The Woman in the Window (2021) – Transcript

An agoraphobic woman living alone in New York begins spying on her new neighbors, only to witness a disturbing act of violence.
The Woman in the Window (2021)

A child psychologist, Dr Anna Fox lives alone in an apartment in Manhattan with her tenant David. She suffers from agoraphobia due to an accident which led to the death of her husband and daughter. The Russells live opposite her apartment, a seemingly violent husband, a troubled son and the wife, Jane Russell whom Anna thinks she has already met. Anna witnesses the death of the supposed Jane Russell and she reports it to the police, however they think she is out of her mind. She decides to take the investigation into her own hands and learns that the Russell son is more troubled than she thinks.

* * *

[dark, brooding music playing]

[woman breathing heavily]

[woman breathing shakily]


[breathing rapidly]

[haunting music plays]

[children shouting playfully in distance]

[laptop buzzing softly]

[haunting music continues]

[woman] What are you eating?

[girl] Guess.

[woman] I can’t guess.

[girl in sing-song] Bet you can.

[woman] How can I guess?

[girl] What day is it today?

[woman] Uh, it’s Monday.

Oh. Sunday night’s pizza night.

You’re eating leftover pizza.

[girl giggles]

Hey, make Dad go pick you out a pumpkin. It’s that time of year again.

They’re all over.

[buzzer rings]

[girl] Okay.

[woman] All right.

Let me talk to Daddy, sweetheart.

[boy over intercom] Delivery.

[girl] Daddy!




[man] Hey, Slugger.

[woman] Hey.

[man] Tell me something good.

[woman] Something good.

[both chuckle]

[woman] You were right about 101.

[man] How’s that?

[woman] The Russells are very white. [chuckles]

[man] There goes the neighborhood. [chuckles]

[woman] But who moves in after a one-day paint job?

[man] Well, you said it was in good shape.

[woman] I wish you were here.

[man] Who does that help, saying that?

[woman] I can beat myself up if I want.

[man] Go for it. It’s just an audience of one.

I’m not playing.

[woman] Tell me to go outside.

[man] Why not make today the day you go outside?

So, what’s the latest on the street?

What happened with the barking dog?

I thought we were going to talk about medications.

We’ll get there.

Would you like to take a seat?

Did it get squared away?

The dog?

Um… I guess they started bringing him inside.

Did you end up calling 311?

[chuckles] Oh, David talked me out of it.

It’s more of a bother for him anyway. It’s louder downstairs.

So, I… must have talked to somebody.

Peaceful resolution.

This is the second session that you’ve done this.

Ask about the neighborhood?

Does that make you uncomfortable?

I just don’t know what you’re goin’ for.

How’s the prayer group?

[woman sighs] They’re getting by.

[man] Do you think they know you’re watching?

Is this really what you wanna talk about?

What about 101?

Looks like they already moved in.

What’d they pay?

Five-five. They were asking for six.

Who are they?

The Russells.

Alistair and Jane. The broker says they’re from Boston.

Where’s the money from?

She says he’s a banker.

But there’s practically nothing about them online.

I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

What the fuck, Karl?

Curiosity is evidence of a decreased depression pattern.

People who snoop on their neighbors don’t kill themselves? [chuckles]

Let’s try this.

People who attempt suicide lose the right to joke about it.

I have a review with Dr. Kenner this week.

Seeing as I’ve been unable to get you out the front door for the last 10 months, she’s gonna wonder about the source of my optimism.

Let’s talk about the Elevan.

Now that you’ve curtailed the drinking, how are you feeling about the side effects?


[man] I think you’re reading into it.

[woman] I’ve been a shrink for 15 years. I know a threat when I hear one.

[man] He’s on your side, Slugger.

He’s the reason you’re still here.

[woman] It’s not really therapy if there’s a knife at your back.

[man] He comes every week, rain or shine. He’s been there all the way through.

[woman] No, he’s getting off on controlling me.

[man] Really?

[woman] Yes. Did you read about Elevan?

Take a look at the side effects.

[man] I know you’re not supposed to drink on it.

[woman chuckles] They always say that.

[insistent music playing]

[trumpet playing]


[woman breathing heavily]

[buzzer rings]


[glass shatters]


[paper rustling]

[insistent music swelling]

[buzzer rings]


[boy over speaker] I live, um, across the street there.


My mom asked me to give you this.

I’m sorry… I’m not prepared for visitors.

[boy] Oh, okay.

Do you have any ideas about what I should do with this?

You can just…

Push the door.

[buzzer sounds]

Hi. I’m Ethan.


Hi. Anna.

I’m from… across the street.

[Anna] Yes.

Sorry, I know you’re not having, uh, visitors.

No, I’m… fine.

You just surprised me, that’s all.

I’m not really a visitor so much.

I’m kind of, uh, more like a neighbor.

I love lavender.


My mom asked me to give it to you, like… days ago.

I think that I’m the one supposed to be giving you a gift, eh…

Welcome to the neighborhood.

[cat meows]

[Ethan] Mm.

I like cats’ tongues.

Sorry they’re not fish fingers, buddy. [chuckles]

He likes you.


How do you like your new house?

I miss the old one.

But we had to leave Boston.

Are those your… people?

Family? Yes.

Are they home?

No, they don’t live here. We’re separated.

How old is she?

She’s eight.

How old are you?

I’m gonna be 16 in six months.

Five months.

What do you do?

Oh, I’m a psychologist. I work with kids.



That’s interesting.

Why is that interesting?

I mean, it’s more interesting than, like, working at Taco Bell.


Why would kids need a psychologist?

You really don’t know why a kid would need a psychologist?

No, I mean, I’m sure they do, but I mean, like, why?

Like, why do the kids who see you need a psychologist?

All sorts of reasons.

