps for Alice about her time on Coryana and her history with Ocean...

Original air date: March 14, 2021

Despite the Kryptonite entering her brain and causing hallucinations, Ryan continues her pursuit of Alice over the objections of Mary and Luke. She takes the Batmobile to visit Angelique as Batwoman in order to find a lead on Ocean. Alice captures Tatiana, who tells her how Safiyah punished Ocean and Alice by having her hypnotist Enigma remove not only their memories of one another but Alice’s emerging conscience, leaving the psychopathic side of her personality. The Crows assault the Hamilton lab, but find that Safiyah’s forces have killed Rogers and all his people and apparently destroyed the map, leaving the message “It’s Best You Stop Digging”. Batwoman follows Angelique’s lead to the grow room of Ocean, who is leaving both Gotham and Alice. Batwoman finds Alice there and reveals herself as Ryan, but Alice refuses blame for the death of her foster mother Cora. They fight – Batwoman eventually gets the upper hand but declines to kill Alice when she is chastised by a hallucination of Cora. She later reveals to Luke and Mary that she planted a tracker on Alice so they can follow as Tatiana takes her to Coryana.

* * *



Aah! It feels like my brain is hemorrhaging.

LUKE: It’s even nastier since yesterday.

It kind of reeks, too. It kind of…

Thanks, Luke! Very helpful!

MARY: Okay. Remember a few days ago when I deleted half the DVR to make room for your shows?


Just remember you like me, okay?



What the hell just happened?

I am trying really hard not to seriously freak out right now, but I’m pretty sure the Kryptonite just entered her brain.

TATIANA: Not only I have to fly to Gotham, but then you make me wade through a mile of rabid rats to find you?

It’s a wee bit remote, but these types of places kind of have to be.

This was Ocean’s smoke-out, wu-wu meditation spot.


As promised, Tatiana.

I think you’ll find the Ocean is dead calm.

Got to admit I didn’t think you had it in you.


You really shouldn’t be thinking at all, Tatiana.

It’s not your strong suit.

SOPHIE: I never would have traded that map for Alice if I’d known I’d be forced to hand it right back over to a bunch of thugs.

Some highly paid thugs it turns out.

Aaron Helzinger wanted the Desert Rose to heal his damaged amygdala.

He also claimed that Hamilton doctors had been experimenting on his brain.

We can assume those same doctors were the ones who sent him to Mary and me for more antidote.

These are all the doctors he’s seen?

Yeah. Most of them work for upstanding regional hospitals except one… Dr. Ethan Rogers.

Rogers was Helzinger’s last known neurologist, worked in a lab.

Appears to have been running off-the-grid medical experiments.

You think Rogers was responsible for taking the map?

We found that Garnick Logistics was owned by an offshore company held by Hamilton Dynamics.

It appears we have unearthed yet another of Catherine’s dirty, little secrets.

Let’s go get that map, sir.

Let’s go get that map.

Good morning, my little lesbian pet.


What is this?

Oh, this? Yeah. This is storytime.

See, you are going to take me down memoryless lane, tell me the who, what, where, and why Ocean and I were experiencing fleeting moments of forgotten memory.

Does it really matter? He’s dead.

Yeah. Well, I think you’ll find you have that in common if you don’t start talking!

Thought you’d figured it out by now.

Safiyah had your memories wiped.

I know, but Safiyah rules over an island.

I was an orphan runaway.

What was so threatening about little old me?

To understand what made you a threat, you have to understand what made you appealing.

You and Safiyah had a common enemy.

Catherine Hamilton? I remember.

After Catherine burned Safiyah on an island defense system,

Safiyah instructed us to steal one of her yachts to teach her a lesson.

Turns out vengeful minds think alike because we found you stowed away in the cabin, wearing her clothes, swilling her 5-figure bottles of champagne.


Why the hell am I here?

Can I kill her now?

Leave us, please.

She’s a filthy outsider.

