The Lego Movie (2014) | Transcript

An ordinary Lego mini-figure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil Lego tyrant from gluing the universe together.
The Lego Movie (2014)

The Lego Movie (2014)
Christopher Miller, Phil Lord
Stars: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Craig Berry, Will Ferrell, Will Arnett, Liam Neeson, David Burrows, Morgan Freeman, Nick Offerman, Amanda Farinos, Alison Brie, Keith Ferguson, Charlie Day, Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, Will Forte, Dave Franco, Cobie Smulders, Jadon Sand, Todd Hansen

Plot: An ordinary Lego mini-figure, mistakenly thought to be the extraordinary MasterBuilder, is recruited to join a quest to stop an evil Lego tyrant from gluing the universe together.

* * *

He is coming.

Cover your butt.

Cover the what?




Lord Business.

You’ve hidden the Kragle well, old man.

Robots, destroy him!

ALL: Yes, Lord Business.

Your robots are no match for a MasterBuilder.

For I see everything!

Unh! My eyes! Ow!

BUSINESS: The Kragle. The most powerful super weapon… is mine.

Oh, the Kragle!


Now my evil power will be unlimited! Can you feel me?

I can feel you.

Whoo! Nothing’s gonna stop me now.

VITRUVIUS: Wait. There was a prophecy.

Oh, now there’s a prophecy.

About the Piece of Resistance.

Oh, yes! The supposed missing Piece of Resistance… that can somehow magically disarm the Kragle.

Give me a break!


One day, a talented lass or fellow

A Special One with face of yellow

Will make the Piece of Resistance found

From its hiding refuge underground

And with a noble army at the helm

This MasterBuilder will thwart The Kragle and save the realm

And be the greatest Most interesting

Most important person of all times

All of this is true

Because it rhymes

Oh, wow.

That was a great, inspiring legend… that you made up.


A “Special One”?

What a bunch of hippie-dippie baloney.




Good morning, apartment!

Good morning, doorway! Good morning, wall.

Good morning, ceiling. Good morning, floor!

Ready to start the day!


Ah, here it is!

“Instructions to fit in… have everybody like you… and always be happy! Step one: Breathe.”


Okay, got that one down.

“Step two: Greet the day, smile and say…”

ALL: Good morning, city!

MAN 1: Good morning, city!

MAN 2: Good morning, city!

MAN 3: Good morning, city!

MAN 4: Top of the morning to you there, city!

MAN 5: Good morning, city! How you doing?

WOMAN: Good morning, city!

EMMET: “Step three: Exercise.”

Jumping jacks. Hit them!




I am so pumped up!

“Step four: Shower.”

And always be sure to keep the soap out of your…! Aah!

Shave your face.

Brush your teeth.

Comb your hair. Hmm.


“Wear clothes.”

Oop! I almost forgot that one!

No. No. Uh-uh. No.

Not that. Wrong.

And that’s it. Check.

Step nine: Eat a complete breakfast… with all the special people in your life.

Hey, Plantie, what do you wanna do this morning?

Watch TV? Me too!

Hi, I’m President Business… president of the Octan Corporation and the world.

Let’s take extra care to follow the instructions, or you’ll be put to sleep.

And don’t forget Taco Tuesday’s coming next week!

That’s the day every rule-following citizen gets a free taco and my love!

Have a great day, everybody!

You have a great day too, President Business.

Man, he’s such a cool guy. I always wanna hear more of what…

Wait, did he say “put to sleep”?

TV ANNOUNCER: Tonight on Where Are My Pants?

Honey, where are my pants?



What was I just thinking? I don’t care.

“Step 11: Greet your neighbors.”

Hey, Joe.

Hey, pal.

Whoa! Hey, Surfer Dave.

Hey, brah.

Oh, good morning, Sherrie.

Hey, fella.

Oh, hey, Jasmine, Dexter.

CATS: Meow. Meow.

Angie, Loki, Bad Leroy.

CATS: Meow. Meow. Meow.

Fluffy, Fluffy Junior, Fluffy Senior.

CATS: Meow. Meow. Meow.


JEFF: Meow.

EMMET: Step 12: Obey all traffic signs and regulations.

Step 13: Enjoy popular music.

MAN (ON RADIO): Top of the charts again…

…it’s “Everything Is Awesome.”

Oh, my gosh, I love this song!

(ON RADIO) Everything is awesome

Everything is cool

When you’re part of a team

Everything is awesome

When we’re living our


Always use a turn signal.

Park between the lines. Yes!

Drop off dry-cleaning before noon.

Read the headlines.

Don’t forget to smile.

Always root for the local sports team.

ALL: Go, Sports Team!

EMMET: Always return a compliment.

Hey, you look nice.

ALL: So do you!

EMMET: Drink overpriced coffee.

Here you go. That’s $37.


Everything is awesome

Did you see Where Are My Pants? last night?

ALL: “Honey, where’s my pants?”


EMMET: Classic episode.

Everything is awesome

ROGER: Instructions coming in from Central.

Okay, it says here to take everything weird and blow it up.

All right, Cylinderheads… let’s make it look like it does in the instructions!

MICHAEL: Hey, buddy!

I need a 1-by-2 key hole.

No problem, Michael.

WORKER 1: We need a 2-by-2 macaroni.

EMMET: 2-by-2 macaroni flying in. Here’s one.

PILOT: Guys, got a 1-by-1 with an indented stud on one side.

Cheese slopes. Come on, everybody.

EMMET: Roger that, Roger.

WORKER 2: Look alive, coming at you.

WORKER 3: Can I get a couple LURPs over here?

EMMET: Thanks, Gail.

WORKER 4: Guys, watch me drill this down.


Everything is awesome

ALL (SINGING): Everything is cool When you’re part of a team

Everything is awesome

When we’re living our dream

Have you heard the news? Everyone’s talkin’

Life is good Because everything’s awesome

Man, I feel so good right now! I could sing this song for hours!

Everything is awesome

When we’re living our dream

WORKER 5 (SINGING): When you’re part of a team!



I’m going to the sports bar after work tonight.

Who wants to eat some delicious chicken wings and get crazy?

Chicken wings? I love chicken wings!

Hey, who wants to share a croissant with this guy?

Croissants? I love croissants.

Oh, yeah! I sure do love giant sausages.

Giant sausages? No way!

You know what I love to do?

Is share a meal with the special people in my life.

Fred, Barry, Gail, me and you?


Ah! No, wait, guys!

Wait up! Okay, I’ll meet you there.

Oh. Where did it go?

Oh, there you are.


I think I heard a whoosh.


Hey, pal, I hate to tell you this…

but, uh, I don’t think you’re supposed to be here.

Yeah, the rules specifically state…

work site closes at 6, it’s a hard-hat area only.

That’s not official safety orange.

“If you see anything weird, report it immediately.”

Well, I guess I’m gonna…

have to report youuu…










Where are you going? Miss! I didn’t mean to scare you! I’m sor…







Ow. Ow!

Hey! Heh. That’s not so bad.

Yeow! Ooh! Aah! Aah! Ooh!





What is that?

VOICE: Come here.

What do I do? I don’t have my instructions.

VOICE: Touch the Piece.

Touch the Piece. Touch the Piece.

I feel like maybe I should touch that.

VOICE: It’s so… interesting.

Touch the Piece.

It’s so interesting.

Touch the Piece.

Touch the Piece.

Touch the Piece.


VOICE: Touch the…

A Special One with face of yellow

Will make the Piece of Resistance found

From its hiding refuge underground

MAN: What’s going on down here?

VITRUVIUS: This MasterBuilder will thwart The Kragle and save the realm

WYLDSTYLE: Come on, Emmet!

VITRUVIUS: The Special has arisen.

BOY: It’s your turn to be the hero.



BAD COP: Come on, wake up!

Where are the MasterBuilders?

How did you find the Piece of Resistance? Eh?

Where are the others hiding?

EMMET: Good morning, apartment?

