Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024) | Transcript

The origin story of renegade warrior Furiosa before her encounter and teamup with Mad Max.
Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (2024)
Director: George Miller
Writers: George Miller, Nick Lathouris
Stars: Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Burke

Plot: As the world fell, young Furiosa is snatched from the Green Place of Many Mothers and falls into the hands of a great Biker Horde led by the Warlord Dementus. Sweeping through the Wasteland, they come across the Citadel presided over by The Immortan Joe. While the two Tyrants war for dominance, Furiosa must survive many trials as she puts together the means to find her way home.

* * *

[woman] Triplezero, what is your emergency?

[man] 999, what’s your emergency?

[woman 2] 911, what is your emergency?

[man 2] No one knows what’s true anymore.

[woman 3] It’s not the end of the world, but you can see

[man 3] Power grid has collapsed.

[woman 4] Currency is worthless.

[man 4] Cities are burning.

[woman 5] Pestilence and pandemics.

[man 5] Catastrophic heat.

[woman 6] We’re actually running out of water.

[man 6 shouting] Why are you hurting these people?

[man 7] Getting close to the terminal freakout point.

[man 8] Mankind has gone rogue, terrorizing itself.

Gangs are marauding like locusts across the land.

[woman 7] The earth is sour.

[woman 8] Our bones are poisoned.

[woman 9] We have become halflife.

[History Man echoing] As the world falls around us, how must we brave its cruelties?

This one’s for me.

[bees buzzing]

I’ll get that one for you.

We should go back now.

We’ve come too far.


[man] Hey, Vulture.

[Vulture] Shh! Not so loud.

[man] Have you ever seen so much meat?

[whispering] Stay very still.

[man 2 laughing] Meat.

[bird squawking nearby]

Valkyrie, be invisible. Still as a rock till I get back.

Be invisible.

[insects chirring]

[men muttering]

[Vulture] Careful. Careful with the head.

[man] That spine’s mine.

[Vulture] Cut right there.


[blowing shrill whistle]

[metal scraping]

[whistle continues, faint]

[bearded man] Hear that?

[gulls squawking]

[grunts, gasping]

[men cackling]

[piercing whistle]

[alarms wailing]

[alarm continues in distance]

[motor starts]

Get on! Get on!

Furiosa! They took Furiosa!

[motors rumbling in distance]

[engines roaring nearby]

[motor starts]


[motor sputtering]

I’ll come with you.

No, they need you here.

[speaking language of the Green Place]

The stars be with you.

[motor sputtering]

[wheel squeaking]

[metal clanking]

[motor rumbling]

[breathing heavily]

[rifle cracks]

[Vulture] Snipers! We got snipers.

[panting heavily]

[motor sputtering faintly]

Lone rider.


[bike creaking, scraping]

[motor revving loudly]

[motor coughing, sputtering]

[motor dies]

She fouled us.


She bit through it.

Hey! What are you doing?

Hey, give it. Give it. Give it!

[switches off motor]

[faint, rumbling motor]

That’s the Thunderbike.

That’s the Thunderbike!

[rumbling approaches]

I thought you crippled it.

I did!

Who’s coming for us?

Who is who is that? Is that your pa?

Is that your father? Who

[motor starts]

Hey. Hey, hey, hey. Hey!

Ditch the girl! That’s all he wants.

What do we tell Dementus?


We got horse meat.

It proves nothing.

But the girl, once he sees her, he’s gonna ask, “Where did she come from?”

And we’re gonna be the ones to tell him.

No one’s gonna scum us anymore.

No one’s gonna scum us anymore.

[both] No one’s gonna scum us anymore!


That piece of filth!





[sand hissing on dune]


[wind blowing]


We’re gonna make it.

We’re gonna make it!


[tire shredding]

[bullet hisses]

I got news for Dementus. Dementus!

What do you got here, Toe Jam? All by yourself.

[Toe Jam] I speak only to Dementus.

No. Hands off.

Untie it.

[Toe Jam] I found it. She’s mine.

Hands off.

It’s strong. What a dilly, eh?

[Toe Jam] She’s mine.

[man] Where did you find it?

Give it back.


Where did you get it?

Give her back.

Give her to me. I’ll take her to him.

She’s from a place of abundance.

What are you talking about?

A place of abundance! It’s got everything!


I speak only to Dementus.

[growling] Where are you from?

[kindly voice] Where are you from?

Where did you find her?

My lips, Dementus’s ear.

My lips. Dementus.

[Toe Jam cackles]

[chokes, grunts]

Good girl.

[sand blowing]

[History Man] The original JRL Cycles Lucky Seven was powered by a seven cylinder radial aircraft engine, with a swept capacity of 2,800cc’s, 110 horsepower, 160 pounds of torque.

[man] Dementus.

Dementus. Look what I found.

[dogs barking]

Who do we have here?

[distant chatter outside]

What’s your name?

What do they call you?

She’s from a place of abundance.

May I?

[Dementus] Mmhmm.