We have no use for her.

She is my prisoner.

I will deal with her my way.

You fought off 4 of my men before we put you down.

To me, you were a feral animal, but to Safiyah, you were something else.

You were special.

Relax. I’m not going to hurt you, and from the looks of what you did to my men,

I wouldn’t stand a chance.

Why am I here?

What do you want?

First, I’d like to know why a beautiful young woman with her entire life ahead of her was found sequestered away on a boat floating in the middle of nowhere.

Let’s just say I’ve grown accustomed to small spaces.

The real world can be an overwhelming place sometimes.

I understand we both have a bone to pick with Catherine Hamilton-Kane.

She convinced my entire family I was dead while I spent the last 11 years in my kidnapper’s basement cell.


And here you are, a siren once trapped in a net, who somehow found her way out.

TATIANA: Safiyah liked you because she was inspired by you.

Whatever story you told her of your captivity, you did the one thing she never could…

Escape. She would never admit it, but to this day, she considers herself a prisoner of Coryana.

Oh. Poor thing.

It must be so hard being handed a kingdom, but I remember all of this.

When did Ocean factor in?

When Safiyah realized you had purpose.

Technically, you were our prisoner, but she wanted to harness the rage you had for Catherine by making you one of her loyal soldiers except you were an untamed and angry girl.

You needed discipline.

And Safiyah knew exactly who would teach you how to be a good, little soldier.




TATIANA, VOICE-OVER: There are very few rules on our island…

no leaving, no stealing the Desert Rose, and if Safiyah wants something, she gets it, and Safiyah wanted your loyalty so that after you went home to Gotham to get revenge against your family you would come back and join hers.

And what did I want?

You wanted Ocean.


MARY, WHISPERING: Hey. Come here.

Sophie thinks they might know who took the map.

They’re bringing an army of Crows to his work.

So what happens next? Does Ryan suit up and jump on the jet with them?

No. She’s never gonna make it.

She has acute radiation.

Her bone marrow is disintegrating.

Her circulatory system is failing.

Okay. So what do you suggest?

I think we need to ask my dad to bring a flower back with Kate.

If he finds the map and if he gets there in time, not to mention, Mary, that the man just shut down your clinic.

I know.

How do you think he’ll react to finding out that you’re on the Bat team?

I’m still in the brainstorming phase.



LUKE: Ryan!


So you’re telling me that…

A little crush on the first cute boy I laid eyes on after escaping captivity for 11 years threw the island queen into a tizzy?

It wasn’t like that.

In fact, at first, no one even noticed.

Let me guess… clandestine trysts by the water well?

No. The reason no one noticed was because you two hated each other.


Now use my weight against me.



ALICE: Aah! Ohh!

The game is never over.

What’s the point of this?

Has anyone ever heard of a gun?

Guns can jam, get taken.

The real fight is in here, and that they can’t take away.

Preparation, engagement, commitment.

Surrendering to false gods and ideologies.

What’s that supposed to mean?

It means there is a whole world outside this island that you know nothing about…

Books, food, electricity… and Safiyah likes to keep it that way so that you stay close and loyal and uninspired.



As the weeks passed, you two became each other’s sparring partners.


I think Safiyah will like you.

This is a waste of time.

You’re not even trying.

You’re wasting your own time.

Well, if it’s all the same to you, I’d rather waste my time and go get drunk.

What do you really want?

Revenge? Why?

Because your family moved on after more than a decade?

Catherine Hamilton lied through her teeth so they would forget me.

Or maybe she did them a favor.

You said they looked for a year.

You weren’t gonna be found. What were they supposed to do, sit around and be miserable for the next decade?

Is that really what you wanted, the family you supposedly love and miss so much?

You don’t need to learn how to fight, Alice.

You need to learn how to feel.



CORA: Baby…

Are you sure you want to be going where you’re going?


CORA: You know I have faith in your decision-making.

