Cherry (2021) – Transcript

An Army medic suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder becomes a serial bank robber after an addiction to drugs puts him in debt.
Cherry (2021) Poster

Cherry falls in love with his classmate Emily. When Emily leaves to study in Montreal, Cherry enlists in the military as a medic. During his two year service, Cherry suffers from PTSD. To cope, he gets high on drugs, which frustrates Emily, who begins taking drugs and the two eventually become addicts. After Cherry breaks into a safe he was supposed to look over, Cherry realizes his dealer’s boss (Black Mask) would kill them. To get back the money owed, Cherry begins robbing banks to make payments. During a robbery with his dealer, the latter bails, forcing Cherry to rob alone. As he tried his getaway, he realizes his dealer could sell him out and goes after him, but his dealer had already been shot. The black mask confronts Cherry and threatens to kill Emily if he doesn’t make the rest of the payment. Cherry says goodbye to Emily before performing one last robbery. During the robbery, a sadness overcomes Cherry, who persuades the bank teller to set the alarm off. Cherry flees and gives Black Mask the remaining money. He gets the attention of the police and overdoses as they arrive.

In an epilogue, Cherry recovers in a mental facility. He is eventually released and reunites with Emily, who has recovered from her addiction.

* * *

[man] Hey.

You want me to sit here?


Can I smoke?

[clears throat]

Hang on.

[matchstick scratching]

[matchstick ignites]



Where do you want me to start?

[“Brand New Day” playing]

[birds chirping]

[song continues]

[breathes heavily]

[song continues]

[song continues]

[man narrating] I’m 23 years old, and I still don’t understand what it is that people do.

It’s as if all of this were built on nothing and… nothing were holding all this together.

[song continues]

I grew up around here.

Apartments are nice. Some of them have balconies.

And the trees are nice.

I don’t understand them either, but I like ’em.

I mean, I think I’d like ’em all.

It’d have to be a pretty f*cked-up tree for me not to like it.

[song continues]

Sometimes I wonder if life was wasted on me.

It’s not that I’m dumb to the beauty of things. I– I take all the beautiful things to heart, and then they f*ck my heart till I about die from it.

[song fades]

[car engine idling]

It’s just something in me has always drawn me away… until there’s nothing holding me together.

You know where you’re going, right?

Make the first left three times. You can’t go wrong.

I’ll meet you in the parking lot. Two or three minutes, give or take.

I’m in a baseball hat.

Red scarf, white button-down shirt, blue hoodie.

Some jeans, old sneakers. Nothing out of the ordinary.

The scarf is to cover the lower half of my face.

Although it’s a little late for it to do any good.

I’ve been at this a while now.

[gun clicks]

[breathes deeply]

And it’s no secret what my face looks like.

All right, no alarms! I’m a wanted man! They’ll kill me!

[woman whispers] My God. What is happening?

[bank patrons murmuring]

I got a lot of sadness in the face to make up for, so I gotta act like I’m crazy, or people will think I’m a pussy.


Get on the ground! Get on the f*cking ground now!

The one thing about robbing banks is you’re mostly robbing women, so the last thing you wanna be is rude.

Ma’am, it’s nothing personal.

That’s okay.

What’s your name?


Hey, Vanessa. It’s nice to meet you.

What’s your name?


You’re funny, Vanessa. Now, open your f*cking drawer.

[till clattering]

As I stood there holding a gun, taking her in… something overtook me.

Like a kind of sadness.

It’s… as if I’d always known that this was how things were supposed to end.

But I wasn’t made to realize it until that exact… moment.

The first time I saw Emily, I was attending one of the local universities.

The one with the Jesuits. It was a decent school.

And I don’t wanna tell lies, but I thought, “Man, I’d really like to f*ck this girl.” [chuckles]

[pedestrians murmuring, chattering]

Called your name, like, ten times.

Sorry. Uh, my music was loud.


I like your sweater.

Thank you. I, uh, got it on Coventry.

It’s an old, sad bastard sweater.

You’re in my English class.

I know. Um, class sucks though, right?

[Emily chuckles]

Yeah. But you always go.

Yes, I do.

I guess I’ll see you around.

Hey, where are you from?

Elba, New York.

What’s that like?

Same kinda lake. Same kinda town. Just… little bit sh!ttier.

I, uh… I’ve had a girlfriend since high school.

Really? That’s sweet.

Yeah, she, um, goes to school in New Jersey.

She got a name?

Yeah. Uh, Madison Kowalski.

[Emily] Mm.

[Emily] She’s really pretty.

Yeah. Super pretty.

I really liked Emily, but I’d already promised Madison I’d catch the Greyhound bus and go and visit her at school that weekend.

She was staying in a dorm room, and her bed was too small for two people, but… at least her roommate had gone home, because…

Her grandmother died.

That’s too bad.

[scoffs] Whatever. She was old.

Well… tell Madison I said hello.

Madison thought I was a bitch.

Let’s go.

The parties she took me to were mostly sh!t.

I mean, the kids drank beer in a basement done out in cinder block.

Some kind of beer pong, sex dungeon, red-light district bullsh!t.

Everything was dismal as murder.

All these random dudes knew Madison.

I mean, she’d only been at the school a month, but they all knew her somehow.

She liked every eye in the room on her, which is fine. Whatever.

It just got a little awkward when you were the one who was there at the party with the girl who is on top of the table, f*cking a ghost.

I had a job, and I’d go to work when I could have been doing better things, such as anything. But… I had to work.

Old Man Fatook had half a dozen daughters and granddaughters, and they all worked at his restaurant.

I don’t know if he had any grandsons, but if he did, none of them worked there.

All of the granddaughters drove Escalades or Denalis or whatever.

Some of the waiters dated ’em.

And she likes to take it up the ass.

Shove her face down in the pillow. Spit on her.

I mean, I think she’s really f*cking crazy.

I wonder who taught her all that sh!t.



Come on. Let me see you do it.

Oh, no. F*ck, sh!t. Sh!t! F*ck!

Are you a man or what?

Huh? Throw it high. High!

So they can hear it in the dining room, cocksucker.

F*ck this guy.

Yeah, I know. F*ck him. F*ck him.

I only lasted two weeks.

After work I went by James Lightfoot’s house.

He was my best friend since grade school.

His dad had died when he was young and… and so did his mother. And then…

And then his brother came back all f*cked from the war, so James is mostly alone.

[man] Hey, man.

Except for me.

You okay?


I needed a ride to the bank, so James offered to take me.

The sun was shining on us that day.

And Roy also came.

He painted houses, but he wasn’t working.

What’s up?

And James Lightfoot was yelling at Roy about his cousin Joe,

because Joe kept saying…

I’m going, so just drop it.

[James] Roy. Roy. Did you tell him? You gotta tell your cousin

he can’t join the marines.

Why do I gotta tell him?

He’s joining the marines.

[James] Don’t join the marines, man.

Give me– Give me one good reason why, okay?

I don’t wanna do this for the rest of my life.

[James] Why do you wanna join?

I don’t wanna do this for the rest of my life.

Why are you content just f*cking driving around, man?

I don’t understand why you’re okay with it.

He wants to do a thing. Just let him do a thing. F*ck.

It’s an obligation of you and your love for your cousin,

who we all love so much.

Now you’re telling me, “Oh, I wanna send him off to his f*cking death”?

What are you doing?

What are you thinking?

[Joe] I’ve signed up, man. It’s over.

I could only understand half of what James was saying.

I couldn’t help noticing that he looked helpless,

waving his arms around,

and that probably no one would ever listen to him for as long as he lived.

[distorted speech]

[James] This is not a sh!tty car.

[Roy] It is, man. This is the sh!ttiest car.

[James] I just need a cup of water to cool the engine off.

Get me a cup of water.

I had a problem with the bank.

They’d made a mistake, and I was there to sort it out.

[phone rings]

So you guys sent me this overdraft, but it’s not right.

I paid this off already.


This is a new overdraft notice.

But that’s not possible. I haven’t made a withdrawal since the last deposit.

That deposit brought your balance up to $10 credit.

But there was an additional overdraft charge against your account

that put you back in the negative.

But– But how could you charge me another overdraft charge

after I’d paid it off already?

The deposit didn’t clear in time.

No, but I paid it here in cash.

It didn’t clear, sir.

It was f*cking cash. Right here.

It didn’t clear.


Sorry about your car, man.

It was a piece of sh!t.

Did you get your money back?


As we walked back to James’s house, Roy passed around his Trainwreck.

And after a few hits, we felt like we were winning again.

[doors beep]

[man on loudspeaker, indistinct]

The next day was a healthy fall day, where you could smell the wet leaves.

So I went to Shaker Square to see some kids that I knew.

They wanted some of my Xanax, which I was taking because…

I’d had some panic attacks.

[kid 1] Here you go, boys.