School shootings or torturing someone?

No, it doesn’t have to be that dramatic. Some of them are depressed, some suffer from anxiety…

Some of them are… just having a hard time adjusting to a new place.

I can see your house from my room.

[elusive music plays]

I mean…


Right now, I can see…

My dad from your house.

[Ethan sighs]

Are you okay?

[Ethan] Yeah.

Are you sure?

No, nothing, I just…

[softly] Hey.

[gasps softly]

You can talk to me.

I don’t know anyone here.

You know me.

Not really.

Well, you could.


We-we can be friends?


Wow. You have a lot of movies.

Too many. That’s what my husband says.

I thought you said you guys were separated.

He’s still my husband, but you’re right.

You’re welcome to borrow anything.

Uh… My dad’s kind of a tyrant with the TV.


Goodbye, Punch.


I’m sorry I’m so allergic to you.

Why didn’t you say something?


I don’t wanna offend him.

He’s not that sensitive.


[Punch meows softly]

Okay, then.


Thank you.

See you around?

Yeah, see you around.

[elusive music turns warmer]

…in some incredibly rustic community where good manners are unknown…

[man and Anna] …or you suffer from the common feminine delusionthat the mere fact of being a woman exempts you from the rules of civilized conduct.

[Anna] Conduct.

[man and Anna] Possibly both.


[woman on TV] Possibly. But here’s what I wanted to show you…

[continues laughing]



[loud thud]

[Anna shudders]

[electrical ringing]

[buzzer ringing]

[kids chattering outside]

[man] I’m headed to Brooklyn.

You need me to take care of anything?

Right. Uh, no. Thanks, I’m good.

[man] Sure? Take out the garbage?

Okay. As long as you’re here.

[man] Okay.

You know, David, you’ve been my tenant for three months.

You don’t have to be so formal.

You can just come in through the basement stairs.

No, I don’t wanna startle ya.

[bottles clinking]

It’s dark in here. Do the bulbs need changing?

I like it dim.


Oh, Halloween tonight.

How do we do it without you going outside?

You want me to get some candy?

I’m not going to give out candy.

I’m going to turn the lights out and pretend I’m not home.

We could just get a bowl of candy and leave it on the porch, like…

Any kid would take it within a minute and then they’d take the bowl.

Why don’t we get a bowl of apples? ‘Cause kids won’t take apples.

Then what’s the point?

Yeah. Okay.

Have a nice time.

Sure. Happy Halloween.

[door closes]

[woman on TV] Let your mind go back to your childhood.

Was it happy?

[buzzer rings]

Whom did you know in your childhood?

[buzzer rings]

[man] I’m haunted but I… [sighs]

I can’t see by what.



It’s no use.

[woman] You lived somewhere.

You had a mother.


You were loved, you had friends.

[man] Yes.

[suspenseful music playing]


[breathing heavily]


[suspenseful music continues]

[kids chattering in distance]



[door thuds]

Get away from my house!


[kids shouting and laughing]

[kid] Right there!


[kid] Get her!


[tense music playing]

[breathing heavily]

[kids clamoring outside]

This is my house.

[kid] Get her!


[tense music growing louder]

[breathing heavily]

[tense music swelling]

[gasping heavily]

[tense music fades away]


You’re gonna have to convince me I don’t need to call an ambulance.

[Anna] No, don’t do that.

Okay, you know who you are? You know what day it is?

Yeah, I’m Anna. It’s Halloween.

Okay, how many fingers?


Okay. You’re all right. You’re gonna be all right. Just…

Breathing would be good.

I was headed across the street when those little shits started chucking eggs, and, oof, you went down hard.

You’re Jane Russell.

What makes you say that?

[Anna] Your… your son came by.


[Jane] Sit up in case you got a concussion.

[faucet runs]

[Jane] Jesus, it’s dark in here.

Do you faint a lot?

I didn’t faint.

I mean, it’s… like fainting.

[Jane pours drink]

I can’t go outside.

Um… you didn’t go outside.

No, I get panic attacks.

Who doesn’t?

Here. Have some of this brandy, please.

Uh, I’m agoraphobic.

I can’t go outside.

Oh! Oh. [chuckles]

You’re stuck inside this shitty house. Oh. [clicks tongue]

Oh, man. I’d hate to be stuck inside a house this shitty.

[muffled thud]

Is that your husband coming home?

It’s my tenant.

He lives in the basement.

So, um, what do you do all day?

I mean, do you work?

Oh, God, I’m so fucking nosy.

I… I should just go. Um…

Do you want me to go?



No, it’s… It’s all right. I’m fine.

I… counsel people.

You counsel people?


Oh, you’re a shrink.

Oh! [chuckles] That’s a twist.

You married?



And kids?

My daughter Olivia is with her father.

Oh, that’s tough.


Yeah. Separated from your kid, that’s really tough.

I talk to them every day.

Yeah, it’s just… It’s… It’s not the same as them being here, though, is it?

Take another drink, please.

Do you wanna go outside?

You know, I have a shrink of my own.

[laughing] Okay. Okay. I get it. I get it.

All right, sorry. That sounds very wise.


I get it. [chuckles]



We’ve been trying to get me to go outside using an umbrella.


I haven’t… been able to do it yet.

Oh. [smacks lips]

You will.

You will.

You’ll figure it out.

[pops cork]

[Jane] Notice I’m not asking what made you this way.

[Anna] What way?


I have anxiety. I have… An anxiety disorder.

Punch. [clicking tongue] Punch.

So, um…

[camera clicks]

Good boy.

That’s what all these pills are for?

[Anna] Mm-hmm.


So, what does… what does this one do?

This, uh, pink one.

Uh, that’s Inderal.

Ah. Beta blocker.

How do you know that?

