Promising Young Woman (2020) – Transcript

A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who cross her path.
Promising Young Woman (2020)

Cassie Thomas lives with her parents and works at a coffee shop. She previously attended medical school, but dropped out after her friend Nina was raped and nobody believed her. Nina later committed suicide. Every weekend Cassie goes to bars and pretends to be extremely intoxicated. Every time a man takes her home and tries to take advantage of her, she confronts them about their behavior, and writes their names down in a notebook.

A former classmate of Cassie’s, Ryan Cooper, sees her at the coffee shop and asks her out. Though reluctant to get close to him, she starts dating him, taking things slow at first. Ryan later runs into Cassie at a bar as she is luring a guy home and breaks things off with her, believing she wasn’t interested in him. Cassie later apologizes and they reconcile, entering a formal relationship.

Cassie meets with her former friend Madison, who didn’t believe Nina when she said she was raped. Cassie gets her drunk, hires a guy to take her to his hotel room and then ignores her calls asking what happened that night. Cassie then meets with the dean of her old college who refused to discipline Al Monroe, Nina’s rapist. She convinces the dean that she dropped off the dean’s young daughter in a dorm room with drunk college students, but after the dean admits she was wrong for what she did, Cassie reveals that her daughter is just fine. Cassie next confronts Jordan, the lawyer who harassed Nina into dropping her case. She is surprised to find that he remembers Nina and is racked with guilt for what he did, having suffered a psychotic episode and lost his license. She tells Jordan she forgives him. After talking to Nina’s mother, Cassie decides to move on with her life and focus on her relationship with Ryan.

Some time later, Madison confronts Cassie. Cassie assures her that nothing happened that night, and Madison gives her a video that was passed around of Al raping Nina. Cassie watches and discovers that Ryan was there and witnessed the whole thing. Cassie confronts Ryan and threatens to send the video to everyone he knows if he doesn’t tell her where Al’s upcoming bachelor party is. He reveals the location and asks for her forgiveness, but she refuses.

Cassie disguises herself as a stripper and goes to the bachelor party. When alone with Al, she handcuffs him to a bed and attempts to carve Nina’s name into him with a knife, but Al manages to free his arm and he suffocates her to death with a pillow. Al’s friend Joe helps cover up the death by burning Cassie’s body in the woods. Cassie’s parents file a missing person report, and when questioned by investigators, Ryan lies and says he doesn’t know where Cassie was the weekend prior.

At Al’s wedding, Ryan receives scheduled texts from Cassie stating that her plan isn’t over. It is revealed that Cassie informed Jordan where she would be if she were to go missing and who is responsible. The police find her remains in the woods and arrest Al at the wedding.

F*ck her!

F*ck her.

Yeah, f*ck her! This is how business is done. It’s… it’s just a round of f*cking golf. You’d think we were taking clients out to a strip club…

which we can’t even do anymore.

Exactly. We can’t even do that anymore because of Christmas party last year.

I think it’s because the golf club doesn’t let women play there.


So… it means we’re having client meetings without…

Look she should just focus on closing her own shit instead of whining about how we’re doing better than her.


Look at that good God almighty.

Don’t you get some dignity, sweetheart?

Yeah, They put themselves in danger, girls like that.

If she’s not careful someone’s gonna take advantage specially kinda guys in this world.

She’s kind of hot.

Hot f*cking mess.

Hey, let’s talk to Brian, I think he might be unbend-able to the idea of

I mean that is just asking for it.

Ah, look at that.

I think they’d learn by that, wouldn’t you? Right?

Where are even her friends?

They just ran off somewhere.

Leaving her lying around for anyone to pickup.

Sounds like a challenge, Paul.

Yeah, maybe.

I’ll go over.

Oh ho! Jerry.

I didn’t know you had it in you!

To see if she’s OK.

Yeah, no of course.

Sure. Go for it.

Yeah, I’d just go and see.

Go on for it.

Oh my God.

Hey. You okay? What are you looking for?



It’s not here. It’s gotta be here, just…

Uh, you think maybe you left in the bathroom or something?


You gonna be okay?

Oh, yeah.

How you gonna get home?

Ride, ride out.

Yeah, yeah. I think you might need a phone for that. Yeah. I know. OK, look, I’m headed out anyway, so I can drop you off.


It’s totally fine, it’s not a problem, really. What are you gonna do? It’s fine, come on. It’s not a problem. Let’s go. There we go.

You got it? Alright, just hold on to the railing. Yep, okay.

Oh my God.

Come on, I just had my car cleaned.

She’s fine.

No I’m not. Not going to throw up.

Ma’am. You have it sir, she’s not going to throw up.

Whoo! Hoo!

Uh… my apartment is a few blocks from here, would you want to have a drink before hitting the hay? It’s literally right here. You can have like one beer?
Yes. Can you take us to 242 Raleigh Drive instead please? It’s a couple of blocks.

Just put the address in the app.

The address– Yeah.

Kumquat liqueur, here we go my lady. Hey, sorry about my friends at the bar, they are– they are assholes.

There you go, you got it.

Do you… live alone here?

No, but my roommate’s out of town, so, don’t worry.

Ugh. That’s disgusting.

You’re so beautiful. You know what, do you mind if I just put down a little smudge.

I need to lie down.

Oh… yeah of course!

Right this way. Don’t go to sleep.


Gosh, you’re so pretty.

What are you…

It’s okay, hey, you’re safe.

What are you…

Hey, it’s OK. You’re safe. Shh!

What are you doing?

God! Your body!

What are you doing? What are you doing? Hey. Hey. Hey! I said, what are you doing?

Whoa! Walk of shame!

Stop staring.

The f*ck you staring at?

You can’t take a joke?

I didn’t hear you coming in last night. Everything alright?

