Under Paris (2024) | Transcript

To save Paris from a bloodbath, a grieving scientist is forced to face her tragic past when a giant shark appears in the Seine.

Summer 2024. Paris is hosting the World Triathlon Championships on the Seine for the first time. Sophia, a brilliant scientist, learns from Mika, a young environmental activist, that a large shark is swimming deep in the river. To avoid a bloodbath at the heart of the city, they have no choice but to join forces with Adil, the Seine river police commander.

* * *

[water swirling, burbling]



[calm, mysterious music playing]

[music builds]

[bubbles burbling]

[epic music intensifies]



[woman 1] I’m here on what’s known as the “seventh continent,” a mass of refuse and garbage over 3 million kilometers in size, four to six times bigger than France.

Almost a million birds and other marine mammals perish each year after swallowing plastic.

Ugh, it’s awful.

Come on, it was good.

It’s boring. It’s numbers.

It’s not boring.

You know that. Go on. You got this.

Hey. You’re amazing.

I love you. I love you. [chuckles]

Okay, okay. [laughs]

All right. And let’s go.

Okay. Roll it.

[man 1] Action.

For the last three years, with the help of my team,

we’ve been tagging different species of shark.

After which, we use the biological…

[woman 2] Sophia!

We got a signal, guys. Are you ready?

[man 1] Let’s go!

[epic instrumental music playing]

[Sophia] Southeast. You stay at six meters and wait for her!

[man 1] All right. Let’s go, let’s go! Right, boys. We’re diving in five minutes!

[man 2] The sample units are loaded, we just need the cameras.

[man 3] They’re already on the cameras. Just don’t break them this time.

[man 2] Can’t wait to dive into all this trash. Yummy.

[electronic beeps]


[woman 2] Five hundred meters.

She’s coming closer.

[air hisses]

[music continues]

All right, boys, same as usual. You follow me, you keep close.

Tom, Sam, you group up.



You’ll be with me.


We stabilize at six meters, we wait for orders from Sophia. Got it?

Roger that, captain.

Okay, boss.

[music softens]

[water swirling]

[divers breathing heavily]

[scrambled signal static]



[Juan] I hear ya, Soph. It’s all good.

We’re starting our descent.

[man 1] Right. Stay on track, boys.

We can’t let her get away again.

Finally back in your element, Sam?

What element? This one?

[all chuckling]

[Sophia] All right, wise guys, where are you?

[man 1] Descending to six meters.

All clear.

I just hope she sticks around.

[Sophia] Don’t worry, I won’t let her go.

[electronic beep]

[woman 2] Radar echo at 70 meters.

[man 1] Which way?


[man 1] Okay, we’ll keep an eye out.

[Tom] Yeah.

[Sam breathing deeply]

[Chris] Wait. Stop.

[calm, mysterious music playing]

[Chris] Seeing this, Sophia?

Another baby sperm whale caught in the nets.

[Sophia] That’s the second in three weeks.

It must’ve suffered for days.

[anxious breathing]

I’m gonna go check it out. Wait here, boys.

[anxious breathing continues]

[music continues]

[Chris] Its stomach is full of plastic.

[Sophia] Chris, we need to focus on Beacon Seven.

[Chris] Hang on.

Are you getting this?

[Sophia] It’s a bite mark.

[Chris] Sure, but can you see? It’s massive.

[electronic beeps]

Chris, she’s approaching, 30 meters.

[anxious breathing]

[dramatic sting]

Ah! What the hell? What the hell?

[Sophia] Chris?

[Tom] Chris, you good?

You okay?

[Chris] Yeah, yeah. It’s fine. She’s not ours.

I see other ones.

Hang on a sec. Since when do makos hunt in packs?

[Juan] What the hell’s going on? Sophia?

[Sophia] I don’t understand.

They’re all females.

[Juan] And a lot of them. Do you see their fins?

[Chris] Yeah.

[Juan] That’s not normal.

Yeah. It’s a similar hypertrophy to Lilith.

There’s about ten of them here.

[garbled, indistinct chatter]

[Juan] Weird.

[Sophia] Can you hear me?

[Chris] They seem nervous. Security protocol.


[Sophia] Oh no.

[Tom] Sophia, what do we do?

Stay calm. Just keep a safe distance.

You’re fine.


Signal ping south.

[ominous note plays]

[Sophia] Chris, she’s coming.

[music intensifies]

[nervous breathing]

[music intensifies]

[Juan] What the fuck? Are you seeing this?

[Sam] Holy shit. You sure that’s ours?

She’s at least five meters.

[Tom] She’s at least seven, man.

I don’t get it. That should be Lilith in front of you.

[Chris] It’s her, all right.

No, that’s impossible. Three months ago, she was only 2.5 meters.

I’m sure it’s her, Sophia. Look, Beacon Seven.

[steady beeping]

[Juan] Okay, what do we do?

[Sophia] I don’t understand.

How is this possible?

We gotta head back up. It’s too dangerous.

Hang on, wait. We still need the sample.

[Chris] Yeah, well, easy for you to say.

Fine, then, I’ll do it.

Unbelievable! This is such bullshit.

[Sophia] We have no choice, Chris. We have to understand what happened.

It’ll be okay.

Make sure to face her head-on so she’s not surprised.

[steady beeping]

[Sophia] That’s a good distance. Easy does it.

[Chris] Yeah, two seconds.

[Chris] Oh shit!

[Tom] You okay?

[Chris] Yeah. I’m okay.

We got it. Come on back up.

[Chris] You hear that, boys? Mission accomplished!

[Sam] Hey, Chris, relax. You scared or what?

[all chuckling]

[Chris] Hang on a second, I think she’s coming back.

[Tom] Anyone have eyes on Beacon Seven?

[Chris] Where’d she go? She was there!


[Chris] Where the hell did she go? Do you see her?

I saw her two seconds ago! Where are you?

Chris, what’s the matter?

[music intensifies]

[Chris] I saw her behind us. Where is she?

[Juan] Do you see her?

[dramatic sting]


[Tom] No! No!

Chris, there’s no image!

[yells] Chris!

[terrified screams]

[Tom yells] Chris!



Get out of there!

Chris, are you okay?


[signal droning]

Juan! Answer me!





Sophia! Stop!

[music crescendos]

Sophia, no!

[music fades out]

[dramatic sting]

[terrified gasping]

[woman 2] Sophia!

[Sophia yells] Chris! Chris!

[woman 2] Sophia!

Get back on the boat!