A healthy, well-nourished full-life.


Tell us where you’re from, child. Eh?

Tell your friend.

It’s got everything.

How do you know that?

A Roobilly told me.

He said he saw it with his own eyes.


And where is he?

Let’s hear from Toe Jam.

Bring him in.

[dogs barking]

This place, where you found her, it was amazing, right?

It had everything, right? Water, food, everything.

[blood bubbling]

Tell me.

[breath shuddering]

[dogs barking frantically]

[man 2] He’s choking.

Well, hang him upside down.



[man] Downside up.

There you go.

[dogs barking, growling]

Draw a map.

Draw an arrow. Draw an arrow!

[men yelling]

Show us! Show us!

[sharp whistle]

[all fall silent]

[Dementus] Now, you have had a hard day, haven’t you?

An awful day.

You must be exhausted.

There’s only one thing I need you to do and that is rest.

You don’t have to tell us anything.

You don’t have to say a word, I promise.

Just rest.

Tomorrow, I’ll take you home.

I’ll follow the tracks that brought you here and I’ll take you home.

Take her, feed her, wash her.

Use our best drinking water.

You two.

Keep an eye on her, keep her safe.

Don’t let any of these brutes near her.

[dogs growling softly]

[dogs licking]

[motor rumbling]

[wind blowing]

[ball bearings clicking]

[tent rattling]

[man] Hey, what you got there?

[motorbike approaching]

[muted yell]

Snapper. Snapper!

[slingshot creaking]


Please. I’m a mother, too.


I will say nothing, not a word.

[motorbike revving]

[woman] Stop! Stop her!

Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!


[woman] It’s not my fault.

[man] We’ve lost her!



[mother] Good, we’re good.

[shuts off motor]

[faint rumbling]

[Furiosa] You’re bleeding.

Do you hear that? Come, quick.

[rumbling intensifies]

[motor starts]

[Furiosa] How are they tracking us?

Ride to high ground. Hide yourself well.

If I don’t find you in one day, go home.

Ma, I

Take your bearings from the sun and stars.

When there is wind, use it to cover your tracks.

I’m not gonna leave you.


You are Vuvalini, you’ll do as I ask.

[breath trembling]

Whatever you have to do, however long it takes, promise me you’ll find your way home.

Plant this seed.

Protect the Green Place.

Give me this one gift. Promise.

[motor rumbles to life]

[whispers] The stars be with you.

[engines rumbling]

[gunshots echoing]


[gunshots continue]

[Dementus] Go around! Gotta go around!

Find a way around!

[bullet ricochets]


[men shouting]

[ravens cawing]

[mother screaming]

[Furiosa whimpering]

[screaming] Ma!


[Furiosa] Ma!



[interrogator] Tell me!

She’s your mother. Perfect.

Where are you from?

Tell me!

[Furiosa] Ma!

Tell me where you came from and we will cease and desist.

Furiosa! [screams]


All you have to do…

All you have to do is just point.

Point me in the right direction and I’ll take you home.

No, no, no. Don’t look away.

We mustn’t look away.

[interrogator] You had your chance.

History Man, a Word Burger, please?


[History Man] Human tears.

The secretions of the lacrimal gland containing oils, salts, proteins, and stress hormones.

The tears of joy and those of sorrow have different chemical compositions.

Yes. Sorrow is more…

…piquant, zesty.

[Furiosa crying]



[Dementus] Why would you run from me?


Now your followers must fight over who gets to kill you.

Now, I would’ve welcomed you. Every one.

I woulda brought you in.

You coulda been a part of this great horde.

Now, we have a problem.

There are 20 of you, but only five bikes.

How do we choose?

Who’s got the goods, the bollocks, the testes to ride with Dementus?

You’re gonna have to show me who you are.


Because today we dance to Darwin.

Today, we do The Five Bike Teddy.

Ready, setty, go!

[all yelling, grunting]



You don’t have to watch if you don’t want to.

You may wanna close your eyes.

You know, you could hold this if you want.

It belonged to my little ones.

Why don’t you just keep him safe?

Lady and gentlemans, start your engines.

[motors starting, revving]

[engines roaring]

Lizard mince and human blood sausage.

[engines rumbling]

Can you write?

I can teach you. Muscle up your memory.

You could become a History Man.

Make yourself invaluable, and Dementus will look after you.

[History Man] Astronavigation.

A determination of one’s course by reference to the stars and other celestial bodies.

Red! Red!

Are we curious, boss?

Well, let’s go have a look.

[War Boy] Is this Halvalla?

Am I in Valhalla?

What’s Valhalla?

Valhalla’s “The Hall of the Slain.”

A paradise for dead heroes.

Good for you.

We’re looking for a place of abundance.

What’s abundance?

Abundance, plentifulness.

Having a copious quantity of something.

[War Boy] Co What’s “copus quantity”?

A lotta stuff. A lotta good stuff.

[War Boy] The Citadel.

The whatadel?