I had to work late.

Thought the coffee house closed at nine.

We had to do inventory.

You have to do a lot of inventory at that place. You should speak to the manager.

I will.

You know, I was talking to Graham earlier and he says there’s a position opening at their head office. And don’t freak out but I want you to know I recommended you for it.

Hi Cass…

Why did you do that?

Because you’re sneaking out your joint with your sad little face.

But I like it here.

No you don’t.

No, I don’t. But I like you. And I like…


Working in a customer-facing role.

Great! Can I get some…



Don’t Cassie me. I’m fine, Gail. Really.

Johnny said he saw you at the fallout last week. Said you were completely hammered and on your own. He was a little worried. And I know, it’s none of my business–

He must have seen someone else. I’ve never been there.


I like a tease.

Thank you.

Hey, you want another drink?

Um, I gotta think.

Let me get you one.

Vodka cranberry for the lady please.

Hey! How old are you? Old enough, right?

Can I get a coffee please?

Uh huh. You want milk? What?



Ryan. Cooper. We were in class together at Forest med school. 2nd year neurology, Dr Hadid’s class.

Oh. Yeah. Brian. Hi.

God. Why are you working here? Or, I didn’t mean to… That was rude, I didn’t mean…

You didn’t mean what am I doing working in a shitty coffee shop?

Yeah, no, I just mean, you know given there’s no getting out of this, is there?

Nu uh!

I’m gonna leave. Can I leave and then come back and I can do I can do it again, it would be better.

You want milk?


In your coffee.

No, but uh… you can spit in it if you want, I deserve that.

Thank you.

Do you want to go out with me?


On a date?

Seriously? I just spat in your coffee.

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Seriously, you gotta read it. ‘Consider The Lobster’ is one of the f*cking greats, man. Cracked my head open… like… like a lobster claw.

You know I’m actually writing a novel. Well, kinda, cause I’m such a f*cking perfectionist, you know, it’s just taking me forever. I just keep going over and over and over it my head is picking at it like a scab. It’s about, I guess, like, what it is like to be a guy right now? Like, what it’s like to be a guy in the world. Just this greedy, low life, f*cked up love story. And then all takes place in New York over the course of one night. You know what… I’m gonna stop talking about it. I don’t wanna jinx it. You do coke, right?

Not really…

Oh come on!

I got work in the morning…

Oh, whatever, so do I. Here. Put your little nose up to this. There you go. Oh my God, you are so so, pretty. But why are you wearing all that make up? Do you mind me asking? I never understood why women wear so much make up. It’s like you guys are so much more beautiful without it. It’s like guys don’t even like that kinda staff, you know? It’s just a soul-sucking system made to oppress women. It’s f*cked up. I wanna see you. The real you. With all your freckles, your imperfections.

I don’t feel good. Could you get me a glass of water?

Yeah sure.

Are you f*cking kidding me? Hey. Hey you. Hey!

There you are! You fell asleep.

Good girl. Feel better?


You know, I nearly didn’t come out tonight. I’m so glad that I did. I feel such a connection to you.

Can you call me a cab?

But you just got here.

I need to go home.

No, don’t go. Stay. My God, you are so…

I need to go.

You don’t wanna go home.

I need to go home. Hey Neil. I said, I need to go home.

Holy shit! Whoa. Whoa… what is this? You are some kind of psycho or something?

Why do you say that?

I just thought that you were…



Really drunk?

F*ck… yeah.

Well, I’m not. But that’s good, isn’t it?

I think you should leave.

Oh now you want me to leave?

No I just… I’m really high. Look, I’m really f*cking high right now. I don’t know what I’m doing. I think you should go.

But a second ago you were determined for me to stay. You are pretty insistent actually.

I’m a nice guy.

Are you?

I thought we had a connection, I guess.

A connection? Okay. What do I do for a living? Sorry. Maybe that one’s too hard. How old am I? How long have I lived in the city? What are my hobbies? What’s my name?

Alright. Alright. F*ck. I get your f*cking point.

What do you want from me? To say that I’m an asshole?

Fine, I’m a f*cking asshole.

Whoa! Why are you so freaked out, Neil? You really need to calm down. At least you didn’t try to have sex with me while I was passed out. You do get points for that, few guys… well, they don’t mind so much. But you, woke me up before putting your fingers inside me. That was sweet.

What are you trying to say, that I’m like… predator or something?

I don’t know. Are you?

I’m a nice guy.

You keep saying that. You’re not as rare as you’d think. You know how I know?


Because every week I go to a club. And every week I act like I’m too drunk to stand. And every… f*cking week… a nice guy like you comes over to see if I’m OK. You wanna f*ck me still?

No, thank you, ma’am.

Uh, no one ever does. Careful, next time you go out Neil. Your novel sounds terrible by the way.

Night Nina.

What’s this? Mom, what’s this?

What do you mean?

This gift!

It’s your birthday, Cassie.

Oh… Yeah. What kind of– kind of person forgets their 30th birthday?

Oh, sweetheart, come on, don’t…

Don’t, Stanley, now please. Don’t.

It was just a mistake, Mom. You know I’m terrible with dates. It’s not a big deal.

Not a big deal? Big deal? You… you just forgot your birthday! You don’t wanna have a party? You don’t wanna to see your friends?

You know I don’t have any friends, Mom.

Don’t talk about it. Don’t. Do you know how strange this is? You, you’re still living here at home, working in that stupid coffee shop since you and Nina dropped out of med school. You are out all night long doing god only knows what. And– You don’t have any boyfriend, you don’t have any friends.

Mom! You should have saved all that for my birthday card!

Why don’t we just let the kid celebrate however she wants. OK?

All my friends they ask about you and I don’t know what to tell them. I don’t know what happened here, I don’t…

Why don’t you just open your present there, Cass, OK? Go ahead.

