Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014) | Transcript

The defiant leader Moses rises up against Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, setting six hundred thousand slaves on a monumental journey of escape from Egypt and its terrifying cycle of deadly plagues
Exodus Gods and Kings (2014)

Director: Ridley Scott
Writers: Adam Cooper, Bill Collage, Jeffrey Caine
Stars: Christian Bale, Joel Edgerton, Ben Kingsley, John Turturro, Aaron Paul, Ben Mendelsohn, Sigourney Weaver

The 2014 film Exodus: Gods and Kings centers on Moses, a general and member of the Egyptian royal family, who is destined to become a leader according to a prophecy. During a battle, he saves the life of Prince Ramesses, which troubles both men. Sent to Pithom to oversee Hebrew slaves, Moses is shocked by their harsh treatment. He learns from Nun about his true Hebrew heritage, a secret later exposed, leading to his exile by the new Pharaoh Ramesses II.

In exile, Moses marries Zipporah and starts a family. Years later, after a divine encounter, he returns to Egypt to demand the Hebrews’ release, leading to conflict with Ramesses. God’s ten plagues ravage Egypt, culminating in the death of all firstborns, including Ramesses’s son, forcing him to let the Hebrews go.

Moses leads the Exodus, parting the Red Sea to escape Ramesses’s army, which is largely drowned when the sea closes. Back in Midian, Moses transcribes the Ten Commandments and continues leading his people, with the film concluding with an elderly Moses witnessing God’s presence among the Hebrews.

* * *

(men shouting)

(man screams)

(man shouting)

(man pleading)

COMMANDER: It’s true, the Hittite army has 16,000 troops camped outside Kadesh.

What’s less clear is why.

RAMSES: The Hittites are trying to cross the border.


What else would they be doing?

Anticipating an invasion by us, according to our information.

They think we are preparing an attack, which we are not.

What I don’t want to do, and won’t do, is sit here and wait until we’re fighting

Hittite armies outside the palace walls.


What do the entrails say?

They don’t say anything.

They imply, and that’s open to interpretation.

SETI: So, interpret them.

We’ll win or we won’t in a preemptive attack?

It’s a yes or a no.

And it’s not clear.

(praying quietly)

But something else is.

In the battle, a leader will be saved, and his savior will someday lead.

(quiet laugh)

Then the entrails should also say that we will abandon reason and be guided by omens.


Great Sekhmet, Pharaoh drinks in your name and prays for victory over the Hittites at Kadesh.

Your first order of business, when the time comes, you retire her.

I will.

I don’t know why my father hasn’t.

But just in case, if you see me in any real danger out there, ride the other way.

I’m serious.

When I look at you, I still see the two boys, who grew up together, close as brothers.

If, for any reason, you ever forget that, let these remind you.

Long enough to be effective from horseback, not so long that you’ll trip over them.

This is his.

You’ve got mine.

That’s right. That’s how I want it.

You have each other’s, to keep each other safe.

Promise me you’ll do that, always.


(man shouts in distance)

(applause, cheering, horns playing fanfare)

(horses neighing)




(cheering continues)



(men shouting)

PEOPLE (chanting): Seti! Seti!

Seti! Seti! Seti!

(chanting): Seti! Seti! Seti!


Seti! Seti!

Seti! Seti! Seti!


(man shouting)

(birds screeching)

Deploy Amun division to the north, Ra division to the center, Ptah to the south, and we hold Seth in reserve.

In reserve?


We should concentrate our strength in the center.

You should concentrate yours on fighting.

Leave the generalship to me.

(lively, indistinct conversations)

(conversations continue)


(shouting continues)

(people chattering)

(people clamoring)

(weapons clanking)

(shouting continues)

(shouting continues)

(hoofbeats thundering)


(soldiers shouting)

(horses neighing)







(yelling fiercely)





Hyah! Hyah!

(yells, groans)


(grunts, yells)

(man screams)


Hyah! Hyah!



(panting, groaning)

Hyah! Hyah!


(man screaming)


(men shouting, muffled)




(breathing deeply)

(breathing slows)

Take Ramses!




Turn! Turn around!

Turn around!

Hyah! Hyah!


PEOPLE (chanting): Moses! Moses!

Moses! Moses!


Moses! Moses!

Moses! Moses! Moses!

(cheering continues)

Moses… what happened out there?


I asked the commanders the same thing.

They, too, lied.


And I’m tired of it.

He thinks something happened.

But it didn’t.


The High Priestess, her prophecy.

She said she couldn’t see who would win.

The other one.

“The leader will be saved…” and… so on.

You saved my son’s life?

(softly): Yes.


“Thank you” is not sufficient, but… thank you.

I know you don’t believe in omens or prophecies, but I do believe.

And I respect that.

But this isn’t anything.

This doesn’t even make any sense.

Because you’re not my blood.

(softly): Yes.

It’s true, you can’t succeed me.

Not in the usual way.

Not in any way.

In any way imaginable, sitting here.

It’s horrible to say this about one’s own son, but I… trust you more than him to lead.

SCRIBE: “The Hittite chariotry crashed through our defense and began its attack. I found myself surrounded by the enemy, no soldier, no shieldbearer, facing a desperate fight for my life. Only with the help of the gods did I defeat our attackers and rejoin Ra division.”

Stop there.

SETI: Anything you’d like to rephrase?


Shall I go on?

No, I’m sure the rest is fine.

What’s next?


What about it?

The situation.

The slaves.

Fine. Ramses.


Go up there, meet with the viceroy, look around, make a report.


