Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (2024) | Transcript

Many years after the reign of Caesar, a young ape goes on a journey that will lead him to question everything he's been taught about the past and make choices that will define a future for apes and humans alike.
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes (2024)
: Science Fiction, Adventure, Action
Director: Wes Ball
Stars: Owen Teague, Freya Allan, Kevin Durand, Peter Macon, William H. Macy
Plot: The new Apes movie is set many years after the conclusion of 2017’s War for the Planet of the Apes. Many apes societies have grown from when the Moses-like Caesar brought his people to an oasis, while humans have been reduced to a feral-like existence. Some ape groups have never heard of Caesar, while others have contorted his teaching to build burgeoning empires. In this setting, one ape leader begins to enslave other groups to find human technology, while another ape, who watched his clan be taken, embarks on a journey to find freedom. A young human woman becomes key to the latter’s quest, although she has plans of her own.

* * *

[wind whistling]

[♪♪ somber music playing]

[apes chatter softly]

[fire crackling]

[music crescendoes]

[apes chatter loudly]

[chatter fades]

[birds chirping]




[grunts, chatters]

[in sign language]

Elder Luna says make your heart still.

The right egg will sing to you.

Elder Luna is elder.


[eagle screeches]


Only three.

We take them all.

No. Never.

Leave one always.

That is the law.

Bonding day is tomorrow.

These are yours.

You are older.

By length of a sunset.

Is older.


Which one sings to you?

This one.


We will raise them together.

Like we were raised.

It will be the same.


[eagle screeches]


Go, go, go.


[Anaya] Noa, wait!

[Anaya] Whoa!

It’s too far.

[Soona] Find another way.


[Anaya] Noa?


[Noa yells]

[Anaya exclaims]


[Anaya and Soona chatter]

[Noa grunts]

[tree branches creaking]

[eagles screeches]

[Noa gasps]

[Noa grunting rapidly]

[Noa screams]

[Noa chatters in fear]

[Noa screams]

[Soona] Noa!

[shouting] Anaya! Soona!

[Soona] Noa!

[Noa screams]

[Anaya] Noa!

[Soona] No!

[both sigh in relief]


[chimps chatter]

[Anaya] Do you wonder what your bird will look like?

[Soona] Long as it does not look like you, Anaya.

[horses neighing, chuffing]

[in sign language]

[twigs snap]

What is it, Noa?

[Noa] Something in trees.

[exclaims in pain]

[chimps grunting, panting]

[Noa] It’s getting away.

[in sign language]

Noa scared.

Not Anaya.


Not ape.



Echo do not come in from Valley.


[objects clatter, echo]

[all screaming]

[Soona] Were you scared?

[Noa] Not as scared as Anaya!

[eagles screeching]

[children exclaim excitedly]

[child 1] They’re back! They’re back!

[child 2] Soona!

[child 3] Did you get your eggs?

How far did you climb?

Was it dangerous?

Very dangerous.

Anaya wailed like a newborn.


[child 1] How many eggs did you honor?

[child 2] Show us the egg.

[child 3] Did you climb well?

[child 4] Show us the egg.

[child 5] Show us your egg.

Egg. Egg. Egg.

Show us, Anaya, please?

[children gasp, exclaim]

[all chatter]

Who want?

[child] Me, me, me!


[child groans dejectedly]

[child 2] Come on. Come on. Give, give! Hey!


Show me.

All must wait for bonding.

Even Honored Teacher.

I am your mother.

I knew you would climb well.

He waits.


Time for that later.

Your father will want to see.

[in sign language]

[male chimp 1] Noa.

[female chimp] Noa.

[male chimp 2] Noa, didn’t think you’d make it back.

[chimps laugh]

[eagles screeching]

[Koro humming, grunts]

[Koro humming]

Too firm.

Yes. Yes, Koro.

[in sign language]

[Koro hums]



[grunts in pain]

Sun Eagle does not like work for tomorrow’s ceremony.

You climb well?

Above Top Nest.

Huh. All of you?


Only me.


What that smell?

[inhales deeply]

You did not go to the Valley Beyond?


Is forbidden.

Yet blood of Echo on your blanket.

We did not go to Valley Beyond.

I accept.

You are true, Noa.

Much to learn.

Much to teach.

After tomorrow’s bonding.

Now, Elders must know.

Echoes only bring trouble.

Oda will chase the pests away.

May I seek your counsel?

This blanket had the blood of an Echo on it.