Hope you’ll like that.

Thank you.



That’s direct.

A real kick in the cunt.

Is it a nice suitcase, at least?

Oh yeah it’s definitely the fanciest “get the f*ck out of our house” metaphor I’ve received so far.

So, why don’t you?


Get the f*ck out of their house just– I don’t know go on… single wife, female, some girl get a basement room in some weird guy’s house, anything.

I can’t afford it, Gail. Not on what you pay me. Not even a weird guy’s basement.

So take this other job then. Take any job.

Are you firing me?

Maybe I should.

Look. You’re making the assumption that I want any of it. If I wanted a boyfriend and a yoga class and a house and kids and a job my mom could brag about I’d have done it. It would take me ten minutes. I don’t want it. I don’t want it.

But you must want something?


Oh. You. Hi.

One coffee. Hold the spit. She spat on my coffee last time. I’m back because um… I think you gave me a fake number the other day.

Doesn’t sound like me.

I know, so… I spent a few hours composing a like very witty, very romantic text, and then I sent that text to an oil rig worker called Red.

Was he into it? Surprisingly into it. It was like immediately inappropriate, but it’s not gonna work out because of the oil rig, so, I thought I’d try you again.

I just heard a phone ring in the back.

No you didn’t.

I most definitely heard a phone ring in the back.

She has to take a few imaginary calls a day.

Look, if you are not into this, I totally get it.

I’m not really looking to date anyone at the moment.

Right, yeah. Me neither, would you… be interested in a friendship and I’m secretly pining for you the whole time? Dating is horrible. Everyone is horrible. OK. I went on a date last month with a woman who wanted to euthanize the homeless.

You went on a date with my mom?

Look, I always liked you in med school. OK? I genuinely liked you, and I can’t stop thinking about you spitting in my coffee so, go to lunch with me this weekend please. If you don’t like it we can have a safe word and you can leave, no questions asked.

Hey! You are all dressed up, where are you going?

I’m going out for lunch.

With who?

A friend.

Cassie. You look very pretty honey.

Thank you dad.

What! Where did she get a skeleton?

She got it, it was, it was her grandfather’s stuff. It was, she got it from the staff room but the worst part is, she looked me in the eye, pulled it out, and then waved it at me.

I am done.

And I am wondering why I told that story.

Hey, there is nothing more romantic than a disturbed woman pulling a skeleton’s hand out of her vagina.

That’s true. That’s very true.

No one ever pulls anything out of anywhere where I work.

Right! So you didn’t wanna…


Carry on with med school? Or…


Really? Why not?

I wanted to do something else.


I don’t know.

You were so good though. You knew everything. You–

I didn’t know everything.

You did! You were incredible. I was… I was awful, I, remember I removed the wrong kidney from my cadaver?

And look at you now. Operating on children.

Yes. I got better. Thank God, but you were, way ahead of everybody. You… You’d have been a great doctor.

I just didn’t want it enough, I guess.

Um… You wanna get coffee or something? We… we have some time before the movie. I can tell you about the guy who got his dick trapped in a tambourine. Oh my God!

Do you think, people would think you are my daughter from behind? Because of the height, the height! I’m saying. It’s like a fear I have in public, if I’m with a woman my fear is that like if I kiss her, like people will be like stop kissing that child. I should yell this part.

I mean, try not being so tall, maybe?

This is, this is a weird coincidence.


I think, no, yep, this is my apartment.

What a weird, weird coincidence.

Yeah. Do you wanna, I mean we are here, do you wanna… go up have a drink or…

Sure, why not?

It’s too soon, sorry. I wasn’t…

No. Let’s go upstairs.

I don’t wanna go up if you don’t… wanna… I misread things, I’ll drive you home.

You know what. You’re at your place. I can call a cab.

Are you sure?

I’m sure.

OK. I feel like I f*cked this up.

No, no, it’s not you.

Cassie! What… What are you… what are you doing here?

I just came to pick up my herpes medication.

You have herpes too. That saves us an awkward conversation.

So, I… So, I would like to see you again.

That’s cool?


But we’d need to take it slow. I understand.

Of course. It’s alright. I… I can take it slow I can barely move if you’d like.

Thank you.

I could write a poem. This is awesome. What’re you doing? You wanna get down or something?

Are you working?

Well, no, um… he has leukemia and there is really nothing I can do for him. It’s… it’s over. I’m kidding, my shift’s over. I’ll grab my stuff OK? Don’t leave.

Oh my God.


Are you seeing that guy?


Oh… good for you.

So, Ryan… Pediatric surgeon, huh?

Yes. Yes.

You ever killed any children?


While operating on them, have you ever killed any children?

No, no.



I’m, well, kids… have passed while I have been operating.

So that’s a Yes?

Gail! Stop asking him is he’s killed children.

I will stop asking him when he stops killing children.

That, that seems fair.

That seems fair.

I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it. Can you lock up for me honey?

Of course.

Now, if you two decide to have sex on the counter the bleach is in the back room. And I don’t want to walk in here tomorrow morning, and see ass prints in the coffee grinds, got it? Got it lover boy?


Have fun you two, my God!

She seems nice.

She is, she is a good friend.

Are you– Are you friends with anyone from Forest still or…?


Really, no one, no one?

Really. No one.

I can’t, I can’t… shake them off.

You still hanging out with those guys?

They are not that bad, they aren’t. Really. Oh my God, Madison McPhee just had twins. She’s completely obsessed.

I’ve never remembered Madison.

You… I thought you were close. You guys and that other girl…


Huh? Oh my God, Al Monroe is marrying this bikini model, he got this hideous tattoo of her named, proposed, amazingly, she said yes. Classic Al, you know, landing on his feet.

Al Monroe?