Wake up!


How did you find the Piece of Resistance?

The piece of what?

The Piece of Resistance.


I… I don’t… Where am I? What’s happening?

“What’s happening?”

Playing dumb, MasterBuilder.

No. I… “MasterBuilder”?

Oh. So you’ve never heard of the prophecy?


Or The Special?

No, no!

You’re a liar! We’ll kill you!


Look, um, I watch a lot of cop shows on TV.

Isn’t there supposed to also be…?

Isn’t there supposed to be a good cop?

Oh, yes. But we’re not done yet.

Hi, buddy! I’m your friendly neighborhood police officer!

Would you like a glass of water?

Yeah. Yeah, actually.

Too bad.

Security cameras picked up this.

Unh! You were found at the construction site convulsing with a strange piece.

That’s disgusting!

Then why is it permanently stuck to your back?


Get it off me! Get it off me! Aah!

It won’t come off! It’s chasing me!

Look, it’s not my fault!

I have no idea how this thing got on my back!

Of course, buddy. I believe you.

Great. Aah!

I “believe” you too.

You see the quotations I’m making with my claw hands?

It means I don’t believe you!

Why else would you show up with that thing on your back… just three days before President Business… is going to use the Kragle to end the world?

President Business is gonna end the world?

But he’s such a good guy.

And Octan, they make good stuff.

Music, dairy products, coffee, TV shows… surveillance systems, all history books, voting machines.

Wait a minute.

Come on, you can’t be this stupid.

This is a misunderstanding.

I’m just a regular, normal, ordinary guy.

I’m late to meet my best friends in the whole world.

They’re probably missing me right now.

They’re probably out looking around.

“Hey, where’s Emmet? Hey, where’s my best friend Emmet?”

Hey, you know what? Ask all my friends. They’ll tell you.

Oh, we asked them, all right.


That guy’s not a criminal mastermind.


Yeah. You know, he’s kind of an average, normal kind of guy.

Thank you.

JIM: But, you know, he’s not, like… normal like us. No.

He’s not that special.

GAIL (ON TV): Wait, I’m so confused. Who are we talking about?

Wait, does he work with us?

Gail doesn’t remember me?

BARRY (ON TV): Look at Randy here.

He likes sausage. That’s something.

Gail is perky. That’s something.

And Harry…


When you say Harry, I go:


When you say the other guy, I go:

BARRY: Harry’s the best!

Harry’s got personality.

WORKER (ON TV): He’s weird! He’s weird!

I know that guy but I know, like, zippy-zap about him.

We just talked earlier.

I mean, all he does is say yes…

to everything everybody else is doing.

You know, he’s just sort of a “Hmm!”

Little bit of a blank slate, I guess.

That’ll be $42, please.

We all have something that makes us something and Emmet is…


There you go.

I told you I was a nobody.


It’s the perfect cover.

Cover? Cover for what?

I can’t break him. Take him to the melting chamber.

What? Aah!


You’re gonna melt me? Am I gonna die?

You’ll live. You’ll be fine.


President Business. I have him right here, sir.

Yes, we’ve told him he’ll live so he doesn’t try to escape, but, um…

we’re lying to him.

Wait, what did he just say?

Hold still.

Wait! There’s obviously been a mix-up here. You’ve got the wrong…

Ow! Ow, ow, ow!

That is gonna start hurting…

pretty soon.

Ow, ow, ow!

No, no, no!


Whoa. Who are you?

It’s you?

Come with me if you wanna not die.


Hi, everybody! How’s the melting goi…?

Hey, hey, hey!


Red alert, red alert.

I need everyone, repeat: everyone, to go after The Special.


The tunnel’s that way.


EMMET: Oh, boy!

Oh, sir, you’re brilliant.

We’ll build a motorcycle out of the alleyway.

Ow. Oh.

So, uh, didn’t catch your name…

or anything about what you’re, uh, up to.

Or what we’re doing here.

It’s brilliant, sir, that you pretended to be a useless nobody…

but you can drop the act with me. It’s cool.

Oh, the act.



Jump on. Let’s go!



EMMET: Hey, uh, I…

WYLDSTYLE: Hang on, sir.

BAD COP: All units…

cut him off on Elm, now!

Or whenever you can.

ROBOT (OVER RADIO): 10-4, Bad Cop.

Watch out!

Hold on.


We need to meet up with Vitruvius…

and tell him the Piece has been found.

EMMET: Uh-huh.

BAD COP: They’re up on the monorail.

Release the copper choppers.

EMMET: Oh, no!


Will you please tell me what is happening?

WYLDSTYLE: I’m rescuing you, sir. You’re the one the prophecy spoke of.

You’re The Special.


You found the Piece of Resistance.

And the prophecy states…

that you are the most important, most talented…

most interesting…

and most extraordinary person in the universe.

That’s you. Right?

Uh, yes. That’s me.

Great. You drive.



I wanna go home!

This is not what I meant!



Look out, Special!

EMMET: Uh, sorry. Never driven a motorcycle. Sorry!


Wow, he’s amazing.


That was incredible!

You’re even better than the prophecy said you’d be.

Oh. Really?

I’m, uh… I’m Wyldstyle.

Oh, I’m sorry, what was it?




What are you, a DJ?


Oh, that’s your name? “Wyldstyle”?


Like on your birth certificate, it says “Wyldstyle.”

Let’s not talk about my name!

Don’t let The Special get away.

ROBOT: Sir, we’ve blocked the freeway.

Hang on, sir!

EMMET: What are you doing?

Let’s fly!

EMMET: Whoa!

WYLDSTYLE: Head for the secret tunnel.

EMMET: Uh, these are the city limits.

WYLDSTYLE: Let’s just head for the tunnel.

You want me to drive into that weird swirly hole?

Are you insane?

Don’t brake! Go! Don’t stop! Go! Now!

I can’t do this!

That is against the instructions!

Wait, what’s your favorite restaurant?

Any chain restaurant.

Favorite TV show?

Where Are My Pants?

Favorite song?

(SINGS) Everything Is Awesome

Oh, no!


Darn, darn, darn, darny-darn!







Wait. Where are we?

This is so weir…! Ow!

You’re not The Special! You lied to me!

It really kind of depends on…

You’re not even a MasterBuilder, are you?

Uh, I mean, I know what a MasterBuilder is.

Why don’t you tell me what it is? That way I could see if you’re right.

You’ve ruined the prophecy.

Look, I’m sorry, okay? You just…

You made being special sound so good.

And to think I was going to follow you to the end of the universe.

You were?

Here’s the thing.

How do we know for sure that I’m not The Special?

We just don’t know it yet.


COWBOY: Y’all want a giant turkey leg?

Do you have any idea what that does to your colon?


Oh, my G-O-S-H.

WYLDSTYLE: Just put the hat on.


and this. And this. And this.

And this.


And, by the way, I have a boyfriend.

Uh, I’m not sure exactly why you’d bring that up.

It’s super serious.

You do not want to mess with him.


So don’t get any ideas.

I never have any ideas.



ROBBER 1: Stick them up.

ROBBER 2: Hands where I can see them.

EMMET: Hey, uh, listen. You think you can explain why I’m dressed like this…

and what those big words in the sky were all about?

And, like, where we are in time.



WYLDSTYLE: Your home, Bricksburg, is one of many realms in the universe.

There’s also this one…

Pirate’s Cove, Knight’s Club, Viking’s Landing, Clown Town…

a bunch of others we don’t need to mention.

EMMET: Mm-hm.

Lord Business, or as you think you know him…

President Business…

stole the Kragle, the most powerful object in the universe.

Blah, blah, blah.

Proper name. Place name. Backstory stuff.

…Piece of Resistance is The Special.

EMMET: Mm-hm.

I’m so pretty. I like you.

But I’m angry with you for some reason.

…tower at the end of the universe…

EMMET: Mm-hm.

put the Piece of Resistance onto the Kragle…

and disarm it forever.


