Warcraft (2016) | Transcript

As an Orc horde invades the planet Azeroth using a magic portal, a few human heroes and dissenting Orcs must attempt to stop the true evil behind this war.
Warcraft (2016)

Warcraft (2016)
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Duncan Jones
Stars: Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Ben Foster, Robert Kazinsky, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Daniel Wu, Clancy Brown, Ruth Negga, Daniel Cudmore, Callum Keith Rennie, Ryan Robbins, Mark Tuminello

Plot: The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home.

* * *





DUROTAN: There has been a war between orcs and humans for as long as can be remembered.

But there was once a time when we did not even know who our enemy was.

Or what that evil green magic, the Fel, had done to us.



But in the beginning, how could we have known?

What choice did we have?

Our world was dying and I had to find my clan a new home.


DRAKA: Durotan…

I can feel your eyes.

I thought you were asleep.

I was.


Dreaming of a hunt through the snow.


I’ve thought of a name.

Well, keep it to yourself, wife.

I’ll choose a name when I meet him.

Or her.



And how will the great Durotan name his son if I do not travel with him?

A son?

Can you hide your fat belly?

Better than you can hide your fat head.



So many clans in one place, Orgrim.

Laughing Skull, Blackrock.

All have been summoned.

It will be a mighty warband.

Just wonder who’s left to fight.


MALE ORC SOLDIER: Victory or death!

Blackrock, over there.

How much longer, Blackhand?

We are ready, Gul’Dan.


(IN ENGLISH) What did she say?

She begs for you to free her child.

But I need him.

I need all of them.

MALE ORC GUARD: Move, half-breed!


What is that?

DUROTAN: Gul’Dan’s magic.


The fuel for my magic is life.

We only have enough prisoners to send through our strongest warriors.

But that will be enough.

The enemy is weak.

When we arrive, we will take them as fuel!


We will build a new portal!

And when it is complete, we will bring through all of the Horde!



Let me go first.

MALE ORC SOLDIER: For the Horde!






With child?

You dare bring that wachook into my warband?

DUROTAN: Let me go, Blackhand!



Push, little one. Push!





GUL’DAN: A new warrior for the Horde.


Come. I’ve got something for you.

What is it?

A mechanical marvel.

It’s a boomstick.



Take water.

You might want to head home, big man.

Someone’s attacked one of your garrisons.

Seems your king needs you, Commander.

An entire garrison, and no one saw anything?

We did find someone.

He was searching the bodies here in the barracks.

In the barracks?

Finally! Are you in command?




LOTHAR: (IN ENGLISH) That’s the mark of the Kirin Tor.

What are you doing in my city, spellchucker?

Let me complete my examination of the body across the hall.

Now, why would I do that?

Within that body is the secret to your attacks.

What was that?

You must summon the Guardian.


It should be he who explains it.

Only the King summons the Guardian.

Get him to Goldshire.

What kind of beasts?


How does a garrison of 30 men disappear without a whisper?


Or at least its influence.

Is this him?


Your Majesty.


Thank you, Sergeant.

So, who are you, mage?

My name is Khadgar. I am the Guardian novitiate.

I was. I renounced my vows.

LOTHAR: You mean, you’re a fugitive?

I’m not hiding.

Your Majesty…

I may have left my training, but I didn’t leave my abilities behind.

I’ve sensed something.

Dark forces, when it’s strong, it almost has a smell.

Knowing that something so evil was so close, I couldn’t just ignore it.

GUARD 1: Where has this happened?

GUARD 2: Is this true?

What’s going on out there?

Smoke, sir. Southeast.

Your Majesty, I urge you to engage the Guardian with all haste.

OFFICER 1: They’ve reached Elwynn Forest.

OFFICER 2: Grand Hamlet is burning.

LADY TARIA: An attack?


Stop requesting Callan.

Stay out of my business.

He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps.

LOTHAR: My son doesn’t need your help.

Tread carefully. You talk to your queen.

You are my sister first.

When was your last visit to Karazhan?

With you. I don’t know…

Six years.

And you’ve had no contact with Medivh since?

Not for lack of trying.

Well, he can’t hide from us now.

The Guardian is summoned.


Get on.

Good luck.


BLACKHAND: We need them alive!


ORGRIM: This is not for a warrior.


