Get Out (2017) | Transcript

A young African-American visits his white girlfriend's parents for the weekend, where his simmering uneasiness about their reception of him eventually reaches a boiling point.
Get Out (2017) Daniel Kaluuya

Get Out (2017)
Horror, Mystery, Thriller
Director: Jordan Peele
Writer: Jordan Peele
Stars: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford

Plot: Chris and his girlfriend Rose go upstate to visit her parents for the weekend. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.

* * *

(DRE)꞉ The thing Iʼve been asking myself is, what kind of sick individual names a street Edgewood Way, and he put it half a mile away from Edgewood Lane?.



Itʼs crazy.

You got me out here in this… creepy, confusing ass… suburb.


Yo, Iʼm serious, though. I feel like a sore thumb out here.

All right, baby. All right, Iʼll talk to you soon.

See you.


[SIGHS] Okay, so this is Rhine Ave.

[SIGHS] Itʼs like a fucking hedge maze out here.

East… Keep going straight and then I think it said a left on a…

What was that? Peacock?.

Go straight and a left on…



All right, just keep on walking, bruh.

Donʼt do nothinʼ stupid.

Just keep on…


Fuck this. I’m-ma fucking go the other way I came.

Not today. Not me.

You know how they like to do motherfuckers out here, man. Iʼm gone.

Yo, come on, brother, this is…


Hey! Yo! Hey!




Sid, Sid, Sid.

Howʼs it going over there?.


You got your toothbrush?.


Do you have your deodorant?.


Do you have your cozy clothes?.

Got that.

Can you give me a minute, Sid?.

We gotta pry something out of your dad.


Do they know… Do they know Iʼm black?.


Should they?


It seems like itʼs something you might wanna, you know, mention.

¨Mom and Dad, my black boyfriend will be coming up this weekend and I just donʼt want you to be shocked, that heʼs a black man.¨


You said I was the first black guy you ever dated.

Yeah, so what?.

Yeah, so this is uncharted territory for them.

You know, I donʼt wanna get chased off the lawn with a shotgun.

Youʼre not going to. First of all, my dad wouldʼve voted for Obama a third time if he couldʼve.

Like, the love is so real.

Iʼm only telling you that ʼcause heʼs definitely gonna wanna talk to you about that.

And it will definitely fucking suck. [LAUGHING]

But thatʼs because heʼs a lame dad more than anything else.

They are not racist.

All right.

I wouldʼve told you.

I wouldnʼt be bringing you home to them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Think about that for, like, 2 seconds.

Iʼm thinking.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Good.

No, no, no.

Come on, Iʼm a grown man.

No way.

You broke my cigarette.

Seriously, you just threw it out a window?.

Just like a dollar. You basically threw a dollar out the window. Great.

That was a dollar you decided to spend on nicotine.


Or tobacco.

Hold on, I gotta call Rod.

Oh, Rod.

Donʼt do that.



Yo, you at work?

(ROD)꞉ Yeah, yeah, Iʼm at work.

Look, Chris, tell me this, okay?.

How can I get in trouble for patting down an old lady? Itʼs standard procedure.

Gary just think ʼcause an elderly bitch is elderly,

she canʼt hijack no motherfucking plane.

C, wait, wait, wait. I know you laughing.

Iʼm serious, man. The next 9/11 is gonna be on some geriatric shit.

Straight up.

[LAUGHING] Look, man, thanks for looking after Sid this weekend.

Remember, no human food.

Heʼs got IBS.

Damn, C… give me some type of credit.

Okay, I donʼt forget shit.

You do.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. All right, all right.

No, I accept your apology. Itʼs all good.

How Little Miss Rosie doing?.

Sheʼs good. Sheʼs driving.

Can I talk to him?


Iʼd like to talk to him, please.

[SIGHS] Hold on, hold on.

Hi, Rod!

(ROD)꞉ Now, look here.

You know you picked the wrong guy, right?.

Yeah, of course I know that. This is all just a ploy to get to you.

Itʼs not too late for us.

Okay, get your own girl.


Sheʼs all mad at you ʼcause you never take my advice.

Like what?.

Like donʼt go to a white girlʼs parentsʼ house.

Whatʼs she doing? Licking your balls or something?.

Yeah, bye.

[LAUGHS] You know what Iʼm saying, Chris?



This motherfucker hung up on me.

Youʼre jealous.

Iʼm not jealous. I made you jealous?.

Iʼm not jealous of Rod.

[LAUGHING] Itʼs Rod!



Fuck. Are you okay?.

Yeah, that scared the shit outta me.


Yeah, Iʼm okay.

All right.

Oh, my God.





Stay here.


What are you doing?.

I donʼt know.

Well, maybe heʼs gone, you know?




So, in the future, the number to call is Animal Control Services.

Yes. Sorry about that. I was just disoriented.

(RYAN)꞉ So you guys coming up from the city?.

Yeah, yeah. My parents are from the Lake Pontaco area.

Weʼre just heading up there for the weekend.

Sir, can I see your license, please?.

Wait, why?.

Yeah. I have state ID.

No, no, no. He wasnʼt driving.

I didnʼt ask who was driving. I asked to see his ID.

Yeah, why? That doesnʼt make any sense.


No, no, no. Fuck that. You donʼt have to give him your ID

ʼcause you havenʼt done anything wrong.

Baby, baby, itʼs okay. Come on.