It’ll be yours someday.

Take an interest in it.

What else?

I’ll go to see the viceroy.


I’ll go.

(sighs) It’s beneath you.

It’s beneath any general.

I’ll do it.

Ramses, can we forget what happened on the battlefield?

If our positions had been reversed, I would’ve saved your life, too, so…

I know. I know.


It was a good shot.

Even if the gods did guide your aim.

A little venom in your blood is a good thing.

Makes you less vulnerable to the next poisonous bite.

Maybe even my father’s.


(men shouting)

(shouting continues)

(indistinct conversations)

(shouting continues)

Welcome to Pithom.


You get used to the smell.

(various conversations in native language)

MOSES: The viceroy seems to be enjoying a good share of his resources.

This isn’t a job everyone wants to do, my lord.

A certain degree of comfort is necessary to keep up his spirits.

HAGEP: You know what the problem is?

People live too long these days.

Every year, the death rate lags further behind the birth rate, and these people, they reproduce like it’s a sport.

This is the problem?

A growing work force?

Oh, no, no, of course not.

It’s good for production.

Of course it is, but only to a point.

When that population wants you dead, yes, it’s a problem, so either

I’m given more troops to maintain order, or I start thinning out the herd.

You start slaughtering people for no reason other than this… precarious theory, you will provoke the very thing you say you wish to avoid.

Fine, then give me the troops.

Let’s go down and talk to them.

Why on earth?

You’re worried about sedition.

Let’s find out if that worry is real.

(scoffs) By talking to them?

By looking at them when I talk with them.

You can tell a lot about somebody, looking him in the eye.

Well, let me tell you something about Hebrews.

They are a conniving, combative people.

Do you know what “Israelite” means in their own language?


“He who fights with God.”

“He who wrestles with God.”

There is a difference.

HAGEP: Look, I may not be as educated as you

which, apparently, you want to remind me of

but I have to deal with them every day.

I know what I’m talking about.

You don’t have to come. I’ll go down there myself.

(men shouting)

(speaking native language)

(whip cracking, man grunting)


Why is he being punished?

Persistent troublemaker,

my lord.

Why is he smiling?

He says he feels no pain, my lord.

Then why whip him?

(men conversing in native language)


Hyah! Hyah!

MOSES: You were not gathered up at random.

I asked to see

the elders.

Come on. What do you pray for?

We pray to see Canaan again.

Canaan again?

You’ve never seen it.

I’ve seen Canaan. I’ve seen that it’s

inhabited by tribes fiercer than Egypt’s military.

So, you won’t be returning to it,

or if you do, from it.

God says otherwise.

Which god?

Your god? The God of Abraham?

The god that says that you are special,

that you are chosen? Let me tell you…

Come here. Up.

Come here.

He’s wrong.

I can see you’re unconvinced,

and that’s a problem.

Because next to unrealistic belief

lies fanaticism,

and next to that, sedition,

and next to that, revolution.

And it all starts with the elders.

What’s your name?

What’s yours?


I’ll tell you.

I am Moses, son of Bithia,

grandson of Horemheb.

Record this one’s name, and the rest of them.

Bring in the next group.

My name is Nun.

My lord!

Stop there!

Let him through.

There’s something the elder has to tell you.

But not here.

Say where and when.

The prayer house, tonight.


HAGEP: I see you’ve survived your adventure.

Sorry to make you wait again.

I’m not waiting.

How was your trip to the quarry?


You saw what I’m up against.


Tell me, is there any more

of my records I could get for you before you leave?

You can tell me,

has all of this…

been reported to Memphis?

Was it approved?

Do you have it in writing?

Of course. It’s on record.

So you don’t mind if we check?

Of course I don’t mind.

But I don’t understand what’s gone wrong.

Have I done something to displease you? And if so,

is there any way I could please you?

You can stop living like a king.

You’re not one.




Hyah! Hyah!

(man speaking native language)

(man speaking native language)

(man speaking in native language, in distance)

NUN: …God had in mind when he said,

“I will make nations of you and kings from your seed

and you will occupy the land of Canaan.”

MAN: Canaan is already occupied.

NUN: God promises we will return.

MAN: In chains or in coffins?


NUN: As free men

into a land flowing with milk and honey.

NUN: Can they at least wait outside?

We are not dangerous.

Wait by the horses.

Do you believe in coincidence?

As much as anything else.

I don’t think this is one.

What isn’t?

You coming to Pithom.

Why did you come?


(inhales sharply)


Who’s your father?

I know you don’t know his name,

only that he was a general in Pharaoh’s army

unnamed by your mother.

I can see this is making you uncomfortable.

This will interest you.

There was no general.

Your mother the woman you call your mother

has no children.

You were born a slave.

Don’t go. Don’t go.

It’s better for you that I do.

I’m leaving.

If you leave now,

you’ll just come back,

because you know something’s wrong.

You’ve always felt it.


Everybody out.


The year of your birth,

there was a prophecy that our leader would be born

to liberate us from our bondage.

And so, there was an edict

from Memphis to kill

every firstborn

Hebrew boy.

Your parents didn’t wait for that to happen.

Any chance of your survival

was better than no chance.

They handed you to your sister.

She took you in a basket to the banks

of the river,

and she floated you to where she knew

Pharaoh Paramesse’s daughter, Bithia, bathed.

Bithia took you and your sister, Miriam, as a maid

and raised you as her own.

She probably even loved you, but she never

told you, or anyone else, the truth.

You are Hebrew.

The truth?

The truth is, it’s not even that good a story.