You must remember Al.

Yeah. I though he moved to London.

Yeah, he was there for years, but he just moved back to get married.

Do you see him a lot?

Uh, we are not close, but he is in the group. We actually see each other at work because he is an anesthesiologist.

Good for him. He is getting married.

I know, God help her.

Welcome to the Hotel St Germain.

Thank you.

One ginger ale, and one bottle of champagne.

Don’t worry. I can do that.

Oh, but it’s…



Oh my God! You look amazing! I almost didn’t recognize you.

You look exactly the same.

You are sweet. I look so old…


That’s what having twins will do to you, it’s tragic. Do you have kids?


You will get there. Champagne, what are we drinking to?

To old friends.

Honestly, I thought I’d be bored out of my skull watching the kids but it’s been great actually. Are we out already? Can we get another bottle? Thanks. I haven’t been day-drunk in for ever, so fun…

So fun!

TBH I know all guys say they want wives that work but it’s not true.


No, I mean, They all want a feminist in college, because it’s cool to have a girlfriend who cares about something. And statistically, feminists are more likely to do anal. That’s literal fact, by the way.


You know, when it comes down to it, all guys want the same thing.

And what’s that?

A good girl.

I don’t seem to remember you were that much of a good girl at med school.

Well, for things, Fred didn’t know me at school. He met me when I was working at L’Oreal.

Poor Fred.

What he doesn’t know won’t kill him. Eh?

I’m glad everything’s worked out so well for you, Madison.

Oh yes, it really has.

Yeah. You know. I actually wanted to meet you today, to talk about something in particular.

I did wonder. No one has heard from you in, like, forever.

I wanted to talk to you about why I dropped out.

OK. Sure.

You remember what happened, right?

It was such a long time ago now…

I know, but you remember?

I mean… vaguely.

Do you ever think about it?

Why would I?

Right. Why would you. So, if a friend came to you now, into your house and told you that they thought something bad had happened to them the night before


Something bad…

It was years ago.

What would you say? What would you say?

I’m a little weird…

Would you roll your eyes behind her back and dismiss the whole thing as drama?

I don’t know why you’re mad at me! OK! I’m not the only one who didn’t believe it. In fact, if you have a reputation for sleeping around then maybe people aren’t gonna believe you when you say something has happened. I mean… it’s… crying wolf.

You thought it was crying wolf?

I don’t make the rules. Look, when you get that drunk, things happen. Don’t get… blackout drunk all the time and then expect people to be on your side when you have sex with someone you didn’t want to!

That’s a shame. I was hoping you’d feel differently by now.


For your sake. I was hoping you’d feel different by now.

Look… Don’t be mad, just, I’ll get the check. Alright? It’s my treat. Hello.

Are you okay Madison?

My head is spinning, I just feel like… Oh. Shit! God… Sorry.

It was really so great, seeing you again. You really haven’t changed at all.

That’s great.


She’s over there. Room 25. Your money’s in the envelop.

You’re sure about this?

I’m sure.

Cassie. Hi… wonderful to see you for lunch yesterday, blast from the past. Uh, hey, I was pretty drunk, I can’t really– look, did you see me talking with a guy, like our age, he seemed to know you, just trying to piece some things together.

Cassie, sorry, please call me back, I’m freaking out a little.

I woke up in a, one of the hotel rooms– I think something might have happened, I don’t know.

Scream out bitches!


Excuse me. Excuse me. Hi…


Yeah. Hi, I’m sorry.

What’s up?

I’m so sorry but my phone has died and I’m so late for work. Do you live round here? Do you know the area?

I guess. Why?

Would you tell me how to get to the Castle Diner?

You know what! I’m actually really late–

Please, I’m supposed to be shooting this music video.

Music video?

Yeah. I’m a make-up artist and it’s my first time working with these guys and if I’m late I may as well…

Oh my God, oh my God! Are you working for Wet Dreams?

You didn’t see that.

I know where the Castle Diner is!

Don’t worry about it, I would ask someone else.

NO way, no way! Oh my God! You are working with Wet Dreams! Oh my God! Are they in there right now?

You need to calm down.

I’ll direct you. Please!

Sorry no!

If I don’t direct you, how are you gonna find it?

I can’t. If you tell anyone or you post about this I’ll never work again.

I swear I won’t post anything, I promise. Take my phone!! Seriously. Take it.

Oh god. OK get in. Fine. But you have to be cool about this.

Of course I will.

Whoa. You really are a fan.

I’m ob-sessed. I have a whole insta dedicated just to George’s dog.

Well, you see, coincidence.

I know. You know what. This… This is fate.

Sure seems like it.

Yes? Dean Walker is waiting if you’d like to get one through.


That’s me.

Dean Walker, please sit.

My assistant says that you’re interested in resuming med school.

That’s right.

May I ask what prompted your desire to get back to your studies.

I guess… I couldn’t stop thinking about my time here.

Yeah, it’s an extraordinary place. It’s an unusual request.

Yes. But I left under unusual circumstances.


I left because of what happened to Nina.

Nina Fisher. You don’t remember her?

Maybe you remember Alexander Monroe?

Oh, yes. Alexander Monroe, he actually just came back and gave a talk here. Oh, he’s a really nice guy, who is smart, are you friend of his?

No. So, you don’t remember the accusations made against Al Monroe?

I don’t.

He took a girl, Nina Fisher, the one you don’t remember back to his room where he had sex with her, repeatedly and in front of his friends, while she was too drunk to have any idea of what was going on. She was covered in bruises the next day. Hand prints I guess she could say.

Was it reported?


Do you know who Nina spoke to?


But you can’t remember so… You felt there wasn’t sufficient evidence. You said it was too much of a ‘he said/she said’ situation.