All I’m cautioning is be mindful the company you keep.

Other people judge your friends.

Mama… Angelique is a good person.

Mm-hmm. She also gets in trouble, and I don’t want you getting roped into her drama.

You were put on this earth for bigger and better things, child.

I know. You tell me this every day. Ha!


What the?

What happened?

Why’d you stop?


Mama, what happened?


LUKE: Batwoman, do you copy? Batwoman!

She just hit 92 miles per hour, and she’s not answering her comms.

Where the hell is she going?

She’s headed towards the west end.

What the hell’s up there?

Oh, no.


Of course that’s where she went.

Where? Where’s she going?

Her brain isn’t working, so she turned to her heart.


Oh, my God!

What the actual hell?

Angie. Angelique.

How do you know my name?

And are… are you okay?


Hey. Where’s your wine opener?

Oh, my God!

She doesn’t drink.

I don’t drink.

I’m sorry. How do you know my life?

Angie, what is going on?

RYAN: Angie.

ANGELIQUE: Shouldn’t you be out, like, fighting crime?

I’m looking for your friend… Ocean.

Can I have two seconds?


Ahem. Sorry.

No idea, uh, who you’re talking about.

Maybe you know what this is.

Whoa. What are you gonna do, slash me?

Look. The dude grows shrooms in a concrete jungle.

If you can’t find him, maybe you shouldn’t quit your day job.

Or I’ll haul your ass into the cops, and I’ll let them sweat it out of you.

All right. Fine. You got me.

You’ll find him in Coventry.

I’ll give you a head start.





Grab her legs.

MAN, ON P.A.: This is the Gotham City Police Department.

Stop and back away from the suspect.

I repeat. Back away from the suspect.

You are interfering in a police response.

Freeze. You are under arrest and ordered not to move.

Repeat. You are under arrest…

I’ll meet you in the Batcave.

Why are you giving me the keys?

I have to take the Batmobile.

I can take the Batmobile.

You’ve never driven it before.

I’ve never driven your car before.

Mary, no!





MARY: Yes!

MAN: Release the suspect.

We don’t have time for this.

Give me, give me!

You are under arrest and ordered…

MARY: Hell, yeah!





Why are you here?

Why did you do this to us?

You must be mad, or you wouldn’t have come here.


Why did you kill her? What was the point?


You know how much pain you caused me?

How do you do that?

How do you just murder someone’s mom and move on like it doesn’t matter?

Ha ha ha!



Tell me you remember her! Tell me her name!

[GASPING] Cora. Cora Lewis.

What are you doing?

I’m getting the justice…


My mother deserves.





LUKE: Okay. Okay. So I hid the Batmobile keys in Dino, and I’m putting an extra tracker in her gauntlet cuffs in case she decides to run off again and thinks to turn off her GPS.

What are you doing?

I’m mixing two complementary cardiotonics to calm down her mind and speed up her system and hopefully pull her out of these hallucinations, but… this isn’t gonna last, and since I don’t have access to my clinic anymore, I’m gonna need a few supplies.

Okay. Great. Do I look like Postmates, or…

No, nor do you look like a doctor, which is who needs to stay with her right now, unless you want to give it a shot, you know, put her life in your hands just for funsies?

Okay. I’ll be back.


Ah, ah, ah.

Save some for the fishies.

So Safiyah and I shared a common enemy, she thought I’d be a good soldier, and I started to hate-crush her metaphorical brother.

Call me old-fashioned, but I’m missing the motive for a lobotomy.

You’re really not getting it, are you?

Well, you’re not exactly unfolding the plot to a Shakespearean drama here.

Safiyah would claim she wanted you for her army, survival instincts would make you an excellent fighter and advisor.

And what would you claim?

That she was in love with you.

I heard there was wine.

Sounds like training’s going well.

I have yet to see the point of an army.

You have no crime here, everyone walks around with a smile.

I’m in Roman pleasantville.

