Late Bloomers (2023) | Transcript

An aimless 28 year-old Brooklynite lands in the hospital after drunkenly breaking her hip. An encounter with a cranky elderly Polish woman who speaks no English leads to a job caring for her. Neither likes it, but it's time to grow up.
Late Bloomers (2023)

Late Bloomers (2023)
: Comedy
Director: Lisa Steen
Stars: Karen Gillan, Malgorzata Zajaczkowska, Jermaine Fowler, Kevin Nealon, Talia Balsam
Plot: Louise, an aimless, 28 year-old Brooklynite, recently single, sort of a musician, depressed without admitting to it, drunkenly falls while doing something stupid and breaks her hip. This lands her in a physical therapy ward full of people twice her age. There, she meets Antonina – a cranky elderly Polish woman, who speaks no English. Louise gets a job caring for her. Neither woman loves the arrangement but it’s time to face the truth about aging. We all have to grow up sometime.

* * *


LOUISE: You know that one-off family friend your parents have when you’re a kid?

She’s named a name like, um, Rita.

And she’s a single lady who comes over to your house when you’re real small and she stays for hours.

Maybe for the night.

And she has to borrow your mom’s nightgown ’cause the whole stay was unplanned.

Like, maybe she, um…

Like, maybe she drank too much wine at dinner.

And in the morning you’re, like, to your mom and dad, “Um, who is that lady?” and, “She’s weird.”

And they’re like, “Shh, shh, shh, shh, that’s Rita.

Be nice.

“Life hasn’t been kind to Rita.”

And then later on in life… if you still talk to your parents and you’re still interested in answers, you find out that maybe she’s dated the same failed dude on and off again for years.

Or that she grew out her mustache and took excellent care of her infirm parents for longer than her shelf life of attraction allowed.


Nobody thinks they’re gonna be Rita.

And yet Ritas abound.

Adults are sad.

MAX: Come on. Ahem, can you come with me?

Yes. I just gotta get my guitar.

MAX: Do you? LOUISE: Yes, I need it!

Excuse me, sir. [CLEARS THROAT]

Congratulations on your love.

MAX: I didn’t fly across the country

to hang out with some randos in some dirty apartment.

They’re not randos. They’re me and Joel’s mutual friends.

I’ve been to all their birthdays.

It’s been a year. We were together for five!

And they say it takes half as long

as the relationship was to get over it.

And he took my virginity, so I added a year.

And Joel has moved on. And he’s fine.

It’s okay. It’s okay.

Let’s get out of here. No.

Yep. No.

Come on. No, no, no.

Yes. No! I have to see Joel!

He has to see how good I’m doing.

You didn’t tell me he was coming.

Well, technically, he’s not coming.

He just lives here and isn’t here yet.

Oh, my God! What?

Louise, you need to stop doing shit like this.

Like what? Am I supposed to stop feeling my feelings?

I’m sad, Max. Okay?

My real friends wouldn’t make me feel so bad

about just being who I am.

Your real friends would tell you the truth,

which is that you’ve become a selfish brat.

And you need to fucking think about somebody else’s feelings

and grow the fuck up! I am grown-up!

You are not wearing underwear.

Well, I had laundry.

Just go. Get out of my life.

Take your wine spritzer and fly away like all the rest.

I don’t need you.




Oh, no.

You gotta get away from there, buddy.


Then why are you still here?

You know Joel moved out, right?

Oh, really? Did he? Come on.

One quick one, and I promise I’ll make it very nice.

No, thank you. You’d be a lateral move.


Hey, though.

By the way, no pressure,

but incidentally, where does Joel live now?




Oh, no.


AL [ON PHONE]: Louise? Hello?


Hello, Dad. I’ve been calling you!

[DOORBELL BUZZING] Yeah. Sorry. I was, uh…

Where are you?

The bank.

Okay, look. Listen, Louise,

things with your mom are… Um…

You need to… I’m sorry. Can I…

May I call you back, please? Louise?











NURSE: Are you pregnant?

LOUISE: No. We’ll need a pee test to verify

before we can get an X-ray. But I’m not pregnant.

Have you ever been pregnant? No.

I haven’t had sex in three years.

Why not? Is that a question

on your clipboard?

What’s your pain level?

So, listen…

we have a couple options.

You have broken the ball of the joint

where the femur meets your pelvis.

Your hip… My hip?

The ball of your hip.

Wait, I broke my hip? Like a…

It’s not common for a woman your age.

It’s mostly our grandmothers who need this kind of surgery.

Hmm. We can try pinning

and screws on the right side,

or a full hip replacement.

Hmm. Dr. Aquino… It’s Dr. Wright.

Oh, right. Right.



Just Dr. Robert Wright.

Visiting surgeon, here every other Tuesday.

That is a nice schedule.

I’m gonna give you some time to decide.

If we do the pinning, we’ll need to monitor for necrosis.

That’s when the bone starts to die

because the metal is getting in the way of the blood flow.

I’m too young to die.

You are very much alive.

Don’t worry, Miss Gold.

Can I help you? Is there…

Is there someone I can call for you?

There is no one.

♪ Farewell, farewell ♪

♪ To you who would hear ♪

♪ You lonely travelers all ♪

♪ The cold north wind Will blow again ♪

♪ The winding road does call ♪


Whoa! Whoa!

Excuse your tone.

I don’t know that language.


Can you stop staring at me?





YOUNG LOUISE: It’s too hard.

I can’t get it. Keep trying.

I don’t want to. I’m bored. Why are you making me?

Well, you’re the one who wanted to learn.

