In a monster-infested world, Joel (Dylan O'Brien) learns his girlfriend is just 80 miles away. To make the dangerous journey, Joel discovers his inner hero to be with the girl of his dreams.
Love and Monsters (2020)

After humanity nukes an asteroid headed for Earth, radiation spills down upon the planet, mutating all cold blooded animals into monsters. During the evacuation of Fairfield, Joel Dawson (Dylan O’Brien) is separated from his girlfriend Aimee (Jessica Henwick), but promises he’ll find her. Seven years later, Joel has survived and is living in an underground bunker, as part of a colony. While others go on supply runs Joel is left in the kitchen, as he has a habit of freezing-up in dangerous situations. Joel makes radio contact with Aimee, learning of her colony and sharing stories of survival. When an ant-monster breaches his colony and another person is killed, Joel decides to set off on a quest to find Aimee, armed with a crossbow and a dead radio.

Passing through the suburbs Joel is attacked by a giant toad, but is saved by a stray dog. The dog, called Boy, follows Joel on his journey, and warns him against poisonous berries and other dangers. Joel falls into a nest of worm-monsters, but Clyde Dutton (Michael Rooker) and Minnow (Ariana Greenblatt), rescue him from the “Sand-Gobblers” and scold him for his lack of survival skills. They are heading north, where the colder weather and elevation means less monsters. They teach Joel some basic survival skills. Clyde teaches Joel that not all monsters will attack, showing him a Boulder Snail and saying that “You can always tell in their eyes.”. After some further travel they invite Joel to go with them to the mountains but Joel insist he must find Aimee. As they part ways, Clyde gifts Joel with a grenade.

Joel and Boy continue west through a swamp until Boy senses another monster and hides. A giant centipede-monster crawls up from underground, trapping Boy. Joel freezes, but eventually shoots the centipede with the crossbow and saves Boy. They shelter in an abandoned motel, where a robot named Mav1s (Melanie Zanetti) powers up and greets him. Mav1s is able to show Joel a photos of his parents, and power his radio long enough to contact Aimee and learn she is close. Aimee tells Joel that a few new survivors have reached their colony and are going to take them away to safety. Joel loses contact, and while she is playing Joel some music Mav1s’ battery finally dies. In the morning Joel and Boy are attacked by a Queen Sand-Gobbler. They hide but Boy makes noise, giving away their position. Joel kills the Queen with the grenade, but yells at Boy for putting them in danger, and Boy runs away. After swimming across the river Joel is covered in leeches, which poison him and cause hallucinations, but he is rescued before he passes out.

Joel wakes up in Aimee’s colony, where she is the leader and most of the colonists are elderly and dependent on her. Joel is introduced to the new survivors, Cap (Dan Ewing) and his crew. Cap has offered to take the colony to on their yacht to a safer place. Everyone is packing up and having a farewell party. Joel decides to return to his colony and contacts them on the radio, they are pleased and excited by his survival, but their colony has become unsafe and they will have to leave their current site soon. Cap sends Joel some berries, which he recognizes as poisonous. Realizing Cap was lying to them, he rushes to warn Aimee, but everyone is already intoxicated and then he is knocked unconscious. They all awake tied-up on the beach. Cap reveals his group are not there to help but to steal supplies. Their yacht is not powered by fossil fuel, but towed by a crab-monster that Cap controls with an electrified chain. Cap sets the crab to feed on the colonists. Joel and Aimee get loose and fight for their lives, Boy returns during battle, and Cap and his crew they escape to their yacht. Cap electrocutes the crab to provoke it to attack. Joel has the opportunity to kill the crab, but looks into its eyes, and instead shoots the electrified chain, freeing the crab from Cap’s control. The crab leave Joel unharmed and instead kills Cap and his team and sinks the yacht.

Joel decides to head back to his colony, and recommends Aimee and her colony head north to the safer colony in the mountains. They share a goodbye kiss, reigniting Aimee’s love for Joel, and she tells him she’ll find him. Joel treks all the way back to find his original colony and his friends are still alive. They too decide to head north. Joel broadcasts his story and survival tips on the radio, inspiring other colonies to take to the surface. As everyone heads north, Clyde and Minnow, alive and well on the mountaintop, wonder if Joel will survive the next journey.

* * *

I didn’t really have your typical upbringing.

I mean, I did at first, but then the world ended.

I don’t think anyone was really shocked.

We always thought it might, and then it just finally happened.

But how it happened, now that’s where it gets interesting.

Agatha 616.

Yep, an asteroid heading straight for Earth.

I know. So obvious.

So, humanity came together, and we did what we do best.

We shot a bunch of rockets at it!

And we blew it up!

And it was great!

But it wasn’t. You see, the thing that makes rockets rockets… chemical compounds, a lot of ’em.

Which rained back down on us, and everything changed.

And by “everything,” I mean cold-blooded creatures.

And by “changed,” I mean mutated and started eating us to death.

Ants, lizards, roaches, crocodiles.

You name it. There’s a lot of ’em.

I knew this one kid who was eaten in his sleep by a goldfish he won at a carnival.

Man, Todd loved that goldfish.

And that cat.

So, for most of human history, if you wanted to kill a cockroach, all you needed was a shoe.

Well, suddenly you needed a shotgun.

And sometimes even a tank.

And sometimes even that doesn’t work.

Especially if you don’t stay in the tank, Bob.

Eventually, the really big ones and our military took each other out.

We lost 95% of the human population in about a year.

That’s a lot of Bobs.

And a lot of Todds.

Those of us who survived, we hid anywhere we could… bunkers, caves, panic rooms  all around the world.

So for the last seven years I’ve been living in an underground bunker.

It’s not as bad as it sounds. Really.

It’s a great group of people, and we all love each other.

It’s kinda what I imagined college would have been like.

Are you sure he’s asleep?


Joel. Who else?

Yeah. He’s asleep.

Hang on. Shh.

He’s not awake.

Are you sure?

It’s just you.

I just… I don’t…

Joel. Joel.


He’s not awake.

It’s just you.

Dear Aimee, I am wide awake.

I’ve just gotten good at not really moving or breathing.

Being stuck in a survival bunker with a bunch of people who have all found their soul mate is less than ideal.

Karen and Ray got together a few months ago, so they’re still kinda in their honeymoon phase.

It is super physical.

Good for them. They’re both very attractive and apparently quite flexible.

Hey, life’s short.

Especially down here.

Oh. Hey, Ava.

Hey, Joel.

Joel. How’s it going?

It’s going good, Tim.

How are you… How are you doing?

Yeah, good.


I couldn’t sleep.

