Another Round (2020) – Transcript

Four friends, all high school teachers, test a theory that they will improve their lives by maintaining a constant level of alcohol in their blood.
Another Round (2020) Mads Mikkelsen

Another Round (Danish: Druk) is a 2020 Danish drama film, directed by Thomas Vinterberg, from a screenplay by Vinterberg and Tobias Lindholm. It stars Mads Mikkelsen, Thomas Bo Larsen, Magnus Millang, and Lars Ranthe.


Teachers Martin, Tommy, Peter and Nikolaj are colleagues and friends at a gymnasium in Copenhagen. All four struggle with unmotivated students and feel that their lives have become boring and stale. At a dinner celebrating Nikolaj’s fortieth birthday, the group begins to discuss psychiatrist Finn Skårderud, who has theorized that having a blood alcohol content of 0.050 makes you more creative and relaxed. While the group dismisses the theory, Martin, who is depressed due to troubles in his marriage, is inspired and starts to drink at work. The rest of the group eventually decide to join in, considering the ordeal an experiment to test Skårderud’s theory. They agree to a set of rules: their BAC should never be above 0.05 and that they should not drink after 8:00pm.

Within a short period of time, all four members of the group find both their work and private lives more enjoyable. Martin, in particular, is delighted as he finally manages to reconnect with his wife and children. Agreeing that the experiment should be taken further, the group increases the daily BAC limit to 0.10. Still finding their lives improved, the group decides to attempt binge drinking to observe how their bodies and minds respond. The group has a fun night, but after coming home drunk, both Martin and Nikolaj are confronted by their families. Martin’s family express their worries that he is descending into alcoholism, revealing that he has been visibly drunk for weeks. After a heated argument, Martin’s wife leaves him. The group abandons the experiment.

Months later, all the members of the group have stopped drinking during the day with the exception of Tommy, who has become an alcoholic. Dismissed from his work, Tommy boards his boat, sails out on the ocean and dies (presumably by taking his own life). The three remaining members of the group go out to dinner after Tommy’s funeral and appear reluctant to drink the alcohol which is served. While dining, a group of their recently graduated students drive by and Martin, Peter and Nikolaj join their celebrations. Martin receives a message from his wife who states that she is willing to give their marriage a new chance. Both sad and overjoyed, Martin dances with the rest of the partygoers.





What is youth? A dream

What is love? The content of the dream

Ready for the Lake Race?


3, 2, 1… go!

You must drink a full case on the race around the lake.

One beer per person at each bench.

Each team has an umpire who ensures the case is brought back.

The umpire is not allowed to drink the beers.

If you vomit as a team, one minute will be deducted.

Wait, wait…

When you return to the bench, you drink the last beer.

The winner gets the bottle deposits.

Take it down a notch.

Take it down a notch.

Show some consideration.

Get over here.

A film by Thomas Vinterberg

They call him Fjonk.

Red hair, Thor’s hammer necklace. It was him and his friend.

Where did he get the handcuffs?

We don’t know.

But he cuffed the poor ticket inspector to a rail, and then they partied on.

It’s okay to have fun, but it’s gone overboard.

Maybe we should have a zero-alcohol policy all of next semester.


How do they intend to uphold that?

It’s like shutting down the Freetown.

Sune, you’ll do the warm-up today.



Okay. Follow me. Let’s go.

Speed it up.

No cutting corners.


Looking good.

Open to the page of ‘In Denmark I Was Born’.

‘In Denmark I Was Born’. Open your books. Come on.

Let’s hear how rusty you are. Yes.

In Denmark I was born, here my home is…

What is psychology?

Can anyone tell me what psychology is?

Psychology is the scientific study of human psychological processes — which is what we’ll work on the coming year.

Why do we behave, experience and react as we do?

And the Industrial Age is the period in world history when Western societies, based on their technological progress, started the process that created the foundation for the modern world.

The invention of new technology…

Excuse me. Weren’t we talking about Churchill?

Yes, that’s right. Let’s focus on that.

Churchill, the World War… let’s focus on that.

World War 2?

No, World War I.

And thus… the Industrial Age.

So, Churchill was First Lord of…

This has gone bonkers.

Malthe, is there another lesson you have to attend right now?

Did you hand in your report?


Did it feel good?

It was okay.

Okay, I’m off. I’m on nights all week.


See you tomorrow.


Have I become boring?

What do you mean?

Do you find me boring?

Compared to what? When you were young or…?


You’re not the same Martin I first met.

Right… okay.


You have the seniors in history, right?


Uhm, they’ve tried to reach you on school-intra.

They want to meet with you. Are you available this afternoon?


Sure, that’s fine.

What’s it about?

Just talk to them.

Oh, hi. I thought I’d just be meeting with a couple of you.

We’ve gathered those of us who could on such short notice.