[Elder 1] Echo.

[Koro] And I apologize for that.

This is a bad sign for all of us.

[Elder 2] That smell.

[Koro] And my suggestion would be…

[conversation continues indistinctly]

You climbed Top Nest?

Hard climb.

[Elder 1] Ah, yes.

[Elder 2] Could be dangerous.

[Elder 3] Danger.

[Soona panting]


You see your father?

I do not understand Eagle Sun.

I do. He hate Noa.


[in sign language]

With Elders.

They send Oda to scare Echo away.

[Oda] Yes, Elder.

When mother was small… dry season shrank creek.

Echo range for food.

She saw a small and a big.

We have good rain.

Her words.

[Koro] Ride true, Oda.

[eagle screeches]

[insects chirring]

[objects clatter]

[sniffs, coughs]

[footsteps shuffling]

[twigs snapping]

[breathing heavily]

[girl grunts, pants]

[Noa] No.

Our bonding is at sunrise.

Master of Birds will make exception.

They will not make him wait for next season.

Yes, he will.

He is your father.

And I am his son.

Then I will wait with you.

Anaya wait too.

You cannot.

I must find another.

[insects chirring]

[owl hooting]

[animal shrieking distantly]

[horse chuffs]

[horn sounding]

[monkeys chattering]

[electricity crackling]

[monkeys screeching]

[clamor dies down]

[Noa gasps, pants]



There are…


[gasps, exclaims]

[horse neighs]

[hooves approaching]

[chimps chattering]

[chimps screeching]

What happened here?

[Lightning] Our scouts.

Killed by him.

[Lightning chatters, screeches]


It is her.

Lightning, back on your horse.

Spread out!

Find his clan.

Search in all directions!

[horse neighs]

[Lightning] The ape’s horse!

[Sylva] Lightning, come!

They cannot be far.

Follow the horse! Find his clan!


[horse neighs]

[Lightning] Find human!


Go, go, go!

[horses neighing]

[♪♪ dramatic music playing]

[Noa panting]

[Noa panting]

[panting, grunting]

[Sylva] Round them up!

No! No! Please!

[Sylva] You, prisoner!

[Noa panting]

Burn it down.

[shouting] Soona! Anaya!

[chimp] Noa, help!

[chimps exclaiming]

[Anaya] Noa!





[Noa] Anaya! Mother!

Where Soona?

They took her.

They broke my egg.


Help your father!

[Noa screams]

[Dar] No! No!

[Anaya] Noa!


Run, Noa! Run!

Help your father!

Go, Noa! Run!


[Lightning] He their Elder.

[Elder] No!

[all screeching]

[necklace breaks]

For Caesar!

[marauders] For Caesar!

Take them to Proximus!

Find the human!

[marauders chanting] Caesar! Caesar!

Caesar! Caesar!



I’m sorry. It’s my fault.

Noa, free all birds.


Bend your head.



[Sylva grunts]

[Noa exclaims]

[Noa exclaims, grunts]

[Koro grunts, yells]

[Noa yells]

[Koro yells, grunts]

[weakly] Noa.

For Caesar.

[wood creaking]

[groaning weakly]

[grunts, coughs]

[metal clangs]

[eagle screeches]

[♪♪ somber music playing]



I will find them.

I will bring them home.

[eagle screeches]

[Noa yells]

[♪♪ thrilling music playing]

[Noa yells]

[thunder rumbles]

[eagle screeches]

[thunder rumbles]


[thunder rumbles]

[wind blowing]

[twigs breaking]

[Noa gasps]

[horse whinnies]

[voice yells indistinctly]

[gasps, pants]

[eagle whistles]


Come, Sun.


[exclaims, grunts]

[Noa grunts]

[♪♪ pensive music playing]


[exclaims, grunts]

[gasps, coughs]

[flies buzzing]

How young you are.

Without your mask.

Without this.

Speak up.

Speak up.

Not mine.

No mask.

I am not…


Explain yourself.

They killed my father.

Stole my village.

I follow their tracks.


He was my village.

They killed him.

The Masks.


I am Raka.

I am Noa.

[Raka] Apes falling from the sky. Hmm.

He was outside when they arrived.

Did you see my clan?


I hid.

I survived.

I protected our work.

They are an ancient way to store ideas.

The symbols have meaning.

Apes understood this meaning… in the time of Caesar.

The Masks, in my village…

said that name…



The Masks take his name.