But I suck. Oh, no, don’t say suck.

I S-U-C-K.

Everyone S-U-C-Ks in the beginning.


The only difference is some people keep trying.



[ON TV] ♪ Are you going to Scarborough Fair ♪

♪ Parsley, sage Rosemary and thyme ♪

♪ Remember me to one Who lives there… ♪


[LOUDER] Hey! ♪ … a true love of mine… ♪

Can you turn that down?

Down, down.

Do you understand? It’s, um…

It’s too lou… Loud!

♪ Rosemary and thyme ♪

[VOLUME INCREASES] ♪ Between the salt water… ♪

Okay, see, what you just did was turn the volume up.

We’re healing!

We need quiet to heal!



Okay, fine.

You’ve left me no choice.

♪ Parsley, sage Rosemary and thyme… ♪

What is it? I have a woman in the next room

who just had her ovaries cut out.

She won’t turn down the TV.


That is not okay. LOUISE: It’s not okay.

Do you think I could go to a solo room?

She and are at vastly different stages of development.

[GASPS] Okay, now I’m calling that assault

with a deadly-ish weapon.

Joyce! Listen, this is just…

No. So that we can move you. Yes.


It’s gonna be okay. All right?


So you take two Percocet every four hours,

and then two Colace

when the Percocet makes you constipated.

This is your blood-thinner shot.

You inject one of these into your stomach fat

every 24 hours for the next two months

to prevent clotting.

Thank you.

You got somebody comin’ to pick you up?

You’re still here?

Leaving now. Ah.

And don’t hang on those things, baby.

Or they’ll make your nerves go dead,

and then you’ll have… Dead armpits. My body is dying!

Yeah. I got it.


BUS DRIVER: ID card, please. Yes. Got that.

I pass?

All right. So, yeah.

How do I just…? Oh, my God!


I’m sorry. Uh…

Do we need to get you to Lyft?

Because you didn’t order a Lyft today.

I got it.

Wow, that’s a nerdy sound.

[CHUCKLES] Like, uh, Velcro, right?

Crutches falling.

Velcro ripping.

Nerdy sounds.



One more…


Shit! Did she see me? What? Who?

LOUISE: The old lady over there.

The one who looks like she wants to kill me.

We were hospital roommates, but she’s really cunty about volume.

She’s frightening. This is Antonina.

She is physical therapy bad girl.

[SCOFFS] She’s…

That is a sad thing to be known as.

This is good? Yeah. I can do harder.

Hmm. We go slow for now.

I woke up super stiff this morning.

This is a thing. You will wake up in the morning

feeling like corpses. Look around.

These are your people.

Because you’re not like other 30-year-olds now.

I’m 28. Even more strange.

If a person breaks a hip at an age of 80,

that person will most likely die, the recovery is so hard.

But you live.

Why do you live?

Because even with this exercise, you will always be different.


This is a blip, okay?

I mean, honestly, maybe just a sign from the universe

that I was so busy and driven that I need

to do some self-care and breathe.

What are you so busy with?

I don’t have to answer you.

You sound exactly like Larry. Who’s Larry?

He is physical therapy lazy boy.

Are all these nicknames necessary?

Want to know what we call you? I’m sorry.

I have to listen to this instead of you.


INSTRUCTOR: Hands down.

All right. Awesome, guys.

Now it’s time for your favorite.

Noodle tug of war.


Are you joining us?

Oh, I’m sorry. I can’t. My body.

I was told to just sit in shallow water.

And for you. Thank you.

And for you. Got you.


Watch it.


JANICE: I never used to get so out of breath.

Last time I felt this tired,

I lost my virginity in high school

to the senior class president.

God, he was boring.

My first time was a disaster.

He was gay. I was gay.

And unfortunately, not for each other.

I don’t go in for the nostalgia.

It makes women weak.

Probably because you don’t have any children.

Children also make women weak.

Agreed. And tired.

Well, I love having my girls in the house.

They’re both in their 30s

and draining my retirement funds.

And they make jokes about my taste

and my politics and my overall personality.

I… Oh, dear.


They’re awful. Their generation is just awful!

Oh, sorry, hon.

Not you. Of course.

It’s fine.


AUTOMATED VOICE: The Graham Avenue line is delayed by 67 minutes.

For more information… LOUISE: Oh, goddamn it.



Antonina, right?

Can someone pick you up, or…?

Because the short bus is, like, really delayed.

[SIGHS] Come on!


Okay. So do you… Do you want a ride or…?

Do… you… want a ride?



LOUISE: Well, this is it, I guess.

It’s good that someone wrote it down for you.

Otherwise it would be literally impossible.

Unbuckle the seatbelt. Sorry.

You got it?

All right. You’re welcome!


Goddamn it! I’m sorry. Can you stop?

LOUISE: I think we should go back to that address, right?

Is there someone there that we should tell

that you’re streetwalking or “streetwalkering”?

I have a phone. You probably only recognize the rotary model.



You talked to her!

What did you say? What’d she say?

No English. Sorry. Oh, yeah.

That is very convenient. Sorry, sorry.

Okay, even though you don’t speak English,

I’m gonna ask you another question…

Damn it. Damn it.

Antonina, wait up!


DOROTHY: No, no.

I’m… I’m, um…

CASHIER: You wanna buy these? DOROTHY: No. No, no.

I’m… No. No, no.


No. No. No. Mom. Mom, stop.

No, no, no, no, no. Please. Mom, please.

I can’t understand what she’s saying.

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. MAN: Is she yours?

Excuse me, miss. Is she yours?

What do you want me to do?

