The Roast of Tom Brady (2024) | Transcript

Tom Brady will take the hits when sports and comedy stars team up to roast the greatest NFL quarterback of all time.
The Roast of Tom Brady

The Roast of Tom Brady (2024)
Director: Beth McCarthy-Miller
Stars: Tom Brady, Kevin Hart, Jeff Ross, Nikki Glaser, Bert Kreischer
Running time: 2h 59m

The Roast of Tom Brady is a celebrity roast special that aired on Netflix. Former American football quarterback Tom Brady of the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers served as the night’s roastee with many celebrities in attendance, in addition to comedians, former teammates and former Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick. The show was hosted by Kevin Hart and “roastmaster general” Jeff Ross. It aired live on Netflix as part of the “Netflix is a Joke” comedy festival in Los Angeles, California on May 5, 2024.

* * *

[helicopter whirring]

[tense music playing]

It’s great seeing you again.

This is a big night.

The fans want you, everyone wants you, but it’s not your night.

Sorry, Drew.


Yeah, coach?

You’re in.

Let’s go!

Let’s go.

Are you fucking kidding me?


[dramatic music playing]

[audience cheers]

Now, live from the Netflix Is a Joke Festival, it’s the greatest roast of all time.

Let’s bring out the only man brave enough to step into the arena with the GOAT.

Get on your feet for the one and only Kevin Hart!

[rap music playing]

[audience cheers]

[Hart] Yeah!

[inaudible dialogue]

Y’all can do better than that, Los Angeles.

Make some noise in here!

I love it.

I love it. Sit down. Sit down.

[rap music fades]

Sit down. Welcome.

Welcome, guys.

I wanna say good evening,

and more importantly, I wanna welcome you to the greatest roast of all time.

Understand what I just said?

The greatest roast of all time.

[audience cheers]

There you go. That’s what I want.

That’s what I want.

Uh, guys, we are here to roast the greatest quarterback of all time.

[audience cheers]


Wait, Joe Montana’s here? Is it Joe Montana, or is it…?

[audience laughs]

Okay. Well, you know what, guys? We’re live. These are real problems.

If it’s not Joe Montana, then it should be worded differently.

If it’s Tom Brady,

we should say we’re talking about one of the greatest to do it.

Not the greatest. The greatest is Joe Montana.

Okay, that’s good. Okay.

That’s good. That’s good. Okay.

All right. Corrections are made.

Guys, we are live.

We are live here in Inglewood at the Kia Forum, the legendary Kia Forum.

[audience cheers]

There’s a lot of history attached to this place, man.

A lot of greatness has happened in this building.

This is the home of the original Showtime Lakers, man.

Jerry Buss. Yes!

[audience cheers]


You know, a lot of people actually don’t know

the real reason behind the name Showtime, right?

It’s not because of, like, Magic and Kareem and their play.

They called this place Showtime,

uh, because Jerry Buss used to show everybody his dick in this building.

This was where Jerry Buss pulled his dick out.

A lot of nasty shit has happened in this building.

A lot of fucking has went down in the Forum.

That’s what they called it. The Fucking Forum is what they called it.

I wish I had a black light right now, I’d turn that bitch on, so y’all can see the cum stains you sitting on in these nasty-ass seats.

It’s a nasty place.

That’s right. You better get comfortable being uncomfortable, baby.

Now, right now, I know what you guys are probably asking yourself.

You’re saying, “Guys, why didn’t we go to the Arena downtown?”

The reason why we didn’t go there is because we didn’t wanna remind Tom’s fans of how much money he owes them.

He fucked those people. Tom fucked those people. Yeah.

Yes, he did.

Fucked them good, didn’t he?


Tom brought Boston with him tonight. Holy shit.

Look at this.

[audience cheers]


I’ve never seen Inglewood so white. Jesus Christ.

It’s so fucking white in here.

Looks like a Bruce Springsteen concert just let out. Jesus Christ.

This used to be home of the Lakers. Now it look like the home of the Quakers.

What the fuck is going on?

This is so bad.

Tom is gonna have to kick those racist jokes tonight.

He’s gonna have to kick them.

It’s gonna be hard, though.

I saw a white-only water fountain in the back. I did.

[audience laughs]

I did. I did.

Fuck you, Tom. All right.

Just gonna keep randomly saying, “Fuck you, Tom.”

Uh, the good thing about the bathroom is that whole situation will be fine.

It will be settled, but, guys, there’s good parts to the show tonight.

And I wanna tell you what the good parts are.

The good parts are attached to Tom Brady.

Now, before I cut his legs out,

before I take what he has underneath him,

I actually wanna give him some ground to stand on, okay?

I actually wanna address the fact that Tom Brady truly is the GOAT.

Let’s talk about this man’s success. Let’s talk about it.

[audience cheers]

Let’s talk about it.

Twenty-three seasons, seven Super Bowl wins.

Seven. Yes.

[audience cheers]

A three-time NFL MVP.


Guys, hearing me say it is one thing,

but you actually seeing it for yourself is another.

Take a look.

[Netflix theme music playing]

[announcer 1] And we’re about set to go,

110,000 settling in here at historic Michigan Stadium.

Take a look at Tom Brady from Michigan,

the most underrated college quarterback in the country.

The crowd is on its feet.

Brady takes the snap, drops back to throw, fires.

[announcer 2] Touchdown, Patriots! What a throw from Tom Brady!

Let’s go! Let’s go! Super Bowl Champions again.

[Brady] Let’s go!

[dramatic music playing]

[narrator] The poorest way to face life is to face it with a sneer.

Many men feel a kind of twisted pride and cynicism.

It is not the critic who counts.

Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles.

The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena.

Who strives gallantly.

One play at a time, huh?

Whose face is marred by dust, and sweat, and blood.

[announcer 3] Brady, looking.

[narrator] Who comes short again and again.

[announcer 4] Oh, my goodness.

[announcer 5] Tom Brady took a tremendous hit.

[narrator] But if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly.

[announcer 5] Thing we know about Brady is that a comeback is always possible.

[narrator] So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls

who neither know victory…

nor defeat.

♪ Drinkin’ dope Turned me to a superhero, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Hit that pill Turned me to a superhero, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Boominati Turned me to a superhero, yeah, yeah ♪

[audience cheers]

[inaudible dialogue]

♪ I’m on that dope again I’m on that flow again ♪

[Hart] Ladies and gentlemen, please do me a favor

and get on your goddam feet,

and right now help me welcome the fucking GOAT.

The best quarterback to ever do it, Tom Brady!

[audience cheers]

[rap music fades]

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[audience cheers]

Uh, please. Thank you, guys.

Thank you.

Thank you.

[audience chanting] Brady! Brady! Brady!

Thank you.

Brady! Brady! Brady!

[man] That’s our MVP!

[Brady] Thank you.

All right.

Are you guys ready?

[audience cheers]

Because I am.

It’s game time.

Let’s go.

[indistinct chatter]

[Hart] All right.

All right.

All right.

Tom, get all your guys settled down. That’s right. It’s go time.

What a crazy night, Tom.

[Brady] Crazy.

It’s finally here, man. It’s finally here.

You know, Tom, this is crazy because for more than 20 years,

Tom has ruined Sundays for football fans all over the country.

All over the country.

But tonight, tonight,

tonight we’re gonna ruin yours, Tom.

I’m gonna ruin your fucking Sunday.

We are here…

We are here to honor this man tonight.

Man, this a room full of friends and family.

I’m looking around. It’s insane.

I wanna let you know, Tom, off the bat, that that’s not why I’m here.

I’m not here for your support.

I’m here for the money. They paid me well, right?

Let’s just… Let’s just get that out.

They paid me very, very well, Tom.

And I’m also here to do little promo hits here and there.

I’m on tour.

It’s called “Acting My Age.” Go to

Uh, it’s a live audience.

Why would I not take advantage of this moment, Tom?

It’s not about you. Fuck you.


It’s a second of Kevin.

Now, I think we do have to track Tom,

and we do have to track where you are in your life right now.

I wanna congratulate you,

’cause a peaceful life is what you’re now living,

and that’s a big deal, a big deal.

For two years.

It’s been two years since Tom’s gotten divorced, right?

Two years.

Two years. And, uh…

Since then, since then, Tom has been fucking.

He’s been fucking.

[audience laughs]

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, that’s right.

Tom’s been putting that 2-inch tool to work.

Yep. Yep.

[Hart laughs]

Yes, he has.

Tom’s been fucking so much that his dick has CTE.

Yeah. Yeah.

[audience laughs]

Most people get STDs, Tom gets CTEs.

Yeah, it’s the difference.

Good for you, though, Tom.

By the way, single life is what you deserve because you had no choice.