Yeah, we know the feeling.

Yeah. Probably not for the same reasons.

Y-You guys’s, uh, door’s open.

Is that… Did you know that?


Yeah, we know.


After Tim’s parents were eaten by a swarm of termites, he and Ava became inseparable.

Okay. Good night.

In every way.

Good night.

That’s the asteroid they named 616 Agatha.

And these are all the chemical bombs they sent up to try and…

So, pretty much everyone’s coupled up down here.

Our first baby was born last winter.

It was super emotional.

Welcome to the apocalypse, kid.

The food sucks. At least you’ll never know what you’re missing.

Kala and Connor got together after Carol died.

Carol was a cow who ate a box of laundry detergent.

And now we only have one cow.

Her name’s Gertie.

Gertie is great.

Gertie’s not our only food source.

We actually have a hunting party that brings back whatever they can from the surface.

It was easier in the beginning, you know, before we ran out of bullets.

Facing down one of those things with a janky handmade weapon is no walk in the park.

Or so they tell me.

I-I don’t go on the hunting parties.

They need me in the kitchen.

I’m kinda the, uh…

…the chef of the bunker.

Everyone likes my minestrone.

Being the only single person in the bunker has its perks too.

I get to hang out with Mavis.

Of course, she’s not much for conversation anymore.

Her core battery’s shot, just like every other Mavis, I’d imagine.

Actually never seen a working one.

Sure wish you were here, Aimee.

I’d love for you to meet everyone.

Oh, yeah.

Maybe we could do a little target practice together.

It’s kinda my thing.


Sorry, Mavis.

Hustle, hustle, people.

We gotta move.


Guys! I got the weapons.



Get what you need, and let’s go.

What’s happening?

What’s going on?

We’re breached.



What do you mean?

Like, inside the bunker breached?

That’s what “breached” means, kiddo.


Anna Lucia and I will engage.

Anderson and Tim, flank us.

Flank ’em, yeah, okay.

Where do you guys need me? The rear, or…

I thought we were past this, Joel.

Past what?

You need help. I can help.

Let me help.

You gonna make me say it?

Say what?

You can’t handle it, Joel.

You’re shook.

Okay, yeah.

So, you guys don’t get scared ever?

We get scared.

We all get scared, Joel, but you get really scared.

We’re not trying to make you feel bad.

We love you, Joel.

But you’re unsafe.

You’re a liability.

Even on supply runs.

Okay, why did that speech feel so rehearsed?


Okay, 30 meters out. Let’s move.

Be careful, Connor-Bear.

I will, Kala-Bee.

Load out.

Go with them.

They’re getting close.


Oh, my God.

It’s got one of ’em.

What about the others?

They’re coming back.


They need help. I’m going.

Joel! Wait!



Did I shoot it, or did you?

What do you think?


Oh, and I have a pretty severe freezing problem.

But I am working on it.

How is it looking?

I think it looks really good.

Does it look like me?


Are you sure that this pose looks natural?



I think it’s really good.

What are you doing?

Don’t move.

Will you let me see it?

Don’t… Don’t move. Aimee.

I really wanna see it.

Can I see it?





What do you think?

Why do I have a beard?

No, that’s shading.

I did the shading.

My head is… is so large.

You have a big head.

And my hand is so tiny.

You have tiny hands.

I love it. I frickin’ love it.

That’s super sweet, ’cause it’s terrible.

I got you something too.


I don’t know if these are the right ones.

No way. These are the ones that I-I-I wanted to get.



Ooh. Hello.

What’s happening right now?


Are you okay?

Yeah, I’m dancing with my shoulders.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

This has been the best summer of my life.

Mine too.


What are you doing?

Do you know what time it is?

Uh, I think it’s, like, 6:30.

Aimee, you’re… you’re scaring Crocodile Carl.

Okay, look away, Crocodile Carl.

Oh. Look away.

Hey, I get it.

I get it.

We need to go.

I’m scared.

Dear Aimee, This week has been especially shitty.

We lost Connor to what looked like a really big ant.

Helps me to draw them.

I try to capture their essence, scribble down some notes on how to kill them.

Sometimes I think it’s the only way I know how to cope with these things.

This is 7045. Come in, 3022.

I repeat, come in, 3022. Over.

This is 3022.

What is it now, Ray?

Hey, Janice. No, it’s actually…

It’s, uh, Joel.

Oh. Joel.


All right.

Hold on one second.

Aimee, it’s Ray!

It’s Joel.

Thanks, Janice.

Joel! Hey!

Hey, Aimee! Hi!

How are you?

Hi. Yeah, I, uh… I’m good.

It’s so good to hear your voice.

I’m so sorry.

I heard on the open frequency that one of you guys got killed.

Yeah. Breached the bunker.

Wow. Actually got inside?

Yeah. It’s the first time it’s happened.

It was kinda scary.

Did you have to fight it too?

Yeah. Yeah, a little.

I had to fight it a little bit.

Actually got super ripped since the last time you saw me, so…

Oh. Wow!

Super ripped, huh?

Yeah, I was kidding. I’m not super ripped.

That was just a bad joke.

Well, I’m glad you’re okay.

Thanks. Yeah.

I am still kinda blown away that you were even able to find my colony on this thing.

I know.

It’s pretty crazy.

‘Cause I found it on the first one.

What are the odds?


Yeah. No, I… I called…

I called, like, 90.

Hey, you know what I, uh… know what I wish sometimes?


That I could, like, s-snap my fingers and be back in that car with you.

Man, that’d be nice.

Yeah. Too bad it’s, uh… you know, impossible.

Kinda feels like everything is impossible these days.

Taking care of this whole colony is exhausting.

I, uh…

I-I write you letters.


Yeah. Yeah,

I-I write you letters sometimes.


All the time.

I’d love to read ’em.

Really? I would love to read them to…

No. Aimee?


We’ve lost a lot of people over the years.

You’d think you’d get numb to it after a certain point.

You don’t.

I’m sorry.

Thank God! Where have you been, Joel?

We have to go right now.

Say your goodbyes, get in the car.

I should go.

Maybe you should come with us.

No, my mom is waiting. I’m sorry.

Get in the car!

Aimee, you need to hurry home now!

I want you to have this.

What? This is Crocodile Carl.

It’s your good luck charm.

Be careful.

You too.


I love you.

I love you too.

I’m gonna come find you.

You better.

You better.

I wanna know how it got in.

It appears to have ripped through one of our perimeter defenses.

What, it ripped through steel?

Anderson and I resealed the breach point and the vent.

Nothing’s getting in that way again.