Uh, so you know her?

What do you want me to do?

Take care of her, I guess.

Has she done something wrong? Um…

Is, uh, gesturing and speaking another language

against the pharmacy code of conduct?

It’s just, you know, my boss…

Okay, let’s say she is mine.

Maybe me taking care of her is letting her make a scene

in your store because it suits her today.





What does she have, Alzheimer’s?

You know, my granddad had that.

She’s not mine. So I don’t know.

Antonina, let’s go.




I don’t know what you’re saying.



“Dom”? “Dom”? What does “dom” mean?


Okay. Okay.

Let’s let the phone do it.

Like, we’re being run by Big Brother companies.

We should use them if they’re using us.

I’m getting it fixed. I haven’t had time.


Can you say the thing you just said?

The m… Can…? Great.

Uh, say the thing you just said.

AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Say the thing you just said.

No! That is balls!

And my phone is dead. Good, good, good.




Oh. Well, you’re welcome.




BRICK: That’s really lovely to hear, man.

I’m proud of you! This… This humble abode

was nothin’ but a mere detour towards your transcendence,

and I am humbled. Honored! Me by you.

Mm-mm. No.

[WHISPERS] Me by you.

All right. Talk soon, man.

Hey! Yo, Lulu!

That was my 2010 to 2011 roommate, Guido!

Dude’s amazin’! When he was living here,

he was workin’ as an intern at this design firm

and now he’s practically running the company.

LOUISE: Brick. Uh, hey.

This is Antonina.

She’s staying here for the night.


Uh, nice to meet you.

It’s your grandma? No.

We’ll be in my room! Okay.

I found Brick on Craigslist.

He’s, like, a Craigslist buried treasure.

You might have noticed he’s gorgeous,

but, like, I’m an invisible pain

and I can’t cross tenant boundaries, you know?

His dad was a pop star in Belgium or something,

so he doesn’t really have to work, but owns the place.

I’m sort of a musician too.

I mean, I have an EP, but it’s kind of bad,

which is like… [CHUCKLES]

What are you doing if the one thing you do do

is bad?


I thought I’d have a nightgown phase.

I didn’t. Uh, this is actually my…

Never mind.

Well, I guess you can’t really talk to anyone, huh?

That must suck.

But honestly, it’s also cool

to not, like, be able to talk to each other.

People talking can be really annoying, actually.


Brick and I are at home more than usual these days,


He’s been cool about it so far.

Oh, man! I gotta stretch tomorrow.

Yeah, we should stretch it out tomorrow.

Obamacare really saved my life.

I wasn’t on it for, like, two years,

and then I was on it, and then this happened. It’s like…

It’s like, “What life did it save, though?”

You know? Is what I think about sometimes.

And sometimes I still hear that whisper of “just give up”.

Especially in the bath for some reason.

Hey, thanks for listening.


You know?




[GRUNTS] Oh, sorry.



[SOFTLY] Stop staring at me.




Are you hungry? I’m hungry.


BRICK: You slept with her?

I wasn’t gonna leave her on the street.

[PHONE DINGS] You gonna give her back?

She’s not a puppy. And she’s sitting right next to you.


Thanks. Yeah. You’re blowin’ up.

Oh, God!

Yeah. Jesus, Dad.

One sec. Watch her for me? Wait, no, no, wait.

Pl… Louise, please.



AL: Anyhow, I’m still getting mail here for you.

And it would be nice if you called me just to say,

you know, you’re okay.

Are you getting my texts and calls?

I mean, uh, anyway, I… I don’t wanna stress you out,

but the place where your mom is at,

it’s… It’s so expensive.

And with the accident last year, I mean, I don’t know.

I… I have some work lined up,

but I’m not sure if that last gig is gonna be enough.

I… I haven’t figured out whether I can even afford…









Mom, we talked about this. Yeah, hi.

I’m gonna be gone for an hour, tops.

Your show is on. Come on. Your favorite show. Let’s go.




All right. Reload. Reload. Reload. Reload.

Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on!

Do you wanna see the new Pixar?

Uh, sure. Yeah.

Her too? Yeah.

It’s gonna be fun!


Here. ANNOUNCER: Please enjoy

this feature presentation.



You’re not gonna be tried for kidnappin’, are you?


Okay. I don’t know.

Do you know where I could find around, say, $10,000?

[CHUCKLES] I’m not joking.

I sort of, well, actually really fucked up about a year ago,

and I think I need to help out my dad.

Okay. Uh, well, what happened?


Keep thinking on monetary options for me, please.

I know I’m a ridiculous person,

but it’s for a not ridiculous person.



Hi, I’m Louise. What’s wrong with you, huh?

Excuse me? You like taking old ladies

for joyrides, huh? No. What? Joyrides?

I called the center. They said she took the bus!

She’s telling me she’s going to movies!

Oh, no. See, the bus didn’t come,

and then no one was home… Oh, she has a routine.

She goes on the bus, and then she goes home.

Well, the bus didn’t come, and neither did you.

And it kind of seemed like she didn’t wanna come home,

and it’s hot.

I’m sorry. I was just trying to take care of her.

I’m sorry. Just whatever.

Your word is safe. You are welcome.


Did she go to the pharmacy?

Yeah. Oh, yeah.


I get calls every day, but I can’t be everywhere at once.

[SIGHS] When we first came over to America,

she lived in that building.

Then they knocked down everything

to make stores and restaurants. Oh, really?

Yes. She had to move in with me because people like you

started to move into the neighborhood.

Oh, yup. Gentrification. That is me.

But I’m not a drugstore.