[War Boy] It’s where I was birthed.

It’s got everything.

A humongous amount of fresh water.

And green stuff.

Mountains of projuice and veggies and… and water.

And where would one find this Citadel?

That way maybe.

What are these?

That is sky blood. It called you to me.

[flies buzzing]



[overlapping chatter]

[motors thundering]

[motors revving thunderously]

[motors fall silent]

[History Man on loudspeaker] Behold the might of Dementus!

The Red Dementus and his Congress of Destruction.

He is here to lay siege on you.

Listen carefully to his words.

[voice echoing] All of you.

All who protect and honor this magnificent Citadel, you have a choice.

A very attractive choice.

I want your leaders.

[scattered cheering]

I want those who hold dominance over you.

Bring me your leaders and throw them down.

Throw them down, and you’ll avoid more suffering and sorrow.

They exploit you. They enslave you.

They wash their feet in your sweat and blood and they give you nothing in return.

[cheering and laughter]

[Dementus] Listen to this truth.

Big shots rule only because you choose to follow.

The power is with you.

You are free to choose.

Come to me.

Come to me with your pain and burden, and I will double your grub.

Food and water for everyone, as much you like.

We will share the wealth.

You will rule with me in the splendor of a new Wasteland.

[bikers cheering]


[laughter, jeers]

I’m afraid for you, sweetheart. Really afraid.

‘Cause Big Jilly here is gonna scoop you out, both ends, mush it up and feed it back to you.

But that ain’t nothing compared to what Mr. Norton here is dreaming of doing to you.

‘Cause Mr. Norton really hates big shots.

Then there’s Mr. Harley.

G’day, mate!

Mr. Davidson, Rizzdale Pell and a thousand other mad bastards coming after you, and there ain’t nothing I can do to stop ’em.

The Immortan has a request.

Among all his warriors assembled here, choose one.

Why would I do that?

For this negotiation to go further, you must choose at random.

Any War Boy. Just one.

What if I choose not to choose?

Then you’ll never know the truth.

My Smeg will choose.

Yes! [giggling]


[Smeg] Nope. To the right.

[can clatters]

You are awaited.

Witness me!

[War Boys] Witness!

[War Boys] Immorta!

Among us are 972 devout warriors.

Any one of them, if chosen, would’ve done the same.

Each would die historic for the Immortan Joe.

That’s why you’re fools.

[biker] You’re the fool!

You’re all fools for coming here.

[Immortan Joe breathing deeply]

I am Scrotus.

I am Rictus.

We are the sons of the Immortan Joe.

And now we’re going to kill you.

[all yelling]

[biker yelling]



[Furiosa straining]

[flies buzzing]

[grunting with effort]

I gotcha.

[explosions booming]

[Dementus] When things go bonkers, you have to adapt.

You, same as me.

[puppy whines]

They’re here.

We’re tough.

You’re a tender little hound.


[Mr. Harley] A War Rig. Fully loaded.

[The Octoboss] It’s from the Citadel, all right.

It’s got the Immortan’s mark.

Food and water for guzzolene.

It beats scavenging.

This is our destiny.

We are indeed in the land of opportunity.

[engines rumbling faintly]

[men shouting in distance]

[faint gunfire]

Watch this.

[biker] All hail Dementus!

[bikers] Dementus!

Fuel for all, enough for months.

Thisis truly a great day.

Yeah, well, I’m about to make it a whole lot greater.

Who are you? Remove your helmet and jacket.

I take orders from The Octoboss.

[Dementus] Huh?

Yeah, do what he says.

[Dementus] Uhuh… Questioning my bossority.

[groans] Okay.

All right, that’s good.

Right. Go on.

Cover yourself in this.

That’s it.

Come on. Come on.


There ya go.

Choose ten of your men. The balder the better.


[Dementus] Settle down.

Who wants to be a War Boy?

[line ringing]

[bell ringing weakly]

[ringing continues]


[watchman] The rig’s coming back. I think they’re under attack.

Do we open the gates?

No. Something’s off.

I’m gonna have to slow down.

No. Faster. Go faster.

They won’t open the gate.

They’re not buying it.

Shoot them.

[biker] What?

Make it real.

[biker 2] What’d he say?

[biker 2] He wants us to make it real.

[The Octoboss] What are you doing?


[rider] No, no. No, no, no!

You’re scum, Dementus. Scum!

Open the gates.

Open the gates!

[horn blaring]


Open the gates.

[bikers yelling]

[overlapping chatter]

[man] Back off.

[man 2] Get off.

[Smeg] Give this to Immortan Joe.


Dementus wants to talk.

[man] Are you sure?

[Immortan Joe] Yes. Let him come.

Body search, no weapons.

Whatever he wants, we’ll listen.

Then kill him on the spot.

[respirator hissing]

[Rizzdale] Calm down.

Calm down.

The Red Dementus commends you on your lifestyle and for agreeing to these trade negotiations.

If we’re not back safe by sunset, we blow up Gastown.

