Creed III (2023) | Transcript

Adonis has been thriving in both his career and family life, but when a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy resurfaces, the face-off is more than just a fight.
Creed III

After dominating the boxing world, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) has been thriving in both his career and family life. When childhood friend and former boxing prodigy Damian (Jonathan Majors) resurfaces after serving a long sentence in prison, he is eager to prove that he deserves his shot in the ring. The face off between former friends is more than just a fight. To settle the score, Adonis must put his future on the line to battle Damian—a fighter who has nothing to lose.

* * *

[intriguing music playing]

[engine revving]


[intriguing music playing]

Thought you got scared.

About to roll without you.

Come on, bro.


[intriguing music continues playing]

Hey, yo, Adonis. This way.

[crowd chattering]

[hip-hop music playing]

Hey, yo, H should be expecting us.

[friend] Here we go. It’s showtime.

[Adonis] Mm-hmm.

[door buzzes]

[gambler] Hold up. Shh, shh.

[door closes]

About time, young gun. Back there.

For sure.

[barber] Dame.

[Dame] What’s the deal, man?

What, you got me next?

I got you, champ.

My guy.

Hey, Dame.

What’s up?

Who’s your friend?

My name’s Donnie.

Nice to meet you. How y’all doing today?

Boy, come on, man. Come on. Focus up, man.

We got plenty of time for that.

[Adonis chuckles]


[crowd cheering]

[bell rings]

[Dame] Ooh. Hello, pot. Man, you see that ring?

That’s easy money.

[Adonis] And I ain’t even tell you who you’ve got yet.

Come on.

Let’s get it.

[Adonis] Michael Fitzbaum.

Orthodox. Solid fighter.

Say he gonna be the first cat to knock you out.


Hey, but he do got a good jab.

He overreaches though.

He tore his labrum last year playing football for Pali, so…

Make him miss.


The right gonna be open.


[suspenseful music playing]

On you?

Come on, man.


See you out there.

First round knockout. Damian.

[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s fighters for the regional Golden Gloves title.

6’2”, from Pacific Palisades, California, Michael Fitzbaum.

[crowd cheering]

6’1”, fighting out of the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, “Diamond” Dame Anderson.

[Adonis] Come on, Dame! Let’s go.

[crowd clapping]

[Adonis] Yeah.


[bell rings]


[Adonis] Show him what you’re made of, boy.


[Adonis] Watch the right.

Hey, watch that jab.

[tense music playing]

Hey, be patient. Be patient.

Keep that guard up, bro.

Wait for it. It’s gonna come to you.

Watch this. Checkmate.

Oh, my God! Come on!

[crowd cheering]

[announcer] And the winner, by way of knockout, new Golden Gloves champion…

What’d I say, boy? That’s how I do.

…”Diamond” Dame Anderson!


Let’s get it, boy.

Let’s get it, man. What did I tell you, huh?

What’d I tell you? I sat that boy down.

That straight right, it’s clean. That’s the perfect punch.

Bro, but when you put him to sleep, though, everybody was–


[chuckling] He was over there like–



Man, the first thing I’ma do, man–

The first thing I’ma do,

I’ma get me one of them big-ass diamonds.


[Dame chuckling]

I’ma get you one too, little homey.


Yes, sir.

Appreciate you.

[chuckles] No doubt, man.

For real.

No doubt.

You know, actually, I got you something too.

It belonged to my pops.

It’s original.

[Dame] Rumble in the Jungle?


[chuckles] Yeah.

I’ma get there one day.

Yeah, I’ma get there.

I’ma win nationals, taking home the gold at the Olympics, and then I’m turning pro.

Don’t trip. You’ll be right there with me.

Shit, someone gotta carry my bags.

Bro, why you gotta play with me like that, bro?


[Adonis] I already know what I want. What you getting?

[Dame] Cherry pie, apple pie.

[Adonis] Cherry pie?

Got you. Chili cheese fries?

Yeah, come on.

Pineapple soda?

All that.

All on you, boy. Big money.



Don’t remember me, do you?

[scoffs] Am I supposed to remember you?

Not so little anymore.


My name’s Donnie. You remember me now?

[announcer] We’re live, round one, Cape Town, South Africa, as Adonis Creed battles his old rival in what Creed has said will be his final fight.

Todd Grisham alongside the champion, Jessica McCaskill.

And right out of the gate with an impressive combo.

Is Conlan looking this good or Creed looking this bad?

[McCaskill] If he doesn’t do something fast, he’s going to end his historic career with another loss to Conlan.

There we go.

Put that jab in his face.

Okay. Same Creed. Ain’t nothing changed.

[Grisham] Conlan stalking his prey, pushing Creed towards the corner.

[McCaskill] You’ve got to wonder if the moment is getting to Creed here.

Conlan is banging away with the right hand.

[trainer] Look to your right.

[Grisham] Seems to be the same combination he’s throwing over and over, and Creed can’t stop it.


[Grisham] Creed, getting out of the corner.

Good jab, but Conlan not fazed at all.

[trainer] Keep that in his face. Keep that jab out there.

[McCaskill] Big left from Conlan.

Get off that rope.

[Grisham] Oh, he’s got him on the ropes. Clean shots landing.

Creed taking quite a beating.

[bell rings]

And wow. Conlan almost had him.

Next round’s gonna hurt, champ. Next round’s gonna hurt.

[crowd cheering, murmuring]

You okay, Donnie?

Come on, Donnie. You gotta work, baby.

Yo, what you smiling for, dawg?

He over there beating you worse than last time.

Like, is something I miss that’s funny?

Yeah, man. Checkmate.

Checkmate? Oh, okay. You sure about that?

I ain’t never been scared of a little contact.

I’m going out how I came in.

Man, you’re crazy, all right.

Stop playing, knock him out.

How you feeling? Looking great.

[Ricky] I’m just warming up.

He had a good run.

But it’s time to take back what’s ours.


[crowd cheering]

[McCaskill] Creed’s had a remarkable career, but you wonder if Father Time has finally caught up with the champ.

This is getting dangerous for Creed.

[Grisham] Ooh, the champ finally lands one.

[trainer] Come on, Donnie. Work this. Show him who’s champ.

Beautiful, Ricky. Beautiful. Just like that.

One more time.

[Grisham] And down goes Conlan! He goes down!

What a moment! And I don’t think he’s gonna get up, Jessica.

Three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


[Grisham] And that’s it, folks.

It’s over.

[crowd cheering]

What a chess move from Adonis Creed.

[McCaskill] Just incredible.

What a turn. What an ending.

That’s how you go out.

[Grisham] Who would expect anything less from Adonis Creed as he takes his final bow on the world stage?

What an exit.

Respect, Conlan. Hell of a fight.

[Grisham] And that means we’ve got a new, undisputed heavyweight champion of the world for the first time in two decades, and his name is Adonis Creed.


[gentle music playing]

[Adonis grunting softly]


[Adonis grunts, coughs]

What’s up?

You don’t remember.

Remember what?

C’mon, Daddy. You promised.


Five minutes.

Okay, okay, okay.


Yes. All right.


Would you like some more tea, princess?

Yes. Thank you, kind sir.

[hip-hop music playing]


♪ Just trying…

♪ And I’m…

♪ And I’m trying my best ♪

♪ Best ♪

[both chuckling]

This is hot.


Yeah, yeah.

This the track you’ve been working on for Kehlani?



We had a good session, but I don’t know.

