A Discovery of Witches – S02E06 – Transcript

The episode begins with Matthew prying the bloodied sword from Diana’s hands. Apparently Philippe planned all of this as he didn’t trust her and wanted to test Diana’s loyalty...
A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

My father has commanded me to return to Sept-Tours.

Matthew will need you. You must be his anchor.

Otherwise he may lose himself.

I wish I could prepare you for whatever is about to happen.

It’s you I’m worried about.

When we lose someone we love, we’d give anything to have them back.

I’m looking forward to seeing Ysabeau in these times.

She won’t be there. She spent most of this year in Trier.

At the witch trials?

Yet this is the woman that will accept me

into her family and give me her cherished ring.

You should have told me about your witch.

I love Matthew.

If this relationship truly meant something to you,

you would have consummated it.

I’m tolerating them under my roof and affording them my protection.

We don’t need to play happy families.

There is a schism between us.

-In your time. -Don’t.

Allow me to introduce Monsieur Andre Champier…

-Your memories, give them to me. -They’re mine!

I said no!


-Diana? -I’m okay.

-Yet you say nothing? -I did not summon the witch.

You allowed him into Sept-Tours. You risked Diana’s life. Why?

I needed to be sure of her. She knows too many of our secrets.

And I do not take risks with my family.

And would you have stopped him from ripping out her memories?

Diana saved herself.

And now she’ll have to live with the consequences. Won’t she?

Lives will be lost because of your union.

And I don’t expect him to be the last.

Dispose of it.

I don’t care who you are. I will not be tested like that.

Where did you get this ring?

It was a gift from Ysabeau.

She would never bequeath that to anyone.

Let alone a witch.


Not as long as I lived.

No one is truly immortal, Father.

Not even you.


You can’t keep shutting me out.

I needed time to think.

If I didn’t stop him,

he would have ripped out every last memory I have.

Without my memories, who would I be?

The thing is,

I wanted to kill him.

What am I becoming?

My dearest Ysabeau…

There’s something wrong with the witches.

This room is off-limits.

I know. I’m sorry.

But something strange is happening.

-Strange how? -It’s a faint vibration.

I’ve never felt anything like it.

Whatever it is, it’s focused here, in this room.

These books

were one of Philippe’s favorite hiding places.

For what?


Check every inch of these horses and their tack.

-Going somewhere? -Yes. I have an errand to run

for Her Majesty in Bohemia.

Father, don’t.

In coming to this time,

you have left Ysabeau alone to face your enemies.

Baldwin will ensure her safety.

To think that at this very moment she is hunting witches in Trier,

and yet in the future she has bequeathed her ring

to one of their own kind.

Perhaps she has evolved. Like me.

How long has she been without me?

I will not answer that.

How long have I been dead in your time?

I cannot answer that.

How long…

The slightest knowledge of what’s to come could be dangerous.

It could affect future events. Future lives.

This newfound caution of yours

has blunted your technique. Where is your might?

Where is your thirst for blood?

Where is my Matthaios?

Good. He’s still in there, then.

And yet it is shrouded in guilt and fear.

Come on. Come on.

Release him.

I stepped out of his shadow a long time ago.

And I will not be your pawn anymore.

Then prove it.

You should not be in here.

Philippe told me I was welcome to read his books.

This map, do you know what it is?

It is plotting the location of covens across Burgundy.

Madam De Clermont relies on these to guide her witch hunts.

-Is that where she is now? -No, madame.

This is the next witch hunt. These are her plans.




Stop. We are not finished yet.

-What is going on? -There’s a fight outside.

What is it?

Your conscience is a handicap.

A weakness that has dulled your instincts.

Now, tell me!


-What have you done to him? -This is what we call a blood rage.

It is an affliction. A sickness of the vampire blood.

He does not belong to himself when the rage is upon him.

Oh… He is pure predator.

-Tell me how I died. -I cannot tell you.

I cannot.

I cannot tell you.

Then your conscience has the better of me.

I haven’t lost control like that in a very…

Very long time.