This is how you save Gastown.

[keys clicking]

[grunts softly]

And the sixfigure code exists only in the brain of Dementus.

He wants double. Double of everything.

One full tank of water for half a tank of guzzolene.

Can’t do that. Not possible.

Then he gets a spike in the nut.

Double the mothers’ milk and double the hydroponics.

[man] Double the spuds.

Double the maggot mash and the roach gruel.

My boys need all the protein they can get.


Please. Give him what he wants!

The Wasteland won’t sustain it. Run the numbers.

Please, my Immortan. My brother.

[breath hissing]

[Dementus] Make up your mind.

Can’t hold this much longer.

Let Rictus do it, Dad.

I’ll squeeze the code out of him.

Here, take it. Take it.


[pained grunt]


Oh, you idiot.

I’ve forgotten the numbers.

[Dementus] Wait, wait, wait.


Wait! [groaning]

Yep, it’s in there, got it, got it, got it, okay.

[groans, shivers]

The pleasure flushed them clean out of my head.

Don’t ever do that again, comrades.

I’m a man with a fragile brain.

Who’s that?

That… is my daughter, Little D.

Little Dementus.

She looks nothing like you.

[Dementus] Yes, well, she has her mother’s perfections, and none of my deficiencies.

[Immortan Joe] Where’s the mother?

[sighs] Magnificent woman. Fierce, intelligent.

Taken so cruelly protecting this little one from marauders.

She looks pale.

You look pale. She’s perfect.

Not like the genetic absurdities you have for sons.

[growls quietly]

Well, she’s pale because I take her blood, for blood pudding that I prepare for him.

And who are you?

Well, I’m the Organic Mechanic. All things therapeutic.

Now, make no mistake, she is a fulllife.

Untouched by man or disease.

[breathes heavily]

Would you like to stay here in the Citadel?


[Immortan Joe] If I let you stay and you grow to become a strong, healthy woman, you could become one of our wives.

No, she’s my daughter.

It will be a royal intermarriage.

The bonding of dynasties.

Her whole life I have protected her, from the sun, the wind, every lecherous gaze.


You’ll be bonded by blood.

No! She’s not for sale, she’s mine.

What say you, child?

She hasn’t spoken since her mother’s tragic end.

Very poignant.

[breath hissing]

Is he your father?


He slaughtered my mother.

True, that is true.

And I can tell you it made this child tough.

Tough enough to survive all sorrows that may come her way.

I did that for her.

[softer] I did that for her.

I will increase your shipment of water.

But only by a third.

I will increase your food by a quarter.

Potatoes only.

You’ll get your delivery once every ten days, but only if my War Rigs return safely full of highgrade guzzolene.


And… I will take this girl, who is not your daughter.

And also, him.

Otherwise, it’s war.

[Dementus whistles sharply]


You behave, I’ll behave.

I’ll protect Gastown from all treachery.

It will be as impenetrable as this Citadel.

Stability born from a world of chaos.

You. Me. We.

Henceforth, I will be addressed as “The Great Dementus.”

Beloved ruler of Bikerdom.

Lord Guardian of Gastown.


Gotta go, gotta go. Don’t want Gastown to go boom.

What a day. What a deal. What a day.

[Rizzdale] Beautifully played, boss.

Peak Dementus! Eh? Eh?

[men laughing]

[bells jingling]

It’s all right. You’ll be all right.

[Organic Mechanic] All right.

Now, shove that little beauty out into the world.

[woman breathing heavily]

[Organic Mechanic] Come on.

Here it comes.

I can see its head.


[heavy breathing continues]

[woman yelling hoarsely]

[Organic Mechanic] Good girl. Good girl.

[bells jingling]

[Organic Mechanic] Oh, yeah.

You’re very clever.

One last shove.

[woman gasping, yelling]

[Organic Mechanic] One more, one more.

[woman yelling, sobbing]

Very good.

[newborn baby crying]

Is it a boy? Is it a boy?

[baby shrieks]

More or less.

Sorry, boss.

[woman] I will give you a fulllife!

I know that I can.

[Scrotus] Three strikes, you’re out.


[clap echoes]

[woman] Please, let me stay.

Don’t fret, love.

You’ll make an excellent milker.

[bells jingling softly]

[bells jingling]

[blade sawing at hair]

[Rictus] What’s this?

[bells jingle]



[bells jingling]

Rictus. You lose something?

Just looking. Just looking around.

What for?


No. Don’t lie to me. You’re up to something.

What is it?


Well, what’re you doing here then?

[bells jingling]

[Rictus] I thought I saw someone running.

Running away.

But it was just a dream. An annoying dream.

[footsteps receding]

[growls softly]

[feet thudding]

[breathing deeply]

[wind blowing]

[bells jingling faintly]

[bells jingling]

[man yells]


Dogman. The loose cable! Secure it!

[Scrotus] Save the bucket! We need that bucket!

You go down.

No. Someone small.


Come on.