Gisele gave you a ultimatum.

Gisele said, “You retire or we’re done.” That’s what she said to you, Tom.

“You retire or we’re done.”

Let me tell you something.

When you got a chance to go 8-9,

and all it will cost you is your wife and your kids…

you gotta do what the fuck you gotta do, do you understand me?


You gotta do it.

You gotta do it.

You know what that’s called, Tom? You know what that’s called?

[Brady] What?

That’s called real nigga shit.

That’s what that’s called, Tom.

[audience laughs]

Yeah, Tom! Fuck them kids.

[audience laughs]



You asked me to come here, bitch. I told you what I was gonna do.

Uh, this is also a good time to say, man,

I love the fact that you and Gisele are finding a way to co-parent

and still keep it together, man.

Gisele is actually here supporting you tonight.

But just for full transparency, uh, she came as Antonio Brown’s plus-one.

How does that…?

[audience laughs]




What did I say?

What did I say?

I’m just here to have a good time.

Before you can get comfortable, you gotta get uncomfortable.

I’m removing the discomfort from this room.

Speaking of discomfort,

let’s talk about Bill Belichick for a second. Um, Tom…

It’s just a good segue, man.

You know, the world knows that you left Bill Belichick high and dry, man.

You left him, and then you went to Tampa, and you won a championship. Holy shit.

Holy shit.

You left Bill Belichick with Mac Jones. Goddamn.

Oh, you fucked him.

You fucked him good.

You did. You did, Tom. You fucked your coach.

But let me tell you something, people. Let me tell you something.

That’s what you gotta do to maintain your happiness.

You understand?

You sometimes got to fuck your coach.

You know who else fucked that coach?

Gisele. She fucked that karate man.

[audience laughs]

Nope. Nope. Listen. What?


What a idiot. Why would you do this? What a idiot!

All right.

I mean, Jesus Christ, Tom.

One of the smartest quarterbacks to ever play the game.

How did you not see this coming?

Eight fucking karate classes a day.

Eight karate classes a day?


[audience cheers]

[Hart laughs]

Eight karate classes a day and she’s still a white belt.

She’s still a white belt.

Fuck, Tom.

The only bruises she have are on her ass. Everybody should have known it!

All right, you gotta get uncomfortable.

Oh, my God, the scariest part about this, guys,

is if we have any problems, man, I’m worried for you.

Jesus Christ, you can’t lose any fights to the bonus dad.

Kids are gonna have to change their name. The fucking guy knows karate, Tom.

You can’t fight this guy. I can’t help you with this guy.


Everybody’s asking the same question right now,

and I know what that question is.

Who the fuck are these people behind me?

Um, here’s a good time to tell you the truth. We lied.

We told you guys that there would be a lot of superstars here tonight.

But there aren’t. It’s just me.

Uh, outside of me…

You got me, you got a bunch of out-of-shape athletes,

some horrible podcasters…

[audience laughs]

…and one whore.

There’s one whore here.

All right?



Now, this dais is gonna be filled with energy and great jokes.

I wanna let you guys all know

that I’m quarterbacking this bitch tonight.

With that being said,

that means I’ve got a lot of guns with a lot of ammo.

This is how these roasts work.

See, the dais, they come up here, and they talk about Tom,

they gonna take shots at me.

I wanna let you guys know, I got two full fucking clips.

Now, you fuck with me if you want, I’m gonna shoot these guns.

I have no problem shooting these guns. You think I’m bullshitting?

Tom, they think I’m bullshitting.

Y’all want a test shot? You wanna see how fast these guns work?

Here’s a little test shot.

[audience cheers]

A little test shot.


Chelsea. Chelsea Handler’s here. Okay.

Hey, Chelsea.

[audience cheers]

[mouths] No.

[Hart] Chelsea. Hey, Chelsea.

Oh, man.

Nothing better than seeing my sister. Love her to death.

You know, Chelsea, we had you sitting next to a Black guy,

but we changed it only because we know how you feel,

and ultimately, the Black dick matters. You’ll fuck a Black dick fast, Chelsea.

Speaking of Black dick, Kim is here tonight. Hey, Kim.

These are just two guns. These are two guns.

Kim, I put it down. Bop, bop. No troubles. No fucking troubles.

Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone.

Chelsea, Kim, you are innocent bystanders.

You had nothing to do with nothing. You didn’t deserve that, and I apologize.

With that being said, guys, to start a roast,

you have to start it off with a bang.

And to do that, you gotta do it with a roast master.

A GOAT without a butcher is not a GOAT.

Please welcome, straight from hell, the real killer,

America’s roast master, Jeff Ross.

[dramatic music playing]

[audience cheers]

[Ross] What’s up, roast fans? Make some noise!

[audience cheers]

The juice is loose tonight!

If the gloves don’t fit, you must talk shit.

What’s up, Patriots?

I just came from hell.

Aaron Hernandez says hello.

[audience laughs and groans]

Yeah, motherfuckers, it’s a roast.

And I had to dress like O.J.

’cause I’m about to kill this white bitch right here.

[audience laughs]

[Hart] Let’s go, Jeff.

Now, give it up for the Lord of the Super Bowl Rings,

my friend Tom Brady.

[audience cheers]


A man who has so many rings, he could melt them down

and forge a sword to go on a quest

to get Gisele back from that jiujitsu teacher.

[Ross yelling]

You’re a legend, Tom. You really are. You really put the “jizz” in “Gisele.”

[audience laughs]

Let’s fucking go!

[audience cheers]

Live on Netflix!

Also live on Netflix this summer from Dallas,

Mike Tyson is boxing Jake Paul, a kid more than half his age.

My prediction, Iron Mike is gonna kill that baby.

[audience cheers]

It’ll be the only legal abortion in Texas.

No fear. This is what we do.

Look at you, Tom Brady. You’re so beautiful.

I just wanna fuck that dimple in your chin.

Oh! Beautiful.

Look at you.

You look like a vampire that only drinks almond blood.

Tom looks like he bleaches his asshole just in case.

[audience laughs]

Laugh it up, people. The world needs this.

There hasn’t been a roast in years because everyone’s chicken.

But not you, Tom. You’re not chicken.

[audience cheers]

No way.

I read your book.

You’re mostly nuts, berries, and avocados.

The TB12 Method, that’s your book. Very helpful.

In fact, Kevin Hart’s been sitting on it all night.

[audience laughs]

What an opening. I love you, Kevin. What an opening. You’re amazing.

[audience cheers]

I really wanted Kevin to host

’cause he already looks like a deflated football.

Kevin Hart is the biggest Eagles fan.

In fact, one snatched him up in his backyard

and dropped him off here this afternoon.

[Ross laughs]

When I first walked in,

I thought, “Is that Kevin Hart, or did Randy Moss take a knee?”

[audience laughs]

Kevin Hart, I love you, man. I really do.

You’re so goddamn funny.

And congrats on being the latest recipient

of the prestigious Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for Humor.

Well deserved, my man.

[audience cheers]

And surely, if Mark Twain were around today, he would call you a n…


[audience laughs]


National treasure.

Look at this arena!

[audience cheers]

All my friends are here. This is incredible.

So many legends in the room.

Dana White, I see you hiding over there. What’s up, Dana?

[audience cheers]

Look at this.

Talk about a legend in the room.

Pull back. I wanna show he brought the whole cast of Queer Eye.

[audience laughs]

Dana, who are these guys?

Are these guys, uh…?

[stammers] Are they neutered?

What the fuck’s going on here?

The sign said “no pets,” Dana.

I love you, Dana.

You’re like Michael Vick but with human beings.


Tom, your teammates are all here

at the beautiful, sold-out Los Angeles Forum.


[audience cheers]

By the way, “forum” is also how Rob Gronkowski counts to five.

Four, um…

Five, um…

[audience laughs]

I love you, Gronk. I love you, Gronk.

Poor Gronk. He thinks his last name is Owski.

[audience laughs]

You’re one of the greatest, Gronk. You’re one of the greatest.

They love you.

[audience cheers]

Of course…

growing up, it was never even Gronk’s dream to play football,

but his parents figured, “Hey, he’s already wearing the helmet.”

[audience laughs]

Julian, can you explain that joke to Gronk?

Oh, man.

We’re doing it Boston-style tonight. I’m telling you.

[audience cheers]

Boston-style, you know.

It’s gonna be a marathon, and somebody’s gonna bomb.

[audience laughs and groans]

[man] Yeah!

[Ross] Hey, listen, man.

No fear. This is what we do.

That’s what Tom told me.

Thanks for coming in, Tom, from your new home state of Florida.

We wanted to roast you in Florida, but because of your governor,

we wouldn’t be able to call you gay.

[audience laughs]

What an underdog story, man.