That’s actually why I invited you here, to tell you about the Desert Rose.

It’s delicate and vibrant and in the wrong hands one of the most dangerous weapons in the world.


Its serum can cure illness, hereditary disease.

It can expunge toxins, pathogens.

This simple flower is a miracle cure-all, Alice, and it’s my birthright to protect it at all costs.

Hence the army.

Hence the army.

On occasion, word of a mystical flower on a faraway island draws unwanted attention.

If outsiders were able to come take it, we’d be left with nothing, and our sanctuary would be destroyed.

Why don’t you just grow more?

According to the lore, centuries ago, the women of a village in Europe banded together to escape their abusive husbands.

They’d heard tell of an island under the constellations of Cassiopeia and Andromeda, and they fled here with their children in tow.

Months later, the men they escaped tracked them down.

As their ships landed, the men were met by a ferocious female army.

The women succeeded in driving the men back into the sea.

However, it was at great cost.

Many women lay dead, slaughtered.

Only my ancestors and a few others survived.

The next day, a field of Roses bloomed in the very spot of the battle.

The women claimed the blood that had been spilled was sacred, its protective feminine essence enriched the land.

They wrote that only a woman’s life force could birth this medicine destined to save mankind.

Heh heh.

TATIANA: She knew she couldn’t tell you how she felt, so she showed you.

She entrusted you with her most valued secret.

And someone was a little jealous?

Ha ha ha!

You weren’t a threat to me, Alice.

You were a threat to the entire island of Coryana.

Not even, like, a teeny, weeny, itty, bitty bit jealous?

I’m Safiyah’s right hand.

It’s my job to tell her when there’s a fox in the henhouse.

So you think I’m a fox?

I think you’re a distraction.

I think you’re in love with her.

You are such a child.

Well, you’re the one who can’t admit you’re in love with her.

Of course, I’m in love with her.

Ha ha ha!

And you’d better believe that when the first opportunity arose for me to destroy you I did not hesitate.


Let’s go, let’s go!

Got to wonder if Catherine ever wandered these halls.

Guess there’s a lot you didn’t know about her.

Well, apparently, it runs in the family.

Turns out Mary was operating an illegal medical clinic out of a church basement.

Really? That’s… huh.

Did you know?


You got to be kidding me.

No one wants to tell me anything around here.

Because I knew you’d shut it down.

That place was her life.

She helped a lot of people.

Have you two spoken since?

I refuse to let her turn into her mother.

Catherine cut a lot of corners at Hamilton.

Look where it got us.

I’ll take that as a no.

WOMAN, ON RECORDING: Synthetic granulocytes.

My God.

Now injecting them in patient B, an 80-year-old male with a similar cancer.

Our hypothesis is that the new solution

SOPHIE: Dr. Rogers!

So much for our lead.

WOMAN: So we’ll check back in 24 hours and look for progress.



WOMAN: Help! Uh, just calm down, breathe.

We need help in here!

Try to breathe.

What the hell are we dealing with?

Ryan, can you hear me?


This Kryptonite gives a worse hangover than $2.00 tequila.

Wait. How did I get back here?

Luke and I found you outside of Angelique’s. Yeah.

But good news… I got to drive the Batmobile.

Bad news… the wipers button and the rocket launchers look very similar.

Someone should label those.

What did you do?

I should be asking you that, missy.

Why’d you go to Angelique’s in the Batsuit?

I needed a lead on Ocean.

You’re dying, and you waste your last gasps of energy on him?

No. I find Ocean, I find Alice so I can hear her last gasp.


No. I am not going down without getting justice for both of our moms.

Let’s just get some more fluids in you first, and then we can talk… bucket list.

This is Rogers’ office.

We looked into the deceased, and everyone seems to have been involved in the experiments with the Desert Rose.

My guess is they were trying to create more and failed.

Coryana sent their assassins to cover their tracks.