Frostwolves do not join the hunt?


We prefer our enemies armed with an axe, not a child.

We have been commanded, Durotan.

Respect the old ways.

There must be a worthy foe somewhere on this dung heap.

Find them all! Try not to kill too many, we need them alive.



LOTHAR: Moroes.

Look at you.

You haven’t aged a bit.

Where is everyone?

Many things have changed.

The power that must be locked away here. The knowledge.

Where is he?

KHADGAR: I didn’t know so many books even existed.

Wait here.

And try not to touch anything.

He sees no one?

World’s been at peace.

Good you are here, Lothar.

It will do the Guardian a world of good to see a friendly face beyond this old mug.

He can’t refuse you.

Nor King Llane.

(SOFTLY) Not if he’s summoned.



MEDIVH: Did you summon him, Moroes?

(PANTING) No. He did not.


You’ve become a sculptor?

I’m making a golem.

Usually takes years for the magic to seep into the clay, but up here it’s much faster.

Make someone to keep Moroes company.

Help to clean up around the house.

Thank you.

It’s good to see you, Lothar.

We need your guidance, Medivh.

Our king summons you.

Who’s the boy downstairs?



Have a good look around?

Get some ideas what you’re going to do with the place once it’s yours?

KHADGAR: Guardian, I renounced my vow.

I didn’t want to come here.

I swear, Guardian!

I urged them to find you. I told them.

You should be the one to explain.

Explain what?



In Azeroth?

In the barracks.

One the bodies.

LOTHAR: Guardian, what is the Fel?

A magic unlike any other. It feeds on life itself.

It pollutes the user, twisting everything it touches.

It promises great power, but it exacts a terrible price.

There is no place for the Fel in Azeroth.

You’ve done the right thing.

We’ll go.

Hey! Go home, you.

Step in.


Your Grace.

It has been too long.


Help us get to the root of these troubles of ours.

What kind of beasts?

They’re saying giants.

Armed giants, wolves to carry them.

Huge unstoppable monsters.

What of the other kingdoms?

Are they suffering the same?

KING LLANE: All seek our protection, yet none trust us enough to tell us anything.

LOTHAR: We know nothing about these so-called monsters.

We need prisoners.

Even a corpse would tell us something.

I don’t know what danger we’re in, Medivh.

I exist to protect this realm, my lord.

It is my very purpose.

I am the Guardian.

At least for the time being, anyhow.


What are we gonna do about…

What is his name?

Khadgar, sire.


He’ll be coming with us.

Well, then.

We better get going.




It can’t be.



LOTHAR: Close ranks!

KAROS: Watch your back!


LOTHAR: Watch your flank! To your left!

Watch your flanks!


LOTHAR: (IN ENGLISH) Watch your flank! To your left!


(IN ENGLISH) Guardian!



(IN ENGLISH) Die, you beast!


Don’t try and take them on with brute force.

They’re stronger.

Be smarter.


The Fel.

SOLDIER 1: They’re all dying!

KAROS: Only the green ones.

Kill that big bastard.

Durotan. Move.


KHADGAR: Guardian.

Guardian, what did you do?

I was right, wasn’t I? It’s here!

Where are you going?

Get these men safely back to Stormwind.

I have to return to Karazhan.

You did well today.


Where’s the Guardian?


We need a prisoner. Where’s your horse?

They took my horse.

Really? Just stay there.




How much do you love your master?

I’ll do it!

Back off!


He would have made a good coat.




(IN ENGLISH) Over here!

You took it alone?


LOTHAR: Looks like the runt of the litter.


What are you? And why do you attack our lands?

He does not know what you speak.

KHADGAR: You speak our language?


(IN ENGLISH) …and I will wear your tongue!


I will not warn you again!

Tell him to stop.

You tell him.


You’re welcome.

Have you a name?

You understand our language.


Have you a name?


She calls herself Garona.

KING LLANE: What kind of being are you?

She seems more like us than those beasts we fought.



That’s what you are, or the beast in the cage was?

I know every race in the Seven Kingdoms. I’ve never heard of “orc”.

Show me where you come from?

GARONA: This is not orc world.

Orc world is dead.

Orcs take this world now.

Not from this world?

How did you get here?

The Great Gate.

Deep in ground…

Into magic brought us here.

