Andor – S01E07 – Announcement | Transcript

The repercussions of the Aldhani heist reach all the way to Coruscant, while Cassian returns home.
Andor (TV series)

Original release date: October 19, 2022

On Coruscant, Karn starts a new job at the Bureau of Standards. As the ISB gains more draconian surveillance and punitive authority, Meero is challenged by Blevin for breaking protocol around accessing data about thefts from Imperial installations. She persuades her superiors of her work’s value and is assigned oversight of Ferrix. Luthen’s assistant Kleya Marki meets with Vel on Coruscant and instructs her to find and kill Cassian to prevent him from revealing Luthen’s identity. Mon Mothma meets Tay Kolma, an old friend and banker, at a dinner party and asks him to help her access family funds. Cassian returns to Ferrix to settle old debts and learns from Bix that the community blames him for the fallout from the Corporate Security crackdown. The presence of Stormtroopers on Ferrix reminds Cassian of how the original Clem, his adoptive father and Maarva’s husband, was murdered by Republic Clone troopers years ago. Cassian attempts to get Maarva to leave Ferrix with him, but she decides to stay and covertly oppose the increased Imperial presence. Cassian travels alone to the tropical tourist paradise of Niamos. One month later while living under the name “Keef Girgo”, Cassian is confronted by Shoretroopers and a KX Unit while on a trip to a shop. He is mistaken for a vandal and sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

* * *

Wouldn’t you rather give it all at once to something real?

What would we be stealing?

The quarterly payroll for an entire Imperial sector.

DEDRA: If I was them, this is how I’d do it.

I’d spread it out.

Never climb the same fence twice.


TIMM: Bix!

Who did this? (GRUNTS)


NEMIK: So you think it’s hopeless, do you?

Freedom? Independence?

We should just submit and be thankful?

Do I look thankful to you?


At your service.

Fall in.


With me.

Tell me you’ll be all right.

I’ll be fine.



Let’s go!

What is going on here?


I’m pinned down! -(GROWLS)



Hang on!



EEDY: My assumption is, you have no prospect for the future.

I’m calling Uncle Harlo.

I’m calling in the family favor.

You wanna guess how much is in there?

Forty million a piece, give or take.

So no rebellion for you?

Oh, I’m a rebel. It’s just, uh… me against everybody else.


He wanted to take the money and leave you here.

He wouldn’t do that.

I’m taking my cut.

I did my job.

I found someone I think can help me.

We’re vulnerable enough.

We need funding, not more people.

Don’t lecture me on vulnerability.

No one’s more at risk than I am.

EEDY: Syril?



Is that what you’re wearing?

SYRIL: It would seem so.

What makes you believe the Bureau of Standards is in the market for individuals?

It’s a brown suit.

It’s your interview.

Perhaps, you would like to come along.


Uncle Harlo’s influence is not a thing to be trifled with.

How am I trifling?

He’s done us a tremendous favor.

You need to remember you’re not just representing yourself today.

It’s a brown suit. (CLEARS THROAT)

The collar.

What about it?

It’s high.

You’ve had it raised.

I had it tailored.

Everything says something, Syril.

I’ve tried to make you understand that, you’ve resisted.

(CLICKS TONGUE) What is it that you hear my collar saying?

“Look at me. I don’t believe in myself. I am desperate for approval.”

MAN: (ON NEWSCAST) We have distressing reports are reaching us that a terror attack and robbery have taken place at the Imperial Armory on Aldhani, with multiple fatalities reported.

What happened?

EEDY: Rabble.

…a Blockade Order was issued…

EEDY: They attacked a garrison.

They’ll regret it.

MAN: …officials on the scene are still assessing the loss and searching for the conspirators.

YULAREN: The criminals responsible for last night’s atrocity on Aldhani think they’ve taken the Empire by surprise.

We know better.

We know the real shock will be when they discover how ready and eager we are to respond, to be prepared, to be here this morning and know that the only question we need to answer is how tight to close our fist.

This is why we plan.

This is why we work so hard when we’re at peace.