Any time there is an incident, we have every right to ask…

Thatʼs bullshit.


(MAN ON RADIO)꞉ Everything all right, Ryan?


Yeah, Iʼm good.


Get that headlight fixed.

And that mirror.

Thank you, Officer.


That was hot.

Well, Iʼm not gonna let anyone fuck with my man.

I see that.


Weʼre here.

Itʼs the groundskeeper.

Are you ready?

(ROSE)꞉ Hi!

My little girl! Come here!

How are you?

I love you too. I missed you.

This is my dad, Dean. This is Chris.

Call me Mr. Armitage.

(CHRIS)꞉ Of course. How you doing?.

Iʼm kidding! You call me Dean. And you hug me, my man.

How are ya?

Iʼm good. How are you?.

Weʼre huggers.


This is my mom. This is Chris.

Hi, welcome.


Nice to meet you.

Your father gets really excited, but…

Anyway, yeah. Iʼm Missy.

Yes. Come on in. Please, welcome. Inside.


So how was your drive in?.

It was fine. We actually hit a deer.


Oh, no.

Is it dead?


Thatʼs horrible. Are you guys all right?.

Yeah. It just fruck us out.

It did?

(CHRIS)꞉ Yeah. It came outta nowhere. We got it pretty good.

Yeah, it must have frucked you out, big time.

Frucking weird. Well, you know what I say? [LAUGHING]

I say one down, a couple hundred thousand to go.



No, I donʼt mean to get on my high horse, but Iʼm telling ya,

I do not like the deer. Iʼm sick of it. Theyʼre taking over.

Theyʼre like rats. Theyʼre destroying the ecosystem.

I see a dead deer on the side of the road, I think to myself,

¨Thatʼs a start.¨

I donʼt even understand that.

Iʼm sorry.

Iʼm just saying.

You know what, I am grateful for what youʼve done today.

[SIGHS] I donʼt like ʼem.

We got that.



All right, you guys look so wiped out.

Yeah, a little.


So how long has this been going on? This… this thang?


How long?

[LAUGHING] Four months.

Four months?.


Five months, actually.

Sheʼs right, Iʼm wrong.

Attaboy. Better get used to saying that.


Please, Iʼm so sorry.

Oh, yeah, Iʼm sorry. Sheʼs right, Iʼm wrong.


Does he have an off button? This is exhausting.

(DEAN)꞉ I know. I wanna give you a tour.

They just got…

Can we unpack first?.

You wanna unpack? Before the tour?.

This is Missyʼs office. She takes appointments in there.

Sheʼs a therapist, right?.

Psychiatrist, yeah.

Turns out people up here

are just as messed up in the head as they are in the city.

This is Jeremy.

Thatʼs Roseʼs little brother. There he is.

(CHRIS)꞉ Iʼve heard stories.

(DEAN)꞉ Yeah, I bet you have.

Heʼs studying medicine now. Wants to be just like his old man.

Youʼll meet him.

All right. Cool.

I picked these up in Bali.

Itʼs pretty eclectic. Iʼm a traveler and I canʼt help it.

I keep bringing souvenirs back.

Itʼs such a privilege to be able to experience another personʼs culture.

You know what Iʼm saying?


Oh, youʼre gonna love this.

My dadʼs claim to fame.

He was beat by Jesse Owens

in the qualifying round for the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

Those are the ones where…

Owens won in front of Hitler.

Yeah, what a moment. What a moment.

I mean, Hitlerʼs up there with all his perfect Aryan race bullshit.

This black dude comes along, proves him wrong in front of the entire world.


Tough break for your dad though.


He almost got over it.


Thatʼs the basement. We had to seal it up.

We got some black mold down there.

My mother loved her kitchen, so we keep a piece of her in here.

Georgina, this is Chris. This is Roseʼs boyfriend.



(DEAN)꞉ The garbage goes under the sink,

and now for the piece de resistance, the field of play.

I love it.

The nearest house is across the lake.

Itʼs total privacy.


I know what youʼre thinking.


Come on, I get it.

White family, black servants.

Itʼs a total cliche.

I wasnʼt gonna take it there.

Well, you didnʼt have to. Believe me.



We hired Georgina and Walter to help care for my parents.

When they died,


I couldnʼt bear to let them go. I mean…

But, boy, I hate the way it looks.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

By the way, I would have voted for Obama for a third term if I could.

Best president in my lifetime. Hands down.

I agree.



So what do your parents do, Chris?.


My dad wasnʼt really in the picture.

My mom passed away when I was 11.

Oh, Iʼm sorry. How did she die?.

A hit and run.

(DEAN)꞉ Thatʼs awful.

Yeah, Iʼm sorry to hear that.

You were young.

Actually, I donʼt remember a lot from that time, so…

Well, thatʼs okay. We donʼt have to talk about that.

You smoke, Chris?

[CHUCKLING] Mmm-hmm.

You jonesing a little bit over there, huh?.

Iʼm quitting.

Dad, this is why I donʼt bring people to the house anymore.

Thatʼs okay. Weʼre not judging. Weʼre not.

Thatʼs a nasty habit, though.

You should have Missy take care of that for you.


(DEAN)꞉ Hypnosis.

She developed a method, and Iʼm telling you, it works like a charm.

Wow, um…

Some people donʼt want strangers messing around in their heads, guys.