I trained myself to hold the blood rage back.

Then I used your letters to try to understand it,

to try to…

Find a cure.


It’s Ysabeau who carries the honors.

Luckily, she’s spared of its effects.

Louisa and I are not so fortunate.

This is why we can never be truly mated.

Do you really think

that I would ever walk away from you, my love?

After all we’ve been through?

This was but just a glimpse.

You have no idea what I’m capable of.

I’m a killer, Diana.

I have killed thousands. I was Philippe’s weapon.

He used me to eradicate the disease.

He made you his assassin.

You provoked and humiliated your own son.

You exploited his pain.

And for what? To drive me away?

You needed to see the wolf behind the man.

If you are to have a future together,

you must accept every facet of him.

And Matthew must be freed of the guilt that he carries.

You did this for us?

Your union is forbidden

in your time, too, or you would not be here.

The two of you will face forces of great malevolence.

You must be united, your faith in each other unwavering.

-It already is. -No.

Faith is worthless if left untested. And Matthew…

Matthew has less faith than anyone I have ever known.

He had faith in you, Philippe.

All his life he has tried to prove himself to you.

And you used it against him.

Your legacy is one of pain and recrimination.

Who are you

to lecture me on my legacy? Hmm?

I am worthy of your son.

There is

an ancient prophecy.

It tells of a witch

who would change the destiny of all creatures.

Well, some believe

that this fearsome witch will alter

our understanding of life itself.

“The old world will die

“and a new will be born.”

What do you believe?

I believe you

are power indeed.

Yes, I am.

But I love your son.

And that should be enough.

I will not ask of my future again.

Your blood rage is close to the surface.

If the Congregation challenged your right to be with Diana

and you responded with violence,

you will lose her.

There must be no question that Diana is a De Clermont.

Our family is made through blood.

With this mark

you are dead,

a shade among the living without clan or kin.

And with this mark,

you are reborn,

and forever a member of our family.

Are you okay?

The way Philippe’s life ended,

I’ve spent 70 years trying to block out his final days.

Well, maybe if you share the burden,

the memories will lose their power.

And you can leave them here in the past.

Philippe was taken during the Second World War

trying to free Allied spies.

And he was held in the Nazi death camps.

They had never captured a vampire before

and he fascinated them.

They used witches

to extract his memories.

They tortured him to see how much pain he could endure before he died.

Hour upon hour

of unspeakable acts.

Every day,

for three months.

With Baldwin’s help, I rescued him.

But his mind was broken.

He begged Ysabeau to kill him…

to end his suffering.

But I couldn’t let her live with that.

So… So I did it.

I did it.

I saw all of his fractured memories,

all the torture and the pain.

Most creatures’s memories unfurl like ribbons,

but his were like shards of glass.

He was broken. He was frightened.

But his heart remained fierce.

And in his final moments,

all he thought of was Ysabeau.

And now…

And now she…

She can’t look at me without remembering that day.

Now I have to face you, too.

You didn’t kill Philippe.

You released him.

Ysabeau, there’s nothing here.

It has been hours and we need to get our rest.

The feeling you had this morning,

that vibration. Is it still here?

Sorry, it’s faded.

I’m sure there’s a message here.

I know there is.

Sleep if you must. I’ll keep looking.

I can continue on my own.

Sarah, Come on. Come on, doll.

Good night, Ysabeau.

Come on, baby.

It’s very late. I thought you might like this.

The prospect of one last message from Philippe is…

It’s almost too much to bear.

I’ll help you look.

Tell me of Ysabeau. How does she fare?

Matthew would know better than I.

No. Matthew would tell me only what he thought I wanted to hear.

Whereas I suspect from you I would get only the truth.

She’s well.

But lonely.

I know she misses you a great deal.

And there we have it. The truth.

Thank you.

What is this place?

It’s dedicated to your namesake,

the goddess Diana.

When I was a boy,

brides would come to temples like this

to ask the goddess for her protection.