This is why we recruit so carefully and demand so much.

The following measures will be adopted Empire-wide as of today.

A tribute tax equal to five times the amount stolen from Aldhani will be levied on any sector harboring partisan activity.

We will make it clear that no one steals from the Empire.

The use of any local custom, festival, or tradition as cover for rebel activity will trigger permanent revocation of Imperial tolerance.

I spoke with Emperor Palpatine last night, and he’s assured me that the ISB will be taking the lead going forward.

No one in this room should have trouble accessing Army or Naval resources in future.

The Emperor will be convening an emergency session of the Senate to propose a legislation package of bills and amendments that will free our hands in all matters of surveillance, search, and seizure.

We will be invoking the Public Order Resentencing Directive later today.


Any criminal act, with even indirect effect on the Empire, will henceforth be branded a Class One Offense.

All prison sentences are immediately re-evaluated.

All outstanding fines and levies are to be paid in full.

I have assured the Emperor…

HEERT: You’re not pleased.

DEDRA: We’re playing straight into their hands.

HEERT: Whose hands?

The rebels.

This is exactly what they want.

We’re treating what happened at Aldhani like a robbery.

HEERT: What would you call it?

An announcement.

MAN: (ON RADIO) Preliminary investigation puts the loss at over eighty million credits.

All military personnel at the garrison have been replaced and are being interrogated by ISB.

ISB confirms the tracking devices in the escape craft were disabled prior to it reaching hyperspace.

134 Aldhani residents have been taken into custody under suspicion of abetting the terrorists.


Mon Mothma.

Without warning?

Wipe the smile off your face. (CHUCKLES)



(SIGHS) I should’ve called.

We’re on our way to the Senate, I realized we’d be passing by.

I’ll be right back.

KLORIS: Ma’am.

Perrin likes it, I’m just not sure he loves it.


I think I might want the other one.


Was this you?

LUTHEN: What do you mean?

(SOFTLY) The garrison. Aldhani.

Ah! Is it true?

Kleya was just… (MUFFLED)


I’ve been worried you might do something like this.


How I wish I had.

Let’s have a look.

I don’t believe you.

Well, you’ll have to try harder.

Don’t you dare talk to me like that.

Revolutions are expensive.

I told you, I’m doing everything I can.

(CHUCKLES) Your “everything” seemed to be all about bringing in a savior to access your family funds.

(SOFTLY) It was you, wasn’t it?

I explained to you the risk of new faces, but you seemed to know better.

(SHUDDERS) You realize what you’ve done?

I thought you were here to tell me about the meeting.

It’s tonight.

They may reschedule.

I warned you when we started.

You told me we were building a network.

What were my words?

This is something else entirely.

LUTHEN: “Turning back will be impossible.”

You knew where this was going.

You’ve always known.


Has anyone ever made a weapon that wasn’t used?

The network’s been built. It’s up.

It grows or it dies.

(ON COMMS) We’ve waited long enough.

You realize what you’ve set in motion?

LUTHEN: It was time for that as well.

Palpatine won’t hesitate now.


We need it.

We need the fear.

We need them to overreact.

You can’t be serious.

The Empire has been choking us so slowly, we’re starting not to notice.

The time has come to force their hand.

People will suffer.

That’s the plan.

You’re not angry at me.

I’m just saying out loud what you already know.

There will be no rules going forward.

If you’re not willing to risk your conscience, then surrender and be done with it.


We need every credit we can get our hands on.

Let me know how the meeting goes.


I’m afraid I won’t be taking either of these pieces this morning.

(LAUGHS) I’ll have some new things coming in very, very soon.

MON: I’ll be sure to come by.

LUTHEN: (LAUGHS) Always at your service, Senator.

Always at your service.

I hope she’s worth it.

LUTHEN: Well, we’ll see, won’t we?

We can’t hide forever.


People all think we’re kidding when we say it, but it’s true.

There are no small jobs at the Bureau Of Standards.

(INHALES DEEPLY) I spoke with your uncle.