[deep breath]

[eerie music playing]

[light percussive beats playing]

[tense percussive music playing]

[music continues]

[shark snarls]

[music intensifies]

[muffled cries]

[muffled cries]

[muffled cries]

[shrill notes ringing]

[blood vessel pops]

[music builds to crescendo]

[music fades out]

[severe, epic melody playing]



[music fades out]

[sirens wailing]

[boy 1] Check it, I got something!

[boy 2] Pretty nice.

It’s cool, let’s see if we have anything else here.

[dog barking]

[boy 2] I got something.

[foreboding music playing]

Wait! Wait!

[boy 1] We can get it.

[boy 2] I think it’s stuck.

[both grunt]

[boy 1] You okay?

Yeah, yeah.

What is that?

[metal scraping]

[music continues]

[music fades out]

[police siren wailing]

Little help over here?

[officer 1] Got it.

Everything okay here?

[officer 2] Thanks.

How was it?

It’s clean.

Adama for Caro. Once Adil’s done with the journalists, we’ll clear out.

[Caro] Okay, understood. We’ll see you soon.

We’re done here, guys.

[officer 3] Okay.

[reporter] Was this an unusual case?

We find these kinds of shells all the time in the Seine.

With our colleagues from the Central Lab of the Police Prefecture,

we’ve already fished out about 100. The two who found it did the right thing.

[officer] Angèle for Adil.

Excuse me.

[Angèle] It’s okay, I’ll handle the press.

Time for the triathlon security briefing.

You go ahead, I’ll catch up.

Have to go, sorry. She’ll take over.


[Angèle] Hello.

Any comments, commander?

I’d like to reassure you, these shells didn’t have any ignition systems.

There was no danger.

Nice work, bro.


[man 1 over radio] River Police, Control Bravo…

We’re done! Gotta get to Hotel de Ville for the triathlon briefing.

[man 2] Over.

[radio beeps]

Let’s go.

[motor starts]

[police siren wailing]

Hey, you with the kayak! That’s not allowed!

[kayaker] Okay, okay! Damn it!

What in the world is going on today?

[mysterious music playing]

[music intensifies]

[music fades out]

[water burbling]

[Sophia] Which of you would devote your whole life to protecting the whales?

[children] Me! Me! Me!

[Sophia] That’s the question they asked me

when I signed on to protect the oceans.

If the oceans can’t survive, then neither can us humans.

What makes a living ocean?

[children chuckle]

[Sophia] Diversity in the ecosystem.

That means it has lots of fish living and thriving,

but also algae, coral, plants…

If we can’t save life in the ocean,

we won’t be able to save ourselves.

[girl] Ma’am?


Isn’t it too late to save the oceans?

Well, there was a man named Paul Watson who said that…

The Internet says your whole team was eaten by sharks. Is that true?

Victor. Get rid of your phone. Now!

[Victor] But…

[chuckling softly]

[teacher] That’s enough.

[Victor] I was just asking a question.

[children continue chuckling]

[girl whispers] Look, her face has gone red.

[melancholic piano music playing]

[woman over speaker] Marine creatures require specific conditions to survive.

Our center prides itself on replicating habitats they’d experience in the wild,

from careful temperature regulation to food diversity.

[music continues]

[woman] Sophia!

Sophia! Ms. Assalas!

I’m really sorry to bother you, Ms. Assalas, I just…

I just have to talk to you for a sec.

I’ve been following your work forever. All of it.

Migration based on climate…

I’m sorry, it’s a bad time.

[rain pattering on umbrella]

Beacon Seven!

[chilling stinger]

I know where it is.

[door opens, creaks]

[mysterious music playing]

[door slams]

Well, this is it. SOS.

SOS… Save our Seas. You’ve never heard about us?

It’s our ocean defense organization.

When we first started, we figured it’d never take off,

but now it’s starting to get really serious.

We do what you do.

Well, I mean, as best as we can.

You’ve always been our inspiration. We’ve been building on your work.

You describe how sometimes nature can trigger

all sorts of changes in behavior.

Right, also, to protect the sharks, we’ve been connecting to their beacons.

And as soon as they’re in danger because of…

Well, if they’re being tracked by poachers for their fins, we can disconnect them.

[door creaks]

[epic music playing]

[woman speaking indistinctly over video]

[woman over video] As I dive deeper into the ocean…

[woman] Sophia, over here.

[music fades out]

Ben. Ben, Ben, Ben…

Wait, wait, wait. Two seconds.

What’s going on?

We spotted a trawler near Ulysses. I’m gonna get him out.

[woman] Where is he?

[Ben] Spain.

No fishing for you today, guys.

[computer beeping]


[Sophia] What is it? Show me.

Get Beacon Seven.

[woman] Ben, Beacon Seven.


Ben, please. Show her Beacon Seven.

Right. Uh…


[electronic beep]

Beacon Seven, Beacon Seven, Beacon Seven…

And there.

[woman] Look.

[eerie music playing]

That’s impossible.

Our servers, they’re well-protected. That can’t be my beacon.

I mean, well-protected or not, these days you can access anything. See that?

We caught her tracker three weeks ago in Le Havre.

After that, she swam back up the Seine.

[steady beeping]

Lilith’s been here for three days. In the heart of Paris.

No, it’s impossible. It’s fresh water.

Bull sharks breed in fresh water, so we thought that could explain…

She’s a mako.

[woman] You were right.

With the effects of climate change and pollution,

the sharks have changed their behavior.

She got here by mistake and now she’s just trying to survive.

Even if by some miracle it is my beacon, it must have just come loose.

And drifted against the current, that makes sense to you?

Wouldn’t it have sunk?

It’s really important we help her get back.

Otherwise, she’ll die.

Me and Ben can communicate with her.

Are you insane? She’s a shark, not a poodle.

Just dive with us. I’m going to prove you wrong.

In the Seine?


We’re going in tonight.

I don’t know why I came here.

There was an accident last night. The Pont Marie.

A car went right off the bridge, but they never found the driver.

[beeping continues]


[woman speaking over video] …and more sustainable planet for all.

[deep sigh]


[gentle melancholic piano music playing]

[sighs deeply]


[music continues]


We got here less than an hour ago,

and we’ve already spotted two whale sharks.

Right there. See them, Sophia?

[Juan] Wait, look! A third one!

Oh wow, that one’s huge!

[woman] You seeing this?

So beautiful!

[Chris] It’s because of deep drop-offs.


[Juan] Oh bravo. Great job.

Wow. Three hours to repair a motor, that’s gotta be a new record.

[Tom] Come on! Let’s play!

[Juan] Nice job!

[Chris] Come on. Race ya there!

[Tom] Come on, big guy!

[all] Four, three, two, one…

Happy New Year!

[woman] Whoo!

[poignant music swells]

[woman] Whoo-hoo!