Listen, Chris, I thought it was total bullshit.

I smoked cigarettes for 15 years.

I loved every goddamn puff I took.

She puts me under once…

The sight of a cigarette makes me want to vomit.

Okay, fall back, Dean.

Itʼs a service we provide.

Iʼm good, actually.

(MISSY)꞉ Yes. Thank you, though.

Well, smoker or not, weʼre thrilled to have you up here

for the big get-together.


Wait, holy shit. Thatʼs this weekend?

(MISSY)꞉ Yes, this weekend.

What get-together?

Oh, my God.

Thanks, George.

Itʼs Roseʼs grandfatherʼs party. [SIGHS]

My dad would throw a shindig once a year.

Get all his friends together, bocce ball, badminton…

(ROSE)꞉ Wait, why didnʼt you guys tell me about this?.

Well, itʼs the same day every year, sweetheart.

No, itʼs not.

(MISSY)꞉ Um…

(DEAN)꞉ It is. Actually, it is.

Is it really?

(DEAN)꞉ Yeah, thatʼs where youʼd be wrong.

(MISSY)꞉ Yeah.

We just kept it up because after they died, it felt like…

We keep them close to us.

Yeah, theyʼre still with us.

(ROSE)꞉ I just wanted to have a chill weekend.

(CHRIS)꞉ Sounds like fun, actually.


(MISSY)꞉ Oh, Georgina.

Iʼm so sorry.

Thatʼs okay.

Why donʼt you go lay down? Just get some rest.

Yes, I think I will.

(MISSY)꞉ Good.

My God, it must be very…

ʼSup, fam!

Hey, Jer-Bear.

Hi, darling.

Hey, buddy.

Nobody answers the door around here?.

Hey, Rosie.

(DEAN)꞉ Why would I lie, huh? [LAUGHING]

I love it!

Did she tell you about her toenail collection?.


Oh, my God!

She used to bite ʼem off, suck on ʼem, and save ʼem in a jewelry box.


No, I didnʼt. I donʼt know what youʼre talking about.

(CHRIS)꞉ That is so disgusting.

I fucking hate you.

Okay, hereʼs a good one.

Uh, let me set the scene. It was our junior year.

Rose has a crush on this guy, Conner Garfield.

(DEAN)꞉ Conner Garfield.

No. Mom?.

No, Jeremy, stop.

No, no, these are good.

I want to hear them.

Yeah, Rose, where are your manners?.

Our guest wants to hear the stories, please.

(JEREMY)꞉ Thank you.

So Connerʼs from my lacrosse team, right? Huge kid, like 6ʼ3″.

And heʼs pretty dumb, right? So we threw this party.

You threw a party.

I think my parents were in Greece or something.

We raided their liquor cabinet and weʼre all shit-faced.

Like 15 of us.

Oh, my God. Tell me this isnʼt true, Rose.


I filled the liquor bottles with water…

And let me finish?.

Uh-huh. Go ahead. Iʼm curious.

So Iʼm upstairs hooking up with the hottest girl in class, Jean Deely.

(MISSY)꞉ Oh, God.

You realize youʼre coming off as, like, the worldʼs biggest douchebag, right?.

So Conner starts banging on the bathroom door, right?

I open it and bloodʼs gushing from his mouth. And heʼs screaming,

[IMITATING LISP] ¨Your sister bit my fucking tongue off!¨.

You bit him?

(MISSY)꞉ What?.

Okay, to be fair, it was my first kiss

and he slipped some tongue and I was not expecting it.

It was a reflex. Iʼm sorry. [GROANS]

A reflex that I have since gotten rid of.


(DEAN)꞉ Yeah, you better be careful.

Yeah, Iʼm very careful now. [LAUGHING]

Iʼm gonna go get dessert. And, Dean, maybe clean it up just a little bit?


So, Chris, whatʼs your sport? Football? Baseball?.

Basketball, mostly, I guess.

You an MMA fan?

(ROSE)꞉ Dude.

¨Dude¨ what?.


Hey, Jeremy, why donʼt we let someone else have the floor for a second?.

Youʼre dating my sister, right?.

Heʼs dating my sister. You had your chance.

I canʼt get to know the guy?


You mean like UFC?.


Nah, too brutal for me.

You ever get into street fights as a kid?

I did judo after school, first grade.

(ROSE)꞉ Aw…

You shouldʼve seen me.


ʼCause with your frame and your genetic makeup,

if you really pushed your body, and I mean really train, you know?.

No pussyfooting around. Youʼd be a fucking beast.

(MISSY)꞉ Carrot cake!

(DEAN)꞉ Ooh!


Carrot cake.

What did I miss?


A whole bunch of nothing.

Just talking about sports. Right?.


That sounds good.

So the thing about jiu-jitsu is

strength doesnʼt matter, right? Itʼs all about this.

Itʼs a strategic game like chess.

Itʼs all about being two, three, four moves ahead.


Stand up.

Jeremy, no karate at the dinner table.

(JEREMY)꞉ Itʼs not karate, Ma.

Yo, I got a rule. No play-fighting with drunk dudes.

I donʼt play, Iʼm just…



I wasnʼt gonna hurt him.


(ROSE)꞉ He was gonna put you in a fucking headlock.

What is his problem?.

He has never treated any of my boyfriends that way.

Ever, ever, ever.


Oh, my God. And then my dad with the ¨my man¨ stuff.