Twist his words.

Who is he?

Not “is.”


Your clan does not know the true Caesar. [grunts]

Too many have forgotten who he was.

I know Elders of my village.

They made the law.

That is everything.

[Raka chuckles]

That is not everything.

Long before your Elders…

it was Caesar who taught us what it means to be ape.

He was our leader, our lawgiver.

Apes together strong.

Ape shall not kill ape.

We, the Order of Caesar… follow his words.

To this day…

I follow.

I am now… the last.

The work continues.

[Raka hums]

What is this place?

We believe apes built this… as a refuge for humans.

Now it is rare to see even one.

But in Caesar’s time, there were vast herds of them.

Can you imagine? [chuckles]

Perhaps here, humans were cared for, fed… maybe even taught. [laughs]

What is it?



You have seen one?


They are scavengers.

Like boars.

Only lesser.

Humans are slow-witted, but…

there was a time…

when humans and apes lived side by side.

[Raka chuckles]

Yes, it is a puzzle. I know. But…

they were important to Caesar. Hmm.

So they are important to me.

I have to get to my horse.

Of course.

Follow me.

You do not know Caesar.

You do not know books.

You should stay here.

There is much I could teach you.

[horse neighs]


Go away!

No! Come back!


[Raka] Wait! Come back!

There is no danger.

That is the one.

Stole from my village.

She follows you from your village?

Perhaps Caesar bids me travel.

Wait here. The work continues.

I have no time for…

I will not slow you down. I, too, keep a horse.

[Raka chuckles]

[Raka panting]

Can we not slow down?


I am sure she follows.

I do not know why.

[eagle screeches]

[gasps] A beautiful bird!

Eagle Sun.

My father’s bird.

He follows to taunt me.

This bird follows you too?

We raise eagles, my clan.

Sing to them…

so they know us.

A bond.

Sing the song.



My father was Master of Birds.

He sang to eagles.

But I am not him.


I would have enjoyed a song.

[thunder rumbles]

Strange weapons.


[twigs snap]



She follows because she is hungry.



No, no, no.

This is…


They get cold.

Show mercy.

She is smarter than most.

We will name her Nova.

We name them all Nova.

I do not know why. It is from Caesar’s time.

Why did Caesar care so much for Echoes?

Legend says he was reared by them…

impossible as that may seem.

Caesar legend is important.

He was first Elder.

He led with decency…




Caesar never had to share camp…

with this Nova.


[coughs, sucks teeth]

The smell is potent.

[♪♪ mysterious music playing]

[eagle screeches]

[wings flutter]

[clang echoes]





[breath quivering]

A tunnel that eats light?

She saw what I saw.

It was in her eyes.




As ape would.

If Echo comes, she must ride.


Is my young companion showing compassion for our fellow traveler?

She is slow.



Then, of course, there is the gibbon.

Very, very long arms.

Is most unfortunate that the human can only use its feet for walking.

Imagine if you were falling from a tree.

You only have two appendages to save your life.

But if you were able to use both of your hands…

and both of your feet…

that’s four times the safety.

And I imagine that, if I came across a special…

What is that?

[zebras nickering]

Horses with stripes.

Quite striking.

[Nova breathing heavily]

[breath quivers]

We feared the herds ceased to exist.

Will you not say goodbye?

I must find my clan.

The Nova stays with her kind.

You raise them up.

Follow Caesar’s word.

To remember…

who he was.

It is important.

They are like you.

Would you like to join them?

He has his journey.

We have ours.


[horn bellowing]

[Nova gasps]

[horses approaching]


[zebras whinny]

[people screaming]

[shouting] Nova!


Take them!

[Sylva] Ride them down!

Catch that one!


This one? Hyah!



Spread out.


This way.

Find her!

I know she here!

[Noa] Raka!


[Sylva] Come out!

I smell you!

[Noa] Raka!

[screams] Noa!



[both grunting]

[Raka] Noa!

[Raka yells]

[metal clangs]


[Raka laughs exultantly]

Caesar will forgive.

Shall we continue?


[horse neighing]

This should give us time.

[leaves rustling]

What did I miss?

She spoke.

She called my name.

You misheard.

You said this Nova was smarter than most.

[Raka] Within reason.

Some intelligence, to be sure, but…

I have a name.


I know where they’re taking your clan.


It’s a human settlement.

It’s where I’m headed to.

Looking for more like me.

There are more…

like you?

There used to be more.