Yes… well…

So, here I am.

Our children may be called upon to do an exam in history with you.

We need to talk about that.

Of course.

There’s great pressure on the admittance requirements to the universities they want to attend.

So it’s not exactly good news if they have to take an exam with you.

I see.

I need you to elaborate on that.

It’s so uncomfortable to say this… but a C+ really drags down your average.

It’s History A, so it counts double.

And you seem so indifferent…

No, I’m not indifferent.

It’s not easy to learn when you’ve got your head stuck in your phone.

Maybe you should…

But I’ll take note of it and try to work something out.

Whether that means another teacher or…

I’d like to say something.

What you said about the Easter Crisis…

Totally confusing. Right?

Jonas! Please put back the bike when you borrow it.

But I didn’t. Ask Kasper.

I never touched it.

Where are you going?

To Nikolaj’s 40th. Didn’t I tell you?

Oh, right. Fine.

It won’t be late. I’ll take the car.


Anika, do you have a minute…

Look, just stop it. There’s pizza.

Just get one out.

See you.

See you later.

Bye, Martin!

Okay, I’m off now, boys.

Where are you going?

Out to dinner. Nikolaj’s birthday. Didn’t I tell you?


It won’t be late.

Mom’s on night duty, and there’s pizza in the freezer.

Hello? Pizza in the freezer.


Tommy? So, are we leaving?

Never saw you in a suit before.

It’s from the days with Mette.

The socks, too?

What? Oh, right. No one’ll notice.

How’s she doing? Mette.


I don’t know.

It has to pee. It can hardly walk anymore.


There, Laban. That’s right.

Yeah… there. Have a little pee.

I just need to help it get started.

There, a little pee.

Good boy.

I’m driving. A soda, please.

No lemon.

No lemon, very well.

I have a bit of work to do for tomorrow.

The rest of us are having bubbles.

Sounds great.

I have a champagne here from 2013.

There you go, a nice glass for you.

What characterizes this champagne is the mineral notes.

If you close your eyes, you’ll envision ripe French fields.

Damn, this is good.

Draft beer and champagne.

Wait with the beer, okay?

But how are you? You’re 40 today!

Okay… How the hell am I?

I can’t complain. I have a beautiful wife, I live by the sea, and she’s loaded.

We have three kids who sleep in our bed and pee on us every night.

I never sleep anymore.

Come on…

It’s true.

Let’s shelf that for a second and say congratulations and cheers.


Martin, this is great.

Too bad you’re so sensible.


It is, but the question is what’s sensible.

More nonsense from you?

Yes. I mean, it’s not from me as such.

There’s this Norwegian philosopher and psychiatrist, Finn Skårderud…

You’re so lame.

Look. He thinks it’s sensible to drink.

When you drive?

All the time.

He claims humans are born with a blood alcohol content that’s 0.05% too low.


But it’s interesting.

Just to be clear… So 0.05%… How much is 0.05%?

1-2 glasses of wine, and you should maintain it at that level.

So you should just keep drinking?

Yes. His claim is that when you have a 0.05% BAC you’re more relaxed, and poised, and musical, and open.

More courageous in general.

I could use a little more self-confidence and spirit.

We all could. And isn’t that what you struggle with at school, Martin?


The problem in your class.

Peter mentioned…

I just mentioned the school situation.


Listen, not to stick my nose in…

Don’t worry about it. It’s fine.

But I don’t know… whether those things are related?

Those kids just need to behave.

Totally. A kick in the butt.


Martin, you’re the man in charge.

Bury them in homework and assignments and whatnot!

Paper, boom. Curriculum, boom.

Finished off with a talking-to. They like it.

Right, Nikolaj?

I think it’s about something else. I think it’s a bit bigger than that.

I think your problem with the class is more banal.

I think you lack self-confidence. And joy.

I think that’s what it’s about.


If I may interrupt? We’ll now serve the caviar.

Tonight we will serve a Baerii caviar.

It’s from Northern Europe, locally harvested in Germany.

We usually serve a vodka…

And you’ll also do that today.

This vodka would put a smile on the Tsar’s face.

It’s an Imperia from Russia, wheat-fermented and cooled, which crystallizes the water, giving the vodka a velvety and rich texture.

That’ll take us above the 0.05%. Tommy?

Thank you.

There you go.

I’ll take the vodka…

No, leave the bottle!

Can you feel it…


It’s entering your blood stream.

You feel all warm inside as it spreads. It has quite a punch.

Martin, come on. Russia was built by people who drink vodka and drive.

Grab some caviar and vodka. You can drive home in a couple of hours.

No need to get worked up over that. Cheers.



Listen… This is…

This is amazing.

This is great.

I told you! You and your beer.

I prefer draft beer. What’s wrong with that?

Nothing, but it’s his 40th…

We’ve arrived at the main course. Should we take a look at wines?