No. Him.

[grunts softly]

[metal creaking]

You’ve got a lot of ticker, boy.

Brake Man.

You’re the new dogman.

[Rictus] Line up. Line up.


Welcome to the house of holy motors.

We’re gonna make us something mighty from this boneyard, from all these body parts.

Two hefty V8 engines, a chassis for a Prime Mover, 2,857 found objects.

And we are going to put this all together.

We are going to build something beautiful.

And we’re doing this for who?

Immortan Joe.


Who will raise us from the ashes of this world.

Are you ready to be Black Thumbs?




How about you?

Speak his name.

He don’t speak. He’s mute.

Where have I seen you before?

He’s a dogman. Very useful.


Oi! We’ve got work to do.

We’re going to build ourselves a War Rig.

The finest piece of grunt in the Wasteland.

Bigger, stronger, faster!


[all] Immorta! Immorta! Immorta!

[chanting continues]

[hydraulics whirring]

We are going to build a contraption that will defend the rear.

We will call it “The Bommyknocker.”

Is that the Praetorian Jack?

He looks lucky.

[War Boy] He done the most runs on the Fury Road.

And brung back the booty every time.

Hey. Prae Jack.

[ignition cranks]

[motor rumbles to life]

[no audible dialogue]

What’s going on?

Why so shy? It’s just piss.

They were right, the crazy brothers.

She is a mighty thing.

Bigger, faster, stronger, further.

[motor idling]

[man] Here it comes.

[motor fades into silence]

[motor rumbling]

They look like Mortifiers.

Mortifiers. They ride with Dementus.

Not anymore. They’ve gone rogue.


Contact front!

You, go!

[overlapping yells]

Contact right. Contact left.

[attackers yelling]

[War Boy] Crossbows, War Boys.

[War Boy 2] Load up.

[War Boy 3] Behind you!


[indistinct shouting]

[horn honking]

[man shouting outside]

[indistinct shouting]



[grunting with effort]

[engine dying]

[Black Thumb] That’s engine two.

All down on top. Replenish!

[horn bellowing]

[War Boys shouting]

[propeller motor fires up]

[indistinct shouting]

We need a short hose and clamps!

Short hose. Clamps.

Short hose. Clamps.



[yells warning]


[aggressive grunting]


Black Thumb? Black Thumb.

[horn blasts]

Up front.

Can I do the Bommyknocker?


The Bommyknocker.

Not yet.

[War Boy] Eyes left. They’re flanking us.

Eyes right. Eyes right.

They’re swarming.

Black Thumb.

[Praetorian Jack] Black Thumb! Are you there?

[motor roaring]

Now hang tight.

[tires scraping]

[laughs triumphantly]

Prae Jack! Prae Jack!

Pissboy. Pissboy! We got a busted radiator.

[Pissboy] Copy PJack. On my way.

Drink, my rig. Drink this piss.

[War Boy] Come on.

[all grunting]


Prae Jack.

[bottle whirring]

[gun blasts]


[gun clicks]






[fierce grunt]

[automatic gunfire]

[machine gun fire]

[grunts, panting]

[The Octoboss screams, growls]

[motor whining]

The Bommyknocker! Do the Bommyknocker!



[gunfire continues]

[gun clicking]

[lever thuds]

[Bommyknocker powers down]


Pull over.

You’re going to pull over and get out.




[panting hoarsely]



[Praetorian Jack] Where did you think you were going?

If you’re running away from the Citadel, believe me, the Bullet Farm is a whole lot worse.

The only other place is Gastown. It’s in the hands of Dementus.

A mug who can’t even keep his gangs together.

And that’s it. There is nowhere else.

This is the Wasteland.

Wherever you thought you were going does not exist.

It’s been a hard day.

I lost my convoy.

I lost my crew.

I’m gonna have to start again.

And I’m driving off thinking I ought to start with you.

You got good vision.

You read the play and you keep your head.

You may be raw, but you have about you a purposeful savagery.

You give me time, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about Road War.

If you survive everything we take on together, you’ll have all the skills you need to get wherever you wanna go.

No questions asked.

Keep it. You’ll need it.

[mother] The stars be with you.

The stars be with you.

[Dementus] You and me, Little D.

[gunshot echoing]

[men chanting and clapping rhythmically]

[all cheering]

[all chanting] Immortan Joe!

[continuing, indistinct]

[chanting fades]

[indistinct chatter, shouting]

[War Boy] Two… four… six… eight…

Done. Tank’s empty.

Everything accounted, down to the last drop of Mother’s Milk.


No, it’s not good.

That piece of anuspus, Dementus, is running Gastown into the ground and blaming everyone but himself.

You tell Immortan Joe we need a meeting.

A war meeting.

Otherwise we’re gonna get our tits caught in the wringer.

Here’s the boomstick you asked for.

[Furiosa] Thundersticks. Bullets all loaded.

[engine cranks, starts]

[War Boy shouting indistinctly]

For you.

For your travels.