¨My man, my man.¨

I donʼt think heʼs ever heard that or said it. And now he just…

Itʼs all he says.


Oh, and my mom being rude to Georgina?.

What the fuck was that about? That was so crazy.

I mean…

How are they different than that cop?.

Thatʼs the fucking bummer of it all.




Anything more youʼd like to add?.

I told you so, like…

I didnʼt want to say it.

I didnʼt want to say it. I didnʼt want to say that.

I donʼt like being wrong.

Iʼve noticed that.

But I am sorry.

No, no, no. Wait. Come here. Come here.

(ROSE)꞉ Iʼm sorry. This sucks.

What? Why you saying ¨sorry¨?

ʼCause I brought you here and Iʼm related to all of them.

No, itʼs fine. Itʼs fine.




How are you so calm?.

Honestly, itʼs nothing.

I like you on your racial flow, though.


Is this a racial flow?

Racial flow.

Am I feeling a racial flow?.

Yeah, youʼre feeling racially flowy.

Oh, fuck. The party.

How bad can it be?.

They are so white. Like, so white!

Itʼs all good.



You know, with my genetic makeup, shit gonna go down.

Iʼm a beast. Iʼm a beast!










Do you realize how dangerous smoking is?



Come in and sit with me.


Just for a little while. Please.

Thank you.

So youʼre comfortable enough, right?.

Itʼs perfect. Thanks.


You wanna know how it works?


You just dangle a pocket watch in front of peopleʼs faces? Is that it?.

You watch a lot of TV.

When I was a kid.


Now youʼre feeling very sleepy.


We do use focal points sometimes

to guide someone into a state of heightened suggestibility.

¨Heightened suggestibility.¨.

Thatʼs right. Thatʼs right.


Do you smoke in front of my daughter?.

Iʼm gonna quit. I promise.

Thatʼs my kid. That is my kid.

You understand?.

What about your mother?.

What about her? Wait, are we…

Where were you when she died?.

I donʼt want to think about that.

Home. Watching TV.

Do you hear the TV? What do you hear?.


Rain. It was raining.


You hear the rain?



You hear it? Find it.

Tell me when youʼve found it.

Come here, Chris. Look at me.


I found it.

Where was your mom?


She was coming home and she wasnʼt home.

From work?.



And what do you do?.



I just sat there.

You didnʼt call anyone?


Why not?


I donʼt know.

I just thought that if I did, it would make it real.


Youʼre so scared.


You think it was your fault.

How do you feel now?.

I canʼt move.

You canʼt move.

Why canʼt I move?.

Youʼre paralyzed.

Just like that day when you did nothing.

You did nothing.


Now… Sink into the floor.

Wait, wait, wait.


Now youʼre in the Sunken Place.











ʼSup, man?.

Theyʼre working you good out here, huh?.

Nothing I donʼt want to be doing.


I didnʼt get to meet you, actually, up close. Iʼm Chris.

I know who you are.

She is lovely, isnʼt she?.


Yeah, she is.

One of a kind. Top of the line.

A real doggone keeper.



Sorry about last night.


My exercise.

I didnʼt mean to scare you.

Yeah. Yeah.

And did it work?

Did what work?.

You were in Mrs. Armitageʼs office for quite some time.

Oh, yeah.


I guess I had too much of that wine last night.

Canʼt really remember. Sorry. [CHUCKLING]

Well, I should get back to work and mind my own business.


I think your mom hypnotized me last night.



I went out for some air last night, and I run into her.

And I can barely remember anything,

but now the thought of a cigarette makes me wanna throw up.

Oh, my God.

Iʼm sorry. I canʼt believe she did that to you.

And I had some fucked-up dreams.

Whatʼd you dream?

I was in a hole or something. And I couldnʼt move. It was like…

Oh, God. That sounds terrible.

Iʼm sorry.

Hey, uh, whatʼs Walterʼs deal?.

What do you mean ¨his deal¨?

I just talked to him. Dudeʼs whole vibe is hostile.

Did he say something?.

Itʼs not what he says. Itʼs how he says it, you know?.


Maybe he likes you.

Maybe heʼs jealous or something. I donʼt…

Are you fucking with me?.


So you think Iʼve got a chance with him?.

All right, you got jokes.

Put in a good word?.

Great. No, funny.

Iʼm gonna talk to my dad about that. Thatʼs not…

No, donʼt talk to your dad.

Itʼs not cool.

Itʼs fine, itʼs not a big deal. Itʼs not a big deal.

Forget about it. Itʼs done.



Oh, boy.

Oh, man. [SIGHS]

It begins.

Are you ready for this?.

Yeah, I am.

Iʼm not.

There they are.


So nice.

How are you?.

Just smile.

Smile? All right.

How do you do that again?.

Yeah, just smile the whole time.

Yeah, there you go. There it is.


Oh, look, itʼs the Greenes.

Gordon and Emily, this is Chris.

Chris, this is Gordon and Emily Greene.

Chris. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you, Chris.

Nice to meet you indeed.

Oh, thatʼs quite a grip.

Thank you. You too, man.

You, uh, ever play golf?.

Mmm, once, a few years ago. I wasnʼt very good.

Gordon was a professional golfer for years.

Oh, you kidding?.

Well, I canʼt quite swing the hips like I used to, though.

But, uh, I do know Tiger.