But why did it happen?

It was a freak occurrence.

There’s no reason to think it’ll happen again.

We should try to stay calm.

How far away is Aimee’s colony?


Aimee’s colony.

How far away is it?

About 85 miles.

How long does that take to get there?

You’re not actually thinking of going?

Tim, just… humor me.

How long?

Seven days. Minimum.

An armed and trained hunting party would be lucky to last 50 miles on the surface.

But you, Joel…

All right, now I need volunteers to help reinforce some of the outer perimeter.

Yeah, I’m gonna go.

Ava’s got this.


I’m gonna go.

It’s an impossible journey, Joel.

No, I’m serious.

I love you guys, but there’s one person in this world who ever truly made me happy, and she’s only 85 miles away.

And I’m gonna go see her.


That felt awesome.

Dear Aimee, I am done hiding.

I’m done waiting for things to get better.

It’s time to take matters into my own hands.

Time to let someone else make the minestrone.

I’m taking a radio, even though it doesn’t have power.

But I’m gonna take it anyway.

Wish me luck, Gertie.

Mavis, take care of her.

You’re not joking, are you?

Nope. Nope, I’m not.

He’s not joking.

We’re not letting you leave, Joel. You’re needed here.

Tim, no, I’m not. Come on.

I don’t do anything.

Joel, that’s not true. You fix the radio.

You make the minestrone.


Doesn’t sound as important when I say it out loud.

I appreciate you trying.

Really, I do.

I just don’t feel like I belong anywhere.

I don’t really wanna die all alone at the end of the world, so…

Look, I know you guys all just think of me as, like, some little, pathetic, adorable hedgehog.

But I can take care of myself.

I’m actually probably a lot stronger than you might think.

We made you a map.

Thanks, Karen.

Just… take care.

Everything will try to kill you.


Be observant.

Use the advantages that you have.

You’re fast and small, so…


Don’t fight. Just run and hide.

Don’t fight.

Thanks, Ray.

You’re an asshole if you get eaten.



I love you guys. Tell Aimee I’ll see her in seven days.

We believe in you.

Love you, buddy.

Where am I?

Well, it’s not super useful.

Okay, well, you know what?

We know we gotta head west.


Well, let’s just… do that.

Start with something easy. West.

Nope, it’s this way.

West is this way.


Split the difference.

Go this way.

Done. First decision made.

Dear Aimee, I am doing it.

I’m really doing it!

Honestly, I thought it’d be way worse.

So far, it’s not too bad.

I’ve seen a lot of signs of death, but no actual death.

So cross your fingers.


Monster eggs.

Trying to stay positive.

Weather’s nice.

Getting some fresh air.

What else can I tell ya?




Run and hide.

Hide in the house.

Hide in the house.


No, no, no. No!


No, no, no!

Yes! Bite it! Bite it off!

Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!

Where are you going?


Whoa, that was so cool.

Nice place.

Can I sit?


You all alone?


Me too.


Is that your name?

Boy? Your name is Boy.

I’m Joel.

Nice to meet ya.

Thanks, uh…

Thanks for saving my life, Boy.

Is this a dress?

Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Sorry.

Okay, I won’t touch it again.

Was that your owner’s?

It’s okay.

You don’t have to talk about it.


Wait. Did you think I was her?


I’m gonna lie down too.

Is that o…

No, it’s okay.

Just my backpack.

You know, I had a girl, too, once.

Think you would’ve really liked her.

Yeah, you guys would totally get along.

She loves dogs. I mean, all animals.

She’s a big animal lover.

I haven’t seen her in seven years.

Long time. That’s why I’m trying to go find her.

I haven’t told anyone this, but I’m kinda nervous about it.

Good night, Boy.

Weakness: dogs.

That’s you.

You wouldn’t happen to have a power source to a ham radio in here, would you?

‘Cause I have a…

Never mind.

Huh. Lipstick.


Hey, would you mind if I kept this?


All right, well… this is it.

Thanks for having me.

I should… stop talking to a dog.

Okay. I’ll see ya.



Oh, hey, hey, hey.

No, no, no. None of that.

Something might hear you.

You wanna come with me?

Okay. You can come.

Let’s go. Come on.

Uh… What…

Yeah, we can bring that.

You want me to put it in my bag?

Okay. It’s okay.

I’m gonna keep it safe. I promise.

Going in the safe backpack.


Okay, you ready?

Let’s go. Come on.

Okay, that’s really gonna have to stop.

Feels good, actually, having company.

Dear Aimee, Guess what.

I got a dog, and he’s the coolest.

His name is Boy.

He saved my life from a giant frog in a pool who tried to eat me with his tongue.

And then we hung out on his bus.

Man, do we make a great team.

We found out we have a ton in common too.

I feel like we can talk about anything.

You gotta see us out here.

We’re like this iconic duo.

I don’t know. Feels like when we’re together, we’re unstoppable.

Hey. What are you doing?

What you got in there?

Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Go. Go!

We gotta go! Come on!


Sustenance. Perfect.

Ow. Ow!

Ow! What… What are you doing?


But they look so good.

Yeah, you know what?

I don’t think I should eat these.

It’s crazy the things you forget about the world. Like the smells.

The grass, the trees, the flowers.

Sure, you get the occasional bloody corpse, but…


Oh, no.

I fell in a hole.

Okay, I just gotta… climb out.

I can climb out.

Oh, no.

This is bad.

Oh, this is so bad.

Stop. Stop it. Shh. Stop it.

It’s a rope, you numbskull!

Put it around your foot and grab on!

Okay, come on! Hold on!

Pull up!

You wanna look at ’em? Oh, shit!


Minnow, finish ’em off.

One, two, three, four and…

Are we…

Always count to five.

Was that a samurai sword?

Why’d you fall into a Sandgobbler’s nest?

I didn’t mean to, you know.

I was just… I was walking.

What’s your name?


Joel Dawson.

I’m, uh, Clyde.

This is Minnow.

You’re lucky we weren’t monsters.

You were yelling like a girl.

“This is bad! This is so bad!”

Okay, I don’t sound like that.

My voice is not that high-pitched.

Yeah, it is.

Yes, it is.

It was higher than mine, and I’m eight.

What in God’s name are you doing up here alone anyway?

I’m not alone. I’ve got Boy too.

Oh, wait, no! No, wait, wait!

Oh, my God, it’s a puppy!

Come here, Boy!

Come here, Boy!

They almost killed my dog.

Hi, Boy!



So, uh, what happened with your colony, man?

They kick you out?

No, I actually left on my own.

Something I had to do.

You stole food, didn’t you?