Yes, let’s. We’ll have a really, really, really good glass of wine for Martin.

I have for you a Jérome Chezeaux, a friend of the house.

A wine from the Burgundy district. 2011.

And — as Robert Parker writes in his 95-point rating — this wine encapsulates the Burgundy spirit.

Thank you. I think we could use a refill over there.

Is it good?


There you go.

Thank you.

Martin, what’s up? What going on?

Not much.

I don’t do much. I don’t see many people.

How are you and Anika doing?

She works nights a lot, so…

I don’t see her much either.

There, there… Take it easy, Martin.

I don’t know how I ended up like this.

I’m sorry.

Don’t worry about it.

Have you considered someone else?

No, I haven’t.

She is… the mother of my children.

And she looked after my dad when he died.

The plan was to hold each other’s hands when we get old.

We’ll just have to see.

I’m sorry.

Martin, 12 years ago, when I came to the school, you were a big man heading for a research position. We were all talking about you.

You had a grant and a PhD all lined up, damn it!

You did apply, didn’t you?

No. The kids were little and…

I already told you all this, Tommy.

Right. You did.

When I met him, he was just a little shit.

Roaming the streets in jeans acting tough as all hell.

And he took dancing lessons…


Dancing lessons? Was it ballet?

Hey! It was jazz ballet.

Jazz ballet, give me a fucking break.

I did.

You took jazz ballet lessons… So how’s that going?

Shut up, some people take up pottery.

He was out of this world. It was totally professional.

Hey, hey, hey! Martin, you’re a beautiful man.

And you can dance. Not bad. Let’s see it.

It was crazy when you did the…

Go on, show us.

One time. One. On the floor.

Oh, I did my back in.

Come on, Martin!

Come on, show us something.

Tommy, you know all the moves.

Show it again.

Do it yourself, man!

What the hell, okay.

It was something like… and down and like this!

Boom! Never saw it coming! Thank you.


Let’s go!

No running!

Martin, you’re lifting…

No running!

One foot on the ground at all times!

Like this.

1, 2, 3…

Hey! I didn’t know what it was about!


You’re twice his weight!

Next. Come on.

1, 2, 3…

Get him down! Get him down!



Hello there.

Okay, so I’ve gone over the curriculum…

Hello! Concentrate, please. Good.

I’ve gone over our curriculum, and we’ve been through the historic challenges of the in… indru…indrusti…caused by the industrialization.

So let’s go over the curriculum together and get an overview of it.


Thanks for the other day. What a night!

What are you doing?

I can’t drive.

It was 0.05%, right? Just wanted to try it out.

Hi, honey. I’m taking Martin home.


Hi, Amalie.

He can’t drive…

His car’s in the shop, so I’m giving him a lift.

But we need milk, toilet paper, diapers and straw for the rabbit cage. Okay?

Copy that. Kisses, honey. Bye.

Call the guys.

I just wanted to try it.

There’s a bigger perspective here. Call Tommy.

We’re on our way.

Because Nikolaj has lost his mind.


Martin is a brave man who’s decided he wants to do something with his life!

We’re coming now. He hung up.

What the hell?

Calm down.

I just took a couple of sips, leaned back and felt what that was like.

So let’s have a drink?

No. So how was the class?

Well… I had some verbal motor challenges.

So basically we’re testing out the Skårderud hypothesis.

Collecting evidence.


What if you get so wasted you can’t talk?

I had no problem talking.

We’re not the first people in the world to drink a little alcohol during the day.

Hemingway, for instance, he drank every day until 8 p.m., and then stopped so that he was fit to write the next day. And his work was masterful.

So if we’re doing this, I guess that’ll be our approach.

I think it’s exciting.

So do I.

But we’ll write a brilliant psychological essay about it, so that it isn’t altogether foolishness.


What do we write?

A study of Finn Skårderud’s hypothesis that man is born with a deficit of 0.05% BAC.

And now what the trial will consist of.

Daily consumption of alcohol aspiring to uphold a level of 0.05%…

With the aim of collecting evidence of psychological verbal motor and psycho-rhetorical effects and study of increased social and professional performance.

We only drink during work hours.


It’ll have to be.

Like Hemingway. No drinking after 8 p.m. or during the weekend.

What… Otto, for God’s sake.

Damn it… Otto.

Look! Damn it, Otto. You have to speak up when you have to pee.

Mom, I peed!

Shh! Not now. You’ll wake them.

Tell me before you pee. Not after. And no yelling.

Listen… telling me after…

Why are you yelling? I’ve slept all of 20 minutes!

You’re waking the whole house. I haven’t slept through the night in 3 years!

What’s that?

It’s piss!

Why didn’t he pee before bedtime?

What an annoying thing to ask.

Do it yourself, if you’re so clever.