But how did you learn our language?

Orc take prisoner for the gate. I learn from them.

KING LLANE: Prisoners?

Our people?

Are they alive?

Yes. Many.


GARONA: To feed the gate.

To bring in the Horde.

To take your world.

You’ll take us to them.


You’ll take us to them.

Or you’ll end up like your friend in the cage.

You think you’re fearsome?

Orc children have pets more fearsome than you.

We’re not trying to be fearsome, Garona.

We’re trying to protect our people, our families.

If you help us, I give you my oath, you will have your freedom.


GUL’DAN: Fearsome Blackhand,

Warchief of the Horde.

You have allowed the small-teeth to kill your warriors.

Worse, you’ve shamed your people by running from an enemy.

Are you too weak to talk, Destroyer?

The Horde has no use for weakness.

Respect our tradition, Warchief.

You know the penalty.


ORCS: For the Horde!

For the Horde!

For the Horde!

For the Horde!

GUL’DAN: Stop!

You dare interrupt this judgment?

We fought hard.

Their warlock used your Fel against us.

Only I can control the Fel!

I see you and your men have survived.

Perhaps Blackhand kept you safely away from the battlefield?

Maybe he knows you’re weak, too.

Do you wish to challenge me, little chieftain?

I do not question, Gul’Dan.

But the Fel is born of death.

It must have a price.

A price paid in lives taken.

DRAKA: Will you hold your son?


DRAKA: He will be a great chieftain.

Like his father.

A born leader.

I was no leader today.


He challenges you already.

If Gul’Dan can infect one as innocent as him,

what chance do the rest of us have?

Whatever happens.

Whatever happens.

I see you.

This gate, who showed it to Gul’Dan?

Who led him to Azeroth?

Gul’Dan called him a demon.

Did you see it?

Not the face, but the voice.

Like fire and ash.




I’ll be here if you need me.


Your mate.

I could kill you before he even reaches me.


(CHUCKLES) He is my brother.

The king is my mate.

You’re the chieftain’s wife then.

I suppose so.

Then killing you would bring me even greater honor.

Not among my kind.

It is a cold night.

I thought you might use these.

It will warm you.


More of our villages burn tonight.

One of them is the village of my birth.

I cannot imagine what horrors you have been through, Garona.

But this doesn’t need to happen.

We have had peace in these lands for many years now.

Peace between races from all over the world.

What is…

I can have it removed.

There is a life here for you, Garona.

With us.

A life of freedom.

If you want it.

The Great Gate.

“From light comes darkness

“and from darkness light.”

Well, that’s clear.

“Ask Alodi.”



It’s good to see trees again.

And the snow.

Even from a distance.

Remember when we would track blood ox through the Frostwind Dunes?

There was always meat, always life.

You don’t think it’s strange that we lost our home when Gul’Dan came to power?

One orc cannot kill a world, Durotan.

Are you sure?

Look around you.

Does it not remind you of something?

Wherever Gul’Dan works his magic, the land dies.

If our people are to make a home here, my friend…

Gul’Dan must be stopped.

We are not powerful enough to defeat Gul’Dan.



But with the humans’ help, we could be.

I want that weapon.

You’ll have me to protect you.

I need no one to protect me!

What are you looking at?

Bookworm. Take the first watch.

Respectfully, Commander, my name is Khadgar.

My deepest apologies, Khadgar.

You see, I thought we bonded

when I didn’t put you in a prison cell for breaking into the Royal Barracks.

Now take the watch.

Well, at least you’re not reading.

He wishes to lie with me.

Beg your pardon?

You would be injured.

I don’t want to lie with you.

Good. You would not be an effective mate.


Why do you laugh?

I can’t see how you humans survive such a thing.

No muscles to protect you.

Brittle bones that break.

You don’t look that different to us.

How did you survive?

Broken bones heal stronger.

Mine are very strong.

I’m sorry.

GARONA: Do not be.

My name…


It means “cursed” in Orc.

My mother was burned alive for giving birth to me.

They kept you alive, though.

Gul’Dan did.

He gave me her tusk.

To remember her.

My parents gave me to the Kirin Tor when I was six years old.

That’s the last time I saw them.

Or any of my brothers and sisters.

It brings a family honor to offer a child to the Kirin Tor.