He’s a food stealer.


No, I didn’t steal any food.


Me and my colony were really close.

Like family. Okay?

They were super upset that I left.

Time to go, Minnow.

Time to go? Why?

So, what…

What, uh… What was that?

What’s going on?

Could’ve been a lot of things.

Tree Flamer. Herd Stomper.


Limbsnapper. Limbcrusher.

And my favorite… the Chumbler.

Okay, I get it.

A lot of… A lot of names.

Whatever it is, it took your screams for the dinner bell.

If it’s got your scent, it’s gonna be on you for a while.

Hey, maybe I could, like, I don’t know, come with you guys.

Which way you headed?

Going west.

To the coast. Jenner Beach.

Yeah. We’re not cutting north just yet.

Not cu… Not cutting north just yet.

Come on. Come on.

Yeah. Whatever you want.

You guys want me to come, I’ll come.

Come on.

That’s a good, uh… good little workout.

A girl, huh?


You left a nice, safe colony to travel all the way to the ocean for a girl you ain’t seen since you were, what, 17?

No, I know what you’re thinking.

I know how it sounds. It’s crazy.

But… I don’t know.

If you knew our connection, you’d probably feel differently.

We actually just got back in touch over the radio a few weeks ago.

And it’s still there.

It’s just magical. And so sweet.

She loves me too, so a “pick up right where we left off” kind of thing.

It’s still there.

You ever hear the term “fool’s errand”?

All right, what, so I’m a fool because I believe in true love?

No, you’re a fool because you’re out here alone, you don’t know a thing about survival…


…you shoot for shit, yet you got an attitude like you’re some kind of noble warrior floating on the wings of love.

Doesn’t work like that.


Super encouraging speech.

Damn it.

You’re braining out.


Braining out. Thinking too much.

I always clear my mind and say to myself, “a needle through water.”

“A needle through water”?

Trust me. My dad was the best archer in my colony.

Oh, really? Okay. Then how come he’s not the one giving me the lessons?

‘Cause I’m not her dad.

Yeah, my dad got killed.

Back when we lived in the subway station.

Along with Elliot.

Uh, wh-who’s Elliot?

My son.

Oh, I’m sorry.

No need to be sorry.

We all have stories like that.

Don’t we?

Needle through water.

Needle through water.

Hey, that was pretty close.

It was better.

It was really good, right?


Tell you what, kid. You gonna hang with us, you need to know stuff.

Yeah. Okay.

First lesson.

Yeah. Hit me.

Always survey from high ground when possible.



Helps you spot the big ones in advance.

It’s nice to know that thing’s not following us anymore.

No, no, it’s definitely still following us. Just saw it.




I knew it.

Big son of a bitch too.

Big sumanabitch.

Got your scent too, man.

It’s gonna be hard to shake.

Then why are we still standing here?


Chumblers aren’t fast.

We gotta keep moving.


Should’ve already been gone.

It’s got my scent.

Oh, yeah, it does.



Where you guys headed anyway?


To the mountains.

What’s up there?

A, uh, place called Snow Mountain Wilderness.

Supposed to be some kind of colony up there full of survivors.

The cold and elevation help to keep the monsters away.

You should definitely come with us.

Well, I would, but, you know…

You gotta go find your girlfriend.

Yeah, yeah.



If you knew her, you’d really like her.

She’s a super cool person.

Well, she’s not gonna like you, ’cause you can’t even get out of a Sandgobbler’s nest.

And honestly, I just like you ’cause you have a really cute dog.

Hurts my feelings.

You’re so useless.

It just means she likes you, man.

She’s, uh…

She’s been through a lot.


So annoying.



Don’t move.

Oh, my God. Why?

Give me your shirt.

My shirt? What do you mean?

Your shirt, man.

Give me your shirt.


Get… Hurr… Come on.

Do what he says, Joel.

Give me your shirt.

Shut up. I’m trying.

Easy. Take it easy.

That’s it. That’s it.

Is it a Chumbler?


What is it called?

Take it easy. Lean over, man.

If I don’t make it…

Shh, shh.

That’s it. That’s it.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Just stay very still.



Okay, buddy.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Easy does it.

It’s okay.

You’re okay.

It’s okay.

You’re all right.

All right. Okay, now.

On your way.

Okay, now.

All good. On your way now.

On your way.

Good boy. Good boy.

What you so scared for?

Boulder Snails are nice.

There can be nice ones?

You can always tell in their eyes.

Just look at their eyes.

This one probably saved our lives too.

Saved our…

Gonna spread your scent all over this hillside.

Shoot. That old Chumbler ain’t gonna know which way to go.

So the Chumbler’s gonna follow my shirt?

Thank you, Mr. Boulder Snail.

Thank you, Mr. Boulder Snail!

Thank you.

Yeah, they’re very sensitive, you know.

But they’ll crush your ass… in a second.

What you working on, man?

Just a little project I started a while back in my colony.

Every time we encountered a new monster, I’d just make a little entry.


A drawing.

Um, just some info about it.

You know, strengths, weaknesses.

Stuff like that.

Made me feel like I was helping out, you know.

You’re a pretty good artist.


I seen this one. Ugly bastard.


Doesn’t like loud noises.

Oh, yeah.

Also doesn’t like shotgun blasts to the head.

Might wanna add that.

Shotgun to the face.

Yeah. Got it.


Do you mind if I…

Oh, sure.

Yeah. Oh, thanks. Thanks.

Oh, wow.


I was 16 when it hit.

Yeah, they sent everything up at once to take her down.

They had the balls to call us the lucky ones just ’cause whatever the hell was in those things didn’t affect us.

Ain’t nothing lucky about getting kicked off the top of the food chain.

Yeah, my parents thought if we could just make it out of Fairfield, we might have a shot.

Wait, wait, wait.

You’re from Fairfield?

Yeah. Why?

Man, I’ve never met anyone who made it out of Fairfield.

That place was basically ground zero.

Shit, I’ve only heard horror stories.

Yeah, it was pretty bad.

Your parents, uh…

Oh, uh, no.

No, it’s just me.

Couldn’t save ’em.

You putting that on yourself?


You’re from Fairfield, man.

You shouldn’t even be here.


You’re more of a survivor than I thought.

That’s the coolest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

It’s a good start.

Keep it up. Book like this could save someone’s life out here.

Thanks, Clyde.

You, um… sure your girl’s worth it?

Coming all this way?


Yeah, she is.

Don’t settle, Joel.

She’s right.

You don’t have to.

Not even at the end of the world.

Okay! Time to break camp! Let’s go!

Uh, wh…

Lesson two.