Some sectors might naturally appear more exciting from the outside.

Weights and Gauges may seem a more vibrant arena than Redundancy or Verification, but walk the floor, talk to any lifetime employee, you’ll be surprised.

I’m sure.

Morlana One.


There’s a rebel murderer running free because of corruption and laxity in the corporate authority.

I was punished for trying to uphold the law.

Do my job. Maintain public safety.

Two men dead.


I believe that we have laws for a reason.

I fully intend to clear my name and have my record expunged.

Why don’t we start that process now?

Probably best for everyone to just edit this a bit before signing you in.

I’m sure your uncle would approve.


Fresh start, eh?

New beginnings.

We just happen to have an immediate opening in Fuel Purity.

I’d hate to see you miss your chance.



MAN: (ON PA) Exit right for the Senate level.


Exit left for the downtown, midtown level.


STORMTROOPER: Four-nine vector six.


Security clearance code…

MAN: The food is superb.

WOMAN: It’s quite exquisite…


DEDRA: At ease, Attendant.

(GASPS) Yes, sir.

Ma’am. Sir.

Your tunic.

Sorry, sir. Ma’am.


What is your name?


Attendant Felzonis.

Hmm. I need a Multi-Sector Data Blend going back two years.

The survey pool is Imperial Naval bases and repair facilities.

I want a record of all missing avionics, comm, navigation, and targeting equipment.

For which star system?

All star systems.

Is that a problem?

I’ll need this report kept confidential and a copy sent exclusively to my office.

Can I rely on you for that level of discretion?


Yes. Can do.

Will do.

Will do.

Right. Get on with it.





Where is he?

I shouldn’t even be here.

Neither of us should.

The money’s safe.

We know.

It’s been moved already. You’ve done exceptional work.

It’s the trawler that we’re more worried about.

It’s buried. Gone for good.

You’re sure?


He read your message.


I really thought he’d be here.

Every loss is different.

Every one’s the same.

I recruited Taramyn myself.

Nemik, Gorn, they’ll all be remembered.

That’s it?

He had doubts about Skeen.

It’s one less thing to worry about.

Have you heard from Cinta?

She’s doing what she was told.

Receiving messages is just as dangerous as sending them.

You should keep that in mind.

We have a loose end.

Cassian Andor, who you know as Clem.

You need to find him.

Find him?

We can’t have him walking around with Luthen in his head.

You mean kill him.

This is what revolution looks like, Vel.


We’ll send you what we have on him.




MAARVA: (SOFTLY) Who’s there?

I hear you!



MAARVA: Just, just hold on!


B2EMO: Cassian.

Oh! Get in here. (BREATHES HEAVILY)

Since when do we lock the door?


B2EMO: Where have you been?

Look at you. (SIGHS)


You can’t stay here, Cass. It’s not safe.

B2EMO: There is t-t-troopers now.

CASSIAN: That was fast.

Yeah, they came the next day.

Kicked out Pre-Mor, took over the hotel.

Ferrix is under Imperial authority.


You shouldn’t be here. (SIGHS)

Someone turned me in.

You don’t know?

Know what?

B2EMO: T-T-Timm.


Timm Karlo turned you in.

No point in stewing over it, he’s dead now.

The Corpos killed him when they were coming after you.

How do you know all this?

Everyone knows it.

Bix knew about it?


She was coming to warn you, and Timm was trying to stop her, or to catch her, I don’t know. I’ve… I’ve heard both.

But you can’t be here, Cass.

The Imperials are here to stay.

They’re not going away this time.

It’s all come undone.

We won’t have to worry about that.

What are you talking about?

We’re getting out of here.

We’re leaving.

To go where?

Anywhere we want.

(CHUCKLES) I got lucky.

I scored.

I’ve got enough credits to get us anywhere.

We’re gonna clear out.

Leave this mess behind.

B2EMO: When d-d-do we go?

We go tonight.


Yeah, why not?

What do we need to take but the three of us?


Huh? Get out of the cold and damp.

Find somewhere warm and easy.

I can make it happen.