I believe Safiyah calls them The Many Arms of Death.

Let’s just hope they didn’t find the map that Rogers stole.

It has to be around here somewhere.

Hang on.


They beat us to it.

Agh! Agh!


They have my Kate, damn it.

I can’t stand losing another daughter like this.

When I was being held in that cell, my father and sister came looking for me.

I was told if I made a sound they’d be shot, but Kate, my, um… my twin, she found my cell, and I heard her put her hand on the door, so I did the same, and I just stood there silently… praying that she would… feel me.

And she never did?

You asked why I want revenge.

It’s because I can’t forget moments like that.

Then don’t, but do you really want to spend the rest of your life trying to get her to apologize?

Because that’s not how this works.

She’s your sister.

She will spend every waking moment trying to fix it, to fix you, and she can’t.

Only you can do that.

You got out, you got your second chance.

Let it go.

Be happy.

You make that sound so…

So easy.

It is.

At least it is now.

Desert Rose snips.

I’ll plant them, nurture them, feed them blood so they bloom.

Pretty soon, all of mankind will have its miracle drug, and I’ll have money to travel the world.

You are not supposed to have those.

There’s a lot Safiyah tells us we can’t have.

I want to do what you did.

I want to escape, I want to start over and experience life outside this island.

And I want you to come with me.

TATIANA, VOICE-OVER: The man you were willing to change your life for, the one person who offered you a second chance and freedom from your past is the same man Safiyah convinced you to stab through the heart.

Ha ha ha!

I’m sorry. That’s it?

That’s your big mic drop moment?

“Surprise! You killed your soul mate that you don’t even remember”.

Yeah. I found my mother’s head in a freezer, so if you’re trying to shock me, you’re gonna have to do a little better than that.




Don’t you think you should be lying down?

RYAN: Angelique said he grew shrooms in a concrete jungle, meaning he would need some type of indoor forest.

That means a neighborhood with a high moisture level.

North side by the water.

Wait. What?

He’d have to block out his windows, wouldn’t want questions asked, and he’d have to draw a crapload of power for all those grow lamps.

Oh! The grow lamps.

Ryan, you need to lie down.

I need to find Alice.

No. I… I can’t let you kill Alice.

Do you love your mom?

Of course I do.

Do you believe in what we do here?

You know I do.

Then how can we stand behind this symbol and claim we fight for justice and we stand up for victims and we protect our streets with a legitimate serial-killing psychopath out there, living, breathing, looking for a way to find your sister and kill her, too?

And we will stop her!


When two Crows bring me some miracle flower from an island we can’t get to?

That’s what I was…

Did they find the map?

Did they find the map?

The map’s gone.

Alice took our moms from us, Mary.

Do you ever for a second think about what your life would be like if she were still here?

If she could be proud of you for one more day, if you could ask her for advice or tell her about a crush or hear her tell you she loves you?

A million times a day.

I am as good as dead, Mary, and I am not leaving here without getting justice, so… you can step out of my way and let me do my thing, or I can go through you.

Keys are in Dino.

What are you doing?

Packing up. We’re done.

You don’t want to know more?

What’s to know?

Safiyah got jealous, so she took away my memory of Ocean to punish me.

I could have saved a lot of time by reading the back of the book.

It wasn’t as simple as plucking out just those memories.

There was collateral damage.

SAFIYAH: I never thought I’d see the day that a man I considered a brother would be kneeling before me a betrayer of his island and his people!

That flower is everything to us, that which defines us, that which is the key to our survival!

Safiyah, we both know this isn’t about a stupid flower.

And what do you think it’s about?

Me having the one thing you can’t.

Alice is a snake that slithered into our garden.

Let me kill her.

We’re not killing anyone.

I’m going to visit a punishment upon her that fits the crime.

Find Enigma, bring her to me.

OCEAN: Safiyah, no. You can’t do this.

Yes, my queen.

You wanted to take the one thing that was precious to me.