You hid the truth?

My mother taught me silence…

for my safety.

You were safe with us.

And still not true.

Where is your mother now?

I am alone.

Huh. [sighs]

As are we all.

But now…

we have each other.

[Raka grunts]

Ah. [grunts]

Let us have a fire.

We have much to discuss.

[Mae shivering]

[♪♪ gentle music playing]

[electricity crackling]



[♪♪ suspenseful music playing]

[electrical crackling continues]

[♪♪ unsettling music playing]

[birds squawking]

[Raka cooing, grunts]

[Mae breathing heavily]

[Raka cooing]

[birds calling]

[♪♪ tense music playing]

[birds screeching]

[Sylva growls]

[horse neighs]

[inhales sharply]

Go back.

Go back!

[marauder growling and screeching]

[both grunting]


[Mae grunting]

[Raka] Mae!

[Mae screaming]





[Mae grunting]

[staff crackling]

[Noa grunts]

[marauder screeches]

[Mae gasps]


Hold on!

[Raka] Mae!

[Raka yelps]

[Mae gasping]

[Raka straining]

[Mae coughing]

[Raka struggling]

No! Raka!


[breathing heavily]


[Noa grunting]



[water gurgling]

[♪♪ mournful music playing]

[bird calling]

[Noa panting]

[Mae panting]

[♪♪ sinister music playing]

[horses whinnying]

[apes chattering and hooting]

[♪♪ menacing music playing]

[apes chattering and hooting]

[all screeching and hooting]

[marauder] Stand back! Human!

[Mae breathing heavily]

[gasps and snarls]

[Lightning hooting]

[Mae whimpering]

[knife slices]

[Mae gasps]

[Noa] No! No! No!

[apes screeching]

[Mae grunting]

[Lightning hooting]

Welcome home, baby bird.

[apes hooting]


[♪♪ sinister music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

[apes hooting]

[Soona] Noa? [gasps]


[both hooting happily]

[Noa] I missed you. Soona. Soona.

[Soona panting]


You were dead.

I… I saw you fall.

You are not hurt?





[door unlocks]


[Mae grunts]

[locks door]

[man] Vonnegut.

That’s a good one.

Not a lot of fiction there.

He’s mostly interested in history.

Roman history, especially. [chuckles]

The name’s Trevathan.

[pot whistling]

[Trevathan coughs]

[whistling stops]

[Trevathan] Where, uh…

Where are you from?

You first.


Well, doesn’t really matter, does it?

I left.

Same as you.

Made it almost to the coast

and then I fell and shattered my ankles.

That’s where Proximus found me.

And now you read him Roman history.


So, who are you?

I’m the human not helping the apes.

[apes grunting]

[Soona] Noa.

[Dar hooting]

[Dar] Share. Must share.


[Dar gasps]

[child 1] Noa?

[children] Noa!

[child 2] You’re alive!

[Dar hooting happily]

[Dar laughs]



I know.

[Dar sobbing softly]

[alphorn blowing]

[chimps screeching]

We must go.


[alphorn blowing]

[apes] Caesar!

[apes chanting] Caesar! Caesar! Caesar!

[chanting continues]

[chimps whimpering]


[Proximus growling]

[apes screeching]

[screeching and hooting stops]

What a wonderful day!

[apes] What a wonderful day!

Are we thankful for the words of Caesar?

[apes] We are thankful.

Do we bend our heads?

[apes] We bend!

Say his words!

[apes] Apes together strong!

[Proximus] Say his words!

[all] Apes together strong!

What a wonderful day!

[apes chattering]

That felt good.

When I think on those words…

I feel good.

Caesar was first Elder.

Now I am Caesar.

[apes chattering]

He is not Caesar.

[in sign language]

[Proximus hooting]

Now, when I think of all the treasures left inside for us…


I feel very good.

It may be difficult to open.

But not impossible…

because we work together.

All as one.

As Caesar wanted.

As Caesar required.

[all] Apes together strong!


[whip lashing]

[horses neighing]

[apes grunting]


[Sylva] Pull!

[Proximus] Pull! More!

Watch this.

[electricity crackling]



[apes] Pull!

[Proximus] Pull!

[Proximus] Yes!

Yes! [echoes]


[apes grunting]

[Mae gasps]

[apes chattering]


[chattering stops]

Maybe stronger tomorrow.

Don’t worry.

Whoever’s in there is either dead or gone.

We’ve been bangin’ on that door for months.