I think I got it…

but just in case…

tell me the whole thing again. I wasn’t listening.



WYLDSTYLE: Okay. All the people of the universe were once free to travel…

and mingle and build whatever they wanted.

But President Business was confused by all the chaos.


WYLDSTYLE: So he erected walls between the worlds…

and became obsessed with order and perfection.

And he stole the mysterious…

secret super weapon called…

BUSINESS: The Kragle!

WYLDSTYLE: And he hired Bad Cop…

to hunt down all the MasterBuilders, who were always changing everything.

And those of us who remained…

well, we went into hiding. Built the tunnels to survive.

And we search for the Piece of Resistance.

The only thing that can stop the Kragle.

Kragle. I know that.

It might have been that cop. He said something about the Kragle.

President Business was going to use the Kragle…

to end the world in three days.

I can’t make any sense of it.

Taco Tuesday.

I knew that was suspicious. There’s no time to lose.

We must find Vitruvius and get to the Office Tower before it’s too late.


Heh. How scary can someone’s office be?


President Business, we’re trying to locate the fugitive…

but his face is so generic it matches every other face in our database.


Okay, have Bad Cop meet me in my office…

…in 23 seconds. Ciao.

Will do, sir.

BUSINESS ROBOT: Coffee sales are through the roof, sir.

Glad to hear it. Let’s rebuild that roof to be even higher!

The roof team is on it.

Sir, can you approve this poster for Taco Tuesday?

Perfect. Whoo!

I love everyone in this room.

ROBOTS: We love you, sir!

BUSINESS: Great job on the radio station.

RADIO ROBOTS: Thank you, sir.

We love listening to this song over and over again.

Keep it up, guys.

Honey, where are my…


AUDIENCE: Ha-ha-ha!

Cut! Ha, ha!

Hilarious. That never gets old.

It does not.

Bad Cop is waiting for you in your office.

Wonderful. Fantastic.

Would you cancel my 2:00?

This next meeting could run a little bit…


COMPUTER: Activate helmet.

Light sequence.

Flame test.

Engage dramatic entrance.


Bad Cop.

Lord Business. I know The Special got away, but…

Don’t be so serious.

Where’s the other guy?

Hey, friend.

BUSINESS: Hey, buddy!

I missed you.

Aw, did you really?

Have I ever shown you my relic collection?

Nope. I don’t think you have.

Nobody knows where this stuff comes from.

This one…

is the Cloak of Ban Da’ld.

I hear it’s super painful to take off.

You wanna try it on?

Well, um…

No, but thank you.

BUSINESS: We’ve done some great work over the years together, Bad Cop…

capturing all those MasterBuilders…

and torturing them and whatnot.

Thank you, sir.


you did let the Piece of Resistance go.

The one thing that can ruin my plans.

(CHUCKLING) The one thing that I asked you to take care of.

That’s super frustrating.

It makes me just wanna pick up whoever…

is standing closest to me…

and throw them through this window…

and out into the infinite abyss of nothingness!

I wanna do it so bad.

I know you do, sir. Please don’t.

And it’s not just you, Bad Cop, that keeps messing up my plans.

People everywhere are always messing with my stuff.

But I have a way to fix that.

A way to keep things exactly the way they are supposed to be.



the most powerful weapon…

of all the relics:

The Kragle!


BUSINESS: As you can see, they’re loading the Kragle in a big machine upstairs.

I call it…

the Tentacle Arm Kragle Outside Sprayer.


The “S” is silent.

So on Taco Tuesday…

it’s going to spray the Kragle over everyone and everything…

with a bunch of super-scary nozzles like this one!

I’ll show you how it works.

Sir, I don’t know if this is necessary.

Oh, don’t worry. I won’t test it on you.

I’ll do it on your parents!

BAD COP: What?

Hi, son.


How’s it going in the big city?

Mommy. Daddy. What are you doing here?

Okay, Pa. I just want you to act naturally.

Like you’re going about your day.


Yeah. Keep your hand up like that.

Ma, scoot…

two steps in to the right.

Pa, whenever I talk to Ma…


…you start to move.

Sorry, sir.

BUSINESS: Get back to where you were!


BUSINESS: Perfect.

That’s great. You can’t do anything better. No reason why you should move.


Now, Ma…

hand on his shoulder. And you…

Pa, you just moved and you’ve just wrecked it!


You wrecked it!

Bad Cop, you see what I’m talking about?

All I’m asking for is total perfection.

Send in a Micro-manager!

MICRO-MANAGER: Commencing micro-management.


BUSINESS: Hold still, you guys.

And then…

I just spray them…

with the TAKOS.

Oh, Pa, hold me.

Oh, darling, I can’t move me legs.

Does that upset you, Bad Cop?


Surely you feel bad for your parents, and you wanna help them, don’t you?

We’re okay, son. Just a little stuck, is all.

Go ahead…

finish the job.

Of course, sir.

No, I don’t want to.

You have to.

I don’t want to.

Would you please be quiet?

I can’t.

You must. Shut it!

But they…

It’s not nice.

It’s your job, man.

I can’t do it.

They’re innocent.

Just as I thought.

Your Good Cop side’s making you soft, Bad Cop.


Bring me the fleece-crested Scepter of Q-Teep…

and the Po-Lish Remover of Na-ll.

You’ve already let The Special get away once.


BUSINESS: I’m just gonna make sure it doesn’t happen again.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Oh, son!

On Taco Tuesday, I’m going to Kragleize the entire universe…

so that everyone will stop messing with my stuff!

Are you gonna be with me…

or are you gonna be stuck…

having a tea party with your mom and dad?


Sorry, Dad.

I have a job to do.



WYLDSTYLE: All you have to do is blend in and act like you belong here.

EMMET: Ah, perfect.

(IN SOUTHERN DRAWL) Well, hi there, I’m a cowboy!

Bang, bang, bang-bang-bang-bang!

Shoot, shoot, shoot. Bullet, bullet, gun.

Zap, zap, zap, pow. Zap, pow.

(IN NORMAL VOICE) What are they looking at?

WYLDSTYLE: I made a mistake.

You should just be still. Act like a stool.


(IN SOUTHERN DRAWL) Howdy, guys!

Quiet. Nope, stools don’t talk.

Come sit on me.

Okay, shh.

Let me show you how it’s done.


MAN: What a lady!


Okay, let me just find the wizard…

and get this over with.



There he is.



I’ve never heard of that man, whom I am not.

Who are you?

It’s me.

I am a blind man and cannot see.

It’s Wyldstyle.


Are you a DJ?

What? Why does everybody…?

Oh, wait, wait.

Are you the student I used to have…

who was so insecure she kept changing her name?

No, no, no.

First Darkstorm, then Geminizzle.

No. Never.

Then Neversmile, then Freakface, then Snazzypants.

Okay. All right, yes.

Meet me upstairs in 10 seconds.


EMMET: Oh, man.

You have a very weirdly…

…decorated place.

Thank you.

WYLDSTYLE: Vitruvius, we have found the Piece of Resistance.

Is it true?

WYLDSTYLE: Yes, but…

Wyldstyle. The prophecy states that…

you are The Special.

The embodiment of good, foiler of evil.

The most talented, most brilliant…

most important person in the universe.

That would be great…

but Emmet is the one who found the Piece.


Oh, okay. Emmet!

The prophecy states that…

you are The Special.

The most talented…

I’m not sure he’s The Special.

Because he’s not even a MasterBuilder. Watch.

Emmet, just given what’s around you…

…build something simple.


WYLDSTYLE: Like an awesome race car.



Do you have the instructions?

No. You must create the instructions in your mind, my liege.

Ah. Okay. Race car.


Well, there’s a lot of really cool stuff here.

Don’t see a wheel…


three more wheels.

See? He can’t do it. He will never be a MasterBuilder.

Of course not. Not if you keep telling him he can’t.

He needs to see that he can.

What are you doing?

