Kate (2021) – Transcript

A female assassin has 24 hours to get vengeance on her murderer before she dies.
Kate (2021)

An assassin, after learning that she has only 24 hours left to live after being poisoned, goes on a manhunt through the streets of Tokyo and befriends the young daughter of a past target.

* * *

[“‘Vanilla Kyujin’ Theme Song” playing in the distance]

[“‘Vanilla Kyujin’ Theme Song” playing loudly over speakers]

[man] You sure you don’t wanna use the variable scope for this?

No. I’ve got a lock on vector and trajectory.

You ever hear that saying, “Listen to your elders”?

Big phrase, especially here in Japan.

So you’re an elder now?

“Elder” doesn’t necessarily mean old. It just means older.

As in smarter, wiser.

But hey, I’m serious. We blow this chance, it’s seven years…

Seven years of hard work down the drain.

Ah, so you do listen to me.

V, I haven’t missed once in 12 years.

Not gonna miss.

All right. Let’s dance.

Oh, one last thing.

See? And you say I only think about the work.

[bottle fizzes]

[woman] Hi, uh…

[in Japanese] Shitennō-ji Temple, please, which way?

It’s behind you, back the way you came.

[in English] No. [chuckles]

[in Japanese] Back that way?


[in English] Well, never mind, then. [chuckles]

Here, catch!

[all grunting]

[tense music playing]

[woman 2 over radio] Seasonal, single male mark.

[woman] Copy. Holding at yellow.

[woman 2 over radio] Target visible. Seasonal, the window is open.

You’re green.

I’ve got a protocol breach.

[woman 2] I repeat, you are green.

Code five on-site. Code five.

[woman 2] Overridden. Take the shot.

Hold on. There… there’s a kid here.

[woman 2] The window is closing. I repeat, take the shot, Seasonal.

Please reconfirm.

[woman 2] I repeat, take the shot.

[gun cocks]

Seasonal, the window is closing.

[suspenseful music playing]

[gunshot echoes]

[in Japanese] Drive! Drive!


[“I’m a Pop” by Chanmina playing]

[music continues faintly over headphones]

[indistinct conversation]

[woman] I’ve thought about this a long time.

I wanna talk retirement.

[V] What happened in Osaka shouldn’t have.

It was wrong.

[thunder rumbles]

[rain pattering]

Nobody knew she’d be there.

We had one rule, V.

One simple rule. No kids.

I know.

I mean, this ain’t your first rodeo.

You know there’s collateral damage. You know that.

I can’t shake it.

Trust me, I’ve tried.

Almost to the head of the snake.

Look, I promised I’d finish the job, and I will.

And then I’m out.

I want a life, V.

You know, I never had one.

A real, regular life.

What does that mean?

I mean, what… Family? Kids?

Uh, picket fence? Dogs? Suburbs?

I don’t know.

Something like that.

Two trips to Walmart, you’ll be back.

[thunder rumbling]

[slow pensive music playing]


[inhales deeply]

[exhales deeply]


[crowd chattering indistinctly]

[man] It must be killing you.

You haven’t even touched your Merlot.

It’s Margaux.

I’m sorry, that was a total pickup line.

Fuck it. I mean, listen.

The worst way to start a conversation is a “hey.”

It’s boring. It’s dull. It’s, uh, for horses.

So anything but that.

I’m Stephen.


[snorts and laughs]

[both breathing heavily]

[softly] Shibuya-ku Sendagaya 4-7-11. Shibuya-ku Sendagaya 4-7-11.

[cell phone vibrating]

[cell phone beeping]

Time to leave.


[woman] Seasonal, on-site.

[woman 2 over radio] Copy. Stage mark. Northwest corner.

[slow suspenseful music playing]

Sector and trajectory?

[woman 2] Main entrance, two black sedans. Single.


Primary win…

[grunts and coughs]

[woman 2] Seasonal, repeat.

Window on primary?

[woman 2] Ten seconds, max.

Seasonal, report.

Holding on yellow.