I intend to. Are you okay, sweetie?

Nikolaj, breakfast is ready!

Coming. Start without me.


Malthe, put your phone away unless you want to share it with all of us?

Uhm, no.

Fine. Put it away.

And close the door.

We’re having a test today.

I’d like to see where we’re at.

Josephine. Isn’t your name Josephine?


The rest of you, pay attention. What I’m about to talk about we’ve already been through this year, or last year.

Josse, there’s an election with three candidates, so who do you vote for?

Do you follow?


Number 1: He is partially paralyzed from polio. He has hypertension.

He’s anemic and suffers from an array of serious illnesses.

He lies if it suits his purpose and consults astrologists on his politics.

He cheats on his wife, chain-smokes and drinks too many martinis.

Number 2: He’s overweight, and he’s already lost three elections.

He’s had a depression and two heart attacks.

He’s impossible to work with and smokes cigars non-stop.

And every night when he goes to bed, he drinks incredible amounts of champagne, cognac, port, whisky and adds two sleeping pills before dozing off.

The last one, number 3:

He’s a highly decorated war hero. He treats women with respect.

He loves animals, never smokes and only has a beer on rare occasions.

Josse, who do you vote for?

The last one.

The last one. Number 3.

And the rest of you?

Yes, number 3.

Oh boy! You just discarded…

…Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Winston L. Churchill. And thankfully you elected this guy.


Focus! It’s funny, but there’s a point to this, which is important and which I hope you’ll understand some day.

The world is never as you expect.

Oh, we’ll be busy, but let’s see if we can’t make this work.

Jason, page 83.

In Denmark I was born here my home is from there my roots…

Stop! Stop, stop.

It sounds like a Christmas party at a swinger club. Come on.

Klara, seriously. You sing divinely, but it’s not about me hearing you.

It’s about you listening to each other.

Stand up.

Close your eyes.

Try to be completely…


And plant your feet solidly on the ground and…

There! Open your eyes.

Good morning.

Now we will sing with our ears, our hearts, with our souls.

And… hold hands for a second.

Let the energy flow through you.

There. Find the common pulse.

I’ll give you the note.

In Denmark I was born here my home is

from there my roots

and there my world extend.

You windswept Danish strand

where ancient chieftain’s barrow

stands close to apple orchard

hop and mallow.

Therefore you I love

Denmark, my native land.


There’s something to it, huh?

Definitely. I was thinking you can sniff it.

Then it won’t be on your breath, and I think it’ll have greater effect.

I don’t know… Don’t forget to take notes.


I don’t know where he is.

Nikolaj, where’s Tommy?

He’s off today. Coaching youngsters.

Have some water, and we’ll get back to it.

So, Specs, did your parents forget to give you water again?


No, you can’t have this.

Hjalte! Come here. Give Specs a sip.

Why don’t you give him a sip?

Listen, Hjalte, if you want to play in the matches you’ll be a good sport and give Specs a sip.

If I’m to spend my spare time on you little pissants, you better behave.

Yeah! Spread out, play each other.

Pay attention to each other!

They’re hard on you, huh, Specs? Stay here with me, okay?

Yeah. Take a little break.


And pass it back. Yes!



You’re drinking wine?

I guess I am.

Did you sleep until now?


Are the boys home for dinner?

I don’t really know.

I’ll make enough for the four of us.

Can I get you anything? Coffee? Wine? Both?

Coffee, please.


Jonas is almost as tall as me.


He’s missing this much. Don’t tell him.

He’ll have to discover it himself. He’ll be out of control.

Have you talked about fall vacation?

I think we’ll just stay home.

Those of us who don’t have plans.

Or we could go canoeing.


We’ve always done that.

Yes, eight years ago.

Yes! It’s been too long.

The fresh air will do the boys good, and maybe we should… What’s up?


But I could ask you the same thing. What’s up with you?

Nothing. I just want to go on fall vacation.

I’d better get ready.

Hello? Hey…

Hi, Tommy.


Look what I found.

What the hell’s that?


Where the hell does that come from?

Beats me.

Not many teachers have keys to this place.

I may have forgotten to lock up, but… And there’s a newspaper.

Let me see. Yeah, you’re right, dammit.

Someone’s been having a nice time. And look over here. A hip flask.

Mogens, did you inform the principal?

No, not yet.

You didn’t?

No, not yet.

And here’s another one.

Have any of you seen students drinking on the school premises?

During school hours.

Some bottles were found in the gym depot.

No? I don’t assume anyone here has a problem I should know about?


I’m sorry about the depot.

I didn’t know anyone went there.

We have to be careful.


I haven’t felt this good in ages.

Something’s happening. Even when I’m sober.

I think there’s more to this. Maybe even going a bit higher.

I think that’s exciting.

Peter, nobody found out.

I haven’t been teaching this well in ages.