And I thought you people were meant to be…

good storytellers.

(breathes deeply)

You, slave.






(panting continues)

Do you expect a reward for this information?

Our reward is being of service to you.

That said, if there were some,

uh, token you had in mind beyond that,

we wouldn’t refuse it.

Well, how about this, then?

What about if I don’t kill you?



would be sufficient payment.

You people.

(speaking native language)

(man shouting)

(Seti coughing)

MAN (quietly): There is nothing we can do.

(coughing continues)

MAN: We have to get prepared for the worst.

MAN 2: It is too late.

He will be gone soon.

(Seti gasping)

His heart is weak.

He’s so sick.

MAN: Pray for the gods.

(man speaks quietly)

What are we going to do?

MAN 2: The problem seems to be the pulse.

The pulse is weak.

Bring more leeches.

(man whispers)

MAN 2: He’s dying.

It’s getting worse.

There is nothing we can do.

(grand vizier claps twice)

GRAND VIZIER: Please leave.

SETI (weakly): Please.

How did it go?

We can talk about that another time.

We can talk about it now,

if only as a respite from this army

of grimfaced physicians.

(quiet laugh)


(sighs) We’re taking a, uh,

thorough look at the city records,

and the man is clearly a thief.

It’s one of life’s more depressing ironies

that the men who crave power are best fitted

to acquire it, and least fitted to exercise it.

(quiet laugh)

What’s wrong, Moses?

You’re sick.

Something else is troubling you.

I can tell.

No, nothing else.

RAMSES: May you be alert,

rejuvenated and protected by the gods

every moment of your eternal life.

(man calling out)

(people respond in unison, and continue chanting)

RAMSES: And to the left.

No, your left.

More, more, more.


It is tall.

Monuments are monuments

for a reason they inspire.

Inspire what, in this case?

In this, and in every case,


(man whispering)

Say it out loud, whatever it is.

(quietly): He’s waiting outside.

The Viceroy of Pithom is outside.

He’s not on the agenda.

Well, he can go back to Pithom

until he is

No, no, no, we should deal with this.

Bring him in.

If you came here to beg the new king’s forgiveness,

it won’t work. Arrest him.

Oh… wait, please.

May I at least respond?

I beg you.

It’s in your interest.

MOSES: You make it short.

I will…

to the king alone.

My advice is that he,

and the other generals,

also leave the room.


That’s your advice?


Well, you are not his advisor.

Oh, that’s right.

You are.

That’s right.

RAMSES: Moses…

(firmly): Moses.

Everybody but the viceroy,


Terrible news.

There you are.


(Ramses grunts)

The viceroy.

You didn’t arrest him.

You didn’t take your chief advisor’s advice.

No, he came.


he told me of an incident involving two guards,

one of which survived the attack.

And I told him I did not care…

and then, he told me the most unbelievable story.

Told to him, he said, by very reliable sources.

And when pressed,

he admitted that

they were Hebrew spies.

You know what I’m talking about.


And what do you make of it?

I think it’s offensive,

and I think it’s ridiculous.

Yes. Yes!

You, of all people, a Hebrew.

(Ramses chuckles)


And I said,

howhow can I believe such a story?


you can’t.

What if I take the chance of not believing it, Moses?

What am I to do?



BITHIA: The man is a thief.

My son discovers this,

not you.

And he reports it to your father,

who would have hanged this thief,

if he hadn’t been dying himself.

You believe his feeble,

selfserving lies!

All I want to know is

if it is true. I didn’t ask for a tirade.

To talk about this any longer

would dignify it, and I won’t do that.

Answer the question.

Yes or no?

Was I talking to you?

Bring her in. Bring her in.



Come. Sit. Sit down.

Now, I’m going to ask you

some things that are going to seem very strange to you.

I just would like you

to answer them truthfully.

How do you know Moses?

You know how I know him.

And you.

I helped raise you both.

So you are not his sister, then?

Of course not.

And you’re not a Hebrew.


Place your arm on the table.


Don’t be stupid!


I am not talking to you!

I’m talking to her.

Your whole arm on the table, Miriam.

Thank you.


don’t take this any further.

Don’t take this any further, or what?

Do not take this any further.

Are you quite sure about that?

Get your hand off it, or use it, now.

Or perhaps you’d like to answer the question?

Then I’ll proceed.

Miriam, I’m going to ask you again,

and if your answer is again no,

I apologize for what happens next.

Are you his sister?





(sword thuds)

(water dripping)

TUYA: You don’t need a reason to kill him, but you have one.

This was treason.

How was it treason?

He just admitted he knew.

That wasn’t an admission!

Simply did not want her arm lopped off!

I saw it in his eyes.

He does not believe this story.

I don’t want to believe it!

You want to believe it, because it’s an opportunity

to be rid of him, which you always wanted.

I didn’t say “exiled.”

I said “dead.”

That, I’m sure, will follow,

where he’s going.

MOSES: Khyan,

allow me to talk to my mother.

Yes, sir. Yes.


Come, Miriam.

It isn’t every man who would protect a servant

who is nothing more to him than that.

Certainly no one else in this family,

including me.

I wouldn’t have said what he wanted to hear.

And neither would she.

That’s how much we love you.

(quietly): “We”?

It’s not true.

It is true.

You were wearing this when I brought you to the river.

I took it off you for obvious reasons.

That’s you.

The connection between you and our mother.

Your sister saved your life.

Now you saved hers,



Sorry, sir.

KHYAN: Moses!

SOLDIERS (cheering): Moses!