To have their son taken up to the floating city of Dalaran

and be trained by the most powerful mages in the land.

Less so, to have them run away.

Well, that was cheerful.

GARONA: The Great Gate.

Why do they need so many prisoners?

Like wood for a fire.

Green magic takes life to open the gate.

LOTHAR: How many more orcs are they planning on bringing?

GARONA: All of them.

This is just a warband.

When the portal is opened, Gul’Dan will bring the Horde.

Get them back to Stormwind.

We’ll ride ahead.

KHADGAR: Garona.

We should go. It’s not safe…


To the north, there is a black rock that touches the sky.

I would meet with their leader.

To challenge him?

I saw you lead the small-teeth to our encampment.

They have seen what is being built.

But only you know what Gul’Dan has planned for my people.

This magic is death, to all things.

Must be stopped.

Tell him.

The black rock, when the sun is highest.

GARONA: I will.


If I return, would you take me into your clan?

You’re safer here.

With them.


Is it as you feared?

The Fel is everywhere.

Then you mustn’t leave again.

They need a Guardian’s help now more than ever.

Maybe the boy can help.

We need solutions!

Easy for you to say that!

The Dwarven forges must work overtime.

KING MAGNI: You treat us no better than dogs.

We shall supply you no more!

(SHOUTING) Enough!

You have all called on Stormwind in the past.

Either for troops or arbitration.

If we do not unite to fight this enemy,

we will perish.

ALL: Hear, hear.

KING LLANE: Stormwind needs soldiers, arms, horses.

KING MAGNI: We have our own kingdoms to look after.

DELEGATE: Fight your own wars!

LOTHAR: Your Majesty.


The orcs are building a portal, through which they plan to bring an army.

If we do not stop them now, we may never get another opportunity.

ELF DELEGATE: Where is he?

Where is the protector of Azeroth?

Where is the Guardian?

(SOFTLY) Where is Medivh?

My liege.

I suggest we take a recess.

LORDAERIAN DELEGATE: Take as long as you like.

We’re done.



What’s left of the Fourth has retreated from Stonewatch.

What’s left?

Callan is among the injured.


I’m fine. It’s fine.

You had me worried.

Where’s the rest of your troop?

They took most of them alive.

We’ll get them back.

Don’t be in such a hurry.

You’re all I have.

I know.

I’m a soldier.

He would not ask for this meeting if he thought he could defeat Gul’Dan alone.

The Fel must truly terrify him.

Durotan is scared of nothing.

LOTHAR: The location.

The suddenness of this meeting.

Sounds like a trap.

It is not.

Could be.

It is not!

Could be.

It is not!

What do you think?

It’s too good an opportunity to ignore.

I think we have no choice.

We must stop the orcs from opening the portal.

But we will need help.

And if he’s lying?

Orcs do not lie.

What if he is?

There is no honor in it.

And where is the honor

in him betraying his own people?

Durotan is protecting his clan.

His enemy is the Fel.

Gul’Dan is the betrayer.

This orc, Durotan…

How do you know him?

GARONA: He freed me.

And he is loved by his clan.

He is a strong chieftain.

LADY TARIA: Strong chiefs must earn their clan’s trust.

If we are to expect you to join us,

we must earn yours.

To defend yourself.

With this?


KING LLANE: Find the Guardian.

What is this?


The gate. We saw it, in the Morass.

I’ve been putting together all the clues I can about it.


This drawing. Where did you copy it from?


And this.

And this.

And this?

I’ve been researching ever since I felt the presence of the Fel.

I am the Guardian! Me.

Not you. Not yet.

I just thought you might appreciate some help.

Don’t presume you can help me.

You have no idea the forces

I contend with.

If you want to help,

protect the king.

You leave the Fel to me.

Interesting choice.


STORMWIND GUARD: Pack up and move to the west gate!


You there! Rise from your stall and get moving. Now!

I need your help. I found a book.

Of course you did.

There was an illustration that showed a gate like the one we saw being built.

Sorry. Sorry.


So then I tried to show the Guardian, but he became furious.

Burned all my research.

He would’ve burned this, too, if it hadn’t been hidden in my robe.

No, turn the page. Here.



What do you think the image means?

The orcs were summoned.

From this side of the gate. They were invited in.

And the Guardian burned your research?