Oh, thatʼs great.


Gordon loves Tiger.

Oh, the best Iʼve ever seen.

Ever. Hands down.

So, Chris, uh, letʼs see your form.

This is Nelson and Lisa.

Hey, how you doing?.

So, how handsome is he?

I donʼt know, are you handsome? [CHUCKLES]



Not bad. Eh, Nelson?.

So, is it true?.

Is it better?.

Oh, wow.


Fairer skin has been in favor for the past, what, couple of hundreds of years?.

But now the pendulum has swung back.

Black is in fashion.

Pardon me, Iʼm gonna take some pictures.

Sure thing.


There he is.

(ALL)꞉ Oh!


Good to see another brother around here.

Hi. Yes, of course it is.


Something wrong?

(PHILOMENA)꞉ There you are.

Do something with this.

Ah, yes, yes.

Oh, hello. Iʼm Philomena. And you are?

Chris. Roseʼs boyfriend.


You two make a lovely couple.


Oh, where are my manners?

Logan. Logan King.

Chris was just telling me how he felt

much more comfortable with my being here.

Thatʼs nice.

Logan, I hate to tear you away, dear, but the Wincotts were asking about you.

Ah, mmm.

Well, it was nice to meet you, Chris.

[CHUCKLES] Goodbye.


What the fuck?.



All of ʼem.

They mean well but they have no idea what real people go through.

Jim Hudson.


I know who you are.

I am an admirer of your work. You have a great eye.

Wait, Jim Hudson? Hudson Galleries?.

Believe me, the irony of being a blind art dealer isnʼt lost on me.

Howʼd you do it?.

My assistant describes the work to me in great detail.

Youʼve got something.

The images you capture. So brutal, so melancholic.

Itʼs powerful stuff, I think.

Thank you.


Used to dabble myself, wilderness mostly.

I submitted to Nat Geo 14 times before realizing I didnʼt have the eye.

I began dealing. Then, of course, my vision went to shit.


I know. Life can be a sick joke.

One day, youʼre developing prints in the darkroom.

The next day, you wake up in the dark.

Genetic disease.

Shit ainʼt fair, man.

Oh, you got that right. Shit ainʼt fair.






Come here, come here.

What the fuck? You left me out there.

Look at this.

She unplugged my phone.


Georgina. I came here to talk to Rod, and I got no juice.

So you think she did that because…

Maybe she doesnʼt like

the fact that Iʼm with you.


Itʼs a thing.

So you are so sexy that people are just unplugging your phone?.

Forget it. Never mind.

No, no, no. Stop, donʼt…

[SIGHS] Donʼt do that. Donʼt…

Okay, okay, Iʼm sorry. Itʼs all good, all right?.

They got you on display now, huh?

(CHRIS)꞉ Itʼs weird, man. And itʼs the people here, too.

Itʼs like they havenʼt met a black person that doesnʼt work for ʼem.

Yep, youʼre in it.

Also, shit…

I donʼt even wanna tell you.


I got hypnotized last night.

Nigga, get the fuck outta here.

No. Yo, yo.

Yeah, to quit smoking.

But itʼs Roseʼs momʼs a psychiatrist, so…

Bruh, I donʼt care if the bitch is lyanla Vanzant, okay?.

She canʼt fix my motherfucking life. You ainʼt getting in my head.

I know. She caught me off guard, right?.

But itʼs cool because Iʼm cured. It worked.

Bruh, how are you not scared of this, man?.

Look, they couldʼve made you do all types of stupid shit.

Theyʼd have you fuckinʼ barking like a dog,

flying around like youʼre a fuckinʼ pigeon, looking ridiculous, okay?.

Or, I donʼt know if you know this,

white people love making people sex slaves and shit.


Yeah, Iʼm pretty sure theyʼre not a kinky sex family, dawg.

Look, Jeffrey Dahmer was eating the shit outta niggasʼ heads. Okay?.

But that was after he fucked the heads.

Do you think they saw that shit coming?.

Hell no.

Okay? They was coming over there like,

¨I’m-ma just suck a little dick, maybe jiggle some balls and shit.¨.

No. They didnʼt get a chance to jiggle shit,

because their head was off their fuckinʼ body.

Yeah, they still sucked a dick, but without their heads.

It was fuckinʼ weird, detached head shit.

You know, thatʼs Jeffrey Dahmerʼs business.

And thanks for that image right there, man.

Hey, man, I ainʼt making this shit up. I saw on A&E, man.

Itʼs real life.

Yo, and itʼs the black people out here, too.

Itʼs like all of them missed the movement.

ʼCause they probably hypnotized.


Look, bruh, all Iʼm doing is connecting the dots.

Iʼm taking what you presented to me, okay?

I’m-ma tell you this. I think that mom is putting everybody in a trance,

and sheʼs fuckinʼ the shit out of ʼem.

Thanks, Rod, bye.

(GEORGINA)꞉ Hello.

Fuck. Hi.

I owe you an apology.

How rude of me to have touched your belongings without asking.


No, itʼs cool. I was just confused.

Well, I can assure you, there was no funny business.

Allow me to explain.

I lifted your cellular phone to wipe down the dresser,

and it accidentally came undone.

Yeah, I told…

Rather than meddle with it further,

I left it that way.

How foolish of me.

Itʼs fine.

I wasnʼt trying to snitch.


Rat you out.