What you mean you don’t know? Can you send this to me?

Yes, yes.

I need this in the car.

How was today?

It was good. Yeah.


Thank you for holding it down.

I got you.

Did you get her to bed?

I did.


So, I’m not gonna lie.

I had to bribe her with about six scoops of ice cream.

I don’t even know how she sleep.

Retirement made you soft, you know that?

I can’t tell that girl no.

I think you had a couple scoops too ’cause look, you got this.



Yeah, that’s bad.

[chuckles] Yeah.

Take that off before it stains, D.

Oh, I see what you’re trying to do.

What’s that?

You’re trying to get me naked.

Oh, no, no. I’m definitely not trying to do that ’cause I’m trying to work.

I see what you were trying to do.

No, you can just own it. It’s okay.

I know you just wanna see all this.

[chuckling] No, no, no.

Look at that.


Still hot? Still warm?


Stop it. I’m working, D. Please.


I’m working too. Listen, I don’t get a chance to–

What are you working on?

I don’t get no alone time with you no more ’cause you be hard at work.

I know. Yeah.

You ain’t got no time for me.

I know.

You ain’t got time for–

I know, but I don’t have time now.

So come on. You don’t?

[laughing] No. No.

Just a little bit. Just a little bit.


Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Don’t you miss when…

we used to… [inhales deeply] …anywhere.

Any place?

[chuckles] Mm-hmm.

Mm-mmm. Okay.

Okay, let’s go.

Okay, I just-I have, like, about 15 minutes because I have to send these stems.


How about 12?

[Bianca] All right. Twelve will do.

[foreboding music playing]

[bus announcer] Next stop, Leimert Park.

[boxers boxing]

[indistinct talking]

[person] Body, head. Body, head.

Efficiency over power, baby. Give it to him.


[speaks Spanish]

[trainer] Technique. Technique, Felix.

You can’t just punch your way through Drago.

We got a plan, so stick to it.

Come on. Make him work for it.

[person] Let’s go.

It’s not only about power. It’s timing, speed.

Shit, you’re telling me? Come on now.

I know, I know.

Keep drilling into him.

[trainer] Technique. Technique.


[bell buzzes]

Hey! Time!

[person] Felix. Get over here.

These guys are trash.

We need a new batch, and we need it fast.

It’s hard. You’ve chewed through most of LA.

You want me to pull back? You know Drago ain’t taking it easy.

[in Spanish] We’re here to train, we’re here to fight, aren’t we?

You taught me that and that is what we are going to do.


[in English] Hey, Felix. Ven aqui.

What’s up, champ? You wanna help me with some rounds?

What, and mess up this suit? I don’t think so.

I’m trying to get you paid, Felix.

We can’t get you paid if you keep knocking out all these sparring partners, okay?

You gotta be ready to fight Drago in four weeks.

You’re the champ. We know you got power.

But it’s not always about how hard you can hit.

It’s about control and focus.

You’re right.

Listen to Duke.

Yes, sir.

See? You play too much.

Listen to Duke.

[Duke] Did you hear that?

“Listen to Duke.”

Those three words. Not “I love you.”

Not “take it easy.” None of that.

“Listen to Duke.”

I understand exactly what they’re asking.

Drago’s got a bigger name, that’s true, but Felix got the belt.

His split’s got to be bigger.

I don’t care if they don’t like it. Tell Drago to call me.

Hey, let me call you right back.

Hey, my man.

Can I help you?

Let me get an autograph.

No, I ain’t signing no autographs.

Would you get off my car?

Oh, homey.

You don’t remember me, huh?

You come a long way from bumming rides from your mom.


[exhales] Boy, you had me.

[Dame laughing]


Yeah, just got back to the hood.

Stopped by the old gym, but, uh…

Yeah, we upgraded a couple years ago, you know?

I see.

Damn, it’s, uh…

It’s been a minute.

Been a minute.

Hey, I don’t wanna take up your time or nothing, man.

I just wanted to let you know what’s good.

I’m around.

If you wanna catch up, you know, you just let me know.

Where you about to head now?

Shit, back to the crib.

You got time to get some grub?

[Dame] Thank you.

Thank you.

[server] Enjoy.

I’m surprised you still come here and eat with the common folk.

I mean, when I can.

There’s a lot of things I used to do that I can’t do anymore.

Busy living that high life, huh?

Yeah. Guess it comes with the job.

All right.

Yo-Easy, easy. Damn, bruh.

You know how long it’s been since I had this shit?

How long?

Eighteen years, bro.

You’ve been down this whole time?

Had a few years tacked on, but… yeah.

[sighs] Just got out last week.

Well, congratulations on that.

Thank you.

Wrote you a few times.

You did? Where’d you send ’em?

Mama Creed’s.

She still up in Bel Air?

Yeah, she’s still there. Same house.

But I never got ’em.

You know I watched every one of your fights in the pen.

You finally made it to Africa, huh?

You seen that?

Saw that.

Made me proud how you ended your run.

Look like you still remember some of them moves I taught you.

You know what I remember?

You knocking my ass out.

[Dame laughing]

You know what I remember?

Helping your big ass back up.

Remember that?

Yeah, you did.

All right, then.

You got work?

I got plans. [chuckles]

Keep my nose clean. Keep my PO off my ass.

[Adonis] Mm.

Listen, if there’s anything I can do for you, if I can help at all, just ask.

What am I talking about? You just came home.

Whatever you need. Aight? Don’t hesitate, bruh.

I’m straight, bro.

I’m good. I got it all situated.

I ain’t come to see you for no handout.

Nah, I didn’t mean it like that. It was…


So, what’s the plan?

Same program last time you saw me.

I wanna be champ.

You still wanna box?

Hey, I know I’ve been away a long time.

I kept myself in shape.

I got some moves you ain’t seen yet.

Yeah. You…

You looking diesel.

I ain’t joking.

I’m ready.

I still got gas in the tank.

And I gotta get me that chain.

Can’t be “Diamond” Dame looking bummy.

“Diamond” Dame.

[Dame laughing]

That’s right.

All right.

Come by the gym.

Get you set up with Duke.

For real?


For real.

All right, then.

Thank you.

[ominous music playing]


Yo, yo, yo!


[gun cocks]

[Bianca laughs]

What’s so funny?

Oh, nothing. I’m just trying to convince your mama to come live with us, so I can have my own live-in braider.

[Bianca and Adonis laugh]

Yeah. Careful what you wish for.

Oh, I’m not worried.

[Mary-Anne chuckles]

It’s actually not a bad idea.

And how you feeling, Mama? You good?

I’m good.

[Adonis] You sure?

[Mary-Anne] Oh, yeah.


I’d be better if my son showed up on time for dinner.

Ouch. Uh, sorry.


I just got caught up.


There. Look at that.

Who’s the real champ in this family?

You are.

No. You.

Go see for yourself.

Thank you Grandma. I love you.

You’re welcome.

I love you.


No TV.

[Mary-Anne snorts]

Fine. I love you.

[laughing] You’re gonna have your hands full with that one.

We already do.

No. She’s the best.

Yes, we do.

She is.

You’re the worst.

Oh, come on, Mama.

You’re the worst.

[chuckles] Stop… You don’t mean it.

Here, Ma.

Thank you.

B, think that’s a good idea?

[Bianca] Baby, not tonight.

[Adonis] But we talked about this.

[Bianca] One thing at a time.

[Adonis] Okay.

Okay. We are not doing this this evening, okay?