You get a hot meal or a good night’s sleep.

Not both.

Not both.

Are you being serious?

Something will have smelled our food and be all over this camp within the hour.

Why wouldn’t you tell me that, though?

Uh, I didn’t… I didn’t do either.

I can’t tell you everything, man. Keep up.

“Roar! I’m gonna kill you, Joel Dawson! I’m gonna eat you like broccoli!”

“I’m Joel, and I can’t protect my girlfriend because I’m useless and insecure and an awkward little teenager.”

“But I need you to save me! I thought you loved me.”

“But I can’t because…”


That’s your girlfriend dying.


A needle through water.

A needle through water.

Needle through water.


Yes! See? Bull’s-eye!


Got yourself an admirer there, huh?

Hey, we gotta get going.

Uh, okay.

Come on. Come on.

We gotta go. We…

Minnow? What are you doing?

Dear Aimee, I made friends.

Human friends.

And they’re teaching me everything they know.

Like lesson three: Don’t take shortcuts.

Lesson eight: Target practice every day.

I’m getting pretty good with my crossbow.


Pretty good.

Lesson ten: Keep your socks dry.

That’s a great one.

I’m kinda struggling with lesson two: Not both.

That one is not great.

Not both. Not both.

Come on, Joel. Not both.

I’m super tired.

All right, a lot of things out here you shouldn’t touch or eat, but, uh, ferns like these have an antivenom.

Good in a pinch for snakes, slugs.

Great entry for your book.

Yep, got it.

The insect-looking ones got no peripheral vision.

No peripheral… Ah!

The lizard-looking ones can’t climb for shit.

The amphibian-looking ones like to hide, lure ya in, eat ya whole.

Then there are the Sandgobblers.

Those guys are badasses.


Yeah, I know.

I fell into their hole.

What you saw were worker bees.

What you wanna avoid under all circumstances is a queen.

How do I know if it’s a queen?

Well, your first clue would be a giant fin slicing through the earth, following every single sound and vibration you make.

You howling in pain… …as you’re being ripped in half will be your second.

Copy. I’ll keep that in mind.

Well, we’re getting close to where our paths diverge.

You’re gonna wanna go west to Jenner, the beaches.

Or you can be sensible, come with us to the mountains.

Yeah, um, I think I’ve been sensible all my life, and it’s really gotten me nowhere.

Come with us.

Strength in numbers, you know?

Besides, think we’d make a good team.

No, I think so, too.

I just, uh…

It’s just something I gotta do.

It’s not fair.

Wh… Hey. Wha…

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Whoa, whoa. What’s going on?

Why do you gotta go?

‘Cause this girl, she means a lot to me.

You know?

Come on. You know I gotta do this.

We talked about this.

Hey, you know what?

I got something for ya.

I don’t even know if you’d know what this is, but…





Yeah, it’s lip…


I take back what I said before.

Aimee’s gonna love you.

Thanks, Minnow.

You got some snot.


All right. Come on.

Final lesson.

Listen to your instincts out here.

They’ll keep you alive.

Yeah. What if I have, uh, terrible instincts?

You’ll die.


Listen, man, good instincts are earned by making mistakes.

If you’re lucky enough to survive a few mistakes, you’re gonna be okay out here.

This might come in handy, too.


Oh, that’s great.

Do you have, uh…

Do you have any more that I could have?

You get one.

Pull the pin, count to five.

Not four, not six.


Got it.

You’re gonna be okay.


Let’s go, kid.

Hey, man, you made it all this way from Fairfield.

What’s another 30 miles, huh?

Uh-oh, here he comes.


Hey there.

I know.

I’m gonna miss ’em, too.

It’s a good decision, though. It’s good.

You feel good about it, right?

Come on, Boy.

Aw, I’m okay.

I’m just gonna…

You can have that.

I’ll just stick to the beans.

I’m good.

I’m not gonna eat that, so…

Hey, come on.

We gotta keep moving.

I know. There’s a lot of creepy stuff. Creepy boats.

Kind of a creepy sign.

But nothing we haven’t seen before.

Just gotta be brave.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What’s going on? What’s happening?

You okay?

You hearing something, Boy?

Boy, Boy, Boy! Boy!

Hey! Boy! Boy! Boy!

Boy! Are you okay?

I need some kind of communication here.

Oh. I hear it.

We gotta go. Hey.

We really gotta go.

Please get out from under the duck.

We gotta go.

Joel. You okay?

You okay?

Joel! Get out of the car!

Joel, get outta the car!

Run, Joel, run!

Run! Go!

You can survive this.

I love you. I love you.




Are you okay?

Yeah! Yeah, you’re okay!

You’re okay!

You’re okay.

You’re okay. You’re okay.

Aren’t you? Aren’t you?



We’re monster killers.




You know, I haven’t felt the rain in seven years.

Pretty cool.

Pretty cool.

Hey, Boy, you think I’m crazy?

Coming all this way?


Holy shit.

You’re alive.

I mean… you’re on.

I have 51 minutes of power left.

What is your name?

Uh, I’m Joel.

My name is Joel.

Hello, Joel.

I am so pleased to meet you.

My name is Mavis.

But if you were to write it out, you would write it with a 1 and not an I.

Yeah, I know.

You are familiar with the Mav1s line.


You guys were supposed to be the next amazing thing.

I can’t believe I’m talkin’ to one.

But if you were to write it out, you would write it with a 1 and not an I.

Yeah. You said that.

Years ago, I was bitten in half by something I did not get a chance to name.

I crawled here for safety and powered down, hoping someone would one day find me.

And here you are!


Joel, besides conversing with me, for which I am eternally grateful, may I ask what you are doing outside of your colony?

Yeah, um…

Did you steal food?


No, I didn’t steal any food.

Um, I’m actually on a quest… to find a girl.

Why, Joel, a lovely lady has caught your eye!

What is her name?

Uh, her name’s Aimee.

With one I and two E’s.

She sounds like an incredible person, Joel.

Is there anything I can do to assist you in your quest for Aimee with one I and two E’s?

Nope. Appreciate it, Mav1s, but, uh, unfortunately not.

Unless you happen to have a power source to an SK-21 ham radio handy.

Oh, no, but…

I would be honored to donate my remaining power to you if it would help you with your quest for Aimee with one I and two E’s.

She probably thinks I’ve been devoured by now.

Oh, this is all so exciting!

It’s working.


3022? Come in, 3022.


Aimee! Hey. Hey.

Your colony told me you were coming here. Are you okay?

I was worried.

It’s so good to hear your voice.

Yeah, it’s good to hear yours, too.