(speaking native language)

DRIVER: Ho, oh!

(bird screeches)

(wind gusting)

(wind whistling)


(horse whimpers weakly)

(groaning, gasping)

(horse falls to ground)


(huffs, whimpers weakly)

I have nothing to steal.

My horse is dead.

We’re not here for your horse, Moshe.







(bird screeches)

(people conversing in distance)

Little bit higher.

(men shouting, whistling)

(goats bleat, dogs bark)

DROVER: What are you doing?

Don’t stop. Keep working.

DROVER 2: You, get water for our goats.

Psst! You!

Wait your turn.

Move your animals away from the troughs.

(speaks quietly)

(whistling, shouting)

It’s yours again.

(women speaking native language)

JETHRO: Where are you from?

West of here.

Where are you going?


What did you do?

What do you mean?

You committed some crime?

With respect,

your daughters invited me for some food.

They did not tell me there would be an interrogation.

I’m sorry.

I’m just curious.

You are welcome to get cleaned up before dinner,

if that appeals to you,

and stay the night, if you want,

before continuing on…

to wherever it is.

MOSES: Thank you.

(goats bleating)


Describe Memphis to someone

who’s never been there and never will.

(sighing): It’s…

I don’t want to say “civilized,”

because I don’t want to

offend, but it is, it’s civilized.

There’s more there than sheep and goats.

(both chuckle)

There’s more here than that.

Really? Where?

(laughs) I’m sorry, that was rude.

That was rude.

I’m not ignorant just because I live here.

Mm. I can see that.

I can tell you one thing:

This is, by far,

the nicest place…

between here and there.

And so you are leaving?

Of course.

There’s nothing here for someone like me.



(laughs quietly)

(people conversing, clapping in rhythm)

Remember this moment in time…

…for after these vows,

you shall say to the world,

“This is my husband.

This is my wife.”

I, Zipporah…

I, Moses…

accept you, Zipporah…

accept you, Moses…

BOTH: …to be no other than yourself.

Loving what I know of you,

trusting what I do not yet know.

With respect

for your integrity

and faith

in your abiding love for me.

…in your abiding love for me.

In all that life may bring us,

MOSES: I pledge my love.

I pledge my love.

Who makes you happy?

You do.

What’s the most important thing in your life?

You are.

Where would you rather be?


And when will you leave me?



(laughs gently)

(man calling out in distance)

(people respond in unison)

(call and response continues)

I said “per se.”

I don’t want to discuss my tomb, per se.

I want to discuss why you seem

to want to discuss it all the time.


it should have been your first construction order on taking the throne.

It’ll be a big project, as you might imagine.

So is my house, apparently.

Is there a problem with the palace?

It’s not done.

It won’t be long now.

You said that months ago.

Meanwhile, I’m living there like…

a Bedouin.

Get it done!


Or do I have to kill somebody?


I think you made your point.

(men shouting)

GERSHOM: Good throw, Father.

MOSES: Just aim a little higher.



Have you ever been to the top?


Would you like to?

Mother says it’s forbidden.

By who?

Our god.

Our god

stops us from climbing mountains?

Not every mountain.

Just that one.

It’s God’s mountain.

(Gershom groans)


You’re confusing him.

I’m not trying to.

Is it good for a boy to grow up believing in nothing?

Is it bad… to grow up believing in yourself?

It’s my faith.

I know.

And it’s his, too.

I understand.

He can make up his mind when he’s older.


Just like you.

He’s a lot like me already.

(thunder rumbling in distance)

Hey, hey! Hey! Hey!

(calling out)


(calling out)

(sheep bleating)



(thunder rumbling in distance)


(thunder crashing)

(thunder crashing)






(rumbling fades)


(low gasp)

Help me.

I think my leg is broken.

More than that.

What did you say?

Who are you?

Who are you?

I’m a shepherd.

I thought you were a general.

I need a general.


To fight.

Why else?

Fight who?

For what?

I think you know.

I think you should go and see

what’s happening to your people now.

He won’t be at peace until you do.

Or are they not… people,

in your opinion?

Who are you?


(echoes): I am.

(Moses gasps quietly)

(thunder rumbles in distance)

(echoes): I am.

(Moses shuddering)

ZIPPORAH: You were hit on the head.

Anything you saw,

or think you saw, afterwards,

was an effect of that.

The storm…

the storm started before I was hit on the head.

It was… it was not a storm,

Fine, fine.

it was something…

Fine, the storm was something.

It was something else.

It was something… it was something else.

But the boy was all in your head.

How do you know? How do you know?

Because God isn’t a boy.

Then what does he look like?

Describe him. Describe him to someone like me.

Do you know what you sound like?

(panting): Yes. I sound…

I sound delusional.

Yes… Yes…

You just need more rest.

Yes, yes…

I have to tell you something.

I have to tell you something.

I’ve not been completely honest with you.

About what?

About who I am.

About what I’ve done and who I was

and how I feel.

About what you feel about me?


No, I’ve been honest about that.



Don’t leave me.

No. No.

(gasps, sighs)


MOSES (softly): Moshe.

(soft rattling)

MOSES: Gershom?

(sets cup down)

What are you doing out here?


I can’t sleep.

Are you worried about me?



Don’t be frightened.

What’s that?

What’s it look like?

Come inside. Come inside!

What are you going to do with all that?

Make sure I see you again.

Put it down and you can see me forever.

What’s this mean?

It’s someone I used to know.

This is not forever.

I will see you again.

Do you believe me?



Good for you.

