A Discovery of Witches – S02E05 – Transcript

Mont Saint-Michel, France, 1590. Matthew and Diana make it there in their rowboat and immediately find themselves greeted by the ominous presence of Philippe’s men. Together, they ride in their company to the Province of Anjou, an area that refuses to acknowledge the King’s protestant claims...
A Discovery of Witches - Season 2

We are interested in a book in the possession of Edward Kelley

And does this book concern the Philosopher’s stone?

Some of this information dates back to the 13th Century

It’s everything I know, about the Book of Life.

There are witch trials spreading all across here.

-The book might as well be on Mars. -I must discharge my duties.

My father commands me to return to Sept-Tours.

I will escort you to the beach in Mont Saint-Michel, but no further.

My father died at the hands of the French.

The journey will take months.

I’m the only one connected to the book. You need me.

A witch? You spoke civilly to one, I’d be concerned, but married?

I expect you to take me at my word.

You think if we go, you get your Matthew back.

I have wit enough to know that he has never been that.

You know what I mean.

I am nothing without Diana!

And if you can’t accept that, then you are no friend of mine.

This could bring the whole De Clairmont Dynasty

crashing to its knees.

Blood-rage is back.

The disease lives in our blood.

In 1,500 years,

Matthew has never mated. It’s forever.

On this moment, we will always be one.

You are my beloved son and you are now my daughter.

In this suitcase of clothes, your mother added this. It’s her ring

Philippe always puts a coin in the wax.

I know seeing him again will re-open old wounds,

and maybe it will heal them too.

Not before making them worse, I assure you.

We have to tell someone we’re here?

They already know.

Philippe’s men?

Seems he has sent a welcoming party.

Are they friend or foe?

That’s a complicated question.

He hasn’t sent them to protect us?

That is certainly what he will claim.

Gallowglass, my father waits for no man, say your farewells.

This is as far as I can go with you.

-Thank you for getting us here. -The pleasure is all mine.

I will travel ahead to Krivolklat.

Rudolph’s favorite palace awaits me.

God willing, I will meet you there.

Just follow the trail of vanquished enemies

and satisfied women.

My lady.

Do not lose him. Or yourself.

And when Philippe asks after you?

Tell him I am my father’s son.

Apologies, Sir.

My apologies.

But you should know by now that I find mornings most objectionable.

Good Lord, man. No manners?

Do you hear me, man? It’s daylight.

Take the whore back to your lodgings.

Best not be here when I come back



What brings you to London?

A need to escape the tedium of Venice mainly.

So, I came to see my brother,

but it seems Matthew isn’t at home.

Yes. He is away to France.

Summoned by our father, no doubt.

And why aren’t you with him? Aren’t you two joined at the hip?

Not these days.

It seems I am surplus to requirements.

Come. We have much to discuss.

-Mon seigneur, madame. -Bonjour.

I take comfort knowing the French revolution

is a mere two hundred years from now.

If only the sexual revolution was a little earlier.

Although I have to say. I am looking forward

to seeing Ysabeau in these times again.

Imagine she’d stand for it.

She won’t be there.

As I recall, she spent most of this year in Trier.

At the witch trials…

This is the woman who’ll accept me into her family

and give me her cherished ring?

A lot can happen in 400 years.

A witch?

It must be some sort of enchantment?

Surely it’s the only way Matthew would suffer a witch.

Seem that he has been enchanted,

but by love

not sorcery.

And so it seems I am in London without my brother to chaperone me.

How will I ever amuse myself?

I have a notion.

I appreciate the sentiment…

The sentiment has nothing to do with it.

Well, this is unprecedented.

Broken, and yet it still beats for him.

Does he know?

Oh, poor Kit.

Seems I have arrived too late to save my brother

from the clutches of his witch.

But I’m just in time to save you from melancholy.

What did you have in mind?

Where are we?

We are now in the province of Anjou.

A region which refuses to acknowledge

the Protestant King’s claim.

As you know, these are dangerous times, Diana.

Who’s side is Phillipe on?

My father doesn’t care

for the subtleties of the Christian schism.

He’s just trying to stop France from being torn apart by it.

He’s right to do that.

Thousands of people who’d prefer to starve

than to bow before a Protestant king.

Rather reasons that my father thinks that humans

can’t be trusted to sort out the mess they find themselves in.

Well, history has proved him right time and time again.

All the more reason for us to be careful.

Thankfully, we have an armed guard.

Well, our escort isn’t the fatherly gesture

of kindness and concern.

I thought they’re here to make sure we go straight

to Sept-Tours without diversions or delays.