Well, you know we get accusations like this all the time. One or two a week, I’m sorry I don’t remember your friend Nina but I can assure you at that time that I looked into it thoroughly.

His friends were all watching. Laughing.

It’s so hard. But you know, so if she was drinking, and… and maybe couldn’t remember everything.

So she shouldn’t have been drunk?

I’m not saying that. I…

Sorry I don’t have… I don’t mean to sound critical, Dean Walker, I just wanna be clear.

None of us want to admit, when we’ve made ourselves vulnerable. When we’ve made a bad choice and those choices, those mistakes can be so damaging. And really regrettable.


Yes, I mean, because what would you have me do? Ruin a young man’s life every time we get an accusation like this?

So you’re happy to take the boys word for it?

I have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Of course you do.

Because, innocent until proven guilty.

No arguing with that.


Thank you for your time.

Is your friend OK?

No. She’s not.

But Al Monroe is. You’ll be glad to hear he’s doing really well. He’s getting married, actually, so… you know, I guess you did the right thing. We have to give these boys the benefit of the doubt. That’s why I know you won’t mind but three hours ago I picked your daughter Amber up from school and introduced her to the boys who live in that room now.


She is really pretty, huh? And she looks a lot older than she is.

I don’t believe you.

I noticed they had a few bottles of Vodka in their room too. But I’m sure they’ll take good care of your daughter. She seemed excited actually!

Oh. Wait… I have her phone.

She’ll be wanting that later.

You are crazy.


Tell me what room my daughter is in right now.

I told you. The same room Nina was in.

I told you I don’t remember that.

That’s a shame.

What are you doing?

She is a young girl.

I wonder if she looked so young to those guys.

You better tell me what room she’s in. Tell me what f*cking room she’s in. Now! You sociopath, tell me where she is. Please tell me. You are right OK? Is that what you wanna hear? You’re right. You’re right…

Look how easy it was! I guess you just had to think about it the right way. I guess it feels different when it’s someone you love.

Tell me where my daughter is please!

Relax. Dean Walker, do you really think I would do something like that? Luckily I don’t have as much faith in boys as you do! Amber is sitting in a diner waiting for her favorite boy band to show up for a music video. It’s the Castle Diner if you want to call and check. You should probably call actually, or she may never figure out they’re not coming. She’s kind of an idiot, huh? Gorgeous though. Who needs brains? They never did a girl any good. Great to see you again Dean Walker.

Get out of the f*cking road.

Hey. You’re sitting in the middle of the intersection.

Hello. I’m talking to you. Look at me, you stupid c*nt.

Where are you going? Just gonna leave your car? In the intersection?


Calm down.

Whoa, OK, look, stop, stop, stop!

Crazy f*cking b!tch!

Excuse me.

F*ck you.

Ryan, what are you?

She lives, I’m just kidding. You weren’t answering your phone. So I was…

Oh, shit! The movie… Alright, I’m so sorry, I had to work late.

Yeah, I, I went by the coffee shop, Gail said you took the day off…


Everything alright?

Yeah, no, I’m fine, I’m just in the middle of something.

Totally, got it. We can make a movie still… if we skip dinner.

I’m a little tired.


Do you mind if I call you tomorrow?

Sure. Great. Are you OK though? You seem kinda…


Uh… off.

No, um… I’m fine, just too much coffee to work in a coffee shop.


Alright, night.


Watch, you mis-step here. Now, when we get to the house, we gotta be quite cause I’m a and be respectful.

This f*cking surge prices.

One point two, that’s…

That’s not that far, you can walk, right?

I don’t know.

Let’s try, let’s go. Come now.

You got it, that’s fine.


Ryan, what are you doing here?

I’m meeting friends cause my schedule cleared up last minute.

Let me explain.


Oh, my bad dude, I didn’t know the woman was taken but yeah, she’s all yours man.

Oh my… Do you know her name or…



Pretty close.

OK. Have a good night.

Don’t go Ryan, wait, please.

Cassie, you didn’t ignore him straight. It’s stupid. You just told me.

That’s ice cold. That was humiliating.

Why don’t you just f*ck off now OK?

Were you sober? Oh shit. You’re that psycho that Jerry took home.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You know what. Not interested sweetheart. You’re not even that hot.

You are hardly dropping panties yourself Paul. When was the last time you scored in daylight…


No, you be careful. I’m not the only one who does this. And some of the other girls, they really are crazy.

I don’t believe you.

There is a woman in this city that carries a pair of scissors.

You’re lying.

Try it out, next time you go out, see what happens.

Why you guys have to ruin everything?

Can I help you?

I really hope so.

Oh, I’m sorry. I’m no longer practicing the law, if that’s what you’ve come for.

It’s not about that. I’m afraid it’s your day of reckoning.

I’ve been waiting. Come in.

Your office told me you’re on sabbatical. It was very easy to get your address. They just gave it to me.

I told them to give it to anyone who asked.

That doesn’t seem safe.

Or is hiding from the Paper. He has to be paid.

I guess so.

You seem nervous Mr Green. I came here to talk to you about something that happened 7 years ago. You probably well remembered a client name Alexander Monroe. You helped so many boys like him. And you almost certainly won’t remember the girl who you threatened and bullied until she dropped her case.

I remember her. Nina? Was that it? I’m sorry, I don’t remember her full name but– It was Nina though? Wasn’t it?


I remember her. Have you come here to hurt me?

Do you want me to hurt you?

I think so.

I had a… what… I think was an epiphany but my doctor’s called it a psychotic episode. It was at work so, so, now I’m on ”sabbatical”. You know I got a bonus for every settlement out of court. I got another bonus for every charge dropped. We all did. There was a guy– his only job was to comb through all their social media accounts for any compromising information. He contacted old friends, past sexual partners. Oh, you’d be amazed how much easier it is now at the internet to dig up dirt. In the old days, we’d have to go through a girls’ trash. Now one drunk photo at a party oh you wouldn’t believe how hostile that makes a jury. You gotta help me. I can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. I haven’t slept in… I will never forgive myself. I want you to know that. I will never forgive myself. For any of this.