Against all odds. It all started in San Mateo, California.

[audience cheers]

Tom’s mom, who’s here tonight somewhere. Where is she?


She was in labor with you for 43 hours.

Talk about staying in the pocket.

[audience laughs]

Tom was eventually drafted 199th in the NFL draft.

You sat there for days, waiting and waiting,

and then you were finally picked in the sixth round

when Bill Belichick’s dog stepped on the keyboard by accident.

[audience laughs]

So Tom…

became a Patriot, moved up to New England,

and on the first day of training camp,

that scrawny rookie famously walked into the owner Robert Kraft’s office

and said, “I’m the best decision your organization has ever made.”

[audience cheers]

“Would you like a massage?”

[audience laughs]

I love Robert Kraft.

Don’t say that shit again.

Okay, okay, okay.

He’s having fun. Look at him.

I love what you do for the Jews, Robert Kraft.

You’re incredible.

Shalom, my brother.

From that point on, everything was a fairy tale.

Unless you’re Drew Bledsoe, then it was a total fucking nightmare.

[audience laughs]


[audience cheers]

Ah, of course, Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman is here.

Hi, Julian.

[audience cheers]

Of course, Julian’s considered

the greatest Jewish football player of all time.

Which is pretty impressive,

until you realize the guy in second place was me.

[audience laughs]

[Ross sighs]

Tom, I really wanted you to be our first GOAT to be roasted

because you’re an example to future generations

that if you work hard, eat right, film the other team’s practices…

[audience laughs]

…deflate the balls, and have the NFL make new rules just for you,

then you, too, can be

the third most famous guy in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial.

[Ross chanting] U.S.A! U.S.A! U.S.A!

Tommy, you once told me that it was your dream to be roasted,

and here we are, proving that you’re not just a great athlete,

you’re also a great sport.

[audience cheers]

And if I ever have a son, I want him to be smart, strong, and driven,

just like you, Tom.

Which is why tonight at the after-party, I’m gonna try to fuck your sister.


You’re my number-one draft pick.

Let’s fucking go!

I love you guys! Thank you, everybody!

[audience cheers]

[speaking indistinctly]



Stop being a bitch, Jeff. Just sit down. Stop kissing his ass.

“You okay? You okay, right, Tom? It was just jokes.”

Such a bitch.

Uh, guys, make sure you guys check out Jeff’s one-man show.

Uh, it’s playing at the Hollywood cemetery.

Um, I’m not…

[audience laughs]

I’m not even joking. His career is literally dying. It’s dying.

If we stop doing these roasts, you will not see Jeff Ross ever again.

Do you hear me?

Save Jeff Ross. Keep the roasts going. Jesus Christ.

Jeff, you’re so fucking… Bitch. I heard you over there, you bitch.


“Tom, you all right? Yeah. Your hair is so straight.”

[audience laughs]

You know the funny thing?

You came out here trying to act like you were upset with O.J.

and all that little attitude.

It’s got nothing to do with O.J.

Jeff Ross, you’re mad about the fact that it was a waiter that got killed

who brings out food, you fat fuck.

That is one less waiter on the streets. That’s what you’re upset about.

Fucking Jeff Ross. Just keep the roasts coming, okay?

What else do you have going on? There other shit happening in your life?

One-man show. “Take a Banana for the Ride.”On tour now.

“Take a Banana for the Ride?” On tour.

Thank you.

I wish I could give you a bunch of shit, but I actually love you, Jeff.

I actually do, man. Good shit.

Jeff is the only person that I see,

and every time I see him, I just say he looks sicker.

I don’t know what’s happening.

[audience laughs]

It’s just getting sicker and sicker, but we can’t nail it down.

We don’t know what it is.

All right, guys, coming to the stage right now is a man.

Well, a man who was picked first in the NFL draft and last for this roast.

Please welcome Drew Bledsoe. Come on, Drew.

[rap music playing]

[audience cheers]

[rap music fades]

It’s a pretty cool, uh… Pretty cool stage up here.


This reminds me, um…

[audience cheers and boos]

Settle down. I got some jokes to tell.

[audience laughs]

Uh, the stage is really cool, man.

This reminds me of the first round of the draft.

[audience laughs]

You remember, Randy. Willie, you remember. First round. Pretty cool, right?

So, look, I’ve got to admit, I’m a little bit nervous tonight.

I truly am.

The last time I was up on-stage before Tom Brady,

I ended up in the hospital for five days and I lost my damn job.

[audience laughs]

So, real talk, you know,

a lot of people just assume that I have a lot of animosity towards Tom Brady.

I’m here to tell you tonight, in front of millions of people…

that you’re correct. I fucking hate him.

[audience laughs]

I mean…

[audience cheers]

Hey, but let’s just be honest, a lot of you guys kind of hate him too.

I mean, who’s more hateable

than the most successful quarterback of all time?

I’m… I mean, except maybe Belichick.


[audience laughs]

So there were rumors

that Coach Belichick was gonna be here tonight.

Um, turns out he had some time on his hands.

[audience laughs]

Hey, look.

At least when I got fired, somebody else wanted me.

[audience laughs]

[Bledsoe] Ahem.

I was worried he was behind me.

[audience laughs]

Oh, look, uh, you know what?

Tom invited his one Black receiver here tonight.


[audience cheers]

That’s, um…

That’s very woke of you, buddy. Very woke.

Anyway, Randy Moss is here.

[audience cheers]

He’s a country-ass bass fisherman from West Virginia

who used to own a NASCAR team.

Dude, even your Black receivers are white dudes.

I mean, dude, come on. His name’s Randy.

It’s the fucking whitest name since Kevin.

[audience laughs]

Rob Gronkowski’s here. He’s Tom’s favorite tight end…

[audience cheers]

Rob’s here tonight. He’s Tom’s favorite tight end that wasn’t a murderer.

[audience laughs]

[inaudible dialogue]

A lot of people, um…

A lot of people don’t know that Gronk is originally from Buffalo.

Uh, that’s right.

Uh, he was actually born on a folding table at a Bills tailgate.

[audience laughs]

In a weird twist of fate, that’s also where he was conceived.

The, um…

Apologies to your folks, Rob. Um…

You know, the second-best number 11 ever to play for the Patriots is here.

Julian Edelman.

[audience cheers]

[inaudible dialogue]

Jules is, um…

Jules is a true unicorn.

He’s a short Jewish receiver…

but he also played defense.

Belichick wanted him to play nickel, he held out for dime.

[audience laughs]

Most of his career highlights are just negotiations.

So look, Tom, I’m really glad

that you enjoyed all this amazing success with the team that I built.

[audience laughs]

Super fucking happy for you, bud.

That’s a good one.

You know, when, uh, most people lose their jobs, they start drinking. Ahem.

Uh, I started a winery.

[audience laughs]

It’s called Doubleback.

It’s named after what Tom does every time he walks past a mirror.

[stammers] You know this move, right?

You know you do that shit.

You know, my favorite wine is our world-class cabernet.

[audience cheers]

Uh, Tom’s favorite whine is “Where’s the flag?”

[audience laughs]

You know, obviously, buddy,

you got really used to not being touched, right?

Just like the end of the marriage.

[audience groans]

[audience cheers]

So, hey, look, buddy, you know, you have more rings than I do,

but I’ve experienced a couple things that you will never experience.

The feeling of being the number-oneoverall draft pick in the NFL.

And a, um, 28th wedding anniversary. It was yesterday.

[audience laughs]

Ahem. Yeah, that was, um…

That actually was yesterday. Love you, baby.


[audience cheers]

So, look, when I first met Tom, he was not the greatest of all time.

He was not what you see right now.

He was just a sensitive pretty boy from San Francisco

who wouldn’t shower with the team.

[clears throat]

And he drove a yellow Jeep.

A yellow fucking Jeep, right?

[Brady speaks indistinctly]

So look… Oh, don’t make excuses, dude. It was a yellow fucking Jeep.

[audience laughs]

But look, I am not standing here right now saying that Tom Brady is gay.

I’m not. I’m not saying that.

But he sure did fuck me.

[audience laughs]

[audience cheers]

[clears throat]

[clears throat]

All right. So now I have to be nice and sincere, and I will be.

Um, look, man, uh, Tommy, I’ve told you before

and I will tell you now in front of millions of people,

incredibly proud of all that you’ve accomplished.

[woman whoops]

But I’m… No.

But, um, I’m far more proud of how you’ve done it.

You’ve always been a man of true character.

I know you’re gonna continue to do great things.

I love you, all right?

[Brady] Love you. I love you.

[audience cheers]


will you please stay fucking retired?

We are sick of this shit.

All right, got to go.

[audience cheers]

[speaking indistinctly]

[sounds like “boo”] Drew!