It’s all gonna be different now, Ma.






CASSIAN: What’s wrong?

MAARVA: Just such a lot to take in.

No one knows I’m here.

We take what we can carry, and we disappear.

It’s just such a big idea, you know, I… I get so tired.

You surprised me. (CHUCKLES)

(CHUCKLES) What am I thinking? It’s… It’s late.

Yeah, yeah. You… You gotta rest.

I’ll check up on Bix, and we’ll pull out first thing in the morning.

All right?

B2EMO: F-F-First thing.

Let’s do that.



Thank you.

Sorry we’re not having dinner.

How long are you staying?

I’m back to Chandrila tomorrow.

I haven’t been home all year.

You haven’t missed much.

I’ve missed you.

You always seem to be away when I’m there.

I’m not that hard to find, Mon.

Not for a Senator.

You’re right.

I’ve been a poor friend.

No, that’s not what I meant.

Life takes us where it will.

You’ve become all this. All these years.

We’re both a long way from where we started.

MON: Have I changed so much?

We’ve all had to adapt.

Is it that bad?

(SMACKS LIPS) I just can’t imagine living here, Mon.

Like this.


No escape.

Just this glimpse of what it’s like here, what you have to do.

It can be challenging.

You carry it gracefully.

Can I trust you, Tay?

Can I call back our old kinship and share some truth with you?

LEIDA: Mother.


Do you remember my daughter?

Of course.

This is Tay Kolma, one of my oldest friends.

How do you do?

You’ve met before.

Bank Of Kolma? You know Adrine and Marsa from back home.

My sisters.

Um, I’m not sure.

It’s been a long time, and you’ve certainly grown up.


So everyone says.

Typical banker. No one pays me to be original.

Oh. Father said I needed to ask you if I may be excused.


You’re excused.

TAY: Lovely seeing you again.

LEIDA: Uh, yes. Have fun, Mother.

Another part of the challenge.

It’s a difficult age.

I’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about this conversation, Tay.

I want to tell you something

that only three people in the galaxy know about.

Why would you want to do that?

Because I need your help.

And I’m hoping I can trust you.

Is this personal or political?


Then I’d suggest you hesitate.


TAY: Like I said, we’ve both changed.

I’ve done more than grow weary of the Empire.

I’m afraid you’d find my politics a bit strong for your taste.

Your world is inescapably linked to the Empire.

You’re with these people all the time.

(CLICKS TONGUE) I’m not sure you’re aware how far afield

some of us have taken our political allegiances these days.


Sorry, I think I’ve had too much of Perrin’s Embassy punch.

(CHUCKLING) Drink up.

Drink up, Tay, and keep smiling

(CHUCKLES) as if we’re having a happy chat about childhood days.

I’m not sure I understand.

No, you don’t.

What you see, what people say about me, it’s a clear picture, isn’t it?

I’m a polite, sometimes-indecisive Senator

who spends her days fighting and failing to protect Separatist do-gooders

and battle Empire overreach.

An irritation, as you so harshly put it.

I’ve made you angry, I…

No, no. You’ve set me free.

I’ve been wondering all day how I could be sure of confiding in you.

I don’t know what we’re talking about.

It’s a lie.

The Mon Mothma people think they know, it’s a lie.

It’s a projection.

It’s a front.


I’ve learned from Palpatine.

I show you the stone in my hand, you miss the knife at your throat.

Where is this going, Mon?

The Grand Vizier has infiltrated my Separatist Coalition meetings.

My driver is an ISB plant and reports on my secret humanitarian programs.

They know they watch me, and I want that,

because as long as everyone thinks I’m an irritation,

there’s a good chance they’ll miss what I’m really doing.

What are you really doing?

Raising money.

I need to access my family accounts. Until recently,

I was able to dip in and out of my family fortune without concern.

(INHALES) That’s changed.

I need help.

Raising money for what?

I’m forming a Chandrilan charitable outreach program.

I’ll ask you to be chairman.

It will involve visits here to Coruscant.

It will appear to be another of my benevolent and useless irritations.