[man] Eat up.

What you doing later?

Um, we’re going to a party

at this girl Maggie’s house.

Cool. Can I come?

Yeah, sure. Do you want some, um…

And in return, they offered me some ecstasy.

F*ck yeah, I want some ecstasy. [chuckles]

[kids laugh]

[birds chirping]

[distorted laughter]

[Emily] Is that you?



What are you–

You know Maggie?


You know Maggie?

Uh, yeah, sort of.

[Emily] Small world.


Holy sh!t.


Your pupils are huge.

[Emily chuckles]

[chuckles] Yeah, I, uh– [whispers] I just did some ecstasy.

How is it?

It’s actually really good.


I would give you some, but I, um…

I don’t have any more.

That’s okay. I turned some down earlier.

This, uh– This weird guy offered me some. He said that I should pop it in my butt.

What the f*ck? [chuckles]



Who the f*ck is this guy?

I don’t know.

I don’t know. He’s definitely gone.

It’s kinda disrespectful.

Yeah, well, that’s just how some boys talk.

Hey, I’m really happy you’re here.

[Emily] And why is that?


Um, because I like you. A lot.

Shut up.

I really do.

[Emily] Mm?


[both chuckle]

And your jacket’s really cool.


And, um– What?

[Emily] I was just thinking.

What are you thinking?

Just thinking that you’re shady.

Wanna go for a walk?


[man] Your lips taste amazing.

[Emily] What happened to Madison Kowalski?

[man] That girl’s cold-blooded.

[door closes]

I think I adore you.

Do whatever you want, man.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve already seen everything that’s gonna happen…

and it’s a nightmare.


Nothing. I just, um–

[sniffles] I, uh–

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. [sniffles]

You don’t ever have to be sorry for the way that you feel.

Why are you being so sweet to me?

I have a thing for weak guys.


That’s how you find the one to break your heart.


Can you look back to when you met the one you love the most

and remember exactly how it was?

Not as in where you were or what she was wearing,

but rather in what you saw in her that made you say,

“Yes, this is what I came here for.”

[Emily] He was on the phone with her, and I was eavesdropping.

[man] And why were you eavesdropping?

You’re a jerk.

Sorry. I mean, um,

that must’ve been awful for you. [chuckles]

[Emily] I confronted him about it the next day, and he tried to buy me off.

Said he’d send me to volleyball camp if I didn’t tell my mom.

[man] Damn.

I really wanted to go to volleyball camp.

Yeah? So what’d you do?

I went to volleyball camp.


And then I told my mom.

[muffled shouts]

Your dad sounds like a dick.

Sometimes I feel like love doesn’t actually exist.

It’s just pheromones playing tricks on people.

I love you.

Thank you.

[Emily] I’m leaving for good at the end of the semester.

I really wanna go to school in Canada.

[man] What?

Since when?

Since now.

There’s this, uh– this really great school in Montreal.

In Montreal?

Yeah. It’s the Paris of Canada.

Yeah, I know what it f*cking is. Please tell me that you’re kidding.

This isn’t funny.

Why would I be kidding you?

So, what? That’s it? We’re just supposed to break up. Just like that?

Well, we can’t exactly be together when we live in two different countries, so…

Emily, what the f*ck?

Can you please just be mature about this?

Emily, please.

Can we not just talk about this, please? Emily!


So, what makes a joker like you wanna join the United States Army for?

[man] This guy had a face like death,

and every other word out of his mouth was “joker.”

[horn honks]

[woman] Why aren’t you going? F*ck!

Goddamn joker.

Uh, well, I’ve just been seeing on the news, you know,

that there are kids dying over there.

You know?


Guys from Cleveland who are my age just trying to do something good,

and here I am, feeling sorry for myself because my girlfriend broke up with me.


She broke your heart.

You’re searching for that gold in the gutter.

A sense of purpose, right?

Yeah. Sense of purpose.

Hot damn! Tell you about purpose.

I like him.

[man] I was too easy.

He knew he had me, and so by the next day, I was sworn in.

Against all enemies.

[officer] Foreign and domestic.

Foreign and domestic.

[James] How can you let him go to war? It’s f*cking war–

[Roy] What do you want me to do?

Talk him out of it.

I’ve already talked to him. I talk to the motherf*cker every day.

[James] You talk to him every day.

But you haven’t tried to talk him out of it. He’ll listen to you.

[Joe] James, you f*cking slug, dude. I can f*cking hear you.

[Roy] I’ve met your brother, bro. Yes.

[Joe] I’m going to f*cking Iraq.

[James] Have you met my brother, dude?

Not everybody ends up like your brother.

…have a conversation with him for two seconds? He’s f*cked in the head.

[Joe] Can you please f*cking move–

[phone ringing]

Can you move?

[James] No, because I’m trying to f*cking help you!

We’ve had this conversation! I’m going next week!

I don’t know what to tell you!

[James] What the f*ck?

You can’t even understand–

James! James! James! Look!


He just doesn’t wanna do this

for the rest of his life, all right?

[ringing continues]

[James] Since when do you give a sh!t, man?

You haven’t said sh!t, and now you’re on his side?

Can someone please get the f*cking phone, dude?

It’s been ringing for, like, 20 minutes.

[James] Listen–

[Joe] …f*ck out of the way, bro.


[Emily] Hey. It’s me.

You there?

Yeah, I’m here.

Hey, shut the f*ck up, James.

Hey, sorry. How you doing?

I’m leaving soon.

For Montreal.

Can we say goodbye?


well, I– I just– I have work today.

Oh. Uh… no worries.

No, no, no. No, no. No. I wanna say goodbye.

Just– Just come by work.

[opera music playing]

[man] After Fatook’s, Roy had got me a job at another restaurant.

The owner was throwing a party that day, and I got to serve drinks.

I told Roy and Joe to come by so they could drink for free.

And I, of course, asked Emily to stop in.

But she was late.

You good?

Yeah, bro, you look good.

What’s up, man? Yo, she here yet?

Not yet. No.

[Roy] Relax. Yo, line up the shots. Honestly.

[Joe] I go to Parris Island on, uh– on Sunday.

Parris Island is the marines, right?


It’s a good way to go to heaven.

[man] Hey, man, have you seen Emily yet?

Hey, breathe, okay?

Relax. I don’t know what you’re freaking out about.

What the f*ck, man? Who is this guy?

I do not have a problem with it in general…


…but if it makes you better, then–



Uh, this is Benji. He’s from Ghana. He’s going to Case.

Benji, hey.

[man] I gave Benji a real man handshake, like I was a real man,

so he was forced to keep his hand off her.

You know, I know a better restaurant we could go to called Mi Aldea.

The food is so good there. I think maybe we should go.

Can I talk to you for a second?

No, you can’t.

Why not?

Because you’re being a–

Sorry, are you all right?

Benji, just give me a minute, dude.

Look, nobody thinks the food at Mi Aldea’s is any good.

He knows they don’t card there, and he’s trying to get you drunk.

I came to say goodbye. What’s your f*cking problem?

Want me to punch this guy in the dick?

No, Joe.

You came here to say goodbye to me with him.

I’m not with him.

Do you really think that’s f*cking fair?

Yeah, I do.

Please let me punch him in the dick.

Joe, please go and sit the f*ck down.

I gotta work. You should go.

I’d like you to leave.

[patrons chattering]


[woman laughing, chattering]

[opera music continues]

[music fades]

[man 2] Hey, hey, how you doing?

Jesus Christ, dude.

Come on, you gotta cheer up, man.


The f*ck? You could bang ten girls in here tonight. Throw a f*cking rock.


[chuckles] Yes, sir.

Listen, I need you to do me a favor. I’m tired. I’m going home.

I need you to look after a buddy of mine. His name is Tommy.

That guy over there. Nice guy. Great guy. Just got out of prison.

Tommy was drunk as f*ck.

And I was supposed to make sure he didn’t throw up in the place.

He kept saying everybody was full of sh!t, and they were all a…

Bunch of fakes over here. All these Cosa Nostra motherf*ckers.

They like to talk a big game,

but they ain’t got the balls to put a gun to the guy’s head.

Huh? Put a gun to the guy’s head and blow his brains out.

And that’s what he kept saying.

They didn’t have the balls to put a gun to a guy’s head…

…and blow his brains out.

And then he got to asking me what I did.

So, uh… what– what do you do, kid?

I actually just joined the army.

You joined the army?

[man] Mm-hmm.

Those people don’t give a sh!t about you.

Uh, what– what are you thinking?

I just, um…

I didn’t have any better ideas.


do you have the balls to put a gun to a guy’s head and blow his brains out?


Ah, you’ll be all right.

All right, I gotta go, Tommy.

Why? Where you going?

Gotta go to bed. It’s late.


What– What, you need– you need a ride? I’ll give youse a ride.

