War Crime in Rafah: IDF Bombs Refugee Tents

The IDF bombed refugee tents in Rafah, causing many casualties. The article condemns desensitization to such acts and calls for truth and courage in politics.
War Crime in Rafah: IDF Bombs Refugee Tents

According to reports from last night, the Israeli army bombed refugee tents located next to the UNRWA warehouses in Rafah, resulting in an estimated hundred casualties, though the exact number of dead and mutilated remains uncertain. This incident is part of a series of large-scale war crimes attributed to the IDF, raising concerns about desensitization to such horrors. The repetition of such atrocities daily for months leads to mental escape and denial, especially when considering the impact on torn or orphaned children. Despite the severity and real-time visibility of this humanitarian crisis, it is disturbingly framed by some as a mere response to the Hamas attack on October 7, invoking a flawed analogy to hypothetical British carpet-bombing of Northern Ireland in 1974. The era is marked by systematic falsification of conscience, widespread bad faith, and mental manipulation, underscoring that the political struggle today revolves around a relentless pursuit of truth and the courage to confront it.

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by Andrea Zhok

According to reports from last night, the Israeli army bombed refugee tents located next to the UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency) warehouses in Rafah.

The number of dead and mutilated is uncertain, but it’s estimated to be around a hundred.

This is not the first large-scale war crime, broadcast worldwide, committed by the IDF. The risk of becoming desensitized to the horror is therefore high. A torn or orphaned child is hard to bear when seen up close; but when it reaches dozens on a daily basis for months, the intolerability can lead to mental escape and denial.

It’s hard to know what to add as a comment to what might be the greatest humanitarian scandal in history. Not the worst in numbers, but because it happens essentially in real-time, accessible to anyone who wants to be informed (excluding the consumers of our mainstream media), and thus in official acceptance.

It is shocking that there are still people brazen enough to claim this is merely a response to the Hamas attack on October 7, that this atrocity falls under “self-defense.” (Like imagining that in response to the IRA attacks in Birmingham in 1974, the British army had carpet-bombed Northern Ireland.)

This is truly an era of systematic falsification of consciences, rampant bad faith across all networks, lies repeated and adorned by compliant cameras, mental manipulation with convoluted words and hurricanes of hypocrisy.

Political struggle today is first and foremost a struggle for truth, for the constant willingness to seek it, and then for the courage to face it.


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