The Peripheral (TV series)

The Peripheral

The Peripheral – S01E05 – What About Bob? | Transcript

Flynne returns to London and admits she’s starting to trust Wilf. Back in present day, yet another attack is staged against Flynne and Burton resulting in more people being dragged into the plot. Flynne decides to take the fight to Cherise

The Peripheral

The Peripheral – S01E02 – Empathy Bonus | Transcript

Mercenaries raid the family home. Seeking answers, Flynne returns to the headset and learns it is not a game, but a time machine that goes 70 years into the future. Flynne makes a deal with Wilf and Lev and agrees to help find Aelita.

The Peripheral

The Peripheral – S01E01 – Pilot | Transcript

Flynne Fisher is a brilliant gamer who works a dead-end job to support her brother and ailing mother. When her brother enlists her help in an advanced game, Flynne sees something she shouldn’t, bringing danger to the family’s doorstep.

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