[chuckles and grunts]

[Mae] Do you not know where we are?

When things got bad and the government went underground,

this is where half of it went.

With all their technology, and all their weapons…

Don’t you understand?

That ape cannot have what is inside the…

You gotta stop thinking about the way things were

and start thinking about the way they are.

This is a good life,

and you have a chance to be a part of it.

What, and build a world for the apes?

It is already their world.

[Trevathan sighs]

There’s hot water and fresh clothes in that room back there.

You’ll feel better when you get yourself cleaned up.

You better figure out how to be useful around here.

[Elder chimp chittering softly]

[Soona] Honored Elder…

had to bend.

We had no choice.

You must accept.

[Soona sighs]

It is law.

The Elders did not tell us everything

about this world.

They did not tell us because they did not know.

They did not want to know.

You are different. [gasps]

[staff thuds]

[Sylva growls]


[Soona gasps]

[Trevathan and Proximus laughing]

[Trevathan] And that’s why they call it a toga party.

[Proximus laughing]

[Proximus] You are a funny little human, Trevathan.

[both continue laughing]

[Proximus] Hey, come.

Come, sit.


[staff thuds]

[Sylva huffs]




Wonderful day, yes?

You two have come a long way.

An ape and a human

traveling together is…

quite an adventure.

[Trevathan and Proximus chuckle]

[Proximus] You are Noa, yes?

Welcome, Noa.




you are familiar with the concept of…


That is the human label, yeah?

The advancement that I crave requires time.

Vast amounts of time that I do not have.

Unfortunately, I am but a mortal ape.

[Proximus chuckles]


So this is why I need to get the knowledge inside that vault.

I believe it will deliver

instant evolution.

Hmm. Noa.

You don’t understand.

In their time,

humans were capable of many great things, yes?

They could level mountains.

They could speak across oceans.

They could fly, Noa.

Like eagles fly.

But now, we will learn.

Apes will learn. I will learn, yeah,

from what is inside that vault.


[Mae] It’s impossible.

No one’s getting in there.

[Proximus chuckles]

Mae, Mae, Mae, Mae.

My apes encountered your companions.

I believe this map belonged to you.

You see, Noa,

before she was traveling with you

and that old orangutan,

Mae was with other humans.

[♪♪ suspenseful music playing]

But sadly,

my apes did not realize their value,

so I was brought only bodies.

I could not speak to them like I can speak to you.

I know…

you are coming here to get inside my vault.

It is not yours!


It is now, isn’t it?

And I will get inside.

No matter how many apes it costs me.



I have heard that you are a very clever ape, yeah?

Very clever.

He repaired one of your broken staffs, Trevathan.

I have much use for clever apes.

Now, can you tell me…

did Mae tell you how to get inside my vault?

She told me nothing.

Told you nothing! [slams fist]


Told you nothing.


Come. Come with me.

Come, come.

I have something to show you.

Come. Come.

Come, Noa.

Tell me, what do you see?

[distant chatter]

Stolen clans.

Not clans.

A kingdom.

Noa, a kingdom for apes.

Humans can never be trusted.

Where there are two that can speak,

there must be more.

Mae has come here to claim the tools inside my vault.

Tools that make humans strong

and make them dangerous.

That is why I must have them first.


They do not understand that this is our time.

This is my kingdom.

I must destroy their kind.

Unless we want to live in cages again.


Come, Noa.

Let us eat.


Tell us a story.

Make it a funny one.

[Proximus laughs]

[eagles calling]

[Dar] They will not come.


Because Eagle Clan…

is gone.

Eagle Clan is here.

We are here.

In land of Proximus.

And Proximus has no need for eagles.

[♪♪ pensive music playing]

[eagle screeches]


You come to judge me?

I judge myself.

I promised our father

I would bring them home.

I failed.

Eagle Clan belongs

to Proximus Caesar now.

That is the law.

But the law is wrong.

[Noa hooting]

[eagle chirping]

[♪♪ uplifting music playing]

[waves crashing]

[Trevathan] Time for the evening lesson.

It would be very good for you to be there.

[door latch clicking]

[locks door]


[Noa] You did not come for Echoes.

And you were not alone.

[Mae] I’m sorry.

Proximus’s apes found our camp.

They killed everyone.

I barely escaped.

I needed your help.

And I was afraid.

The more you speak,

the less I believe.

I was wrong not to trust you.

And I know that now.

I trust you only to help yourself.