It isn’t just that.

They’re a reminder that the closer I get to Phillipe,

the less freedom I have.

We must present ourselves to him or our path to Bohemia

and the book will be blocked, but I wish it wasn’t so.

Your turn.

I’m not distracting you, am I?

Not in the slightest.

-Not in the slightest. -Oi!

You’re waking up the whole of the Blackfriars!

What do you two think you’re up to?

Nothing that may concern you. Move along.

It’s my concern that you’re out past curfew.

So, you and your little whore better make yourself scarce.

That’s the second time someone has called me a whore.

I don’t like it.

Tell me, am I better company than my brother?


Good morning,

The weather has turned for the worst

and we need to make up good ground today.

Give me a minute.

I always underestimate a warmblood’s need for sleep,

not that you haven’t earned it.

This is not an easy journey.

Especially, if you have to ride side saddle.

Yeah, I noticed.

I’ll make sure Pierre has some hot food for you

before we set off, alright?

Thank you.

Well, there’s one more thing I’m afraid.

I love you entirely.

Now, off you get.

A scout reported soldiers in the area.

Ride ahead.

-We need to check for survivors. -No, we need to keep moving.

The soldiers that did this could be nearby.




Ah, you decided to join us again, have you?

I only closed my eyes for a second.

It’s my fault

I should have never put you through this.

Wherever you go, I go.

Come. Let’s get you by the fire.

Come and get warm.

That’s it.

-Yeah. -Oh.

You need your strength for Sept-Tours.

You should get some sleep. Best be rested for what is ahead.

You as well

I get it, Pierre.

No one can hide the truth from Philippe.

No one. No matter how hard they try.

I’m sorry.

It’s just everything that Matthew and I have been through,

all that we have endured,

I’ll be damned if I’m going to allow his stepfather

to be the one thing that gets between us.

Surely he wants Matthew to be happy.

To be with someone he loves. Someone who loves him.

All I know is that Milord will need you at Sept-Tours.

You must be his guiding light.

My Lord!

Let’s get you to bed.

This journey

is so much harder than I ever thought it would be.

Hmm. Yes. I’m sorry.

I know it’s just as hard for you.

You know, but no matter what,

I’m always yours.

And I am yours.

Then let me have you.

Not yet. Not now.

In time.

Something you’d like to say?

Nothing at all, Mistress Roydon.

-Comfortable? -Yes.

I believe this is where I leave you, Milord.

-If that is still what you wish. -Yes, it is.

Find us lodgings in Bohemia

and we’ll be with you as soon as we can.

Don’t look at me like that.

Someone has to keep an eye on Gallowglass.

I’m quite sure he will already have got himself into trouble

by the time you arrive.

Mistress Roydon.

If we don’t waste time, we’ll be at Sept-Tours by nightfall.

I wish I could prepare you for whatever is about to happen.

Do not try and read Philippe.

I spent centuries with my father

and I could never tell what he’s thinking.

Ysabeau didn’t exactly welcome me with open arms.

Neither did I.

It’s you I’m worried about.

I can see how hard this has been.

When we lose someone we love we’d give anything

to have them back, even just a moment.

But the reality of that is quite different.

Yes. I’ve lost so many people.

I’ve always found a place for them in my heart.

But it’s the wound that never heals.

And when I see Phillipe again, that wound will get ripped open.

-Leave us. -Thank you, sir.

It seemed so empty last time we were here.

Even when it echoes with voices, it can still feel lonely


Explain yourself.


I’m here.

As commanded.

And that is your explanation?

I’m sure your spies have told you everything else you need to know.

You should have told me yourself about your witch.

-Diana. -And yet she is still a witch.

I’m not just a witch. I’m a weaver.

Do you think I am impressed by that?

There is nothing new under the sun

for me.

I have lived a long life.

I’ve seen things that you’ve only read about in history books.

Really? I’ve seen things that aren’t even in the history books…

-Diana. -…yet.



Ah, yes, I see.


Hubbard told me that you are a changed man.

So, Hubbard was your informant?

Yes, not that I should have to rely on a messianic fanatic

for news on one’s own family.

And yet…

…he only told me half the story.

You seem…

You seem out of place…


You’re a time-walker

and you’ve come to this time for a reason.

We were in serious danger.

So? You’re a weaver.

-You have great power. -That’s what people keep telling me.

I was spellbound as a child.

I needed to find a teacher, one I couldn’t find in my own time.

Hmm. Complication upon complication.

I do not disagree with you.

If I can offer any clarity it is this…

I love Matthew and he loves me.

Please don’t doubt my feelings for Diana.