I do love having one in the neighborhood, though.

Um, home. Home.

She was tryin’ to tell me it was her home.

It all makes sense now.

You know, she would have been safe

if you did nothing? Well, you know,

I did something, and she was safe too.


Can you go up stairs with those?

For your troubles. No, I can’t.

How long are you gonna be on the crutches?

Uh, another few weeks or so.

I’ve gotta go back to the doctor,

but I think I go to cane next. Forever?

Uh, I don’t know. No, not forever.

Don’t think this way. It’s Polish to think this way.

My boyfriend always…

Trying to move in with my boyfriend.

He’s not understanding. He doesn’t wanna live with her.

My boyfriend is afraid she will live forever.

It is Polish to live forever.

It would be fine if she didn’t have more than a year at most.


Trying to get her into a nursing facility,

one that the government pays for.

I’ve had aides come, but they want too much money!

And if they take what I offer,

they end up saying she’s more work than it’s worth.

I can’t imagine why. She’s on a list,

and we can’t lose our opportunity.

I shouldn’t have screamed.

I see now that you were not trying to steal her

and to be strange. Oh, God, I would never dream…


Do you have a job?

Oh, um, not technically, but I have…

Okay, well, you can work for us.

But you must call and ask before she has the sleepovers.

Oh, yeah. No, that was a one-time thing.

I just… I have to go back to my real life.

What is that like?

Um, you know, nothing concrete for now,

but I’m sort of a kind of, um, a musician.

Busy in other ways?

Boyfriends? Charitable work?

I don’t have a boyfriend. And you like my grandmother.

She wouldn’t shut up about you in Polish.

That’s nice.

But I’m sorry. I can’t.

It’s just not, you know, something I want to do at all.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

But it was nice meeting her.

Don’t worry about it.

Can I ask you just to stay here for a half-hour longer?

I need to get to meditation. Oh, I to… I would love to.

Please. I’m desperate.

Oh, okay. Yeah.

Yeah! Totally.

It’ll be fun.




I’m sorry. I don’t wanna be your nanny.

I have things to do. Okay?


Money. Do you understand?

I need to make a lot of, uh, what is it called in your land?

Like, ru… Rubles? Rupels?

I need to make rupels.

Lots and lots of rupels.

This job? No rupels.

You don’t want me taking care of you

because I can barely take care of myself.



You want me to…? Okay.


Oh, it’s frickin’ gross under here!

This thing?


Okay. How does this…?




Oh, my God! Watch it!

Oh, you’re saying if I take care of you,

then you take care of me.


Can I get that in writing?

It’s okay.

Oh, my God!


AL: Hello?

Dad? Louise, I’ve been calling you!

I know. I know. I’m sorry. I’ve been busy.

What are you busy with where you can’t even pick up…?

Well, actually, I got a job.

What kind of job? I mean, it’s great.

It’s easy and it pays really, really well and…

Look, you need to come home.

I know. I am coming home.

I, uh… I mean, I just got this job,

so I could pay for a ticket in about…

If you need help with the plane fare…

No, Dad. I got it.

I’m gonna come home

and help you, I promise.

Can you just hold on for one second?

Well… Yeah, somebody else is calling.



I’m back! Look, a job is great, Louise.

[LINE BEEPS] Oh, I gotta go.

Her doctor’s calling. I love you, kid.

Okay. I’m getting better, Dad.



What’s wrong? You’re almost late.

I’m on time. Sorry, I’m stressed.

And I caught her trying to move without her walker.

I turn away for one moment and she’s into trouble!

Does she ever, like, hurt anyone with that or…

I don’t know. She likes fruit in the morning.

And put some Metamucil in her juice.

I already am going to be late.

You’ll be fine.


I can’t get her to wear them, but you must or she’ll…

You don’t need to explain the “or” scenario. I got it.


You know, you have a lot of repressed anger.




Antonina! Food!

Come on. You gotta eat.

All right.






All right, let’s take these off.



Okay, now wipe.





Okay, you ready?

Here I go.


Okay, almost done.

Great. [FLUSHES]





That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

The gagging, I was just being dramatic.

I can be dramatic.

It’s what people have said about me my whole life.

Okay. It’s almost over.

Just gonna put these on you now.


All right, you ready?

Antonina, sorry. I have to.

Whoa! Can you stop kicking me?

Okay, here we go.

Look, you are a diaper person. You need diapers.

I should probably wear diapers when I drink,

’cause sometimes I piss myself.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Let me put them… Ow!



Antonina, please.


You know, that’s cool. It’s fine.




All right.

Now, these are cool.

Oh, my God!

Sexy and utilitarian?


I wish I had a boyfriend as versatile as these diapers.

How do I look?


Oh, okay! You want some too?

We’re gonna look so hot.


[ON RECORDING] Hey, it’s Max. So are you mad at me?

We haven’t talked. Call me.

[DOOR OPENS] Oh, hey!

So I found a super effective way to…

This is my boyfriend, Ray.

Hi. I’m Louise.






INSTRUCTOR: Noodle tug of war!

Oh, could you help us out?

We’re one woman down.

Um, no. I’m sorry. I can’t.

They specifically told me that… Okay.


[LAUGHS] Now, move it.

Ladies, this is great for your glutes.

Great for your arms. I told her I was a one.

I wasn’t trying to be a big shot.

Sometimes I tell him I’m at a ten

just to get his attention.

They’re all crooks.

No, no! That’s not true.

No, come on, Inez.

You know you only go to the doctor

because you’re lonely. Oh, I’ve never denied that.

Antonina hates going to the doctor.