But that could help me now.

I have questions.

You answer true,

maybe I help.

What do you need inside vault?


like a book.

A special book.



Humans lost their ability to speak.

And this book might bring it back.

A book can do this?

This one can.

Raka said apes and humans

lived side by side.

True or not true?

Apes were silent.

Like the Echo.

Humans were dominant.

The virus spread…

that we created.

It made apes smarter.

And it almost killed all of us.

You know a way inside, yes?


One last question.

Will water destroy what is inside?



[in sign language]

A climb.

One I cannot do alone.


To free our clan.

[in sign language]

[♪♪ suspenseful music playing]

Soona, this is Mae.

Hello, Soona.

What do we do?

We’re gonna need all of this.

Follow me.


The power runs through, yes?


You cannot make hard climb…

without Anaya.

[Soona sighs]

Hello, Echo.

[♪♪ suspenseful music continues]

[Mae] This burns hot.

But under pressure,

it will explode.

How do you know this?

[Anaya grunting]

Oh, shit.


[Mae] Take that over there.

[Anaya] Okay.

I go with Anaya.

Safer that way.

Anaya! Anaya. Stop.

You’re doing it wrong.

[Anaya] Okay.

You like her.


We were born within a sunset.

[Soona] No. Anaya…

[Trevathan] He’s just going to rebuild it.

[Mae gasps]


You had an opportunity.

I gave you an opportunity.

But you’re fantasizing about a past that can never come back.

Listen to me.

Trevathan, you don’t belong here.

You think it’s over,

but it’s not.

Nobody is going to blame you for what happened here.

Just come with us.


He’s gonna skin your monkey alive.

And you…


you’re gonna learn.


[both yelling]

[Trevathan] Oh, no.


[Trevathan grunting]

[Mae growling]

[Trevathan choking]

[choking stops]

[Mae breathing shakily]

[♪♪ foreboding music playing]

[chimps gasping]

[waves crashing]

We need to go.

It’ll be light soon.

[chimps screeching]

[all grunting and yelping]

[Mae coughs]

[Anaya] You said there would be climb!

[Soona gasps]

[Noa hooting]

[all screeching]

[Noa] Mae, wait!


[Mae grunting]


We need to go up there.

[Anaya] Now we climb?


[Anaya] Easier than Top Nest. [hooting]

Keep climbing.

[Anaya grunts]

[rocks clatter]

[Noa grunting]

[Mae screaming]

[Mae panting]


[both grunting]


[Mae] Mm-hmm.

[chimps grunting]

[Mae grunting]

[♪♪ ominous music playing]

[Flint strikes]

[Mae] Wait. Careful.


[Soona] Anaya!

[metal clanging]

[Soona] Noa, what is this place?

It smells. [gags]

[switch clicks]

[machinery powers up]

[chimps chattering]

[Anaya] What is that? Noa!

[Soona] Noa! What happening?


Echo build all this?

Wait here.

[♪♪ suspenseful music playing]

[♪♪ mysterious music playing]

[doll] Mama!

[both gasping]

[♪♪ suspenseful music playing]

[Noa] The symbols have meaning.

[♪♪ gentle music playing]

[bottle clatters]

[chimps gasping]

Time to go.

[♪♪ suspenseful music playing]

[Anaya] Whoa. What are they?

[Noa] Come!

[♪♪ tense music playing]

[alarm blaring]

[chimps chattering]

We’ll have to move fast.

You go to your clan

and I’ll trigger the explosion.

[machinery creaks, rumbling]

[gate creaking]


[♪♪ sinister music playing]

[Proximus growls]

[chimps screeching and hooting]

[staff crackling]

[Noa groans]

[Lightning laughs]

Noa, you are a very useful ape.

You understand so many things.

And yet, you fail to observe

one of the most important.

You cannot trust a human!

Here comes your clan to bear witness.

[chimps hooting]

You may be fool enough

to put your faith in such a duplicitous creature.

But I am not.

[Soona screeching]

[Noa growling]

Tell me, Noa,

ape to ape,

what did Mae have planned for me inside my own vault?


So what do you choose?

A human over an ape?

Your sweet little Soona…

[Soona whimpering]

…or that stinky human?

[Noa yells]

Tell me your plan!


[gunshot echoes]

[chimps screeching]


[breathing heavily]

[chimps hooting]


[body thuds]

[chimps screeching]

I see.

You can leave, Mae.

You can go.

