Hezbollah’s Impact on Israel: A Growing Threat

Netanyahu's desperate bid for U.S. arms underscores Israel's declining influence and escalating internal crises. Global perceptions shift as the Gaza conflict unveils the brutal reality of the Zionist project.
Netanyahu is a Criminal and Biden is His Accomplice

by Tommaso Merlo

Netanyahu sent his minister to complain in Washington about delays in weapon deliveries. The United States has become an Israeli colony, not the other way around. Biden reassured them, while the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC is breaking all records in buying American politicians. Money can buy everything, even democracy and humanity. Everything except the truth, which eventually finds a way to emerge. This is Netanyahu’s and his accomplices’ great defeat. The horrors of Gaza have opened the world’s eyes. Decades of mass manipulation have crumbled, and the Zionist colonial project has shown its full brutality. A devastating defeat because changing the narrative changes history. The genocide in Gaza is proving to be a pivotal moment with unpredictable consequences, with the Palestinian cause never so popular and Israel’s survival never so at risk. After 40,000 deaths, even an Israeli general admitted that Hamas is an idea and therefore cannot be defeated with bombs. Better late than never, but the genocide continues, albeit with less powerful weapons to avoid bloodbaths that could disturb Biden’s re-election. Truly impressive, the careers of politicians take precedence over human massacres. Even in Europe.

Meanwhile, the facts indicate that Hamas is open to an agreement as long as the war ends, but Netanyahu won’t accept it because he doesn’t want to admit defeat. His toxic ego won’t allow it and instead, he’s considering the Lebanese front. After months of humiliation, summer could be opportune and they are shopping for American weapons. Hezbollah has been destroying villages and military posts for months in the north, the regime censors everything but from what leaks out, it’s clear that Israel has never been hit so hard on its territory. Drones, missiles, fires. Permanent sirens, tens of thousands displaced, and significant damage to military infrastructure. Tel Aviv says the army and action plan have been ready for weeks, which means it’s not true at all. They must first let go of Gaza and facing Hezbollah is not like attacking defenseless civilians. The Israeli army appears tired and disunited due to a conflict that is already the longest and bloodiest since the beginning of colonization.

The country is also torn by deep internal divisions and a severe economic crisis while Lebanon has proven to be the most formidable enemy, already halting the Israeli advance in 2006. The risk is a defeat that could be fatal for Tel Aviv; without military oppression in Gaza and the Occupied Territories and without border control, the entire region could seize the opportunity to rise up and change the maps or at least reclaim stolen lands. Unpredictable developments and only a few certainties. Like the one that with money you can buy everything except the truth, which eventually finds a way to emerge.


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