Dialogues full transcript of the movie Jumanji: The Next Level (2019)
Jumanji. The Next Level (2019)

In 2019, three years after their adventure in Jumanji, Spencer Gilpin, Anthony “Fridge” Johnson, Martha Kaply, and Bethany Walker lead different lives, but plan a reunion brunch in Brantford, New Hampshire, that year. Spencer, apprehensive of the meeting due to depression, contemplates returning to Jumanji where he had purpose, and spends his first night looking over the broken video-game system he held onto. The following day, his friends visit his home, meeting with Spencer’s grandfather Eddie, who is recovering from hip surgery, and Eddie’s former friend and business partner Milo Walker, who is visiting for an unknown reason. Learning that they have no idea where Spencer is, the group search the house and find the Jumanji game partially repaired in the basement. Realising Spencer returned to the game, his friends decide to follow him.

The game malfunctions when starting up, sucking in only Fridge and Martha, along with Eddie and Milo, forcing Bethany to contact fellow Jumanji alumnus Alex Vreeke for help. Inside the game, Martha finds herself as her avatar Ruby Roundhouse, yet Fridge becomes Bethany’s avatar Professor Sheldon Oberon, while Eddie and Milo become avatars Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Franklin “Mouse” Finbar respectively. After instructing Eddie and Milo on the game’s rules, the group encounter non-player character Nigel Billingsley, the game’s guide, who reveals that since its last use, Jumanji is suffering from a massive drought. To leave the game, Nigel reveals that the group must recover the “Falcon Jewel” – a magical necklace stolen by warlord Jurgen the Brutal – which can end the drought if brought before sunlight and uttering “Jumanji”.

Transported to a desert called the Dunes to track down Jurgen, and after narrowly escaping a flock of pursuing ostriches, the group encounter Spencer operating as skilled thief Ming Fleetfoot, a new avatar, who agrees to help them after blaming himself for their predicament. While attempting to escape the Dunes, the group face new challenges and problems, along with collecting an in-game item called a Jumanji Berry, and discovering a pool of glowing green water that allows them to switch avatars. In the process, Eddie bickers with Milo, revealing their friendship ended when a diner they owned was sold behind Eddie’s back, forcing him into retirement. After the group convince the pair to work together in escaping a troop of mandrills, they soon become reunited with Alex, as his avatar Jefferson McDonough, and Bethany, operating a new avatar called Cyclone – a black horse that can only be understood by Finbar.

Working together, the party leave the Dunes, and find a river with the same glowing green water, allowing Spencer, Bethany, and Fridge to become their original avatars, while Eddie and Milo respectively end up as Ming and Cyclone. Shortly after changing characters, Jurgen’s mercenaries capture Eddie and Milo. The group infiltrate Jurgen’s fortress separately to rescue teammates and steal the Falcon Jewel. When the confrontation turns into a battle, Spencer pursues Jurgen to his airship, while the others distract his men. Finding himself unable to best Jurgen, Spencer discovers he is weak to the Jumanji Berry, incapacitating him long enough to send him plummeting to his death in the wintery fog below. Discovering Cyclone has retractable wings that allow him to fly, Eddie and Milo work together to rescue Spencer and bring the recovered Falcon’s Heart to the sun, calling out “Jumanji” and ending the drought.

Returning the necklace to Nigel for safekeeping, the group are surprised when Milo elects to stay behind and protect the land. Learning he was dying in the real world and thus sought to make up for his actions, Eddie reconciles with him before parting ways. Upon returning to the real world, Spencer decides to teach his grandfather about video games, while Eddie uses what he learned in the game to convince the owner of his old diner to hire him on as a manager, with his grandson and his friends turning up to enjoy a meal together.

In a mid-credits scene, the heating mechanic who Spencer’s mother hired finally shows up, only to be drawn to the game, while Spencer and the others are surprised to witness a flock of ostriches rush past the diner.

* * *

Leaving this to come see you.

And I can’t wait.

Taxi! Over here.


Sorry. Sorry. I’m sorry.

Excuse me. Excuse me.


You still on the toothpaste? Are you on your phone?

I’m just– I’m going home for the holidays tonight, so…

Does it look like tonight to you?
Because to me, it looks like today.

-Finish the toothpaste.
-Okay. Sorry.

Dad, we’re home!

I’m in the kitchen!

Jan, Spencer!

In the kitchen!

Dad, are you on a ladder?

-What are you doing?

-What’s it look like?
-Get down.

I’m changing your light bulb.

I leave you alone for 10 minutes, you’re climbing ladders?

-I don’t think you should be doing that.
-What? Think I can’t change a light bulb?


-No, no, no. I got it. I’m fine.

Hey, kiddo.

Hey, how’s New York City?

-It’s great.
-How’s school?

It’s okay. How you doing?

-I’m terrific. I don’t even know what I’m doing here.
-You’re recovering from hip surgery.

-I’ll be out of here in no time.
-It’s not a prison.

I want to get back to my apartment. Is that so terrible?

Your apartment? Yes, it’s terrible.

Is it really cold in here?

Yeah, the downstairs heater isn’t working.
The guy’s coming in the morning.

It’s like a goddamn icebox.

Did you ever call Milo?

-What? No.

He’s called five times. Would you just call him back?

I’m not calling him back because I don’t wanna talk to him.

Come on, I’ll help you with your bags.

Oh, you’re staying in here.

We’re roommates.

Yeah. I could just stay downstairs on the couch.

-What? Don’t be ridiculous.
-If you want, yeah.

It’s a couple weeks. It’s gonna be fine.
Come on in. Make yourself comfortable.

You’re gonna…

-You okay?
-Don’t tell your mother!

This goes there.


That’s in there.

All right, let’s try it. Okay, let’s see. All right, so there’s that.

There’s this. There’s this.

The blue light, the red, the green light.

Oh, look at you two. How sweet is this?

Okay, I have to leave for work before either of you gets up.

But the heater guy’s coming in the morning.

-I think I’m gonna meet my friends for brunch at 10.
-That’ll be nice. Where are you going?

-What are you going there for?

All the restaurants in Brantford, you gotta go to that one?

-I didn’t pick.
-What difference does it make?

It’s been years, okay?

-I love you, honey. I’m so glad you’re home.
-Love you too, Mom.

Getting old sucks. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.

You still got that little girlfriend?


We’re not together anymore.

I don’t think.

Was it her or you?

-It’s complicated.
-Try me. We’ll see if I can understand.

Well, when we first got together,

we were…

sort of different people than we are now.

I mean, last year was…


I was a senior in high school.

I had a girlfriend.

Like, I finally figured out who I was or something.

I wish I could just feel like that again, I guess.

I don’t know. Long-distance relationships are hard.