(WHISPERING) I’ve explored the alternatives.

You’re my best shot.

You haven’t answered my question.

And I won’t.

You’re better off not knowing.

Or perhaps, you’d find my politics a bit strong for your taste.

Perrin’s on his way over.

He knows none of this. He’s not to be trusted.


There you are.

Reminiscing, are we? School days?

Are we that predictable? -(CHUCKLES)

There’s a reunion coming up.

Oh, don’t remind me. (CHUCKLES)

She pretends not to care, but we both know better, don’t we?

It was ever thus.

May I steal her back? There’s a few guests that require special handling.

Of course.

To be continued.









What are you doing here?

Remember when your father caught me climbing over that wall?

This is the last place you should be.


I think those were his exact words. (CHUCKLES)

It’s not safe here.


I guess he thought you and I were back together.

Why would he think that?

You can’t be as surprised as I was.


What happened to you?

I ran into a wall, like I do.

You can’t be here, Cass.

Troopers won’t catch me.

Not here.

They won’t have to.

You’ll be turned in.

By who?

By who?

By anyone.

People blame you for what happened.

Blame me?

You killed two Corpos and came home to hide.

Put the entire town at risk.

Now there’s Imperials on the street.

If Timm had kept his mouth shut.

If this, if that. If you, if me, if Timm.

We were doing a deal you…

You scam, you borrow, you lie, you disappear.

Your crazy boyfriend tries to get me killed, and I’m the villain?

You need to get as far away from here as you can.



I will.

I am.

You won’t have to worry about me anymore.


I need to know about the other guy.

The buyer, who is he?

I don’t know.

You’re lying.

I’m not.

Paak introduced us, but swears he doesn’t know either.

I have a comm. I call. I wait.

Sometimes they respond.

He knew all about me. How?

I… I don’t know.

And you’re right, he did know.

He knew that the Corpos were on you. But not from me.

(INHALES) You ever talk to him again, tell him I held up my end of the deal, and he needs to forget about me.

And that goes for everybody. (SIGHS)

I’ve done it before.

12,000 credits.

That’s everything I owe. (SIGHS)

Xan, Nurchi, Brasso, Deema.

Twelve should cover it.

Be careful, Cass.

You too.





CLEM: This is not our fight, Cass.


(SIGHS) Don’t worry. They won’t be here long.

They’re just gonna raise their silly flag and fly away.

MAN: Long live the Republic!

MAN 2: Free Ferrix!


Don’t move. Stay here.

Hey, guys! Calm down!

You’re only making things worse!





Ready arms!






B2EMO: M-M-Maarva.

He’s b-b-back.

I was coming to find you.

CASSIAN: Here I am.

You haven’t done much packing.

B2EMO: She says we can’t go.

MAARVA: Bee. Quiet.

CASSIAN: What is this?

I’m not going.

What are you talking about?

MAARVA: I’m staying.

CASSIAN: But it’s… it’s not safe.

I know all that.

CASSIAN: I can’t be here.

You said it yourself, “It’s all come undone.”

There’s an Imperial barracks on Rix Road.

Good luck to them.

You wanna live under that?

It’s happening everywhere.

(SIGHS) Well, we’ll find a place they haven’t ruined yet.

I’m already there.

That place is in my head.

They can build as many barracks as they like, they’ll never find me.

(SIGHS) What’s left to keep you here?

The Rebellion. (SIGHS)


Ferrix has been hiding long enough.

So now you’re taking on the Empire?

(SIGHS) Laugh if you want to.

Who’s laughing? This is madness.

No, it’s not.

It’s overdue, and probably doomed, and I’m too old, and I don’t care anymore.

For 13 years, every time I walk down Rix Road, I turn off before I get to the square.

I take the long way around so I don’t have to think about Clem hanging there.





Then yesterday, I heard about this attack at Aldhani.

Have you heard about this?

What about it?

Well, Bee played me the news.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

CASSIAN: Yeah, yeah, the garrison at Aldhani.