Hey! Make a wish, babe. I love you!


[woman] Hey, watch it.

[muffled laughter]

[Chris] Whoo!

[excited yells]

[Sophia] Go for it, Chris.

Just keep a safe distance.

[Chris] Hang on a sec.

[soft, chilling music playing]

[Sophia] Chris, there’s no image!

[Chris screaming]


[laptop chimes]

[keyboard clacking]



[music continues]

[steady beeping]

That’s impossible.

[dark, mysterious music playing]

[air hisses]

[Mika] It’s Mika, leave a message.


Mika, it’s Sophia.

Call me back, please.

[Mika] Yeah.

Okay, if you’re in trouble, you pull the line and get out. Got it?

And what about you?

I’ll be fine.


You figure kisses will get you off the hook?

If anything happens, you get out. Okay?


[music fades out]

[eerie music playing]

[water swirling]

[breathing deeply]

[water burbling]

[breathing deeply]

[eerie music playing]

[heavy breathing]

[car creaking]

[muffled rumbling]

[surprised cry]

[heavy breathing]

[chilling music playing]

[whispers] Mika, hurry. Get out.

[police siren wailing]

[tense music playing]

[music fades out]

[heavy breathing]

[car creaking]

[dramatic sting]

[anxious percussive music playing]

[police siren wailing]

[violins intensify]

[music fades out]

[Adil] Police!

Can you get out of the water, please?

Get out of the water, now!

[calm, mysterious music playing]

[heavy breathing]

[steady beeping]

[music fades out]

[Adil] Why were you diving in the middle of the night?

So I’m not allowed to clean the Seine?

You were cleaning the Seine?


And who owns that boat?

It’s mine. What do you mean?

We’re going to the station.


If everything checks out, you can go home. Okay?

Nils! Let’s pass by Ile St-Louis and check on the others.

[Nils] Okay.

[dog cries]

[man 1] Kiki, stay close to me.

[man 2] Have you heard from Roger?

We haven’t seen him in a long time.

[man 3] Hey, guys! How are ya?

[dog barks]

[man 1] Oh, hey!

You doing okay?

Here, we brought you some stuff.

[man 1] Oh. That’s slick, man.

[man 3] Here. This one should fit.

[man 4] Quality gear.

[man 1] Perfect.

[man 4] Is it your size?

[man 3] What else have we got here?

[dog barks]

[horn squawks]

[indistinct chattering]

[man 4] Team’s here.

[man 3] Ah!

[Adama] Hey, Markus, catch!

[Markus] Yeah.

[dog barking]

[Adama] Give me some slack.

Hey, Adewale.

You good, chief?

[Adil] All good, thanks.

How’s the lady? Looking beautiful.

[all] Ooh!

Sorry, are we distracting you, Adewale?

Are we all set? They have all their stuff?

They’re ready to go and we gave them a hand.

It’s under control, chief. You guys were a big help.

We’re gone tomorrow, no problem.

[Adil] Sorry, but it’ll be three weeks, max.

The mayor wants the docks cleaned for the triathlon.

Don’t worry. And besides, Kiki and I are going to have a front-row seat.

[Adil] That’s perfect.

Well, happy reading.

[Adewale] Thanks.

[Adil] See you at the station?

[Markus] Yup.

[Caro] Okay, easing out.

[Nils] Here we go.

[Caro] Give it some gas.

[Nils] You got it.

[Caro] Let’s go!

[calm, mysterious music playing]

[police siren wailing]

[indistinct chattering]

[Angèle] What took you so long?

[Adil] We picked her up at the accident site near Pont Marie.

She was in the water in diving gear.

Fine. Adama, can you handle this?

Chief, I have to unload all this gear first.

It’s okay, I got it.

Me too. If you need help.

Caro’s got it under control. I’m off.

[Angèle] Call my cell if you need me. See you tomorrow.

Good night, chief.

[Caro] Wait, wait. I’m going first.

Follow me.



You’re still on duty, right?

[Nils] Yeah, why?

Put on your vest.

[Adama chuckles] You’re not a firefighter anymore, sunshine!

[Nils] Last I checked, this wasn’t the army, either.

[Adil] You wouldn’t last an hour in the army, man.

[Adama laughs]

[steady beeping]

[water burbles]

[dog barks, cries out]

[chilling violin music playing]

[tense music playing]

[steady beeping continues]

[dog growls]

[dog barking]

[dog growling and barking]

[beeps accelerate]

[beeps continue accelerating]

[dog barking]

[beeps slow down]

[dark music intensifying]

[train screeching]

[music fades out]


[door opens]


So am I allowed to go home now?

Why were you diving?

Does it have to do with the accident?

[man 1 over radio] We have something for you.

[man 2 over radio] 20-10 reporting in.

[radio chatter continues]


[cup scrapes over desk]

[man 1 over radio] 15-5, this is dispatch. Domestic dispute call just came in.

I sent you the address. I think you’ll recognize it. Confirm.

[clears throat]


Explain to me,

why were you searching the car?

[sighs] Damn it.

I asked you a question!

Why were you diving?

There’s a shark in the Seine. Happy now?

You wanna waste time? That’s fine.

All right. You think I’m an idiot.

We’re going to start all over again.

What’s your name?

[door opens]

Adil! We have an emergency.

[dark, mysterious music playing]

[steady beeping, shrill trilling]

[man] Come on, sweetheart. Time to go.

[girl] Aww…

[beeps accelerate]

[girl] Look, Daddy. Look! There’s little fishies.

[signal becomes scrambled]

Fuck. No…

[man] Where, honey?

[girl] Did you see?

[man] Yeah.

Hey, you! Get away from there!

Get back up here now!

Hey, you can’t speak to my daughter like that.

[cell phone vibrates]


[man] What’s wrong with you?

I’m really sorry.


[man] Come on.

Yeah, it’s me.

[beeps continue]

[chilling violin music playing]

[train screeching]

Glad you could make it.

This way.


Adil Faez, sergeant.

Sophia Assalas.

I believe you know each other?

I told them to call you, I’m sorry.

Come with me, please.

[boat engine idling]

[Adil] Adama?

[haunting music playing]

[insects buzzing]

We found him this morning.

[camera clicking]

Your friend is apparently convinced it was a shark.

[train screeching intensifies]

[sinister music playing]

I can guarantee you a shark did this.

If by some miracle it did get through the locks,

why would it come to Paris?

I have no idea.

But when it was a beluga, you didn’t ask questions, did you?

Adama, call Angèle.


Follow me, please.

Adama for Angèle. They’re coming back.

[walkie-talkie beeps]

[Angèle] Understood. Over.