[man] You’re good to drive?

[scoffs] F*cking A, bubba.

And Tommy ran over the curb for good measure.

[man] Thanks.

Hey, you drive home safe, okay?

[Tommy] I will.

I never saw him again.

[tires squeal]

[keys jingle]

[door closes]

[thunder rumbles]

Is it okay that I’m here?

Yeah, I… [chuckles]

I was gonna bring you these later anyway.

Supposed to be a goodbye cake,

but they, uh– they only had muffins ready.

And there were supposed to be 12, but I gave one to this guy Tommy,

because he really needed to eat something.


What’s wrong?


I’d never seen Emily cry before.


I’m sorry about earlier, okay?

I told her how I knew she didn’t mean anything by bringing Benji around,

and that she was just a sweetheart

who believed in diversity and developing countries.

[cries] Stop. Stop.


It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry.

No. No, no, no. You never have to be sorry, baby, okay?

You– You don’t ever have to be sorry. It’s okay.

[Emily sniffles]

It’s okay, okay? Hey.


I’m so sorry.

It’s okay.

Hey, you want a muffin?

[sniffs, chuckles] Yeah.

Yeah. [chuckling]

[man chuckles]



[both chuckling]

It was a while before she stopped crying.

And then we laughed.

And then we f*cked around…

and it was perfect.

I’m not gonna go to Montreal.

[crickets chirping]

I joined the army.

[Emily] What?

Why would you do that?

‘Cause I was sad, baby.

So you joined the army?


Maybe this will be good.

I can go away, and you can go to school in Montreal.

I don’t wanna go to school in Montreal.

I thought you loved Montreal.

No. The only reason why I was going to Montreal was to get away from you.

‘Cause I love you.

[man sighs]


I know school is important to you.

And you wanna finish, right?

[softly] Yeah.

Okay, so… [sniffs]

…while you do this…

I’m gonna do that.

It’s just a couple years.

Just a couple years in a lifetime together.

And I mean that. I really mean that.

Like… you’re it for me.

I feel the same way.


[Emily] Maybe we should get married.

So we went down to the courthouse…

and we got married.

And then we went to celebrate.

It’s as if we were the two most beautiful things in the world…

and no one had it on us.

But the days ran out.

And I had to go to basic training.

[soldiers shouting]

[“Into the Mystic” playing]

First we got the haircut.

[sergeant] Welcome to the army.

For the next ten weeks, the next thing that comes out of your mouth

is “Yes, Drill Sergeant,” and “No, Drill Sergeant.”

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

[drill sergeant] That goes for you that’s getting your hair cut too.

You’re not special. You’re not special. Do I make myself clear?

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

[drill sergeant] It needs to be louder than that.

First name Drill, last name Sergeant.

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

What are you doing? You think you’re still pretty?

No, Drill Sergeant!

You think you’re still pretty?

No, Drill Sergeant!

Then get the f*ck up and get out of my chair!

Go away. Go away. Bye-bye.

Next, we got about a hundred f*cking shots.

[nurse] Next.

And I found out that I was actually…

[nurse 2] Color blind.

That explains a lot.

Can I still be a medic?

You know what color blood is, right?


[drill sergeant] We are your mommy, and we are your daddy.

At no point do you get to do what you want, when you want.

There was a lot of standing in line,

and our legs ached because we weren’t used to it.

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

Do I make myself clear?

Yes, Drill Sergeant!

[man] What the f*ck is this?

What are you doing with your arms?

Put your f*cking arms down! You are a part of the United States–

[muffled, indistinct]

[drill sergeant] Your laces are gonna be inside of your shoes,

and your shoes are gonna be touching. Execute.


[sergeant 2] Come on. Get ’em off. Now!

[drill sergeant] Five, four…

What the f*ck is the matter with you?

…three, two…

Faster, faster, faster!

You’ve done this a hundred times!



[sergeant 3] Move, goddamn it! Move!

Ten, nine…

Get your f*cking attitude right.

[sergeants shouting]

…eight, seven…

They had us strip down to our underwear and duckwalk the circuit of a big room.

The room smelled of balls, unwashed. And feet, ditto.

All good.


And there was a man whose job it was to check everybody’s asshole.

Drop your pants.

[man] You know, I really like this jacket, man.

I’m gonna take my girl out to dinner in this when I get home.

Oh, yeah?

Imagine all the patches and medals on it and sh!t.

You think you’re gonna get a medal, huh?

That’s Jimenez.

I know I am. [chuckles]

We had become friends on account of the fact that we both wanted to be medics.

He’d joined the army ’cause he’d gotten his girl pregnant.

Hey, I love you. So much, okay?

A-And I want this.

I’m gonna get a job. And I’m gonna take care of both of you.


We’ll figure it out, okay?

Look at you, you f*cking weak dick flap.

You ain’t sh!t!

[all shouting]

There was a lot of yelling.

[soldiers] Six…

[drill sergeant] Move! Move, dick flap. Let’s go!

Do you wanna die, you beef curtain?

There are hajis breathing down your piss hole.

They called us names like…


Dick with ears! Get up, you dick with ears!

Our hands were…

Use your goddamn dick skinners!

Our mouths were…

Cock holster!

You shut that ugly cock holster.

Drill sergeants pretended to be real angry all the time.

The f*ck?

Next time, back the f*ck off,

or I might wig out and snap your f*cking neck.

PTSD, they say.

What are you looking at? Eyes forward!

Like this one time, Drill Sergeant Cole punched me in the penis for no reason.

[Cole] Attention!


Drill Sergeant Deco, he even choked a kid.

Drill Sergeant Deco.

[soldier chokes, gags]

F*cking haji.

Drill Sergeant, that’s Levine.

It wasn’t because of PTSD though.

Deco hadn’t ever been anywhere. He was full of sh!t.

Some of the drill sergeants had actually seen Iraq,

but they were full of sh!t too.

In Iraq, there are grenade children

who try to sneak up on American soldiers

so as to blow them the f*ck up!

I had to run over the hand grenade children with my truck!

That’s why I’m sick in the head!

Now, let’s go! You need to be at your three o’clock– You need to be–

Holy crap, wake up, son! Wake up, son! Wake up!

[overlapping yelling]

Bang, bang!

[Cole] Nine o’clock.

Bang, bang!

Haji left!

[man] Bang, bang!

Haji on the right. Haji in the trees! Look up!

[Deco] Sneaking up on you, haji left.

[Cole] Haji to the right!

[Deco] Haji on your left!

Haji to the left!

[Deco] Haji on your left!

Haji to the right!

I started to get this weird feeling like it was all just make-believe.

[soldiers] Bang, bang.

That we were just pretending to be soldiers.

The drill sergeants were just pretending to be drill sergeants.

[Deco] Jabberwocky, jabberwocky, jabberwocky, jabberwocky…

[Cole] Mishmash, mishmash, mishmash… [fades]

[soldiers chattering]

And the army was pretending to be the army.

[male chorus] ♪ For where’er we go You will always know ♪

♪ That the army goes rolling along ♪

The only way not to graduate basic training

was to try and kill yourself.



One kid tried to hang himself from a water pipe in the latrine.

F*ck! Sh!t! Jesus Christ. F*cking hell, bud.

Uh, help! Drill Sergeant!

He didn’t die, but he didn’t graduate either.


[man] Hey, can you hear me?

[Emily] Yeah. Hi.

Are you all right?

I, uh– I just snuck out of the barracks.

Yeah, but are you okay?

I’m good now.

[speakers: gunfire recording]

[sergeant] Heads down. Asses down.

When they finally taught us how to be medics,

there was a lot of f*cking around with mannequins.

[sergeant] Don’t let him bleed out. Get pressure on.

His life is in your hands. Let’s go!

[Cole] Sucking chest wound!

Ticktock. Ticktock.

[Cole] Give that wound a bandage.

Apply to body from inside the bandage wrapper.

[soldier] Pressure on there.

Seal all three sides tight.


Come on. Get it done now.

[Cole] Check his back for an exit wound.

There were mannequins that were just trunks with heads.

There were mannequins with rubber bones sticking out of their legs.

There were mannequins that could squirt fake blood.

There were even little baby mannequins with cherubim faces.

Traumatic amputation.


You’re a go! Cardiopulmonary resuscitation!

One and two and three and four and five.


[sergeant] You’re a go.

Jimenez and I saved the lives of 47 dummies.

And so we passed the class.

[sergeant 2] Warrior Medics.

You were told to come up with a company cheer.

You had a week to do this.

This is what is called a deadline!

As of now, you have missed the deadline.

Now, since you have failed to come up with a company cheer,

I have taken what is called the initiative… and come up with one you’ll have to learn.

And this is what he came up with.