Hey, Drew, I don’t wanna hit you with like a shot,

uh, ’cause I feel like you’ve been through enough.

Um, but I just wanna add…

[audience laughs]

Is it just me or do you guys feel like Drew has one of those faces

that you see in the Walgreens picture frames?

Like, you know when you go to Walgreens or Target or fucking…?

You got an employee-of-the-month face, Drew.

It just looks like you do great work wherever you fucking go.

Like, “Man, that guy there worked hard. Look at him.

Ever since the Brady shit, he’s been here night in, night out.

He’s Sam’s Club’s best cus…”

[laughing] I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

The whole time he was talking, I was like:

“That looks like somebody in the employee-of-the-month…”

He was like: mmm, mmm, mmm.

You guys are all idiots. Fucking idiots.

This is my stage. I got the fucking gun. You hear me?

Fuck you, Tom.

Every once in a while, I’m just gonna tell you that just because.

And I’m gonna hit you with a couple shots coming up.

Stop drinking ’cause you’re nervous.

Every once in a while…

[audience laughs]

Every once in a while, I want you all to do me a favor

and just put a tight shot on Tom’s face when people are talking shit about him.

His lip is shaking.

If you can look at it, he just doesn’t know what they’re gonna say.

With that being said, Tom, I’m gonna fuck you up after this one.

You’re gonna get some more. But this next roaster…

This next roaster is amazing. Guys, it’s Nikki Glaser.

And her new comedy special is called Someday You’ll Die.

You know why? Because it’s all about the guys she fucked without a condom.

They’re dead. Come on, Nikki.

[audience cheers]

[rap music playing]

Thank you, 15 Cent.

[audience laughs]

You really gotta hand it to Kevin Hart, ’cause he can’t reach.

[audience laughs]

[inaudible dialogue]

No, Kevin, I love you. No one works harder than this man.

Do you know that every morning Kevin wakes up at 4 a.m.

to make a shitty movie?

[audience laughs]

No, I love your movies. Or as I call them “short films.”

No, I’m kidding. I hate them.


No, sorry, Kevin, I don’t mean to belittle you,

but you “be little,” man.

Like, you’re a tiny guy.

Kevin is five-two, 150 pounds.

Um, 155 after the Rock finishes, but…

[audience laughs]


Thank you.

You’re his favorite Fleshlight.

Rob Gronkowski is not all here. Hey, Rob.

No, Rob, you’re not really as dumb as you look and sound and act and are.

[audience laughs]

He might be dumber.

Is it true, you were the first person born with CTE? Is that real?

[audience laughs]

No, Gronk, I love you.

You put the “downs” in touchdowns, you really do.

You put the “special” in special teams.

You put the “tard” in “Rob Gronkowski is retarded.”

[audience laughs]


Why? I’m so sorry, Rob.

You haven’t caught this much heat since you were microwaved as a baby.

I’m sorry.

Jeff, killer set.

Congrats on the weight loss too, man.

It must be nice to know that being fat

wasn’t what made you disgusting to look at. That’s…

[audience laughs]

Sorry, man.

You really put the “ick” in Ozempic. It’s…

Jeff, you look like your pronouns are “it, that.”

[audience laughs]

You’d look like something cancer catches. Are you pickled? I’m confused.

The only time Jeff ever got a woman wet

is when she helped roll him back into the ocean.

[audience laughs]

I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

I love you. Uh, Tom, Bert, I love you too.

You’re presenting together later like two peas in each other’s mouths.

[audience laughs]

Bert. Bert, I love you.

You know I’m such a fan of your joke.

[audience laughs]

It’s good.

Shirts are supposed to stay on, but he takes it off.

It’s so good.

Andrew Schulz, you carny-faced bitch,

I… I hate your comedy more than Kevin hates high fives.

I really…

[audience laughs]

Now please give it up for zero-time Super Bowl champion Randy Moss.

I’m sorry, Randy.

Why don’t you have a ring?

What the hell, man? You’re one of the best ever.

Drew Bledsoe has a ring.

Aaron Hernandez had a ring around his neck.

Like, what’s going on?

[audience laughs and groans]

Julian, you have three rings around your cock right now,

you squinty-eyed fuckboy.

Julian, out of curiosity, how are you getting home?

How did you get here today?

Did you drive? Or did you, uh, ride Tom’s dick? Which was it?

Because I…

Tom’s dick.

‘Cause I wanna get a ride home on it, but…

[audience laughs]

But let’s get to the reason we’re all here tonight.

Uh, Drew Bledsoe.

“Drew bled so Tom could run.”

[audience laughs]

But I’m gonna move on from you

just like your team did after you almost died.

[audience laughs]

Tom Brady.

Hi, Tom.

[Brady] Hi.

Tom Brady. God, the only goat Jeff Ross hasn’t tried to fuck.

[audience laughs]

Tom Brady, five-time Super Bowl MVP, most career wins, most career touchdowns,

you have seven rings…

Well, eight now that Gisele gave hers back, but…

[audience laughs]

I just wanna…

Sorry, Tom.

It’s okay.

Tom, the only thing dumber than you saying yes to this roast

was when you said, “Hey, babe, you should try jujitsu.”

I think that was…

[audience laughs]

That’s gotta suck.


How much would it suck for Tom…?

Oh, my God, just knowing your ex-wife’s new boyfriend

can beat your ass while eating hers.

That’s gotta be terrible.

[audience cheers]

Oh, no.

You’ll be okay, Tom.

Yeah, you’re great.

First, you’re the hottest person I’ve ever seen in my life.

I shouldn’t be able to talk to you. I can’t even handle it.

[audience cheers]

You should see this up close. It’s insane. I…

Uh, listen, tonight there’s gonna be a lot of jokes about me, um,

being like, uh, a depraved, cum-guzzling slut.

And I just wanna say, for the record, I do have a boyfriend.

We’ve been together for ten years. The love of my life.

He’s here tonight. And I just… He’s sitting right over there.

And I wanna say publicly,

I would shoot you in the fucking face for a lottery ticket

to suck this guy’s dick.

[audience laughs]

Just a chance!

He’s perfect!

He was on my fantasy team last night.

My clit has CTE now.

I would show you, but the NFL’s making me cover it up.

But seriously, Tom…

[audience laughs]

You really are…

I mean, you’re the best to ever play for too long.

I mean…

you retired, then you came back, and then you retired again. I get it.

Hard to walk away from something that’s not your pregnant girlfriend.

It’s tough.

[audience groans]


To be fair, he didn’t know she was pregnant.

He just thought she was getting fat.

And Tom hates fat.

Do you guys know about his diet program? It is so strict.

But if you follow it exactly as he does, you too can lose your family.

And, seriously, you can lose so much family.

It’s… It works.

Tom also lost $30 million in crypto.

Tom, how did you fall for that?

I mean, even Gronk was like, “Me know that not real money.”


[audience laughs]


You know.

Gro… Gronk…

Gronk actually does Bitcoin,

which is where he just chews on a handful of nickels, but…

[audience laughs]

I got to go. But I just…

I have one more thing to say and I promise to keep it Kevin Hart.


[audience laughs]

To be honest, Tom, I didn’t really know a ton about your career before this.

And I only really started watching football

when Taylor Swift said it was okay.


[audience laughs]

Uh, what I’ve learned, I’m in absolute awe of you.

Uh, you were a sixth-round draft pick that really…

Everyone kind of counted out. No one believed in.

And then you became this. You became the greatest of all time.

And if I’ve learned anything…

[audience cheers]

If I’ve learned anything about this man is that

if you tell Tom Brady he can’t do something,

not only will he do it, but he’ll do it the best it’s ever been done.

So I’m here to say, tonight,

Tom Brady cannot make me cum.

[audience laughs]

Let’s fucking go?

[inaudible dialogue]

[audience cheers]

[Hart] Oh, my God, Nikki.

Oh, my God.

For those that are watching at home, this is live

and that was a standing ovation.

Well fucking deserved.

Well deserved.

[audience cheers]

Goddamn, Nikki.

“Me… Me know that’s not real money.”

[audience laughs]



I was sitting next to Rob.

And he was saying…

After you said it, he said, “I did.”

He said, “I did.”


[audience laughs]

Oh, Rob.

You can’t help the joke, Rob. She’s making fun of you.

“I did know.”


Oh, I love Nikki, man. Nikki…

Here’s a little information about Nikki that you didn’t know.

Nikki is the only woman who had a meniscus tear in her pussy.

This is a true story.

But she’s only out for six weeks, Tom.

She’ll be back, if you do.

Yeah. Nikki’s pussy is shaped like Gronk’s Fleshlight.

I know you said that 50 Cent has one.

But Gronk actually came using you, which is good.

“And he knew that was not real pussy.”