Do you understand Polish?

Just a few words, and it’s like, um,

“Is there a translation after this that actually works?”

But she is so talkative,

she will not shut up once you get her going.

She seems angry.

Is she angry at us? Probably not.

I got her kicked out of my hospital room,

and we’re cool now.

I think it’s just anger at the world,

which is understandable.

The world can suck. Right, Antonina?


Aw, she just said “thank you.”

I… I guess she’s just really grateful for this group.

Aw, that’s sweet. Aw!

Aw, that is so sweet! Come on.

INEZ: Aw, I love her smile!


♪ We ♪


♪ Could be… ♪

Oh, my God, this is… This.

♪ Up in all our sadness ♪

♪ But never wanted To be tragic ♪

♪ ‘Cause we built an oasis ♪

♪ A place to try and save us ♪


♪ Buoyed by silver linings ♪

♪ Far from all the fighting ♪

♪ We built an oasis ♪

♪ We built an oasis ♪



MAN [IN MOVIE]: You’re being unfair.



Is that a picture of you?

Is that…?

Is that a picture of you?

AUTOMATED FEMALE VOICE: Is that a picture of you?

There’s something seriously wrong

with her operating system.

Terrible app.



I’m sorry. Can you hold that thought?

I’ll just… I’m just gonna…


Oh, come on. Speak.

It’s not like I understood what you were saying.

I mean, I was interested, but it’s like, you know,

you can say whatever you want to me,

and I can say whatever I want to you,

and that is the beauty of our relationship.

Oh, come on. Speak!

[PHONE CHIMES] I’m just gonna… I’m sorry.

I’m just gonna make sure that he’s okay. Yeah? Okay.

[ON RECORDING] Hey, it’s Max. Um, listen.

I… I don’t know if you heard about Joel getting engaged

to that girl he’s been seeing. [GASPS]

Whatever, you know? Cool.

Um, I mean, you probably saw this.

She’s, um…

Ah, her name is…


Her name is Louise.


He’s marrying someone else named Louise.

I gave the best years of my college

and post-college life to that guy,

and he replaces me with a girl who looks fantastic

in the color nude with my name!

He just, like, erased and replaced me.

Am I real? Have I disappeared?

Some chick did my tarot last fall,

and the card that was supposed to represent me

was a burning building with people jumping out of it.

This is your Saturn return.

What’s that? Planeta.

Mm-hmm. Basically, the end of your 20s

is when everything starts to just…

pssh, fall apart.

You start moving through

this sexless, emotionless, jobless tundra,

but you start to take care of your teeth more.

I bought my first Sonicare when I was 28.

The best way to get through it is just to be less self-focused.


Jesus, this is me. This is me.

Why don’t you look up what it means to break your hip?

It means I broke my hip.

Do you wanna lead an unexamined life

all your life?




“Hip issues can be caused by a feeling

of being unable to make important decisions

and/or having nothing to look forward to.”

This was a bad idea. We should go out.

Never mind. No, that’s a great idea.

Why can’t she go out?

She can go out. She can do anything.

We all deserve… to go out.

Comin’ through! Make way for my best friend, you ageist cucks!

Do we want drinks? I’m buyin’.

Oh, great, because I can’t pay.

Antonina, what do you want?

I feel like you’re a white Russian kind of girl.

Actually, you’re a white Polish, aren’t you?

Okay, now, that is funny.

I feel like I haven’t seen this many dudes ever.

Look at them! They’re so cute

with their backs and their haircuts.

I guess I’m not dead inside anymore, am I?

Ooh, how about shots? Shots sound good.

Actually, shots never sound good.

Like, let’s name this the same thing

as a dreaded medical practice. So, tequila?

Please, I’m a proper gentrifier.


Hey! What did we talk about?

Hands on the walker at all times.

Other than that, go crazy.

Thank you.


Can you…? Water too. Thank you.

Oh! Feels better.

Is she… Is she okay?

Oh, yeah.

She’s doing a lot better than other people.

Oh, my God, I can’t see her! Oh, my God, where is she?

Oh, there she is.

♪ I sway in place ♪

♪ To a slow disco ♪

♪ And a glass for the saints ♪

♪ A bow for the road ♪

♪ Am I thinking ♪

♪ What everybody’s thinking? ♪

♪ And I’m so glad I came But I can’t wait ♪

♪ To leave ♪

♪ Slip my hand from your hand ♪

♪ Leave you dancing With a ghost ♪

♪ Slip my hand from your hand ♪

♪ Leave you dancing With a ghost ♪

♪ Slip my hand from your hand ♪

♪ Leave you dancing With a ghost ♪

♪ Slip my hand from your hand ♪

♪ Leave you dancing With a ghost ♪

♪ Don’t it beat A slow dance to death? ♪

♪ Don’t it beat a slow dance To death? ♪

♪ Don’t it beat a slow dance ♪

♪ Don’t it beat a slow dance To death? ♪

♪ Don’t it beat a slow dance Don’t it beat a slow dance ♪

♪ Don’t it beat A slow dance to death? ♪

♪ Slow dance ♪

♪ Slow dance to death ♪


I am so out of dancing shape.

Well, cheers to your spiritual death.

Cheers! Hell yeah.

[GROANS] Whoo!

That was good. Good, good, good.

My mom has Alzheimer’s!


My mom, she has Alzheimer’s.

She was diagnosed, like, a couple years ago.

I guess they call it, uh, younger onset

’cause it set upon her so young.

Like, uh, last time I saw her,

she had already lost her ability

to speak and read and write.