VITRUVIUS: We are entering your mind…


to prove that you have the unlocked potential…

to be a MasterBuilder.

Ujjayi breath.


EMMET: Whoa, are we inside my brain right now?

It’s big. I must be smart.


I’m not hearing a lot of activity here.

I don’t think he’s ever had an original thought. In his life.

Ha, ha. That’s not true.

For instance, one time I wanted to have…

a bunch of my friends over to watch TV…

Not unlike this TV that just showed up magically.

And not everybody can fit on my one couch…

and I thought to myself:

“What if there was such a thing as a bunk bed…

but as a couch?”

Introducing the double-decker couch.

So everyone could watch TV together and be buddies!

That is literally the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

Please, Wyldstyle, let me handle this.

That idea is just the worst.

There must be something around here…

that proves his potential.

If The Man Upstairs chose him to be The Special…

there must be a reason.

EMMET: Who’s The Man Upstairs?


He doesn’t even know about The Man Upstairs.

EMMET: Does he have, like, super-gross hands…

that look like they’re made out of big pink sausages?

Like eagle talons mixed with squid?

Wait. You’ve seen the…?

EMMET: Whoa!

That’s what I was just thinking about.

How did you…?

I had this weird dream when I touched the Piece.

Well, I mean, I wasn’t asleep, so it wasn’t really a dream.

Emmet, you had a vision.

I did?

MasterBuilders spend years…

training themselves to clear their minds enough…

to have even a fleeting glimpse of The Man Upstairs…

and yet, your mind is already so prodigiously empty…

that there is nothing in it to clear away in the first place.

With proper training…

you could become a great MasterBuilder.

I could?

VITRUVIUS: The prophecy chose you, Emmet.

But I can’t do any of the stuff…

that the prophecy says I’m supposed to do.

All you have to do is to believe.


you will see everything.

Are you ready, my son?

Yes, I am.

I think.

Then we haven’t a moment to lose.

We must assemble…

the MasterBuilders.

Do you think Zeppelins are a bad investment?


Any of you fellas seen this guy?

SHERIFF: Wait a minute, partner.

Draw a cowboy hat on him.

These mechanical birds will get our message out.

They will go to an Internet café…

and e-mail the remaining MasterBuilders…

who will meet us in the secret realm of Cloud Cuckooland.

Cuckooland? Wait. What happened to that whole training part?

Don’t worry, Emmet.

Your training begins now.


SHERIFF: Piano man…

open up.

Your training begins later!

On three.



Whew. I think we’re in the clear.

BAD COP: Freeze, turkeys.

All I want is the Piece of Resistance.

We would rather he died than give it to you.

I would not rather he died.

Look, everybody, we can do this the easy way, or we can do it…


They took the hard way. Fire!


WYLDSTYLE: Vitruvius, which way to Cloud Cuckooland?

VITRUVIUS: Head for the big bright thing in the sky.

EMMET: You mean the sun?

VITRUVIUS: Yeah. Yeah, that’s it.

WYLDSTYLE: Let’s get out of here. Here, use this.

EMMET: What? Wait, hey…

What are you doing? Aah!

WYLDSTYLE: Let’s go!

I don’t know what I’m doing.





Oh, dang!


Aah! I’ve got pigs! I hate pigs!

Quit playing around in the mud. I could use your help.

Wyldstyle, we could really use…

your help!

PIGS: Oink, oink, oink.


PIGS: Oink!

WYLDSTYLE: Vitruvius, they’re gaining on us. Build something!

Let Emmet try!

No, let’s not let Emmet try! I haven’t had any training.

That’s okay.

We’ll start with how to become a MasterBuilder.

Step one: Trust your instincts.

Okay, okay. Um…

Build something! Build something!

Aha. Take that!


Unless your instincts are terrible.

No! The wheel!

I can’t control it much longer!

Emmet, we need to attach the wheel to something that spins around.


VITRUVIUS: We need to attach the wheel to something that spins around.

We need to attach the wheel to something that spins around.

We need to attach the wheel to something that spins around.

Something that spins around. Spins around. Spins around.


WYLDSTYLE: Emmet, where are you going?


Oh, this better work.

Hang tight!

SHERIFF: Dagnabit!

VITRUVIUS: Well done, Emmet.

Hey! I did it.

Wow. You actually did it.







Get off my train.


EMMET: Wyldstyle!



He’s gonna ram us.

Quick, quick, quick! That piece! Give me that piece.


WYLDSTYLE: Build a ramp!

What the heck?

Rest in pieces.


Oh, no.

Wait. No, no, no.



Thanks for saving my life back there.

Even if, you know…

eventually it turned out to be pointless.

Well, for what it’s worth…

this has been about the greatest 15 minutes of my life.

What the…?

Relax, everybody, I’m here.


What’s up, babe?



Oh, sorry. Batman, this is Emmet.

Emmet, this is my boyfriend, Batman.

I’m Batman.

That’s your boyfriend? Aah!

Batman, huh? Where’d you guys meet?

It’s actually a funny story, right, Bat?

BAD COP: There he is.

“Police” to meet you, Bad Cop.


The pleasure…

is all “spine.”

Guess what…

you big dumb baby.

Your car is a baby carriage.


Oh, no, your boyfriend’s gone.

BATMAN: Hey, babe.


Let’s hold hands.

So, uh…

Hey, guys, I think we’re about to crash into the sun.

BATMAN: Yeah, but it’s gonna look really cool.

EMMET: Uh, is this Cloud Cuckooland? I don’t see any clouds.

Or cuckoos.

No, no, this is…

Middle Zealand.

A wondrous land…

full of knights, castles, mutton…

torture weapons, poverty, leeches, illiteracy…

and, um…


VITRUVIUS: Yeah, that too.

Once we arrive at Cloud Cuckooland, we’ll raise an army…

of MasterBuilders to…

Anyway, you guys gotta check out these new subwoofers I installed.

I call them the dogs. Listen to them bark!


EMMET: Can you turn that down a little bit?

This is a song I wrote for Wyldstyle.


It’s about how I’m an orphan.

No parents

This is real music, Emmet.

Batman’s a true artist. Dark, brooding.

Well, I’m dark and brooding too.

Guys, look, a rainbow.

VITRUVIUS: So you’re gonna drive up the curved part…

Super rich

take it all the way to the top…

Kind of makes it better

and park the car.

Friends, welcome to Cloud Cuckooland. Now…

I just need to give the secret knock.



I’m just gonna come right out.

I have no idea what’s going on, or what this place is at all.

Hi! I am Princess Unikitty…

and I welcome you all to Cloud Cuckooland.


EMMET: There’s no signs or anything.

How does anyone know what not to do?

Here in Cloud Cuckooland…

there are no rules.

There’s no government…

no babysitters…

no bedtimes…

no frowny faces…

no bushy mustaches…

and no negativity of any kind.

You just said the word “no” like a thousand times.

And there’s also no consistency.

I hate this place.

Any idea is a good idea…

except the not happy ones.

Those you push down deep inside…

where you’ll never, ever, ever…


find them.

Your fellow MasterBuilders are gathered in the Dog.

The what?

Ah! Is that Superman?


Girl, what are you doing?

Hey, Superman!

Oh, hey. What’s up?

Lantern. Green Lantern.

Yeah, yeah.

GREEN LANTERN: You wanna sit together at the meeting?

Um, I have to go back to Krypton.

GREEN LANTERN: Didn’t Krypton blow up?

My fellow MasterBuilders, including but not limited to…

Robin Hood, Mermaid Lady…


Swamp Creature…

…1980-something Space Guy…


2002 NBA All-Stars…

…and Wonder Woman.


You have traveled far to be here for a moment of great import.

We have learned…

that Lord Business plans to unleash…

a fully weaponized Kragle…

on Taco Tuesday…

to end the world as we know it.


Please, calm yourselves.

Green Ninja…


Nice Vampire…

Michelangelo, Michelangelo…

and Cleopatra.