In two days time, you will be married…

…in a manner that honors our ancestors.

A lock of your hair, a symbol of your maidenhood.


Money, a symbol of your worth.

Artemis Agrotera,

renowned huntress,

I beseech you to hold this child, Diana, in your hand.

Artemis Lycaea,

lady of the wolves, protect her in every way.

Artemis Phosphorus,

show her the light of your wisdom

when she is in darkness.

And Artemis Upis,

watch over your namesake

during her journey

in this Earth.

Yes. Now.

Artemis has accepted your gifts.

You can go.

We have a wedding to prepare for.

So I guess we’re getting married.

We don’t have to do what he says.

What if I wanted to?

You’d really marry me after everything you’ve learned?

If you ask nicely.

Diana Bishop, my love, will you marry me?

Of course I will.

I have something for you.

I found it

on a battlefield during the vampire wars.

Oh, it’s a flash of blue.

It caught my eye. It lay in a shaft of sunlight.

As I bent down to retrieve it,

this volume of arrows carved the air

just inches above my head.

This fibula may well have saved my life.

And now I bequeath its good fortune…

…to you.

I’d like you to wear it in the ceremony.

Thank you, Father.


My darling, you are so beautiful.

I, Matthew, give my body to you, Diana,

in faithful matrimony…

And I receive it.

I, Diana, give my body to you, Matthew.

And I receive it.



I believe the first dance belongs to me.

My daughter.

How will you keep us a secret when Ysabeau returns?

Instructions have been issued now.

If anyone talks, they will find their tongues confiscated.

She cannot and will not learn of this.

But I do wish Ysabeau could be here

to see Matthew’s happiness.

One day, I’ll tell her everything.

Ysabeau would scarce to believe it.

Married with Philippe’s blessing.

And his insistence.

Don’t tell him, but you’re a much better dancer.

Don’t rush.

-Did that belong to Lucas? -Yes.

I carved it for him.

I never could get the tail right.

I bet you were an amazing father.

Lucas gave me purpose

and he ignited the love I’d have never known.

Hmm. I’ve seen a glimpse of that with Jack.


I’m sorry we won’t have children of our own.


I’d like to leave you a family.

You are all I need.

But in 60, 70 years, I’ll be gone

and you will live on for centuries,

maybe millennia.


The women in this family

manage their own finances.

Thank you.

This ring

was Ysabeau’s message to me.

A seal of her approval.

Here, wear this.

And I will be with you always.

As you will always be in my heart.

My daughter.

I will ride with you to the edge of the estate.


You have found a woman who is worthy of you.

With enough courage and hope to spare.

Yes, I know.

And know this.

You are equally worthy of her.

So stop regretting your life,

and start living it.

And there is one more matter

to be put to rest before you leave.

Whatever happens between the two of us in the future…

…I forgive you.

Now, go…

…my son.

Thank you, Father.

Go on now.

My dearest Ysabeau,

at last, I am able to find words

to straddle the centuries that separate us.

The language has eluded me until now

for I have struggled to accept my mortality.

But today, I have finally found the inspiration,

for I am at peace,

and I am no longer afraid of my fate,

for fate retains the power to surprise us.

Our son is happy at last.

Mated to a woman who walks in the footsteps of the goddess.

They journey now to Bohemia

in search of The Book of Life.

And I fear there are difficult times ahead.

And that I trust they will return to you

and that together you will forge a bold new future

for our family.

This is my final message to you, my love.

I know now that there shall come a day

when we will be parted.

But until then, as in the afterlife,

I will hold you in my heart.

His Imperial Majesty Rudolf II tires of Elizabeth’s ambassadors.

I would speak with her subject, Edward Kelly.

I know what you are, vampire.

Rudolf thinks the book is key to creating the philosopher’s stone.

He won’t let Kelly take it.

Once the emperor sets his heart on something,

he’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Is there any part of your collection you keep from the public eye?

Is there something in particular you wish to see?

It begins with opposites and desire,

blood and fear.

It begins with the discovery of witches!


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