Il Rosso – di Jack London [Testo italiano completo]

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Il Rosso di Jack London Eccola di nuovo! Quell'improvvisa esplosione di suono, mentre ne calcolava la durata sull’orologio, Bassett la paragonò alla tromba di un arcangelo. Delle mura di città, meditò, avrebbero certo potuto crollare dinanzi a una chiamata di così squassante imperiosità. Per la millesima volta cercò invano di [...]

Vladimir Nabokov: The Man Who Scandalized the World

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One of the more diverting aspects of Lolita, the most controversial best seller of the century, has been the considerable speculative curiosity about the private life and personality of Vladimir Nabokov, the virtually unknown university professor who now, at the age of sixty-one, finds himself world famous as the author of this nettlesome novel.

American novels and the First World War: Ernest Hemingway’s “A Farewell to Arms”

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Hemingway managed to catch and hold in his novel a set of attitudes toward war and human love which are essentially ageless. Moreover, the prose style in which he says his say about the people he knew in that now-ancient war has remained for the most part singularly invulnerable to the assaults of time.