Um, ’cause it says so on the bottle.

[both chuckle]

Pretty sure you’re not supposed to be… taking these with alcohol.

[Anna] Mm.

[inhales deeply]

Thank you for the candle.

Ethan brought it by. Thanks.

Oh. Wow, okay, subject change.

[clicks tongue] Uh-uh.

I think I hurt my neck.

[both chuckle]

He’s a nice boy.


Oh, what a cutie.



He’s my guy. My little baby guy.

You know, when you have a kid, you say, “He’s my kid, my guy,” Like he’s yours, like he belongs to you.

That’s not really how it feels.

You belong to them.



You belong to them.

And maybe you never belonged to anybody before.

I mean, maybe, maybe you thought you belonged to your parents.

You grew out of that. You certainly didn’t belong to your husband.

Then this kid comes along, and he’s just got you.

[laughs] I don’t have to tell you that.

[Jane sips drink]

I like your earrings.

Oh. Oh, thanks, yeah. A gift.

They’re a gift from an old boyfriend.

Does your husband mind?

I doubt he knows.

[both laugh]

He has trust issues.

Oh, why is that?

Oh, I don’t know.

You don’t know? Mmm.

No. Come on, no, no. I don’t know. I don’t know.

No, it’s… [clears throat]


[sucks teeth] Who knows why he has them? Um…

He’s a good guy, he’s a good father.

He’s just, you know…

He’s tight.

[Anna] Mm.

Controlling, and like…

I have my own issues, but I work through them and… I can handle them.

Maybe sometimes I have to…

Get in between them and I…

I worry about Ethan, ’cause…

He’s sensitive.



[paper rustling]

[scratching on paper]

Why is your family complicated?

[Jane] Look.

Oh, wow! That’s amazing!

Yeah. Jane Russell original.

[Jane chuckles]

See how I changed the subject on you?

I did.

Yeah, you don’t know who you’re fooling with.

[both laughing]


[indistinct conversation]

[uneasy music playing]

[intercom buzzer rings]

[Anna] Hello?

Uh, it’s Alistair Russell.

We-we-we we moved in just across the street. 101.

[buzzer sounds]

[Anna] Push the door.

I… I’m sorry to bother you.

I just wanted to know…

Well, I’m just curious if any of my family has come around to see you this evening.



No, I… I’ve been alone.

[softly stomps]

Okay, thanks.

Sorry to bother you.

Thank your wife.

For the candle. Ethan brought it over.

Days ago.



[door slams]

[muffled clanging]

[cat yowls]

[Anna gasps]

[suspenseful music playing]

[breathing shakily]

[phone line ringing]

[dispatcher] 911, what’s your emergency?

[Anna] I think there’s somebody in my house.

What’s your address, ma’am?

It’s 104, West 121st Street.

[screams] I’m sorry.

[man] Whoa!

It’s David.

[dispatcher] Ma’am, are you okay?

Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.


Yeah, I know him.

It’s a false alarm. I’m sorry.

I… I buzzed. I did buzz half an hour ago.

[sighing heavily]

And I cleaned the eggs off your front porch.

What are you looking for?

A guy across the street asked me to help him open some boxes, store some stuff.

I thought you might have a box cutter.

I didn’t know you were a handyman. I thought you were a singer-songwriter.

Which is why I am a handyman.


You know you’ve got mold?

Yeah, I do.


David, come back inside!





[David laughing]

[David] You’re gonna need a pro to seal that roof. It’s dangerous.

I’ll call somebody.

You okay?


Who were you working with across the street?


You know him?

How did he find you?

I put up some flyers.

[water trickling]

[woman screaming in distance]

[screaming continues]

[man shouting]

[man continues shouting indistinctly]

[Anna] Alistair Russell. West 121st Street.

[operator on phone] Is this a residence?

Uh, yes.

Press one to have this number texted to you.

Oh, Jesus.

[line ringing]

[Ethan on phone] Uh, hello?

[Anna] Ethan.

It’s Anna, across the street.

[Ethan] Hi. [groans softly]

Is something going on over there? I heard a scream.

No, no. It’s fine.

I heard somebody scream. Was it you?

No. [stifles sob]

It’s fine. [sobbing]

Are you okay?

[Ethan continues sobbing]

[Ethan] He just…

It’s fine.

Ethan, do you need…

[line disconnects]

[breath trembling]

[cell phone ringing]



[Alistair] Yes, you called my number?

Hi, this is Anna Fox from across the street.


I… heard somebody scream just now.

I wanted to call to check on…

Sorry, you heard what?

A scream. A scream.

[Alistair panting]

Uh, a minute ago.

A scream?

Yeah, from your house.

Sorry, the only people here are me and my boy.

And we didn’t scream.

I heard…

[line disconnects]

[Anna breathes deeply]

[suspenseful music playing]

[phone line ringing]

[on voicemail] This is David, I’m not here right now.

Leave a message and I’ll d o my best to get back to you.

[cell phone beeps]


What’s up?

Did you hear that scream across the street?


Now. Five minutes ago.

I was listening to music.

You didn’t hear anybody scream?

I didn’t hear anyone scream.

[woman crying]

I’m sorry.

[suspenseful music resumes]


[Anna breathing shakily]

[camera lens whirring]

Come in here.

[Ethan breathing heavily]

[door closes]

Can I get you something? Something to eat?

No, I’m fine.

Are you?


Ethan, what’s going on over there?

He’s not a bad guy.

He has a lot of stress. It builds up in him and has to get it out.

It’s all right.

It’s not all right.

Stop saying it’s all right. It’s clearly not all right.

I’ve gotta go home. I should not have come over.

I’m sorry. I just…

[Anna] No, wait.

[Ethan crying]

[Ethan] Uh…


[Ethan] I’m sorry.