And just so we’re straight and everybody knows, I am not leaving my house.


[Adonis] Mm-hmm.

[Bianca] Okay.

[Mary-Anne] Okay.

And I really am fine.

I promise you, I am not gonna have another stroke tonight.


Have it tomorrow night.

Mom. That’s…

[Bianca and Mary-Anne laugh]

That’s not funny.

[Bianca chuckling] It’s a little funny.

And you’re not helping.

You know that we’re worried about you.

That’s it. We can leave it now.


And we wanna be careful after the last one.

I am fine.


But what about you?

What’s up with you?

Yeah. Where were you, D?

Just ran into this guy named Dame.


Who’s he?


Think you might’ve checked with me? This ain’t no damn charity.

And homey older than you.

I’m just trying to give him a break. Isn’t that what we do anyway?

No! This ain’t the YMCA.

Look around, Duke.

You see anybody lining up to get in the ring with Felix?

All I’m saying is, let him spar.

Felix got a fight coming up, and we have zero bodies.

I mean, absolutely nobody wants to get in the ring with Felix.

I know what you doin’, Donnie.

You don’t owe this dude shit.


But let’s spar.

Let’s do it.

Felix, Felix, yo. Listen up.

Adonis brought somebody in for you to spar.

[Adonis] Hey, hey. Whoa, whoa, whoa.


We on.

Lot of young cats in here.

Young man’s game.

Don’t worry, Duke’s gonna take care of you.

[Dame] We back to ground zero.

Champs gotta start somewhere, right?

[Duke] All right.

Felix, meet Damian. He gonna spar with you.

You still remember how to do that, yeah?

You got this.

[Duke] Felix, stay focused. Work on timing. That’s all we need.

[tense music playing]


Why’s this kid picking on her?

Well, I’m just asking.


I’m sorry.

I think…

She probably wants to get some attention –

Hold on. Why is my daughter in trouble and not her?

She can’t protect herself?

Obviously we’re concerned about Amara.

Feeling comfortable here is important.

Of course.

But we understand fighting isn’t the way to handle things.

[Adonis] Mm-hmm.

Look, we love Amara.

She’s an academically exceptional child…

She’s thriving.

She just… fights.

So, you wanna teach her how to fight? That’s your advice?

I didn’t think I had to, at a deaf school like that, but maybe I was wrong.

Wait. [sighs]

What does that mean, “at a deaf school like that,” like they’re not still kids?

I mean, what did you expect, Adonis?

[Adonis] Then she should learn how to defend herself.

Okay, first of all, I’m not saying that she shouldn’t know how to defend herself.

I’m just saying what that means to me is different than what it means to you.

What if she’s someplace she’s supposed to be safe, and she’s not?

She won’t know how to protect herself.

Where’s that coming from?

Nowhere. It’s just a fact.


Another fact is that, I think, as parents, it’s actually our responsibility to teach her how to assess her emotions.

So you want Amara, right, to hold hands with this bully and start talking about her feelings?

That’s not real life.

Okay, what do you want her to do?

You want her to never talk about her feelings to anyone?

Not even to us, and all she can do about them is to hit somebody?

Look, I know that you think that that has worked for you, but now that you don’t have an outlet anymore, you should think about maybe talking about how you feel.

If not to me, to somebody.

Or, I don’t know, D. Get a hobby.

Okay, I’ll get a hobby.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, you.

I’ma go down to the studio. I’ma start laying tracks with you.

That’s not funny, D.

Look, I know that you think that you are protecting her, baby, but she has got to know why she wants to fight, not just how to do it.

And the only solution to every problem is not a punch in the face.

Yeah, you’re right. And sometimes it is.

[doorbell ringing]

[Adonis] All right, let’s just have a good time.

Okay, I see you made it all right.

Oh, yeah. I just asked him, “Where the Black family live at?”

[all chuckling]

I’m kidding.


What’s up, man?


There’s other ones around.

I ain’t see none. Here you go.

Thank you.

Nice to meet you, Ms. Bianca.


You never bought me no flowers.

What, you want a kiss?

Nah. I’m okay. No, no, it’s all right.

Come here.

Hey, y’all got a beautiful home.

[Bianca] Thank you.

Hey… dinner time.

[Dame] You got the see-through floors?


Whoa. All right.



[Adonis] Mm-hmm.

Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

[Bianca] She says, “You too.” [chuckles]

Ah, hell yeah.

Need water?

Thank you again.

Thank you very much.

[Dame] Dawg, I still can’t get over this.

This square got him a whole mansion. [chuckles]

Married a-a genuine rock star.

Yeah, I did.


How many gold records you got?

I have a few. [chuckles]

[Adonis] She bein’ modest.

She bein’ real modest.

No, but it’s mostly artists I produce, but, yeah, I got some.

And she produces?

She does.

Donnie. You punching up.

So, Ms. Producer, when’s your next show?

I don’t really perform like that these days.

Yeah, I took a break, ’cause I was… I was having some issues with my hearing on stage.

Now I’m trying to be careful and preserve what I’ve got left, so, I’m producing.


Not any time soon. [chuckles]

Still hard to give that part up, though. Right?

Yeah. It’s not the only thing I love, but it takes work.

[Adonis] It’s an adjustment…

[Bianca] Mm-hmm.

[Adonis] …for the both of us.

So, how long have you known each other?

[sighs] I mean…

We go back. Way back.

We was like… We was like brothers.

Shared a room for two years at the Jeff.

Yeah, something like that.

You know how it went. He went off and got all Hollywood.

The Jeff, right.

Yeah, the group home.

You remember them bedbugs?

I try to forget ’em.

[chuckling] Yeah.

I can’t forget them bugs.

I’m gonna get her to bed.

[Adonis] Okay.

You two stay, catch up.

[Adonis] Okay.

Oh, invite him to the label party.

Definitely will do that.


I heard that. I’m invited to the label party.


You’re invited.

[Dame] Thank you.

Yeah. Thank you so much for coming.

Yeah, no doubt. My pleasure to meet you.


[Dame] I can’t believe you moved back out here to the boonies.

You used to love coming out to the hood. Now you all…


Domesticated and shit.

Ah, come on, man.

[Dame chuckles]

See what happens when you get married.

Yeah, all right, bro.


The women run this household. I just live here.

[Dame chuckles]

That’s what happens, man. You get married, a family.

It’s crazy.

Pour up.

Can’t believe you traded it in for a monkey suit.

Oh, you know, a suit has some advantages.

You saying that like I got soft or something, like…

Like I lost this sneak-attack.

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Okay, I see. The champ’s still got some pepper in him.

All I’m saying is, I left boxing, but boxing didn’t leave me.

See, that’s what I’m saying, bro.

I mean, look, I know you got a ship to run, and whatnot, but I ain’t keep my stuff together just to be some punching bag for some chump.

You feel me?

Don’t sleep on Felix. Aight?

He got it the hard way. He earned it.

I did 18 years the hard way, bro.

Maybe I ain’t make myself clear.

I want a title shot.


[chuckles] I don’t know what you think, but it don’t work like that.

Felix so cold, what he got to lose? What you got to lose?

You think I can snap my fingers and make you a contender overnight?

Ain’t that what happened to you?


It’s like this, bro.

I respect you… but my clock tickin’.

It’s now or never for me.

And I wanna help you, like I said I would.

But, man, what you asking me, it’s… it’s kinda impossible.

You don’t know what it’s like, bro.