There is yet one hope.

The Special has arisen.


Have the young man step forward.

As you wish, Dubbledore.

I’m Gandalf!

It’s pronounced “Dumbledore.”


No, “Dumbledore.”

Thought you said “Dubbadore.”


You gotta write that down. I’m not gonna remember any of it.

But here we go.

The Special will now give an eloquent speech.

Go ahead, man. You got this.



Hello. I’m Emmet.

Oh, and this is the Piece of Resistance.


Thank you.

Well, uh, I know that I, for one…

am very excited to work with you guys…

to get into the Octan Tower, find the Kragle…

and put this thing on the thing.

And I know it’s going to be really hard, but…

“Really hard”?


Wiping ye bum with a hook for a hand is really hard.

This be impossible.

The last time we tried to storm Lord Business’ office…

we used every plan we could conceive.

The result was a massacre too terrible to speak of.

Who are you?

The name be Metal Beard.

And I’ll tell you me tale of woe.

Oh, great, here we go again.

I arrived…

at the foot of the Tower…

with me hearty MasterBuilder crew…

only to find the Kragle was all the way up on the infinityeth floor…

guarded by a robot army…

and security measures…

of every kind…




laser sharks…

overbearing assistants…

and strange, dangerous relics…

that entrap…


and zap.

And there be a mysterious room called the Think Tank.

I barely made it out of that…


with just me head!

And organs.


I had to replace every part of my once-strapping…

virile pirate body…

with this useless hunk of garbage ye see before ye.

So if ye think it’d be a good idea to return…

to that forsaken place…


what idea have ye that be better…

than the ideas of 100…

of our fallen MasterBuilder brothers?

Well, uh…

Well, technically I’m not exactly a MasterBuilder yet.



Please! Everyone! Please!


Yes, it’s true.

I may not be a MasterBuilder.

I may not have a lot of experience…

fighting or leading or coming up with plans.

Or having ideas in general.

In fact, I’m not all that smart.

And I’m not what you’d call a “creative type.”


generally unskilled.


scared and cowardly.

I know what you’re thinking:

“He is the least qualified person…

in the world to lead us.”

And you are right.

This is supposed to make us feel better?

No, there was about to be a “but.”

You’re a butt!


You all be on your own!

I be leaving this lost cause!

Why are you leaving?

A house divided against itself would be better…

than this.

EMMET: Abraham Lincoln!

You bring your space chair right back here!

Come on, guys!

We can still do this. Right?

MAN 1: You’re not even a bit special.

Well, you were right about him being a ding-dong.

MAN 2: You’re a huge disappointment.

MAN 3: Get him out of here. I don’t wanna look at him.

Well, at least it can’t get any worse.

I was wrong.

It’s the Orb of Tee-ti-list!

BAD COP: Ruh-roh. It’s the bad guys.

Whoa. How did he…?

WYLDSTYLE: Go! Run! Come on, everyone! Protect The Special.

What’s that on his ankle?

It’s a tracking device.

Take the MasterBuilders prisoner.

Oh, he led them right to us.

Guys, no, no, no. It’s not my fault.

You are the worst leader I’ve ever seen. To the Batmobile!

Dang it.

To the invisible jet!

Dang it!

Every man for himself.

No, we must protect the Piece.

Shaq, do you know what time…

…it is?

It’s game time.

Y’all ready for this?

Oh, no! They were ready for that.

It didn’t break!

Because it’s Kragled. Machine gum!



Aah! I can’t move!

Don’t worry, Superman.

I’ll get you out of there.

No! Don’t!

Aah! Oh, my gosh. My hands are stuck. My legs are stuck as well.

I super hate you.

Ow! You’re pulling my torso off.


help me get him out of here.

I said “every man for himself.”

Hey, you gotta be there for me.



Fine. Fine. Fine.

I need you to have a better attitude.

I have a great…



BAD COP: The Special’s in the northwest quadrant.

We’ve got him cornered.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Where’d he go?


They’ve hit our silly cloud stabilizers!

Let’s go! We need to get Emmet out of here.

EMMET: Can’t we build something?

Hey! I’m Ben. But you can call me Benny.

I can build a spaceship. Watch.

Spaceship, spaceship, spaceship Spaceship, spaceship

No! You can’t. The skies are surrounded.

That’s okay. I didn’t really wanna build…

a spaceship anyway. That’s cool.

Where can we go where we can’t be found?

(MUTTERS) Maybe we could go underwater?

What if we went underwater?

Great idea, babe!

Thank you, Batman. Your ideas are the best.

But I just said that.

We could build a submarine.

A Bat-Submarine, patent pending.

With rainbows!

And dream catchers, in case we take a nap.

Like an underwater spaceship!

But you can’t build all of them at once.

ALL: Ready? Break.


These are the colors I need: Blue razzleberry and sour apple!

If anybody has black parts, I need them, okay?

I only work in black.

And sometimes, very, very dark gray.

Use the yellow bricks!

Hey, guys, can I help?

UNIKITTY: No! It has to be this way!

WYLDSTYLE: No, I need that!

Where is he?

Anyone know what this is, and do you need it?

I think we could use wings and rocket boosters.

Ew. Get your retro space stuff out of my area.

You guys, hey, just tell me exactly what to do. And how to do it.

Emmet, don’t worry about what the others are doing.

You must embrace what is special about you!


There he is!

All units, attack the sub!

WYLDSTYLE: Emmet, get in here!

BAD COP: Stop him! Stop him! Don’t let him…

get to the water!

WYLDSTYLE: Dive, dive, dive! Everybody in!

We’re going under!


Oh, no.


My home.

It’s gone.

I feel something inside.

It’s like the opposite of happiness.

I must stay positive.


Ah. Bubble gums.




Cotton candy.

Gosh, I’m so sorry, Unikitty.


Do you want to sit down and talk about it?

What the heck is that?

It’s a double-decker couch.

Which seemed like a good idea at the time…

but I now realize it’s not super helpful.

But, you know, it has cup holders.

Seats flip up with coolers underneath.

You are so disappointing on so many levels.

Why are my pants cold and wet?



COMPUTER: Hull breach.

The walls are crying!

We’re coming apart at the seams!


This is not how Batman dies.



Hold on, hold on!



WYLDSTYLE: Deep breath! Deep breath, everybod…!

Micro-managers, what’s going on down there?

MICRO-MANAGER: Scanning submarine wreckage.

No survivors detected.

Scuba cops, dredge the entire ocean if you have to.

We have got to find that Piece.

Let’s get these prisoners back to Lord Business…

and give him the good news.

The Special is no more.

BUSINESS: Hello, everybody!

Superman. Wonder Woman, I had no idea you’d be here.

Mr. Shaquille O’Neal.

Greetings, all!

Welcome to my Think Tank.


All the MasterBuilders you’ve captured over the years…

you’ve brought them here.

You’re a very perceptive person, Superman.

They come up with all the instructions for everything in the universe.


No! No! Grr!


Can’t get much worse than this.

GREEN LANTERN: Uh, hello, neighbor.

Oh, no.

It’s Green Lantern.

Oh, my gosh, we’re roommates! How crazy is that?

Does anyone have some Kryptonite that they could give me?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where is The Special?

The Special and the Piece of Resistance are at the bottom of the ocean.

Wait, are you telling me you don’t have him?

Sir, my scuba team is looking for his remains as we speak.

Bad Cop, he could still be alive! The Piece could still be out there.

The only remnant of The Special was a double-decker couch.

Wait, hold on.

A double-decker couch?

Yes, sir.

Really? So it’s like a bunk-bed couch? Is that what it’s like?

That’s weird.

If you’re sitting in the top middle…

how are you gonna get down without climbing over someone?

If you’re sitting on the bottom and you’re watching TV…

are you gonna have to watch through a bunch of dangling legs?

Who’s gonna want to sit on the bottom?

It is literally…

the most useless idea I have ever heard.


Well, we’re still alive.