I mean, I know everybody says that, but turns out it’s true.

Can I give you a little advice? Listen to me.

Every single day on every single subway car,
there’s lots of ladies in New York City.

And one in five of them, I would marry, no questions asked.

This is the best time of your life.

-It is?
-Yes, it is.

So pull it together! Because it doesn’t get any better than this.

It’s all downhill from here.



-Oh, gosh, how are you?

-Oh, my God, you look amazing.
-Thank you.


Come here.

So we were building houses for two months,

and then on the way home,
we stopped in Costa Rica, which was also amazing.

That is so awesome. I am so happy for you.

That is so cool.

So, “M,” that’s what we’re supposed to call you now?

You don’t have to. It’s just a nickname.
One of my college friends gave me that.

You don’t have to call me that if you don’t want to.

M. I love it. It’s so hot.

-But you and Spencer, you’re still not…?

Yeah. No. We’re– We’re still, like, taking a break.

Where is he, by the way?


What do you want, Milo?

Nice to see you too.

Yes, I’d love to come in for a cup of coffee.

Thanks for asking.

You mind if I make some eggs?

Do whatever you want. I don’t care.
Just hurry up. I don’t have all day.

You going somewhere?


Have you been in touch with Spencer much?


You know what?

Not really, actually.

I text him a lot, but he doesn’t always text me back.

-I know.
-It’s just–

I’ve been crazed lately with, you know, classes and practices,

and I got games on the weekends.

Yeah. Totally. Totally.

I’ve just– I’ve been– I’ve been a little worried about him.

Okay, look, where–? Where is this guy? For real.


What do you mean, “Meh”?

What do you want already?

You’ve been calling and calling.
You show up out of the blue after 15 years.

Why? Because you wanna make some eggs?

You remember when we first opened,

we had that little dishwasher, Morris?

Yeah, of course I remember Morris.

Worked the dinner shift.

Six days a week, 2 in the morning most nights.

-The dishwasher.
-Little Morris.

He wouldn’t even touch those saucepans until he was done

with every single utensil in the bin.

The man knew his craft.

Little Morris.

Well, get–

Just get to it, would you?
I mean, it’s always the scenic route with you.

I know what you want, you want to apologise.

And I hate to tell you, I’m not interested.

You think I’m supposed to apologise to you?

Oh, heater guy.

-Grandpa Eddie?

Yes, sir, it’s me.


How are you?

Come on in. Come on in.

-How you doing?
-Oh, getting old sucks.

Don’t ever let anybody tell you any different.

Oh, this is Martha and Bethany.
This is Spencer’s grandfather, Eddie.

Martha? You’re the little girlfriend.

-Morning, sir.

Sorry to barge in on you.

You’re not barging. He’s barging.

Milo Walker.

-Wait, Milo? Like– Like Milo and Eddie’s.
-Pleased to meet you.

Man, my dad said you guys had the best restaurant in town.

We were just there. Well, it’s called Nora’s now.

Nora’s. It’s barely even a restaurant.
It’s more like a breakfast place now.

-Were you with Spencer?
-No, we came here looking for him, actually.

You all hungry?

-Eggs on the griddle.
-Might have to take a look.

-Hey, man, you can do more than take a look at it.
-All right, all right. My man.

-Do you need a hand?
-Do I look like I need a hand?



Where is he?

-Do you hear that?

You hear something?

It’s probably the heater, it’s broken.

How did it even get here?

I don’t know.

Maybe he– I don’t know,
maybe he went back for it or something?

Is he trying to fix it?

Why would anyone try to fix that thing?

I don’t know.

I don’t know. Maybe he went to buy parts or something?

Okay, I’m calling him again.

I’m sure everything’s… fine.

Fourteen texts and four missed calls.

I don’t think he went out.

I think…

I think he went back in.

-No, no, no.
-What? No. Why–?

-Come on. Remember what it was like?
-Why would he do that?

-I got eaten by a fricking hippo!
-I got killed by a piece of cake!

Guys, guys.

How is he gonna get out?

He’s gotta take the– The green jewel.

And stick it back in the statue thing.

By himself?

We gotta go get him.

Are you crazy?

-I’m coming with you.
-Are you out of your minds?

We can do this. We’ve been there. We know what to expect.

I gotta stop hanging out with white people.
I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me.

-She’s right. We played before and we won.
-We barely survived!

You know he would do it for you.

For any of us.

Be careful. It looks pretty busted.

Welcome to Jumanji.

What…? We haven’t even picked our guys yet!


Okay, okay. Here we go. Oh, I hate this part. All right. Okay.

This is not happening!

You guys?


Am I–?

Is it–? I can’t believe–

Oh, it’s her.

I’m her.



What in tarnation?

Where am I?

What the hell is this?

Oh, my God.


-Who the hell are you?
-I’m Milo Walker. Who are you?


What on earth? What–?

-What the–?
-Oh, my.

Wait a minute.

Oh, Lord.

-This isn’t happening.
-Pardon me?

-Who are you?
-You’re Spencer’s grandfather.

-Yeah, no kidding.
-And you are Milo.

I certainly am.

I’m Martha, Spencer’s…

You’re the little girlfriend?

-Look out!

Oh, Lord.

-That hurt like a goddamn–

What? I’m not–




Oh, no, no, no. This can’t be happening!


Yes, I’m Fridge, goddamn it! The hell, man?


Okay, something went wrong.

You think?!



If I’m– Then you–?

-Why does everybody keep calling me Spencer?

No, that is Grandpa Eddie.

And that… is Milo.

Pleased to meet you.


-Then where’s Bethany? And where’s Spencer?
-I don’t know! Okay?

The game, it didn’t let us pick our avatars, so–

Because it’s busted!
-Yeah, okay.

Are we dead?

You know, I was just wondering the same thing.

Did I die and turn into some kind
of a small, muscular Boy Scout?

-We’re not dead.
-80 then what’s going on here?

Okay, this is gonna sound very strange,
but we are in a video game called Jumanji,

and we are in the bodies of video game characters.

-And we’ve been here before, Fridge and I.
-Last time, I was you.

We’re in a game!

We gotta find Spencer because he’s in here too.


-He’s here?

Spencer, Eddie’s grandson?

Yes. Spencer.

He’s here too?

-Yes! He’s here, and we gotta find him.

So it’s like a hide-and-go-seek situation.

I’m not “it.”

My hip feels pretty good now.

Oh, my joints feel like butter.

Oh, yeah, look at those.

Look at these. Look at what I got.

-We have some issues here.
-You’re telling me this?

I’m the old fat dude.

I came back, and things actually got worse.
At least last time I was still black.

Look at this little fella.

Hello there.