I just know there’s more to it.

Something more unreserved?

Yes. We don’t know if we’ll react the same way to the same BAC.


Peter, you love Klaus Heerfordt. He was a very gifted pianist.

Put him on, would you?


He could only play at the exact point of being neither drunk nor sober.

And he was absolutely brilliant.

And you want to take this to the Tchaikovsky level.


But I don’t know if we’ll all react the same way to the same BAC. Peter…

Let’s have a drink and find out.

Easy now.

Are we or are we not alcoholics?

We’re not alcoholics.

We decide when we want to drink. An alcoholic can’t help himself.

Exactly. I give you Klaus Heerfordt and one of his drinking buddies.

It’s huge.

Well? What do we write down?

Part 2.

The Individual BAC.

A daily consumption of alcohol at a variable and individual level in order to achieve optimal professional and social performance and the ensuing collection of evidence of psychological and psycho-rhetorical effects.

Who goes first?

Well… That’s the question…


…dear, young friends.

I wish all of you a Happy New Year.

See you.

Bye, Martin.

Churchill liked his alcohol…



What the hell is going on?



Martin, are you okay?

I’ll handle it. It’s just a nosebleed. There.

Martin, here we go.

Am I bleeding?

We’ll add some compression.

You’re bleeding a bit. Yeah, there it is.

Just stick it up there. Up.


Take that with you.

No worries. He’s fine.

Okay, let’s do this.

Can you guess what you have in common with these three gentlemen?

Girls, too?

Yes, the girls, too.

And for those of you who’ve been asleep for the past 18 years, this is: General Grant, Ernest Hemingway and good old Winston Churchill.

What do you have in common with them?

You drink like pigs. Every week, all year round.

A lot of alcohol, so let me ask you a few questions.

Jason, you’re a feisty one. How much do you drink in a week?

I don’t know.

You can tell me, I won’t tell anyone.

National Board of Health recommends max. 14 units for men and 7 for women.

Jason, Jason, Jason, do you drink more or less than recommended?

Well… I drink Thursday, Friday and Saturday…

…and a bit on Sunday.

And Wednesday, if there’s a Champion’s League game on.

So how much?

14-15 drinks Thursday, Friday, Saturday. And 4-5 Sunday and Wednesday.

So how much is that in a week?

In a good week 50-55.

What was that?


55. Okay. Caro? What are the rules of the Lake Race?

Is the question understood?


You race around the lake and drink a case of beer against the clock.

And if you vomit?

As a team?

There’s a rule?

You get a time deduction, but if you vomit alone…

They add time, got it. Okay, show of hands.

How many of you take part in the Lake Race?


I swear, no one could tell.

This is interesting because we’re talking about Churchill and besides writing 37 books in 58 volumes, painting over 500 paintings, receiving the Nobel Prize in literature, and winning WW2 as one of the world’s greatest commanders, he also said: “I never drink before breakfast.”

So, when you run around totally wasted, throwing up in bushes and alleys, don’t feel alone, because you’re in great company.

Grant, Hemingway and old Winston could kick your ass in the Lake Race. But the question is: If you’re to take a history exam, which one of you ambitious youngsters will flunk big time, and who will pass?

In other words, who will do as Hemingway and blow his brains out, and who will win a world war?

Josse, help me out here. You know all about D-Day, right?

To the board, go on.

Give me three good reasons for D-Day’s success.

D-Day was the day the Allied Forces landed on a French beach.

Yes, where?


See you, Martin.

See you.

I’ve booked a canoe trip.

Martin? Martin…

What level are you at?

Around 0.1, I think.


Nooooo:( Said yes to a shift. Didn’t think you meant it


Can’t you change it?

See you tomorrow.

Sigrid… the quote.

“To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily.”

“Not to dare is to lose oneself.”

Are you ready?

Stand up.

Hand to your heart. You too, Specs.

A lovely land is ours with beeches green about her encircled by the sea encircled by the sea.

Off you go!


Boys! I’m busy over here.

Finish up already! Hjalte! Finish it!

Goddammit! Come again.

Pass to Huxi!

Hjalte, nice pass.

Okay, listen up, boys.

Hjalte! Pass the ball to Kasper.

Go on! Run! Huxi, pass to Bror!

Pass to Specs now! That’s right!

Run, Specs! Come on!


Tommy! You’re the best coach in the world!

A sliding tackle!

You can totally do a sliding tackle on this!

Is that allowed?

Sliding tackle!

Sliding tackle.

Are you afraid of my sliding tackle?

Take this! Yes!

I wish I had a couple of kids running around in the garden.

I’d have liked that.

But you get all wound up and start tidying up whenever you meet a woman.

Just calm the fuck down.

That won’t get me any kids, Tommy.

You’ve got your students. They’re gonna remember you forever.