Right, Gronk? Yeah.

It’s a good callback. Callbacks is what they’re called, Gronk.

Oh, my God.

Only Nikki could host a show called Fuckboy Island

and still not get laid.

You know, listen, do you know that we lost three fuckboys?

Three fuckboys drowned trying to get off that island.

We lost three good fuckboys because of you, Nikki,

and that baggy clit.

I’m sick of it.

[audience laughs]

Yeah, fuck you, Tom. All right.

Nikki, in all seriousness, that was insane.

Brilliant writing, brilliant timing.

Uh, great set.

[audience applauds]

Great fucking set.

That’s the beauty of roasting.

That’s what it is. There’s a art to it.

And when you get it right, goddamn, it’s amazing.

We’re gonna keep the energy going.

Our next roast is a Black man from West Virginia.

Wait, I’m sorry. No, I’m sorry.

He’s “the Black man” from West Virginia.

Uh, please welcome to the stage, Randy Moss.

Come on, Randy.

[rap music playing]

[audience cheers]

[rap music fades]

Now, they got me up after these first two acts,

and, uh, I can honestly tell you guys I’m nervous.

Nikki, that was fabulous. I loved that.

But thank you, Kevin.

I played three seasons with the New England Patriots, okay?

[audience cheers]

Before I got to the New England Patriots,

I heard… Or we heard about Spygate.

Then after I left, I hear about Deflategate.

So I only got one question for you, Tom.

Why the fuck didn’t we cheat when I was there?!

[audience laughs]

I wanted to cheat too.

[audience laughs]

My kids always ask me:

“Daddy, why does everyone have a ring but you?”

You know how hard it is to look your kids in the eyes and say:

“They just don’t trust me enough to cheat”?

[audience laughs]

So come on, man, how did I miss out on the fucking dynasty, Tom?

The dynasty. I missed out on it.

Well, I’ll tell you what you really deflated, Tom.

My fucking legacy, dude.

Where would I be if I had a ring, okay? Where would I be?

Everyone was cheating back then.

David Tyree caught a ball on the side of his helmet

with a magnet tied to his hand.

The New York Giants were cheating back then.

[audience laughs]

But everybody out there was cheating, everybody but me.

So, Tom, you remember our first season together?

[Brady] I remember.



[audience cheers]

[speaks indistinctly]

How about those 23 touchdowns?

[Brady] Oh, man.

[Moss] That’s something I’ll never forget.

So since you… You feeling this way? You feeling grateful?

Oh, yeah.

Nikki said you have eight.

Why don’t you give me one of those eight?

[audience laughs]

The first one against the Rams, that’s the one I want.

Willie McGinest, he played like shit

in the Super Bowl against the St. Louis Rams, am I right?

Where you at? Hey, Lonie Paxton.

You were the long snapper that snapped the ball

for the game-winning field goal, am I right?

Matt Light, didn’t you block for his sorry ass in Super Bowl…?

His first Super Bowl? So, Tom, that’s the ring that I want.

How about that? All right. But let me say this.

Drew Bledsoe was in the freaking hospital

and he got a Super Bowl ring.

[audience laughs]

Tom, Nate Ebner?

Nate Ebner.

Who the fuck is Nate Ebner, dude?

He has three Super Bowl rings.

Mr. Kraft.

Vladimir Putin has a ring?

[audience laughs]

So the two guys that deflated the football had…

No, you know, I’m sorry. That’s a bad example, they deserved them.

They deserved them, they deserved them. They deserved them.

Look, before I became a Patriot, you were America’s quarterback.

Everyone thought you were soft…

but I got to see your tenacity and how you prepared for the game,

and you approached the game like a hard-hitting linebacker.

[audience cheers]

Even though we didn’t win it all,

I still got everything that I wanted because I got to play

with the greatest quarterback that’s ever lived.

[audience cheers]

And for three years, it was a short time,

we scared the entire National Football League.

[audience cheers]

Tom, you’re still my quarterback.

Even though you did not want me to be your accomplice.

[audience laughs]

Ladies and gentlemen, I love this man. He gave me an opportunity.

Y’all know the story about me sneaking in the hotel to see him.

They told me to come up here for a roast, man.

And I told them, for Tom Brady, man, I’ll come and do anything for Tom.

Thanks for having me, man. Appreciate you guys.

[audience cheers]

[inaudible dialogue]

[Hart] Wow.


Randy Moss, huh?

Did you hear that, Tom? That man’s fucking hurt.

[audience laughs]

He’s hurt.

I can goddamn see it. I can see it in his eyes.

I see it the way he looks at you.

You guys fucked him over, man.

[audience laughs]

It’s fucking ridiculous, man.

You goddamn put him in this situation to come up here

and expose himself like that.

As a Black man…

By the way, Randy, tonight shouldn’t be the night.

It’s only three Black men up here. Well, four.

You got you, me, Willie, Sam.

Who else? What? Five. Six.

[audience laughs]

Sorry. No, Sam, I was going down the line,

and I swear to God, that’s the only reason why I said that.

Hey, bro, does anybody know why Randy Moss came up here

dressed like a public-school substitute teacher?

Jesus Christ.

[audience laughs]

Where did they tell him he was going? Goddamn it.

Ran… Randy is proof that Black people can be white trash.

Right there, that’s it. [speaks indistinctly]

[Hart laughs]

Y’all let me start drinking. It’s going to be long.

It’s gonna be a long night.

Uh, guys, next, for a very special toast, right?

This toast has to come from somebody worthy of a moment and such.

A special friend and a special lady, Kim Kardashian. Come on.

[audience cheers]

[sultry music plays]

[sultry music fades]

Thank you so much, Kevin.

I know a lot of people make fun of your height,

but what people don’t know is you’re also pretty mean.

Which makes you the smallest Black dick I’ve ever seen.

[audience laughs]

[inaudible dialogue]

Sorry, guys.

I would have written jokes for you,

but I literally don’t know who you are, so…

[audience laughs]

Um, okay, but I’m really here tonight for Tom.

I wasn’t gonna come tonight, but since I’m not here as Tom’s date,

there’s still a good chance I might.

[audience laughs and groans]

Speaking of Tom and I dating,

I know there were some rumors that we were.

And I’d never say if we did or not, I’d just release the tape.

[audience laughs]

Um, but I do know it would never work out.

An ex-athlete, high cheekbones, silky hair.

You remind me too much of my stepdad now.

[audience laughs]


[audience cheers]

[Kardashian speaks indistinctly]

Part of me thinks you would want to undress me

just to try on my clothes.

I know the transition from the NFL must have been really hard,

but I think my stepdad is a great example for you.

She’s one of the best athletes in the world

who proved you can do anything in this next chapter of your life.

You can become a commentator,

a far-right Republican,

or even a strong, confident woman.

[audience laughs]

No, seriously, I think it’s so great

the way that you’re showing everyone that even after winning seven Super Bowls,

you can still have a midlife crisis.

[audience laughs]

Honestly, it’s hard for me to watch people roast you,

but I think enough of my family members

have helped defend former football players.

[audience laughs]


So I’m just here tonight to support you and celebrate you.

Retirement isn’t easy.

It can be a lot like a bad breakup.

So I’ll give you the same advice that I give all my exes.

“Good luck knowing the best is behind you.”

Congratulations, Tom.

Cheers, everyone, to Tom Brady.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[indistinct chatter]

[Hart] It’s good shit, Kim.

[Ross] Give it up for Kim Kardashian, everybody.

[audience cheers]

Beautiful. Thank you, Kim.

Have a seat.

We’re gonna auction off your seat cushion later for, uh…

To raise money for erectile dysfunction.

[audience laughs]

We’re live on Netflix.

If you’re just tuning in, uh, this is not Love on the Spectrum.

This is Hate in the Forum.

Everybody’s here. I got so many friends here.

Look, Marco Andretti, great racecar driver, is here.

Hi, Marco. Take a bow with your beautiful girlfriend, Billie.

I bet you two lay down a lot of rubber.

[audience laughs]

Does he ever finish first?

[audience laughs]

Great job, Kim.

Caitlyn Jenner wanted to be here, but she was confused by the tuck rule.

It’s my honor to bring up our next act.

Are you ready, motherfuckers?

[audience cheers]

Please welcome Bert Kreischer, Tom Segura.

The 2 Bears!

[rap music plays]

[audience cheers]

[rap music fades]

Thank you.

Thank you, Jeff, for turning this special night

into one more opportunity you couldn’t turn down.

[audience laughs]

God, you are such a fucking whore.

And that’s coming from me, Jeff.

Thank you for inviting us to celebrate the GOAT, W.G.

Wait, what’s that? Wait, GOAT, W.G.?

Greatest Of All Time, White Guy.