Mr Walker, don’t get too close to the water!

-Get away from there!
-I’m sorry, what’d you say?


Get on out of here!

-What just happened?
-What the hell was that thing?!

Well, that there was a hippopotamus.

And they are awfully fast.

Faster than a horse, if you can believe that.

And they’ve got an awful ferocious bite.

How about that?

You know, the funny thing is, I don’t remember…

knowing much about hippos until right now.

You’re a zoologist.

-I’m sorry, what now?
-Are we in Florida?

Just listen.

This is a dangerous place.

Crazy dangerous.

But Martha and I, we’ve been here before.
We know what we’re doing.

You gotta stay alert all the time.

If I’m near water, I got one eye on the water, you hear me?

You got to have eyes in the back of your–

[gets attacked from behind by a python]

Oh, God.

What in the Sam Hill just happened to him?

-Shut the front door.
-What the hell happened to you?!


A plane?


-Come on! Follow me!
-Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. Follow us.

Welcome to Jumanji.

-Why is he in a plane?
-I don’t know.

Well, don’t just stand there. Hop in!

Strap in. There’s no time to spare.

Dr Bravestone, famed archaeologist
and international explorer,

I’m so glad you’ve returned.

I’ve been so anxious for your arrival.

-You talking to me?

Once again, Jumanji is in great peril and only you can help.

Nigel, we’re looking for our friend.
Have you seen, like, anyone–?

Ruby Roundhouse, killer of men, welcome to Jumanji.

-“Killer of men”?
-Yeah, I– I kill guys.

I’m so glad you’ve returned.
I’ve been so anxious for your arrival.

-What’s with this fella?
-My dearest Mouse, surely you remember me.

Nigel Billingsly at your service.

Hey. Nigel, I thought that was you.

He’s a– What is it called?

-NPC, a non-player character.
-He’s not a real person.

He only has, like, a limited number of things he can say.

My friend Carl is just like that.

Nigel, we’re looking for someone.

-Has anyone else arrived here in Jumanji–?
-Jumanji is in great peril.

It’s all detailed in the letter I sent you, Dr Bravestone.

Perhaps you should read it aloud.

Grandpa Eddie.

Do you have a letter?

-Do I have a letter?
-Check your pockets.

-Why would I have a letter?
-Because Nigel wrote you a letter.

I didn’t get a letter from this guy.

-But we are in a video game, and–
-We’re in a video game?

We’re gonna die.

-We did die.
-Are we in hell?

-I knew it.
-Oh, my God.

It’s all detailed in the letter I sent you, Dr Bravestone.

-Perhaps you should read it aloud.
-I don’t have a letter!

-How many times I gotta tell you that?
-Oh, no, Eddie. It’s in your hand.

Where did this come from?

You got to pay attention to what’s in your hand.

Perhaps you should read it aloud.

“Dr Bravestone,

it is my solemn hope that this letter finds you, for again…”

Jumanji is in grave danger. We need your help at once.

-What’s going on here?
-It’s a cutscene.

It’s how we find out the-— I’ll explain afterwards.

You see, our worst nightmare has come to pass,

for Jurgen the Brutal has returned.

Indeed, that most vicious Jumanjian conqueror is back.

And he’s brought with him his savage horde.

They descended from their fortress atop Mount Zhatmire

and made their way south to the Avian Province,

home of the sacred Falcon Jewel,

worn around the neck of the village elder.

The Falcon is the fertility jewel of Jumanji,

and it has been guarded by the people
of the Avian Province for hundreds of years.

So long as the jewel can see the sun,

the waters Will flow and the land Will flourish.


Many brave souls died that day,
but Jurgen got What he came for.

He stowed the jewel in darkness,

hidden from the sun.

A drought befell the land.

The crops dried out and died.

And if the jewel is not returned soon, it may be too late.

Which is Why we called for you and your brilliant associates.

I understand the enormous weight
that this must carry for you, Dr Bravestone,

how this adventure is like no other,

since it was Jurgen the Brutal

who killed your parents.

No, no, no!

He killed Dr Bravestone’s parents?

Indeed, he did. When the doctor was just a boy.

Oh, well, that’s terrible.

I can’t say this enough:

We’re in a video game.

You must recover the jewel
from Jurgen the Brutal and Show it to the sun.

He’s making his way north across the desert now.

Jurgen the Brutal. Is that Barbara’s boy?

And remember, the goal is to recover the loot.

To wrest it from the hands of the Brute.

And if you wish to leave the game,
you must save Jumanji and call out its name.

Excuse me.

Who is Jumanji?

Well, if I was listening correctly, that is her sister.

Here’s your map.

Find an oasis and follow the flame to the desert fruit.

-I can’t land here, so you’re going to have to drop in.

-No, no. Nigel–
-I’ll get as low as I can.

-Hold on.
-Get ready.

-What do you mean?
-We don’t have parachutes. Shouldn’t we have–?

-What the hell?!
-Good luck.

The future of Jumanji is in your hands.

-Why did we take a plane if there’s nowhere to land?
-And go!

The hell, man?!

Where are we?

Where’s the jungle?

-What are we doing here?!
-We’ve got to keep it together, okay?

-“Keep it together”?

This is a whole new thing.
Nobody said we’d have to do a whole new thing.

And by the way, what the hell happened to Bethany?

So, what part of New Hampshire is this exactly?

We’re not in New Hampshire, Milo.

That’s right. Exactly. Not New Hampshire.
You’re starting to get it now?

Nope. I don’t have the foggiest clue what’s going on here.

That guy kept calling me Dr Braverman,
which is the name of my orthopaedist.

What I’m thinking is, I just had another hip surgery
and now I’m coming out of it.


Check this out!


We have to find Spencer.

In order to do that, I think we have to start playing the game.

I’m sure that’s what he did.

We find him, we finish the game and we go home.

Ed, you okay?

Would you look at me?

I’m back.

-I mean, I haven’t looked like this since–

You looked like this never.

What? When I was younger, I was in great shape.

I remember you when you were younger,
and this is not what you looked like.

I think my eyes are a different colour.

All of you is a different colour.

It’s a good look on me, huh?

Okay. They’re headed north.

-Which way is north?
-I have no idea.

-Well, you wanna check the map?
-Right. I’m the map guy now.

“Find an oasis and follow the flame to the desert fruit.”

Follow the flame to the desert fruit.

-You know there is nothing on that?
-He can see it, you can’t.

Each place on the map is a different level,
and the levels get harder as we go.

This one is called…


No shit.

Who the hell is that?

That’s an ostrich.

Oh, no.

Yes, indeed.

That is an ostrich.

The ostrich is a flightless bird,

one of 60 species.

You got the penguin, you got the emu and you got the kiwi.