[woman 2] Target visible. You are green.

[man grunts]

[bodyguards yelling indistinctly]

[woman 2] Window is closed. Seasonal, report.

[grunts] New point.

[woman 2] Negative. You are red.

New point.

[woman 2] The window is closed.

[tense music plays]

[car engine revving]

[tires screeching]

[grunts, panting]

[man yells]



[man yelling]



[man in Japanese] Find him immediately!


[women screaming]

[engine starts and revs]

[“Blooming” by Band-Maid playing over speakers]

[in Japanese] He can’t have gone far!

[police sirens wailing]

[in English] Stop, stop. Fuck’s sake.

[“Blooming” continues playing]

[V] Now you start the rest of your life.

What’s your name?


Kate. I’m Varrick.

I’m your handler now.

That makes me your mother, your father, your best friend, and your therapist.

Left. That all you got? Left.



[footsteps echoing]

[doctor] It’s good. You’re awake.

You’ve been out almost a day.

[whispers in Japanese]

[in English] Have you had any recent exposure to radioactive materials?


The reason I ask is you appear to be suffering from, uh, accelerated ARS.

Acute radiation syndrome.


Caused by subjection to potent radiation in extremely short amount of time.

Which substance?

We looked for the usuals.

Iodine-131, thallium, but, uh, it appears to be more specific.



[inhales sharply]

We’ll take the Margaux to go.

Please do not try to…

How much time do I have?

[doctor] A day, maybe.

But we will make it painless for you.



It’s possible that…

[doctor] I’ll get a nurse.

[breathing heavily]

[blood pressure cuff ripping]

[in Japanese] You can’t come this way. The decontamination room is that way.

[nurse 1] Where is the patient?

[nurse 2] I don’t know!

[nurse 1] I will have the doctor come.

[nurse 2] And let security know too.

She’s in bad shape.

Sano-san, patient is missing.


What do you mean, she’s missing?

Search for her immediately!

Yes, sir!

[Sano] Excuse me.

Five liters of blood in the body, heart pumps two a minute.

Gun’s on your femoral. You do the math.

I need something to keep me going.

I want stimulants.

These. Load them in the shots, go.

Give me five.

Come on.


I don’t have all the time in the world.

What are you trying to do?

[woman speaking Japanese on radio]

[whispering] Shibuya-ku Sendagaya. Shibuya-ku Sendagaya.

[Stephen speaking indistinctly]

[woman]…take a shower.

[Stephen] We should just have fun!

It’s the last night. Come on!

[woman] I know.

But I still have stuff to do.


[Stephen groaning]

Oh, my God! [gasps]

[in Japanese] Who are you?

[in English] Why’d you poison me?

What are you talking about? Poison?

[splutters] I didn’t know it was…

They told me it was just a roofie so they could lift the room.

Who? Who told you?

Even if I knew, I’d be dead if I tell you.

Aw, she’ll be dead if you don’t.



[Stephen sighs]


Kazuo Sato. He manages a yakuza club.

Which clan?


Fuck, it’s a Kijima clan.

[woman] They’ve owned us for years.

Masato said that if he did this one last thing, that he would set us free.

We could actually start over now.

A different life.


[spits, coughs]

[woman] These might fit you.

Can I get you something?


Boom Boom Lemon?

You got any?

Oh, um…

No, sorry.

I’m Kanako.

And it seems we’re the same.

Collateral damage.

I’m Kate.

And they’re gonna know I was here.

[Kanako] Who?


[tense music playing]

Poisoned by who?

[Kate] That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Well, there must be some antidote.

For polonium-204?

Who was the mark, V?

Kate, you know, uh…


Who was the mark?

You won’t get any more questions from me after today.

A man named Kijima.

I recognized him from Osaka.

Who is he?

[Varrick] Grand honcho of the biggest family in Tokyo.

Your mark in Osaka was Kijima’s younger brother, Kentaro.

[gunshot echoes]

[sighs] I won’t lie, it’s been a shit show for us, as it’s been for you, and…

[clears throat]…Kijima, apparently, who hasn’t been able to let it go.