He’s probably just trying to protect you.

Now go away.

A good spot for an ambush.

Our sentries are well placed.

I will check again.



(IN ENGLISH) I am King Llane.


(IN ENGLISH) I’m told you wish to talk.


(IN ENGLISH) Ask him if they plan to return to their home.


(IN ENGLISH) Our world is destroyed.


GARONA: (IN ENGLISH) There is nothing to go back to.

We are not responsible for destroying your world.


(IN ENGLISH) War with us will solve nothing.



(IN ENGLISH) He says, for orcs, war solves everything.

Then why is he here?


(IN ENGLISH) To save my people.


(IN ENGLISH) The Fel takes life from more than its victims.


(IN ENGLISH) It kills the earth and corrupts those who use it.

Gul’Dan would poison everything with his death magic.

If my people are to survive, Gul’Dan must be destroyed!

In two suns, the humans we have captured

will be used to fuel the portal.

If you attack our camp and draw his warriors away,

Frostwolf clan will kill him.

Two days.

If we do this, you will protect my people until then?


(IN ENGLISH) I will try.



LOTHAR: It’s a trap!

Traitor, die!

LOTHAR: Retreat!


Protect our camp!

SERGEANT: Fall back!

At the rim!

STORMWIND OFFICER 1: Protect the king!

STORMWIND OFFICER 2: Stay together!

Focus, man. Like old times.

SERGEANT: Stand your ground!

Spread out!


FEL ORC: Look out!

SERGEANT: Fall back!



(IN ENGLISH) You all right?

You’re no good to us dead. Go! I’ll get the others.

SERGEANT: Fall back!

We’re all getting out.

Medivh will cover our retreat.

SERGEANT: Spread out!

Protect the rear!

Watch out!


SERGEANT: Stay together!

Fall back!

Cover your ground!

Where’s the bloody Guardian?

SERGEANT: At the rear!

Protect the king.

I got them.

Shield formation!

FOOTMAN: Kill the beast!



(IN ENGLISH) Retreat to the plateau!

SERGEANT: Fall back!


Medivh! Take it down!


Hold on, son.


For Azeroth.

(SHOUTING) Medivh!


(IN ENGLISH) Callan.




He’s here.

What’s wrong with him?

We need to get him to Karazhan.

I’ll get the horses.

KING LLANE: You won’t make it in time by road.

Take one of my birds.


MOROES: Place him in the font.

Moroes, what’s wrong with him?

I told him not to leave Karazhan.


I have to go.

We need the help of the Kirin Tor. Now!


There are medicines I must prepare. Sit with him.

You and the baby must leave now!

You are a traitor, Durotan.


One who values what we once were. Like you used to.

That time has passed.

We are but fuel for the Fel now.

There is still hope, Blackhand.

Our children.


Do not make me take more innocent lives, young chieftain.

If I submit…

Would you let my people be?

What will I call our son?



Where’s the old man?

He told me to watch you.

The king?

He is alive.

Lothar’s son is dead.


I argued for the meeting.

Lothar will hate me.

This upsets you?

He is a great warrior.

He defends his people well.

A good mate for an orc.

I am no orc.

I am no human either.

When I was younger, I used to feel apart from my kin.

I traveled far and wide, looking for


Feel a connection with all the souls I was charged with protecting.

In my travels, I met a strong and noble people.

Among them, a female.

Who accepted me for who I was.

Who loved me.

It was not a life I was fated to have, but it taught me something.

If love is what you need,

you must be willing to travel to the ends of the world to find it.

You left your mate.

Go find Lothar.

Step inside the circle.


is my gift to you, Garona.

ORGRIM: Whole world in exchange for a statue.

Gods are strange creatures.



You are a practical people.

Those of us from the south have always admired that about you.

When the portal opens

and the rest of the Horde join us,

we will gift them the Fel.

All of them.

Durotan did not agree to this!

And why would you care what that traitor thinks?

It is time for a new leader of the Frostwolf clan.

One who has the best interests of his orcs in mind.

One who appreciates Gul’Dan’s vision.

His power.



I will grant you the Fel.


he has poisoned the Frostwolves against Fel.

Let me gather them.

Bring them here.

Grant me the Fel in front of them.

Let them see how much stronger I become.

As I said, a practical people.

This is a new dawn.