You’re free. Just tell me…

are there more of those in there?

[Noa] Mae?



We cannot.

He can’t have it.


I’m sorry.



[chimps screeching]

Mae, no!



[metal creaking]

What have you done?






[Proximus grunting]


[chimps clamoring]

[♪♪ tense music playing]

[apes screeching in distance]

[breathing heavily]


[gasping, coughs]

[Anaya] Noa! Noa!

[Noa] Soona!

[Soona] Behind you!

[Anaya] Climb!

[Dar] Son! Son!


[Dar] Son!

Mother! Mother!

[Dar whimpering]


[Anaya] Dar!

[Noa] Grab her!

[Anaya] Dar! Grab my hand!

[Noa] Mother!

[Anaya] Dar!

[Dar screeching]

[Anaya] Dar!

[Noa grunting]

[Anaya] Dar, got you.

Noa, what we do?

[Noa] This way! Go!

Eagle Clan! Climb!

Follow Soona! Follow Anaya!

[Anaya] This way! Climb!

[Soona] Go. Go.

[Anaya] Climb!

[chimps grunting]

This way!


[Anaya] Follow Soona!

[Soona] Hurry! Hurry!

[Noa] Go!

[Noa grunting]

[Anaya] Come.


Climb, Soona!

[Soona] This the way out!




Mother, go!

[Anaya] Noa!

Climb, Anaya!

Soona, go!

Lead them!

Go! Climb!

Go! Go, hurry!

[Sylva growls]

[♪♪ menacing music playing]


[Noa yells]

[both yelling]



[Sylva growls, roars]

[both grunting]

[Sylva grunting]

[Sylva roars]



[metal creaking]




[metal groaning]


[chimps chattering]


[all screeching]

You think you can destroy my kingdom?


[chimps screeching]


You think you can destroy what I am?

[Proximus grunts]

[Dar] Noa!

Leave him.

[chimps chattering]

[Noa groaning]

[Proximus yells]

[all hooting]


You showed so much promise.


You are going to stand,

so that you can bend for your king…

before you die.


And you will all bear witness

as Noa bends before his king.

[all whimpering]

[eagle screeching]

Now stand.

Stand now!

That’s it.

Clever ape.

[breathing heavily]



[Noa continues vocalizing]

[Proximus laughs]

What is this?


Trevathan would love this.

[Noa grunting]




[chimps hooting]

[all vocalizing]

[all grunting in unison]

[vocalizing continues]

[all grunting]



[vocalizing continues]

[eagle screeches]


[vocalizing continues]


[eagles screeching]

[Proximus grunting]

[Noa grunting]

[eagles screeching]

[Proximus grunting]

[Proximus yelling]

[Proximus yelling]

[all vocalizing and grunting]

[Noa shouts]




[♪♪ triumphant music playing]

Let us go home.


[eagles screeching]

[♪♪ serene music playing]

[children laughing and chattering]

[child] He’s coming!

[child 2 roars playfully]

[Soona] Soft?

[Noa] Too firm.

Too firm.




[Mae] I came to say goodbye.

Proximus was right.

Humans will never give up.

Not until you claim all things

for yourselves.

It was ours.

That silo was a human place

with human things and human ideas.

It was not meant for apes.

What is for apes?

Should we go back to silence?

We will rebuild our home.



From what we have learned.



If Raka were here,

he would tell us his Caesar

had much to say on this.

[♪♪ sentimental music playing]

Was he right?

Can ape and human live together?

[wind blowing]

I don’t know.

[necklace snaps]


[♪♪ gentle music playing]

[♪♪ uplifting music playing]

[in sign language]



[door unlocks]


[woman] Rescaling back down to 20.

New latitude point, 2.722.

[man] Copy that. Spooling up.

[woman] Let me know what that distribution looks like.

[man] Let’s get over here.

[woman 2] Readings have been confirmed.

[man 2] Link is ready!

[woman 1] Pulling up now.

[♪♪ dramatic music playing]

[machinery whirring]


Is anyone there?

Come on.

Do you hear me?


[man over speakers] Yes, hello?

This is Fort Wayne, Indiana. We read you!

[all cheering]

It’s good to hear another voice out there.

Tell me where you are. What’s your location?

[♪♪ dramatic music continues]

[♪♪ dramatic music fades]

[♪♪ tense music playing]

[♪♪ gentle music playing]

[♪♪ menacing music playing]

[♪♪ unsettling music playing]


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