They’re gonna forget all about us the moment they’re out the door.

Hi, Sebastian.

Hey. Are you okay?

Yeah, I was just studying.

I may not teach psychology, but you sure don’t look okay.

What’s going on?

Love troubles?


I’ve had my heart broken a couple of times.

Sit down.

But know this about girls…

Peter, it’s not that.

What, then?

All this.

School, homework, grades…

I broke down during exams last year.

You’re worried about exams already?

I have to be. I can’t repeat another year.


It’s horrible being here again.

As long as I get a B+ average, I can get into medical school.

But right now I’ll be lucky to pass.

Ever considered having a drink before the exam?


Just a shot.

Or maybe two, to take the edge off your anxiety, and to loosen your tongue.

I know it sounds crazy, but I won’t tell anyone.

Go! We’re way too close.

Come on!

Well done, Mom.

They’re falling apart in boat 1.

We weren’t ready!

Go, go, go!

This is nice.

That one over there, it’s flat.

Are we there?

Sure, just a bit lopsided.

Want us to carry some of your load?

Stop gloating, Martin.

Want me to grab the water?

Put it in here.

In here?

Yes, just…

Oh no. I want another partner.

Why do you and Mom get the big tent?

And why are we so deep in the woods?



Does it live in Africa?


Does it live in…

Is it a…

Don’t skip my turn.

We’re in for a long night.

Is it a sea cow?

A what?

You’re supposed to narrow it down.

I am.

Does it live in the Swedish woods?

Does it live on the savannah?


It doesn’t live on the savannah.

If it doesn’t live on the savannah nor in the Swedish woods, it must be a cuckoo. A cuckoo.

A cookie?

A cuckoo. It’s a bird.

Is that it?


You’re supposed to narrow it down.

Don’t you get it?

I get it!

Does it live in the water?

Each time I ask, I have one option less the next time.

So now you’re down to 1,224,000,000 animals.

Come on, Kasper.

A salmon.

What’s happening?

What’s happening?

Are you crying?



I think I’ve missed you, that’s all.

Me too.

I’ve missed us.

For a long time.

Maybe too long.

What do you have in store for us? Are we having a drink first?

I spoke to a senior psychologist at a leading hospital about a chapter he entitled ‘Harmful Consumption of Alcohol’.

For a longer period of time.

So you want us to stop?

No. I’d like for us to examine the entire spectrum of alcohol.

I mean, if we’re to do a report?

Skårderud talks about ‘ignition’.

After 7-10 units you either get tired and go home or you get a restless mouth: The more you get, the more you want.

You want to drink anything all the time.

I’d like for us to drink to the point of ignition…

…and beyond.

I’m talking about the ultimate catharsis.

Total oblivion.

I think I’m getting off here, boys.


I think it’s time to get back to my family.

I’m game.

What are you up to? Are you drunk?

No, we’re not.



We’re off to capoeira and then to my Dad’s while you goof off or whatever the hell you do.

Remember to shop for tomorrow. Fresh codfish.


Fresh cod.

Fresh cod it is. Bye, kids.

Have fun at capoeira.

Fresh cod.

Fresh cod.

Coming, Tommy?


Have we got everything? Booze?

It’s all in here.

We’ll start with this. Peychaud’s bitters.


It’s all alcohol!

Seven, eight… Add four lumps of sugar.

Got it.

Crush them. We need some ice.

This is all very elaborate, isn’t it?


We might as well drink surgical spirit, then.

What are you having?

Sazerac. 5 cl bourbon, 1 cl absinthe.

The jazz musicians in New Orleans created it to look like a watered-down cocktail.

But it’s pure alcohol. I mean, it’s…

Why do you rotate the glass?

To coat it with absinthe.

Then add this.

And now for the magic touch. Hand me the orange.

You cut off a slice. The peel contains a fragrant oil.

I don’t need it.

Oh yes. Just rub it on the edge.

Smell that.

I’ll grab that. Is it all done?

Hey, wait for the rest of us. Cheers.

Holy crap!

Well, what are we gonna write?

Part 3.

The maximum BAC.

The maximum BAC.

Study of high alcohol intake aspiring to reach maximum level, with special focus on observation of emancipating psychological effects.

The study is conducted in private to avoid negative interference from and with the surroundings.

Here’s another round.

Martin, don’t you want a drink?

I’ll pass.

Don’t you want a drink?

There you go.

See you.


Holy crap. I’ve never tasted anything like it.

Holy crap.

It’s fucking strong.

But also, good.

Are you sure about that, Martin?

There you go.

Holy crap. What is this?



How’s the dancing?

Gone to hell.


There we go.


Down, down, down.

I’m not downing it. Just a swig.


We need to go higher. To the top!


Where is the fresh codfish?

I’m afraid we’re out of fresh. We’ve only got frozen.