The time of the Horde.

Be feared

or be fuel.


I’m sorry.

Callan’s mother

died in childbirth.

I blamed him for it for years.

I’m not gonna blame you.

He was so young.

In my entire life,

I’ve never felt as much pain as I do now.




MALE ORC 1: Move out. Go!


Gul’Dan does not want to waste his power on the Frostwolves.

FEMALE ORC: Burn them!

Take the weak, kill the strong!


MALE ORC 2: Get them!

I’ll bathe in your blood!


But not now.

I can’t give you long, but I can give you a head start.

For the sake of your son, Draka.



MALE ORC 3: Kill them all!


MALE ORC 4: Burn it down!

You should have trusted in your Chieftain, Orgrim Doomhammer.

MALE ORC 5: She’s getting away!

Wait for me.

ARCHMAGE: Khadgar!

ANTONIDAS: How dare you return here!

FINDEN: Get out!

I come seeking your wisdom.

ANTONIDAS: There is nothing for you here now.

The Guardian Medivh is unwell.


He has been poisoned by the Fel.



What do you know of the Dark Portal?

You come back and accuse the Guardian…

What is Alodi?

FINDEN: How does he know?


What is it?

An entity from a time before the Kirin Tor existed.

We think it served a function similar to that of the Guardian.


No one beyond the Arch Council knows of its existence.

And it will stay that way.

For you to mention it in the same breath as the Dark Portal

is too much to be mere…


Do I go in?

I don’t know. It’s never done that before.

ALODI: Khadgar…

KHADGAR: I know you.

From the library.

You’re Alodi?

I used

the last of my energies to summon you here.

The Guardian has betrayed us.


I saw the Fel in his eyes.

He is consumed by it.

If he is not stopped, this world will burn.

I don’t have the power to defeat a Guardian.

Guardian is but a name.

The true guardians of this world

are the people themselves.

I know you see what the Kirin Tor cannot.

It’s why you left them.

No one

can stand against the darkness


I don’t understand what you want me to do.

Yes, you do.

Trust in your friends.


you can save this world.

Always remember,

from light comes darkness

and from darkness…


Up, up.

Thank you, Moroes.

You’ll recover, Guardian.

You always do.


Thank you.

For everything you’ve done.

I’m sorry, old friend.

Seems that I have let the orcs into this world.

The Fel, it has twisted me.

I don’t even know what else I may have done.

I just don’t remember.

Everything I’ve thought to protect, I have…


I can’t control the Fel.

No one can.

KING LLANE: Five legions to block Deadwind Pass.

Another 10 here, here, and here, along Redridge Mountains.

Supply lines here.

While the Eastern Sea hems them in both south and east.

If we hold these positions, we will be at our strongest.


Until there is a better option, yes.

And when there’s 10 times as many? What then?

If there were easy answers…

Our priority must be to stop the gate from opening.

Fail there, and it’s just a matter of time before they beat us with sheer numbers.

What do you suggest?

Send everything we’ve got.

Destroy the gate, free our people and end the immediate threat.

And the orcs that remain?

We’ll take care of them later.

After they’ve ravaged the entire kingdom.

My lords.

KING LLANE: Medivh, you are up and well.

I am.

I feel…


KING LLANE: We need you.

We’ve been agonizing over our options.

Some of us believe there are no options.

We need fresh eyes.

I have news.

I met with Durotan.

You met with Durotan?

MEDIVH: The rebellion against Gul’Dan is gaining strength.

With their help, we can destroy this gate.

That doesn’t change my plan.

MEDIVH: What plan?

Anduin believes we should attack with full force.

I’m concerned it leaves the rest of the kingdom defenseless.

MEDIVH: How many legions would you need to hold the orcs in place?

Five for Deadwind Pass.

10 for the Redridge Mountains, 10 more to protect the city.

We’ve already lost 18 legions.

That leaves one, two, three.

Can it be done, Medivh?

LOTHAR: No, it can’t be done.

With three legions, Frostwolves and my power…

With all due respect, Guardian your powers have proven unreliable at best, recently.

Llane, have I ever let you down?

LOTHAR: Let him down?

Where have you even been for the last six years?

Please, Anduin…

Medivh is the Guardian.

Not the one you remember.

He’s lost!

He’s unstable!