You’re done here.

You’re free to go.

Food, water, wheels, whatever you need.

I’ll help you put it together.

Give me a couple of days.



[warning horn blaring]

[machinery clanking]

[gate rumbling]


We’ll lead you in.

[gate hinges creaking]

[crowds shouting, yelling]

[indistinct shouting]

Move! Hurry up! Come on!

Back! Get out then!


[Dementus, over P.A.] Stay back!

Back! Stand back.

Citizens of Gastown.

I want what you want. A full belly… and a fistful of bullets for a tank of gas.

We have to put things right.

And today, we’re gonna do something about it.

Are you in charge here?

You can speak to me.

[Dementus] Yeah.

Well, I’ve got a message for Immortan Joe.

We’re in a black spiral here.

We can’t keep up supply.

Everyone is saying they’re being swindled and shortchanged.

Everyone is saying it’s my fault.

It’s everyone’s fault.

I want a meeting of the warlords.

Me, him, the People Eater, that idiot Bullet Farmer.

High noon at the Citadel. Three days from now.


[crowd yelling angrily]

Ah, you better go.

[dogs snarling]

We’re not leaving without our tankers full of gas.

[muffled boom]

Go now.

[explosions booming]

[all shouting, indistinct]

You wanna get out of here, follow me.

[engine roaring]


[crowd roaring angrily]

High noon, the Citadel, three days from now.

Be punctual.

[flies swarming]

[sighs deeply]

[People Eater] You give him a full tank of water, and 2,000 tits of Mother’s Milk and then you return emptyhanded.

Not a drop of guzzolene.

He filched us. We’re being filched.

Let’s kill him. Right now.

Shoulda done it long ago, Dad. Shoulda crushed him, Dad!

Father, give me the War Rig.

Load it up with all of the firepower you’ve got, and I will blow him from the face of the earth.

[People Eater] How do we do that before he blows up Gastown?

We’ll build it again.

That’d take generations, you moron.

We will build it again.

Your way of thinking is how he rooks us.

He’s got you scared of his crazy.


[Immortan Joe] Here’s what we do!

We conserve every drop of guzzolene, turn off all vehicles, all generators.

Turn off every water pump including the Big Four Aquifer Siphons.


At first light, leave for Bullet Farm with your tankers empty.

Then, return with every munition you can load.

I want every bullet and firearm, every caliber and size.

Your entire infantry ready to pick up.


Come to the watchtower. We’ll signal them now.

[Scrotus] Hell and Hallelujah! We’re gonna take Gastown.

[Rictus] Hit him! Hit him when he least suspects it.

[People Eater] How do we stop him blowing up Gastown?

[tools scraping]

This place at the end of your map of secrets.

Where is it?

My mother and father… were soldiers.

Even as the world fell,

they yearned to be warriors for a virtuous cause.

For them, it never happened.

I wanna help you find this place.

Wherever it may be.

Come with me.

[Furiosa] Ready?

[horn blaring]

[hydraulics hissing]

[Praetorian Jack] I want your bikes.

Load them on the back of the V8 Pursuit and tie them down.

[War Boys shouting]

Soon as that’s done, load it with food, fuel and water.

As much as you can carry.

[War Boy] What’s this? A scouting party?

[Praetorian Jack] Possibly.

[War Boy 2] What about us?

[Praetorian Jack] You’re both gonna ride on the tanker.

What about me?

You’re promoted. Rear defense.

On the War Rig?

Of course.

What are you doing?

Is there a problem?

You drive the V8.

I drive the War Rig.

Not today. Today you drive Pursuit.

[driver] What am I gonna do?

[Praetorian Jack] You’re with me.

Up front?

Up front.

As soon as we load up the weapons and munitions, you can drive the rig back.

[driver] All the way home? To the Citadel?

[Praetorian Jack] Yep.

[driver laughs]

[Praetorian Jack] Go on.

[driver] Whoo!

[truck engine starts]

[horn honking]

Wanna see what this can do?

Hit the second engine.

[engine ignites, starts]

[driver whooping joyfully]

[truck horn blaring]

[truck hisses, falls silent]

[horn blaring]


[biker] All dead?

[biker 2] Don’t know.


[biker 3] Sniper ambush!

[biker] He’s got backup. Outside.

[biker 4] Between the tanks.

[bullet clangs]

[biker] I can’t see him.




[biker 5] Behind you.

[body thuds]

[motorcycle approaching]



[motor revving]

[panting deeply]

[honking horn]

[vehicles approaching]

[flare gun clicks]

[boom echoing]

[engines roaring]


[shifts gears]

[panting deeply]

[Dementus, faintly] Do not miss.

[breathing hoarsely]

[bullet whistles]


[bullet hisses]

Where are they? Can you see them?

[bullet hisses]

On the ridge, to the left of the gate.

[people screaming]

Give me that.

All right, load me up. Come on.

Come here.



[powerful thud]

[people screaming]


Yeah? We’re good.