It’s okay.

Why are you so nice to me?

Because children need protection.

[sneezes] Sorry. The cat.

[Punch meows]

I want you to take my number.

Is your mom okay?

[Ethan] Yeah, I… I guess so.

I mean, she has to take his side.

[Anna] Okay. Um…

All right, look.


Look, Ethan, um, whatever is going on over there…

No matter how bad it gets…

This is a safe place.

You can always come here.



[Anna] You never know what the right thing is to do.

You want to call Children’s Protective Services, it’s my word against the father’s.

[man] Want advice?

[Anna] No.

[man] Don’t go look into other people’s houses.

[Anna] Karl says curiosity is healthy.

[man] You said he was getting off on controlling you.

[Anna] You said we could talk whenever I wanted to.

[pills rattle]

[Karl] Everything okay, Anna?

[Anna] What’s up?

[Karl] You left a message.

No, I don’t think so.


If I knew how to work my phone I could play it back for you.

What are you doing?

[indistinct chatter]

[Anna] I’m watching David leave the house.

[Karl] Looks like fun, right?

Looks like he’s escaping.

I’m gonna give you another number, Anna.

I don’t like the idea of missing your call while we’re adjusting these new meds.

[sighs heavily]

[haunting music playing]

[timer dinging]

[instructor speaks French]

[Anna repeats in French]

[timer dinging]

[instructor speaks French]

[repeats in French]

[in English] Bitch.

[speaks French]

[man on TV] Is that why you visit murder trials?


I went because your case was like my father’s.

I know he didn’t kill my stepmother.

I know he told the truth.

[TV chatter continues indistinctly]

You’ve been bad.

[clock ticking]

It’s 9:50. And…


[Anna breathing heavily]

Don’t go looking into other people’s houses, Punch.

[Punch meows]

[metallic clang]

[clanging intensifies]

I’m gonna give you some shots that’ll freeze your face.

Now, just close your eyes.

[Anna breathing heavily]

[phone ringing]

It’ll be all right, Vincent.

[Anna gasps]

It’ll be all right.

Hold your breath, cross your fingers.

Where’s my phone?

[tense music playing]

Where’s my phone? Backtrack.

Backtrack, backtrack. Keep doing it, keep doing it.

Where are you?

[tense music continues]

Give him hell, Jane.

[tense music intensifies]

[camera lens whirring]

[body thuds]

[breathes shakily]



[frantic music playing]

[man on TV] Just close your eyes. I’ve got a fine anesthetic…

[line beeping]


[line beeping]

[Anna] Where’s my phone?

[frantic music continues]


[sudden musical sting]


[frantic string music continues]

[cell phone clatters]

[breathing heavily]

[dispatcher] 911 operator, what’s your emergency?

My neighbor, Jane, she’s been stabbed.

Slow down, ma’am.

What’s your name and where are you?

[fumbling] I’m Anna Fox.

I’m Anna.

And where are you?

Um, 104, West 121st Street.

That’s 121?

121. Yes. Yes.

You say your neighbor was stabbed?


He just turned out the lights.

Where is your neighbor?

She is across the street. And…

Do you have an address?


104, West 124th Street.

Wait, you said “124th Street”?

121st Street.

Help is on the way, ma’am. I need you to calm down.


Are you with your neighbor now?

She is across the street. I told you that and you are not listening to me!

[dispatcher] Anna! Ma’am.

Anna, did you stab your neighbor?

[sudden music sting]


Help me!

Help me!


I’m coming, Jane.

I’m coming, Jane. I’m coming, Jane.

[dramatic music playing]

[breathing shakily]

I’m coming, Jane. I’m coming, Jane.

I’m coming, Jane.



[engine roaring]

[tires screeching]


[man] Hello.

[breathing heavily]

Detective Little. NYPD. I was hoping I could ask you some questions.

What are you doing in my house?

I understand you have a tenant downstairs. He home?

I… I don’t know.

That your daughter?

Is she here?

She’s with her father. What happened to Jane?


[gasps] Whoa. Uh…

What is this?

Ma’am, you all right?

No, why is he here?

Mr. Russell believes that you made a mistake…

You have never met my wife.

She helped me one night. We spent the evening together.

No, no. No, I don’t think so.

In fact, he came here looking for her.

I was looking for my son, not my wife.

You told me no one had been here.

I lied.

We played gin.

Why would you lie about that?

Why would you lie about that?

I was afraid that you would punish her.

For playing gin?

It doesn’t matter.

The point is, Dr. Fox, that nothing’s happened.



No! I know what I saw!

Nothing’s happened to anyone.

No, I was zoomed in with the camera.

Did you take a picture?

I did not!

She’s just admitted she’s spying on our house.

Mr. Russell…

Why didn’t you take a picture?

The important thing is, is that everybody’s okay, yeah?

[breathes heavily]

Then where is she?

Where’s Jane?

[Punch meows]

[uneasy music playing]

[woman] I’m sorry we haven’t met.

I’m Jane Russell.

She’s not Jane.

I promise I am.

No, you’re not Jane.

She’s not Jane. I know Jane.

Jane’s been in my house.

This is absurd.

That’s Jane Russell.

Get Ethan.

Are you okay, Dr. Fox?

[breathes shakily]

Tell them.

You’ve never met my mother.

Well, this has been great fun.

[uneasy music continues]

See you at the block party.

You made a 911 call yesterday about an intruder in your house?


I mean, yes. But that was a mistake.

It’s a criminal offense to make false police reports.

Thank you, Detective.

Am I okay to leave you alone, Dr. Fox?

Look, you need anything, you, um, you call me.

Day or night. Hmm?

I have four kids.

I don’t sleep. [chuckles]

Be well, Dr. Fox.