[Kreischer] Aw, fuck, yeah!

You know, our people don’t get many days like these anymore.

[audience laughs]

No, we really don’t.

Netflix was hoping some trans, amputee skier

was popular enough to do this, but…

[audience laughs]

…instead, they settled for the greatest white guy alive.

It’s rare that they let us have a night.

They have taken everything from us.




And even baseball, once America’s pastime, isn’t even played by Americans now.

[speaking in Spanish]

You fucking traitor.

But tonight isn’t about them.

It’s about this incredible, white American man.

Uh, two solid whites.


[audience groans]

And, ladies and gentlemen, tonight isn’t just about

Tom Brady’s dream of securing a future for white children in this country.

[audience laughs]

No, it isn’t.

Tonight is about celebrating everything Tom Brady stands for.

He is so good-looking.


He’s fucking gorgeous.

[snorts] Look at this fucking picture.

[audience laughs]

Fucking… Who takes this picture?

Was he pregnant?

This fucking…


This is the fucking gayest shit I’ve ever seen.

[audience laughs]


[Kreischer snorting]

[Kreischer] That’s you. That’s you.

That’s fucking you.

He’s also…

He is also relentless.

Oh, you can’t tell that guy no.

And he has that one thing that only special men have.

He’s HIV positive.

[audience laughs]

No, that was Magic,

and it happened right here in this building.

[audience laughs and groans]

[Kreischer snorting]

So much fucking, but…

What Tom Brady has is that killer instinct.

Which makes Netflix the perfect place for Tom Brady.

Yes, because if there’s one thing that Netflix loves,

it’s serial killers.

[audience laughs]

Don’t believe us?

Let us compare him with another famous TB.

Ted Bundy.

Fuck, he’s gorgeous too.

I think I might need a new hall pass.

Bundy has so many emotional traits that Tom has.

Let’s take a look.

Wait, what’s this?

This is the psychopathy checklist developed by Robert Hare.

It has helped me understand my wife better, and…

[audience laughs]

…as you can see, Tom Brady checks all the boxes.

Maybe they should call it “The Brady List.”

Oh, believe you me, Bert. One day they will.

Glibness, superficial charm. Brady’s got it.

How does a smile just disappear like that?

It doesn’t end there, Bert.

Grandiose sense of self-worth, this motherfucker’s got it.

All right. Well, to be fair, Gisele got half that check.

Yeah, that’s a good point.

[audience groans]

Oh, fuck you, is she here?

Then shut the fuck up.

[audience laughs]

Brady even has the need for stimulation, prone to boredom

that all the psychos have.

“I’m retired. You know what? I’m not retired.”

Tom Brady is 100% a psychopath.

He’s from…

[audience laughs]

…Northern California, like the Zodiac Killer.

Uh, he choked a couple times in New England like the Boston Strangler.


And he chewed up and spat out the competition just like Dahmer.

What about another Netflix documentary darling, Jeffrey Epstein?

Well, he wasn’t a serial killer.

He just had a sex-trafficking ring, and unlike Tom,

it was a ring he earned legitimately without cheating.

[audience laughs]

He is an ice-cold killer.

No, that was Aaron Hernandez, Tom’s bestie and favorite target.

Look at this, just a couple of goofballs having a laugh.

Oh, my God!


I just realized, it hit me.

Tom Brady is just like another famous “not-so-nice guy.”

Wait, you mean that notorious team leader

who was told he wasn’t any good,

but he still pushed through and made sure everyone knew his name?

You got it.



[audience laughs]

They’re so alike!

The only difference is…

[audience laughs]

They look so cute together.

They do.

The only difference between Tom Brady and Hitler

is that Hitler stuck with his wife until the end.

[audience groans]

At least Hitler had the balls to do what we wish Brady would,

put a bullet in his head.

[audience groans]

Stay retired.

Tom Brady, you are a terrifying man,

and we are so glad you found football before hookers and genocide.

Please know, these are all just jokes and we do not wanna die.

Yeah. Seriously, dude, you are the best.

Thank you for having us. Please don’t kill us.

We really wanna live. We have families.

Don’t kill us, Tom. Thank you.

We love you.

[audience cheers]

[Hart] Wow.

[Kreischer] Thank you.

[Hart] Wow.

[indistinct chatter]

Wow, wow, wow.

Guys, we are having an amazing night.

On a night like this, you got to go out and check on people, right?

How you guys doing, man?

It’s the goddamn table full of fighters. Hey. Not you. You’re different.

Hey, Dana, you having a good time?

I’m not gonna fuck you, Dana. Don’t square up on me.

Did you just fucking square up like you about to hit me?

Jesus Christ, racism in real time.

How you doing, big guy? All right. Just come…

Sit down, boss. This is my trainer.

This is your moment right here. I’m giving you TV time. Say hello.

I’m killing time right now. Do your cool face right now.

Nah, that looks stupid. Move. Watch out. You blew it.

You fucking blew it. Look at these beautiful women over here.

Here’s my wife and her two brothers.

That’s Dom and that’s Kyle, her two brother friends.

And this is my wife.

All right, guys, we’re set.

We’re going to keep it going.

Oh, my God, what an amazing time that we are about to have.

Ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and gentlemen, with that being said,

make some noise for a friend.

A funny favorite of mine, Sam Jay.

[audience cheers]

[hip-hop music plays]

[hip-hop music fades]

Wow, it is truly amazing to be here, seriously.

I’m from Boston.

[audience cheers]

So I’m absolutely honored.

I have to thank Netflix,

and also I wanna say congratulations to you, Netflix.

You’ve done it again.

You’ve made another white man a mediocre star.

Bert, you are truly talentless.

[audience laughs]

You are a disgrace to the legacy of fat, funny superstars.

If you were actually talented,

you would have overdosed in a hotel room a long time ago.

Farley, Belushi, these were great men.

They knew how to live.

They ate heart-clogging steaks,

they fucked prostitutes,

they did mountains of cocaine.

They went out like fucking rock stars.

Bert, you don’t do drugs and you only fuck your wife.

You don’t even know how to be…

[audience laughs]

[Jay laughs]

You don’t even know how to be fat and famous right.

You’re gonna die from too much Kool-Aid,

endless shrimp, and choking on Joe Rogan’s dick.

I was worried about AI, but, Bert, you’re proof that a machine

can’t write a good script.

You’re an example of racism being alive and well,

because for a shirtless, fat Black man to make your kind of money,

he had to get hit by a Walmart truck.

[audience laughs]

Drew, it’s so nice to see you here, bro.

Honestly, I’m from Boston, so this feels really good,

’cause I grew up hearing your name around my house, you know?

They’d be like, “Yeah, Drew Bledsoe sucks.

That big-ass white boy can’t run for shit.

That nigga got a potato face.” Shit like that.

I just want you to know I’m not like that. I’m evolved, you know what I mean?

I have empathy.

I know it must be hard to be a fucking loser.

Seriously, dude, what the fuck are you doing here?

This dude has bested you in every way, so we know you hate him.

You went first, he went sixth,

and he still took your spot and sent you off to Buffalo.

He’s been cucking you for years,

and yet here you sit.

You like that shit, don’t you? You sick fuck.

[audience laughs]

Tom, do us a favor

and fuck this dude’s wife already and get it over with.

[audience laughs]

The only ring you have is the one Tom won for you.

So your Super Bowl ring is just like my strap-on.

Just because you wear it, doesn’t make it real.

[audience laughs]


honestly, if you put yourself out of your misery tonight,

we’d all understand.

But I just want you to know,

you’d still be the second-best Patriot to do that.

[audience laughs]

Tom, I’m so honored, dude.

But I have to say, for a guy who doesn’t like Black people,

you sure do a lot of nigga shit.

[audience laughs]

You wear all your rings, you love the Migos,

you took out an illegal PPP loan…

[audience laughs]

…and you refuse to raise your kids.

I actually think that’s why you left the Patriots.

You were too Black for Boston.

[audience laughs]

I know retirement is hard.

I too have retired something.

I put down dick years ago.

And GOAT to GOAT, I have to say,

I’m ready for one last game,

and I know you wanna know what it’s like to score one more time.

And I just wanna know if my pussy’s still good.

And who would be a better judge?

But this isn’t sexual. I’m not hard up like Nikki.

[audience laughs]

This is completely a fact-finding mission.

So no Luther Vandross, no candles,

just me, cocked open on the table, OB-GYN style,

hospital gown, you come in with your UGGs,

dick already hard…

[audience laughs]

Dick already hard ’cause I’m not doing all that.

You have on a hospital gown too,

but it’s backwards so the dick can stick out.

You hut twice, and then you stick it in, bam.

One strong stroke,

then you pull out slow,

we towel down, high five.