We’ll head east for three days.

Once we clear the escarpment and the great salt plains, we’ll take the bikes over the dunes all the way.

All the way.

The digger. Let’s use the digger.

No time.



[engine roaring]

Fang it! Fang it!


[sound fades]

[engine shuts off]

[grunting with effort]



[motorbikes approaching]


[bikers cheering]

[man] This one’s still alive!

[Dementus] Good.

[Furiosa gasping]

[man 2] Get up here.

Come on, get up here.

Did you see that?

You see how they fought for each other, this little army of two?

Where were they going, so full of hope?

There is no hope!

Not for them, not for you! Certainly not for me!

[biker whimpers, yelps]

The day I acquire Bullet Farm, these two destroy it.

I had Gastown, I had Bullet Farm.

With that, I coulda crippled the Citadel.


Ruled the Wasteland!

The Wasteland woulda been…

My Jack.

…a far better place for all of us.

[Praetorian Jack] Fury.



[man 2] Get up.

[voice strained] You two.

You two break my heart.

You break my heart.

And that’s not fair.

You make me the Dark Dementus.

The Dark Dementus cannot afford to be soft!

It’s the price I pay to be your leader!

It’s the price we all pay to survive in the Wasteland.

We cannot be soft!

There must be retribution.

Justice and retribution.

[motors starting]


[Dementus] Hey, hey, hey!

I want her to watch a while. String her up.

You’re going. You’re going. You’re going.

[man] Let’s go.

No, mate, other arm.

What? You lost your touch?


[Mr. Norton] I’ll do it.

[winch whirring]


[biker] Come on, piggy! Get up. Get up!

Let’s go. Go.

[growling, barking]


[amplified] Enough! Enough!

[quietly] I’m bored.

Let’s end our cares and go home!

[shouting, indistinct]

[engine roaring]

[metal breaking]

[motor revving]

[panting heavily]

[ravens crying in distance]

[flies buzzing]

[gasping violently]

[old woman] It’s all right.

Go back to sleep. I’ll make it nice for you.


You’ll find peace here.

[people shouting]


I’m the Praetorian Furiosa.

[angry yell]

I am the Praetorian Furiosa!

What happened to you?


[Bullet Farmer] Any sign of him?

[Rictus] No.

But there’s something going on at Gastown.

I think he’s blowing up Gastown.

[Bullet Farmer] Rubbish.

Take a look.


[People Eater] He fails to turn up to a meeting and now this.

[Immortan Joe] It’s fake.

There’s no possible advantage.

We shouldn’t have waited.

Why’re we waiting now? Let’s go to Gastown now.

[Furiosa] He’s not at Gastown.

[Bullet Farmer] Where’s Praetorian Jack?

Where’s our War Rig?

[Furiosa] He’s taken the Bullet Farm.

You’re lying.

[Furiosa] He’s taken the Bullet Farm, and he’s coming here next.

How do you know that?

They’re coming with grappling hooks and ladders.

He wants to take the Citadel.

[Bullet Farmer] Then we go to the Bullet Farm.

Meet him headon right now.

It’s Gastown that’s burning. He’s at Gastown.

He wants to draw you to Gastown.

He wants you to leave the Citadel exposed.

So we stay here.

We have three choices. The coward’s choice.

Stay here and let Dementus mess with our minds.

The fool’s choice, go out and meet an invisible enemy on the road to the Bullet Farm.

Or the warrior’s choice, go to Gastown and crush him.

[Immortan Joe] It is my choice.

We make him think we’re going to Gastown.


If you find him, he’s mine.

Yes. Yes!

[Smeg] They’re Gastown bound for sure.

[Dementus] So gullible.

I hold them profoundly in contempt.

Gentlemans, it’s time. Time to do war.

Time to take back what’s rightfully ours.

To the Citadel.

Let’s party!

[bikers roaring]

[gears whirring]

[History Man] There always was, is, and will be war.

The Sumerian fought the Elamite.

The Saxon fought the Viking.

And so the histories grew.

There were the Wars of the Roses, The Oranges.

The Opium Wars.

The OneDay, SixDay, ThousandDay Wars.

North against South. East against West.

The first, second, third countless wars of religion and righteous belief.

The Oil Wars. Water Wars.

The TriNation Nuclear War.

The Battle of the Boomtowns.

And now, my dears…

…The FortyDay Wasteland War.

Eyes for eyes.

Teeth for teeth.

Rage fueled by grief.

[Furiosa] I need a vehicle.

There’s nothing here, not even a bike.

[Furiosa] Winch me down.

What’re you gonna do? Walk?

I’ve got a vehicle.

Can’t wait for you to see it.

Isn’t she wonderful?


[stops engine]

[War Boy] Hey! Look at this.

I think this one might fit.

[Scrotus] Try it on! Try it on!

Every moment wasted,

that mongrel gets farther and farther away.

[War Boy] Coming up!

[Scrotus] And I want her fuel too.

I want all of her fuel, and her water and her weapon.