Yeah, I’m alive. I’m good. I’m okay.

I-I-I can’t believe you’re actually doing this.

I know. It’s crazy. Aimee, I cannot wait to tell you everything.

I feel like a whole new man, you know?

You should see me out here.

I’m fighting monsters.

I’m in a motel right now with a robot and a dog.

What? That sounds crazy.

How far are you from Jenner Beach?

Um, how far? I’m getting close.

I’m, um…

I’m 9.3 miles to you.

Joel, listen.

I have amazing news.

Some survivors showed up a few days ago, and they’re rescuing us.

They’re gonna get us out of here!

They’re really helping me with the colony.

Oh. Okay, g-getting you out of there? What do you mean?

I can’t remember the last time I actually felt like everything was going to be…

Wh… Aimee?

Aimee? Aimee?


My battery has automatically shut down in order to preserve my final 15 minutes of power.

I am very sorry, Joel.

No, it’s okay, Mav1s.

You don’t have to…


I haven’t been outside in a very long time.

Yeah. I hadn’t, either.

There you go.

Is something troubling you, Joel?

You can tell me anything, as I am an empathetic listener.

Also, my memory banks will be permanently erased in 14 minutes.

You know that feeling where you just completely put yourself out there?

You know?

And you’re so sure of it.

And… right when you’re about to cross the finish line, you just think is this the dumbest… thing I ever could’ve done?

I don’t think it’s dumb, Joel.

I think it’s romantic.

Right, see?

Yeah, okay, you get it.

Romantic, that’s what…


Do not give up on your quest, Joel.

When you see her, she will appreciate the grand romantic gesture implied by your journey and be moved by your kindness and leadership qualities.

Thanks, Mav1s.

Another option is that Aimee will not see those qualities in you and you will have traveled a great distance only to be met with disappointment.

Perhaps you will have learned valuable lessons along the way?


A third option is that you don’t survive the journey at all and get eaten by mutated insects…

Okay, that’s… I get it.


There are so many ways you could perish.

I get it.

Thanks for the…

Thanks for that.

Would you like to see a trick, Joel?


What is your full name, and where were you born?

Uh, Joel Dawson.

Fairfield, California.



What lovely parents you had, Joel.

Oh, my God.


I don’t even have a picture.

What would you say to your mother now, Joel, if you had the chance?

I guess I’d tell her I’m okay.

I made it to a colony.

Met a lot of really, really good people who took really good care of me.

They also lost a lot, so…

And I miss you guys so much.

I’m so sorry.

Oh, look! Sky Jellies!

They’re harmless and quite lovely.


Oh! Canis familiaris!

You found my foot.

Thank you.

That’s my dog.

He’s delightful.

Yeah, he’s a good boy.

Joel, would you like to hear a song?

Yeah, okay.

You know, nature’s kinda nice when there’s nothing trying to kill you.



Some survivors showed up at the camp.

That’s not something I gotta worry about, you don’t think, right?

I mean, what are the odds that they’re, like, awesome and similar to my age and potentially a threat to me romantically?

Slim to none, probably.

I think it’s good, actually.

I think we’re totally, uh… fine.

Actually, why don’t we pick up the pace a little bit, just in case…


Okay, you know what?

Why don’t we go another way. Yeah?




Boy, where you going?


Run, Boy! Run!


Go, go! Go!




Boy, I can’t run that fast!


Shh-shh-shh. Shh.

Shh. Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Oh, my God. Oh, I’m so sorry.

I’m sorry.

What are you doing?

Don’t you dare.

Whoa, whoa. What are you doing?

No. Wait, Boy!


Boy, don’t even think about it.

Don’t. Don’t you do it.

Don’t. Don’t. No!

Count to five.

One, two…

Two. Uh, three, four… five!



Yes! Oh, my God!

Oh, that was awesome.

I feel like Tom Cruise.

Oh! Ow.

What the hell is…



Oh, my God.

Ow! Ow!

Get that dress out of my face!



Oh, f…


Oh, no.

Okay, all right, I think I’m good.

I think I got ’em all.


God! No!

You! You! You!

This is all your fault!

What is wrong with you?

Why don’t you listen to me, huh? Huh?

You have any idea what you just did?

You just almost got us killed!

We are supposed to care about each other, okay?

I would never do that to you, never!

You bailed on me! Oh, my God!

That freakin’ dress!

I can’t take it anymore!

Dear Aimee, It’s not looking good.

And by “it,” I don’t remember what I was talking about.

I can’t feel my feet.

Or my face.

I think I’m dying.

I’m gonna kill you, Joel Dawson!

I’m gonna eat you like broccoli!

Ferns like these have an antivenom.

Good in a pinch for snakes, slugs.

If you find the best dog ever, that’s Boy.

Please, look after him.

Tell him I’m sorry.

Have you seen my dog?

Tell him I love him.

Have you seen him?

I yelled at him.

And don’t take his dress out of his mouth.

He doesn’t like that.

And now I might not ever see him again.

And please don’t shout at him.

I know you won’t.


Oh, my God.

It’s you.


I can’t believe you made it.

Oh, my God.

I can’t believe you made it.

You made it, Joel.

Are you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

Oh, you’re so beautiful.

That was nice.




Hey, hey, hey, hey.

T-T-Take it easy.

Take it easy.

Still pretty messed up from all the poison.

How do you feel?

I feel… I’m good.

Good. No, I’m f…

I-I’m okay.

What was it like? I mean, you have to tell me everything.

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad. I don’t know what everyone’s complaining about.


No, it was terrible.

I almost… died a lot.

It’s so good to see you.

I’m lucky you found me when you did.

About that, um…

And hey, we… kissed.

You were hallucinating pretty hard.

How amazing was that, huh?

You kissed Old Pete.

Hi, Pete.

Oh. Yeah.

That’d be hilarious.

Oh, yeah, I really did.

I don’t know how to move on from this.

What was that you said on the radio about, uh…

Yeah. This yacht captain and his crew show up out of the blue.

Did you say a yacht captain?

Yeah, yeah.

And he says he can find us a safe place to live and a new home.

I’m trying to pack everything up right now.

Why is he called a yacht captain?

‘Cause he’s the captain of the yacht, you moron.

Oh, my God.

Be nice, Bill.


I’m trying to listen.

So anyway, I just wanted to say something to you, though…



Aimee! Aimee!

We got another leak in the main line.

Bastard’s spitting freshwater all over the beach!

Yeah, yeah, thank you, Janice.

I’ll be right there.


Hi, Joel.

Hey, Janice.

Good to meet you.