Surely you are the one with doubts.

If this relationship truly meant something to you…

Please don’t!

…you would have consummated it

by now.

Did you really expect me not to know?

You both have very distinct scents.

And as you know, if you were mated…

That’s enough.

You’re tired.

Your rooms should be ready.

I do hope you don’t expect to share a bed?

He knew before I even opened my mouth. Didn’t he?

-And you lied to me. -It wasn’t a lie.

As far as I’m concerned, we are mated.

-Everything I do is to protect you. -I don’t need your protection!

I knew there was something.

You are all that I could ever want.

Then why are you holding back?

-It’s complicated. -Is it?

Oh, your father doesn’t seem to think so.

Or maybe you should bed him!

Get out!

I will not insult you by pretending I did not hear all that.

I assume that was the desired effect.

Of what?

Of your unwelcome intervention into my relationship with Diana!

Unwelcome? Perhaps.

Necessary? Without question.

How long do you think it would have been before your lie was discovered?

I have never lied to her!

The sin of omission, Matthew.

And you are still sinning.

That’s between myself and Diana.

If only that were true.

When did you last feed?


Well, it’s a long journey,

probably had little opportunity to hunt.

Are you actually asking me if I’m eating enough?

Am I not allowed to be concerned

for my son?

Oh, I see.

What do you think you see?

There is a schism

between us in your time.


You bear ill will towards something I am yet to do?

Ah, and the matter is closed.

On the proviso that, in the morning, you hunt,

you feed.

As you wish.

Good morning, Milady.

-If you are ready? -No, I’m not ready.

Excuse me?

I’m not ready to get dressed. I’ll do it myself.

You’re excused.

Ugh, fine.

Good morning. I trust you slept well.


The bed was perfectly adequate.

If a little empty?

Have you spoken to Matthew this morning?

I believe he’s in the stables as he plans to hunt today.

I don’t think they’ve ridden out yet.

Would you like me to show you the way?

No, thank you.

I’m not sure I’m ready to talk to him just yet.

Oh, my fault, I’m afraid.

I do hope you understand why I couldn’t allow you to share your bed with him.

Your home, your rules.

Quite right.

Oh, and… On that matter…

In my wife’s absence you are the highest-ranking woman in Sept-Tours.

-So these are yours. -And what do they open?

The food store, the bakehouse, the laundry…


I won’t be here long enough to take charge of your domestic matters.

Oh, I had hoped that

you would accept these as a gesture.

As mark of my respect.

Which one opens the library?

Oh, we do not lock up books in this house.

Reading seldom leads to bad behavior.

Oh, you’d be surprised.


Take anything you like.

I’ll leave you to your reading.


A witch? Haven’t we enough?

He was most insistent.

Monsieur Andre Champier, Milord.

Thank you for seeing me, Sir Philippe.

I need to speak to you on a matter of some urgency.

You’re fortunate my wife isn’t at home.

You would’ve encountered a far different reception.

My apologies for the intrusion.

A matter of some urgency has arisen.

Allow me to introduce Monsieur Andre Champier.

Monsieur Champier claims that

he was summoned here by you.

I sensed a great power. It seems I was right.

-He asked to see you immediately. -And you immediately obliged?

It’s not for me to interfere in the business of witches.

And you say she has no recollection whatsoever of her past?


I was most fortunate my son found her when he did.

-That’s not true. -Please, I’m here to help.

-I don’t need help. -Fear not.

There are ways to unlock painful memories.

There are deep wounds here.

-Who has been feeding from you? -Nobody.

-Traitor. -No.

-You are the traitor! -We shall see.

-What is this? -Nothing.

Sir Philippe, I’m afraid you have a traitor in your house.

-No! -A traitor who keeps secrets.

But they are secrets I can easily extract.

This woman is not who she pretends.

Your potential is of great interest to me.

You will thank me, my dear.

I will remove all that haunts you.

What are you talking about?

Your memories. Give them to me.

They’re mine!

Just let me in.

Why… Why are you doing this?

Free yourself.

That’s it. Just a little further.

A little deeper. Yes!


I said no!

Diana. Enough!

This minor’s life, why?

Lives will be lost because of your union.

She knows too many of our secrets.

And I do not take risks with my family.

There’s something wrong with the witches.

Something strange is happening.

Whatever it is, it’s focused here,

in this room.

I need to know that Matthew and Diana are safe.

This map, do you know what it is?

It is names of witches and placement of covens.

Madame de Clermont relies on these maps to guide her witch hunts.

This is why we can never be truly mated.

Do you really think that I would ever walk away from you?


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