A fool can run, but he can’t hide.

It’s gonna fit.

[Organic Mechanic] Hey, Scrotus.



You’ll need some proper tucker.

Canine kebab.

[dismissive growl]

[Rictus] We’ll take it with us.

What do you mean, “us?”

I’m coming with you.

[Scrotus] No, you’re not. You’ll slow me down.

[Rictus] I’m gonna make sure that dumb Dementus is dead.

[Scrotus] No, you’re not!

You stay here and eat some dog.

[engine roaring]

[Scrotus] What was that?

[History Man] That is the darkest of angels.

The fifth Rider of the Apocalypse.

[bullet whistles, thuds]

[bullet strikes]


Who are they?

Someone competent and excessively resentful.

Who do you suppose they want?

Me, without my crew.

We’ll wait here. Ambush him.

[Big Jilly] Let’s go back.

[Dementus] No, no, no. We have to split up.

Here, no time for long goodbyes.

We’ve done some mighty things together.



[engine revs]

I’m not Dementus!

We swapped bikes!

[panicked shout]

[faint cheering]

[wind whistling]

[takes deep breath]


You’ve found me.


You are a freak.

You could have necked me in the night, but you didn’t.

So, you must be that other thing.

Are you that thing?

[exhales sharply]


[panting heavily]

[gun clatters]

[motor switches off]

[Dementus] I have nothing.

I am nothing.

[door closes]

I’m yours.

[chains jingling]

[Furiosa] Remember me?

You fabulous thing.

You crawled out of a pitiless grave, deeper than Hell.

And only one thing’s gonna do that for you.

And not hope. Hate.

No shame in hate.

It’s one of the great forces of nature.

That wasn’t hope, that was instinct.

[water drop splashes]




…this is the day I die.

I’ve always wondered how [chokes]

Fifteen years ago there was a woman.

Oh, so there’s more to this.

Do you remember her?

Do I get a clue?

Right, okay. Um…

Redhead. Even her pu–


Was she your mother? Sister?

Did she beg, did she scream?

The ones who yell the least tend to stick in my mind. [groaning]


Despite everything you did to her, she was magnificent.

Oh, you were there.


My childhood. My mother.

I want them back.

Of course you do.

I want them back!

That’s exactly how I felt.

My own family. My own magnificent beauties.

Taken so unjustly. Immutably.

I’m right there, I’m right there with you.

I too craved nothing but revenge.

A big bellyful of revenge.

[gun clicks]

[growls] If I may…

If the shooter goes around the back, the shootee won’t know the precise moment of the execution.

Minor torture, but every little bit counts.

Either way, that rat shot will turn my brain into a pink mist so fast,

I won’t even hear the sound of the gun.

I’ll hear it.

I’ll hear it for the rest of my days.

[Dementus] Of course you will.

I’ll feel the kickback in my hand.

[Dementus] Sure.

I’ll remember your face.

As the slug worms its way into the soft matter of your brain, taking with it what you call your reason.

And your memory, from which my mother will fortunately be absent.


I’ll be dead and you’ll still be sorrowing your loveydovey and your mommy magnificent.

You idiot.

You can never balance the scales of their suffering.

[groans softly]

Give them back.

I can’t!

What you want, dear, are my cries of anguish.

Anguish without end.

And if I could give you that, I would.

But I don’t fear the loss of bliss in Heaven.

Or retribution in Hell.

And I’ve got a fiendishly high pain threshold.

[Furiosa shrieks]

Again, do it again.

[yells, panting]

[panting] If you can’t do me quick, you’ll have to do me slow.


But you are never going to get anything close to what you want.


[gun hits the sand]

[tiny motor running]

Little D?

[laughing weakly]

I have been waiting for you.

I’ve been waiting for someone like you, someone worthy of me.

No honor, no rule of law to sort things out.

Just two evil bastards out here in the Wasteland.

You do this, you do this right, you become me.

I am nothing like you.

You are me.

Already dead.

To feel alive, we seek sensation.

Any sensation to wash away the cranky black sorrow.

And it leaves us for a moment, but then it comes back, and we have to do it all again.

And we need more, and each time we need more until too much is never enough.

We are the already dead, Little D.


You and me.

[rumbling groan]


The question is… do you have it in you to make it epic?

[History Man] She took away his voice, and they spent the rest of the day in silence.

There are those who prefer that she did more than shoot him.

They claim that she ended him in ways more fitting.

They tell of righteous perversities and witty mutilations.

But this is the truth whispered to me by Furiosa herself.

Deep in the Citadel, high up in the hydroponic gardens, there is a tree unlike any other.

[wheezing breaths]

Its soil is human. Its nutrients human.

Maggots debriding his necrotic flesh.

It was an echo growing out of a living being.

[Furiosa] This is our first fruit, but it’s not for you and me.

Each of us in our own way will vanish from this Earth.

And then perhaps… some uncorrupted life will rise to adorn it.

[thud, echoing]


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