All that time in them… in them walls.


They take your name.

And they give you a number.

That’s how it start.

I was the best, though.

Yeah, you were.

I was, bro.

But I never got a chance to prove that.

Look, all I’m saying, bro, if–

If Apollo Creed could take a chance on some underdog… why can’t you?

Did you sleep okay?

[Adonis] Mm-hmm.

[Bianca] You were grinding your teeth.

How was the rest of last night?

[Adonis] Mm…

It was, uh… It was good.


Just catching up.

Hey, why didn’t you ever tell me about the group home?

There wasn’t a lot to say.

[Bianca] Hmm.

How old were you?

Uh, I was around Amara’s age.

You don’t wanna talk about it?

It’s okay.

No. [stammers]

It’s okay.

Nah, it’s Dame.

You know he asked me to fight Felix?

For real?

Yeah. [chuckles]

Heavyweight champion of the world, and he wants a shot.

So what’d you say?

I said no.

It’s impossible, you know?

People wait their whole lives for a shot like that.

And he’s not even a pro.


Why does it look like you’re still considering it?

[Felix grunting]

Right. All right. Work him against the ropes.

Work him. Stay in front of him, baby. Cut off that ring. Come on.

[onlookers exclaim]


[coach] That’s right.

Don’t look at me, man. You on your own in there. Let’s go.

Come on, mijo,stay on him.

[Duke] Keep fighting. Let’s go.

[Dame] Okay.

[both grunting]

[Duke] Okay, baby, come on. Come on.

[Felix] Okay.

Let’s go, grandpa.

Not enough.


Stay focused. Jabs, jabs.

Give it to him.

Work yourself out the clinch. Let’s do it.

Hey! You keep it clean, huh?

What was that? Hey.

Yo, man. What you trying to do, hurt me?

Walk it off. Little man, you ain’t built like that.

Who you calling “little man”?

This is my gym, bro.

All right, coz. All right!

[gym member 1] Get in there.

Hey, hey, hey.

[gym member 2] Nah. Get back, Damian. Let him go.

[Adonis] Hey! What’s going on down here?

That was intentional.

You handle this.

I am gonna handle this.

[Adonis] D, talk to me. What happened?

Me doing my job.

Hey, come here, man.

Come on. Hey, hey, hey. Use your head. Okay?

Use your head. Leave all that other mess outside.

I told you what I want, D.

And I told you it was gonna take some time.

All right.

All right? Go take a walk.

Get some air.


[Duke] Hey, Adonis.

No-Hey, Duke. Calm down.

This was a mistake.

I got it under control.

I told you right away it was a mistake.

I got it.

You don’t!

You let him come in here with a chip on his shoulder.

That’s exactly…

Well, don’t get quiet now, Dukie.


It’s okay. Relax. I know, I got you. I know. Just let it go. Okay?

I got it under control.

He’s telling you who he is, right?

Believe him.

[foreboding music playing]

[rousing music playing]

What you up to, rascal?

Oh, I was… I was cleaning.

That’s not what Uncle Duke told me…


I don’t want to get in trouble.

Mom doesn’t want me to fight.

How ’bout it’s our little secret?


Want me to show you all the other stuff?


[mellow music playing]

That’s called a straight right.

That’s how you knocked out Wheeler?

Who taught you that?


You watched that fight?

I’ve watched all your fights.

Show me something else.

Most people think it’s about violence but it’s not.

It’s timing and focus and…


[both grunting quietly]


♪ I can tell

[crowd cheering]

♪ That there’s something Lurking in the dark ♪

♪ The dark, yeah

♪ I can tell

♪ That you’re trying To catch me off guard ♪

♪ And I’m trying my best

♪ My best To keep from going under ♪

♪ And it’s hard To forget all the rain ♪

♪ When you keep Hearing the thunder ♪

♪ And it just feels like

♪ Shadows keep following me

[hip-hop music playing]

Can I get two scotches on the rocks? All right, thank you.

‘Sup, Donnie?

I would’ve had you.

Okay, maybe not.

You look all right.

You know. You too.

A sweater.

I’m… just glad you came.

B invited.


[Laura laughing]

Hey, don’t worry about them.

I ain’t.

It’s a party. Have fun.

So many other things in here you should be looking at.

It’s a fire party, bro. Yeah.

Congrats, boy.

[Duke] You made it.

[Adonis] Now those two: Chavez, Drago.

I’m gonna make sure that’s the fight of the year.

Hey, you okay?

I don’t need no babysitting, bro.

Aight. I’ma be right back.

Go ahead.

[Adonis] Look at my two killers.

I can’t wait to get this thing…

Are you ready to do this?

You know I’m always ready. You don’t have to ask.

Okay. Save it for fight night.

We got the venue. We got the money. We’re gonna break records.

[Bianca] Will you send me the tracks, please?

I can’t wait to hear them.

We’ll talk next week. It was so nice to meet you.

Congratulations too.

You made it.


Thank you for coming.

You having fun?




Good. Me too.

I’m tired of working the room, but… [chuckles]

It’s what you do.

Yeah, sometimes.

Guess that’s what y’all do. Look at him over there.

[Bianca chuckles]

Getting his Don King on.

[chuckles] Minus the hair.

Thank God. [chuckles]

[chuckles] Yeah.

You know, that’s growth for him.

He used to hate coming to these things.


How does it feel?

What’s that?

Having somebody else sing your song?


It feels good.

I mean, if it’s gotta be anybody, not bad.

Yeah, I almost believe you.

[both chuckle]

How about Donnie? Think he misses boxing?

No. Not that he tells me.

But would he?

Speaking of, you know, there’s something I wanted to ask you actually.

Curious what happened with you two.

Oh, you wanna know how I got locked up.


Boring story really.

Got into a fight.

I had a few priors.

Pulled a gun.

Donnie was there. He can tell you.

You know.

Donnie pop off…

And I ain’t even saying dude ain’t deserve it, but… [chuckles]

Who is “dude”?

Okay. Uh…


His name was Leon.

The rest of it, we gonna leave to Donnie to tell you.

Ain’t really my place. Feel me?

But it’s like you say.

You know, it take work to look at the past.

[security 1] Yo, stop him.

[security 2] Drago!

[security 3] Hey, hey, get that guy!

[crowd screaming]

[grunting, groaning]

[bones crack]


[reporter] The LAPD took this man, Luis Camino, into custody…

[Adonis] No.

No, we’re not canceling anything.

He’s seeing a specialist right now.

They’re saying… at least six months.

I know. I know. But we’ll figure it out.

Do not move the date.

All right. All right. Bye.

[reporter] …high-profile event.

Drago, who’s currently recovering at Cedars-Sinai, suffered a concussion, as well as multiple fractures to his right arm and hand.

And his injuries now throw into doubt his participation in next month’s…

[cell phone ringing]


…highly-anticipated title fight against Felix Chavez.


Yes, everything is gonna be fine.

We’ll figure it out. We’ll find another fighter.

It’s not about just finding another fighter.

I know, and I understand your frustrations. I really do.

So, what are you gonna do?

He wants to fight Drago.

But we can’t wait six months for him to be cleared.

These windows don’t last forever. We need to get him paid now.

All right, there’s one, maybe two other contenders outside of Drago.

There’s Ortiz, and then there’s Sporino.

And he’s recovering from his last fight.

Okay, so then who?

I got an idea.

It’s risky, but if we pull it off, it’ll be a payday.