This was revenge for Osaka?

Some people have this extraordinary attachment to their siblings, as if genetics make a family and…

Anyway, all that honor shit, Kijima’s been on a tear against the…

[Kate sniffles]

How do I get to him?

Kijima doesn’t surface.

Not after Osaka.

Last night was a very rare opportunity.

What about Sato? Kazuo Sato. Ring a bell?

I know that some of his guys hang out at a place called the Black Lizard.

That’s a start.

[“O O I A H” by OOIOO playing]

[song continues over speakers]

[rhythmic drums building]

[man in Japanese] Welcome to the Black Lizard.

[men] Good evening, boss.

[dramatic Japanese traditional music playing]

[performer yells]

[performers yelling]

[Sato in Japanese] Sir.

After what happened last night, I’m getting worried.

Kijima has gone into hiding.

I see.

First Kentaro, now Kijima.

Our leadership is…

[yakuza 1] Who the fuck…

[in English] Go.

You Sato?

Kazuo Sato?

[in English] Who are you? What…

Did you poison me?

You don’t tell me, I kill you.

I think you’re lying, I kill you.

Did you poison me?

[wounded yakuza wheezing]



[wounded yakuza groans]


Why’d you poison me?

[Sato] I only follow orders.

From Kijima?

[in Japanese] Kijima-san? You talked with the boss?

Of course not!

[in English] Please.

Where is Kijima?

How do I get to him?

Nobody knows.



All right. Same question, same deal.

[men shouting in distance]

[in English] You killed him! He is the…

He is dead. You worry about you.

You crazy! I don’t know!


[in Japanese] Drop your weapons!

Or else he dies.

[in English] I’m gonna ask one more time.

Where is Kijima?

Last chance.

Please. I don’t know…

[gun clicks]

[all yelling]

[all grunting]

[bone cracks]

[woman screaming]




[all grunting]

[yakuza yelling in Japanese]

[all grunting and yelling]

[women screaming]


[yakuza screaming]


[spits and coughs]

Ani. Ani-chan would know.

[in Japanese] She is Kijima’s niece.

[auto-injector hisses]



[Japanese punk rock band playing]

[singing in Japanese]

[music fades out]

[gunshot echoes]


[punk rock song fades back in]

[defibrillator charging]

[electricity buzzing]

[Ani in Japanese] Ouch! What the fuck!?

[in English] Hey, hey, stop!

[shouting indistinctly, grunting]

Hey! Stop!

[Ani grunting]

Come on. Ow!

Get up.


[in English] You slapped me!

Stop, or I’ll… Fuck.

[punk rock song continues]


[song stops]

[Ani breathing heavily] Okay. Okay, okay.

Next one goes in there.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

You’re gonna call Kijima for me.


Kijima. Call him.

[Ani] I can’t. I don’t have his number.

Oh, you don’t have his number? Really?

Kijima, yeah, I don’t have his number!

How do you reach him?

Okay, who are you?

How do you get in touch with him?

I don’t know, I just call ano baka Renji.


[Ani in Japanese] His top adviser, you stupid foreigner!

[in English] The only person that talks to him.

Okay. Call Renji.

[exhales deeply]


[man] Hai, Shinzo.


[man] Ani-chan?

[in Japanese] Why the fuck are you answering Renji’s phone?

Put Renji on. Hurry.

[Shinzo speaking Japanese]

[Ani] It’s important! I’m kidnapped.

[cat meows]

[Renji] Ani?

Renji, some foreign whore just kidnapped me.

[in English] I got the kid. If Kijima wants to see her again, he can meet me at the center of Murakawa marketplace in one hour.

A second more, and she dies.

[Renji in English] Who is this?


[in English] You’re crazy.

You wanna get Kijima?

[in Japanese] Dipshit foreigner.

[in English] You think you can… You can’t get to him this way.

He doesn’t give a shit about me.

No one does.

Come on.