I heard that, I put on my best coat, and I walked across the square with a smile on my face.


If there are heroes brave enough to take on a whole Imperial garrison, I’m brave enough to stick it out here.


I… I don’t expect you to understand.

Aldhani was just a robbery.

People are standing up.

Yeah, and getting killed for it.

But there’s work that will need doing.

Yeah? (STAMMERS) What is that?

Whatever it takes.

I’ve been lying around waiting to die long enough.


You can’t beat them, Maarva.

Not if I run away.


You have a different path, Cass, and I am not judging you.

Everything you’ve been through, everything that was taken away from you before you even started?


Take all the money you’ve found and go and find some peace.

I won’t have peace.

I’ll be worried about you all the time.

That’s just love.

Nothing you can do about that.

I’ve never loved anything the way I love you, and I’ve never fretted on anything more, but this time…


you can’t stay, and I can’t go.


B2EMO: C-C-Can I speak now?



Tell me you understand.

I don’t.

You will. (STAMMERS) You’ll see.


And just one more thing… Just… (SIGHS)

Stop searching for your sister.

It’s a fantasy.

There were no survivors on Kenari.

What happened there was not your responsibility.

You were a child.

Let it go.


I’m coming back. (BREATHES DEEPLY)

MAARVA: Of course you are.


JUNG: The alternative analysis is that by comparing the detention numbers to the frequency of surprise inspections we’re under-allocating our harbor patrol units.

So, three theories, Mr. Jung?

Yes, sir.

Three possible explanations for why you have failed to keep pace with your neighboring sectors.

That’s correct.

I’m correct?

Your approval is heartening.

Your guidance would be welcome, sir.

Very well, let’s have a full audit of all hyperspace lanes leading to Ord Mantell on my desk by this time tomorrow.

As you wish.

PARTAGAZ: Mr. Blevin.


I sense something eager in you this morning.

Am I mistaken?

(SIGHS) No, sir. And at risk of repetition, you are correct.

Good news, is it?

I’m afraid not.

I wish to lodge a charge against a fellow supervisor.


I believe our Sector Protocols, as described in the ISB Code Of Conduct, are being violated by Supervisor Meero, and that this overreach, for which she was previously reprimanded, risks compromising Imperial safety to a degree that silence is no longer possible.

You think this forum appropriate?

I do.

It’s a serious charge.

BLEVIN: I believe you’ll share my sense of urgency.

Supervisor Meero,

do you mind having your integrity ventilated in public?

No, sir.

Supervisor Blevin obviously finds my conduct a more interesting subject than the advancement of Integrated Imperial Security.

He’s put a lot into it, I’m curious to hear his insights.

PARTAGAZ: This is Ferrix, is it not?

Yes, sir.

Your sector.

There was an unusual piece of Naval equipment recovered.

Meero wanted your crime reports.

You determined her request was out of order and in violation of the chain of command.

DEDRA: That’s not accurate.

You advised me to reinforce my suspicions with data and to be careful in my work going forward.


Is that your defense? You’ve been “careful”?

I’d be curious how many people at this table will think it “careful” that you’ve found a way to access our sector data

without ever filing a request.

PARTAGAZ: Is that true, Dedra?


I used the Imperial Emergency Act in the wake of Aldhani to gather data across multiple sectors without official sanction.

But that is the wrong question.

I’d like to know if anyone here believes the Rebellion plans its actions around the artificially constructed boundaries of our sectors.

Major Partagaz created those sectors.

As organizing principles, not personal playthings.

Do you think the rebels care about the lines we draw on maps?

You think the relevance of my work has been supplanted?

(BREATHES DEEPLY) Systems either change or die.


Thesis, please.

DEDRA: There is a focused, organized rebel effort to acquire highly-restricted Imperial military components.

Your evidence?

By accessing unfiltered Sector Crime Reports I can now prove a link between the theft of our most secret equipment and its distribution to rebel groups across the galaxy.

This is hard, verifiable data you are prepared to present?

Yes, sir.

I believe Supervisor Blevin is aware I have a documented file ready to go.