Don’t ever just say what people want to hear.

But I will.

I will see you again.

Will you keep this for me?


Gershom, please look at me.

What kind of god tells a man to leave his family?

If you understand it, I’ll understand it.

I don’t.

So I can’t answer that question.

If that’s what faith means…

I will trade mine to keep you.

(voice breaking): Don’t touch me.



(horse sputters)

MOSES: Hyah! Hah! Hah!

(birds screeching)

(man whistles, calls to herd)

Father, have you some milk to spare?


Where did you come from?

I come from the sea.

It’s a narrow and dangerous path.

Thank you, Father.

(men shouting, yelling in distance)

(shouting, yelling continues)

(men screaming, shouting in distance)

(birds screeching)

(men shouting, screaming)

(man shouting in native language)

(men scream in distance)

(Moses sighs deeply)

(various indistinct conversations)


I remember you.

Do you still feel no pain?

Keep your eye on the horse.

MOSES: Thank you.

AARON: Welcome back, brother.


your brother.


Ithamar, this…

is your famous Uncle Moses.

He was once a prince of Egypt.

(distant, echoing boom)

(gasping, sighing)

I’m fine.

Everybody’s fine.

(wind gusting)

(Ramses inhales, exhales)

You sleep so well, my boy…

…because you know you are loved.

I’ve never slept so well.

(gently): Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

(horse whinnies quietly)

I can’t sleep.

I’m told I should

address you as Ramses…

the Great now.


You’re alive.

I’m glad you’re alive.


Is that why you only sent two assassins to kill me?

My mother.

Don’t blame her.

She wanted you dead.

Who do you think… hid your sword where you would find it?


I’m not here…

to take your throne.

It’s not about the prophecy that worries you so much.

This is something else.

(men whispering)

I have been told

that things here

have become…

much worse.

Things are better than…

they ever have been, Moses.


We have order.

Order? Order?

The slaves…

their bodies burn

night and day now I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

You call that order?

They’re slaves.

No, they’re not.

What would you expect?

They’re Egyptians; they should be treated as Egyptians.

They should have the same rights, they should be paid

for their work, or…

you must set them free.

They’re not Egyptians.

They are slaves, Moses.

What else do you expect?

They wouldn’t know what to do

if, all of a sudden, they were left to fend for themselves like animals.

Do not call them animals!

LisListen, from an economic standpoint alone,

what you’re asking

is problematic, to say the least.

I didn’t expect to hear…

a simple yes,

but I do not want to hear a simple no.

Is that what you’re telling me? Are you saying no?

I’m not saying no.

I’m saying time.


You’re listening to Hebrews.

I’m not listening to Hebrews.

Who are you talking to?




Which god?

Ah, you’re not seriously considering his proposal.

Is it a proposal?

If a man is holding a dagger to your throat, Minister?

Is it?

I stand corrected.

That’s a demand.

He has lost his mind.

He’s found a god.

His god.

Not one of ours. So…

I would like…


I want Moses dead.

Did you hear me?


Then… go.


(Ramses clears throat)

…his family, too.

(shouting, screaming)


Where’s Moses?

(woman screaming)

(soldier grunts)

Moses! Where’s Moses?

(shouting, screaming)

MAN (in distance): Kill him!


(muffled sobbing)

(indistinct shouts outside)

(chickens clucking)

(men shouting)

(grunting, screaming)


(clattering from above)

(muffled sobbing)

(man speaking native language)


His family where are they?


(birds cawing)

(drum beating a somber cadence)

(drum cadence stops)

This… is not Moses.

This is not his family.

This is a man…

his wife…

and his child…

who when asked the simple question,

“Where is he?”

answered, “We don’t know.”

(loud gagging, groaning)

(distant wailing, sobbing)

RAMSES: Carry this image home with you tonight,

and discuss why you would protect him,

knowing that tomorrow, at this time,

there will be another family

where this one is.

And another the day after.

And the day after that!

Dare I say yours?

I’ve come to fight with Moshe.

In there.


go ahead.

I want to join the fight.

In there.

(overlapping conversations in native language)

Joshua, use your knee.


It’s good.

(lively conversations continue)

(drum playing rapid cadence)

(man shouts)

(woman wailing in distance)

Both eyes open!




Advance! Nock!





Draw! Loose!


MOSES: There are two kinds of warfare.

Each is dictated by numbers.

With greater numbers,

you attack the enemy head on!

You stab it…

in the heart.

With fewer numbers, you come at it from the side.

You cut off the blood…

that pumps the heart.

The army supply lines.


The people’s supply lines.

Their food,

their property,

their comfort.

What would that achieve?


Only the Egyptian people

can force him to accept our demands

for freedom!

We must force them…

to make him

say yes.





(whispering urgently in native language)

(whispering urgently in native language)

(shouting in native language)

(explosions thundering)

(indistinct shouts)

(men shouting)

(shouting, excited chatter)

Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

(men shouting)

(yelling, shouting)

(man shouts command)


Hyah! Hyah!

(man shouting)


With me! With me!


(whooshing, whistling)

(men yelling, screaming)


(men yelling, screaming in distance)

You’re not going to do anything?

I didn’t say that.

(baby fussing)

(men shouting)

(soldier shout cadence)

(people shouting, screaming)

(panicked shrieking)



(panicked shouts, yelling)

(indistinct shouts)

(men shouting, women screaming)


Hyah! Hyah! Hyah!

(men shouting)

(screaming continues)

(distant rumbling)

Where have you been?

Watching you fail.

Wars of attrition take time.