[Renji in Japanese] We cannot disturb Oyabun with a problem like this.

Now, we’re going to take care of this for him.

He must never know this happened!


So do whatever you have to do…

[all] Yes, sir!

Hey, Shinzo, sit down.

If something were to happen to Ani, it would be utterly tragic.

It would mean the end of his bloodline and all that it entails.

Would be most regrettable.


Do you really understand?



[sucks teeth]

[indistinct announcement over PA]

[in English] And you know, for your information, I haven’t talked or seen my uncle in, like, a year.


Ew, what the fuck? Oh, my God, what is wrong with you?

Sit down.

I said, sit down!

Yeah, no way. You’re all gross and sick.

And you know what?

Fuck you, cancer bitch.

[“I’m a Pop” by Chanmina playing]

[Ani] Hey, I have to go to the bathroom.

Me too.

Come on.

[Ani] Ouch.

[in Japanese] Welcome.

[Kate panting]

[in English] Hey.

You got any Boom Boom Lemon?

[clerk in Japanese] No, I’m sorry.

[locks clicking]

[Ani] Well, this sucks.


[Ani] Ugh! I can barely breathe in here.

[tooth clatters]


[toilet flushes]


[stall door opens]

[Ani] No way.

[Kate groans]

So many scars and… and blood.

[splutters] It’s so…

It’s gross, I know.

Gr… No, no, no.


I think it’s awesome.

[scissors snip]



What the fuck are you doing, bitch?


This will keep you safe. Trust me.

[Ani grunts]

[slow suspenseful music playing]

[vendor in Japanese] Welcome!

Two chickens.

[vendor] Hai.

[vendor] Dozo.


[in Japanese] You take the north entrance. You take the other side. You come with me.

Whoever finds the kid, bring her to me. Go!

[men shouting in Japanese]

[vendor] Thank you.

[in English] Where is Ani-chan?

I don’t see Kijima.

Let me see the child first.

Either Kijima walks out right now, or I leave, and you never see the kid alive again.

[crowd screaming]


[man groans]



[can clatters]


[crowd screaming]

[both grunting]


[Shinzo in Japanese] Catch her!

[men yelling in Japanese]


[both yelling]

[both grunting]



[gunshots in distance]


[guns firing rapidly]

[both grunt]



[Shinzo in Japanese] Shoot her! Shoot!



[dramatic music playing]

[man yelling in Japanese]

[bullets ricocheting]

[gun clicking]

[gun clicking]


[gasps and yelps]

[men laughing]

[door opens]

[in Japanese] Fuck off.


[Ani screams, grunts]

[banging on door]

[in English] Stupid shit! [panting]




[retching, coughing]

[Ani in Japanese] She tied me up in the fucking bathroom!

The freak foreigner! Bitch has cancer and…

What are you doing, Shinzo?


Shinzo… you… you bastard…

We’re done with you…

[pleading in Japanese]

[Shinzo] Now you can join your father, you little half-race bitch.


[Ani screaming]


[in English] Oh my God.

[police sirens approaching]

[dispatcher shouting in the distance]

[Kate] You better get out of here.



Hey. Where are we going?

Stop following me. Stop.

[Ani] What? You’re just gonna leave me, then?

[Kate] Kijima didn’t show. You’re useless to me now.

Did you see what just happened?

My own family wants me gone. Where the fuck will I go?

[Kate] Not my problem. [coughs]

[splutters] I’ll be dead before the night’s over.

Hey, that makes two of us.

Why did you save me, then, huh?

You’re making me regret it!

[Ani] You… you’re a… No! You can’t abandon me.

I know Kijima killed my dad, and he will kill me.

What did I do wrong, huh?

I haven’t done anything to anybody, but they still treat me like shit!

[gun clicks]

[all laughing]

[Ani crying] Everybody, all the time, just… just throwing me around, like I’m some piece of… some piece of garbage.

Shut up! You don’t know what you’re talking about.

You just yap, yap, yap. Just “fuck this, fuck that.”