What do you have in mind?

He wants you to fight Dame.


[chuckles] He’s not even a real fighter.

He was real enough when he was sparring with you.

Hey, Felix, people talk.

Champ, he’s older than you.


[Adonis] You’re right.

But Dame will fight tooth and nail.

Right now, we gotta think outside the box.

[Duke sighs]

Oh, you don’t like it, huh?

Damian ain’t a boxer.

He’s fighting the world and he’s trying to hurt people.

No, I don’t like it. I think it’d be a circus.

What he means is he’s gonna put on a show. Okay?

We gotta play the cards that we’re dealt.

But the thing here is, will people come?

Oh, people are gonna show up. I can promise you that.

Everyone loves an underdog story.

You know how many people tuned in when Apollo gave Rocky a shot?

People are still talking about that fight today.

Champ, listen.

I know it’s not what we promised, okay? I understand.

But if it was me, I’d do it.

[in Spanish] What do you think?

Do you trust him?

Yes, of course.

Ok so let’s go.

[in English] Let’s do it.

Just let your boy know, I’ma beat his ass when I’m in that ring.

Felix, all I want you to do is your job.


Let’s get it.

[narrator] Since taking over the famous Delphi Academy with his longtime trainer, and partner, “Little” Duke Burton, Adonis Creed has trained and mentored the next generation of boxing legends.

Adonis always looked out. We family.

[narrator] But the brightest jewel in Creed Athletics’ crown is undoubtedly Felix Chavez.

[Felix] I go in there like if I’m a warrior.

And until I take you out, I’m not gonna stop.

Me and my mother, we wanna build a legacy, just like they did.

I had my time as a fighter.

Felix is the next generation.


[Adonis] I’m just excited I get a chance to see the fireworks up close.

Boy is explosive.

[narrator] Now, Creed is staking his reputation and legacy

on an unlikely new opponent for Chavez.

[Dame] Shit, man. Before I got locked up,

I was the highest-ranking amateur in boxing.



[narrator] “Diamond” Damian Anderson

was once a heralded Golden Gloves champion

from the Crenshaw district of Los Angeles, California.

But after almost two decades behind bars,

he’s only now making his professional debut.

It’s the longest hiatus in the history of boxing ’cause I’m back now.

[narrator] The future of two fighters hangs in the balance.

Creed Athletics is promoting the most surprising fight of the year.

Will it be a Cinderella story, or another notch on the champion’s belt?

[announcer] Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

and welcome to the Arena

for tonight’s main event.

The stars are arriving for a much hyped and very unique title match,

brought to you by Showtime and Creed Athletics,

between the reigning WBC heavyweight champion, Felix Chavez,

and the virtually unknown challenger, Damian Anderson.

[Duke] All right, let’s go.

[Felix] Mm-hmm.

[Felix grunting]

[ankle bracelet beeping]

[Adonis] Yeah.



Give us a minute.


[Adonis] 6’1″,

fighting out of the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles,

[dramatically] “Diamond” Dame Anderson.

[Dame] Oh, shit.

[Adonis chuckling]

See they finally got you out of those chains.


How do I look?

You look lighter.

Thank you.

[Adonis] You ain’t gotta thank me.

Just go out there and put on.

For sure.

[announcer] And now, ladies and gentlemen in attendance,

and boxing fans joining us around the world,

here we go.

[commentator 1] The challenger this evening, “Diamond” Damian Anderson.

out of South Central Los Angeles.

[crowd booing]

[“Grinding All My Life” playing]

♪ All my life Been grindin’ all my life ♪

♪ Sacrificed, hustled Paid the price ♪

♪ Want a slice Got to roll the dice ♪

♪ That’s why all my life I been grindin’ all my life Look ♪

♪ All my life Been grindin’ all my life ♪

[commentator 1] What is it about this guy that’s so special

that he gets a title shot his very first fight?

Well, it all hinges on Adonis Creed.

Creed says Anderson is more than up to the task.

[commentator 2] But we’ll find out ourselves in just a moment.

Will this be a fairy tale or a massacre?

[dramatic Latin music playing on speakers]

[crowd cheering]

[song playing in Spanish]

[crowd cheering]

[commentator 2] This guy is a true product of Creed Athletics.

Chavez made his presence felt when he stormed onto the scene

with a string of devastating knockouts.

A proud fighter,

he had one prediction for this evening’s unlikely main event:


From the Arena,

it’s time for the main event of the evening.

It’s showtime!

It’s okay.

I got it. Thank you.

[announcer] Introducing to you first, on my right…

I’m fine.

…making his professional debut,

in an unprecedented attempt at a world title,

here is the former Golden Gloves champion,

“Diamond” Damian Anderson.

[sparse cheering]

And his opponent across the ring

is the defending world champion.

With a record of 15 wins and one loss,

he has 14 wins coming by way of knockout.

Introducing Felix “El Guerrero” Chavez.

[crowd cheering]

[referee] Center ring. Center ring.

Gentlemen, we went over the rules in the dressing room.

[muffled] I wanna remind you to protect yourself at all times.

Obey my commands.

God bless you both.

[normal] Touch up.

[crowd cheering]

Dame needs to start strong.

It will be quick.

Because Felix is a beast.

[crowd chanting] Chavez! Chavez!

[commentator 2] The bell and the start of round one,

here at the Arena.

Chavez starts out aggressive. On the hunt.


Sending a very clear message to Anderson of what he has in store.

But Anderson is keeping a tight guard.

[grunting, groaning]

Come on, champ! Let’s go.

Don’t lay off. Keep that pressure there, baby.

[commentator 2] Chavez paws with that jab there

but Anderson’s showing good movement.

[crowd member] Whoo!

[commentator 2] Chavez walks him down…

Oh, wow! What an awkward punch.

[Adonis] Mmm.

[commentator 2] That looked intentional.

Where all that power go?

It ain’t nothing. Let’s go.

Hands up, baby. Hands up.

You ain’t got nothing I ain’t seen, boy.

[Felix] Okay, grandpa. No tienes nada.

You soft. You soft.

[crowd cheering]

[commentator 2] Anderson clinches.

Get off the ropes.

[commentator 2] Before shelling back up into that crab guard.

[commentator 1] Dame may be new to us,

but he may have some tricks in his bag.

Come on, ref. Didn’t you see that?


[bell ringing]

[commentator 2] Some dangerous punches to end the first.

Anderson might need to freshen up on the rule book, Al.

[Duke] Let’s go, Felix.

[in Spanish] Son! Listen to me.

[in English] He thinks he’s got you.

[in Spanish] Everything’s going to be alright.

[Laura in English] Stick to the plan.

I know what I’m doing.

[Duke] Listen,

you fight the fighter, I fight the refs.

Don’t let this turn into no kind of brawl.

That’s what he wants. He’s trying to agitate you. No. Okay?

[Felix] I got this.

[Duke] Let’s get out there.

[trainer] You stole that round. Don’t get caught up…


…in their stuff.

It’s the first round and you got bruises on your face.

Come on, you better than that, champ. Stick to the script, baby.

You get out there and fight the fight that we worked so hard for.

[bell rings]

[commentator 1] Round two begins,

and Chavez is already back on the attack.

There we go, champ.

[commentator 2] Feels like Chavez is back in the fight.

[grunting, groaning]

[commentator 2] Mamma mia!

Anderson swinging to separate Chavez’s head from his shoulders.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Yo! What is this?

[commentator 2] Wow, that looked deliberate.