Like, uh… Like, it started with aphasia,

which is a loss of, like, cognitive skills,

and now her body is just powering down for good.

They gave her three to five years

at the initial diagnosis.

She and I weren’t really talking much

these past few years anyway, mainly my fault.

I didn’t call, and now she can’t communicate at all.

So a call is pretty pointless.


This is an intense thing to talk about here.

Yeah, I know. I…

I never know where to talk about things anymore. Ever!

Aw, man! I bet that dude smells so clean and good.

BRICK: Oh, shit. I know that dirt.

Really? Mm-hmm.

Our families are friendly.

Oh, so is… Is he, like, a richie like you?

Louise… I wonder if he wants to have,

like, a night of pure passion with me,

but with, like, no feelings or kisses.


The dude’s like 20.

Super immature.

Oh, Brick, please be sensible.

He has to be at least 21 to get in.

BRICK: I used to babysit this kid.

ED: Brickman! Edward!

[CHUCKLES] Hey. Hey.

Should I call your dad and tell him that you’re here?


Hey, this is Louise.

She thinks you look clean.

Ed. Hi. Hi.

Are you a skier? What? Oh! [LAUGHS]


I wish I was that après-ski girl.

I just fell.

Um, I go to a cane soon.

Having crutches makes you seem like you have a good story.

Cane just seems like a tragedy you shouldn’t ask about, right?


Can I get you a drink?

Uh, yeah.

What are we drinking?

Tequila? My favorite.


Wow, look! Look at Brick’s date. Deadly.


Okay, so get this.

He moved on to another girl named Louise.

Okay. That is my name.

Oh, yeah.

Hey. I don’t know if you noticed,

but, uh, Antonina, she’s tapped out.

So, uh, I’m just gonna get the check so we can just go.

You’re free to go whenever. I’m still having a good time!

Well, you have responsibility.

Oh, do I not deserve to be sad?

And to treat myself?


Way to kill the vibe, Brick.


Can’t give a shit. I’m out. What do you mean? Come on.

Come on! Come back!

♪ I go on and on About a noble call… ♪


♪ … to let this wreck ♪

♪ On the other side Of the shore ♪

♪ I’m sure it’s gonna be okay ♪


How old are you?

It’s time to go!



Oh, my God, watch it!

Oh, no, where’s that… [KEYS JINGLE]












A fracture in her wrist.

Bruising up and down her forearm.

They needed to put in a plate,

but it was too dangerous during the night.

Her veins kept collapsing.

She was in surgery early this morning.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I didn’t mean… To do this?

Well, you did.

Can I see her? Never again.

She’s going to the nursing home from here.

What? No, but she doesn’t want that.

And I don’t wanna look at you anymore.

NURSE: Miss, uh, Lonaek?

She’s resting…

Oh, it’s you! No, I’m leaving.

Her vitals are good. She’s stabilized.

We’re gonna leave her on the third floor for now, okay?

And we’ll just monitor her throughout the evening.

Okay. Thanks for the update.

What you doin’ here, baby? Oh, my God! Hi.


Um, I’m a fr… Um, just a friend.

We met here. Remember?

Yeah. We get a lot of people comin’ in and out of here,

but I’m glad you have somebody.

Antonina, wake up. Somebody’s here to see you.

No, no. It’s okay. It’s okay.


RIRI: Okay.

Okay, okay. Are you in pain?

Are you okay?

Tried to get you to leave.

I can’t believe I stayed for that dude.

Why didn’t you tell me he was an asshole?

I did. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!

Just give it time. You know, I’m sure everything…

Oh, my God, just stop with the couch therapist routine!

I don’t have time.

Why don’t you stop complainin’ and…

And do somethin’ about it.

Like, actually go do something about it!


Me, do something? Wow, that is…


That’s hilarious. Do something like you?

Pretend to have the keys to the universe

’cause you took a yoga teacher training once

and, like, didn’t even finish?

So don’t speak to me like one of your former roommates

who you think you saved.

I’m darked out by your energy right now, man.


I think you should move out.

Um, I…

I don’t think I can live with someone like you anymore.

You’re serious?

I think you need to go home.

And I think you need to be with your mother

and make whatever it is between you two right.

Can you stop? Just stop it!





Mom, go back inside. Pl…

Can you please just go back? Please, Mom.

[HANDLE RATTLING] No, can you ple…

I’m sorry.

I’m sor… hold on!

Come on. Come on, let’s go back inside.

I… I need you to go back inside

because I just need one half-hour, okay?

I’m sorry. Let’s go inside. Please.




I really appreciate this, Benj.

No problem.

And I’m sorry about the last time we talked.

I believe I called you a lateral move,

and you… You’re so not. Oh, I’m not interested

in anything between us. Oh, no. I know.

I was just saying that, like, you’re above me

because I’m a trash person. Did you know Joel’s engaged?


I’m so… I’m so happy for both of them.

For… For him and for her.

Um, anyway,

promise to be really quiet and respectful while I’m here.

Um, I mean, all you do is watch TV all day, so…

Well, it’s technically my job.

What? I gather data on shows

that feature Christian themes and characters,

then I aggregate them for my website.


I make intense money doing this.

Wow, that’s cool!

I’m just gonna…




Hello. Hi. Um, I was wondering

if you had an Antonina Lonaek scheduled as a new client.

I mean, a new patient.

I don’t know what the word is

for someone going to live in a home

that is not their home. Yes, I will hold.



Hi. Headed home?

Uh, yeah.


DR. WRIGHT: Progress.

That’s what this chart tells me.

Your bones have grown back,

and they are still very much alive.