♪ Warrior Medics in the fight ♪

♪ Warrior Medics in the fight ♪

[sergeant 2] ♪ On the double day and night ♪

♪ On the double day and night ♪

♪ We will beat out all the rest ♪

[medics] ♪ We will beat out all the rest ♪

♪ Charlie Company is the best ♪

♪ Charlie Company is the best ♪

♪ Don’t stop, get it, get it ♪

♪ Don’t stop, get it, get it ♪

♪ Soldier on, Warrior Medics ♪

♪ Soldier on, Warrior Medics ♪


[medics] Hooah!

♪ Make way! ♪

[medics] ♪ Here come the Warrior Medics! ♪

♪ Ooh! Tay! ♪

[medics] ♪ Here come the Warrior Medics! ♪

♪ Make way! ♪

And from that day on, whenever the company was called to attention, something that happened no less than a million times on any given day, the company cheer was to be recited in its entirety.

♪ Here come the Warrior Medics! ♪

No exceptions.

[sergeant] You guys are soft like some nice titties.

♪ Make way! ♪

And to make matters worse, after a while, it got to be expected that the guidon bearer, which was me, would do the robot throughout the refrain.

♪ Here come the Warrior Medics! ♪

♪ Make way! ♪

♪ Here come the Warrior Medics! ♪

So don’t ever join the f*cking army.

You were wide awake when you got on the ground outside the wire for the first time.

You expected to get shot at any moment.

Even if you were in a spot where you couldn’t see anyone for miles, you were nevertheless sure that there was a haji out there who had been waiting all day just to shoot you.

[soldier on radio] Attention on the net. Attention on the net. Troops in contact.

Current location, Victor-Sierra 453, 132.

Stand by for SALUTE report.

Break, break. Raven Base. This is Quebec-Romeo-Foxtrot.

We are seven minutes out, en route to TIC. Over.

Number one, bump it up.

[soldier on radio, indistinct]

-We have troops in contact.

All right. Let’s get us in there.

[soldier] Contact. At least 17 to 20 people.

Activity, coordinated attack.

Request immediate support.

We’re under heavy fire, vicinity of–




[indistinct radio chatter]

[soldier] Contact right! Get out! Get out! Get out!

Raven Base, Raven Base! Goddamn it. Raven Base!

Hey, Sarge!

[machine guns firing]

What have we got?

We got two wounded over there!

Take those two back here. I’ll get the QRF.

Okay. Copy.

Move it!

[machine guns firing]

[sergeant] Arnold, take six.

And grab your sh!t. Let’s go, go, go!

[machine gun fire]

F*ck! F*ck! [panting]

[gunfire, explosions in the distance]

Hey! Hey, look at me! Breathe.

Stay on me.

Let’s go.



Cover right. Cover right. Go!


Medic up! Medic up!

Get down!


Hey! Get some pressure on it.

Get the f*ck off me. Up the hill. Up the hill!

[grunts, pants]


Stay here!


Coming in! What do you need?

I got at least two wounded up front! Get them the f*ck out!

All right. Move, move, move!

Let’s go, let’s go!


[distorted shouting, echoes]

[man] Medic!

[medic] Over here. Get his guts in!

Jesus f*ck!

[sergeant] Bring it in.

[medic] I said get his guts in now!

[machine gun firing]

[man grunts, groans]


[man 2] More!

[breathes heavily]

[medic] Everybody.

Lift him.

[sergeant] Go!


[man] Three, two, one! [grunts]

[medic] Here it is. Here it is.

Bird inbound! Bird inbound! Get the litter up!

Lift up!

[medic] Let’s go!

[distorted audio]

In the dust, I could see the man’s face.

His eyes were wild and grieving, and he was in his lizard brain.

Hey! Hey! Look at me! Hey!


We locked eyes, and I said…

I’ve got you!

I said it real loud, so he could hear me over the helicopters.

And then I felt embarrassed, because it was a stupid thing to have said.

All right, let’s move on out!

[sergeant] Ready! Ready! Up!


[sergeant] Let’s move!

[breathes heavily]

[soldier speaking, indistinct]

Back! Move back!

[helicopter whirring]


[breathes heavily]

[gunfire fades]

[wind whistles]

[slow rock music playing]

[handgun clicks]

[soldier] Oh, yeah.

[soldiers laughing]


[song continues]


This f*cking blood won’t come out of my wedding ring.

[man shouts]

[song continues]

[shouting, chattering]

In the early days, the infantry felt like they were ten feet tall and invincible.

They were impatient to begin killing.

They wanted to kill so bad there was this profligate confidence in our firepower.

And there was this bullsh!t camaraderie.

[shouting, clamoring]

[officer] At ease!

[officer] What in the f*ck?

[soldiers chattering]

[soldier] Running. He was just running. Fast, fast, fast. And then–

[chattering stops]

[country music playing on speakers]

Dude, what the f*ck happened?

This guy, his guts were hanging out.

We had to put ’em back in.

Getting shot at.

We had to run up to the chopper.


I heard on the radio those guys you put in the helicopter are dead.


Hey, Sarge. Is it true those guys we put on the bird today are dead?

Who told you that?

Arnold said he heard it on the net.

Arnold’s a f*cking retard.

I– I thought that’s what I heard, Sarge.

Shut up, Arnold.

That’s Staff Sergeant Greene.

They said he’d already killed 15 hajis.

He was a hard motherf*cker.

So, they’re not dead?

Quit worrying about it so much, huh?

You got your cherry popped today.

We took eight f*cking casualties today.

Out of 800.

And we’re here for a f*cking year.

A year’s worth of f*cking days. Do the math.

Oh, we’re f*cked.


What did you guys think you were coming here to do?

[Jimenez] Damn, Lessing. You’re a downer.

[Lessing] Truth hurts, baby.

And he was right.

Everything there was about dying.

They even called the area we were stationed in “the Triangle of Death.”

And, like idiots, we patrolled every inch of it.

Most days, it felt like we were just glorified scarecrows.

There to look busy, expensive as f*ck and dumber than sh!t.

[villagers chattering]

[bangs on roof]

Look at that one in the dress. She looks like Pebbles from The Flintstones.

Oh, yeah. She is kinda cute.

That’s Sergeant North. He was from Idaho.

And he was also a killer.

[woman] Stop.

[North] You know you want it, bitch. Ow, f*ck! Stop f*cking moving.

[children speaking Arabic]

[in English] Mister. Mister.

You want this? This?

You want this?

Move. Get out the way. Pebbles, come here. Come here, Pebbles.

You want this? You want this? Yeah?

[children chattering]


Let’s go.


On Christmas Day, the Denver Mustang cheerleaders arrived.


[whistling, cheering]

They waved and bounced with their white teeth.

The whole thing seemed goddamn awful.

Beautiful women with skin like expensive cream.

[shouting, whistling]

It wasn’t like they were gonna f*ck you. And that’s what it was all about.

You were supposed to want to f*ck them, and they were supposed to not f*ck you.

[soldier screams]

You know you want it, bitch!

All right. Everybody looking at me, say “Hajis.”


But I was okay with that. I didn’t even watch porn, you know.

[soldiers chanting] USA! USA! USA!

I’d jerk off in the porta-sh!tters.


Didn’t even think of other girls.

F*ck me.

F*ck me.



I’m not ashamed of this. I just tried to be good.

[groans, breathes deeply]

Miss you so goddamn much, baby.

[Emily] I miss you too.

Hey, I’ve got some really good news.

Oh, yeah? What’s that?

Your parents offered to help us buy a starter home.

You there?

Yeah, I’m here. I just, uh–

I’m happy, that’s all.


Jesus, man. I’m on the phone.

Hurry the f*ck up.

I’m on the f*cking phone, dude.

[man sighs]

I think about you everywhere I go, baby.

[soldier] F*ck you, new dick.

[man] F*ck you, motherf*cker.

I’m on the goddamn phone.

Well, then hurry the f*ck up!

[Emily] What is it?

It’s nothing, baby. I just–

I can’t wait to be home with you.

[North] Time, Private.

[softly] F*ck. [Visit FilmyBRO.COM]

Time, Private!

I gotta go, baby.

I love you.

[Emily] I love you too.

It’s all yours, Sarge.

Calm the f*ck down, towelhead. Get the f*ck back!

[man] Uh, could you ask him what happened?

[interpreter speaks Arabic]

[man 2 speaks Arabic]

He says it happened when he was zip-tied, few days ago.

[man] Ah, Jesus.

Um, hey, dude, look at this guy’s hand.


Hey, excuse me, Sarge?


Uh, would you take a look at this guy’s hand?

It’s cellulitis.

Well, we’re out of antibiotics.


So, what can I do for this guy?

[grunts] Tell him to eat sh!t and die.

Okay, you gotta tell him to go to a hospital, see a doctor and get some antibiotics, ’cause we don’t have any medicine here.