Heh. The double-decker couch.

It wasn’t totally pointless after all.

It’s the one thing that stayed together.

I always believed in you, Emmet.

I don’t mean to spoil the party, but does anyone else notice…

we’re stuck in the middle of the ocean on this couch?

I mean, it’s not like a big gigantic ship…

is gonna come out of nowhere and save us…

My gosh!

Avast, mateys!

Metal Beard, I thought you said we were a lost cause!

Ye are!

Did ye not hear me whole story…

circumscribing the folly of this whole enterprise?

Well, it’s kind of hard not to hear when you’re yelling everything.

So why did you come back?

This be-doubled land couch.

I watched Lord Business’ forces completely overlook it.

Which means we need more ideas like it!

Oh, thank you.

Ideas so dumb and bad…

that no one would ever think they could possibly be useful.

Oh. Thank you.

VITRUVIUS: So, Special, what do we do?



what’s the last thing Lord Business expects MasterBuilders will do?

Build a spaceship?

Kill a chicken?

Marry a marshmallow.

Why, this:

(SINGING) How you gonna keep ’em down on the farm?

No! It’s follow the instructions.


Don’t like that.

Sounds weird.

Now, listen. Wait, listen.

Guys, you’re all so talented and imaginative.

But you can’t work together as a team.

I’m just a construction worker.

But when I had a plan and we were all working together…

I mean, we could build a skyscraper.

Now, you’re MasterBuilders.

Just imagine what could happen if you did that.

You could save the universe.

Well said, Emmet. Well said.


She be a fine speech there, laddie.


Somebody get me some markers…

some construction paper…

and some glitter glue!

I call this:

“Emmet’s plan to get inside the Tower…

put the Piece of Resistance on the Kragle…

…and save the world.”

I’ve built a hundred just like them back in the city.

If we can just get in, I know where the air ducts and wiring are located.

I can get us anywhere.

How will we get inside?

In a spaceship.

Spaceship! Ha, ha!

Great idea. A Bat-Spaceship.

No, they’re expecting us to show up…

in a Bat-Spaceship, or a pirate spaceship or a rainbow-sparkle spaceship.

One of those sounds awesome to me.

My idea is to build a spaceship…

that’s exactly like all the other Octan delivery spaceships.

So not the special spaceship that I’m building for all of you right now?

Sorry, Benny. Maybe next time.

Ooh, you’re really letting the oxygen out of my tank here.

Yeah, but according to your precious instructions…

this ship needs a hyperdrive.

We don’t have that part.

Maybe we could find one!

What do you think, a spaceship is just gonna appear out of the blue?

Are you kidding me?

The same thing!



We’re supposed to be halfway to Naboo for a sweet party!

This hyperdrive keeps malfunctioning…

taking us to loser systems like this.

Captain Solo, we must go.

You know how perturbed I get if we are not punctual.

The Droid’s right. Let’s roll.

Now hold on, Han.

This might be the right galaxy after all.

Because I see a heavenly body.

Ooh, whoa, I have a boyfriend. And it is super serious. Right, babe?

Of course it’s serious.


Got room for just one dude?

Whoa! Babe!

If he’s a cool dude like you.

You’re trying to bail on us!

I’m not trying to bail!

You asked them if you could go with them on their party ship!

That thing is filled with bon vivants.

You speak French now?

Babe, look, if this relationship is ever gonna work between us…

I need to feel free to party…

with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it.



I will text you.

LANDO: Where’d you get that sweet space cape, brother?

It’s party time!



Wyldstyle, you’re such an amazing person.

And, you know, if Batman can’t see that, then he’s just…

Well, he’s just as blind as a guy…

whose eyes stopped working.

And I’m gonna tell you something:

Batman is the worst person I’ve ever met.

Need a hyperdrive?

No way.


I knew it! I knew that.

You really had me there!

Those guys were so lame. All they did was play space checkers.

Plus, it turns out the hairy one’s a dude.

And the metal one too. All dudes.

But won’t they notice their hyperdrive is missing?

LANDO: Come on, Chewie, hit the hyperdrive.


Nah, they’ll be fine.

EMMET: Step one:

All right, we need a red four-piece unit over at the…


you’re supposed to follow the instructions, remember?


Ugh, this gives me the jeebies.

BATMAN: What do I even…? I can’t…!



EMMET: Step two:

We pilot the ship to the service entrance…

so we can get past the dangerous…

but also kind of cool…

laser gate.

Space ID.

I have a drive-on.

Who are you here to see?

I’m here to see Your Butt.

Is that last name “Butt,” first name “Your,” or is it…?

Oh, my gosh!


BATMAN: Pow. Wham. Ka-zap.


First try!

EMMET: Step three: We break into Lord Business’ office…

and we’ll plunder his collection of relics for disguises.

Step four:

Benny and Metal Beard…

will sneak their way into the master control room.

COMPUTER: Motion sensors triggered in Sector 12.

ROBOT: 10-4.


Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Do it.



Metal Beard, that was awesome!

First law of the sea…

never place your rear end on a pirate’s face.

EMMET: Once inside, they’ll use their technical know-how…

to disable the Kragle shield.

I am the computer.

Cool! Talking computer.

Please disable the shield systems.

Of course.

There are no movies in your area with that title.


EMMET: Step five:

Vitruvius will provide lookout and make sure we’re not being followed.


EMMET: Step six: Batman and Unikitty go into the boardroom…

to make one last change to Lord Business’ plan.

I move that we freeze the universe. Can I get a second on that?

BRUCE: I second.

Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

Bruce Wayne? Uh, who’s that?

Sounds like a cool guy.


We’d like to invest in your company.

Your weapon to control the universe sounds super sweet…

…I must say.

It is, indeed, super sweet.

Cool. What kind of sound system does it have?

Uh, sound system? Well, I mean, we have an iPod Shuffle.

Wait a second.

You’re telling me you have a machine to control the universe…

and you can’t listen to tunes in surround sound?


Well, I mean…

we need to get that done. I want eight-foot speakers.

Great call.

Yeah, I want speakers that you can hug with your arms and your legs…

and just feel the beat.

Listen up! We need new instructions for a speaker system for the TAKOS.

We’ll never help.

Whatever you say, boss.

EMMET: Then once the instructions are printed…

Wyldstyle and I will enter the Kragle room…

place the thing on the other thing…

and save the universe.

Whoa, Whoa, whoa. Hey, I didn’t draw that. Is that me exploding?

Uh, I didn’t mention that earlier?

When you reunite the Piece with the Kragle, it might explode?

No! But it might not, right?

Sure, sure, sure. Let’s go with that.

COMMAND BOT: Attention, everybody! Incoming speaker delivery!


Who are you two?

(IN ROBOTIC VOICE) We are transfers from downstairs.


Excuse me?

(IN ROBOTIC VOICE) Your robot voice sounds an awful lot like a human voice.

Give me a break. I’ve never been a robot before.

What do you mean? You have always been a robot!

No, no, no, do not listen to her.

What are your robot serial numbers?



(SINGS) Everything is awesome

No way. This is my jam.

This is also my jam.

ROBOTS (SINGING): Everything is awesome

Everything is cool When you’re part of a team

Needs great harmonies.

I don’t want to sing the song. I’m not…

(SINGING) Everything is awesome

ALL: Everything is cool When you’re part of a team

Everything is awesome

When we’re living our dream


ROBOTS (SINGING): Everything is awesome

(IN NORMAL VOICE) Hmm, I thought you didn’t like that song.

I don’t.

EMMET: Mm-hm.

I know you put on this tough act…

but I don’t think you’re as mean as you’re trying to seem.

I’m not mean. What are you talking about?

I’m just saying, you were all, “He’s not The Special, Vitruvius.

He can’t possibly be The Special. This guy? Are you kidding me?”

Anyways, I don’t think that’s you.

The real you, anyway.


Look, Emmet.

I wanted it to be me, okay?

I wanted to be The Special.