You! Time!

[commentator 2] The ref needs

to get control before this gets out of hand.

Can you continue?

Yeah, I’m good. Let’s go.

Stay right here.

[commentator 1] The only good news for Chavez is that

that cut is so far below his eye…

Come here.

…but it’s still dangerous.

Two-point deduction. Intentional elbow.

It’s about time, ref.

Two-point deduction. Intentional elbow.

Listen, you keep this up and you’re gonna get yourself disqualified.

Do you understand?

Right. Right.

Stay right there.

[crowd booing]

You good?

Yeah, I’m good.

[commentator 2] If anyone was wondering…


…what kind of fight this would be,

it seems like Anderson is out to make this clear:

This is a fight for your life.

[commentator 1] Let’s hope Chavez can make it back to his corner and adjust.

[commentator 2] Big right hand to end the round

and Chavez sends Anderson to the corner with something to think about.

Way to finish. Way to finish strong.

Let me get that mouthpiece.


Keep grinding, champ. Round after round.

Hey, champ. You good? Can you still go?

Yeah, I’m good.

Okay, he’s good. Let’s go.

He said he’s good.

Listen, pain is temporary.

Say it back to me. Pain is temporary.

Pain is temporary.

He a bum! Okay? And you the champ, right?

I’m the champ.

Let’s go, champ. Keep your hands up. Stay off them ropes.

Bring it in.

[coach] That’s good. Let’s go. Vamos.

[Duke] Come on.

[bell rings]

[commentator 2] Two rounds down,

but it’s clearly not the fight any of us expected.

Stay in it, mijo.

[commentator 1] Another shot to that left arm.

Things are starting to get very ugly.

Chavez is in some serious trouble.

[referee] Hands free. Stop!

I gotta take her, D, okay?


We gotta go.

There’s no such thing as defeat. Let’s go.

[commentator 2] This is dangerous.

Anderson swinging like a wrecking ball…

Move. Move!

…and Chavez is getting demolished.

[speaking Spanish]

[commentator 2] Oh, what a shot by Anderson. Down goes Chavez.

Chavez is not getting back up.

[commentator 1] Oh, no. You don’t wanna see that.

Chavez is down

and appears to be badly hurt.

No, no, no.

[Laura] Felix!

[bell dinging]

[announcer] Ladies and gentlemen…

[coach speaking Spanish]

[Laura] ¿Que paso?

…our referee in charge,

Russell Mora, stops the contest.

[Adonis] Call the paramedics!

[announcer] He is the winner…

Doc, is he gonna be okay?

…by way of spectacular knockout

and he is the new unified heavyweight champion of the world,

“Diamond” Damian Anderson.

‘Sup, bro? ‘Sup, bro?

Right? What?



All right, Duke. We gotta make this right.

Whatever I can do…

No. I told you, dawg, already.

Ain’t no making nothing right. Ain’t no “Duke” nothing.

I can fix it.


[siren wailing]

You can’t.

You stay away from the gym. You do that. And stay away for a while.

[cell phone beeps]

[door closes]

[Mary-Anne sighs]

Hey, Ma.

[Mary-Anne] How’s Felix?

[washing hands]

He’s still at the hospital.

He’s stable.

I figured I’d get out of there and give him some space.


May be smart.

[Adonis grunts, sighs]

What’s all this?

They’re from Damian.

[somber music playing]

You kept these from me?

To help you move on, yes, I did.

Mama, how could you?

I was trying to protect you.

Protect me from what?

Damian was my brother.

No, Donnie.

Not in that facility where you were caged like an animal.

Did you think that I was gonna let you go back to that?

You made him think I abandoned him.

Do you know what we went through?

I know who that man was the two of you beat up.

You know Leon?


[sniffles] Yeah.

Then you know Damian had my back before you even knew who I was.

Dame treated me more like family than your two kids

ever did in this house.

And you took that away from me.

None of this would’ve happened if it wasn’t for you.

You’re absolutely right.

None of it.

You hit hard, Donnie.

And you can’t see.

There may have been a time when Damian had your back.

But that’s not what he’s doing now.

[ominous music playing]

[exhales shakily]

[hip-hop music playing on speakers]

Excuse me.

Yo, Dame. Dame.

Hey, man.

Get your hands off me.

Get your hands off me!

[crowd exclaiming]

[person] Hold up.

[music stops]

It’s aight. Cool out, bro.

Give me that.

That’s what we on?

What’s up, Donnie? You all right? You look tidy, bro.

Man. Nah, nah, you tell me, bro.

You’ve been playing me this whole time.

Guess you did get them letters, huh?

Why’d you lie to me?

I vouched for you.

I brought you into my home, bro. You met my family.

I put money up for you.

Put the gloves on your hands like you asked.

All right. That’s enough.

You feel me? [laughing]

You put the gloves on my hands?

Oh, homey. [chuckles]

You must be punchy.

[Dame, crowd laughing]

‘Cause if memory serves, you used to carry my gloves.

Get your shit and get out the gym.

Oh, Donnie, hold on. Wait, wait, wait.

You think I need you?

No. When I got locked up, I needed you.

[chuckling] When I came home, yeah, bro, I needed you.

But look around, bro.

I’m the champ! [laughing]

[crowd] Yeah!

And I don’t need you for nothing or… or nothing.


Who alone now?

Yeah, that’s right. Run away.

Run away. That’s the one thing you still good at,

Baby Creed.

[crowd laughing]


What was that?

What’d you call me?

Oh, you mad?

You mad?

Try spending half your life in a cell

watching somebody else live your life.

You turned your back on me, homey.

Hey, but look, don’t trip.


Hey, come here.

Remember this?

This title?

All this? [chuckles]

Hey, I’m just getting started, little brother.

I’m coming for it all.

And what’s that supposed to mean?

Are you threatening me?

[Adonis grunts]

Ain’t no threats here, bro.

Just promises here, homey.

[tense music playing]

Come here. Let’s see.

Get your hands off me.

Oh, you all right.


Help yourself up for once.

See how it feel.

[tense music intensifies]



[Bianca] Where were you all night?

You didn’t get any of my calls then, or this morning?

What happened to your eye?


Are you okay?

[scoffs] Not today. I ain’t got time for a therapy session.

Okay. Well, then what do you have time for?

Let me know.

Because I have been trying to talk to you for a really long time, Donnie.

All right?

Please, can you tell me what is going on.

Is it me?

No. It’s nothing to do with you.

[Bianca sighs]

Is it about Leon?

What? Who told you that?


Is there something else you wanna tell me?

[Bianca sighs]

D, you have got to open up at some point.

I don’t know what else to tell you. I need to understand.

What do you want me to say? What do you wanna hear?

Some sad story?

You’re trying to feel sorry for me or something?

I don’t wanna feel sorry for you! I wanna understand you!

I wanna know what is going on with you in my house!

There’s nothing to talk about! I don’t wanna talk about anything!

I’ve been trying to forget it!

It’s dead! Leave it! Leave it! Let it lie!

I’m not talking about that shit no more.

[Bianca sighs]

[somber music playing]

You figure out your shit, D.

Because what cannot happen is her seeing you like this.

Do you understand?

[softly] yeah.

I love you.

[Leon] Hey, what y’all doing in there?

Dame! Adonis!

[young Adonis] Stop!

[Leon] Come on! Fight me!

[young Adonis] Leon, I’m sorry!

[Leon] Y’all are so tough, huh?