[door opens]

[door closes]

[Punch meows]

[man] Why didn’t you take a picture?

[Anna] I was trying to help her.

Not record it for posterity. Are you doubting me, too?

[man] I’m on your side.

You don’t sound like it.

Understandable they don’t believe you.

[Anna] Because I didn’t take a picture?

[man] Because you’re not healthy. And I’m not sure you’re getting better.


[suspenseful music playing]

[line ringing]

[woman] Atkinson, New York.

Hello, I’m trying to reach Alistair Russell.

[whispers] Jane Russell, Jane Russell…

[on phone] This is Shelly.

Hi, Shelly. I’m trying to reach Alistair Russell and Joan said that I should speak to you.

He doesn’t work here.

I thought he transferred to Manhattan.

Yes, but not with us.

Oh, he left Atkinson?

[sighs] You could try calling Boston. I really don’t know much about it.

Well, it couldn’t have happened very long ago.

You’re gonna wanna call Boston.

[line disconnects, beeps]

“My heart is broken forever, but Pam’s memorial was brightened by so many uplifting letters and messages from Atkinson co-workers.”

“Thank you, Alistair Russell.”

“Thank you, Alistair Russell”?


[keyboard clacking]

Pamela Nazin.

[tense music rising]

“Pamela Nazin, 47, an executive with The Atkinson Group in Boston was found dead early Thursday morning…

[line ringing]

…in the parking lot of…” Steve Runyan. How can I help you?

[Anna] Hi, Steve.

My name is Carol, and I am calling to verify some information on an insurance policy.

[Steve] Okay.

Are you in human resources?

[Steve] Oh, sorry, not in Boston.

Big company, small office. You’d have to call New York.

[Anna] Okay, because they suggested that I, uh, call up there.

[Steve] Who’s the employee?

[Anna] It’s Inderal.

[Anna] Um, Pamela Nazin.

“Authorities believe Miss Nazin fell from the terrace of her unit on the sixth floor.”

[gasps softly]

[Steve] Ugh.

[Anna] I’m sorry.

[Steve] No, no, it’s cool.

I knew her, so maybe I can help.

Oh, um…

What was her job title?

[Steve] I guess she was an executive assistant.

[Anna] Assistant to whom?

[Steve] Her boss.

Alistair Russell.

Is he still with the company?

[Steve] What makes you say that?

I see here I have an address. I know he transferred to Manhattan.

[Steve] Yeah.

I know that he moved shortly after Miss Nazin’s passing.

[Steve] If you know that, then why are you asking?

[Anna] Oh, I just, um… With files like this, we like to…

We have questions on cause of death. We just…

[Steve] Tell you what. Give me your number, let me call you back?


[Jane] Yeah, that’s my guy.

Yeah, you know, when you have a kid, you say, “That’s my kid, that’s my guy,” like he’s yours…



[door shuts]


[loud creaking]


[sighs in relief]

[sirens blaring in distance]

What the…


What are you doing?


Um, I was looking for you.

What is that?

Are you going through my mail?

[Anna] I’m sorry.

[David] Unreal.

I… I… I knocked.

I just… I needed to ask you a question.

Ask me what? Huh? Here I am, what’s your question?


Have you met her? Have you met the woman across the street?


Jane Russell?


You worked with them.

I worked for him. For Mr. Russell. I never met his wife.

What am I, your messenger now?

Pick up the phone and call him!

Better yet, why don’t you take a stroll across the street!


[door slams]

You seem really upset.

Why would that be, Anna?

Yes, I have a parole problem.

Huh? You wanna read it? Here you go.

No, it was on the floor.

I’m in violation.

I’m supposed to be in Springfield, Massachusetts.


No, not okay!

It was a bar fight.

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and I got fucking jumped and I reacted!



I shouldn’t have come down here.

Look, I’m working on it.

I’m going to Connecticut to see a guy about it.


I’m dealing with it.


Why don’t we pretend this never happened?

[David breathing heavily]

[tense music playing]

We’re cool, right?

[softly] Yeah.

Just give me a couple of days to get on top of it.


[man] David, come on, let’s go!

[David] Man, we need to talk about it.

[suspenseful music playing]

[camera clicks]

[camera clicks]

[camera continues clicking]

[imperceptible conversation]

[camera continues clicking]

[phone ringing]

[phone beeping]

[woman] I think you know who I am.

Stop watching our house or I’ll call the police.

[echoing] Stop watching our house or I’ll call the police.

[breathing shakily]


[tapping bowl]

[Anna] Punch?

[meows, clicks tongue]

[tapping bowl]

[muffled meow]

[muffled meow]


[tapping bowl]

[tense music playing]

[tapping bowl]


[Punch meows]


[Punch meowing]

Hey! What are you doing down here?

Poor guy, you’ve been down here all night.

How did you get down here?

[breathing shakily]

[distant thud]



[dogs barking in distance]

[tense music growing faster]

[breathing heavily]

[Anna] I like your earrings. Does your husband mind?

[Jane] I doubt he knows. A gift from an old boyfriend.

[Jane laughs]

[man] So now you don’t wanna talk.

[Anna] I’m busy.

[man] If I can’t say what I think…

[Anna] I’m not delusional.

[man] Break it down. First it’s the boy, then that murder across the street.

Now there’s another woman in Boston…

An earring, and fucking David, who you always liked.

[Anna] You done?

[man] With you at the center…

[Anna] Don’t.

…On all those damn pills.

Fuck off!

[man] There’s nothing here for you,

you know it. You’ve got to move on.

[Anna] I can’t.

Why not?

[Anna] I don’t know, I’m just not made that way.

I wish to God I could, believe me, but I can’t.

Everyone else can move on. I can’t.

[glass shatters]


[muffled thud]


Where’s your mother?