And I know that sounds super mature. It’s just…

ever since I heard the prophecy, I wanted to be the One.

I was right there in that construction site…

right on top of it, and then…

it turned out to be you.


That night in the city, when you thought I was The Special…

and you said I was talented and important…

that was the first time anyone had ever really told me that.

And it made me wanna do everything I could…

to be the guy you were talking about.



That was my real name.

You asked earlier, and it’s…


I really like that name.


What are you two losers talking about?

Huh? What? Oh, nothing.

Thought I’d help you guys. Left the weird cat thing to stall.

Business, business, business. Numbers.

(WHISPERS) Is this working?



There’s Bad Cop.

(SINGING) Oh, Danny boy, the pipes…

Okay. Wait for my signal.

Good luck, Emmet.

EMMET: Lucy.

I guess this might be goodbye.

I don’t like goodbyes. Let’s just call this:

“See you later, alligator.”

“See you later, alligator”?

After a while, crocodile.

Who’s Lucy?

(WHISPERING) Batman, when we get inside this room…

there are gonna be audio sensors everywhere.

We have to be really, really quiet.

Don’t worry, Dad, I read your dumb instructions. Stop yelling at me.

Benny, what’s our status with the shield?

Oh, yeah, no, it’s going great.

It’s just going great, if somebody would listen to me!

Downloading latest episode of Where Are My Pants?

BENNY (OVER RADIO): Where are you getting “pants” from? You know what I want!

(SINGING) The pipes are calling…


Bad Cop.

WYLDSTYLE (IN ROBOTIC VOICE): Hi, this is Lord Business’ assistant.

He would like you to come to his office immediately.

BAD COP: Copy that.


You are welcome, sir.

ROBOT: Hey, who is that?

EMMET (WHISPERING): That’s the signal…

but the shield is still up.

We’ll wing it.

That’s a bat pun.

Shh. Benny…

disable the shield.

BENNY: Disable the shield.


Disable the shield.

Searching for Albanian restaurants.


No! I never once said anything…! COMPUTER: I don’t understand what you mean.

BENNY: Disable the shield!

Benny, what’s going on?

BENNY: Disable the shield! Come on!

You are undermining me!

Which phrase would you like me to underline?

Disable the shield!

Let me try.

Be ye disabling of yon shield.

Disabling shield.


(WHISPERING) Okay, in three…



Let’s do this.






Oh, man.

Oh, no.


(SINGS) Sneaking around the corner…




I see you’ve accidentally wandered into my Think Tank.

And by the way, I found a few of your friends.

By which I mean all of them!


Acceptable work, Bad Cop.

Thank you, sir.

Robots, destroy this old man at once.

Did you just call me “old”?

Yeah. So what?

Well, Junebug, I really prefer the word…




You see, Emmet?

A corrupted spirit is no match for the purity of imagina…



EMMET: Vitruvius!



My sweet Emmet. Come closer.

You must know something about the prophecy.

I know, I’m doing my best…

but I don’t…

The prophecy…

I made it up.


I made it up. It’s not true.

But that means I’m just…

I’m not The Special?

You must listen.

What I’m about to tell you…

will change the course of history.






Not so special anymore, huh?

Well, guess what.

No one ever told me I was special.

I never got a trophy just for showing up!

I’m not some special little snowflake…


But as unspecial as I am…

you are a thousand-billion times…

more unspecial than me.

Robots, bring me the Sword of Exact Zero.

ROBOTS: Yes, Lord Business.

BUSINESS: It must be weird.

One minute, you’re the most special person in the universe.

And the next minute, you’re nobody.

Oh, I have a nice spot for this in my relic room.

Uh-oh! My mistake!

There it goes!


BUSINESS: Bye-bye forever!

Well, I guess there’s only one thing left to do!

Release the Kragle!


Yes, sir.

BUSINESS: Set the electric shocker to 100 Mississippi.

No problem.

Then terminate everyone.

Already on it.

Emmet, that should give you enough time…

to witness the first location to be Kragled.

Your hometown.


BUSINESS: Bad Cop, unfortunately, I’m gonna have to leave you here to die.

What? Sir.

It’s not personal.

It’s just business.

Lord Business.


COMPUTER: Beginning zapping termination…

in 99 Mississippi…

98 Mississippi…

97 Mississippi…

and so on.


BUSINESS (OVER PA): Attention, everyone.

This is President Business.


Hi, welcome to Taco Tuesday!


BUSINESS: Don’t worry about this big black…

monolith thing that’s blocking out the sun.

What you need to worry about…

is this question that I’m about to ask you:

Who wants a taco?


BUSINESS: Yeah! I know!

Tacos, tacos! We’re going crazy! Yeah.

All right, everyone.

Act normal.


Now, everybody say “Freeze!”


So I guess running around and screaming is normal.

Micro-managers, commence micro-management.

MICRO-MANAGER: Commencing micro-management.


MAN 1 (ON SCREEN): What’s going on? I can’t move!

MAN 2 (ON SCREEN): Please, please! Won’t somebody help us?

BENNY: Emmet, you’ll think of something, right? Like you always do.

Didn’t you hear him?

The prophecy’s made-up.

I’m not The Special.

And to think for a moment I thought I might be.


Who said that?


I am Ghost Vitruvius.


Emmet, you didn’t let me finish earlier.

Because I died.

The reason I made up the prophecy…

was because I knew that whoever found the Piece…

could become The Special.

Because the only thing anyone needs to be special…

is to believe that you can be.

I know that sounds like a cat poster, but it’s true.

Look at what you did when you believed you were special.

You just need to believe it some more.

But how can I just decide to believe that I’m special…

when I’m not?

VITRUVIUS: Because the world depends on it.


Zapping termination in 35 Mississippi…


34 Mississippi…

33 Mississippi…

32 Mississippi…

31 Mississippi…

30 Mississippi…

29 Mississippi…

28 Mississippi, 27 Mississippi…


26 Mississippi…

25 Mississippi…

24 Mississippi…


What are you…?

COMPUTER: 18 Mississippi…

… 17 Mississippi…


… 16 Mississippi…


… 15 Mississippi…

Wait! What are you…?

Now it’s your turn to be the hero.

COMPUTER: 13 Mississippi…


12 Mississippi…

See you later, alligator.



No, Emmet!

Aah! COMPUTER: 7 Mississippi…

6 Mississippi…

5 Mississippi…

4 Mississippi…

3 Mississippi…

2 Mississippi…

1 Mississippi…

00 Missi… Error.

Termination failure.



He… He saved us.

Well, what do we do now?

There’s gotta be a bright side…

here somewhere.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Emmet had ideas.

Arr, if only there were more people in the world like he.


Maybe there are.

Meet me downstairs in 10 seconds.

Honey, where are my…



WYLDSTYLE: Hey, guess what.

Found your pants. Series is over. Benny…

send this out to everyone in the universe.

1980-something technology?

Now you’re talking!


Uh… Ahem. Hey, everybody.

You don’t know me, but I’m on TV, so you can trust me.

I know things seem kind of bad right now.

But there is a way out of this.

This is Emmet.

And he was just like all of you.

A face in the crowd…

following the same instructions as you.

He was so good at fitting in, no one ever saw him.

And I owe you an apology…

because I used to look down on people like that.

“I used to think they were followers…

with no ideas or vision.”

WYLDSTYLE: Because it turns out Emmet had great ideas.

And even though they seemed weird…

and kind of pointless…

they actually came closer…

than anyone else to saving the universe.

And now we have to finish what he started…

by making whatever weird thing pops into our heads.

All of you have the ability inside of you to be a groundbreaker.

And I mean literally!

Break the ground!

Peel up the pieces…

tear apart your walls!

Build things only you could build.

Defend yourselves.

We need to fight back against President Business’…

plans to freeze us!

Today will not be known as Taco Tuesday.

It will be known as Freedom Friday!


But still on a Tuesday!



End of the line.

Bad Cop?