[insects buzzing]

[camera clicks]

[Angèle] It could’ve been a propeller. It’s happened before.

[Sophia] Trust me. Those are bite marks.

She’s supposed to only measure 2.5 meters, but she’s far bigger.

And that same shark is apparently in the Seine.

You can’t possibly believe this. It’s ridiculous.

We’ve been following her.

We’ve gotta get her out before she suffocates.

I don’t understand. There are sharks in the Thames too, and they don’t…

The Thames is their natural habitat.

This shark, there’s nothing for her here. Her behavior isn’t normal.

We have to get her out of the Seine. And to do that, we need a team of experts.

It’ll be a complicated operation.

Wait! Hang on a sec!

Why don’t we make sure that this shark exists? All right?

Will do.

Let’s go.

[Adama] Leo, Markus. We’re leaving!

Do you have a ping?

Yeah. I do.

She’s just behind l’Ile de la Cité. 200 meters from Notre-Dame.

We can take it from here.

No way, I’m coming with you.

That’s out of the question.


Here. This is what we’ll do.


Not lieutenant, sergeant. Two seconds.

Sergeant or not, what you’re doing is completely useless.

By using my tracker, we could very easily find her beacon.

And we could do that from up here!

[Adama] Markus. Grab the harpoons.

There’s no point in diving and taking this risk.

[Caro] Hey.

I just wanna know where it’s hiding.

If it exists.

[Adil] All right, guys. Let’s go. Are you coming?

[Sophia] This shark is potentially dangerous!

And even more so if she feels threatened by your team.

Ms. Assalas. We’re the River Brigade, not Greenpeace.

So either you show us how your tracker works so we can use it,

or you come with us, but we’re leaving.


[boat squeaking]

[tense music playing]

[steady beeping]

[Adil] All right, let’s go.

[boat beeps]

[Adil] See you later.

[motor starts]

[tracker beeps]

[adventurous, dramatic music playing]

[steady beeping]

[percussive music playing]

Eight hundred meters!

Eight hundred meters.

She should be here.

[music softens]

[boat decelerates]

[music fades out]

[air hisses]

[man over radio] River Police, this is Patrol Delta.

We’re ready to head out. Just give us the word. Over.

[steady beeping]

[police siren wailing in distance]

[boat horn blares in distance]

How deep is it here?

Five meters.

5.7 in the middle.

It’s impossible. She’s huge. Where’s she hiding?

Maybe we can’t see her because she doesn’t exist.

[dark music playing]

[Adil] Caro? Guys?

[hook clicks]

Synchronize trackers.

[electronic beeps]

[tablet chiming, beeping]

[Adama] I’m good.

[Nils] Yup.

[Adil] You see us?

I’ve got you, yup.

[man over radio] River Police, this is Patrol Delta. We read you loud and clear.

[Adil] Your lights?

[Nils] They’re good.

[Adil] All right, let’s go.

[oxygen hisses]

[water burbling]

[mysterious music playing]

[steady beeping]

Anything yet?

[seagulls crying]

[boat horn blares]

[breathing deeply]

[electronic beeping]

[tense music playing]

[dramatic sting]

[shaky breathing]

[steady beeping]

[Mika] Pick up, pick up.

[Ben] Where were you? I’ve been calling.

Disconnect her beacon now!

They’re gonna kill her.

We’ll lose her if I drop the beacon.

[Mika] Do you not get it? We don’t have a choice! We have to.

We won’t have a signal from her anymore, it’s too dangerous.

Just turn it off.

[Ben] We can’t.

Turn it off!

[haunting music playing]

[music crescendos]

[Ben] I don’t know if I can reactivate it.

Ben, just do it, please!

Fine, I’ll do it.

[Mika] Hurry, we’re running out of time.

[suspenseful music playing]

[steady beeping]

[Sophia] She’s coming.

[music crescendos]

[deep, harsh musical flourish]

[steady beeping]

[beeps accelerate]

[dramatic sting]

Okay, the beacon’s disconnected.

[beeps halt]

Great. Good. We did it.

[tense music playing]

[beeps faltering]

[rope snaps]

[Adil] Something’s moving down there.

What’s going on?

Oh shit. The signal…

What do you mean “the signal”?

I’ve lost it!

[Sophia] I don’t understand what happened. Where did it go?

Come on! Okay, okay. Move.

[frightening music playing]

[frantic, indistinct dialogue]

[heavy breaths]

[music crescendos]

[Nils] Hey! Sarge!

[Adil] Caro!

[Nils] Sarge! Sarge!

[Sophia] Hurry! Give me your hand!

[music climaxes, fades out]

Adil, I swear we felt something down there.

It was enormous.

You sure?


We should check the sonar.

[police siren wailing]

[officer over radio] All units, please respond. Armed robbery in progress.

Corner of Meslay and Du Temple. Please respond.


Get a broadcast ready.

Was it you?


The beacon. Was that you?

The signal dropped. I don’t know what happened.

You endangered my whole team.

You think I would do that? I told you not to dive!

All right, get out.


Don’t you touch me!

[officer over radio] Stalled boat under Pont Marie.

I repeat, stalled boat under the Pont Marie.

[Adil] Come on. We’re heading back to base.

[seagull cries, bird squawks]

[enigmatic, shrill music playing]

[dark stinger]

[door opens]

That was a close call.

I can’t believe I listened to you.

Wait, you’re on their side now?

I’m not, but what are we to do?

We’ve gotta get her back to the ocean! She’ll die if we don’t.

I may not be able to activate the beacon.

[Sophia] Mika!

What are you doing here?

What were you thinking?

Sophia, they were armed!

Mika, what if she had attacked?

You know sharks would never attack without good reason.

Lilith did that three years ago, and I won’t let it happen again.

But you weren’t supposed to be there! It was your fault!

[melancholic music playing]

You need to stay out of it, okay?

[Mika] I didn’t mean…

Sophia, I’m sorry!

[anxious sigh]

[Adil] Angèle,

if we’re going to catch this shark, we need to shut the locks immediately.

We need to stop boat traffic.

We have no choice.

You can’t be serious.

One week till the triathlon.

Journalists from around the world have been invited.

They’re announcing that Olympic events will take place in the Seine.

Yeah, I know.

Here you are asking me to call the mayor and cancel everything?

How am I supposed to explain something like that?

[train rumbling in distance]

We’re doubling our staff. I’ll call up the prefect.

We’ll establish a surveillance team.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[calm, melancholic music playing]

Restoring the health of our oceans is imperative.

Our marine ecosystem provides factually supported,

wide-reaching benefits that can help us fight climate change.