I forgive you.

I’m so sorry.

Do you wanna sleep?

Do I go in now?


Oh. I’m still getting paid though right?



Do you remember Nina’s 16th birthday?

Oh my Gosh. How could I forget? Oh, such a mess.

Nina threw up on the swing.

Certainly not her finest moment.

And that boy stole your vase, and she made him bring that back to you and apologize.

He was so scared of her. She was holding onto his ear, you better say you’re sorry to my mommy, asshole.

What’s his name? Simon or… Steve or something.

Why are you here?

I just wanted to see you.

You need to stop this. It isn’t good for any of us. It’s not good for Nina. It isn’t good for you. Look, I know you feel bad that you weren’t there but you gotta let it go.

I’m just trying to fix it.

Oh, come on, you can’t. Don’t be a child Cassie.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t go with her.

No. I’m sorry too.

Cassie. Move on. Please. For all of us.

Oh great. It’s you.

Can I come in?

Yep. Do you want something? Do you want a coffee or a… another dude to go home with?

Yeah. Actually, do you have any douche-bags lying around?

Yeah, there is a racist on the eighth floor. Yeah.


What do you want? Cassie.

I came to apologize about… I’ve been trying to think about how to explain. It’s not that I’m not interested. I really am. I really, really am.

OK. Sorry if I’m confused– You– Sorry– We’ve been to couple of dates. You won’t kiss me or touch me – which is fine. And then, I see you going home with some random creep in a fedora.

I admit the fedora was unforgivable. The other night– it’s hard to explain it. But it won’t happen again. I promise it will never happen again. Can we try again? Can I, I mean…

I don’t… I don’t know. Are you OK?

I’m.. It’s fine… I guess I’ll see you around.

We’re closed.

Good. Do you wanna go to dinner, you miserable asshole?



First trip to the pharmacy together.


Big step..

I’m sorry, are you singing Paris Hilton?


Yeah. OK, yeah.

Stop it.

It’s fine. It’s fine.


I haven’t done this in a pharmacy in weeks.

That’s weird.

Literally weeks.

Thank you.



I would love it, yeah, thank you.


Ah, yep.


Yeah, thank you.

What a home, it’s unbelievable, so beautiful. Yes, my Susan works really hard.

Yeah, it shows.

Eat, eat. Before it gets cold.

This looks delicious, thank you.

I made the sauce.

The sauce is… The sauce is really good. Incredible.

Ryan, I hear you’re a doctor. Your parents must be very very proud.

Not really, they wanted me to be a DJ.

He’s funny. It’s funny. You didn’t say he’s funny Cassie.

I doubt.

You didn’t say I was… You didn’t say I was… funny?

No. I said you’re boring but rich.

I’m boring, not that rich.

Oh well, in that case, thanks for stopping by…

What kind of doctoring do you do?

Pediatric, so… Children.

What was your… What was that Doctor’s name? Cassie’s doctor?


Oh, no, Doctor… Kirtsen something…

Yeah, dad, he was like 80s,

Yeah, well, you don’t know Dr Kartsen?


No, I’m confused, are there different parts of the body on a child?

No, it’s pretty much the same thing, you’re just different color band-aids and things.

It’s not brain surgery.

I get it, yeah.

This sauce is absolutely unbelievable.

Good night you two.


Thanks for introducing us to Ryan. I know it’s hard. Your mom, she’s… we are both so glad that–

Oh my God, dad, he’s not that nice.

Yeah, I must be tired. Ok… Honey. Nina was like a daughter to us, you know that. We really miss her. But God, we have missed you. See you tomorrow.

Your mom, your mom is hot. Sorry. Your mom is extremely hot.

Do you want her number?

I could hook you up.


I think she likes you more than I do.

I hope that’s no true… Can I… Can I tell you something?


I think you’re amazing. Just shut up you stupid b!tch. Just take this please, I think you’re incredible. I’m, I think I’m falling in love with you. And I think, I’m falling in love with you too.

Oh my god, oh my God. I’m gonna buy you a bicycle. I’m gonna buy you a bicycle. I’m cool. I’m so cool. Oh. I’m the coolest.


Shit… Madison. What are you doing here?

Sorry, I, um… I tried calling, I left messages about that guy… your friend, um… I don’t know if your phone number wasn’t working, maybe I had an old one. I just, I mean… I know it seems kind of crazy I’m waiting on your porch like some stalker or something.

Madison, I’m sorry. I should have called you back. Nothing happened with that guy, please believe me.

Are you sure… it seemed like…

I know what it seemed like. But it wasn’t. He didn’t touch you.

Oh thank god. Oh I was so worried that I… that I, that he, I don’t even…

He just put you in bed, I kept and I to make sure you were OK. I’m really sorry I didn’t call you back, it wasn’t nice.

Well. God… Look, there… I will just show you something.


Can we go inside?


Do you want a glass of water or something?

No, thank you.

After we had lunch and I… got so drunk and woke up in a hotel room with that guy… Um… I thought about it. Of what you said about Nina. How we all just, acted like… And I remembered something.

What? What?

There was a tape.


A stupid video… it’s got sent around, I got sent it– everyone did, at that time it was– just gossip– you know.


So much… stuff happened back then. Like, all the time. You know what it was like, it was just one blackout after the next, I, I… hoped I’d imagined it, but um… I saved on my phones for photos or whatever so… Here. I don’t know how I could ever have watched it and…


Thought it was funny. You can have the phone, OK? You don’t have to watch it… I really wouldn’t watch it but… I don’t know, do whatever you want with it just… leave me out of it. And please will you do me a favor?