Funny thing is, I don’t remember knowing–

You’re a zoologist.

I was a zoologist last time. It’s an important job.

Maybe if we could get through this a little quicker.

Well, another thing is,
they can run up to 45 miles per hour,

which makes them the world’s fastest two-legged animal.

Did you know that?


-What a magnificent creature.
-We should get out of here.

What else do you know about them?

Well, here’s another interesting fact,
they have three stomachs.

How about that?

Come on. Beat it!

Don’t get so close.

Just a bird, okay? Come on, get moving. Get out of here.

-Is there anything else we need to know?
-Beat it, bird.

Another interesting thing about the ostrich…

I said scram, you stupid bird!

-…is when threatened…
-Get out of here!

…they attack.

Oh, my!

Eddie! Eddie!

Where’s Eddie? Is he dead?


Yes, he died, but he’s fine.

Did I just kill Eddie…

by talking too slow…

like he always said I would?

Why does everybody keep dropping from the sky?!

Nurse, I’m gonna need
to see Dr Braverman right now, please.

I’m not your nurse. Okay, listen.

These tattoos on our arms, that is your life count.

We each have three lives.

You and Fridge each have two left.

If you lose all three,

listen to me, it is game over.

-That’s it. You’re dead.
-Dead like… “kaputski”?



What the hell is that?

-That’s not good.

[Jumanji drums beat while a herd of ostriches run toward the stranded group, while Milo as Finbar is stalling to speak]

There’s one more thing about ostriches.

Oh, no…

Say it!

They travel in herds.

[ostrich screeches while it and its herd hone in on the group]

We gotta get out of here!

-Dune buggies, let’s go!
-Come on, come on! Shake a leg!

-Why am I so slow?
-Haul ass, girl. Let’s go!

-Come on, come on, come on!
-I’m coming, Eddie. Go.

Do you see the key anywhere?

-Okay, how do I do this?
-I don’t know. I’ve never driven one of these before!

Maybe under the dash.

Green button!

Green button. Go.

Go, go, go!

Go, go.

Oh, my God!


You are a terrible driver.

-What are you talking about? We’re fine.
-Nobody fine. You–

Oh, no.

Oh, help!

Hold on, Eddie. Please don’t let go.

Oh, help.

Help. Eddie.

Beat it!

Get out of here!

I think we lost them.


-Are you okay?

Oh, no.

-What do we do?
-I don’t know!

Get in! Hurry!



Oh, dear.

What do we do?

What do we do?!

What are you doing?

-Birds, birds, birds!

-What the hell, man?!
-They’re flightless birds.

This is a flightless dune buggy!

Oh, no!

No, no, no!

-We’re not gonna make it.
-We’re gonna make it.

No, we’re not!

-I don’t think we’re gonna make it.
-We’re gonna make it.

We’re not gonna make it.

That was fantastic.

Horrible driver.

Yeah, you see that, birds?

You don’t mess with the kid. Right there!

Did you see me?

I was incredible.

I mean, I saved you, I saved you,

I saved this guy from a bird while I was driving a car.

I was a machine. I was relentless.

-I was fearless.
-Yes. Exactly. Fearless.

That’s Bravestone. Okay, check this out.

Oh, goodness.

-What the hell?
-It’s your strengths and weaknesses.

I– I mean your avatar,
Dr Bravestone’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Fearless,” check.

“Speed. Climbing. Boomerang”?

“Smouldering intensity”?

It’s this stupid face you make.

There it is.

Old man. Get it together.

Eddie, you okay? You having a heart attack?

His whole left side is shutting down. Eddie, look at me!

-There you go. Now you’re back.

“Weakness: switchblade.”

Switchblade? Hey, that’s new.

-Bravestone didn’t have any weaknesses last time.
-Yeah, bugged the hell out of me.

I wonder if…


That’s new.

-Damn, that’s a good list.
-Milo, push on your left, like, chest area.

-I’m sorry, what?
-Come on, man.


Oh, I got one too. What–?

My. “Zoology.”

-That’s what you were talking about earlier.
-Yes. Exactly. Your avatar is a zoologist.

You know, my nephew Maxwell is a veterinarian.
What a fascinating–

-I didn’t have that last time.

-The study of languages.
-Makes sense.

He studies the entire language on his way to the point.

Anyway, he’s 32. Or is he 35?

-Time does fly.
-Okay, let’s get it over with.

You gotta be kidding me.

Well, geometry is…

-Is new.

Who wouldn’t want to be better at geometry?

And for weaknesses, “Endurance.” And what else? Let’s see, “Heat, sun and sand.”

[punches chest and the list disappears]

Shouldn’t be a problem. It’s not like we’re in the middle of a goddamn desert or anything!

What’s the point of this guy? Who even needs this guy?

-He can read the map.
-Easy for you to say, you got nunchucks!

I’ve been training four hours a day for six months.

Now look at me!

Man, it is hot out here!

How is this guy a character in an adventure game?

Okay, okay, okay.

I just gotta get this guy in shape
and build up some endurance.

I know how to do that.

Burpees. Five burpees, right now.

Get it going!

-That’s one.

-Oh, no.
-Oh, yeah, come on!

North is that way!

You know, it’s…

-It’s really good to see you, Ed.
-I don’t wanna hear it.

You don’t wanna hear that it’s good to see you?

-You sold me out, Milo.
-I did not sell you out.

We sold our business. It was time.

-Yeah, time for who?
-Well, it was time for me.

Okay? Standing on my feet,
serving a hundred plates a night for 35 years?

I was done.

I was ready, man.

I was ready to retire.

I’m done talking!

“The Oasis.”

I guess that’s the next level.

The next level of the game.

We’re in a game?

-Yes, Grandpa Eddie, we are in a game.
-You can’t be serious.

Did you know about this?

I thought you were done talking.


-My name’s Bethany too.

Daddy, her name’s Bethany too.

Sure is, sweetie.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Sure, yeah. Come in.

I’m sorry, I just– I didn’t know where else to go.

No, no, no, it’s okay.

I’m glad you came.

Do you think you can help me get the machine to start?

That is so dangerous.

I know.

But I have to try.

They’re my team.

So, what exactly are we looking for again?

We’re looking for my grandson, genius.

Okay, “Follow the flame to the desert fruit.”


They’re here.


Unusual for their bone-crushing teeth.

Smoke Stack.

Where there’s smoke…

There’s fire.

Come on.

You call that a roll?

-Not bad at all.
-I’ll bet you two more, fellas!

Drinks! Drinks over here!

Another round here!


I thought you’d never come back.

I need to talk to you.


Not here, not now.

Not around them.

Leave me alone!


Not a real person.

What’d she say?