Everyone’s so old.

You came at a crazy time.


Can we put a pin in this?


Put a pin in it. Sure.

Hey, man.

It’s all falling apart, Aimee.

I don’t know what’s happening here.

What can we do?

Yeah, I know, Janice.

I’m sorry.

Janice, will you just…

Will you give me the wrench?

This is a shitshow.

Who left the kelp out in the sun?

That was meant to be packed up already.

It’s gonna bring in the flies.

It’s swellin’ up.

Yeah, I don’t think feet are meant to be that color.


Perfect timing.

Guys! Joel, this is Dana and Rocko.

What’s up?

These are the guys from the yacht.

Cool. Oh.

Is that a…

Is that an arm cannon?


So which one… which one of you is the yacht captain?

Guilty as charged.

Captain Brooks Wilkinson.

Royal Australian Navy.

Oh, dear God.

Retired, of course.

My mates call me Cap.

How you doing, man?

I see you’ve met these specimens, but this beautiful lady, that’s our yacht.

A little showy for my taste, but she gets the job done.


Cap, this is Joel.

Joel. Right.

Joel ended up traveling seven days on the surface to get here.

Seven days?

Seven… Yeah, seven days.

That is one hell of a journey, Joel.

It was. Yeah.

I don’t get it.

Why’d you leave your colony, Joel?

You get caught stealing food?

No, I didn’t get caught stealing food.

Why is that such a thing?

He came for love.

Good on ya, mate.

That’s beautiful.

There is no mission more admirable than love.

Every sailor worth his salt knows that.

Yo, Cap.

We cooking this shit or what?

Feel like I got King Kong’s nuts on my shoulders, man.

That’s charming, Rock, really.

Joel, you look like a man who knows his way around a barbecue.

I… don’t…

Come help us get a fire started.

Um, actually, I’m gonna… catch up with Aimee for a sec, if it’s…


I apologize.

I… Old habits.

You show up and… here I am trying to give you orders.

I’ll give you guys some privacy, yeah?

Thank you.

Yeah, namaste.

Uh, I was gonna just, if you…

Hey, Joel.


We’re throwing a killer going-away party tonight.

Nothing fancy, but… we’ll have a drink together to welcome you to the colony.


First beer’s on me.


He’s nice.

Brews his own beer.


Hello, darling. How are you?

Course he does.

I’m sorry. There’s just so much going on right now.

Do you mind?


It’s crazy.

Pretty nice here, you know.

Why, uh… why do you have to leave?

It’s beautiful. It’s just not safe.


Everyone’s afraid.

Even your bunker got breached, and you’re all young and strong.


Hey, Aimee?

Sorry. I know you got, like, a lot going on, but, uh… you know, I came… I came all the way here to see you, and so I’m just… checkin’ in.

Just wondering how you’re… feeling about that.

I think it’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done.

You do? Okay.

Okay, good, ’cause, um…

But listen, Joel, um… talking to you on the radio was such a nice escape from the stress of running this colony.


And, um…

I mean, you’re probably the only person left alive from my old life.

From Fairfield.

Oh. There’s a…

There’s a “but” coming, isn’t there?

But I didn’t think you’d actually come here, Joel.

Oh. Um…

And I am so happy to see you.

I’m just not…

I’m not the same person that I used to be, you know?

Seven years, that’s a long time.

I’ve… I’ve lost people.

My mom, my friends, and…

Last year I lost someone… and he meant a lot to me.



Oh, man, I feel like such an idiot.

No. No, don’t.

I didn’t even…

I didn’t even ask you if I should come.

I just got so excited, and I… I left.

I don’t know what I thought.

Well, I know what I thought.

I’d come and… and sweep you off your feet, and we’d be happy.

Oh, Joel.

But you… didn’t w-want… me.

I am so sorry. I should have said something on the radio or…

No. It’s okay.

It’s okay. Um…

I know this isn’t how you pictured this going, but… you’ll still come with us, right?

Come with you…

Uh, on the… yacht?

This is our shot at survival.

Give Cap a chance.

Tell us.

Yeah, come on, Cap.

Tell us another story.

Yeah, come on.

Four years post-Agatha.

HMS Brisbane. First watch.

I was the first person to see it coming over the wall.

Giant lizard, two stories high.

I sounded the alarm.

Too late.

We lost 1,032 souls that night.

Those of us that survived took to the sea.

I mean, make no mistake.

We have lost this war. Right?

There is no place for mankind on land.

But out there?

There we got a chance.

I’ve got a…

Sorry. Just got a… question.

I survived seven days on the surface, and… if I can do that, literally anyone can.

Seven days on the surface?

I’m impressed.

So maybe we still have a chance… to fight and… and, you know, win, uh… win our… win our world back.

I have a plan. And if you have a better one, mate, I’m… I’m all ears.

And I will stand by your side.

You wanna hear my…

You wanna hear my plan?

It’s, uh… just, uh…

I got nothing, uh…

Hey, that’s on me.

I-I didn’t mean to put you on the spot, mate. It’s…

Well… Aimee tells me you make a mean minestrone.

And you’re great on the radio.

Lord knows I need a comms expert.

Someone to teach Rocko how to cook.

Do you guys have a radio I could use?

I want to contact my colony.

7045, this is 3022.

Come in.

7045, this is 3022.

Is anyone there?

Tim? Ava?

Anyone. Over.

Cap thought you might need a snack.


You know, he brews his own beer.

Yep. Yeah, I heard.

It’s good, man.

Cool. Thank you.


Hello? Is someone there?

Hey. Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah, Ray, is that you?

It’s me. It’s Joel.

Joel? Oh, my God!

Hey, guys! It’s Joel. He made it!

You’re kidding!

Hey. Hey, guys!

It’s me. It’s Joel.

I’m… I’m… I’m safe.

I-I made it.

I’m at Aimee’s colony.

He made it!

Oh, my God, you’re alive?

It’s so good to hear your guys’ voices.

So good to hear you, too, buddy.

Are you okay?

I feel like it’s been so long.

I’ve got so much to tell you guys.

Tell us what you’ve seen.

I saw a queen Sandgobbler.

What’s a queen Sandgobbler?

It’s… I don’t know, but I blew it up.

I blew it up with a hand grenade!

Where’d you get a grenade?

Yeah, it was so awesome, and…

What else? What else?

Uh, I met these two really cool survivors.

And they taught me all these things.

They live on the surface and…

And, oh, oh, oh!

I met a Mav1s.

I talked to a real live Mav1s.

No way! What’s she like?

Uh, she was… very informative, emotionally, and…

And I got a dog too, um…

Wow, Joel. You got a dog?