You don’t know anything! [splutters] You’re a kid!

[Kate breathing heavily]

[Kate groans]

[syringe clatters]

Medicine. Dropped it.

What’s wrong with you?

[auto-injector hisses]




I’m dying.

Kijima did this, right?

Are you gonna go kill him?

You’re a badass killer motherfucker.

You’ll need me, you know. Like…

Just… just look at you. You…

You won’t make it an hour without my help, okay?

And… and I can… I can do everything, okay?

I know who, where, when, whatever.

I can help you get him, get my uncle.


And I’m really good at… at shortcuts and… and maps and…


I said okay.



You can’t walk around like this.


[can clatters]

[groans] Sold out.

Boom Boom Lemon? [chuckles] Artificial shit.

[Kate] You know what? This is stupid. Let’s go.

[Ani] Yeah, clean clothes are stupid.

“Everything I should wear should be just covered in blood.”

Aw, it’s so cute on you.

[Japanese pop music playing in background]

Come on.

You’re so cool.

But you’re also a Terminator, bitch.

Oh my God. [imitates gunshot, exclaims] “I die.”

[Ani chuckles]

Seriously, we’re…

We’re actually pretty much the same.

It’s scary.

Who has a line into Kijima?

[Ani] Only Renji. I told you.

His main adviser.

That was my dad’s job.

But he got shot.

Kijima did it, I’m sure.

And Renji was there too.

How do I find Renji?

Um, probably with his aijin.

[Kate] His what?

His boyfriend, Jojima.

Tell me where.


It’s this fucking cool penthouse, top of the tower.

The entire floor is theirs.


I mean, two in the lobby, at least.

Service entrance?

[Ani] Yeah.

The back, by the kitchen.

We could just shoot our ways in.

And risk Renji escaping?

No, I can’t alarm him. I have to get to him before he knows what’s wrong.

We’ll be fast, okay? Bang, bang! Brrap! [imitates gunshots] “You’re dead…”

Stop. Speak less, open your ears.

We’re gonna distract them.

You’re going to distract them.


By being you. Just, you know, louder.

Okay, cool. So…

Can I have a gun?


[waiter in Japanese] Thank you for waiting.

[suspenseful music playing]

[in Japanese] Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

[door buzzes]

[exclaiming in Japanese]

I escaped. I just…

She had me tied up, but I chewed through the ropes.

Escaped from where? Who are you?

Please, I don’t want to be outside.

I don’t… I’m scared!

[in Japanese] Damn it! We are sitting ducks!

You have to go on without me.

[pilot 1] I refuse.

[pilot 2] Me too.

[men grunting on TV]


[in Japanese] There’s a girl here. She says she’s the Oyabun’s niece.


Thank you. You can go now.

What do you want here?

I want you to meet someone.

[gun cocks]

[Kate in English] Where’s Renji?

What do you want from Renji-san?

[Kate] It’s not your concern.


Of course it is my concern.

Your concern is to stay whole until I leave here.


You may do to me what you must.

But I will not be disclosing his whereabouts.

Shut the blinds.

Shit, there’s one remote for everything.

[pop song starts playing loudly]

[both grunting]

Shit, shit.





[both grunting]

[Jojima screams]


Stop, Jojima!

Back off!

[in Japanese] You motherfucker! Stop it!

[Jojima grunting]

Konoyaro! Stop it!

You motherfucker!

Stop it!



[Kate gasps]

Fuck. I’m sorry. Fuck. [breathing heavily]


[in Japanese] This is what we do to monsters intruding on our home.

[coughs and gasps]



[in English] There’s blood on my…

There’s blood…

There’s blood on my face. There’s blood.

[gasps and shudders]


Hey, hey.

Come on. Come on. Come here.

No. [sobs]

No, stop it. Stop it! Stop!

Hey. Look at me.

[sobbing and babbling]


[Kate] Look only at me, okay? Look only at me and breathe.




Okay? You’re gonna live through this.


All right? You’re doing great.


Come here.

Come here.