Half of the oxygen…


[clicks mouse]

Hello, we are currently coming to you from the El Soldado,

a boat belonging to the Ocean’s Origins Association.

A few days ago, the crew was massacred during an expedition north of Hawaii

near the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Oceans Origins’ president, Sophia Assalas, has refused to comment.

An investigation is underway.

[music continues]

[music fades out]


What has more value than life?

I believe these images speak for themselves.

[dramatic music playing]

I’m not trying to sell you anything.

I have no investors to convince or elections to win,

but I and those after me are about to lose everything.

Our parents… and their parents have doomed us all.

My name is Mika.

I’m 20 years old. We, at the Save Our Seas collective,

believe that an animal’s life is worth as much as a human’s.

But a hundred million sharks are murdered every year. Why?

To make them into soup or an anti-aging cream?

We need to stop the slaughter.

We need to protect the sharks. The ocean needs balance.

And decades of overfishing

have deprived sharks of their food sources,

forcing them to hunt in new territories.

That’s what happened to Lilith.

She got lost in the Seine, and I need your help to save her.

We are the only ones left who can make a difference.

And it starts with saving this shark.

Send a message.

Stand up to those who massacre our planet.

If we save her,

we scream at the top of our lungs that this world belongs to us.

If we save her,

we save our future.

So join us.

Make yourselves heard.

Together, we’ll find this shark,

and we’re going to free her.


[music fades out]

[Adil] Ms. Assalas.

What are you doing here?

Uh… Look, I think the two of us got off on the wrong foot.

I wanted to apologize.

Your nosebleed on the boat, was that from the diving accident?

I didn’t know about your husband. Well, I mean… your team.

I just wanted to say I’m sorry.


[Adil clears throat]

We’ve got a meeting with the mayor of Paris this afternoon and I figured…

Ms. Assalas…

You can just call me Sophia.

Okay. Sophia, I was hoping you’d come with us.

Because if I’m doing the talking,

it won’t be good.

[soft chuckle]

A shark?

There’s a shark in the Seine?

If I insisted on meeting with you, ma’am, it’s because I believe this is urgent.

Of course, Angèle.

We have to take action.

You did the right thing.


You recognize it?

It’s Paris.

My Paris.

Over there is everything we’ve built for the upcoming triathlon.

Our showcase for the Olympics, as it were.

Journalists from around the world will be here to cover the event.

We’re expecting almost a thousand participants?

[scoffs] Many more than that.

You see what I mean?

With all due respect, civilians have already died.

Wait, hang on. Believe it or not, I can sympathize.

But Madam Mayor, if we do nothing, then…

But no. No. Hey!

I don’t like what you’re insinuating here.

Then let me be very clear with you.

This species of shark is currently experiencing huge behavioral shifts.

I first noticed these changes three years ago. And I…

Yes, yes. We know all about your team.

There have been several deaths.

And if we do nothing, it’ll just get worse.

Your little PR stunt will turn into a massacre.

They didn’t hear me.


Huh? You weren’t listening?

1.7 billion!

That is how much has already been spent by the State

to assure this event’s success.

We even managed to install basins under the Seine to recuperate wastewater.

That’s 46,000 cubic meters.

I don’t know what you want me to say. Figure it out!

Make this little fish disappear!

[man] Hm.

We understand, ma’am.

For our part, our teams will handle containing the news on social media.

I need you to know failure is not an option.

This event will be perfect. Yes? And fun.

All right, Angèle, go!

I’ll walk you back. This way.

[dramatic music playing]

Sophia, get me a list of the equipment you’ll need for this.

[Sophia] I’ve already started getting everything together.

But since we can’t track Lilith anymore, we need a way to lure her.

How do we do that?

[church bell ringing in distance]

We can bait her. Between the Pont de Sully and the Pont d’Austerlitz.

Once tranquilized, we’ll take her to the locks at the Port de l’Arsenal.

And the Oceanography Institute will handle the rest.


Right, let’s move.

Make sure your lights are charged up, we’ll need ’em down there.

[Sophia] I can hold her for 30 minutes.

I understand, but we can’t afford to wait.

[Nils] Shit!

[Sophia] Hey, be careful with that.

[Markus] Come on, man.

[Sophia] Sorry.

[Markus] Lift. One, two.

[Sophia] Do your best and get over here ASAP.

[Markus] Got it, I’m good. Is the lid not sealed?

[Adil] Congrats.

I got the Institute on the phone. They’re ready.

Wait. I need to show you a video.

[Leopold] Back to work, boss.

[Leopold chuckles]

[Sophia] Look at this.

Once she’s been tranquilized, we have to move quickly.

The Institute will only have 30 minutes to move her.

After that, she’ll suffocate.

We’ll use the same equipment as those guys?


Sophia! I have to talk to you, now.

[Sophia] Ben, where are they?


In the catacombs.

By the wastewater reservoirs.


Please don’t tell her I came to see you.

I care about her, but she’s out of control.

She’s hoping to prove we can guide Lilith back to the ocean using sonar…

How’d you find the shark?


I figured out a way to reactivate her beacon. Easier than I thought.

How did you pull that off?

Could you show us, please?


[keyboard clacking]

[electronic beeping]

[enigmatic violins playing]

[steady beeping]

What’s she doing down there?

[chilling music plays]

[Angèle] Those are the old catacombs.

[Ben] Exactly.

They’re the city’s water reservoirs. It’s like an underground lake.

You can’t access the reservoirs from the Seine. It’s impossible.

You actually can.

We found a condemned entrance under the Canal St-Martin.

When were you planning to go?

They’re already there.

And there’s gonna be a lot of people.

[sighs] Damn it. I shouldn’t have come to you.

No, Ben, wait, it’s okay. Listen. No one can dive.

Make sure Mika doesn’t.

Just head back there, pretend nothing happened. We’re coming.


[solemn music playing]

[steady beeping]

[music continues]

[music fades out]

[grate creaks]

[tablet beeps]

[indistinct whispering]

[Mika] Thanks for coming. I’m glad you’re all here.

Thanks for your support.

Thank you all.

Regis? Get logged on. You good?

[indistinct chatter]

[exhales] Is it ready?

[Ben] Almost.


You sure about this?


I’m sure this will work.

It’ll bring her straight to us.

That’s not what I’m worried about.

Don’t tell me you’re doubting the plan now.

Aren’t we doing what we promised?

What if this doesn’t work?

What if we do nothing?

[dramatic music playing]


[device powers on]

[steady, pulsing beats]

[music continues]

[steady beeping]

[walkie-talkie beeps]

This is River One for Chronos.

I’m in the catacombs, near St-Martin, Jemapes side.

We may have as many as 50 people down here.