Oh, donʼt you worry about that.

I can assure you,

I donʼt answer to anyone.


All I know is sometimes

if thereʼs too many white people, I get nervous, you know?




Oh. Oh!

No. No. No.

No, no, no, no.

Arenʼt you something?.

Thatʼs not my experience.

Not at all.

The Armitages are so good to us.

They treat us like family.

[WHISPERING] This bitch is crazy.

The bitch is crazy.


(DEAN)꞉ Oh, hey, hang on. Chris.

Chris, I wanna introduce you to some friends.

This is David and Marcia Wincott, Ronald and Celia Jeffries, Hiroki Tanaka,

and Jessika and Fredrich Walden.

Too many names to remember, but hi. [CHUCKLES]

(HIROKI)꞉ Do you find that being African-American

has more advantage or disadvantage in the modern world?.


Itʼs a tough one.


Yeah, um, I donʼt know, man.


Yo, my man.

They were asking me about the African-American experience.

Maybe you could take this one.


Well, well, I find that the African-American experience

for me has been, for the most part, very good.

Although I find it difficult to go into detail,

as I havenʼt had much of a desire to leave the house in a while.

Weʼve become such homebodies.

Yes, yes.

But even when you go into the city, Iʼve just had no interest.

The chores have become my sanctuary.

Fucking shit.

Get out.

Sorry, man.


Get out!


Yo, chill, man.

Get out!

Get outta here! Get outta here!

Chill! Chill, man! Chill!

Get the fuck outta here!



Seizures create anxiety which can trigger aggression.

Yeah, but randomly attacking other people?.

Itʼs not random.

You know, it was your flash. Thatʼs what set him off.



Howʼs he doing?

Heʼs much better.

I imagine that I owe you all an apology.

(MISSY)꞉ No, no, no.

Weʼre just very happy that youʼre yourself again.

Yes. Yes, I am.


And I thank God for you for calming me down.

I know that I mustʼve frightened you all quite a bit.

Especially you, Chris.

No. Iʼm sorry.

The flash. I didnʼt know.

Of course not. How could you have?.

And you shouldnʼt have been drinking, either.


Well, Iʼll have to let you all get on

the rest of the night without the aid of my marvelous wit.


The whole ordeal has made me quite a bit exhausted.

Logan, you just get some rest.

It was nice meeting you, Chris.


Something to lighten the mood?.

Yes! Yeah, letʼs get this party back on track.

How about sparklers and Bingo?


Weʼre gonna go on a walk.

You sure?.

Shall we?.

My cousinʼs epileptic.

That wasnʼt a seizure, right?.

My dadʼs a neurosurgeon.

And thatʼs what he said it was. Iʼm inclined to trust…

That wasnʼt a seizure.

What was it then?.

How long have you known that guy?.

I met him today. Why?


Man, this is gonna sound weird,

but when he came at me, it felt like I knew him.

Like youʼve met Logan before?.

No, I donʼt know Logan. I knew the guy that come at me.

I think your mom got in my head, all right? I think she got in my head.

Yeah, and it worked, I thought…

No, it did not. It didnʼt work.

She got in my head,

and now Iʼm thinking all this fucked-up shit that I donʼt want to think about.

Like what?


I just need to go.


You wanna go?


Without me?.

Whatever you want.



I told you about that night my mom died.

When I didnʼt call 911, didnʼt go out looking for her.


One hour went by, then two, then three, and I just sat there.

I was just watching TV.

Thereʼs nothing you couldʼve done.

I found out later that, uh, she had survived the initial hit.

She laid there bleeding by the side of the road, cold and alone.

Thatʼs how she died in the early morning, cold and alone.

And I was watching TV.

There was time. There was time.

You were just a little kid.

There was time.

There was time, if somebody was looking for her.

There was time, but nobody, nobody was looking.


Youʼre all I got.

Iʼm not gonna leave here without you. Iʼm not gonna abandon you, okay?.

Youʼre not?.

No, no, Iʼm not.


Oh, my God.

You scared me.

Letʼs go home.


Letʼs go home. This sucks.

This sucks. Letʼs go home.

Iʼll make something up.

I love you.

I love you too, baby.

Good night.

Thank you.

Come on, sweetie.

Good night, Chris! It was great to meet you.









Thatʼs Dre.


Andre Hayworth. He used to kick it with Veronica.

Veronica from what?.

Teresaʼs sister, that worked at the movie theater on Eighth!

Yes, that is him! That is him! But wait…

This is so fucking crazy!

Yo, heʼs different.

No shit. Whyʼs he dressed like that?.

Itʼs not that, itʼs everything.

He came to the party with a white woman 30 years older than him.

Sex slave! Oh, shit!

Chris, you gotta get the fuck up outta there, man!

You in some ¨Eyes Wide Shut¨ situation. Leave, motherfucker.


You gonna be a… Hello? Chris?.

Oh, shit. His battery mustʼve fuckinʼ died.

Hey, handsome. Are you packing?

Rose, we gotta go.

We gotta go now.



Is everything okay?.

Iʼll tell you in the car. But we gotta go right now.

Is that okay?

Okay, yeah.

Uh, let me go get my bag.




Hey, you ready?.

Yeah, Iʼm just looking for my camera.


Itʼs right here.

Have you got the keys? Iʼm gonna put the bags in the trunk real quick.


Uh, yeah. They are in here somewhere.