She said she thought I was never gonna come back here,

she wants to get together later,
and we all know what that means.

It means that she’s got a clue for you.

Oh, that’s a coincidence because I got a clue for her.

-You got a clue for her.
-Wait a minute.

She’s your ex-girlfriend. She’s the flame.

-“Follow the flame.”

The jewel, it’s here.

Wait, is that the guy that killed my parents?

No. Well, yeah. Kind of.

We lost a good man today.

The very best of us.

For Dagfinn…

wasn’t just my hyena master.

He was my friend.

I loved him like a brother.

And now he’s gone.

And his beloved hyenas are left

without their master.

Long live Dagfinn.

Long live Dagfinn!

Why did he have to die?

He died because…

he made a mistake.

He tried to steal something quite precious from me.

He left me no choice.

And now…

I feed him to his beloved hyenas.

That’s messed up.

I loved Dagfinn!

There’s none among you I love as much.

And so…

The key!

It’s gone.


I got her. I got the thief.


-Are you guys–?
-Come here.

-Catch her!
-Don’t let her get away.

Trying to steal the key to my chest?


Shake her down.

I’m sorry, I did it. It was my fault.


I just–

I don’t–

I don’t know what I was… Oy vey.

It’s like… It’s like I’m hyperventilating.

Does anyone have, like, a eucalyptus inhaler?

Or a brown paper bag?


-Is it really hot in here?
-You mean…?

-That’s him. Right there.

That ain’t Spencer.
I know my grandson. My grandson’s a guy.

Did he change his hair?

-Cut off her head.

-Cut off her head!
-Wait, wait, wait.

I just think maybe don’t cut off my head?

-Oh, my.

-Did he just–?
-Oh, Lord.

That’s my Life Alert.

I gotta take my pill.

Come on!


Oh, my God, you’re alive.

What are you guys doing here?

What are we doing here? We came to get you, fool!

-Not Bethany. Fridge, goddamn it!

What? So…

Milo Walker, darling.


-Spencer? Is that you, kiddo?

Guys, I found Spencer.
Here’s Spencer. What are you stealing for?

I’m still me.



Come on.

Let’s go.

Damn it, I was so close. I had the key in my hand.

Why’d you stop me?

Someone yelled “thief,” so I grabbed you.
What do you want?

You guys shouldn’t have come here. I had it under control.

Did you? It looked like you just got murdered.

I mean, what the hell, Spencer? Why are you even here?

Why did you have the game?

We destroyed it so that this would never happen!

I went back and got it, okay?

I don’t know why I did it, but I did.

And then last night…

I’ve been in kind of a weird place,
and something came over me, okay?

And now we’re all stuck here again!

I thought that I would be him.


I wanted to feel like that again.

Like… I could do anything.

But instead, I’m…

Ming Fleetfoot.

“Cat burglar, pickpocket, safecracker.”

Another better character.

-“Weakness: pollen.”

She’s small and crafty, and has allergies.
I mean, she’s basically me.

I swear, man, if we survive, I am gonna kill you.

I just can’t believe you came back here on purpose.

I’m sorry. Okay?

I’m sorry.


Oh, there she is.

-My ex.



If my husband knew I was talking to you,

you’d be dead by morning.

Don’t tell him?

Listen to me, Jurgen and his army are returning
to his fortress.

There, they will meet the Brothers Kababik.

He will trade the Falcon Jewel, and an alliance will be formed.

You must get the jewel before that happens.

You’re our only hope,

so you must hurry.

Oh, my.

-Now you must go.
-Gotta go.

-Wait, they’re gonna meet the Brothers who?
-The Brothers Kababik.

The Brothers Bababik.

-You must get the jewel before that happens.

You are our only hope, so you must hurry.

-I think you should explain it to us one more time.
-Wait a second.

What about the desert fruit? Aren’t you gonna lead us to that?

Now I must go…

before Switchblade realises I’m gone.


-That’s his weakness.

I love you, Dr Bravestone.

And I always will.


is my curse.

I love you too!

Well, she seems like a nice girl.

We need camels.

Okay, if we’re gonna catch up with Jurgen, we need camels.

And we need to find the desert fruit, whatever that is.

“Follow the flame.” I mean, I guess we have to follow her.

You guys follow her, we’ll go steal some camels.

“Jumanji Berry Tree.”

Jumanji berry?

That’s a desert fruit?

I guess.

“In the moment of need, remember the seed.”

A little bit of Jumanji wisdom there.

There it is.

Okay, Milo and I will break in and get the camels.

Grandpa, you stay here on lookout, all right?
Keep a low profile.

Got it? Low profile.

If anyone tries to enter the livery,
just, I don’t know, whistle or something.

Sure thing.

That’s not when you smoulder.

It’s not the moment for it.

-Forget it.
-I just did it. I don’t know what it was.

Look like your stomach is upset.

Like you ate something bad.

Oh, man.

I’m sweating.

Stealing makes me very uncomfortable,
which is not ideal for a burglar.

So the fruit is in the tree.

But you can’t get to it without going
through the water or whatever that is.

Get boiled or eaten by piranhas or something.

“Follow the flame.”

I think that’s how we get there.

But I don’t know how I’m supposed to make that jump.

I mean, it’s doable…

but I don’t have my usual explosiveness.





-Oh, it’s really heavy.

You okay? Give me your hand.

There you go.

Wait a second.

-The hell, man?

Oh, my God!

-The hell, man?!
-Oh, my God.




Hey, move along. Nothing to see here.

What’d you say?

I said, keep walking, pal. Nothing to see here. Beat it.

-What’d you say?
-I said, beat it, get out of here.

What’d you say?

I said, scram!

You want a piece of me?

Yeah, come on, come on.

What do you got? What do you got? Come on!

Come and get it. Yeah!

Come on, you bastards!

Here, camel, camel.

Come on, let’s go.

They are proud and majestic animals, aren’t they?

You’re welcome.

Did you–? Were you just talking to them?

Press your menu. It’s right here.


You can talk to animals.


It appears that I speak camel.

-Can you ask them to, like, come with us and be–?
-Excuse me.

They’re willing to talk.

They wanna know what’s in it for them
and how much luggage we have.

Will you look at me?

I mean, what am I supposed to do with this?

You read the map.

I don’t wanna read the map. I’m supposed to be her.

Instead, there’s actual hair growing out of my face!

Sorry. All bodies are beautiful, even this one.

Wait a second.

-This is amazing!


Yo, this thing is insane!

-Be careful. That body is not a toy.
-No, it’s a machine.

And on top of that…


Touch my boobs and I will murder you.

Too late. It was the first thing I did.

Hey, hey, don’t do that.

-Let’s take this Jumanji berry and go meet them.
-Relax, girl.