Stop it. Stop.


Why are you lying to me?

Can’t scream at me on the street.

I can’t help you if you don’t tell.

You never met my mother!

You were lying and you know it.

You’re just confused.

No, I know what I saw.

You don’t. You’re just wrong.

I know what I saw!

You don’t! You’re wrong!

We talked about you.

She told me about you!

Don’t do this!

Why are you lying for him?


Why are you protecting him?

I can’t tell you.



[Alistair] Go home!

[Ethan groaning softly]

[breathing heavily]

[Anna] You…

You cannot slap that boy.

I’ve put up with a lot, Mrs. Fox, all of us have, but this…

This stops now.

Your relationship with Ethan, it’s inappropriate.

He’s a young man! He’s a…

He’s a boy! He’s 15-and-a-half and you’re a mature woman!

And of course, you’re completely out of your goddamn mind!

[nervously] I’ll call the police!

Go. Go ahead.

Go ahead. I’m sure they’d love hearing from you.

A… A drunken, shut-in, pill-popping cat lady!

You… You’re fucking with the wrong family.

Stay away from my son!


[tense music builds]



[gasping shakily]

[suspenseful music playing]

[slow somber music playing]

[Anna inhales deeply]

[Anna exhales shakily]

There you are. That’s your little kitty.

And there’s her little nose. And all the beautiful flowers.

It’s beautiful. It’s hopeful.

[Jane laughing]

[tense music playing]

[laptop chimes]

[Punch meowing]

[meowing continues]


You got something in your foot, huh?


You got something in there?

Punch, what is it? Huh?

It’s okay.

[Punch yowls]

[tense music rising]


[music stops]

You don’t have any idea who could’ve sent you this?

No, the only person who has a key is my tenant, David.

Yeah, where is he?

I don’t know.

Are you having problems with David?

No. I mean, no. I…

[Norelli] Nothing up here.

You see, coast is clear.

Can you track the email?

Track it?

Or trace it? Whatever.

You can’t track a Gmail account.

You could’ve sent this to yourself.

I’m sleeping.

Or you wanted to look asleep.

[Anna] I’m asleep. What the hell?

[buzzer ringing]

Dr. Fox, there is no sign…

That anyone has been here, okay? Nothing is missing.

[Norelli] Doors and windows look okay.

Someone has been in my house.

I have given you proof.

[door opens]

[Alistair] She called my office in Boston!

Did you know that? She’s called my house!

[Little] Damn it! Mr. Russell.

Why were you fired?

She spies on our house!

All right.

She lured my son into her home!

He is abusive.

She is harassing my son. She is harassing my…

He hit his son. I saw him hit his son.

She’s delusional.

Ethan told me, Jane told me, I saw him do it.

Um… She is Jane!

You are a drunk and a drug addict and you made it all up!

You almost had me believing that and then I found this.

What’s this?

This is a picture that your wife drew and signed.

And you call me delusional, you motherfucker.

[Norelli] Hey, hey!

It’s you.

She was here.

That proves it.

[Alistair] That doesn’t prove anything.

That proves you’re out of your mind.

What’s happening?

Door was open.

Who are you?

[David] I live downstairs.

It’s my tenant. That’s David.

[Norelli] Got a last name, David?

No. Just David. Like Sting.

It’s Winters. His last name is Winters.

It’s just Winter, actually. Singular.

Where were you last night, Mr. Winters?

In Connecticut. On a job. Why?

Somebody took a photo of Dr. Fox in her sleep…

Around 2:00 a.m. and then e-mailed it to her.

Someone broke in?

How do we know it was last night?

Can anyone confirm you were in Connecticut last night?

Yeah. The lady I was with.

I’m gonna need her number.

You can call her. Her name is Elizabeth.

Dr. Fox says she saw a woman assaulted in Mr. Russell’s house.

You know anything about that?


Have you ever met Mrs. Russell?


Her earring is beside your bed on your nightstand, that little rose.

Jane Russell’s earring.

What were you doing in your tenant’s bedroom?

She has some serious privacy issues.

[oppressive music plays]

Well… how do you do?

That earring belongs to a woman I know.

And who is that woman?

Her name is Katherine.

She spent the night here last week.

You took a box cutter from me.

You loaned it to me.

Checks out. He was in Darien last night.

He was in prison for assault.

He was in prison. He shouldn’t be in New York.

He’s been in her house. He must have met her.

Her earring is beside his bed and he borrowed a knife from me, and he’s been in prison.

And he was fired from his job.

His assistant died.

He threatened me.

In my home.

He beats his child.

I’m a child psychologist.

I know how to identify a child who’s in danger, who’s being abused.

And I saw Alistair slap Ethan in my home yesterday.

Wait… W…

Yes, yes. Yesterday.

I see… I see the way that you’re all looking at me.

I’m not crazy.

I’m not hallucinating. Do I seem unreasonable?

I have evidence.

There was that picture that Jane drew and she signed, and there’s a photograph that somebody took of me while I was sleeping.

Look, it doesn’t matter what you think about me, if you approve of me, if you think that I’m reliable.

There is a boy in danger in that house.

Just help him, please.

[delicate music plays faintly]

You’re a father.

I would think that you would want to help a child.

If my husband were here…

He would help.

He would believe me.

[Norelli] Dr. Fox, your family is dead.

I don’t know how you can live with yourself if you let something happen to a child.

[Norelli] I’m sorry, but your family is dead.

[pulse beating]

[chuckles softly]

Do you like the mountains, Livy?

[Olivia] They look like a giant’s bed.

Like a giant, sleeping under a white blanket.

[Anna] You’re gonna ski in those tomorrow.

That one looks like a horse.

What would you name a horse if we got one?

I’d call him Vixen.

A vixen is a fox.