Why haven’t you got fresh cod when all months with an R in them are cod months?!

Well, it may be in season…

Hey! Hello!

Hey, listen.

I once caught a cod with my bare hands. I just grabbed it…

It was like…

There it is.

What the fuck are you doing?

It’s right there.

I’ll catch a crab… And I’ll use the crab to catch the cod.

We have to stick to the rules.

Always put on a life jacket.

Why can’t you swim? You’re a gym teacher.

I teach gym, not…

Forget the cod. Let’s go out.


Come on.



Not again!

Shut up!

See you in town!

Oh, what a jolly night!

Oh, what a jolly night!

We gotta eat. Gotta eat.

1,000 kroner for some fish ‘n’ chips.

2,000… 3,000.

Take your money. Drop it.

So I’ll eat it.

Don’t do that.

Karen, give me 47 47s.

That’s a Christmas beer.

47 47s!

Last round!


You’ve had your fill of beer, dearie. Good night and sleep tight.

Last round!

Get down from there!

He just wants to show us his jazz ballet moves.


Are you coming?


Ew, Nikolaj, you just pissed! Gross!


What’s happening, Mom?

Dad just peed in the bed.

Ew, that’s gross.

Christ, just how drunk are you?

Hey, calm down. Do we even know…

Otto pees on me, too.

You’re so far out.

Let’s go watch some TV.

Is it time to get up? Now?

Nikolaj, what are you doing?

Checking to see if I can drive.

Drive? That’s the baby monitor!

Help me get up.

Hell no.

You’re not fit to look after your kids anymore.

There, there, sweetie.

Deal with this mess by yourself. We’re going to my sister’s.

Nikolaj, do you understand?!

Hello. It’s the neighbor.

He’s bleeding.

Look, go back in…

And bring Kenya. Get him up.

I can’t…

Come on, get up.

I’ll take him from here.

Hi, Jonas.

This isn’t our house, Dad.

Let’s go home.

Just hang on…

Hey, take it easy.


You have to explain to the children what happened, Martin.


Well, I got a little drunk yesterday.

But Dad, you’ve been drunk for a while, haven’t you?


Everybody knows now, I think.

Please go to your rooms.

But we just sat down.


What’s going on, Martin?

I don’t recognize you anymore.

I haven’t recognized you for a long time.

We don’t talk anymore.

10 minutes on a vacation, and then you’re gone again.

Says you.


You’ve been shutting me out for years.


I couldn’t care less if you drink with your friends.

That’s not the point.

This entire country drinks like maniacs anyway.

Don’t you see that our problem is that you’re never really present?

You’re completely invisible!

And when you have fun, it’s with someone other than me.

Are you also having fun with someone other than me?

Do you have fun with someone other than me?

Martin, I couldn’t just… I couldn’t just sit here and wait for you.

Don’t sit here and wait for me.

Just get out.

Get out of here.

Get out.

Get the hell out of here!

What the hell are you saying to me? What are you saying to me?

Nobody has to wait for me.

Nobody has to wait for me!

Study of Skårderud’s theory that man is born with an alcohol level 0.05% too low ends here…

Due to immense, negative social effects and danger of…


I’ve called for this extraordinary meeting on very unpleasant grounds.

I hope you’ve had a nice Christmas break.

I have received consistent reports that one or more of the faculty for some time now have been consuming alcohol on our premises.

During the day.

So far, I’ve dismissed it as pure fiction, but I…

I’m running late…



Tommy, what’s up?

Just a little tired…

Maybe we should…

I’ll sit down here.

Too many students nowadays are little boys struggling to…

Go ahead… Sorry.




Hey, Laban, did you see who stopped by, huh?


Give me a hug, old buddy.

What the hell… did you clean up?


There’s some pasta in the fridge.

Do you want to join me?

I’ll… I’ll just set the table.

I think I have a couple of cold ones.


Better leave them.

Yeah, better to leave them.

That thing at school, what a mess. I won’t do it again.

I know I’ve been spaced out, but boy, it’s been fun.

It did you good.

You were all fired up and laid back at the same time.

How’s your back?

The same.

It’ll get better. Soon you’ll be doing this and this.

Tommy, take it easy.

Yeah right. I’ll take it easy.

But Martin…

You don’t all have to stop by all the time.

I’d rather you didn’t.

I’ve got a handle on things. I promise to call the school.

Okay. Fine.

Let’s keep in touch, okay?


This isn’t worth anything.

What do you mean?

You don’t want this.

But I’m rooting for you, Martin.

And for Anika. You know?

Martin and Anika.

It’s always been you two.

And I know you love her, right?

Chin up, old buddy.

Promise me that? That’s how I remember you.

You can do anything.

Okay. Thanks.

But keep in touch, okay?



Would you like something?

Hi. Would you like something to eat?