Hey, maybe we should check this house, huh?

Maybe there’s some, uh…


Clues. Yeah.

[glass shards crunching underfoot]



Hey, I think I know where Renji is.

[Kate] Yeah?

Check this out.

Cellular tracking.

I can see exactly where Renji is and where he will be.


That’s very good.


[driver in Japanese] Move!

What are you doing?

Fucking kid!


Drive! Drive!

[Ani] Bang!




[blows air]


[gunshots continue]


[in English] Uh, hey, Renji.

I gotta be honest, I’m having a rough night.

I really need to see your boss Kijima.

[in Japanese] Ani-chan! What are you…

[in English] Speak English, motherfucker.

[in Japanese] How dare you talk to your elder like that!

[in English] English, I said.


[in Japanese] We’re family, Ani!

You don’t go against your family, against your own people!

[groans] Wakatta. Wakatta.

[in Japanese] What fucking family?


[in English] Family killed my father.

Family tried to kill me.

All of you asshole hyenas getting fat off of my dad’s carcass!

[in Japanese] Look, I understand.

[Kate in English] Look.

Just give him to me, and you’ll live. Okay?

[Renji] I do not know.

When he disappears like this, he says, “To be amongst family.”

I don’t know what it means.

I know where he is.

[Kate grunts, panting]

Your phone.

[line ringing]

[Kate] I found him. I found Kijima.

I’m gonna finish it, V.

Hey, I promised you, didn’t I?

Kate, tell me where you are. I’ll come to you right now.

Let me help you.

[Kate] Don’t. I’ll already be dead anyway.

You can find my body near a house in Hottazaka.

In the hills.


Goodbye, V.


[in Japanese] The hills, please.

Not going that way. I’m so sorry!

Don’t apologize. Just drive.

[in English] Does that hurt?

When you do that.

No more questions.

I don’t know anything about you.

Don’t need to.

Do you wanna know about me?

I know enough.

But I’m… I’m the last person you’ll get to know.

You don’t wanna know me?

That’s sad, Kate.

I think that’s… that’s really…

It’s sad.

My mom’s a gaijin too.

That’s why I’ve never met her.

Never even seen a picture.

They won’t… I…

I don’t know what she looks like.

She was like you, I bet.

Tall and… and pretty.

No shit from no dudes. Just doing what she wants all the time.

Total killer babe.

[softly] Killer babe.

[slow sentimental music playing]

[camera clicking]

It’s the old family house. No one really knows about it.

Where they all grew up.

The elders and shit.

[chuckles softly] My dad too.

Go on.

I’ll finish this.

What? You’ll finish it?

Hey, look at you. You can’t stand, and you can’t see.

Okay? You’re gonna die.

Yeah, after I kill him.

I’m here now. I’m coming with you.

No, you’re not.

Why not? I go where you go.

Because you’re a fucking kid.

Go be one.

I never could.

Hey, Ani…

You’re young.

You have time to forget.

Be someone less angry.

Take control of your own life.

[voice breaking] Go.

[slow somber music playing]

[ominous music plays]


[heart beating rapidly]


[auto-injector hissing]

[heartbeat stabilizes]

[dramatic music playing]

[Kijima in Japanese] Yotsuya Kaidan, do you know this story?

[in English] Look at me.

[Kijima in Japanese] It’s the story of Oiwa.

It’s an old one.

A tragedy.

[in Japanese] You don’t know me.


[in English, chuckling] Yeah. I’m dying.

[in Japanese] Poisoned, the ghost of Oiwa returns to avenge her death.

But these endeavors, they’re never simple.

Not when it comes to family.

[in Japanese] Was it revenge for Osaka?

Why do you think that?

What do I have to gain from your death now?

You are an instrument.

You do not matter to me.

Only my family does.

[in English] Kentaro, your brother…

[in Japanese] He’s dead not because of you… but because I failed… to see envy taking root in my own family.

The Western disease spreading like cancer within one of mine.


Renji couldn’t become the head of the clan without outside help.