And he won’t be there when you really need him.

Find your bearings, Anduin.

I would march into Hell for you if I thought there was the slightest chance of victory.

But there isn’t. This is suicide.

Is this about Callan?

It was a tragedy.

If he hadn’t been trying so hard to win your approval he might still be with us today.


Callan wasn’t ready, you knew it.

And you let him play soldier anyway.

Anduin, stop! No!

You killed him!

Just save it!

Commander, please, sir! Please!


Take him to a cell to calm down.

You are no use to us like this.

MEDIVH: We’ll protect the kingdom, my lord.

You and I.


Why are you here?

The King.

He goes to fight the Horde.

With your Guardian’s help

Durotan will kill Gul’Dan.

Don’t trust him.

I have told you, orcs do not lie.

Not Durotan.

Don’t trust Medivh.

I will try to protect your king.

Don’t go with them.


I don’t want you to get hurt.

Come back alive.

MAN 1: Free us.

WOMAN 1: We’re thirsty!

MAN 2: Spare us! Spare us!

WOMAN 2: Please! We need your help!

ORC GUARD: Hey! Frostwolf!

Now, you’re enemies with all sides.

I’ll tell them it was you.


What happened?

I’m sorry, Durotan.

I did not see how we could side with the humans,

against our own kind.

I was wrong.

Gul’Dan’s Fel magic is destroying us.

Where’s Draka?


But the rest…

They wouldn’t follow him if they could see what he has become.

Then I’ll show them.

There is no other man I would entrust the safety of my family to, Varian.

Keep them safe while I’m gone.


I would feel better if Lothar were riding with us.

We’ll be fine.

I will return to Karazhan, get ready for battle.

Find me at the portal.

KHADGAR: Whoa, whoa, whoa!



I know you’re just doing your job. And a good one at that.

But I’ve cooled down now.

So, if you’d just come and open this gate…

So I can protect the King.

(YELLING) Open the gates!

I am just following my…


Where the hell have you been?

The Kirin Tor.

It only works on the simple-minded. Lasts about a minute.

Your armor, Commander.



They have a full day ahead of us.

I just hope we’re not too late.

We can’t go after them.

Not if you want to save Azeroth.

My King needs me!

Azeroth needs you more!

If you want to save your King, we need to stop Medivh first.


(IN ENGLISH) Where is Medivh?

We’ve got a demon to kill.

ORC SCOUT: Can’t be far. Search over there.

I need that baby.

Check everywhere!

Search on the road!

Remember, you are the son of Durotan and Draka,

an unbroken line of chieftains.

ORC SCOUT: Search by the river.




I am Durotan.

Son of Garad.

Chieftain of the Frostwolf clan.

And I am here to kill Gul’Dan.

A ghost cannot invoke mak’gora.

You are the chieftain of no clan.

Your people are food for worms.

Some of us still live, Warchief.

Shall I make a quick end of them?

I always thought you were one for tradition, Blackhand.


Your clan was weak and you are a traitor.

I accept your challenge

if only to personally rip the heart out of your pathetic body.

What of the portal?

You must be ready when the incantation begins.

This won’t take long.



ORC: (IN ENGLISH) Crush him, Gul’Dan!


(IN ENGLISH) It’s the incantation to the orc home world.

He’s opening the portal. We need to shut him up.

GUL’DAN: The incantation…

I have no time for this.


This is a mak’gora.

You will respect our tradition.

Keep fighting.

Gul’Dan cheats!

ORC 1: That’s cheating!

ORC 2: Shame on you!

ORC 3: You cheat, Gul’Dan!

ORC 4: This is not our way!

ORC 5: Traitor!


You have no honor.

You will follow this thing?

Will you?

You will follow this demon?

ORC 6: We will not!

I will not.

ORC 7: Demon!

ORC 8: He does not even look orc now!

I follow a true orc!

A chieftain.

May your bones rot, demon!

Anyone else?

And you, Warchief.

You will take the Fel

and you will become stronger than any orc has ever been.

And when the Fel has remade you, you will crush the small-teeth.

Now claim my new world.

KING LLANE: Frostwolves.

GARONA: We are on our own now.

We few, then.

Get to the prisoners.

We will free our people!


Get to it, men!







MEDIVH: (IN ENGLISH) Very impressive.