Just a glass of white wine for me, please.

The house wine, yes.


I’m not hungry.

Kasper is okay with two birthday parties.

One at your place and one at mine.


So you could invite your mom.

I could do that.

That is why you wanted to meet, right?


I also wanted to…

That’s good. Fine. Good.

I miss you.

I’d like to…

One glass of the house white wine.

I’d like to apologize.


I haven’t been okay for a long time.

When I look at you now, I can’t help thinking about how many years I’ve wasted on feeling like that. So I apologize.

You said I’d pushed you away.

If that’s true, then…

I can’t do this.

It’s the biggest mistake of my life.

I can’t do this.

I thought we were going to discuss Kasper’s birthday and practicalities.

I just want to…

Talk about Kasper’s birthday or practicalities, or else I’m leaving.

Can I just say that I wish we were still together?

Getting on with our lives. We always could.

That’s a long time ago.

No, it isn’t.

Martin, that’s a long time ago.

We’re not a 100 years old. I’m right here.

You’re right there looking so beautiful.

It’s not too late. We have many years.


And I love you.

I’m sorry.

You love me?

I can’t.

I’m sorry.


I have to go now.


Can’t you wait a bit?

Can I have my coat, please?

Good morning, Martin.

Good morning.

So, you have a history exam.


I can’t give you anymore, but then we have…

We have covered some stuff.

Some stuff? Why do you say that?

What do you mean?

Haven’t we covered everything?


It’s like you changed gears.

Yeah, I guess I did.

We’re totally ready.


Thanks, Malthe.

I’m glad to hear it.

Well, happy studying. And good luck with the exam.

Sebastian, you’re next.

Pick a number, please.

What number did you get?


Sebastian. You didn’t get your topic. It’s Kierkegaard.

I can’t.

Sure you can.


Stop it. You’ll do great.

Do you remember anything?

Not a thing.

You’re tensing up.

Drink this.

I thought you quit.

Go on, take a swig. But don’t make a habit of it.

Have another swig.

Give me some, too.

Damn. It’s force majeure.

A human being, according to Kierkegaard, is a synthesis of the spirit and the body.

Sebastian, have a sip of water.

Just to collect your thoughts.

The concept of anxiety, was it?

Well, Kierkegaard’s concept of anxiety illustrates how a human being deals with the notion of failing.

And even more importantly?

With having failed.

You must accept yourself as fallible in order to love others and life.

Sebastian, can you give us an example?

Yes. I myself have failed.

Down you go.

Come here, Laban.

I love this variegated world

despite its need and strife

to me the Earth is beautiful

as back in the patriarchs’ time.

I have cried like others from pain

because my bubble burst…

You got a B.

But the bubble isn’t the world

it’s not the world that’s curst.

Well done, Sebastian.

Congratulations. Now get out there and party.

If we had nothing to fight for

what would then you and I be?

And that’s why I love this world

despite its need and strife

to me the Earth is beautiful

as it was at creation’s time.

Hi, Martin.

Hi, Peter.

Let’s… I mean, as we’re pallbearers.


A lovely land is ours

with beeches green about her

encircled by the sea, encircled by the sea.

Her hills and vales are manifold.

Her name, of old, is Denmark

and she is Freya’s home

and she is Freya’s home.

To Tommy.

To Tommy.

To Tommy.

What would Tommy have done now?

Hi. I’ve spoken to Kasper.

A table for three?


Would you like to start with a drink?


A drink?

I need a Juvé y Camps.

How are you doing?


I think a lot about that guy.

How are things at home? Has the dust settled?

I think so.


It’s like we have a new kind of connection.

Really? Did the kids move out? Or are they sleeping through the night now?

Well, it helps that I’ve stopped wetting the bed.

It’s the little things that make all the difference.

Good tip.

I think we’re doing fine.

Even Amalie has finally admitted that we’ve come a long way.

…I miss you too

I’ll have some more shrimps.

Why do shrimps have roe, anyway?

Nobody likes it.

I could live on roe.

Are you scared of getting fat?

Not at all.

After three dinner dates with that woman, you’re all cocky. Did you hear?

Peter’s dating some broad.


Did you go to the Christmas bash?


She was interested in church modes.

So I took her to the woodwork room and put her in a clamp, and then I gave her a bit of the old D sharp…

You’re so lame!

It’s that little pottery sub, you know.

Pottery?! She’s a skilled art teacher.

But she is.

Why do you call her little?

She is little.

A lot…

My mouth is so dry I could sandblast a bike.

Waiter! We’d like the wine list.

There come the graduates.

You’re right! There come our graduates!


I think Tommy is rooting for you and me.

Me too…


What are you doing?!

Did you see them throwing me into the air?

They threw me into the air.

Down! Down! Down!


Now is the time. Let’s dance! Come on.

Now! Show me the old moves.




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