I’m trying that flying acrobat thing you did.

-Don’t. We have the berry. It’s not necessary.
-Check this out.

-Omaha, Omaha! Hut, hut, hike!

Fridge, be careful! I am telling you, that body’s a weapon.

-You don’t even know what it’s capable of.
-This is amazing!

-That body’s a loaded gun!
-Yeah! And this gun’s about to go off!

Oh, my God!


Come here.

-Oh, my God.
-Goddamn it!

Here, I got you. I got ya.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no!

Oh, my God, that was awful.

I hate being the map guy!

Let’s get out of here.


There he is.


I told you to stay the hell away from my wife!

-We got company.
-What did you do?

All right, guys, this is the moment. We need you now.

They said that we can get away out the back door.

Are you talking to that camel?


That’s Lucille and Hank.

And Jeffrey’s in the back.


-We should get going.
-What happened?

My grandpa beat up 45 strangers for no reason,
and now that woman’s husband is trying to kill him.

Is that the desert fruit?

Yeah. It’s a Jumanji berry, and it weighs like 100 pounds.

My grandpa will carry it.

-We should get out of here. Come on, Grandpa.
-Let’s go.

-I could take them.

-What are you talking about? We escaped.
-I said, I could take them.

-Oh, Eddie.
-No, Grandpa Eddie, that’s Switchblade!

I’m telling you, there’s a time when you run,

then there’s a time in life, like right now, where you stay…


-Switchblade! Switchblade!

Nice shot, Switchblade!


We should see Mount Zhatmire pretty soon.

You know, Gladys and I took a road trip before she passed.

We went on a ceramics tour

through the Southwest.

I lost my restaurant so you could drive around
and look at ashtrays?

Yes, Ed.

That’s what you do when you retire.

You explore your interests.

I don’t have interests.

Guys like me, we don’t retire!

We work, and then we keep working,
and then, eventually, we die.

But you retired me.

You retired me.

-It’s a wonder I lasted as long as I did.

-You’re a difficult man, Ed.
-You don’t abandon your best friend, Milo.

When I lost the restaurant, I lost everything!


Yes. Yes, I know he is.

-What? Are you talking to my camel?
-Yes, I’m talking to the camel.

And he can tell

that you’re a pain in the ass.

My camel’s taking your side?

And he’s not your camel.

He’s just giving you a ride.

Well, how about the both of you go screw yourselves?

-What did you just say?

You and me, we gonna settle this right here, right now!

-I’ll show you.
-What are you doing?

-Don’t worry about it.
-Milo, what are you doing?

Hold on. Wait, wait. Here we go.

You want a piece of me, huh? That’s what you want?

You do not want a piece of him, Milo, I’m telling you.

Oh, that’s where you’re wrong, young man.

Because I do want a piece.

I want a big piece.

See, Eddie, what you don’t know is that for the last 15 years,

I’ve been studying tai chi.

And right now,

I am harnessing my chi.

And when I’m done, I’m gonna whup your ass.

Milo, I am telling you, this is not a good idea.



You gotta stop killing everybody.

All right, then.

I guess that’s settled.

The camels just stopped.

This is as far as they go.

To get to Jurgen’s fortress,

they said that we can head down this path here
and make a right.

Then we’re in his territory.

And they don’t wanna go there
because they don’t want to die.

We don’t wanna die either.

The worst Bravestone of all time.

So we have to get across… this.

Okay, we can do this. We can do this.

We just have to take our time and make careful decisions.

What are you talking about? It’s obvious.

We start on that bridge right there,
then jump to that one that heads to right at 30 degrees,

and then those two that look like two sides of a trapezoid…


That’s what it’s for!

Maybe this character’s not totally worthless.

-I’ll go first.

You see? It’s no big deal.

-What’s going on?
-No, no, no.

Oh, no.


Oh, crap.

What the hell?

-It’s okay. We can do this.

It’s just about finding the right timing.

-Come on, come on, come on.
-Follow me.

Come on!

Come on, Milo, come on!

-Oh, Lord.


Hey, you guys.

Is that rock moving?

-Oh, no.

Well, now, this is a problem.

Come on, what is it?

-Oh, my.

-Spit it out!
-What is it?

-Just tell us!
-Tell us! Milo!

Those are mandrills.

-We should go. Go, go!

That one! Obtuse angle!

Note the distinctive and colourful pigment
around their face and buttocks.

Mandrills are the heaviest of all monkeys.

Even heavier than baboons,
with which they are often confused.

And now head for the rhombus!

Come on. Hurry up.

-Rhombus! Rhombus!
-Come on.

No, Martha!

-Not that one! You’re on the wrong bridge!

The perpendicular one!





Spencer, behind you!


Come on, I got you!


Oh, no! No! No!

Oh, no! No!

Get off!

Come on.

All right, bring it on.

Come on, come here.


Grandpa! Enough!

Grandpa, stop!

They’re gone!

Come on!

Give me your hand!

-Trust me!


Last one. Aim for the centre of the parabola!

Oh, damn.

Son of a…



Hey, Eddie, where you going?

I need your help, Eddie.


Eddie! Milo!



Hey, guys.

Who the hell’s this?

-Alex, what are you doing here?
-Bethany thought you might need some help.

-Where is Bethany?
-She’s right here.

You mean…?

“Oh, my God, right?

Like, I’m a total horse.

I can’t believe that we found you guys.

-Yep, that’s Bethany.

-What’s up, girl?

Oh, we brought you some clothes. You must be freezing.

So this horse is a character in the game?


Cyclone’s his name.

-How’s that feel?
-I don’t know. I sprained it pretty good.

Where’d you get these clothes?

When I realised how far north we were going,
we stopped to go shopping.

You can shop here?

-How did you know how to do that?
-I was here for 20 years, kiddo.

At least I got rid of that stupid hat.

Now I got this stupid hat.

It’s something, isn’t it?

Yeah, it’s something.

You know, Eddie,

you didn’t lose everything when you lost the restaurant.

You still got a lot, man.

I lost my friend.

So did I.

I’m sorry, Milo.

Hey, I’m sorry too, Eddie.

I should have tracked you down a long time ago.

I’m glad you came over for coffee.

What made you do it, huh?

I mean, why now?

Milo, what’s going on?

You’re sick.

How bad?

I don’t have much time left.

Son of a bitch.

But I count myself lucky, Eddie.

I was married to a wonderful woman.

I got to live a wonderful life.

And not everybody can say that.

That’s why I wanted to make things better with you.

And now that they are…

well, I’m…

I’m happy about that too.

Grandpa, Milo.

Come on, we gotta go.

“The Fortress.”

Looks like the last level.

Okay, so we climb that mountain
and then we sneak in somehow.