[speaks Arabic]

Yeah, you’re welcome.


Make sure he gets to a hospital, okay?

They won’t take us.

Well, you just gotta try, buddy.

Try your best.


[villagers clamoring]

[soldier shouting]

[soldier 2] Yes, sir!

All right, who’s next?

[children yelling]

[man] Please. Please.

Not these little f*ckers again.

Hey, Pebbles, come here.


Nah, she’s all right, man.

Come here.

[North] What the f*ck are you doing?

This… This is for you, okay?

I want you to have this. That’s for you. All right.

[children shouting, clamoring]


Ah, sh!t, man! She got hit!

Ah, look at that.

Made her f*cking day.


You know what I would love right now?

Taco? [chuckles]

F*ck you, bitch. F*ck you.

Yes, a motherf*cking taco. Yes, I would love a taco.

What do you want in your taco?

Some carne asada, some f*cking guacamole, some onions.

What? Yeah, uh-huh. F*ck you.

My girl’s the only one.

For real?

Yeah. Yeah, bro.

The only one?

The only one.

But Bautista too, right?

[laughs] F*ck you, bitch.

What you reckon they’re doing right now?

Probably with, you know, her– her new dude.

[both laugh]

You know, I’ll have to kill him.

Some big-ass dude.

He’d been away a year, and his wife has a one-month-old baby that she f*cking says is his.

I f*cking hate it here, dude.

I just wanna go home.

[North] Raven Base, Raven Base.

This is Echo-5-November, over.

[soldier] Echo-5-November, this is Raven Base.

[North] Yeah, we’re gonna get off this line.

[soldier] Base copy, over.

Lead, this is two.

[soldier 2] Go for lead.

We’re gonna get off this line to the right.

[soldier 2] Copy that.

Hey, excuse me, Sergeant North?

What is it, f*ckstick?

I don’t think we should try and drive through here, Sergeant.

I think we ought to stay on the road.

Oh, is that what you think, you f*cking PFC-wanna-be-a-private?

That road runs right through an “oh, sh!t” zone.

You want me to put all these men in danger ’cause you don’t wanna save two f*cking minutes?

When I went out with First Platoon, we got four vehicles stuck trying to drive through this sh!t, Sergeant.

[North] Looks fine to me.

It ain’t fine. It’s the sh!t that’s underneath–

[North] Enough!

Hold your f*cking man pleaser.

Floor it, Cheetah.

[North] Stop the vehicle, Private.

Stop the vehicle.

Stop the f*cking vehicle! F*ck!

Hey, yo. What did I f*cking say, man?

[North] Cheetah!

Get your vitamin-depleted ass up here and get this POS out of the f*cking mud!

Hey, I wouldn’t do that if I were you, Sergeant.

That’s exactly what we did.

You’ll only make things harder for QRF when they get here.

Shut the f*ck up and watch your sector.

You need a Bradley and a tow cable, Sarge.

Shut the f*ck up.

[breathes shakily]

Roger that, Sergeant.

[engine whirring]

[softly] F*ck this sh!t.

[engine stops]


[man] It’s hot as f*ck out here, man.

[Jimenez] I’m so thirsty–


[man speaks, indistinct]

Go get me a f*cking Bradley.

We’re gonna be stuck here for–

North says QRF can’t get here for a few hours.

He wants me, Yuri, Lessing and Jimenez to go back and get a Bradley with a tow cable.

Yeah, no sh!t.

You’re on radio watch, smart-ass.

No, tell him to go f*ck himself.


Yeah, for real. Tell him to go f*ck himself.


Coming now, Sarge!

Come on, boys! Let’s go! Move out!

[man] What are you, North’s bottom?


I don’t want to spend the next four hours waiting to be shot.

[scoffs] Guess Cheetah just loves America.

[soldiers laugh]

I do.

So let’s get out of this f*cking sh!thole sandbox, and let’s go home. Come on!

Hey, don’t let North f*ck with you too hard, all right?

I think he means don’t let North f*ck you too hard.

Oh, yeah, he’s got a big dick?

F*cking asshole.

[sighs, sniffs]


F*ck! [grunts]

[gasps, breathes heavily]

[North] Get down! Get down!

Oh, sh!t!

[North] Don’t f*cking run into it!

[panting] Oh, sh!t. No, no, no.

No, no. No, no, no, no, no, no.

The smell is something that you already know.

It’s coded in your blood.

The smoke gets in your pores and every gland.

Your mouth is full of it… to the point where you might as well be eating the sh!t.

[soldier] No other contact?

[North] No contact. We didn’t see anything.

[flies buzzing]

I’ll go get me a Bradley.

[soldier] I’ll go get the bodies.

Hey, bring the bags.


[man breathes shakily]


That was Lessing.

Our driver was, um– was Yuri.

Our gunner was, um, Bautista.

And that–


[stammers, cries]

And th-that’s, um– that’s… Private Jimenez in the back.

[soldier] Let’s get ’em out.

All right. [grunts] F*ck. Uh, Captain– F*ck. My gloves are melting, Captain.

[captain] It’s all right. It’s all right. Just, um, try hooking your arms instead.

Yes, sir.

[both grunt]

I got it.

You good?


[both grunt]

[captain] All right.



[grunts, sniffs]

[zipper closes]

[flies buzzing]

[Pebbles] Mister, mister, mister! MRE!

Mister, mister! Mister, MRE!

MRE, mister! Mister. MRE.

Mister. Mister. MRE!

Mister. MRE. Mister, mister!

Suddenly there was nothing interesting about it anymore.

[wind whistling]

There was nothing.

[Emily] Are you seeing bad things?

[man] Yeah, a little.

[Emily] Are people getting killed?

Because I’m seeing on the news that people are– are getting killed.

[inhales deeply, grunts]


Yeah, baby, I’m here.

[Emily] You’re gonna make it through this, okay?

I know that you’re gonna make it through this.

Could you just talk about you for a second?

What’s going on with you? [sniffles]

[breathes shakily]

[Emily] Well, I got a job as a waitress down at the Academy,

close to the neighborhood I think that we should settle on.

You like those streets over by Larchmere, right?




Yeah, baby, I’m here. I just, uh…

[Emily] Are you sure you’re doing okay?

[man] I just miss you. That’s all.

[Emily] I miss you too.

I love you.

[phone clatters in cradle]

F*ck! [sobbing]



[inhales deeply]

[soldier] Get him out! F*ck!

[gunfire, explosions]

All right! He’s good!

[machine gun fire]

[disco music playing]

[crowd cheering, whistling]

[disco music continues]

[music continues]

[cheering continues]

After Private First Class Jimenez was killed in battle, this soldier went on to take care of his platoon as well, serving three platoons in total to complete more combat missions…

I really wanna get the f*ck out of here.

…than any other medic in his battalion.

I don’t feel like I’ve done anything to go running into a gymnasium about.

[officer] It is my honor to present to you the Medal of Valor.

My one true accomplishment was not dying.

And I didn’t really have anything to do with that.

Congratulations, Specialist.

Thank you, First Sergeant.


[cheering, whistling]

[chattering, laughing]

Emily drove me back to Ohio, and I got to see our new house.

Started taking night classes at a school Emily was working at, and I got a job that paid eight bucks an hour.

Roy’s cousin Joe helped me get it.

This coffee is sh!t.

[laughing, chattering]

They’re all spoiled f*cks.

No one there but Joe and I had ever had anything to do with war or murders or anything like that.

The world meant something different to them than it did to us.

[thunder rumbles]

And after he got back, Joe had problems for a while.

All I did was ask you if you really needed to keep drinking, seeing as you’re already sh!t-faced.

And I said that I did.

And I said no, you did not!

[Emily] Holy sh!t!

[woman] Oh! F*ck!

Stop the car.

I mean, he wasn’t the only one with problems.


I didn’t sleep. And when I did, I dreamt of violence.



[softly] Hey.


Are you okay? [breathing shakily]



What happened?

I sh!t blood, I farted blood, and then I craved sleep.


[objects clatter]

[panting, grunts]

Basically I was being a sad, crazy f*ck about the horrors I’d seen.

Hurry. We’ll be late.

Yeah, baby. Sure.

[coughs, inhales deeply]

Hey, thank you for thinking to do this.

[men chattering, laughing]

[man] Why are we the only ones dressed up?

Doesn’t matter.

[Emily] Didn’t notice.

All these middle-aged people with money, for Christ’s sakes.

And they can’t even be bothered to wear a jacket to the f*cking theater.


Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you.

What’s your problem, dude?

Dude, what’s your problem?

My problem’s the fact you didn’t even have the decency to take off your L.L.Bean before you came from the f*cking golf club!

Please be quiet.

[man 2] Okay, tough guy–

F*ck you, motherf*cker–

[Emily] I’d really like to go now.

No, babe, we’re not going anywhere.