You will still have to keep getting X-rays

every six months or so,

to monitor for bone death.

Okay. Thanks, Dr. Wright.

And, um…

I’m sorry for crying heavily every time we spoke.

Not a problem.

BRICK: You need help with that? I’m good.

You know, I’ve never heard you play that thing one time.

Yeah. Well, there is nothing sadder

than a single person in New York plucking her guitar

in her, like, low-lit closet of a room.

No offense to my former landlord.

It’s ’cause I was scared to.


To do anything, really.

If you haven’t noticed,

everything I touch seems to turn to dirt,

like opposite King Midas over here.

I don’t think that of you, Louise.

I get scared too.

Everything that I have is

because of my father’s success, not me.

No, no, I was just a raging bitch

the last time we talked.

I said really hurtful things, and they were not true.

But isn’t that how it goes?

Like, sometimes the most hurtful thing

is the most truthful?

Well, you said some pretty true things about me too.


And you were right.


I need to go home.

Like, uh, home home.


I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.

I don’t know why I did that. Okay.

You sure?

Yeah, I need to have sex like yesterday.


I feel like you’re my cage.


But in a nice way.

Like a nice cage. Like a hot cage.

Like a… sex cage.

You’re okay with this, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m good.

I’m good. This is fine?

This is so fine.

This is more than fine.

I want this.



I am so sorry. It’s fine.

Are you okay? Yeah, I’m good.

It’s just ’cause no one has been

near there since, you know.

It’s fine. I’m fine.

I’m good. I’m good.

Okay. You’re good?

I am loving this.



Okay. I’m ready. I’m ready.

I’ll leverage the good leg.

Yeah. Oh, great. Okay.

I’m gonna lift. Mm-hmm.


I’m gonna put it back down. [GROANS]

[WHISPERS] That’s good. Let’s do this.

No, that’s fine. Let’s do it.

No, it’s okay. I’ll move.

Um, maybe you’re not ready yet.

What? Well, ’cause…

No! I’m good! I’m cool!

You know, I just didn’t do

my morning stretches today or whatever.

I could go down on you.

Oh, no. Sorry. I don’t like that.


Why not?


I don’t feel like having a deep historical talk

on why I don’t like oral sex right now.

Okay. That’s fair. Yeah, it’s… blech.


Ugh, this sucks!

I guess I’ll just, like, never have sex again!

Why would you…? Don’t say that.

You’ll have sex again. [SONG CHANGES ON PHONE]

Oh, no.


Can I…

Oh. You’ve gotta get this screen fixed.

I know! How can you see

through this shit? Just stop. I know.


All right.


This is my dad’s one-hit wonder.

Really? Mm-hmm.

This is the song? This is the song.

You said you’d never let me hear it.

I know. Now you’re letting me hear it!

Yeah. This is a moment!

This is a moment. This is a breakthrough!

This is, man. It is. [GASPS]

It’s good, right?

I love it. Yeah.


LOUISE: Antonina, I would like to be being sorry to you personally,

but if you weren’t wanting to, I am understanding.

You are so strong.

Did you knowing that?

It is bad business to be treated

like you are not when you are.

You’re wanting to be shouting at the world

for feeling invisible.

I am being knowing this feeling.

Therefore, I can never be being shut up.

You have never been invisible to me.

But I am also having used your strength.

And I am being sorry for that.

Sylvia is being in love with you.

That is why you are safe in a place today.

I am being hoping you are approving

for the decorating I did.

I was wanting this room to be reminding you of home

in some small way.

And also, a home is just a place to live.

The life in it is what is counting.

Thank you for sharing the life of yours with me.

P.S., Sorry if my Polish writing is being bad business.

The translate application has never been being

the nice person to me.



Antonina, no. Antonina, stop! I don’t want it!

Can you…? Oh, my God.



Okay, fine.

You are worth way more to me than that dumb money.

You are worth way more to me than that dumb money.

Why? God, why?

You’ll see I got it fixed.



Oh, I swear I wasn’t gonna take any.


Take all you like. I don’t care.

This is from before the Communists came.

Might as well be Monopoly money for what it’s worth now.




That’s… That doesn’t mean “thank you,” does it?


No, that means “fuck off.”

What? Are you serious?


I can’t… Oh, my God!

You are the worst.

My mother, you know? Really?

I always thought it was Antonina.

What happened to her? Your mom.

She died when I was young.

I have to go set her up in the office.


It’s good that you’re so close to physical therapy.

You are gonna get fit!



LOUISE: Okay, are you ready?



[CHUCKLES] You can do anything.

I wish I had told myself that more when I was younger.

Remember to smile and keep your head up.

You’re the best.

Don’t stop being curious.

My girls drive me nuts,

but they keep me in touch with the world.

JANICE: Be a trailblazer.

Open up the way.

FANNY: Learn how to drive before you’re 40.

You gotta get around.

NANCY: Don’t be afraid. Go for it.

JANICE: Anybody that’s in your head telling you something negative,

get ’em out!

Don’t diet so much.

It’s gonna be fine. They’re gonna love you anyway.



LOUISE: Okay, so I’m asking all the swim babes

what they would say to their younger selves if they could.

You good? Yeah.

We are good.

[BEEPS] Okay.

AL: I don’t do too much fancy cooking.

Mostly leftovers.

Thank you.

Mary Ellen brings meals over sometimes from next door.

That’s nice. Yeah.

Mm! These are great!

Really good. Yeah.

By the way, I don’t have to stay here.

Max said I could stay with him, so…

You wouldn’t stay here?