[young Adonis] Leon?

[Leon] Huh?

[young Adonis] Don’t remember me, do you?

Hey, get off him!

Yeah, you know what it is, homey.

[sirens blaring]

[young Adonis] Dame!

Step away from the gun.

Step away from the gun.

It’s down.

It’s down! It’s down.

[breathes deeply]

[cell phone rings, buzzes]

Hey, Mama.

[Bianca] Adonis, baby.

You gotta get here right away.

Mama had another stroke.

They’re saying multiple organ failures.

I don’t know, D. I think it’s…[sobs]

I think it might be time to say goodbye.

[inhales sharply] Mama?

Mom, I’m sorry.


I didn’t mean it.

I didn’t mean it. [sniffles]


[Adonis mumbles]

The day I met you.

Ooh, that face.

Mmm. You were so mad.

Gonna knock everybody out, one by one. [chuckles]

Just like your father.

That’s why he fought so hard. You know that, right?


But you-you don’t have to do that.

You can find another way.


[Adonis sniffles]

Yeah, another way.

Another way.

I was angry.

I was so angry when you left me, Apollo.

Why did you leave me alone?


That’s his name.

[voice shaking] I’m right here.

He saved me, Apollo.

He helped me to forgive you.

Mom, I’m sorry.

[crying] Just tell me what to do.

[sniffles] Okay?

[whispers] Adonis.


[sorrowful music playing]

I’m sorry.

I know.

It’s okay.

No, it’s not.

It’s just…

when Dame came back…

all this shit came back too.

I didn’t know how to handle it.

But you were always really good at that.

Feelings. It comes easy to you.

Doesn’t come easy to me.


I still got a lot of stuff that I’m trying to figure out,

and I don’t always know how to talk about it either.

You know, Mary-Anne was the closest thing

I’ve had to a mom in a really long time.

I could talk to her.

Now she’s gone.

And when I stopped performing, it was really hard to accept

that my dreams didn’t turn out the way that I imagined that they would.

And that still hurts me.

A lot.

But I just made a choice to try to move on

and be happy about what I do have.

But it’s not easy. [chuckles]

I just try.


was the dad at the group home

where I lived with Dame.

I’m not saying me and Dame were angels.

Okay? But…

no kid deserves to get beat on like we did.

You feel me?

That night at the liquor store, I saw Leon.

And I snapped.

And I hit him.

I kept hitting him.

And his boys jumped on me.

So Dame pulled a gun.

Cops pulled up.

We tried to run.

Dame got caught. I got away.

I ran.

You were a kid.

You were scared. Anybody would’ve run.

And Dame had a gun, Adonis. That’s not on you.

Yeah, but when he went down, I didn’t reach out.

I never called.

I didn’t write.


After a while, it felt easier to pretend like I forgot.

You know, just…

act like it never happened.

But that doesn’t make you responsible for how his life turned out.

You are a good man, Adonis.

I don’t know anymore.

You have got to try to forgive yourself,

so that you can begin to believe that you deserve the life that you have earned.

Because you do.

Don’t let him destroy everything you’ve built.

But, B, he’s not gonna stop.

Then you make him.

There’s only one way that Dame’s gonna listen.

If that’s what you gotta do, then…

all right.

At 26 and one, he’s the former heavyweight champion of the world.

One of the greatest fighters in the history of boxing.

The one and only Adonis Creed is sitting right next to me.

Welcome to the show, my man. How you doing?

I’m doing okay, man. Thanks for having me.

Yeah… [stammers] …thank you for being here.

You called to be on this show, which you’ve never done.

I wanna know why you felt the need

to come on national television today to speak.

What’s on your mind?

When I walked away from boxing,

I walked away with some unfinished business.


Gotta be talking about Dame. Gotta be talking about him.

Let’s just get this out of the way.

You know I believe you’re the best

pound-for-pound fighter in the world,

three years ago.

It’s been a minute since you’ve been out in these streets,

so maybe you haven’t heard what they’ve been saying about you.

A: Conlan.

He was beyond his prime when you beat him.

B: Dame.

He’s the next king of boxing. Not you. Okay?

C: Every time you turn around,

Dame is talking about you dirty, and unapologetically.

Hey, turn that up.

To anybody who’ll listen, he questions your manhood,

he talks about your family.

He talks about how you can’t be trusted,

and that you run out on your boys.

No, no. No. Wait. Let me just…

Hold on. We got a call coming in.

We got a call. Put him on, right now.

Hey, what up, little homey?

You want a tissue?

Want me to come on there and give you a hug?

Aight, look, I’m just telling everybody who you really are.

How you run out on family.

[clears throat]

Dame, uh, not like this.

This ain’t the way to handle it.

Oh, bad news, bro. This is live.

So, I mean, this how we gonna handle it now.

Little Donnie ain’t got nothin’. He a coward.

You a coward, bro, and a fraud.

I know it. Everybody else know it.

Hey, Apollo Creed would be ashamed.

Oh, you lost it.


I challenge you for the heavyweight championship of the world.

You and me?

Run it.

Run it!

[Stephen A. Smith] Oh, hell yes. Y’all heard it here first.

I know I can’t wait for this.

[Boog] There you go. What’s up, champ?

[Stitch] What’s going on?

[Boog] Prime time.

[gym goer] The champ is here! Y’all better turn it up.

[Duke] Here we go, folks.

[people in gym cheering, imitating dogs]

[Duke] Let’s get reacquainted.

Fractured fourth and fifth metacarpals.

[Boog] Both hands.

His eye socket broke.

Ruptured kidney.

His shoulder don’t work.

[Duke] Torn abductor.

He don’t got it no more. He retired. He probably won’t even make weight.

And remind me, how many concussions have you had?

You’re old, and you’re broken.

We know Dame. Dame gonna have this damn list memorized.

He’s willing to do anything to win, so you gotta be prepared for everything.

We can’t turn back the clock, we can’t hide all your flaws,

but we can make ’em strengths.

[crowd cheering]

That’s it. Two jabs.

Come under.



I got you.

Let’s go, D.

The higher you get, the harder it gets.

That’s life. That’s this run!

Let’s go.


Tug-of-war. Old-school.

Right here. Let’s go. Over and over.



What you looking back, boy? Look forward.

Who slips like this? Nobody. Bring it in.

Ain’t nobody gonna take it easy on him, right?

Come on. Focus up.

[Duke] There you go.

There you go.

Come on, man.

Stop thinking so much, man.

Get your head in the game.

You see that man right there? Do you remember him?

You gotta block out everything and be in the moment.

Not the past. Not the future.

Right now.

Let’s go. Come on.

[Stitch] Well…

[Adonis] Hey.

How’s the…

Nah, nah. Don’t. Don’t.

But you’re good?

[scoffs] Good enough to beat you.

Keep your hands up.

Move. Move!

You can go home, dawg.

[Adonis panting]

[punches landing]

Maybe we should take a break.

[Adonis] Take a break?

[no audible dialogue]


[grunts] Where you goin’?

I’m just getting started.

[upbeat hip-hop music playing]



I see you, boy.

Whoo! We’re out here working right now!

Where is he? Where is he?

I see you.

[Damian shouts]

[Duke] Let’s do it, baby! Let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

There you go! There you go!


[Adonis] Let’s go!

[announcer 1] Welcome to Los Angeles

for one of the most highly anticipated heavyweight bouts in years.

[Adonis] One step.

One punch. [exhales]

One round at a time.