You could be my final completion,

and I can be the first time you look a Black woman in the eyes.

[audience laughs]

But seriously, Tom,

I’m a Patriot fan, I’m a Bostonian…

[audience cheers]

…and loving you is a scarlet letter that I wear proudly.

I appreciate what you did for the city.

You truly are the GOAT.

And will you please, please, please sign my jersey?

[audience cheers]

Sam Jay, y’all. Goddamn.

[Ferrell] Ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome to the stage a living legend,

a world-class lover,

and the number-one news anchor in all of San Diego…

[audience cheers]

…Mr. Ron Burgundy!

[dramatic music plays]

[dramatic music fades]

Hello, everyone. New York City in the house!

[audience cheers]

Madison Square Garden, oh, MSG!

Billy Joel!

Residency! Yes!

How about those Knickerbockers, huh?


Probably gonna lose in the second round,

but we’re looking good right now.

Kevin Hart…

my second-favorite comedian next to Earthquake.

[audience laughs]

God, I love Earthquake.


My name is Ron Burgundy, and, uh…

[audience cheers]

I am a very big deal, but, uh…

tonight is not about me.

[woman] Love you, Ron!

I love you too.

Not about me. We are here to honor a champion of the gridiron,

a great American,

a father,

and a sexy man.

A true Patriot until he was not, of course.


[audience laughs]

Mr. Tom Brady.

[audience cheers]

Holy shit, this man is gorgeous.

I’ve seen him on TV before,

but in person, itchy wah-wah.

[audience laughs]


Look at those cheekbones.

That’s a million-watt smile right there, and those eyes.

A person could get lost in those eyes.

And right now, I am that person.

[audience laughs]

Ron, pull it together!

You’re a straight man.

He’s making you question your sexuality. Stop looking at him.

You’re here to make fun of him, not fall in love.

Concentrate. Here we go.

All right. Back to the roast, everyone.

I never liked you, Tom.

[audience laughs]

In all my years of watching professional football,

I never saw a more boring quarterback.

The master of the six-yard slant.

[audience laughs]

The screen, the checkdown.

Randy Moss, where are you?

There’s Randy. I see you over there.

All that speed running down the field. Hm?

Randy, he was never gonna get you the ring.

The checkdown pass was the only option. Sorry.

You were just a sexy decoy…

to make Tom look good.

You were the on-the-field version of Gisele Bündchen.

[audience laughs]

Is it Gisele or Gisiele?

Gisiele, I believe, right?


Gisiele Bündchen.

From Spain. She’s Spanish, right?

Tom, look at me. She’s Spanish, right?

Oh, you don’t even know? Okay.

[audience laughs]

Poor Gisiele.

It took her 13 years to learn what we all know.

Tom is boring.

[audience laughs]

Dink, donk, dink, donk.

Dink, donk, dink, donk, touchdown. Who cares?

[audience laughs]

Who cares?

The guys on, uh, SportsCenter, some personal friends of mine,

used to praise Tom for his quick release.

Not women, by the way.

Women were not impressed by his quick release.

[audience laughs]

I’m putting Earthquake to shame, right, Kevin? Yeah. [clears throat]

I mean, the last time this guy went truly deep,

he ended up paying child support to Bridget Moynahan.

[audience laughs]

[man whoops]

I wrote that myself this morning.

[audience laughs]

In the airport bathroom, at LaGuardia. [clears throat]

It should be obvious now, Tom ruined football for all of us.

Uh, watching the Patriots play actually made me look forward

to all the fun and laughter of a Bill Belichick post-game interview.

[audience laughs]

By the way, Bill, wherever you are, I…

I hope you know… Hope you know it now.

It was Tom. It was never you.

[audience cheers]


No, no. Remember that period when people thought it was you?

Well, it wasn’t. It was Tom.

[audience laughs]

I understand, Bill, you’re currently unemployed.

Good luck on ZipRecruiter.

[audience laughs]

A lot of jobs in the health-care field.

I hear male nurses are in great demand,

and with your bedside manner…

no one would rather wake up after gallbladder surgery

and look into the loving, kind face of Bill Belichick

as he gives you a sponge bath.

[audience laughs]

No, there’s no reason why we all had to endure

20 seasons of six-yard passes to Gronkowski.

Tom was too afraid to hold on to the football

because under all that lifeless lumber,

handsome as he is…

And he is very handsome, my God.

[audience cheers]

If you were this close to him like I am, you’d know what I’m talking about.

I haven’t even mentioned his golden skin.

Don’t you shake your head at me and say, “Crazy.”

I’ll make life crazy for you, Kemosabe.

How it must feel to touch that golden skin…

[audience laughs]

These are strange feelings, Ron.

Focus, focus!

You hate the man, remember. Remember, you hate him.

Where was I? Oh, yes.

Underneath that dead robot of a quarterback…

there’s a scared little boy.

How do I know this?

You don’t see Eli Manning here tonight, do you?


[audience groans]

That’s because he’s afraid of Eli Manning.

Eli Manning made Tom Brady his bitch. He made him his bitch.

[audience laughs]

Okay, I’d like to hear everyone in the audience say that with me.

On the count of three, we’re all gonna say:

“Eli Manning made Tom Brady his bitch.”

One, two, three.

[all] Eli Manning made Tom Brady his bitch.

That was terrible! Let’s do it again.

[audience laughs]

Actually, as disjointed as that was, that felt good.

Don’t worry, Tom, the nightmare is over.

You can just sit back, relax, and talk about football,

invest in cryptocurrency scams…

and drink your protein shakes.

I don’t know if you know this.

Tom has a whole line of plant-based nutrition called TB12.

Look it up. Yeah.

It’s good… I lost 15 pounds from this stuff.

Uh, those shakes work.

I only had to drink one glass, and for the next two weeks,

I was on the can with the worst case of diarrhea I’ve ever had.

[audience laughs]

I recommend the cookies-and-cream shake.

There’s nothing like shooting out cookies and cream

as you race to the toilet.

[audience laughs]

Cookies and cream…

all over the floor of the LaGuardia Airport bathroom,

Stall Number 3.

That’s the one I always go to.

On that classy note, I’d like to wrap it up.

Tom, it’s clear, everybody up here loves you.


[audience cheers]

I love you, although it…

It might just be lust.

It could be love. We’ll never know.

I can’t wait for you to be up there on Fox Sports

commentating on the game you loved, or…

Or playing for the Raiders in the playoffs.

[audience laughs]

Or, uh…

coaching the Patriots, or whatever the fuck you’re gonna do.

I mean, let’s be honest.

Your best years are behind you, Tom,

the Super Bowls, Gisiele, uh…

[audience laughs]

…your movie career.

It’s all done. It’s all gone.

But you won’t be forgotten.

You’ll always be remembered as Eli Manning’s bitch.

[audience laughs]

Don’t let that get you down, Tom.

Like I said before, we all love you.

In fact, only one man truly hates you,

and it is my pleasure to bring him out here,

Mr. Bill Belichick.

[ominous music plays]

[audience cheers]

[ominous music fades]

[speaking indistinctly]

Thank you.


What’s up?

Thank you.

[audience cheers]

What’s up? Uh, Kevin, you think you can get me a cheer like that in Philly?

Yeah. I don’t think so. [chuckles]

Um, Ron Burgundy.

Where’s Ron?

[audience cheers]

Ron Burgundy, the only member of the media I respect.

[audience laughs]


The fellas invited me up here

to lighten up the mood a little bit tonight.

[audience laughs]

Um, but, seriously, I’m so honored to be here,

uh, for the roast of Tom Brady on Netflix.

Uh, it’s not to be confused… No.

It’s not to be confused with the roast of Bill Belichick

on the 10-part, uh, Apple TV series.

[audience laughs]


Um, there’s a lot of mean things being said about Tom tonight.

I wonder why they invited me.

[audience laughs]

Really, Tom, why are all these people so hard on you?

Do you miss me?

[audience laughs]

And, uh, you know, Kevin, whenever Kevin talks,

I go into a cover 2 defense, cover both ears.

[audience laughs]


Some… First time, you know, some of these comedians tonight,

uh, Andrew Schulz, Nikki Glaser, Tom Segura…

This is the comedy version of the No-Name Defense.

[audience laughs]

Who are these people?

You know, for 49 years I’ve been a football coach,

but tonight I’m gonna be a life coach. And, Jeff? Punt.

[audience laughs]

When I get rid of my two sleeves, it’s from my sweatshirts.

When Jeff Ross gets rid of his two sleeves, it’s from a box of cookies.

[McGinest] Go ahead, Bill.

I got it rolling? All right.

[McGinest] Do it, coach.