At this rate, you’ll take years…

a generation.

I am prepared to fight for that long.

I’m not.

MOSES: I thought we were making progress.

Now you’re impatient.

After 400 years

of slavery.

Am I the only one sitting here

who’s done nothing about this until now?

I do know

a few things about military action.

Still, if you’re not going to listen to me,

then why did you take me away from my family?!

I didn’t.

You did.

You don’t need me.

Maybe not.

So what do I do, nothing?

For now…

you can watch.


(chirping, chittering)

(shouting frantically)

(shouting, yelling)

(muffled yells)

(shouting, yelling)



(frantic shouting)



(dramatic choral music plays)

(men conversing in native language)

(conversation continues)

HIGH PRIESTESS: Divine Goddess Kebechet,

I humbly call upon you

to purify the waters of our lifegiving river.

How long will it take?

Not long.


But longer than that.

(excited chatter)

(excited chatter continues)

(excited chatter continues)


(startled shout, gasping)

(men speaking native language)


Ramses! Ramses!


(Nefertari sobbing)


Do something!

They’re just frogs.

(insects buzzing)

(excited chatter nearby)


MAN: Back away! Back away!



No, no, no, no, no. Don’t drink. Unclean.

(buzzing continues)

(woman screams)


(men shout in distance)

(buzzing continues)

(people screaming)


(continues screaming)

(exhales sharply)

MAN: The Nile, as we know,

carries a certain amount of clay.

This year, there’s much more of it than unusual

drifting in on the currents, settling in the riverbeds,

and kicked up by the wild thrashing of the crocodiles.

This thrashing not only dramatically

changed the color of the water, but it fouled it,

to the point of killing the fish.

But frogs, as we know,

can get out of the water when they have to.

Which they did.

But frogs still need water,

and when they can’t find it in the streets of our city,

they what, hmm?

(insect buzzing)


Oh, they die?

They die!

And then they decompose.

And then the gnats come

and the maggots come and the flies come.

And then…

And then what?!

(insects buzzing)

The flies die.

(people clamoring)

(clamor continues)


(trembling breaths)

(speaking gently in native language)

Speak up.

It’s… in Hebrew.


Read it.

“These catastrophes

“are the work of God,

“and they have not finished.

“They will get worse.

“We need to reach a settlement

for both our sakes.”


the work of God.

RAMSES: Here is my settlement to you.

Work quotas shall be doubled,

and you will get no straw

to make your bricks.

Perhaps your god will provide it for you.

(indistinct shouts, groaning)

(thunder rumbling in distance)

I was impressed at first.

Not anymore.

(thunder rumbles in distance)

This is affecting everyone.

So who are you punishing?


(horse neighs)


(neighs weakly)

What’s wrong with him?


SERVANT: It’s sick.

(neighs weakly, huffs)

SERVANT: There, there…

What is this?

Did you do this?

Not me, not me.

Is this you?!

No. No, no.

SERVANT: Here, come, please.

What’s happened to him!

There’s blood in his mouth.

(people clamoring)

Bull, move! Bull, move!

(bull grunting)

Bull, move!

Oh… oh…

(crying, speaking in native language)

(men speaking native language)

MAN: We have made great strides

in medicine.

However, there are still a few hidden diseases

that we don’t completely understand.

Animals are not exempt,

and there is some conjecture

that these maladies can migrate from the smallest

creature, like a…

A fly?

(coughs, gags)


RAMSES: Have you been out to the river lately?

I appealed to Kebechet again,

and six more gods.


(thunder rumbling, crashing)

(yelling, shouting)

(shouting, screaming frantically)

(both gasping, screaming)

(all shouting)


(thunder crashing)

(thunder crashing)

(thunder rumbling in distance)

(thunder fading)

Is that it?

Are you done?

(thunder crashes in distance)

I am.

(thunder rumbling in distance)

Are you trying to say something with your absence?!

(distant rumbling)

Is it meant to humble me?!

Because it will not!


(whooshing, fluttering)

(shouting in native language)

(men shouting)

(shouting, screaming)

(shouting continues)

(panicked shouting)



Initial reports suggest

more than ten million square cubits of crops have been lost.

The quartermaster has suggested

we return a portion

of the supplement to the civil granary

an act of mercy.

Your people are starving.

Are you suggesting that I should starve, too?


People have plenty of water.

They’ll endure.

(man shouting)

(people clamoring)

(clamoring continues)

(clamoring continues)



(screaming continues)

(shouting, screaming)

(man shouts command)



(yelling, grunting)



(people screaming, grunting)

(man shouts command)

(screaming, grunting)

(woman screams)

(people screaming, grunting)

(thunder crashing)

(clamoring echoes, screams fade)




(whispering a prayer)

(faint rustling nearby)

Is that you?

(whispers): Moses?


Have you come to negotiate?

Because I’m ready…

as I have an offer for you.

One more thing happens…

and I will bring my own plague…

to you.

You see, every Hebrew child

not yet walking…

they never shall,

because I will drown them in the Nile.

As you should have been.

Oh, you say that you didn’t…

cause all this?

Your God did?

(echoing): I am the god!

I am the god!

So let’s just see…

who’s more effective at killing.


this god…

or me.

(goats bleating)

Nice of you to come.

He’s given you what you asked?

Not yet, but his own people are turning against him.

And his army?

It will.

I disagree.

Something worse has to happen.

I disagree.

Anything more would be…

Would be what? What were you about to say?



It’s not easy…

to see the people who I grew up with

suffering this much.