Now try shutting him up.


(IN ENGLISH) Well, that went well.

It’s moving! Do something!


I’ll handle this.

You take care of Medivh.

LOTHAR: Hey, over here!

Clay face!


Now, men!


KING LLANE: At the rear!


Come, my orcs.

Let the Fel unleash the full power of the Horde!


HORDE WARRIOR 2: For the Horde!



(IN ENGLISH) Hey! Kid, wake up!

You all right?

Quick thinking.

Slicing its head off like that.


Just how I planned it.

What now?

The Guardian has to speak the incantation himself.

As long as he’s doing that, we can get in close.

Distract him.

Then what?

Get Medivh in the font.

Is that all?

(SOFTLY) Medivh.

If there is something of you still in there, old friend,

come back to us.



(IN ENGLISH) Medivh.

Come on.

Kill me.


(IN ENGLISH) I’ve got nothing left to live for now anyway.

After all, life is just fuel to you, isn’t it?

But Llane, he believed in you.

Don’t kill your king.

Don’t kill your friend.

Whatever you plan to do, kid, do it now!



Now! Now!

Now, kid!

The portal, it’s closing!

Then do it now!


You’re stronger than he is.

From light comes darkness,

and from darkness,



Show me your eyes.


I have to go.

I’m proud of you.


(IN ENGLISH) Stormwind.

VARIS: My lord! Through the portal, Stormwind!

Thank you, Guardian.


Legion, forward!

SOLDIER: Attack!

Garona, ride with me.


Varis, set the men in a perimeter.

Garona, Karos, take what men we can spare and free the prisoners.

And send them through to Stormwind.

Form a line, shield to shield!

KING LLANE: We will hold as long as we can.

KAROS: Get to the portal!


Mercy! Thank you!


(IN ENGLISH) Stormwind.

SOLDIER: Need more powder!

KAROS: Help me push!

(STRAINING) Come on, boys!

Put some spunk into it!

ORC: Go around! We’ll attack them from behind the portal!

SOLDIER: Watch your flank!

Take care of him.

We should leave!

We save as many of our people as we can!

It’s the loneliness.

It makes us weak.


I’m sorry.

I wanted to save us all.

I always did.



PRISONER 2: It’s closed!

We’ve lost the Guardian.

FEMALE PRISONER 4: No, no, no!









GARONA: Blackhand comes to claim the honor of killing you.


No good will come from us both dying.

Look around you.

We’re surrounded.

Your killing me is the only hope we have for peace.

You told Lady Taria that killing her would bring you honor.

Well, killing me will make you a hero.


Bring peace between orcs and humans.

You must.

KING LLANE: You must.





No! My lord!




ORC MESSENGER: She has killed their chieftain, Gul’Dan.

The Horde embraces you.











BLACKHAND: Mak’gora.






For my son.

Kill him.

Kill him!


The mak’gora is sacred.

GARONA: The human won. Fairly.

Let your warriors honor their tradition.

I will not be disobeyed!

GUL’DAN: What are you waiting for?

Do as I say!



Get out of my way. I’ll do it myself!

Who will obey you?

If you go to war with your own kind…

If you do this, you will lose the Horde.

And this war is only beginning.





For your son.


So your spirit can teach him.


Garona’s dagger.

I pulled that from Llane’s neck.

Well, there has to be an explanation.


She made her choice.

I don’t believe that.

Maybe you and I didn’t know her as well as we thought we did.

LADY TARIA: There is no greater blessing a city can have than a king who would sacrifice himself for his people.

But such a sacrifice must be earned.

We must deserve it.

If we only show our unity to mourn a good man’s death, was King Llane wrong to believe in you?


MALE CITIZEN: We will avenge him, my lady!

MALE CITIZEN 2: Lead us against the orcs, Lothar!

ALL: (CHANTING) Lothar! Lothar! Lothar!


For Azeroth!

For Azeroth and the Alliance!

ALL: For Azeroth!

For the Alliance!

DUROTAN: You will travel far, my little Go’el.


DUROTAN: My world may be lost, but this is your world now.

Take what you need from it.

Make a home for the orcs and let no one stand in your way.

MAN: My lord, you should see this.


You are the son of Durotan and Draka, an unbroken line of chieftains.

And our people need a leader now more than ever.



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