Itʼs just a matter of finding them.


You okay?.

Yeah. Yeah.


Might take me a second.

Hey, uh…

What, you canʼt find those keys?.

No. I can never find them. [CHUCKLES]

Letʼs do this on the move.



Just get the keys.


Yo, man.

Where you going? The party was just getting started.

Just putting the bags in the car, man.

Would anyone like tea?.

Nah, Iʼm good. We leaving, actually.

Really? Why? Is something wrong?.

Rose? His dog got really sick.

So he has to be at the vet first thing in the morning.



(MISSY)꞉ Oh, how terrible.

Rose, the keys.

(ROSE)꞉ Looking.



What is your purpose, Chris?.


In life, what is your purpose?.

Right now, itʼs finding those keys.


Itʼs a reflection of our own mortality.

Weʼre born, we breathe, and we die.


Iʼm looking.

Even the sun will die someday.

But we are divine.

We are the gods trapped in cocoons.


I donʼt know where they are.


[YELLING] Rose! Rose, give me those keys!

Rose, give me…

Give me those keys. Rose, now! Now, the keys!


Be careful, bro.

What the fuck?

I didnʼt do anything.

(ROSE)꞉ What the fuck is going on?.

Where are those keys, Rose?.

You know I canʼt give you the keys, right, babe?



Come on.


(JEREMY)꞉ Oh, shit.

(MISSY)꞉ Is he hurt?

Did you see him drop?.

Yes, I did. Jeremy, grab his legs, please.

Take him downstairs. Dean, help him.

I can get him alone.

(MISSY)꞉ No, you canʼt.

Youʼve already damaged him enough.

Okay, fine.


Ready? [GRUNTS]

Mind his head. Please.


(DEAN)꞉ Youʼre gonna drop him.

No, Iʼm not.

Youʼre not gonna give me a little credit?.

Okay, that was my fault.


[ECHOING] You were one of my favorites.

(JEREMY)꞉ You hear that, Chris?


Youʼre one of her favorites. Chris?



(ON VOICE-MAIL)꞉ Hey, itʼs Chris.

Iʼm either away from the phone or I just donʼt wanna talk to you. Peace.



(ON VOICE-MAIL)꞉ Hey, itʼs Chris.

Iʼm either away from the phone or I just donʼt wanna talk to you. Peace.



Me too.

(MAN ON TV)꞉ …College Fund.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

(WOMAN ON TV)꞉ Millions of Americans feel the effects of aging.

Oh, shit.




Oh, shit!


(ROMAN ON TV)꞉ Is there anything more beautiful than a sunrise?.

Hi. Iʼm Roman Armitage.

And if youʼre watching this, youʼre probably wondering whatʼs going on.

Thereʼs no need to worry.

Letʼs take a walk.

You have been chosen because of the physical advantages

youʼve enjoyed your entire lifetime.

With your natural gifts and our determination,

we could both be part of something greater.

Something perfect.

The Coagula procedure is a man-made miracle.

Our order has been developing it for many, many years,

and it wasnʼt until recently it was perfected by my own flesh and blood.

My family and I are honored to offer it as a service to members of our group.

Donʼt waste your strength, donʼt try to fight it.

You canʼt stop the inevitable. And who knows?.

Maybe one day, youʼll enjoy being members of the family.


the Coagula.

What the fuck?





Hello, Mr…

Uh, Williams. Rod Williams.

From the TSA?.

Yes, maʼam.

You know all TSA issues should be brought up with your authorizing officer.

Yes, maʼam, but this is not TSA business.

Okay, donʼt call me ¨maʼam.¨ Otherwise weʼre not gonna get along.

How can I help you, Rod Williams from the TSA?.

All right, here it is.


My boy, Chris, has been missing for two days.

Your son is missing?.

Oh, no. Not my son, my friend. Heʼs 26.

His name is Chris Washington.

He left on Friday with his girlfriend, Rose Armitage.

Sheʼs white.

All right. Go on.

Look, Chris was supposed to come back on Sunday, right?.

And Iʼve been watching his dog, Sid. (SID WHIMPERS)

Thatʼs Sid.

Cute, right?.

So Chris sent this to me from his girlfriendʼs parentsʼ house.

See, thatʼs Andre Hayworth.

Okay? Somebody we knew from back in the day.

Apparently, heʼs been missing for six months in some affluent suburb.

Well, he donʼt look so missing to me.

Thatʼs ʼcause we found him, right?.

But Chris said heʼs acting real different.

Different how?.

This dude is from Brooklyn.

Huh? He didnʼt dress like this.

I didnʼt use to dress like this.

Plus heʼs married to a white woman twice his age.

And that would explain the clothes. All right.


Oh, Lord! Rod Williams from the TSA.

I know, I know, I know.

Okay, Iʼm trying to work towards this.

Look, what Iʼm about to tell you gonna sound crazy.

You ready?

All right.

Try me.

I believe theyʼve been abducting black people,

brainwashing ʼem, making ʼem work for ʼem as sex slaves and shit.

Oh, sorry about the ¨shit.¨.


Hold on a second.

Then he sent me some weird picture and Iʼm like,

¨Oh, man, thatʼs Andre Hayworth.¨.

This dude been missing for six months, right?.

So I do all my research, you know, ʼcause as a TSA agent…

You guys are detectives? I got the same training, you know?.