Requesting backup. I repeat, urgent request for backup.

All right, guys.

We don’t know when backup is coming, so our safety is paramount, okay?

Check your lights. Do not get between them and the water.

Stay close to the walls.

There’s only one way out, so we’ve gotta keep everybody calm and avoid a panic.

Otherwise they’ll bottleneck, get trampled.

We good? Adama, Leo, on the right. Sophia, stay with them.

Nils and Markus with me.

[music continues]

[pulsing beats continue]

[rapid beeping]

Everybody, keep calm! Police. Out of the water, now!

[Mika] No, no, wait.

[Adil] Let’s go!

[Mika] Hang on!

[Adil] Come on! Party’s over! This area is strictly off-limits to the public.

We’re going to evacuate calmly.

My colleagues will bring you to the exit. Adama!

You’ll follow Adama and Markus.

Let’s go!

[Mika] No, wait!

Come on!

[Mika] No, wait! We’re almost there!

[Adil] We ask you to step back, please. The ground is very slippery here.

[Mika] Just wait! We know what we’re doing!

[Sophia] Mika!

Sophia, we can help her back to the ocean, trust me.

[Adama] Against the wall!

You need to let go of that and get out of there.

Right, come on! Let’s go! Pick it up! Go!

We’re moving! Let’s go, let’s go!

Everybody out! Let’s go!

I’m talking to you! Go!

She’s coming!

[chilling music plays]

[dark, majestic music playing]

[man 1] Look. There’s another one.

[man 2] There’s two! Holy shit!

[woman] Is it a baby?

She had a baby.

[eerie creaking, thumping]

[Sophia] Mika, don’t touch her.

Lilith is gonna feel threatened.

Did you hear me? Get out of the water! Lilith is dangerous.

[Mika] Sophia, look at this.


[Mika] I was right. Trust me!

Cover me.

[Sophia] You’re not listening, Mika!

Lilith had a baby!

We’ve invaded her nest!

Wake the hell up. They won’t hurt anyone.

[Sophia yells] Mika, get out of there! She’s gonna attack! Get out of the water!

Mika! Get out of there right now!

That’s an order! Backs against the wall!

Away from the edge!

[Markus] Calm down.

[Adama] We’re gonna evacuate.

[Leopold] Against the wall.

[Markus] Against the wall!

Mika, get out of there!

Stay against the wall!

Do something, Adil, now!

[Leopold] Stay back!

[Markus] Over here! Adil!


Adil, what the hell? Get outta there! Hurry!


Mika, get out! Mika!

[tense music playing]

Get out of there!

[Adil screams]


Mika! No!

[panicked screaming]

[frightening music playing]

[terrified screams]

[bones crunching]

[muffled screams]

[Markus] Adil!

Hurry up, Adil!

[Markus yells] Stay away from the edge! Against the wall!

Everyone, follow me! This way! Move!

This way!

[man 3] We’re all gonna die!

[music continues]

Give me your hand, now! I’m here!

[Adama] Give me your hand!

[Markus] Give me your hand!

[howling in pain]

[panicked screams]

[Ben] Ah!

[Adama] Over here, Ben! Ben!

Gimme your hand!

[Ben shrieks]

[Adama] Ben!

[music intensifies]

[man screams in pain]

[man 4] Get me out of here! Help!

[tense violins crescendo]

[yells] Ben! Ben! Ben!

[dark, solemn music playing]

Let’s move it! Come on! Let’s move! Don’t stop, run!

Keep going!

Watch out! Move over! Give me your hand!



[Adama] Leo!

Get out of the water! Over here!

Everyone, out! Swim to the side!

[man 2] They’re everywhere!

Hurry! Come on!

[terrified screaming]

[man 5] It’s right behind us!

Hey! Give me your hand! Over here!

This way! Hurry!

[Sophia] I’ve got you!

[screams in pain]

Just get to the exits! [screams]

Leo! Leo! No!


Come on! Move it!

Hey! This way!

[Adil] Move it!

Come on!

[terrifying howl]

[music continues]

[muffled cries]

[panicked screaming]

[music intensifies]

[Adil] Leo!



[Adil] Leo!

Over here!

Hurry, come on!

Give me your hand!

Give me your hand!

[bones crunch]

[Leo screams]

[music fades out]

[muffled screaming]

[anxious breathing]

[muffled screams and cries]

[somber music playing]

[Caro] Hey, look at me! Look at me!

[Sophia breathing anxiously]

[muffled screaming and wailing]

[Angèle] You okay? She’s stable now?

It’s the prefect!

[phone ringing]



Adil. Here, come on!

Two seconds, two seconds!

[anxious breathing]

[music intensifies]

[pained cries continuing faintly]

[baby crying]

[music fades out]

[coins clink]

[buttons beep]

[object falls]

[man] I’m feeling okay, actually.

[woman] Yeah, I…

[Adil sighs]

[hospital clamor continues in background]

[Sophia sniffs]

[melancholic music playing]


It was my fault, Adil.

I was supposed to protect them.


It’s not your fault.



[Caro] Adil?

[music fades out]

We need you.


[anxious sigh]

[water dripping]

What’s going on?

Take a look.

[tense music playing]

[chilling notes]

[music continues]

You see that?

These organs allow the shark to adapt to the salinity of the water.

And you see this protrusion on the side here?

That shows she adapted to fresh water.

But why are they in Paris?

As they were swimming up the Seine,

they must’ve found the perfect place to breed.

They figured they’d be safe in the catacombs.

A little bit like… larvae in a hive, you know?

They’ll feed in the Seine, mature, and then return to the ocean.

Paris is one of the rare cities that can support this kind of ecosystem.

She’s a female.




[viscera sloshing]

[Sophia breathes anxiously]

That’s not possible.

She hasn’t reached sexual maturity, but she’s already pregnant?

I don’t understand.

You see that? The size of her teeth?

That proves she’s only two months old.

It’s incredible.

Is there an explanation?

Lilith is reproducing by parthenogenesis.

What does that mean?

She doesn’t need a male to get pregnant.

Adil, I made a mistake. These aren’t makos.

They’ve adapted.

Lilith is the first of a brand-new species.

And if we do nothing, they’ll continue to reproduce.

And they won’t stop. Ever.

[music crescendos]

Twelve dead.

This puts a real damper on my celebrations.

Ma’am, by the time we arrived on site, it was too late.

We tried to get everyone out. We did our best, unfortunately…

Your superiors should have been notified.

Carrying out this operation on your own was beyond your capabilities.

With all due respect, we did our best to inform the mayor.

You did not. That’s completely untrue.

You “informed me” about a lost shark in the Seine.

I trusted that your team and you were capable of handling the situation.