They could not allow you to live to tell the tale.

That’s why you’re standing here.

Seems we were both betrayed by our families.

[car approaching]

[in English] Hi.

Get lost.


You know, I… I thought I had the coolest bracelets.

I realize now you have the coolest bracelet.

I have a gun, you know.

[chuckling] Well, good for you.

Your parents raised you right.

Yeah, you don’t know shit about my parents, so just fuck off.

Well, I know it couldn’t have been easy to lose ’em.

You know, I lost someone that I love a lot.

And you know her.


Hmm. Maybe my best friend.

And, uh…

I’m very worried about her.

[scoffs] “Friends.”

I didn’t know Kate had any stupid friends.

[Varrick] Well, she’s got you, doesn’t she?

But you’re right.

She and I aren’t really friends, more family.

[Kijima in Japanese] You expected loyalty?

As did I.

Instead, we are getting what we deserve.

[in English] No, but Varrick, he’s… he’s…

[Kijima in Japanese] A smug Westerner.

It’s their way to take and take until there’s nothing left.

To gorge on cultures they don’t understand and then evacuate their bowels on the rest of the world.

[Kate gasps and chokes]

Pity is what I feel for you now.

Used by him your entire life, and now you’re dying for his sins.

[in English] Have you ever wondered about Kate’s obsession with your family?

You mean my… my uncle?

[Varrick] Yeah, sure. Him too.


I know you’ve been through a lot.

[Ani] What do you mean?

[Varrick] Kate ever share with you what she did in Osaka when she first met you?

[in Japanese] I know now, as an old man burdened by his mistakes… that my biggest regret is…


…abandoning the one innocent soul, my little Ani when she needed me the most.

[gagging and struggling to breathe]

[in English] I have to finish this.

I’m dying. I have to finish… I have to finish something.

[in English] Death is the time for the beginnings.

[in Japanese] You will let me retain my honor.

We deserve the comeuppance, and I am ready to atone.

Are you?

[gun cocks]

[tense music plays]

[gunshot echoes]

[in English] No, no, no.

No, Ani. Ani, no…

[Ani] You lied to me!

[splutters] I killed someone for you.


You killed my whole family.

You… you bitch!

No, please. Just shoot me if you want but just don’t get in that car, okay?

Look at me. Look at me. I’m begging you.

Look, you’re stronger than I am, okay? You don’t have to end up here…

Just shut the fuck up! I have nothing left, okay?

It’s what they do. You and me, we’re collateral…

[Ani screams]




[engine starts]

[Ani sniffling]

Now what?

Now, you start the rest of your life.

[ominous music playing]

[Varrick] You start the rest of your life.

I know how much you must be hurting right now, losing your parents.

But it’s gonna be okay.


[Ani screaming]

[woman over radio] I repeat, take the shot.

[men laughing]

[young Kate] The gun was empty.

It’s empty!

I know.

Shoot ’em in the stomach, they die slow, in agony.

And they know it’s personal.

Let’s go.

[Ani whimpering]



[Varrick] Are you gonna let that pain overwhelm you?

Control you?


[Ani] This is so cool.

Maybe you can embrace it.

And let it empower you.


[dramatic music playing]

[Kijima in Japanese] You dropped this.

Death is a beginning, yes?

[dramatic music continues]

[auto-injector hisses]


[in English] What is she doing here?

She’s the future. Mine at least.

Ani, sit.

You went after my girl without my permission.

I could fucking kill you right now.

And destroy your own operation?

My issue is not with my operation.

It’s with you taking it on yourself.

You ordered her termination.

“If she’s leaving, I will terminate her.”

Your words exactly.


I said “if.”

Key word, “if.”

She was coming back.

I just had to work it.

I was working it.

She would have changed her mind.

I would have changed my mind.


Fuck you!

[Renji] Your girl had to die.

That was always the deal, Varrick-san.

After Kentaro’s death, all eyes were on me.

I panicked. I moved too quickly, and I’m sorry.



You know what? You blundered, I blundered.