It’s a girl fox, sweetheart.

[Olivia] What would you call a horse, Mommy?

“Of course, of course.”

It’s an old TV show.

I can’t do it this way.

Do what?

Do what?


This happy family vacation.

You and I spoke in painful detail and I thought that we agreed that we would not ruin Christmas.

And I can’t do it anymore. I can’t.

The acting is foolish.

It doesn’t dignify our daughter.

You don’t care if she gets upset?

She should be upset. It’s upsetting.

Well, don’t blame me if she’s scarred for life.

I do blame you.

You’re to blame.

The one fucking the other person is to blame.

[cell phone ringing]

[phone continues ringing]

You wanna answer it?

[ringing continues]

I bet that’s him.

[ringing continues]

I’ll answer it.

Stop it!

Stop it!

[ringing continues]

[man] Anna!



[muffled thudding]

[Olivia screaming]


I’m sorry, but… Your family is dead.

[mournful music playing]

[breathes shakily]

[breathing heavily]

Ed? Ed! [exclaims]




[sniffles] Olivia?

Come on, baby. [sniffles]

I got you. Come on.


[whispering] Olivia.


Wake up. [sniffling]

Wake up!

[call failure tone]

[signal beeping]


[call failure tone]

[signal beeping]

[mournful music continues]

[Little] I talked to your doctor, Dr. Landy.

And you have had a hell of a time.

And I think you actually believe that you met this lady just like how you believe you’re talking to your family.

Your doctor said that your meds can cause hallucinations.

Maybe that’s okay by you.

[scoffs] I know it’d be okay by me.

Jane Russell…

Yeah, she, uh…

She checks out.

[Jane 2 sighs]

This lady here, from 101…

She is who she says she is.

She is Jane Russell.

Now, as for what you saw that night…


I’m so, so sorry.

Of course…

Your wife is who she says she is.

Of course she is.

Of course…

You are.

I’m really sorry that I involved you in…

All of this.

I’m so sorry that I mixed Ethan up in this.

I don’t… I don’t know…

What you must think.

All of you.

I understand…

If you want to recommend…


[Karl] I’m listening.

I’ve been slipping.

Slipping on my meds.


Getting into a really…

Dark frame of mind and I’m not sharing that with you.

[Karl] That’s a hard thing to admit.

[voice breaking] Well, it feels good to say. [sniffles]

And to hear.

I don’t think that the Elevan is good for me. [chuckles softly]


[laughs] No.

Not if you’re hallucinating, no.

I wouldn’t think, no, no. [sniffles]

And there’s some mania, too.

I just really needed to be at the center of something.

I needed a wake-up call.

You got very lucky with that detective.

You realize how this could’ve gone differently.

I just wanna turn it around.

I had no idea about David.

Well, that was a mess.

Is he here?

No, no.


Gonna come back this afternoon and…

Pick up the last of his stuff.

Which leaves you here alone.

You don’t think it’s paranoid if I wanna change the locks, do you?

There’s gonna have to be somebody here.

And then you and I are gonna go back to three sessions a week.


[somber music playing]

[trumpet playing in distance]

[continues playing]

[chuckles softly]


[camera beeps]

I’m Anna Fox.

Uh, today is, um…

Monday. November 6th.

And I’m making this video…

[whispers] Making…

[camera beeps]

I’m Anna Fox, and I’m at 104…

West 121st Street in Manhattan, New York.

And I am, uh, making this video…

As my final will and testament.

Randy Turo, that’s a lawyer.

He has a written will…

That Ed and I did together.

After, um…

Olivia was born.

And I’m not gonna be…

Making any, like, super-significant changes…


Super… Super…

Fuck, really?

[camera beeps]

The point of me doing this is that there’s no, um…


About, um, my soundness of mind.

My state of mind.

I… I… I especially wanna make sure that, um…

That you know that David Winters has absolutely nothing to do with my death.

In fact, I’m waiting for him to come…

To come and to get his stuff…

So that I can, um…

Go through with it.

Go through with it… [scoffs]

I just wish I could be forgiven.

I really…

Wish I could just be forgiven.

I want to go back.

I want to do it over.

I want to do it different.

And I can’t.

And I can’t.

[tense music slowly builds]

[shouts] I can’t!

[suspenseful music playing]


[suspenseful music continues]

[Anna] Punch.

[camera clicks]

Punch. Punch.

[camera clicking]


[sighs in relief]

[Jane laughing]

[chuckles in relief]

[whispering] Okay.

[muffled thud]


[rain pattering]


[David] Sorry.

Tried to call. I just need to get my umbrella and my gloves.

[Anna] Can you come up?

Uh, just for a moment.

[David] I’m soaking wet.

I had a long day and it’s not about to end soon.

[Anna] Please. It’ll just take a minute.

[footsteps walking up stairs]

[Anna gasps]

Thank you.

For what?

[chuckles softly]

I wanna show you…

A picture.

[David sighs]

The face in the wine glass.

Yeah, I see it.

[chuckles softly]

That is the woman that I saw murdered.

She said that her name was Jane Russell!

Her name is Katie.

[tense music plays]


Ethan, the son…

She is the birth mother.

You spent the night with her.

Wednesday. One night.

She was a total disaster. Why do you think I bailed?

I spent the night on a couch in Astoria on Thursday night just so I don’t have to run into her again.

She ran away on him when she was eight months pregnant.

Disappeared. Alistair spent two years chasing her down…

And found her in some Oregon meth commune.

He took the boy, she went to prison.

See how I changed the subject on you?

I did.

You don’t know who you’re fooling with. [laughing]

They told you this?

She did. She wouldn’t shut up.

They’ve been hiding from her for years. She found out they were living in Boston.

He’s been paying her to stay away.

Why did she tell me her name is Jane Russell?