I’m under so much stress. The triathlon starts tomorrow.

Can you imagine how much shit I’ll have to face?

I’ll go on the news, but I don’t know what to say.

You don’t know what to say? Are you serious?

You understand people died?

Tell them there’s a shark in the Seine, it’s the truth.

Right. Listen, why don’t we calm down…

Do you not understand what’s happening? A dozen dead, and it could be hundreds!

You just have to cancel, it’s not complicated!


Get out of my office right now.

And you, get back to managing barge traffic.

As of this moment, the army’s in charge of security, got it?

Mr. Prefect, hush this up immediately. Nothing can get out.

[door squeakily closes]

Massive purification basins have been installed

uh, just beside the nautical sites.

As you know, the swimming competition will be held there.

And this means every Parisian will be able to go for a swim themselves

after a long day at work.

And what is your response to those who claim

there are sharks on the loose in the Seine?

Oh, well, if this were true, okay,

I would be thrilled.

That would indicate that our efforts to depollute were met with success.

You’re thrilled to have sharks?

[mayor] Absolutely!

In any case, it’s common knowledge that sharks are perfectly harmless to humans.

As far as I’m concerned, sharks of all kinds…

We really messed up.

[mayor] Enough of this shark talk.

Now they’re making us the scapegoats.

That’s politicians for you.

They never want to admit when they’re wrong.

[interview continues in background]


[police siren wailing in distance]

[glasses clink in background]

It’s frustrating to be ignored.

To not be able to help.

The army’s taking care of it.

If Lilith and her pack use the Seine to head back to the ocean tomorrow,

it’ll be carnage.

We have to do something, Adil.

Stop it.

This whole thing is out of our hands.

So just stop.

[Sophia sniffs]

Why did you leave the army?

[tense music playing]


Because I was scared.

We were supposed to free some journalists taken hostage in Burkina Faso.

And I was afraid of dying.

So I abandoned my brothers-in-arms.

They managed to free the hostages, but…

they took some serious casualties.

That’s why I left the army.

[barman] Something to drink?

No. I’m good.

[Adil clears throat]

[music fades out]


What should we do?

Got a plan?

[determined percussive music playing]

I need two or three people to make this work.

No one’s under any obligation.

We only have a few hours till the triathlon,

so anyone who doesn’t want to, you…

For Leo.

[Adama] We’re a team, aren’t we?

For Leo.

I’m really sorry. I’ve got a family.

But you know what? I can still cover you all.

[dramatic drum roll plays]

The nest must be here, in this crypt. Just underneath the catacomb chamber.

This is Poiccard and Berruti. These men specialize in explosives.

Berruti will lead the first team,

which consists of Sophia, Adama and myself.

Caro and Markus, you’ll wait on the surface.

You’ll be positioned at the exit of the tunnel.

Our extraction point is here, behind Notre-Dame.

While you’re heading there, we’ll dive from the catacomb chamber.

The trench is 30 meters deep. We’ll have to make a decompression stop.

At the bottom, there’s a tunnel approximately 20 meters long.

Once we’re in the crypt, we’ll place explosives

so everything collapses at once.

How long will we have before they blow?

Less than three minutes.

[Adama] It’s suicide.

There won’t be time to decompress before we surface.

[Adil] We’ll use Seabobs to get through the tunnel.

Once we’re inside, we’re in the clear.

Then we travel 80 meters to get back to the Seine.

Markus, you cut the drainage tunnel grate, then you rejoin Caro at the surface.

And as for me, I’ll be accompanying the mayor.

I’ll cover as best I can from there.

And what if the sharks are out for a swim?

I’ll be using an infrasound emitter.

It will attract the sharks and keep them in the crypt while you lay the explosives.

We’ll also have powerful lights to hold them off,

and we’ll be fully equipped to dive and communicate easily.

[air hisses]

It’s the same gear that I used with my team.

Who triggers the detonator?

[Poiccard] I do.

I’ll make sure we’re at a safe distance,

then boom.

Any questions?

What if you don’t come back up?

[music intensifies]

[music crescendos]

[music fades out]

[water swirls]

[breathing deeply]

[enigmatic music playing]

[Adil] We’re almost there.

Thirty meters down.

[Berruti] All right, let’s go. Coast is clear.

[music intensifies]

[music crescendos]

[music fades out]

[police siren wailing]

[whistle blows]


[officer 1] This way, everyone. Over here, please.

Get the other side. Go.

All right, everybody, come this way!

[officer 2] Let’s go!

[officer 3] This is 75, bridge secured.

[chatter over walkie-talkies]

[officer 4] We’re secure down here too.

[walkie-talkie beeps]

[officer over radio] We’ve got Bravo group setting up. Should be just another five.

[car horn honks]

[scope clicking]

[heavy breathing]

[tense music playing]

[military alarm wails]

[army officer] Turn around! No one gets through! Turn around!

Hey! Take it easy, we’re the River Brigade.

We’re the police.

The military’s in charge now!

You should’ve received your orders.

Turn around. Let’s go!

Caro for Angèle. They won’t let us pass.

[walkie-talkie beeps]

[scrambled static]

[happy chatter]

[brass band playing “La Marseillaise”]

[cheers and applause]

[over radio] Caro for Angèle.

Good luck, everyone.

Excuse me, mayor. Just a moment?

How are you feeling about today?

[mayor] Fantastic.

We’ve been working on this event for months,

and it wouldn’t have been possible without my team,

and the support of the prefect.

In terms of the security of today’s event,

there have been rumors of sharks in the Seine.

Those are just rumors, and we hope…

I want to assure you every precaution has been taken

to guarantee this event’s security.


I have another question for the mayor…

[reporter 1] There you have it.

Stay with us for live updates as the mayor prepares to address the crowd

and launch the triathlon.

With the mayor having arrived with her team of advisors,

we should be getting underway very shortly.

[reporter 2]…banks of the Seine alongside triathletes

ready to take the plunge.

The mayor of Paris…

[over radio] Caro for Angèle. What do we do?

My team needs to pass to handle an emergency.

The prefect has ordered a police presence behind Notre-Dame.


[walkie-talkie beeps]

[motor starts]

[tense music resumes]

Copy that. [officer continues indistinctly]

[music crescendos]

[breathing deeply]

[over radio] Caro for Adil. We were delayed.

We’ll be there in ten. Over.

[Adil] Copy that.

[mysterious music playing]

There’s still another 20 meters.

[Sophia] Adama, pass me the emitter.

[music crescendos]

Here we are! My fellow Parisians!

For some, it was a dream.

For others, just a talking point.

I have done it!