What about the people

you didn’t grow up with?

What thought did you give to them?

You still don’t think of them as yours, do you?

As long as Ramses has an army behind him, nothing will change.

Anything more is just revenge!


After 400 years of brutal subjugation?

These pharaohs, who imagine they’re living gods,

they’re nothing more than flesh and blood!

I want to see them on their knees,

begging for it to stop!

I’m tired of talking with a messenger!

(echoing): General!

I’ve heard Ramses’ final threat.

So let me tell you what’s going to happen next.

MOSES: No. No.

You cannot do this.

I want no part of this!



(man shouts)

(soldiers chanting cadence)


(men shouting)

(shouting continues)

MAN: Stay.



(men speaking native language)

Leave him.

(man speaks native language)



(speaks native language)

I could have you killed.

I don’t think so.

Unless you do it yourself.

Your own soldiers let me in.

I am not negotiating anymore.

That’s not why I’m here.

I came to tell you…

that something is coming

that is out of my control.

Something that will affect thousands

and thousands of citizens.

And it will affect you very personally, Ramses,

unless you accept what I’ve asked for

and announce it publicly

before the sun goes down.

(indignant grunt)


do not… do not turn your back on me!

This has nothing to do…

with you and I.

This is far beyond that.

This is about Egypt’s survival, do you understand?


After that, it will be too late.

What will be too late?

You protect your child.

You protect your child tonight.

My child?

Is that a threat?

Is that a threat? Moses!


(door creaks, thuds)

Tell everyone…

to slaughter a lamb

and mark their doors and their doorposts

tonight, with its blood.


Pity the lambs if I am wrong.

If I’m right…

we will bless them for eternity.

MAN (whistles): Hay! Hey! Hey!

(men speaking native language)

(speaking native language)

(speaking native language)

(breathing quietly, steadily)

(baby crying in distance, dog barking)

(deep rumbling, whooshing)








(breathing with difficulty)


(breathing stops)


(gasps): Bennu!



(breathing stops)




(grunts, stops breathing)

(sudden whoosh)






(stops breathing)



(Ramses screams in distance)

(Ramses sobbing)



(grunts, pants)



(grunts, pants)

(shouts, sobs)

(Nefertari sobs)

WOMAN: Zechariah?

(speaks native language)



(sobbing, man shouts in grief)

(woman speaks softly)

(man shouts in distance)

(speaking gently)

(woman sobs, wails in distance)

(woman crying softly)

(people shouting, wailing)

(wails and sobs echoing)

(sobs, wails echoing louder)


(man shouts in native language)

MAN: Get out!

MAN 2: Murderer!

(men shouting)

Their children died…

last night.

As did mine.

(whispers): Is this your God?


Killer of children?

What kind of fanatics

worship such a god?

No Hebrew child died last night.

Get… out.


Every one of you!


Go to Canaan, if that’s what you want.

Back to the Holy Land of your dreams.

But go!

As you command.

MOSES: This is the route I took.

From here, we go south to the Red Sea.

The straits are here.

At low tide, we can cross on foot.

(people clamoring, conversing in native language)

(overlapping conversations)

(man shouts in native language)

(man speaks native language)

(angry shouting)

(angry shouting)

(angry shouting)

(angry shouting continues)

(inhales, sighs)

(shuddering breath)

(quietly): You know why you sleep so well, my boy?

Because you know you are loved.

(dramatic choral music plays)

(indistinct, overlapping conversations)

(horse neighing)

HAGEP: With respect,

if we’re going to recapture 400,000 slaves,

we might need more than three divisions.

We’re not recapturing anyone.


RAMSES: Forward!

Hah! Hah!


(men shouting)

(shouting continues)

Hah! Hah!

Hyah! Hyah!

(men shouting)


(panting continues)

(indistinct chatter)

JOSHUA: We should rest.


We’re not safe until we cross the sea.

AARON: Moshe!

(panting) Whoa!

(horse whinnies)


4,000 men,

a thousand chariots.

How far behind us?

Four days.

Less, if they don’t rest the horses.

KHYAN: Ramses!


We need to rest the horses and the men!

RAMSES: Go, go.




Hah! Hyah!

The straits are that way.

The longest, easiest route

is down the western coast.

Or we go through the mountains.

AARON: The mountains?


Why don’t we take that route?

We can, but so can Ramses.

The mountain passes are dangerous,

but they are too narrow

for Ramses’ chariots.

He couldn’t follow.

That would give us needed time.

What does God tell you?

The mountains.

AARON: Can we make it?


(people shouting in native language)

Hyah! Hyah!

JOSHUA: Which way from here?

(horse whinnies)

Stay here.


(quietly): We need your help.

I don’t know where I am.

(bird screeches in distance)

You won’t help me?

You won’t help them.

(people conversing in distance)

MOSES: This way!

Move out!


(man whistles, calls)

This way!

Are you sure?

Oh, I’m very sure.

I mean, are you sure we can make it across

with our equipment, our chariots?

They didn’t think they could with theirs.

RAMSES: How would they know?

They’ve never been here.

Moses may have.

(Ramses grunts)


(men grunting)

(men shouting)


(men shouting)

Hah! Yah!

(birds screeching)

(birds screeching)

AARON: Is this high tide or low tide?

Doesn’t matter.

This isn’t the straits, is it?


AARON: Do you even know where we are?


We’re at a point on the Earth where there is a sea ahead

and an army behind!

So now what?

Army or no army,

we have to rest!

(distant, overlapping chatter)

(birds screeching)

(people speaking indistinctly nearby)

I have misled all of them.