One step.

One punch.

One round at a time.

One step.

One punch.

One round at a time.

[muffled chanting]

[crowd] Creed! Creed! Creed! Creed!

Creed! Creed! Creed!

Creed! Creed! Creed! Creed!

[hip-hop music playing]


Yeah, boy!

[upbeat hip-hop music playing]

[loud cheering]

What’s up, LA?

[upbeat hip-hop music continues]

[music ends]

[“Last Time That I Checc’d” playing]

[bell rings]

[music ends]

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening,

and welcome to the Battle of Los Angeles.

The fight starts now!

Introducing first, the challenger.

Fighting out of the Delphi Gym

and proudly representing his home of Los Angeles, California,

here is the former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion of the world,

Adonis Creed!


And his opponent across the ring,

he represents the Crenshaw District of Los Angeles, California.

Here is the former Golden Gloves champion

and the reigning, defending, undefeated

and unified heavyweight champion of the world,

“Diamond” Damian Anderson!


[announcer 2] Creed retired a champion, but he’s definitely the underdog.

[announcer 1] Yeah, there’s no doubt Dame has the upper hand.

He looks to be in phenomenal shape.

You both received your instructions in your dressing room.

I want a good, clean fight.

Obey my commands at all times. Above all, protect yourself at all times.

Let’s go.

You on your own now, little Donnie.

[referee] Go to your corners.

[announcer 2] The intensity here is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Yeah, you can absolutely feel the bad blood between each other

in this Battle of LA.

[bell rings]

[announcer 1] And we’re off.

And the big question here in round one, how much ring rust will Adonis have?

Three years out of the game.

And the way Dame attacks, this could be over early.

A little bit of a cautious start early on here.

Still not clear yet who’s going to be the one dictating.

Stop holding back, D.

You’re giving him too much respect.

[announcer 2] Anderson gets first blood with a nasty shot to the arm of Creed.

[announcer 1] Both fighters sizing each other up.

And, boom, a stiff jab to the face lands, and Creed is gonna tie him up.

[crowd boos]

Keep those hands up! Let’s go!

[Duke] You gotta commit, D! Gotta commit!

Come on. Let’s go. Let’s go.

[Duke] Come on, D!

[announcer 1] I’d give that round to Anderson with an impressive start here.

All right, little Donnie. I’ll see you in a minute.

Don’t worry. I’ll be right back.

Way to hang out there. Wear him out.

Look, the boy a punk. He see you not scared.

Now it’s time for him to start fighting dirty, right?

Keep your head on tight. Let him make mistakes.

He gonna make a lot of them, all right?

And attack those windows when they open.

[trainer] You throwing power punches, champ.

Pace yourself.

[Dame] I know what I’m doing.

Don’t worry about me.

All that money can’t save him. Believe that.

[announcer 2] You gotta wonder if Creed’s regretting

his decision to get back in the ring.

Retirement sure seems like it would be a lot more fun.

[bell rings]

[announcer 1] Round two underway here in Los Angeles, live on DAZN.

Let’s see if Adonis can find his championship form

and make a fight out of this.

Stop running, Donnie.

[Duke] Yes!

[referee] Yo, keep ’em up.

[Duke] What I tell you, huh? Here he comes.

Come on, ref.

Keep ’em up. Keep ’em up.

That cheap shit all you got, old man? Can’t beat me heads up?

[Dame grunting]

You had enough, boy?

Tie him up, baby. Tie him up.

You thought this shit was gonna be easy.

[bell rings]

[announcer 1] What an exciting close to round two in the battle of LA.

Both men giving us some tremendous blows.

[Duke] That was better.

Stay focused. You take him where you need to go.

Keep punching through. Leave him open…

[muffled dialogue]

[breathes heavily]

[Duke] Don’t let this chump control you.

[voices fade]

[pensive music playing]

[bell rings, echoes]

[surreal music playing]

[music building up]

[surreal music continues]



[music intensifies]

[intense surreal music continues]

[music tempo decreases]

[intense surreal music resumes]


[bell rings]

[announcer 1] What did we just witness?

An incredible end to round 11.

[announcer 2] This fight feels dead even.

You can feel the tension.

This is history spilling into the ring.

What an emotionally draining war here in Los Angeles.


You out there boxing.

I need you to start fighting.

Go out there and do what we came to do.

It’s your time, champ!

It’s your time to shine!

Let go of the fear. You hear me?

Let go of the guilt.

Let go of it, dawg.

Let go of whatever was and walk into what is.

Go out there and be ferocious! Do you hear me?

Be ferocious!

Go out there and be Adonis Creed!

[stirring music playing]

[bell rings]

[announcer 1] And we’re off in round 12.

Three minutes to decide the heavyweight championship of the world.


Yeah, baby. Stay in that zone with him.

Come on, ref!

There you go, baby. There you go.

[announcer 1] And Creed’s down!

Neutral corner.

Get up, Donnie!

[announcer 1] A massive body shot…


…and he’s down on a knee!

[referee] Five!

Get up, boy!


Get up, boy.

[referee] Seven!


Get up, D.


[announcer 1] And he’s up!

Come to me. You all right?


You all right?

I’m good.

Wanna continue?

Yeah. Let’s go.

There you go! Yes!

[announcer 1] Creed beats the count, but here comes Dame.

Can he survive?

Let’s go! Give it to him!

[referee] Break, break!

[announcer 2] Creed breaks the clinch.

He fires everything he’s got!

That’s it, D.

[announcer 2] Walking Anderson down!

It’s your time, D! This is your time!

[announcer 1] Anderson is down! Anderson is down!

Yeah! Like that! How about that?

[announcer 1] Whoa! Lights out! What a shot!

Adonis Creed is the new heavyweight champion of the world!

Ladies and gentlemen, this contest comes to an end

at two minutes and 12 seconds of the 12th and final round,

for your winner by knockout.

The fighting pride of Los Angeles,

and once again the heavyweight champion of the world,

Adonis Creed!

[slow triumphant music playing]

[announcer 1] Adonis Creed has done it.


[announcer 1] A knockout…

That’s what I’m talking about.

…in the 12th round. An incredible scene.

[Adonis] Yeah!

[announcer 1] If there was ever a question of who is the king of boxing,

let there be no doubt.

The Creed dynasty reigns supreme.


[muffled] Good. Back training hard, back getting back focused.

Back for the next phase.

We’re back in business.


[trainer] We’ll be in the hall, champ.

[Adonis sighs]

Guess you did learn a few moves without me.

Dame, I’m sorry.

All those years…

I never checked up on you.

That’s on me.

We were just…

kids, bro.

It ain’t on you.

None of it.

Never was.

Hey, D.

It wasn’t on you either.

[Damian sniffles]

[chuckles] Aight, go ahead then, man.

Family and everybody waiting on you.


You know where to find me if you need me.


You know she’s been waiting all night for this, right?

[both chuckling]

She looks good in there.




You all right?

I’m better now.

[Adonis chuckles]

[Bianca] Okay.

[Adonis] All right. All right, all right.


Ow! Ooh.

[Bianca chuckling]

Knock him out. [chuckles]

Ooh! [chuckles]

[Adonis] Yeah.



[Adonis shouts]

[Bianca chuckles]

[Bianca] Now we have a new champ!

I’m the champ!

She’s the champ! She’s the champ!




[Bianca chuckles]


[dramatic music playing]

[intriguing music playing]

[dramatic music playing]


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