Never f*cking contact me again.

Oh my God, this is insane.

Cassie, what… What are you doing here, are you OK?

Can we go somewhere to talk, privately?

Uh. I’m working.

We need to talk. Right now.

OK. I guess… What’s going on? Are you alright?

You are such an asshole.

What happened?

You really thought for a second it was all going to be OK.


Look at this.

What are you showing me? What is this? That… Al Monroe? Oh my God. What is that? I don’t wanna look at that Cassie.

Why not? You were happy to watch back then.

What are you talking about? I wasn’t… I… I don’t remember, I don’t…

It didn’t make an impact, uh?

I was a kid, I…

I need you to do something for me. And I want you to think about it very carefully. I have this video, ready to send to everyone in your address book. Your parents. Your colleagues. All your old buddies and their wives.

Cassie, come on!

So, I can send it out right now. Or you can tell me where Al Monroe’s bachelor party is.

What? Why?

You don’t need to know why.

What are you gonna do?

Well that depends.

On what?

Do you think they’ll fire you in here, Dr Ryan Cooper?


You work with kids right? They have to be careful, things have changed so much since we’re at school, haven’t they?

Think about this. Please please.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I’ve thought about it.



Alright, there, OK? They are gonna be there this weekend, all of them. You don’t… You don’t think I’m a bad person, Cassie I, I, I love you. I love you Cassie. You gotta forgive me. Tell me you forgive me.


So, you’re perfect right? You’ve never done anything you’re ashamed of, you’re… I can’t… are you going to tell everybody?

I don’t know.

I don’t know if I can live with the threat of this hanging over me. I didn’t even do anything.

OK. Poor Ryan, just an innocent bystander. Yeah. Don’t tell any of them that I’m coming. Cause I’ll send the video around just the same if you do.

And then we both won’t be doctors, you f*cking failure.

Nice. Bye Ryan.

 Well, the doctor’s here.

Stripper time baby! Let’s go!

Nurse, I’m feeling sick, I need to check my temperature.

I told you guys, no strippers. Anastasia’s gonna lose her shit.

Who ordered?


Don’t look at me.

No one owning up.

Only if Anastasia finds out it’s your f*cking funeral.

I take it you’re the groom?


Then sit the f*ck down. Now. I’m going to need you all to kneel in front of me like the naughty boys you are.

Everybody here? I don’t want anyone to miss out.

Yeah, all the patients are accounted for nurse.

Time to go upstairs.

No, it’s OK, I don’t… want to…

Look, I won’t have to do anything if you don’t want me to, but I only get paid if I go upstairs with you.


I wanna see her crawl out of here in the morning, Al.

Leave some for us man!

So. What do I…

Get on the bed.

OK. I’m a little scared of you.

You don’t need to be scared. Get on the bed.

Oh, no, no, no. Sorry. I’m not sure about that.

It’s for my safety. When I give private dances… guys can get a little handsy, so…

Oh, right, yeah, of course. You know… you don’t need to… I’m a gentleman.

Are you?

You might be surprised to hear that gentlemen are sometimes the worst.

Oh, sorry, can you loosen this a little?

You’ll get used to it.

Look. I don’t want to sound like a pussy but… you’re not going to… do anything, are you? It’s just… I love my fiancée and we’re getting married so I don’t want any…

Hey. Do I look like someone who would make you do something you don’t want to do?



So, what’s your name?


I mean your real name.

Nina. Nina Fisher.

What did you say?

I said my name is Nina Fisher.

Can you let me go, please?

I’m sorry I can’t.

Did one of the guys put you up to this? Did Joe? Jesus Christ that is dark, even for him.

I don’t follow.

You are not Nina Fisher.

Why not?

Because… she’s dead. OK?

Must be another Nina Fisher. A coincidence.

Yeah, I don’t think so. Can you let me out of this, please? This isn’t funny.

Why would I give you a dead girl’s name?

Hey! This is f*cked up, OK? Stop.

But, I’m not doing anything.

Guys. Hey Joe, Brandon, hey guys, can you get up here please?

I don’t think they can hear you. And even if they could, they are all passed out by now. Because if there is one thing that I learned at Forest, it’s how easy it is to slip something into a drink. You’d think they’d remember that. Especially Joe!

Do I know you?

I’m not sure you’d remember me, Al. You were so popular.

You’re Nina’s friend. Oh f*ck. You’re Nina’s friend.

So you did notice me after all. I’m surprised. I wasn’t super-f*ckable back then so, I thought I kind of slipped your attention.

What do you want? Money? You blackmailing me?

I want you to tell me what you did.

Are you talking about…

What do you think I’m talking about?

I didn’t do anything! We were kids.

If I hear that one more time…

Look, maybe she regretted it after…

Oh. Yeah, she regretted it.

I didn’t do anything.


What the f*ck… Look, I… I don’t know what you want me to say OK, but we… we did not…


You know…

Know? She could barely hold her head up… She had no idea what was going on.

It was a f*cking party, I mean, yeah, we were all drunk, of course, but but but, she was into it.

Didn’t look like she was into it in the video.

The video?

Oh you don’t remember? Your friend Joe taped it. Let me tell you that party doesn’t look so good in the cold light of day.

Look. I will give you anything, OK. I mean I’ll do anything. Anything.

Aw don’t cry. Really. Don’t f*cking cry. Tell me what you did.

I didn’t do anything wrong though!

She dropped out. Top of her class, and she dropped out. I did too to take care of her. The two of us, gone. You graduated Magna Cum Laude though. Did you ever feel guilty? Or did you just feel relieved that she’d gone?