I believe his accusations here this morning have more to do with self-preservation than any sense of urgency.

What’s more urgent than a renegade intelligence officer?

Imagine if everyone in this room played as loose with the rules as you.

Excellent suggestion, Blevin.

I’m wondering where we’d be right now if everyone here showed the same endeavor as Supervisor Meero.

I’ll have to think about that.

For the moment, I’m reassigning the Morlana sector to Supervisor Meero.

Ferrix is of great interest to her and has clearly become a distraction for you.

(INHALES) I see no urgent problem, but, as always, I salute the provocative exchange of ideas.

Supervisor Grandi, you will accelerate your schedule.

Jung, I will expect your report on Ord Mantell tomorrow.

Thank you all for the lively session.

Dedra, if you’d walk with me a moment.

PARTAGAZ: Well-played.

Thank you, sir.

Watch your back.









I’ll be out in a minute.

What’re you doing?

Washing up.

I’m gonna take a walk.

WINDI: Well, we need stuff.

Arkie’s up the beach.

He’ll be open.

CASSIAN: I was planning to go the other way.

Mmm, Arkie has the new flavors.

And we need Peezos.

Don’t forget the Peezos.

We ran out of Peezos?

Peezos and Revnog.

The greenie green ones.


WINDI: The greenie Revnog.

You liked it, too.

Keef? Are you listening?




MAN: Go! Go! Run!

Go, go, go, go!


SHORETROOPER: Hey, you! Stop!







SHORETROOPER: What are you doing?

Excuse me?

SHORETROOPER: You keep looking around.

Just trying to figure out what’s going on.

SHORETROOPER: You a part of it?

Part of what?

SHORETROOPER: Don’t play dumb.

No, I’m on my way to the store.


Stand right there.

You look like you’re sweating.

Well, it’s hot.

SHORETROOPER: Or you’ve been running.

Why would I be running?

SHORETROOPER: Because you’re a part of it.

Part of what?

SHORETROOPER: I’ll ask the questions.

MAN: Go! Run!

Pier Nine, Pier Nine, runners heading south!

MAN: Move it! Go!

I can wait for you here, if you want.

SHORETROOPER: Friends of yours?


SHORETROOPER: You heard me.

CASSIAN: Wait, no… Uh…

(CHUCKLES) I don’t know anybody here. I’m a tourist.

SHORETROOPER: Tourists don’t run.

But I’m not running.

SHORETROOPER: You got that right. That window is shut.




I’m just going to the store.

It’s right there.

SHORETROOPER: You need to calm down, sir.

Droid assistance, please.


Uh… What? Wait. What is he… No, this is crazy. (LAUGHS)

SHORETROOPER: Hang onto this one for me. I wanna check the shelter.


KX UNIT: He said hang?

No, no, no. No.

No, you misunderstand.

No, he… he meant watch.

KX UNIT: Hang?

No, no, he means watch. (GASPS)


KX UNIT: Hang.


Tell him! (GASPING)

Tell him you mean watch!

JUDGE: Charges?

PROSECUTOR: Loitering at a crime scene.

Walking an unleashed massif.


PROSECUTOR: Animal fouling.

JUDGE: Four months.


BAILIFF: Keef Girgo?

Keef Girgo!



(CHUCKLES) Hey, uh, Keef Girgo.


PROSECUTOR: Civil Disruption.

Anti-Imperial speech.


PROSECUTOR: Fleeing the scene of anti-Imperial activity.


PROSECUTOR: Attempted damage…

I… I’m sorry, there’s something wrong.

JUDGE: I wouldn’t.

You’ve got enough trouble without a Resisting Judgement charge.

I’m just a tourist.

Oh, apologies all around then.

This used to be a six-month sentence.

Six years.

Six years?

PEOPLE: Six years?

No, no, wait!

BAILIFF: Take him.

Change of guidelines.

SHORETROOPER: Take him away.

I didn’t do anything! Hey!

Take it up with the Emperor.

Wait. I’m just a tourist!

JUDGE: Next.






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