What, are you ashamed of us? Oh, my God. No.

I’m just trying to be respectful of your space.

And last time I was home… Okay, I’d rather not.


Okay, but you called me, you know, and you seemed…

I should never call on Sunday nights.

Don’t listen to my Sunday night calls.

All right, how about this?

You always tell me what’s goin’ on with you, okay?

You come home with a cane. What am I supposed to think?

You weren’t answering your phone or telling me the truth.

Okay, I’ll tell you the truth. I was drunk.

And I fell off a ledge trying to open a window.

And I didn’t wanna tell you that.

What window? It doesn’t matter, okay?

The last time I was home… Okay, fine, Louise.

We both know I wanted to be anywhere else.

What you did last year was dumb,

and I was angry,

but the fact that she wandered away

and that she fell,

that didn’t make her Alzheimer’s worse,

and it wasn’t the reason we had to put her in a home!

It was the only reason. The reason is she’s sick,

and she’s not getting any better.

All I ever wanted was for you to come home to see her before…

For your sake.

I have no idea why you had a kid,

and I’m sorry that kid was me.

Do you know that your mom miscarried for years

before she had you?

She wanted a baby so badly.

And while she watched all of her friends around her

start having kids,

she felt like she was behind.

But she wasn’t.

You’re remembering every rotten thing

you ever said or did.

Fine. Well, do me a favor.

Let in the good memories. Or make some new ones.


DR. AQUINO: She’s young for this kind of diagnosis,

but it is highly progressive.

She’s surrounded by women much older than herself.

I don’t want that to be a shock.

Is she going to…

Like, she’s not gonna understand what I’m saying, right?

Well, the speech, as you know, it is almost all gone.

Her cognitive and behavioral skills

are progressively depreciating.

The body starts to shut down.

What’s left, right?

The most basic and essential qualities.

[SOFTLY] Thanks.

Can I sit here?

That’s a nice dresser.




♪ The salty spray… ♪

YOUNG LOUISE: Wait. What was that?


DOROTHY: Mm-hmm.

See? You know it.


Hi, kiddo.

Hi, Mom.

You need to ask before you borrow any of my stuff.

I know.

I love this top.

Me too.

I miss you.



So I’ve decided to not be a complete awkward today

and act like you’re a child or an alien.

And I realize that there is nothing more obnoxious

than people who talk as they pull guitars out of cases,

especially people who haven’t played for a long time.

It’s like, you know, I don’t know about you,

but it gives me this weird, like,

“Oh, no, ‘a jam band in Northern California’s performing’


Um, but I brought this guitar.

Thought it might help.

And I need help these days.

You hated jam bands too, right?

Or am I remembering that wrong?

I thought I knew things.

I thought I knew the end to our story, but…

[SIGHS] Really, I have no clue.

So here’s a song.

And I don’t know if it’s a good song or a bad song,

but the whole reason I know it is because of you.

And that is true.

All right.



♪ The young boy rose ♪

♪ His pretty face ♪

♪ All for to feel ♪

♪ The salty spray ♪

♪ When storms are musterin’ ♪

♪ They say ♪

♪ He’ll come and take you all ♪

♪ Away ♪

♪ I am a traveler ♪

♪ By trade ♪

♪ I only have ♪

♪ What I have made ♪

♪ A fortune teller too ♪

♪ They say ♪

♪ And I can take you all ♪

♪ Away ♪

♪ Doo, doo, doo, doo ♪

♪ Doo, doo ♪

♪ Doo, doo, doo, doo Doo, doo ♪

♪ Doo, doo, doo, doo, oh, oh ♪



♪ Listen, listen ♪

♪ To him do ♪

♪ He is the one ♪

♪ Who is for you ♪

♪ Listen, listen ♪

♪ They say ♪

♪ And I can take you all ♪

♪ Away ♪

[VOICE BREAKS] I’m trying.




LOUISE: She was good today.

BRICK: That’s really good to hear.

How’s the fantasy life? Heh, well, I put myself on a “no video games, no weed” sort of regimen.

Well, if weed, edible.

Wow! That is… I cannot…

Well, I got inspired by the Louise Gold “change your life” rehab chapter.

Really? I have never inspired anyone ever, except to change their phone number.


So you’re gonna visit me? Yeah.

And you gotta come visit me for Christmas.

To meet my dad. Oh, man!

I would love to meet that old pop star.

I miss you, man. I miss you too.

Okay. Well, I’ll talk soon. Yes, please.

♪ So rough and gray Watchin’ the boy… ♪

AL [ON RECORDING]: Louise, I’m coming down from the mountain.

It was fabulous. I’ll be there in two hours.

Mm, make it three hours.

Oh, by the way, this is your dad.

♪ A young man, he ♪

♪ He is so real ♪

♪ And never more To go astray… ♪

DOROTHY [ON RECORDING]: Hi, honey. It’s your mom.

Did you get a haircut yet?

I know, I know, but it’s too long, and you should, and that’s just the last I’m gonna say about it.

Anyways, your dad and I had a pretty good meal at that place last night.

We should go when you’re back home.

I woke up thinking of you and how your day has already started.

And don’t worry about that stupid boy or whatever he was doing.

First love is the toughest, and that’s why there are so many songs about it.

Love you, kid. Talk soon.


♪ Doo, doo, doo Doo, doo, doo ♪

♪ Listen, listen ♪

♪ To him do ♪

♪ He is the one ♪

♪ Who is for you ♪

♪ Listen ♪

♪ They say ♪

♪ He’ll come and take ♪

♪ Us all away ♪

♪ He ♪





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