I will take what’s most precious to you…

each other!

Who’s Enigma?

A hypnotist.

She wants to screw with our heads.

You’re not a snake, Alice.

You’re just a broken little girl, who sought refuge from her trauma by escaping into a fantastical book!

I know the big, wild world seemed daunting to you.

I was going to show you how easily you could rise and thrive, but instead, you turned to him for solace and rehabilitation.

She didn’t do anything wrong!

You are going to go home, Alice!

You are going to embrace this fairytale persona of yours, and you’re going to imbue it with fury!

You will build your own army, you will become your own queen, and you will carry out the vengeance on your family that you so desperately crave, and you’ll forget all about Ocean and your love for each other!

Don’t do this, Safiyah.

TATIANA, VOICE-OVER: With the memories came the love and humanity that was bubbling up inside of you.

Safiyah took that and in turn activated this… cold, hard, vengeance-obsessed killing machine.

You would have run away with Ocean and started a new life, happy, free, in love.

Instead, Safiyah turned you into herself.

You look upset.

Shakespearean enough for you?

Take the body.

I’ll call you for my pickup.

Where are you going?

Oh, I’m not requesting an audience with the queen dressed like this.


Enigma did this?


Of course.

She’s a hypnotist.

Owed Safiyah a favor.

Safiyah and her legion of lady loyalists.

Tatiana found out you were stealing the Desert Rose.

Good riddance. That flower’s meant to save lives, yet it destroys everything it touches.

And… I guess this is it.

There’s a bar in Portofino I’ve always wanted to try.

Cobblestone Streets, view of the Harbor.

What about you? What now?

Uh… now I’m off to Coryana to get my final revenge on my sister.

Unless… you have a reason to stop me.

Live your life.

See you, Alice.


Where’s Ryan?

My dad couldn’t find the map, so there’s no way to find Coryana.

Why are her comms off? Where is she?

She’s gonna die.

Mary, where is Ryan?

Alice, do you know who I am?

Okay. I’ve had a day.

Can we do this in, say, 2… 3 weeks?

Do you know who I am?

Honestly, so many women keep showing up in that outfit, it’s impossible to keep track.

How’s this?

You killed my mom, and now I’m here to kill you.

Heh. You’re kidding, right?

That’s what this is about?

My mom was Cora Lewis.

Your gang beat her to death on December 13, 2015.

I get it. Mommy died, and now you’re a “Woman on fire”, which means I’m responsible for spawning not one Batwoman… but two.

You think this is funny?


My mom meant everything to me!

I have no memory of your mommy.




Aw. Did you hurt yourself?

Is that my fault, too?



Aah! Ohh!



RYAN: Aah!




I wasn’t the one who killed her.

Your army did because of you because you turned them into coldblooded killers!

Ha ha ha!




CORA: Ryan!

This isn’t the girl I raised.


But she killed you.




I don’t know what made you this way, but you’re not worth it.

You’ll never be worth it!

It wasn’t my fault.

Everything’s your fault.

Now leave!


No sign of Alice anywhere, sir.

You know, I figured out why Catherine lied and said that Beth was dead.

She was doing me a favor.

The only thing worse than losing one of your children is the cycle of waking up every morning with hope and then having it ripped away and losing them all over again by dinner.

Sir, you really should get some sleep.

I won’t sleep until I have my family back.

This must be the airport shuttle.

Get in.

Air Coryana terminal, jeevsy.

Where’s Alice?

Hello to you, too.



Well, I realized killing her would only make me more like her.

Kind of went along with what you guys were saying.

Great. So where is she?

I let her go.

What?! Okay.

There’s not killing, but there’s still apprehending.

We need her to go to Coryana.

No, we don’t. She’ll kill Kate.

I’ll stop her.

I put a tracker in her boot.

We follow her, we find Coryana, we save Kate.

And we get you the Desert Rose.

MAN: Greg, move your head!


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