I have abandoned my family.

I have failed you.

I’m not what I thought I was.

(unsheathes sword)




(goat bleating)

(waves lapping on shore)

(whooshing, crackling)

Hyah! Hyah!


Hah! Hah!

Heh! Heh!


(birds screeching)

(excited chatter)

(excited chatter continues)

(birds screeching)

(excited chattering)

(birds screeching)

(excited chattering)

(birds screeching)

(man shouting in native language)

(overlapping chatter)

What is it?

The current.

It’s strong.

We need to cross here.

We need to cross now.

We cross here.

We cross here!

Ready yourselves!

We cross here!

Go tell them! Go!

Your orders are like the lash

of the Egyptian whip.

We are no longer slaves.

And yet, you are not free.

You have lost sight

of Canaan…

land of your forebears.

You have honored me…

with your trust.

Now I honor you with my faith.

Follow me and you will be free!

Stay and you will perish!

Do not be afraid!

God is with us!

Go! Ready yourselves!


God is with us!

Pass the word!

We cross here!

AARON: As quickly as you can, gather your things

(excited shouting)

and form in groups!

(excited shouting)

AARON: Quickly!

(excited shouting)

Come on!

(goats bleating)

(man shouts in native language)

(shouting continues)

(panting, shouting)

(men shouting)




(man shouts)



To the right, to the right! Tight!

(woman singing gentle song)

(quiet, indistinct chatter)

Let’s go! Let’s go! Whoaoh!

(man whistles, shouts)

AARON: Keep moving!

There’s nothing to fear!

(grunting and gasping)

Don’t worry! You’ll be safe!



(panting, grunting)

(coughing, grunting)

Keep walking!

KHYAN: Keep to the right!

Keep to the right!

(man shouting)

(men shouting)

KHYAN: Ramses!

Hyah! Hyah!

Hah! Hah!

(man shouting)

(man shouting in native language)


(man shouts)

Hyah! Yah!

Yah! Yah!

Yah! Yah!

(Hagep muttering)

(men shouting)




(man shouts in native language)



(men screaming)

(man shouts)

(men screaming)

(screaming continues)

RAMSES: Stop! Stop!

Whoa! Whoa!

(screaming continues)

Whoa! Whoa!

(men screaming)

(screaming fades)

(speaks softly in native language)




KHYAN: Keep moving!

Keep moving! Forward!

(thunder rumbles in distance)

(man shouts)

(thunder rumbles in distance)

(birds screeching)


(indistinct chatter)

Joshua! Aaron!

(panicked shouting)

(panicked shouting)


Everyone, run!


JOSHUA: Run to shore!

AARON: Move now!

(panicked shouting)

(horses neighing, men shouting)

(men shouting)

(thunder crashing)

(panicked shouting, screaming)

(thunder rumbling)

(panting): Moshe!

(thunder crashing)

(thunder rumbling)


(panicked shouting)

(man speaks native language)

(people clamoring)

(man speaking native language)

(anxiously): Moshe…

We must leave!




Yah! Rah!

(man shouts)


Ramses, stop!


(man screams)


All! Turn around!

Turn around!


(thunder rumbling)

(men shouting)



Leave now!

That’s an order!


Hyah! Hyah!

(thunder crashing)

(birds screeching)


(thunder rumbling)


You’ll never make it back!





Yah! Yah!

(men shouting)


(panicked shouting)


(screaming, shouting)

(birds screeching)

(thunder rumbling in distance)

(excited chatter)


(gasping, coughing)

(coughs, pants)



(lively chatter nearby)

(lively chatter continues)

It’s just me here.


My family… is not far from here.

Your family?

My other family my wife and my son.

I was thinking…

maybe I could convince them…

convince them to join us.

Or perhaps that’s…

perhaps that’s not wise.

Of course they should come.

We have a long way to go.

A lot can happen.

And then…

we get there, if we get there.

You don’t think they’ll let us settle in Canaan?

They’ll see us as invaders.

They won’t have a choice.

We’re as big as any tribe.

We’re as big

as a nation of tribes, and that concerns me even more.


This many people?

You have to ask?

JOSHUA: But we all have the same goal.

We do now.

What happens when we stop running?

(birds screeching)


the Great.


GERSHOM: Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey!

(speaking quietly)

Thank you.

GERSHOM: Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Hey! Hey! Hey!


(herders whistling)


Did you do what you said?

What did I say?

That you would trade your faith…

…to keep me.


(whispers): Good.

You may need it more than ever now.

(low, indistinct chatter)

Who are they?

They’re my people.

(cries quietly)

Who makes you happy?

You do.

What is the most important thing in your life?

You are.

You are.

When will I leave you?


May I proceed?


(lively chatter, laughter in distance)

(chatter, laughter continue in distance)

(shouting, laughter)

(thunder rumbling in distance)

(rapid tapping)

(tapping continues)

(gently blowing air)

MALEK: What do you think of this?

I wouldn’t do it…

if I didn’t agree.

That’s true.

I’ve noticed that about you.

You don’t always agree with me.

Nor you me…

I’ve noticed.

Yet here we are, still speaking.

But not for much longer.

A leader can falter, but stone… will endure.

These laws will guide them in your stead.

If you disagree, then you should put down the hammer.

(tapping continues)

(horse neighs)

(raspy, weak breathing)

(sighs deeply)

(dramatic choral music playing)

(woman vocalizing gentle melody)

(man vocalizing gentle melody)

(dramatic choral music plays)


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