You’re Jane Russell.

You’re Jane Russell.

What makes you say that?

[Anna] Your son came by. Ethan.

I saw her murdered.

[thunder rumbles]

Whatever you say, Anna.


I showed you… the picture.

Yeah, looking very much alive.

She’s real.

And I need you to go to the police with me.



No, no.


You can’t just run away from this!

[David] Watch me.

Oh, shit! Please, David!

[glass shatters]

Oh, shit!


[objects clattering]

[David grunts]


[breathing shakily]


[faint creaking]

[breathing shakily]

[rain pattering]


[loud snap]


[loud sneeze]

[Anna screams]

Oh, my God!

You know what’s so great about this?

Everyone thinks I’m in New Hampshire right now.

They call it a wilderness program but it’s really a prison.

I was supposed to go last month but they had a fire or something. [chuckles softly]

We never had a chance to say goodbye.


The trick is to run away before you get there.

What did you do? [loudly] David!

He’s dead.

You killed him.

No. What?

It’s your knife.

Your house. Just the two of you.

What did you do?

He deserved it.

He slept with my mom and got her all pissed off.

And then threw her out.

[Anna whimpering]

She might have just gone away if he’d left her alone.

Then maybe none of this would have happened.

Don’t scream, Anna.


That’ll just be bad for everyone.


[breathes deeply]

Take a deep breath.


That’s what they’re always telling me to do.

Self-management coping skills.

[thunder rumbling]

[breathing shakily]

[breathes deeply]

Good. We can breathe together.

[breathes deeply]


Why are you so freaked out?


You’re killing yourself anyway, right?

[tense music playing]

No. No.

I thought it was a really nice video.

How did you get into my house?

‘Cause you’re so vigilant about your keys.

And sober. Right.

I’ve been in here all week.

You killed your mother.

That bothers you, right?

You feel for her?

You and Katie…

One job to do.

One fucking thing.

Take care of your family, right?

Both of you.

And what do you do?

The real estate lady who sold my dad the house, she talked about you and what happened.

And I couldn’t stop thinking what a perfect next person you were for me.

I knew exactly what you would like.

Is that a talent or a skill…

To know that…

In your professional opinion?

Okay, see? Now you don’t like me anymore.

Is that what happened in Boston…

With you and Pam? She got sick of you?

Pam liked everything I did.

You don’t seem very sure about it.

She was just a place to start.

I’m still figuring things out.

What does that mean?

I don’t have a pattern yet.

Pattern of?

Of this!

I have so many choices, right?

What do I wanna be when I grow up?

I know I like being there when it happens, feeling it.

Pam took about five minutes to die after she hit the ground.

If you hadn’t found that picture of Katie, I was just gonna come in at the very end and say goodbye.

You could pretend that I’m not even here.

[breathes heavily]

I just wanna watch you go.


You know what, fuck it.

You wanna watch?

[tense music playing]

Because a world with you in it…

Where you exist…

Is a world of filth.

No, I’m done.

[tense music rising]

[Ethan breathing heavily]

I don’t wanna breathe that air.

[Ethan screaming]


[groans in pain]

[Ethan growls]

[glass clatters]


[knife stabbing]


[frantic music playing]


[Ethan grunts]



[Ethan grunting]

[Anna grunts]



[thunder crashes]

[frantic music playing furiously]

[breathing heavily]

[Ethan screaming]


[Ethan] Anna!

[gasping heavily]

[wind blowing]

[breathing heavily]

[frantic music soaring]

[panting and wincing]


Stop fighting me!


[Anna yelling]

[Ethan yells]


[tense music playing]

[thunder rumbles]


[exclaims and gasps]

[Anna groaning]

[Ethan groans mockingly]

[Anna shuddering]

[frantic, chilling music playing]


You don’t even wanna live anymore!

You haven’t wanted to live for a long time!


[breathing heavily]

Here we go!

[Anna] No!

[both grunting]

[inhales deeply]


[glass cracks]

[Ethan screaming]

[gasping violently]

[thunder rumbles]


[morose music playing]

[Little] Hey.

Hey, I was just gonna leave a message.

Were you here before?

[Little] Yeah. And they, um…

They told me not to wake you, so…

Are you in pain?

I should be, right?

Hey, just don’t stay on that shit too long ’cause it feels way too good.

David’s dead?


I’m sorry.

But, uh, we have the Russells in custody.

He isn’t sayin’ a word, but Jane, she won’t stop talking, so… [scoffs]

We have Katherine Melli’s body.

We found it in Fort Lee.

Means you were right about everything you saw.

And we messed up, and you’re gonna get a lot of apologies from a lot of people.

And I just wanted to be here to be the first.

I’m sorry.

Thank you.

I saw your video.

So, look, um, Detective Norelli, I hope you don’t mind, she’s got Punch at her house.

Whenever you’re ready to get out of here, she’s happy to give her back…

So, everybody’s seen the video?

At this point…


No, no, no. Um…

We’re actually having a little trouble locating the phone.

Yeah, I think that somehow the phone ended up here with you, and when I come back and ask you about it in an hour…

You hand it over.

Get rid of anything on there that you don’t want out, okay?


Look, I messed up this case so bad already.

I don’t think one more thing is gonna hurt me, right?

[Little chuckles softly]

Just be straight up with me.

I’m not gonna have to worry about you, right?

[soft, cordial music playing]


[door opens]

[door closes]

[sighs deeply]

[soft dramatic music playing]

[slow evocative music playing]

I have to go now.


I miss you.

You ready?

Huh? Hmm?


All right.

Okay, it won’t be long.

Come on, come on. Come.


Good boy.

[soft sweeping music playing]

[kids chattering indistinctly]

[dramatic music playing]

[tense, thrilling music playing]


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