Let’s, uh…

Maybe we do our best to put this behind us.

In the name of being human.

I prefer self-interest.

I trust it more.

I can’t say I can trust you going forward.


Trust was not a part of the deal.

Neither is friendship.

Welcome to the yakuza, Varrick-san.

[suspenseful music playing]

[in Japanese] I will handle my family business personally.

[Kate sighs]

[in Japanese] As will I.

This is impossible in your condition.

The shot bought me another hour.

It will be an hour in hell.

She’s worth it.

[slow pensive music playing]

[Kijima] You… are a dishonorable killer, are you not?

[in English] Not tonight.

[bottle fizzes]

[gasps softly]

Boom Boom Lemon?

[slow pensive music continues]



Let’s go get Ani.

[“Girls It Ain’t Easy” by MoNa a.k.a Sad Girl playing]

[guns firing rapidly]

[tense music playing]

[man grunts]

[guard over radio] Alpha-six, camera two is down.

I repeat, camera two is down.

[guard 2] Four to Alpha-six.

[guard 3] What do we do?

Well, we, uh, call up the teams, form a barricade around the crystal box.

Bring up the kid.

And, uh, you know, we’ll hole up in there. Move!

Which teams, sir?

All of ’em!

[elevator chimes]

[woman speaking Japanese over recording on elevator]

[guard] Go, go, go, go, go!




[man over radio] Bring up the girl.

Copy that.

Let’s go. Move!

Hey! Easy, cowboy.

[tense music playing]

[guns firing rapidly]

[Kate’s gun clicking]

[both grunting]

[guns clicking]


[man] Fuck!

[Kate groans]



[breathing heavily]



Okay, Renji. You ain’t coming with.

You take care of Kijima.

You guys, stay with him.

You guys, come with me. Good luck.

[gun firing]

[in Japanese] You want to be the Oyabun?

I’m right here.


[in Japanese] Don’t talk down to me.

Eh? You’re no samurai.

You are nothing but a fucking thug.

I’m not hiding from it anymore.

I’m a businessman.

Times changed.

You got old.

I am the future. Eh?

Things are different now!

[Renji grunts]


[exhales deeply]

[metal clicks]

[guards grunting]

[bullet piercing flesh]


[Kate grunting]

[muffled gunshots]

[gunshots continue]

[Kate yelling]


[dramatic music playing]

[Varrick] Bravo, Kate.

Never doubted you.


[whimpers] I’m sor…

Ani, I’m sorry.

[voice breaking]

I’d do anything to un… to undo it, to take it all back.

[Varrick] Can’t go back, sadly.

[Kate] Please.

Be nice right now for both of us, wouldn’t it?

Ani, I’d give anything to take it back. I’d take it all back. I’m so sorry.

[Varrick] But guess we gotta just accept who we are now.

And you know, Kate, that we are…


Well, I was gonna say “indispensable parts of a system.”

That you created and controlled.

[Varrick] A necessary system, Kate.

One that cannot accommodate dissent.

I promise you it is not what you think it is.

It turns out nothing ever was.

[footsteps approaching]

And I’m not looking away anymore.


[in Japanese] Down your guns.

[in English] I see. In the 25th hour, you suddenly grew a conscience.

Don’t do this, Varrick.

[Varrick] Don’t you do this, Kate.

My entire fucking life, I never loved anyone, except you.

Come on, V.

We both know you only love yourself.

Life had such… big things waiting for you.

My life wasn’t mine.

Till now.

[tense music rises]

[Kate gasps]

[Kate and Varrick groaning]

It’s okay. It’s okay. Go on. Okay.

[Ani crying]

Great shot.

[breathing heavily]


[Varrick exhales]


[Ani] I got you.


[Kate struggling to breathe]

Hey, hey.

Yeah. It’s okay.

I know you.

No, no. No, no. No, no. [sobbing]

[slow mournful music playing]

[heartbeat slowing]

[Ani] It’s okay.


[heartbeat stops]

[“Kinjitou” by Reol playing]


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