I would really like to leave.

[sniffs] It’s all right, man. There’s nothing to f*cking look at.

This guy’s just an asshole.

[man] F*cking take this L.L.Bean and shove it up your f*cking ass.

F*cking pussy.

[breathing heavily]

[continues breathing heavily]

I wanna leave.


I punched the bathroom mirror on accident while I was washing my hands.

Come on, we gotta go.

Jesus Christ.

I mean we gotta go right f*cking now. Let’s go.

[chattering, murmuring]

And when I went home, I took a few more Xanax.

[bottle cap pops]

[pills clatter]

That also happened to be the night that James Lightfoot tried coming around to welcome me back, but he got arrested breaking into my house.

[dog barking in distance]

Hey, man.


[sniffs] Hey, wake up.

Hey, man, what the f*ck? Who’s you?

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!

[woman screams]

[James] Sorry– Oh!

Except it wasn’t my house.

The f*cking dumb sh!t broke into the wrong house.

[muffled chattering]

Since I left for Iraq, James had busted up his knee working for the Highway Department and gotten into using OxyContin pretty bad.

[James] I didn’t mean to.

[police officer] Come on.

[James sobbing] I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Come on.


[James] You f*cking pig! F*ck you!

After I bailed him out, he started hanging around a lot.


Dude, are you all right?

No. No, no. No, not all right.

[inhales sharply] Help me.


[distorted audio] F*ck. F*ck.


[James] Deep breath.


[James] Deep. That’s right.

A few weeks later, James asked me to take him to the bank.



James wanted me to talk to the teller for him, ’cause he said I could talk good.


So I’m gonna sign my checks over to you.


And then you’re gonna give me the cash, okay?


‘Cause they won’t let me have a bank account, ’cause I’m in ChexSystems.

My credit’s totally f*cked.

Come on.

I can’t cash these checks, sir.

It wasn’t exactly a smash hit.

The teller thought I was being a dick because I was high on OxyContin, and I wasn’t exactly trying to hide the fact that I thought he was an asshole.

You know what? [sniffs]

You’re an asshole, and I’d like to speak to your manager.

[man 2] Well, I am the manager.

Well, you’re still an asshole.

[man 2] Okay.


I’m a f*cking war veteran, dude.

And you’re f*cking treating me like an undesirable.

I don’t know what I’m gonna do about this, but I’m sure as f*ck this isn’t the way you’re supposed to treat people, f*cker.

You have a good day now.

Thanks, guys.

Thank you.

Thanks for your help.

F*ck yeah. You get the money?

No, I didn’t get the f*cking money.

Hey, man, it’s really unfortunate how that all just played out.

Sorry, dude. [sniffs]

Yeah, well, thanks anyway.

Sure, yeah.

Do you think I could get some more of those pills?

Everything had changed. And nothing had changed.

The problem was, is I really liked Oxy.

Made me feel a type of way so I wasn’t about taking sh!t from anyone.

[Emily] Where the hell have you been?

[man] No.

Where have you been?

[Emily] You were supposed to be home three hours ago.

What the f*ck did you take?

What are you f*cking taking?

I’ll tell you what I haven’t been taking… is your sh!t.

I’m not taking your sh!t.

I promised Emily I’d find a better way of dealing with my war sh!t than just taking pills.


Have you been experiencing any suicidal thoughts?

Sometimes, yeah.

I just feel like if I died in Iraq…

she’d be happier now, you know?

She would’ve been sad for a while, but… ultimately her life would’ve been better.

[sniffs] How long you been back?

Eight months.


Have you been evaluated for PTSD before?

Isn’t that what we’re doing here?

I mean, I tried. [sniffs]

You guys kept transferring my file.

I guess someone left and the new someone was trying to get caught up.

I don’t know. [sniffs]


[Dr. Whomever] Are you currently on any medications?

Xanax. [sniffs]

For my anxiety. But they don’t work anymore.

How’s your pain level?

Like, mental pain or physical pain?


Nine outta ten.

[Dr. Whomever] Ooh.

Have you ever heard of OxyContin?

Naturally, Emily was pissed, and she’d understandably reached her limit.

[Emily] Fine.

These are for me now.

Because I would love–

[water runs from faucet]

I would love a break… from all of this sh!t!

F*ck you!


[birds chirping]

[Emily] I wish I never told you I was leaving.

For Montreal.

Remember when you used to wear that white ribbon around your neck?

[chuckles softly]

That was my jam.

[man chuckles]

Yeah, I liked that.

Can’t see that we’ll ever make it back there though.

[Emily] No.

But I’m okay with that.


Me too.

And that is how we became addicts.

[man] Babe, how do you want your eggs?

Can you walk Livinia today? I need to leave in, like, ten minutes.

You want ’em scrambled or sunny-side up?

Scrambled, please. On toast.

What, like, in a sandwich?

Yeah, like a sandwich.

The story of being a dope fiend is that you could kill yourself real slow, but you feel like a million f*cking bucks doing it.

[man, softly] It’s okay.

[Emily] Hey, today’s the day that I stay late.

So you need to be there by 5:00, or I’m not gonna make it through class.

Professor’s still out.

[man] I got you, babe, go on.

Uh, you said 5:00, right?

[Emily] 5:00 p.m.

[man] Mm-hmm. Yes, ma’am.

[Emily] Thank you.

[man] At first we said we’d get a dog, and we wouldn’t be dope fiends.

But we stayed dope fiends, so now we’re just dope fiends with a dog.

I gotta go.

I love you.

Love you too.

[Emily] Don’t forget.

[young woman] “See her knitting in my hand, and her empty chair ready for her.

I cry with vexation and disappointment”… [continues indistinctly]

Lia? Uh, keep reading, I’m gonna run to the restroom.

[Lia continues reading, indistinct]

[“You’re So Good for Me” playing]

You good?

[Lia reading aloud, indistinct]

[man] Of course, the future looked bad though.

You went into debt.



My last GI check got deposited into the wrong account. And…

Stabbed your parents in the heart, over and over and over again.

[engine idling]

[song fades]

Old friends stayed away. New friends would eat your eyes out with a f*cking spoon.

[sniffs] Hey, Black.

But there was always more heroin to be done.

And that would usually serve to settle things down for a bit.

If you could front me, like, another 80, I got money from the GI Bill coming in on Friday.

[chuckles softly]

Flip that grilled cheese for me.

If you didn’t know any better, you would’ve thought that this guy was Biff from Back to the Future,

but he wasn’t.

He was Pills…


…and he was Coke.

Hey, man, you want me to put this on a plate? It looks done.

[Pills & Coke] Shelly, come get your toasted cheese.



What are you guys doing?

Making some special candy.

[Shelly] I like candy.

Can I try it?

That depends.

What do you think, junkie? Should she try some special candy?

All right, open wide for the choo choo.

[imitates train sound]

Choo choo! [imitates train sound]

And everyone you met was a f*cker.

Stop f*cking with me, dude. Are you really not gonna front me that 80?

I don’t know, man, 80 is a lot of money to some people.

Please, dude, come on.

Maybe. But you gotta go see a guy in Buckeye for me.


Pick up something for Black.

For Black?


What am I picking up?

It’s a safe. And don’t f*cking ask what’s in it.

Why, what’s in it?

You’re a cunt-nugget.

Please, please tell me you scored.

[man] Mm-hmm.

What the f*ck is this?

[man] What?

Oh, Pills & Coke asked me to watch a safe for him.

That f*cking guy?

I hate that f*cking guy.

That f*cking guy fronted us, so it felt like the right thing to do.

Are you good?


[lighter clicks]

[Emily] I told you that guy was a scumbag. This dope isn’t doing sh!t for me.

And here you are watching his safe that probably has all the good sh!t in it.

So we called James Lightfoot, who used to work for a locksmith.



I can’t hear anything.

[man] Did it work?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, it totally f*cking worked. Genius.

[Livinia barking]


[James] Hit it, man.

Yeah, hit it. Hit it.

[man grunts] F*ck.

[Emily] Get angry, baby.

[metal creaks]

It’s coming. [grunts]

[pants] F*ck them.

[barking continues]


[classical music playing]

[muffled pounding]


[man outside] Open the door!

[gasps, panting]

[man panting]

[pounding on door]

It’s the f*cking police.

[pounding continues]

[man grunts] It’s not the police.

[man outside] This is the police!


It’s the f*cking police!

Get rid of all the drugs. Quick! Hurry!


They know about the safe!

I told you they know about the safe.

[man] I don’t know how they f*cking know about the safe.

Oh. F*ck, f*ck!

[man] What are you doing?

I’m emptying!

[man] That’s not gonna f*cking work!

F*ck! F*ck!


[toilet bubbles, rattles]

[breathes heavily, grunts]

Okay, listen to me. Listen to me.