I hope there’s still a Good Cop in me somewhere.

I’ll hold these guys off. You go stop them. Yay!

Great idea, but how will we get there?


Ten, nine, eight…

…seven, six…

I could, uh…

…five, four…

I could build a…

three, two, one.

I could build a spaceship!

(STAMMERS) You’re not gonna say no?

Build away, whatever your name is.

Whoa! Yay!


Okay. Spaceship! Spaceship!








All units, attack that spaceship.


Where’d he go?

BENNY: Spaceship!

UNIKITTY: Wyldstyle, look…

it’s the citizens!

KNIGHT: Tallyho!

COWBOYS: Yee-haw!

And don’t forget us MasterBuilders.

BUSINESS: What is going on?

You stop…

building that stuff!

Just stop it!

MAN: Great job!

This might actually work.

‘Twas your speech which roused this hearty crew.

If only Emmet were here to see this.

He’d say something adorable like…


EMMET: Am I just gonna keep…




EMMET: Is this another vision?

Where am I?

Is that the Office Tower?



EMMET: What was that?

No, no, no.



FINN: Spaceship, spaceship, spaceship!

Pew! EMMET: What in the world is that?


EMMET: It’s adorable.


No. No. Whoa, no, no, no.

Hey, don’t eat me. Don’t eat me.

Do not eat me. Please.

Hi, Emmet.



Is this The Man…?


EMMET: The Man Upstairs?

What happened?

No, no, no, this is a disaster.

Why…? Why…? What? What?



Why is the dragon on top of the luxury condo development?

But I was just playing…

I know it’s hard to understand…

but this is Dad’s stuff, okay?

All of this that you see before you…

is all your father’s.

And everything is thought-out very…

What did you do down here?

Did you take the top off of the tower?

It was an accident.

You accidentally…


carefully took the entire top off of that tower?


You know the rules. This isn’t a toy.

Um, well, it kind of is.


Actually, it’s a highly sophisticated interlocking brick system.

But we bought it at the toy store.

We did.

But the way I’m using it makes it an adult thing.

The box for this one said ages 8 to 14.

That’s a suggestion. They have to put that on there.

FINN: You can’t expect me to be able to resist playing with all this.

You have your stuff over near the Christmas decorations.

All those bricks, you can build anything you want.


Finn, we’re gonna play a little game. It’s called:

“Let’s Put Everything Back the Way You Found it.”

But, Dad, you don’t understand.

So I can make things the way they’re supposed to be.


EMMET: More Kragles?

This rebellion ends right now.

MICRO-MANAGER: Commencing…




Ha, ha! Fire in the hole!

Wait, what’s happening?

No, wait! No, we’re going down! Mayday!


JEFF: Meow. Meow.

Hold on, Jeff. We’re coming for you!


EMMET: Stop!

SHERRIE: Oh, no!

Arr, there be too many Micro-managers!

MAN UPSTAIRS: What am I holding here?

It’s a battleship.

No, it’s a hodgepodge. That’s what it is.

What’s Batman doing on it?

What is this, a robot pirate?


Dang it.


EMMET: Stop! Stop it! No! Stop it! Stop!

You got glue all over that construction worker.

Here. Give that to me.

EMMET: Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!

All of those are my friends! No, stop it!

METAL BEARD: Ye were a hearty crew. But it be…

It be over.



The Piece of Resistance!

I can still save them!

Let’s get this gunk off this construction worker.

He’s not just a construction worker, Dad. He’s the hero.

MAN UPSTAIRS: Nope, he’s not.

He is a ordinary, regular…

generic construction worker…

and I need to put him back where he belongs.

Now, where is my X-Acto knife?

EMMET: I gotta get the Piece of Resistance.

If I could get the attention of the smaller creature…

I gotta move.

Where is that?

EMMET: Move!


All right.


EMMET: Move!


Now, I didn’t move…


FINN: Uh, Dad?


FINN: I think I saw the X-Acto over there near Middle Zealand.

Oh, great. Thank you.


It’s up to you now, Emmet.



VITRUVIUS: I know that sounds like a cat poster…

but it’s true.



Sorry, street.


I can see everything.

Ha, ha!

What the heck is this?

I am a MasterBuilder.

Release every Micro-manager we have!

Let’s get him, fellas!

Hey, everyone!


Emmet! Yay!

Lucy, I’m going inside that thing.

You’ve got it, Emmet.

EMMET: Take that! Ha, ha!

Good night! Come here!

We’ll help you out, kid.

Here’s how we do it pirate-style!


Yes! Emmet! That’s it!

MICRO-MANAGER: Take him down, boys!




Stay positive.

They’re tearing me apart!

Stay positive.

Come on!

Oh, forget it!


You all need to be more friendly!


Emmet, go!

Go! Now’s your…


METAL BEARD: She’s right!

You can do it, me laddie!

BATMAN: Go on, kid. Get in there!


Sir, we got an intrud…!


EMMET: Lord Business.

Back from the dead, Brickowski?

Well, you’re too late!

Skeletrons, get him!


Argh! I can’t move!


You see, your friends…

oh, they’re finished!

My world is almost finished.

The last thing I need to do is finish…


No, stop! Please!

If you do one more thing, I’m gonna unleash my secret weapon.

Your secret weapon?

Yes, it’s called:

The Power of The Special.

That sounds dumb.

All right, here it comes. My secret weapon…

is this.

What is that? Is it super small? I don’t see anything.

It’s my hand. I want you to take it.

You want me to take your hand off?

No, I want you to join me.

Look at all of these things that people built.

You might see a mess…

Exactly. And a bunch of weird, dorky stuff…

that ruined my perfectly good stuff!

Okay. What I see…

are people inspired by each other…

and by you.

People taking what you made…

and making something new out of it.

Finn, did you make all of this?

The people are trying to stop President Business…

from using the Kragle.

What’s the Kragle?

Um, it’s in there.

In here?

So President Business is the bad guy?


If the construction guy…

said something to President Business…

what would he say?


don’t have to be…

the bad guy.


are the most talented…

most interesting…

and most extraordinary person in the universe.

And you are capable of amazing things…

because you are The Special.

And so am I.

And so is everyone.

The prophecy is made-up…

but it’s also true.

It’s about all of us.

Right now, it’s about you.

And you…


can change everything.

Oh, we got a hugger.

Be careful.

I have been told it might explode.



Emmet, thank you.

And I just want you to know, from the bottom of my heart…

from this moment forward…

I solemnly promise that I will never…


ALL: Emmet!

Hey, everyone! Is everyone okay?

Where’s Lucy?


EMMET: Lucy!

We did it.


Oh. Uh, Emmet, wait.

Batman, there’s something I need to say to you.

No. Wyldstyle…

I mean…


He’s the hero you deserve.


Thanks, Batman.



VITRUVIUS: I liked Emmet before it was cool.

Whoops, I have the antidote for the Kragle.

How did that happen?



MAN UPSTAIRS: Watch this.


Oh, Mommy, Daddy.

You’re okay!

Oh, son!

Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad.


PA COP: We’re okay, son. Ha, ha.

WOMAN: Guys, time to come up for dinner. It’s Taco Tuesday, your favorite.

Okay, honey. We’ll be up in a sec.

Yeah, we’ll be up in a sec!

I gotta tell you something.

FINN: What?

Now that I’m letting you come down here and play…

guess who else gets to come down here and play?


Your sister.


Well, things sure have a way of working out smoothly.

Am I right, guys?


We’re from the Planet Duplon.

We are here to destroy you.

Oh, man.

BATMAN: Yes, this is real music.

Dark, brooding… important… groundbreaking.

Check out the lyrics.


No parents

Continued darkness

More darkness. Get it?

The opposite of light

Black hole

Curtains drawn

In the basement

Middle of the night

Blacked-out windows

Other places that are dark

Black suit

Black coffee

You get it. That’s just the first verse.


No parents

Super rich

Kind of makes it better


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