We might know more than yʼall sometimes.

ʼCause we dealing with some terrorist shit, so…

But thatʼs a totally different story.

So, look, I go do my detective work, right?.

And I start putting pieces together.

And, see, this is what I came up with.

Theyʼre probably abducting black people, brainwashing ʼem and making ʼem slaves.

Or sex slaves. Not just regular slaves, but sex slaves and shit.

See, I donʼt know if itʼs the hypnosis thatʼs making ʼem slaves or whatnot,

but all I know is they already got two brothers we know,

and there could be a whole bunch of brothers they got already.

Whatʼs the next move?


And donʼt ever, ever say that I donʼt do nothinʼ for you.

Oh! White girls. Oh, they get you every time.


Magic ainʼt real.

None of this shit makes sense.


(ROSE)꞉ Hello?.


Yo, um…

(STUTTERS)꞉ Hey, what up? Rose, itʼs me, Rod.


Whereʼs Chris?.

He left two days ago.

He left?.

Yeah. He got all paranoid, and then he freaked out on me.

And then he just got in a cab and left his phone.

Wait. You havenʼt seen him?.

No, he never came back here.

[GASPS] Oh, my God.

Look, look, Iʼve been calling his phone a bunch of times.

Matter of fact, I went to the police.

What did you say?

I just said he was missing.

Oh, good. Uh…

Let me ask you something.

What cab company did he, uh, use to leave?.

Oh, gosh.

I donʼt know. I guess maybe a local one.

Or I guess he couldʼve called an Uber?.

Um, wait. Iʼm so confused.

Oh, you confused? Okay.

You know something? Me too.

Could you hold on one second?


Okay. Hold on.

You lying bitch. She is lying like a motherfucker. I know that…

Ooh, that TSA shit tingles. This motherfuckerʼs lying.

Okay, I got you. Iʼm gonna record your ass.

I’m-ma record the shit outta you.

You talk too goddamn much. Youʼre gonna say something.

Hold on. Record.




Uh, Rose?.



So last time I talked to Chris, he told me your mama hypnotized him.

Rod, just stop.


I know why youʼre calling.

Why is that?


Itʼs kind of obvious, donʼt you think?.


That thereʼs something between us.

No. What you talking about, girl? I called you about Chris.

No, Rod, whenever weʼd go out, I remember you looking at me.

What the fuck you… No! Chris is my best friend.

Look, if you did something to him…

I know you think about fucking me, Rod.

Ainʼt nobody thought about fucking you. Why would you say some stupid shit?.

What the… you ass! Fuck you! I didnʼt wanna…

Fuck you! Bye!


God! Sheʼs so… Sheʼs a fuckinʼ… Sheʼs a…

Sheʼs a genius.



Wait, wait, wait, wait.

Hey, Chris.

Howʼs it going, buddy? [CHUCKLES]

You can answer. Thereʼs an intercom in the room.

(STUTTERS)꞉ Whereʼs Rose?.

Oh, you dirty dog.

Youʼre one of the lucky ones, trust me.

Jeremyʼs wrangling method sounds way less pleasant.

Iʼm supposed to answer any outstanding questions,

concerns you may have so far.

Apparently, our common understanding of the process

has a positive impact on the success rate of the procedure.

You could give a shit, right? Okay.

Let me just tell you what it is.

Phase one was the hypnotism.

Thatʼs how they sedate you.

Phase two is this.

Mental preparation. Itʼs basically psychological pre-op.


For phase three.

The transplantation.

Well, partial, actually.

The piece of your brain connected to your nervous system

needs to stay put, keeping those intricate connections intact.

So you wonʼt be gone, not completely.

A sliver of you will still be in there, somewhere, limited consciousness.

Youʼll be able to see and hear what your body is doing,

but your existence will be as a passenger.

An audience. Youʼll live in…

The Sunken Place.

Now youʼre in the Sunken Place.


Yeah. Thatʼs what she calls it.

Now, Iʼll control the motor functions, so Iʼll be…


Youʼll be me.

Good, good.

You got it quick. Good on you.

Why us, huh?.

Why black people?


Who knows?.

People want a change. Some people wanna be stronger, faster, cooler.

Black is in fashion.

But please donʼt lump me in with that. I could give a shit what color you are.

No. What I want is deeper.

I want your eye, man.

I want those things you see through.

This is crazy.

Okay, Iʼm done.





No, no, no, no.


















You fuck!

You fuck.


Fuck you!

Come on! Come on!

One Mississippi. Two Mississippi.

Three Mississippi. Four Mississippi.









(DISPATCHER ON PHONE)꞉ 911. Whatʼs your emergency?.

Iʼm at the Armitage house. My name is Chris.

Iʼm sorry, sir, can you repeat that?.

Iʼm at the Armitage… (GEORGINA EXCLAIMS)


No, no, no. Donʼt do it, donʼt do it.

Donʼt do it. Just fuckinʼ go.





You ruined my house!





Get him, Grandpa.


Damn you!


Let me do it.







Chris, Iʼm so sorry.

Itʼs me.

And I love you.

I love you.

I love you.




Help. Help.


Help. Help me.

Oh, shit!


I mean, I told you not to go in that house.

I mean…


Howʼd you find me?.

Iʼm T-S-motherfucking-A.

We handle shit.

Thatʼs what we do.

Consider this situation fuckinʼ handled.



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