Yeah, and then we steal the jewel
before the Brothers Kababik get there.

-And then show it to the sun?
-Sounds like a plan.


I’m sorry, I think I missed the “plan” part of the plan.

That last level almost killed us all. I can barely walk.

Your grandpa beats the hell out of the wrong guy,

or we get attacked by a polar bear,
what am I supposed to do?

I’m not gonna beat up the wrong guy.

You are gonna beat up the wrong guy!
You’re not a good Bravestone!

You’re too stubborn and pissed off,
and you keep getting us killed.

What the hell you talking about?

And Milo–

And I say this with all due respect, sir.

–Is not a good person to be the zoologist.

He talks too slow, and by the time
he gets to the point, you’re dead!

Once again, no offence.

None taken.

And let me tell you why.

Because my friend Bernard–
-You see?

You’re a thief who’s too neurotic to steal anything,
Bethany’s a horse…

All I know is, we are stuck here again,

we are running out of lives and my ankle is killing me!

-Oh, my God!

Fridge! Are you okay?

Yo, you guys gotta see this!

That’s what the water looked like at the tree.

When we…

-switched bodies.
-Switched bodies.

Goddamn, that is cold!

Oh, man! It’s freezing!

What the hell, man?


I missed you so much.

Oh, my God, you guys, hi.



-Yeah, what?


You should see the size of your–


I never thought I’d be this happy to shrink.

I have never seen anything quite like that before.

Oh, my God, it’s so good to be able to talk again with words.

Spencer, hi!

-Hey, Bethany.
-We have so much catching up to do.

I wanna hear about New York.

But it feels like maybe this isn’t the perfect, like, moment.

Right. Like, later.





I got hair!

For the first time in 40 years. I gotta go tell Milo.

-Be careful out there, Grandpa.

How’s your ankle?

Your ankle.

It’s a little sore, but definitely not as bad
as you were making it seem.

-What’s that supposed to mean?

You were making a really big deal of it and it’s not that bad.

-Hey! Get the hell away from that horse!

Milo! Hey!

Wait, which ankle was it?

-Hold it.
-Hey, hey, hey.

Get your hands off of me.

Hey! I’m with you, Milo.

I’m right here.

Guys, guys.

Eddie and Milo.

They got them.

There’s ice everywhere,

and there’s only one road in.

It’s covered with guards though.
I don’t know how we’ll get in there.

Oh, okay.

I see a dungeon at the top of this ice wall.

That must be where they’re keeping your grandpa.

And Milo is probably in this, like, barn thing
all the way on the other side of the place.

Okay. We gotta split up.

One team goes to get Milo,
the other team busts out my grandpa.

But how do we get in?

Fridge, do you have any ice-climbing equipment
in your backpack?

You mean something like this?

-Just like that.

That’s why I’m the backpack guy.

-That’s why.
-Yeah. You’re great at that.

Yeah, I know.

Martha, will you come with me?

Of course.

I forgot what this part feels like.

It’s scary.


We can do it. This team can do anything.

Nobody knows that better than me.

-Come on, you guys.

Bring it in.

Be aggressive.

Be, be aggressive.

Be aggressive. Be, be aggressive.

Come on, guys.

-That’s not what I thought this was. No.
-We should just go.

Okay, just– Go, team.

Okay. I’m gonna try to sneak in with them.

-In this outfit, I might be able to pass. You guys stay here–
-What? No way.

Now’s the moment. Stay here.

-Alex, no!
-Go. Good luck, Alex.

-Come on.
-What are you talking about, “Come on”? Bethany.


Turn right.

You there. Stay where you are.


Are you the Brothers Kababik?

-Are we the who?
-Are you the Brothers Kababik?


We are them. It is we. Us.

We are the Brothers Cadabra– Kadabrik.

He is one brother,

and I am the other brother.

We– We got different mothers.

But we… We came to get the thing that we came to get.

Brothers Kababik,

on behalf of Jurgen the Brutal,

welcome to Zhatmire Stronghold.

Thank you.

There’s something I have to ask you.


Why didn’t you come visit when you were supposed to?

You cancel the first time,
then you were gonna come for Halloween.

You cancel again.

And then the next time I hear from you,
you tell me we should take a break?

It’s just… I saw all your pictures on Instagram,

and you looked like you were having so much fun, and…

I just got really insecure or something.
Like I wasn’t the guy I thought I was.

Or I wasn’t the guy you thought I was.
Which would be even worse.

Spencer, do you think I’m not…

totally terrified all the time?

I got to school, and suddenly,
for the first time ever, people really liked me.

But I’m always thinking that…

I don’t know, like it’s…

Like it’s just a matter of time
before somebody figures out who I really am.

But then I see you.

And you’re the person who makes me feel good…

about who I really am.

When you’re, like, scared and insecure,

that’s when you need your people the most.

Hey, Mr Walker.

Why the long face?

Dad joke. Sorry. Can’t help it.

Let’s get you out of here.


It’s just an obstacle course.

You were good at those.

All right, all right, get a room.

Grandpa… let’s get you out of there.


-Let’s blow this joint, huh?
-We still have to find the jewel, Grandpa.

It must be in a vault or a treasure room or something.

Yeah, that’s how it works in these games.

I passed a vault on the way up to this dump.
Single access, 3-foot-thick steel door.

Only way in is through a grate in the ceiling.

I think I got it now.

Just stay on…

the raised ones.

Jurgen the Brutal awaits.

So, tell me, which brother is which?

How do you mean?

Which brother is which?

Which of you is Augustus and which is Tomatoli?

I am Augustus.

And I’m Tomatolik.

Augustus Kababik.

The cleverest man in all of Jumanji.

Yes, I’m totally that man.

-And Tomatoli Kababik.
-That’s me.

The bravest eunuch.

-Wait a minute, what?
-Did you say, “Eunuch”?

Tomatoli Kababik,

everyone knows the tale
of your great and generous sacrifice.

How you gave your testicles
in order to save the region from the floods.

-I think there might be a little confusion.
-Of course.

Everybody knows the story about my little brother
and his famous testicles.

-Wherever they may be.
-Wherever they may be.

All right, let’s back up.

-Let’s go back a little bit. Let’s clear some stuff up.
-He’s super brave.

I’ve always been the super clever one, and he’s always been super brave. And super ball-less.

-Stop saying that! Both of my balls are right here!
-In spirit.

Hey… They’re here in spirit.



Of course.

Right, bro?

[hesitates] Right. I got no balls.

There’s the chest.

Okay. You’re up, Grandpa.

-Who, me?
-Yes. You’re the cat burglar.

Your character, Ming.


Yes, Ming. That’s your avatar. That’s her name.