[cheers and applause]

[indistinct radio communications]

[mayor] This is our Paris!

Safe! Vibrant! A Paris for everyone!

[over radio] Adil for Caro. We’re in the crypt.

Are you in position?

[walkie-talkie beeps]

Adil for Caro.

[Caro] We’re almost there. Two more minutes.


[deep breathing]

All right.

[suspenseful music playing]

[dramatic sting]

[Adil] Shit…

[music intensifies]

No sudden movements. Just stay calm.

[music softens]

[Dramatic sting]

[Sophia screams]

[deep breathing]

Let us never forget.

Paris is, and will forevermore be,

a place for celebration!

[cheers and applause]

[trumpet notes blaring]

All right!


I’d like to declare

the triathlon of the Seine,


[gunshot echoes]

[crowd cheering]

[epic orchestral music playing]


Hello again! Welcome back to all those who’ve been following the opening.

Welcome to the Paris triathlon…

The race has officially kicked off.

All right!


[commentator] They’re off! The first round of the Seine triathlon has begun.

Angèle for Caro.

The swimmers are in. The first round is underway. Hurry.

[music crescendos]

[Caro] Markus just dove. Over.

[suspenseful music playing]

[music intensifies]

[muffled, pulsating beats]

[music softens]

[Sophia] You can go.

[Adil] Can you see her?

[Sophia] Negative.

[music intensifies]

Caro, what’s your status?

Working on it. It won’t be long now.

[music intensifies]

I don’t understand.

She’s still not here.

[commentator] The swimmers are in fine form

for this third round of the Seine triathlon.

But there are still seven rounds to go.

[Sophia] Something’s wrong.

Where is she?

[music continues]

[Caro] The coast is clear.

[Adil] Copy that.

Come on. We have to hurry.

Are the explosives ready?

[Berruti] Mine are.

[Adama] Ready to go here.

[Adil] Poiccard?

Two minutes.

[Adil] Let’s go. They look nervous.

[Poiccard] Just a second!

[Sophia] Wait, she’s still not here.

[Poiccard] Okay. Explosive placed. Almost there.

Okay, it’s all good here.

Everyone head for the exit and I’ll initiate the blast.

[Poiccard screams]

[bones crunch]

Help! [Poiccard screams]

[Poiccard screaming]

[Sophia] Hurry!

[Poiccard continues screaming]

[Sophia] Berruti! Berruti, come on!

[Poiccard] Help!

[Poiccard screaming]

[Poiccard stops screaming]

[music softens]

[steady thumping]

[Sophia] Nobody move.

We have to stick together.

[water swirling rapidly]

[suspenseful music playing]

[Sophia] No! Adama!


Come back, Adama!

Get outta here!

Hurry! Let’s go! I’m setting it off!




[screaming continues]

[screaming stops]


[yells] No!

[music crescendos]

[music crescendos]

[timer flatlines]

[muffled explosion]

[muffled screaming]


[motor starts]

[festivities hubbub in distance]

Over there! Sophia!


Sophia! Adil!

[Caro] Swim!

Swim! Come on! Over here!

[Markus] Faster! Come on!

[Caro] Swim!

[Markus] Give me your arm!

Come on!

[Markus grunting]

[Markus] You’re okay.

Sophia! The others?

[Markus] Adil, wake up.

Adil. Can you hear me?

It’s okay.

Sophia! What are you doing?


[mysterious music playing]

[heavy breathing]

[rocks clattering]

[dramatic sting]


[music continues]

[Lilith growls]

[suspenseful music playing]

She’s right here!

[Adil] Sophia!

[Caro] We gotta get out of here!

[Adil] Hurry up!

[Caro] Swim! Hurry! Come on!

[Adil] Come on!

[Caro] Swim, Sophia!

[Adil] Hurry!


[all screaming]

[music intensifies]




[music continues]

[muffled screams]

[muffled screaming]


[heavy breathing]

[music intensifies]

[Adil] Why’s she circling?

She’s not. She’s headed for the swimmers.

[music quickens]

[Sophia] Come on!

[commentator] …for this third round of the Seine triathlon.

There are still seven rounds to go.

[music continues]

[muffled cry]

[muffled cry]

[muffled cry]

Oh! Oh! Oh!



All right!

[horns blowing]


[whistle blowing]

There’s a shark!

Under the water, look out!

[man] Shark!

[woman] Shark! There’s a shark!

[whistles blowing]


[panicked shouting]

[long whistle]

[panicked screaming]

[man] What’re you doing? What’s going on?

[agitated commotion]


A fin. Did you see that? There’s a shark. Film it, come on!

[powerful brass music playing]

[man screams]

[cries of panic]



[crowd screaming, crying]

[severe dramatic music playing]

[man] Give me your hand! Give me your hand!

Behind you, look out!

[man screams]

[music continues]

[machine gunfire]

[terrified screams]

[machine gunfire continues]

Stop! Cease fire immediately!

There are shells!

Hey! Cease fire!

[Sophia] Stop!

There are shells!

There are live shells! Hey!

[machine gunfire continues]

This way, come on!

[indistinct radio communication]

[music continues]

[dramatic music playing]

[music continues]

[music softens]

[music stops]

[shell clicks]

[loud explosion]

[soldiers scream]

[panicked screaming]

[shells rattle]

[metal groaning]

[Sophia gasps]

[explosions booming]

[metal groaning]

[panicked screaming]

Run, everybody! Run!

[man] Out of my way!

[prefect] Out of my way, you idiots!

[muffled explosions]


[manhole cover clangs]

[screaming in distance]

[seagull cries]

[army soldiers screaming]

[man 1] Oh shit! Run! Run!

[man 2] Come on!

[panicked screaming continues]

[muffled cry]

[muffled cry]

[muffled cries]


[water lapping]

[deep gasps]



[emergency siren sounding]

[grunts] Adil.

[Sophia grunting]

Adil. [grunts]

[Adil coughing]

[mysterious music playing]

[weakly] Sophia.

Is it over?

[breathing deeply]

[music continues]

[dramatic music intensifies]

[music fades out]


[pulsating, epic music playing]

[percussive music playing]

[pensive music playing]

[music crescendos]


[eerie, discordant music playing]

[music fades out]

[mysterious music playing]

[music fades out]


4 thoughts on “Under Paris (2024) | Transcript”

  1. who are Jimmy Cavé and Bruno Verstraete? I just finished watching the film and I cannot find anything on the web.

    1. Hi there, I just see the movie recently. It was kinda irrelevant after all the movie and the credit, like you I just got the curiosity and I find both at IMDB. One of them was a camera man and the other specialist on special effect. They apparently passed away. RIP.

      Cordially 😉

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