Put your hands behind your head like this, okay? Stay like that.



[man] Let’s do this nice and peaceful!


Son of a bitch.


Oh, what a f*cking dumbass.

Come on, open up. [chuckles]

Come on in, man.

[imitates whip crack] Cup check.




[door closes]


How much f*cking sh!t was even in there?

Tell me!

A lot.


You said you were the f*cking police, dumbass.

You f*cking put this sh!t on me, you doped-up f*ck?

It wasn’t my fault! It wasn’t my fault! [grunts]

[Emily] Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop, you’re gonna kill him! Stop!

[grunts, yells]

[grunts, groans]

[inhales] Ooh. Ooh.

[exhales] Mm.

All right, let me tell you what’s gonna happen.

Black is gonna put on his black mask.


His black mask.

What black mask? What are you–

His black mask. His f*cking black mask.

He’s gonna put on his motherf*cking black mask!

Stop saying that! I don’t know what it means.

He’s gonna put on his black mask!

I don’t know what it means! [sobs]

He’s gonna kill us all.


He’s gonna kill you.

He’s gonna kill you.

[Emily] No.

He’s sure as f*ck gonna kill that cunt-nugget!

And guess what then? He’s gonna f*cking kill me.


Unless… you can give me a giant f*cking sh!twad of cash.

Right now.

We don’t have any money.


We don’t even have dog food.

I have a plan.

I have a plan.

[drawer slides open]



[Pills & Coke] Okay, we’re square.

[door closes]

[Emily sighs]


Oh, my God.

How much did you…

Oh, my God.

That’s a lot of f*cking dope.

And that was cause for a celebration.

[“El Watusi” playing]

[song continues]

[cell phone ringing]

[ringing continues]

[song fades]

[grunts softly]

[ringing continues]

Sorry. [sniffs]



Hey. Joe.


Yeah. Roy’s cousin Joe.

Oh, f*ck. Hey, Joe, what’s up, man?

Hey, man, did you rob a bank today?

I’m going to f*cking jail, babe.

No. No, here. It says the suspect is six foot and has blue eyes.

You’re okay.

Yeah, but look at the f*cking picture.

Does it look like me? [sniffs]



Yeah, maybe you shouldn’t leave the house for a while.

The essential problem of being a drug addict is that whenever you get flush, you spend it on dope.

Until the money’s gone. And when the dope’s gone, you get sick.




[vomits, coughs]

At which point you need to find more money.

Go rob another f*cking bank!

[vomits, gags]


[woman] You– Are you okay?

It was just a sneeze.

[woman] Look, I really think you’re sick, man.

No, I’m fine, I just can’t stop sneezing. [sniffs]

[drawer opens]

I don’t imagine that anyone goes in for a robbery if they’re not in some kind of desperation.

With robbery it’s a matter of pure abasement.

Thank you.

And we were abased.

What’s crazy is, is that 80% of the time the tellers really don’t mind if you’re holding up the bank.

There are exceptions, of course, like this one lady on the West Side, looked like Janet Reno.

That’s as high as I go.

You f*cking kidding me?

You can read, right?

That’s as high as I go.

But this was a fanatic. Usually it’s very civilized.

Hey, babe.

[Emily exhales]

You all right?

Where were you?

I was at the bank. I couldn’t get much.

Feel like a f*cking purse snatcher.


Yeah, this is the one. [sniffs] All right.


[slapping arm]

How is it that you can rob all these f*cking goddamn banks, and yet somehow, in some f*cking way, you still owe me a f*ck ton of money? [snorts]

[inhales sharply, blows] What the f*ck? [sniffs] Mm.

[sniffs] ‘Cause we shoot a lot of f*cking dope, man.

Well, you need to shoot a lot less, motherf*cker, ’cause when you owe me money, I owe Black money.

And Black does not like being owed f*cking money.

Oh, that’s good sh!t, right? I’ll meet you around the corner.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What the f*ck you talkin’ about?

Well, I told you I needed a driver.

Uh, you did not f*cking say that.

Yeah, I did. I called you this morning.

No, no–

I said I needed a driver for the robbery.

That’s not what I f*cking heard. I’m not doing the junkie bank robbery.

[gasps] Wait, but you just said that you owe Black money, right?

Yeah! Because you owe me money.

Look, do you wanna pay him back or not?


We gotta discuss terms, dude.

The f*cking terms are simple. I’m gonna go rob the f*cking bank, you’re gonna meet me round the corner so you can pay Black back.

[Pills & Coke] I don’t like those terms.

I may or may not be there–

[man] Those are the terms, man.

Motherf*cking piece of sh!t.

Those are the f*cking terms! Whoo!

Come on, Sheina, I know you can do better than that.

That’s a lot of money.

That’s a 50 banded to some f*cking ones.

I said all the money in your drawer.

That guy couldn’t give a sh!t about what’s happening with you right now.

I’m not f*cking around.

[drawer opens]

I’ll flash my gun on the way out, so he knows you didn’t just give the money away.

That supposed to make you a good guy now?

Did you fight for this f*cking country?

[dog barking in distance]

[alarm ringing]

[Pills & Coke] You know what f*cking terms we never discussed?

The ones where you’re in my car with me, and the motherf*cking police shoot us!

We never f*cking discussed those terms, you f*cking junkie.

[sirens wailing in distance]

[door closes]

[footsteps running, approaching]

[object thuds]

[Emily] Where were you? It’s Wednesday.

You were supposed to come down to school and meet me by 5:00.

I’m sorry, baby. I was getting really sick.

Yeah, well, now I’m sick, and I had to cancel my f*cking class because I sh!t my motherf*cking pants.


I’m trying really hard… [sniffs] …to do something here.

I’m not just trying to… sit at home on the f*cking couch, enjoying my motherf*cking high.

[breathing shakily]


The f*ck is this?

[Emily breathing heavily]





[man] Baby, all right, f*ck.

I can’t f*cking…

I can’t f*cking do it.

It’s all right, baby.

Will you please help me?

Come on, come here. It’s all right. I got you.

[pants, sighs]

It’s all right. Here, tie yourself up.

[breathes shakily, sniffs]

All right.

Are you ready?



[man exhales, sniffs]

[licks forearm]


[man] I’m right here with you. Would you hurry the f*ck up, please?

[paramedic] You gotta calm down and let us do our job.

[man] Baby? I’m right here. I’m right by your side.

I’m not gonna f*cking leave you, okay? I got you. Okay?

[paramedic] Female, 22. Agonal breathing, pinpoint pupils.

[man] Please.

Rapid heart rate…

[man] I just got to be here with my wife. [sobs]

[nurse] Sir, I need you to go to the waiting room.

[man] Okay, I can go. But could you please just–

Can I stay for five minutes?

[nurse] No, listen.

There’s nothing you can do in here but get in the way.

[doctor] Sir. There’s nothing you can do.

[man] Okay, I’m going.

[doctor 1] Oh, Jesus.

[doctor 2] Ready, go.[doctor 1] No response here.

[doctor 3] Take over the airway.

[doctor 2] Hooking up the monitor.

[nurse] We’re gonna do the best we can.

I don’t know what I would do without her.

[nurse] Okay? We’re gonna do the best we can.

Emily, I’m outside, baby.

[nurse] I need you to calm down and tell me what happened.

[man cries] I don’t know what happened.


[nurse] Come on, help me out here.

I need you to calm down and tell me what happened.

[sniffs] We were home and we fell asleep, and then she f*cking woke up and she was blue.

[nurse] How long was she unconscious?

I don’t know.

[nurse] What did she take?

I don’t know.

What did she take?

I don’t know, ma’am. I don’t f*cking know.

[nurse] Listen, help us help her. I need to know what she took.

Can you please just tell me if she’s breathing or not?

Please, I’m a medic, ma’am, I…

We’re trying the best that we can, okay? I need you to tell me what she took.

[woman on PA] Paging Dr. Staman. Dr. Staman, please.

[inhales sharply] She took heroin. [sobs]

[monitors beeping]

[softly] I love you.

[Emily’s mother] I know you’ve got problems.

I know you’re broken.

But please don’t break my daughter.

If you love her… then you’ll be a man and walk away.

You get up and walk away.

Or I’ll f*ck you up.

[breathing heavily]


[exhales, panting]

[breathes shakily]


[syringe thumps]



[grunting continues]


F*ck! F*ck you!


[sirens wailing in distance]

[“For Yasgur’s Farm” playing]

[song continues]

[song continues]

What the f*ck are you doing?

Hold on.

Hey, is this bus going to Elba?

What the f*ck are you doing?

Hey, get back on the bus, Em.

What the f*ck are you doing?

Emily, get back on the bus.

I’m not getting back on that f*cking bus!

Listen to me, Emily.

What the–

Baby, f*cking listen to me, all right?

Hey, are you all right?