In your satchel, you have a set of lockpicks.

Lockpicks? Why would I have lockpicks?

Because Ming’s the cat burglar.

-Don’t you think one of you should do this?
-You have the skills.

I have the skills?

Not you. Ming.



Please don’t ask who Ming is.

Not bad, huh?

Now we just gotta figure out how to get you out of here.

Shall we?

Now, that’s cool.

Welcome. May I offer you a piece of cake?

No! No!


No, thank you.


I’d like to see your friend Ming do that!

We got an issue here.

Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

Brothers Kababik, I present Jurgen the Brutal.

At last,

we meet on this historic day.

Yes, it is so great to meet you.

Your Honour, if that be the Falcon Jewel

upon your thick and meaty neck,

perhaps we should…

take it.

Today we forge an unbreakable alliance.

Your family will join me,

and land by land, we’ll take the world.

So I ask, on this historic day,

where is she?

-Where’s who?
-Who you talking about?

Your sister.

Soon to be my bride.

You know what?
I think that there’s been a misunderstanding.

Where is your sister?

Which sister were we talking about?

Debbie or… Brooke?

Or Sierra?

Where is your sister?

She’s getting ready, back at the hotel.

She’s just doing what brides do on their wedding day.

Hanging with the girls, getting her hair done, mani-pedi.

If you’ve come here without your sister…

I just might have to cut off your heads.

-Oh, no! No, no, no. Don’t.
-Hey. Hey.

-God, no.
-Hey, get off!

-So I’ll ask one last time:

-Getting a mani-pedi!
-Where is your sister?

I’m right here.

Gwendolyn Hortencia Lewelda Kababik?

Is that you?


That is me.

Now, please,

O Brutal One, release my brothers.

And is it your intention, on this day,

at this hour, to wed Jurgen the Brutal of Zhatmire?

Yep. That’s my plan.

And is it your intention to mother his children

and forge in blood this union with your family?


Gwendolyn Kababik…

known throughout the world

for your beauty and cunning.

And now you’re mine.

May I hold the Falcon Jewel?

Of course, my bride.

Thank you.

Get it.

Jurgen the Brutal!

The Brothers Kababik have been delayed in Gorek.

These are impostors!

-Seize them!

No, no, no. Oh, no. We can explain.

Oh, no, no, no.

I forgot to tell you one thing.

I have a boyfriend.

-Get back.
-Stay back.

-Stay away.
-Get back!

Get back!

Get out of here! I will torch you, bitches.

I will literally burn your face.

I’ll meet the brothers in Gorek.

Kill them all!

Go get him!

Go get the jewel!

Don’t worry about us. Just go!


Get away! I know geometry.

I’m not messing around, you guys. Get away!

Fridge, we’re gonna die!

Anybody wanna dance with the bride?

You want a piece?

Come on!



We did it.

Let’s go!

-Come on, come on!


-Is that Spencer?
-Oh, my God.



Who are you?

I’m Dr Smolder Bravestone.


-He says to get on his back.
-Who, me?

Oh, no!

Oh, no. Milo!

-Oh, my God.
-What’s he doing?



Yeah, Milo!


We’re coming, Spencer!

“Show it to the sun.”

Grandpa, the jewel!

You gotta show it to the sun! Get ready!

Come on, Milo!

-Come on, come on!


-Call out its name.
-Call out its name.

Call out its name!


What’d they say?



We won!

-We did it!

-Put me down.

-Put me down, goddamn it. Stop it.

Is this what you were looking for? This little thing?

Grandpa, you guys were incredible.

Yeah, that’s the thing about Milo. He’s got a lot of skills.

Milo and Eddie.

Milo and Eddie.

What are we doing here now?

Well done, intrepid adventurers.

You have saved Jumanji. Again.

And now, with your permission, Dr Bravestone,
I will take the jewel from here.

I will protect it with my life and return it to the care
of the elder at the Avian Province.

And so your work here is done.

All of Jumanji thanks you. And, sadly, this is where we part.

I don’t know what’s sad about it.
I’m ready to get the hell out of here.



-Hey, guys, you’re not gonna believe this.
-What’d he say?

-He says that he–
-He wants to stay.

He says somebody’s gotta stay and look after this place.

And that he’s 75 years old and he just learned how to fly.

But he won’t be able to get out.

He knows.

Oh, Milo.

I feel like I just got you back.

Now I’m losing you for good.

“You’re not losing me, buddy. I’ll always be with you.”

Being your partner…

is one of the best things I ever got to be.

He says, “Thank you.”

No, no.

Thank you, Milo.


-Take care, Milo!

-Go, Milo!
-So long, Milo!

Bye-bye, Mr Walker!

That’s my partner right there.

Everybody should be so lucky to have a friend like Milo.

Come on, Grandpa.

Let’s go home.

Hey, guys.

Thanks for coming to get me.

You do it again, your ass is gonna be stuck here, Spencer!
Because I’m not coming back!

Everybody okay?


Grandpa, you okay?

Yeah, I’m good.

Holy shit.

Strike. Square one. Counterstrike.

-The fat one on the bottom?
-The fat– No, the fat one above the R.

-Atop number two.

-Yeah. Yeah.
-80 strike, strike.


Then kick me. O.

Let me tell you something.

-Getting old–
-I know. Getting old sucks.

Getting old…

is a gift.

I forget that sometimes.

But it is.

What more could a guy possibly want?

Hey, guys.

How was your day?

It was really great.


Spencer taught me how to play a video game.

Oh, hell, no.

You okay, Grandpa?


A lot of good memories here.


Eddie, is that you?


-Oh, hi.

Hey, guys.


What’s up, bro?

So how’s business?

Oh, you know how it is.

My manager quit six months ago, moved to Philly.

Place has been kind of a mess ever since.

It’s hard to find people who really know how to do this.

Oh, well…

I don’t have to tell you this.

So you need some help around here?

You mean it?

I mean, I–

I’d be honoured.


It’s really good to see you, Eddie.


I’m… I’m gonna take this

where I was going and…

I’ll be right back.

You guys gotta come to New York too.

Yeah, I can’t wait.

This team, forever.



Always and forever?

-Yeah, let’s keep close though.
-Of course, yeah.

One thing.

Can we all agree?

Let’s never go back there.

-I thought we already agreed on that.
-That’s fine.

Sorry, it’s so late.

Yeah, it’s that time of year. Everyone’s heaters are broken.

Oh, it’s no problem. I’m just glad you made it.

The furnace is right over here.

Is that an old video game console?

Oh, yeah, probably.

It belongs to my son.

Yeah, I’m a big gamer.

I’ve never seen anything like it.

Well, it looks like it’s broken.

Maybe you shouldn’t touch it.


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