I was affected by it too, OK? I mean it’s every guy’s worst nightmare, getting accused like that.

Can you guess what every woman’s worst nightmare is? The thing is, you thought you’d gotten away with it because everyone had forgotten.


But I haven’t.

You’re out of your f*cking mind!

I was so sad to leave, you know. I’d wanted to be a doctor my whole life.

But lately, I’ve been feeling like I might want to get back into it.


You know…

Stop! Please stop! Hey…

Nina was extraordinary. So smart.

– Help!

Weirdly smart.

Help! Help me! F*ck! Help me!

I want you to know what she was like, OK?

Come on!

She’s so difficult to explain because she was just so completely herself. Even when she was four years old. She was fully formed from day one. Same face. Same walk. And funny, like a grown up was funny. Kind of, shrewd. I was just in awe of her. I couldn’t believe she wanted to be my friend. She didn’t give a f*ck what anyone else thought, apart from me. Because she was just… Nina. And then she wasn’t. Suddenly, she was something else. She was yours. It wasn’t her name she heard when she was walking around, it was yours. Your name all around her. All over her. All the time. And it just… squeezed her out. So when I heard your name again. Your filthy f*cking name… I wondered when was the last time anyone had said hers. Or thought it even. Apart from me. And it made me so sad. Because, Al, you should be the one with her name all over you.

No. No.

Don’t worry. I’ve sterilized everything. I really would’ve been a great doctor.

You’re insane.

You know what?

I honestly don’t think I am.

I’ll do this as quick as I can, OK?

This is your f*cking fault.

Stop, stop, stop!

F*cking! stop f*cking moving! Stop f*cking moving!

Oh man, what a night!

With the f*cking nurse? You kidding me? Nice.


Oh, please don’t freak out, alright? Anastasia is never gonna find out. What happens on tours, stays on tour.

She’s dead, Joe.

Come on.

I’m not kidding.

Alright, OK. You’re being ironic.


You killed the stripper at your bachelor party? What is this the 90s? Al, classic.

Come on. You want me to get her outta here so you can get some sleep?

Alright, honey, time for you to go. Come on. What is she doing? Hey, honey, come on, we gotta go. Honey, what are we doing? Jesus f*cking Christ… F*ck. She dead? Al! Why is the f*cking stripper dead?

I told you.

Why’d this happen?

I don’t know.

OK. Hey, Al! This is not your fault.

I don’t know… it kinda seems like it is…

No, no, no, it’s not! It’s not!

Am I… am I gonna go to jail?


What about the wedding? And my job? Anastasia is going to be so upset with me.

No. Don’t, Al, it was an accident right?

I mean…

It was an accident.

I mean, of course it was a f*cking accident.

Of course it was a f*cking accident. No one is going to jail OK? Because no one is ever going to find out. If anyone asks, we all saw her leave last night. She stripped and then she left.

She left?

She left. OK? Alright… It’s gonna be fine, alright? We’re gonna take care of this. We just gotta get rid of the body before the others leave. Hey, hey, hey, hey! It’s OK, look at me. This is not your fault. You did nothing wrong, alright. Alright, you did nothing wrong. It’s not your fault.

Can you uncuff me?

Come here, come here.

Can’t you just do that thing, where you track her cell phone or something?

I’m sorry, ma’am. It was turned off before she left. Seems like she really didn’t want anyone to know where she was.

It’s just not like her to …disappear like this.

Well, that’s not entirely true honey.

Stanley. You know, she was getting better… OK? She was getting better.

Yes, she was, of course she was.

She will come back. You know how she is. She always comes back.

Was she seeing anyone? Did she have a boyfriend?


Are you DR Cooper?


Detective Waller.

Yeah, uh, come in, please. Have a seat.

Pediatric surgeon huh?


That’s very commendable. Thank you for all that you do for the community.

Sure, yeah.

I’m sorry to bother you at work Doctor. Do you know a Cassandra Thomas?

Yeah, yes. Yes.

How do you know her?

We were… we were seeing each other.

Were seeing each other?

We broke up a few days ago.

Define a few days.

Last Thursday.

Have you had any contact since?

No, I’m sorry, what is this regarding?

Cassandra’s parents have filed a missing person’s report.

I’m sorry, what? Why?

Because she’s missing.

Since when?

Since Friday.

She told her parents something about a work trip, but her colleague didn’t know anything about it. Do you have any idea where she might have been going to this weekend?

She mentioned… the work trip… yeah.

Any idea where?

No, no, I’m sorry.

That’s alright Doc.

Between you and me it, sounded like she wasn’t feeling so good. Mentally, I mean. Her father seemed to think she was a little unstable.

Yeah. She was… not in a good place.

Do you think she might have wanted to hurt herself?

Yeah… Uh… She could have… She could have, yeah.

I thought that might be the case. Thank you for your honesty. Well, I don’t want to bother you anymore, but if you wouldn’t mind coming to the station tomorrow, you know, for an official statement.

Of course. Anything I can do to help.

Thank you for your time, Doctor. Appreciate it.

Thank you.

That’s cute.


Anastasia… You’re the greatest thing ever happened to me. You are my moral compass and the love of my life.

Al, you are my best friend and my soul mate. I love you.

As like a brother… we grew up together to the best of friends, we’ve been through thick and thin and I just love him. And you know, he’s met Anastasia, who by all accounts, you know, just, solid catch.

That’s great!

How you doing man?


See them bridesmaid over there? Just the type of girl that makes you go home to your wife and say… cum on her ass and face the same time.

That’s nice.

It’s good seeing you.

Yeah, you too.

Hey Joe, Hey!

You’re Alexander Monroe?


You are under arrest for the murder of Cassandra Thomas.

No, no no, this is a mistake.

Excuse me, you tell me what’s going on?


Show him to the car.


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