And how is it with Aimee?

Uh, really… really good.

Joel, you simply surviving that journey, it’s incredible.

We’re proud of you, Joel.

Man, I really miss you guys.

How is, uh… How is everything back there?

Give me the update.

Not good.

We’ve had multiple breaches.

Multiple breaches? What do you mean?

Is everyone okay?

Not really. I don’t think we can stay here much longer.

Uh, guys?

We’re surviving for now.

“Surviving for now.”

What? Sur… Ray? Hey, guys!

Hey, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Shit.

Hello, guys, can you hear me?


I gotta go back.

What am I doing here?

Purple berries.

Giant lizard, two stories high, coming over the wall.

The lizard-looking ones can’t climb for shit.

Lying son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch!

Y’all like this shit, huh?


Hey, hey. Aimee, Aimee, Aimee.


Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey.

I have to talk to you.


Oh, you’re so drunk.

Hot, super ripped, super awesome Joely-Joely Dawson!

Aimee, please.

This is super important.

I need to talk to you about something.

You have to get everyone out of here right now.

Okay, I think something bad is about to happen. I’m telling you.

I can feel it. This is a bad…

This is a bad vibe.

I think he’s planning something.

I don’t think he’s here to save you.


The yacht captain. He tried to poison me.

Cap. Cap’s right there.

He’s dancing.

Oh, my… I hate him.

I hate him so much.

Listen, he gave me these poison berries, okay?

And I know that the berries are poison because my dog told me.

You have a talking dog?

No, no, no, Aimee.

I love dogs!

What’d he say?

Where is the little fella?

Man down!


Please try to listen to me.

I need your help.

Something’s gonna happen.

Your colony, they’re in danger.




Oh, shit.

Aimee? Aimee?

Joel? Joel, are you okay?

Good morning.

Joel, I’m sorry about the fist to your face.

I couldn’t have you talking shit about us on the radio. I didn’t wanna mess this up.

Dana, take care of it.

Dana, d-don’t.

Not the radio tower!

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

So, you probably figured out we’re not on a pleasure cruise.

My crew and I want to thank you for your generous donations.

Food, water, supplies, medicine.

We greatly appreciate it.

It will see us through to the next helpless colony down the coast.

He’s a food stealer!

You’re right.

But it’s not that simple. The world is basically devoid of fossil fuels.

Not enough to run a yacht on, anyway.

So my crew and I, we had to improvise just to survive.

And we found a real special fuel source.

Actually, Rocko did.

Didn’t ya, big fella?

Yeah, that was me.

Ten tons of pure power, chained to the front of that yacht.

She’s sleeping now.

She will be hungry soon.


Well, what can I say?

Shit gets crazy in the apocalypse.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.



Oh, my God, we’re gonna die.

Mkay. Just gotta find a way to free my hands from the…


I have to stop these bastards from taking our stuff!

Oh, my…

You traveled 85 miles across hell.

I think I can stop three assholes.

You get the crab!


This is desperate.


Holy shit.

Holy shit.

No, no, no, no, no!

Boy? Boy!

Boy! Hey!

Dana? Shoot the dog.



Rocko? Time to go. Let’s mo…

Oh, no, you don’t.

Boy! I need you to listen to me right now.

You see over there?

Go get Aimee.

Let’s move it!

Go now. Now. Now!

I’m sorry I yelled at you!


Okay, crab, you want some of…


Okay! Whoa! Whoa!

Hey, hey, hey, hey! Listen.

You don’t wanna do this.

Oh, no!


Aimee! Aimee, throw me the cannon!

I know how to kill it!

You can always tell in the eyes.

What are you doing? Shoot it!

Shoot it! What are you waiting for?

Kill it!

Goddamn it, shoot it!

Needle through water.


You’re free.

Oh, my God.

Oh, shit, we’re gonna die.

We’re dying.


That was amazing.

What? Uh…

Amazing? Me?


You thought I was…

Thank you, Joel.


Yeah, well, I would’ve done it different, but… you did all right.

Oh. Okay.

Sorry. Yeah, just…

That’s looking better.

Take care of it.

Bye now.

Bye, guys.

Can you move this? Yeah.


Hey. Um…

I gotta get back to my colony, see if they’re okay.

Right, yeah. Yeah.

Some friends of mine told me that there’s a place in the mountains,

I guess, that’s safe from the monsters.

So maybe we’ll all head there.


Um, it was really cool to just… to see you in action, and… I don’t know, how you take care of all these people, and then…


I’m so glad you came.

I gotta go.

I’m worried about ’em.


But I had something for you. Um…

Oh, my God.

Crocodile Carl?

Oh, my God.

I know.

Thought you should have him back finally.

Here, uh…

No, I can’t take that. You need it.

No, no, no.

I want you to take it.

It’d mean a lot to me.

Really, take it.

I got it all up here, anyway.

So I can always make copies.

Thanks for inspiring me to… take this trip.

It’s the best decision I ever made.

All right, uh, I’m gonna go.


Boy, come on!


Uh, be careful.

Yeah, you, too.

Bye, Aimee.


That was…



I’ll come find you.

You better.


My name is Joel Dawson. I’m 24 years old, and I survived seven days on the surface. Twice, actually.



You guys! Hey!

Oh, my God!

Hey, hey, hey!

I’m alive because of the generosity of a few strangers and the kindness of a great dog.

My colony and I are headed to the mountains.

There’s supposed to be less monsters there.

And don’t get me wrong.

The surface is a dangerous place.

But I don’t think hiding underground is the answer anymore.

There is a great big, beautiful, inspiring world out there.

And I know you think it might be impossible, but it’s not.

If I can survive out here, anybody can.

It’s like a good friend once told me.

Good instincts are earned by making mistakes.

If you’re lucky enough to survive a few mistakes, you’re gonna do all right out here.

In this recording, you’ll find everything I know about our new world.

Most of this I had to learn the hard way.

Hopefully, it’ll make your way a little easier.

So crank open that hatch.

Okay, come on.

Breathe some fresh air.

Go. Live your life.

It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.

I traveled 85 miles to find what I had been missing below ground for seven years was right above my head this whole time.

And it’s incredible.

Oh, and one last thing.

Don’t settle.

You don’t have to.

Not even at the end of the world.

Signing off,

Joel Dawson.

“Don’t settle”?

That’s my line.

It’s a long journey, kid.

I hope you know what you’re doing.

He definitely doesn’t.

Snow Spiders will probably get him.

That’s not a good way to go.

They will tear him apart.

Nah, he’ll figure it out.



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