Yeah, I’m all right.


Just don’t touch her, bro.

Yes, sir. Understood. [sniffs]

Emily, you gotta go back to rehab.

I don’t wanna be in rehab.

I wanna be with you.

[man] You can’t be here with me.

[Emily] That’s not your decision to make.

Yes, it is my decision–

No, it’s not your decision to make.

Yes, it is my dec–

It’s not–

Yes, it is!

It is not your decision to make!

I waited two years… for you to come back from that hellhole.

Two years.


And I stayed with you through so much f*cked-up sh!t.


And I really don’t wanna do this alone.

Please don’t make me do this alone.

I’m so sorry… [sniffs] …but I can’t.

I’m not good for you.

[sniffs] I’m not good for anything.

I have this noise in my head.

I can’t…

Baby, stop.

It’s so goddamn loud, and I just– I can’t make it stop.

It’ll stop.

One day it’ll just– it’ll go quiet.

[man sniffles]

Can you please just get back on the bus?

For me?


I’m gonna get high with or without you.

[breathes shakily]

Please don’t.

Please, baby, just… [sniffs]

I’m gonna get high.

[sniffs, grunts]

[train horn blows in distance]

It’s not even that interesting. The bank’s not gonna fight you over the cash.

I mean, they don’t even care. It’s like taking sand from a beach.

[snorts, sniffs]

But it’s somebody’s money.

[man] No, it’s the bank’s money.

Do you need the money or do you not need the money?

Of course I need the money.

All right, well, I can get a lot more if we hit all the tellers.

But to hit all the tellers, I need you.

But if we’re both pulling the robbery, why am I only getting 10%?

Because I’m the one doing all the talking and carrying the gun.

All right? If you were carrying the gun and threatening all the innocents, it’d be a different story, huh?

Then give me the gun.

No, I’m not gonna give you the gun.

You just said if I had the gun–

I don’t care what I just said!

We’re gonna do what we originally agreed.

Jesus. Can you stop being such a flaming f*cking pussy, dude?

F*ck it, let’s do it.

[bank patrons shout]

No alarms! I said no alarms!

Sir, don’t you touch that f*cking phone! Don’t you touch that phone!

[phone ringing]

All right, I want everybody to give their money to this man here.

[ringing continues]

Don’t you touch that f*cking phone.

[ringing continues]


Go, go, go, go, go! Go, go, go, go, go!

[grunts] The f*ck, man?

The f*ck is wrong with you?

F*cking infamous.

Man, I’m sorry.

[Pills & Coke] What do we do now?

I don’t f*cking know.

[James] How about we do it again?

I can drive, and you and Pills do the robbing.

So now I’ve gotta rob a bank ’cause you’re a f*cking pussy?

I’m just not good at robberies.

Pills, look, it’s three, four times the money.

F*cking nerves are shot, man.

Come on, man.

All right, but I’m having the gun.

No, you’re not having the gun.

I am! I’m having the f*cking gun!

And you’re a junkie motherf*cker.

With PTSD.

The f*ck is going on with you, man?

Probably the Klonnie.

What Klonnie?

My nerves were shot, man.

You took f*cking Klonnie?

Just some.

Well, are you good for this?

I’m good.

Are you good for this?

I’m good, motherf*cker. Let’s do this.

Put that f*cking down.

All right, everyone, give your man this money.


[bank patrons shout]


What the f*ck is wrong with you? Give me the f*cking gun.

F*ck, man.

Take this, get the f*cking cash and go.

Ma’am, get off the f*cking phone!

Get down.


-Go, go.

Come on. Come on.

[man panting]

What happened? Did you shoot somebody?


Where’s Pills & Coke?

He f*cking bailed, man. He bailed.

Where you going? What the f*ck are you doing?

Get the f*cking– F*ck.

Everybody, give me your cash.

Open the f*cking drawer. Get it out now! Hurry up.

F*ck. [grunts]

We can’t leave him. He’s gonna rat on us in a heartbeat, dude.

We gotta go back and get him.


What do you mean, no, James?

Turn the f*cking car around!



[locks click]

[sniffs, grunts]

[breathes heavily]

Never lock a gunman in with innocent people.

You’re supposed to lock me in between the f*cking doors.

What’s the matter with you people? Are you retarded? Huh?

James, turn this f*cking car around! Now!

[James] No.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

[man groans]

[bank manager] The– The police are on their way.


Open the door right now.

Look, you’ve put all these people’s lives in danger.

If you don’t open that f*cking door, your boss is gonna fire you.


[gasps] What the f*ck was that?

[James] I don’t like this.

Did you hear that?

I don’t like this, man. I don’t like this.

[sirens wailing]

[man] You see him?

Is that him? I see him. That’s him, that’s him. Stop the car.

Dude, get in the f*cking car. Come on.

The f*ck are you doing? Get in the f*cking car now!

[siren wailing in distance]

Get in the car.



The f*ck is wrong with you, man?

[groans] This is all your fault.

Should never have f*cking brought you.



Oh, sh!t.

[Pills & Coke mutters]

Oh, f*ck.

He’s been shot, man.

[James] What the f*ck?

He’s been f*cking shot.

You said nobody f*cking got shot.

[man] Put some pressure on the wound, all right?

Here. Let me feel your back. Let me see.


Let me see. Hang on. I know. I know it hurts.

[James] You know how to take care of him, right?


[man] F*ck, there’s not an exit wound.

We gotta get him to a hospital.

We can’t go to the hospital.

James, if we don’t take him to the f*cking hospital, he’s gonna die!

We can’t go right now, man! You’re not listening to me!

They’ll f*cking arrest us!

We just robbed a f*cking bank, are you f*cking crazy?

They’ve seen you plenty of f*cking times!

So you need to think f*cking straight about this!

What do we do? What do we do?

[Pills & Coke] Please just take me to the hospital, man.

Take me to the hospital.

[James] I’m sorry.

I’m sorry, man.

[mutters] Guys…

[James] We can’t. You know we can’t. You know we can’t, right?



[James] What can we do?


What can we do?

[Pills & Coke] Please, man.

[James sobs]

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.


[groans] Just f*cking drive, man.

[James] Okay. Okay.

Just get us outta here.

[James sobs] This is so f*cked up.


We never did find out how he got shot.

But it didn’t matter.

[grunts, breathes heavily]

[James] Come on.

Come on.

[birds twittering, squawking]

[geese honking]

[man exhales]



[groans, exhales]

[engine idling]

[Emily] What is he doing here?

Go inside.

What does he want?

Just go inside, baby.

[engine idling]

If you’re gonna shoot me, can we go somewhere else?


You know… for the neighbors.

I’m not gonna shoot you.

I won’t get my money back… if I shoot you.

I can’t do this anymore.

[Black] Sure you can.

I can’t. [sniffs]

You can.


For your girl… you can.

I just gotta get right first.

[man sniffs]


Hey, guess what.


Black is gonna drive for me so I can pay him back.

Did he front you?


Can you make me a shot?

I’m just… just really tired.

[sniffs] I know, baby.

I want it to be quiet.

[kisses] I know.

Can you give me another shot?

Yeah, baby, when I’m back.


When I get back, baby.

[breathes heavily]

I love you.

I love you too.

[breathes heavily]

[car engine idling]

[car engine idling]

You know where you’re going, right?

Make the first three lefts, can’t go wrong.

I’m not gonna be long, two, three minutes, tops.

And don’t be late. I’ll meet you in the parking lot.

Give me my f*cking money, Vanessa! Hurry the f*ck up!

Slide it over! Now!

[breathes heavily]

[breathing slows]

Vanessa, I need you to do me a favor. [sniffs]

What’s that?

I need you to hit that alarm for me.

It’s all right. I’m not gonna hurt you.

[alarm ringing]

Thank you.

[alarm continues]

[breathes shakily]

[alarm continues]


[dogs barking in distance]

[grunts, breathes heavily]

[barking continues]

[sniffs, exhales]

[engine idling]


Here’s your–

[opera music playing]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[sirens continue]


[music continues]


[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[sirens wailing in distance]

[music continues]

[sirens wailing]

[music ends]

[sirens wailing, faint]

[piano music playing]

[muffled pounding]

[pounding continues]

[no audible dialogue]

[piano music continues]

[no audible dialogue]

[piano music continues]

[music fades]

[men chattering in distance]

[sighs deeply]

[orchestral music playing]

[no audible dialogue]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[no audible dialogue]

[no audio]

[music continues]

[no audible dialogue]

[man] Therefore, it is our vote to grant parole. Effective immediately.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. My client is most appreciative.

Thank you.

Thank you so much. [sniffs]

[music continues]

[guard] Good luck.


[music continues]

[gate lock buzzes]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[music continues]

[orchestral music fades]

[“Astral Weeks” playing]

[song ends]


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