You know, uh, a lot of people, you know,

kind of connected me with a saying called, you know:

“Do your job,” and telling people to do their job, and Gronk…

[audience cheers and applauds]

Gronk, I’ve been watching you on Fox NFL Sunday,

and I’m begging you, please, stop doing your job.

[audience laughs]

Do another job. Do somebody else’s job.

I love coaching Gronk. He was the best.

He was a great teammate, great, great player, Hall of Fame player.

Give it up for Gronk, man.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Gronk’s taking a lot of heat.

He’s been roasted the third most between Brady, then me,

and Gronk tonight, but, uh…

But, sorry, Rob, I gotta keep going.

You know, Rob last landed some endorsement deals

for some of his favorite foods.

You know, Campbell’s Soup, Dunkin’ Donuts,

and don’t forget Tide Pods.

[audience laughs]

[man] Whoo!

[inaudible dialogue]

Just a true story, 100% true story.

I used Rob’s Tide Pod commercial to teach our team

that this is when you say no.

[audience laughs]

Just because somebody asks you to do something stupid,

you don’t have to do it.

Say no.


That advice was never given by Kevin’s manager.

[audience laughs]


A lot of you don’t know, but I really have a big heart.

I really do.

I rescued…

[audience laughs]


[chuckles] Come on, man. I mean…

[audience laughs]

[audience cheers and applauds]

I rescued a dog from the shelter, and I rescued…

And I rescued Randy from the Raiders.

[audience laughs]

Listen, Randy, I’m really sorry you didn’t get a ring.

Not sorry enough to give you one of mine,

but I’m still really sorry.

You know, it’s great to have all the Patriots here.

You know, you guys are all awesome, really.

You’ve meant so much, uh…

[audience cheers]

And Tom’s the greatest of all time. There’s no question about that.

That’s why we’re all here. Tom’s fantastic.

[audience cheers and applauds]

But he played on some great teams,

and these great players that played with him,

uh, they were great teams.

We accomplished a lot, and, uh, yeah, I’m so proud to be here.

But you know, Danny Amendola, up here on the stage, came with us,

and, uh…

[audience cheers]

Danny joined us in 2014, got us 200 yards that year.

[audience laughs]

And then in, uh, 2016,

uh, he picked up another 250.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Or… Or to put it another way,

uh, what Randy would call a decent first half.

[audience laughs]

Matt, I love where you are.

Matt Light. Matt Light protected Tom’s blind side,

along with Nate Solder.

[audience applauding]

Two great left tackles.

Blocking Dwight Freeney and all those other guys that are in the Hall of Fame.

Maybe they’ll get there someday too.

But, Matt, I love where you are, far away from the microphone.

[audience laughs]

In all my years with the Patriots,

there’s no player I had to say more often to

shut the fuck up than Matt Light.

[audience cheers and applauds]

You know, Matt came into the league

and you know about his struggle with Crohn’s disease,

and that certainly explains all the years why he gave me so much shit.

[audience laughs]

One man that it’s always great to see, Rodney Harrison.

Rodney Harrison here.

[audience cheers and applauds]

One of the greatest players I’ve ever coached.

I mean, he’s a great, great football player, great person,

great competitor.

[audience cheers and applauds]

He’s not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

To me, that might be the biggest joke of the night.

Give it up for Rodney.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Just invite me to your induction.

[audience laughs]

Uh, believe it or not,

I’ve got a lot of nice things to say about Tom,

but I’m running out of time here, uh…

[audience laughs]

Do I have a couple extra minutes?


[audience cheers and applauds]

Yeah. Uh, we already talked about the cryptocurrency.

I’ll stay away from that one.

But I see your soccer team, Birmingham City,

uh, got knocked down to another tier in the English Football League.

So, you know, for those not familiar with English football

and the intricacies to their obscure regulation system,

just let me say, I’ll put it in English for you,

they suck.

[audience laughs]

Not so easy running a team, is it, Tom? [chuckles]

[audience cheers and applauds]

All right.

All right.

So a little coaching advice. Stick to American football.

You’re really good at that.

[audience laughs]

You know, people have said that Tom and I have butted heads a lot,

and in a way, that was true, but not really.

It was hard to butt heads with Tom

because he was so far up Alex Guerrero’s ass.

[audience laughs]

His ass.

You know, Tom, you had so many clutch moments,

so many big plays, uh, so many just unbelievable, you know, plays

that will live on forever.

Uh, I remember the pass that you threw to Amendola

uh, when we beat Baltimore in the playoffs in ’14.

[audience cheers]


No, that was Julian that threw that pass to Amendola.

[audience laughs]

[Julian] Thanks, coach!


There was the pass you threw to Dorsett when we beat the Eagles.

Kevin, you remember that one, in 2019.

No. No, Julian, you threw that one too. Oh.

[audience laughs and applauds]

That’s my coach!

I’m happy for him.

Tom threw a lot of touchdown passes, I can’t remember them,

but he threw a bunch of them.

[audience laughs]

You know, seriously, Tom and I had our differences,

but, you know, it only comes to love and respect about our relationship,

and we did some special things together.


[audience cheers and applauds]

You know, for all of you out there that think about who’s responsible

for the Patriots’ success during the time when Tom and I were there…

Was it Brady? Was it me? Was it Brady? Was it me?

In reality, the truth of the matter is,

it was both of us

because of me.

[audience laughs]


Great event, Netflix.

Great night to be here. Thank you very much.

Love you.

Tom, Patriots, love you guys.

Thank you.

[inaudible dialogue]


Who would have fucking thought?

Who would have thought?

Goddamn, coach came up here and set the road straight.

I can’t even trash him.

I had stuff ready to trash him, but after that, I can’t.

I don’t feel comfortable trashing the coach after that.

I’m actually gonna say something a little heartfelt.

Coach, you should hear this.

Uh, I like the fact that you actually had the balls

to come out here, and do the fucking roast,

and talk shit with Tom, coach.

[audience cheers]

All right.

Just for a quick second before we go and continue the show,

to tell you guys why I think it’s so dope.

‘Cause you cut the middle man out.

And the middle man is the hypothetical.

The middle man is the assumption.

Everybody has an assumption about the relationship of.

And the dope thing is, ultimately,

when you see the relationship support one another

and have fun with one another, that’s what the relationship is.

What I’m saying is…

[audience cheers]

What I’m saying to the world is,

mind your fucking business. All right?

Mind your fucking business.

Coach, good shit.

Way to come out and be supportive tonight,

and back goddamn Tom Brady.

Holy shit.

[audience cheers]

I love it.

Goddamn, coach. I had some good ones for you, too.

I had… Can I just tell you one of them?

I was like… Okay, can I just tell you one?

I’m not gonna do them, but I feel like if I’m saying,

like, let me tell you one, that’s different.

I was going to call you Captain Smiles ’cause I never see you smile.

I was like, “Oh, he’s just always angry.”

People call him a piece of shit, but I feel like saying “a piece” isn’t fair.

‘Cause he’s a lot of shit, like a bunch of pieces.

Like, that was one of them, like just a pile of shit.

All right, forget it, coach. I think I’m blowing it. Fuck it.

No, coach, don’t do that!

Don’t throw a fucking flag on me! Don’t do that.

Okay, all right. I’m still on your side.

I’m on your side. I’m on your side.

Uh, Bill, I gotta be honest.

I really was a little touched just at the fact that you came out.

I am dead serious right now.

That was a very gentleman-like move on your behalf.

Tom, you better fucking appreciate that

and tell him about it later, all right?


God, what a night. What a night!

Are you guys having a good time? I am.

Are we having a good time?

[audience cheers]


At home, I hope you are too, man.

The fact that this is a live event on Netflix is insane.

The first of its kind.

There will not be the last.

I think we’re gonna do more because it’s just going so well.

Let’s keep the goddamn train rolling.

Guys, your next roaster is in love with Tom Brady,

and I do mean that.

Those aren’t my words.

Uh, that’s what he wrote on a mirror in his dressing room.

Uh, he might actually pop the question tonight,

or he might pop his man-pussy.

Please make some noise for Julian Edelman.

Come on, Julian.

[audience cheers]

[hype music plays]

[inaudible dialogue]

[hype music fades]

What a night. What a night.

[audience cheers and applauds]

There are so many legendary Patriots here tonight.

[audience cheers]

I figured the next time I’d see you all would be at Kraft’s funeral.

Sorry, Mr. Kraft.

[audience groans and laughs]

Now let’s give it up for our host, Kevin Hart.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Thank you, Jules.

I know everyone’s gonna make short jokes about you tonight,

but not me.

I’m gonna make Black jokes.

[audience laughs]

Wha… What?

Kevin, you are so Black…

that when I saw you, I thought you were Bert Kreischer’s liver.

[audience laughs]

And Bert Kreischer’s liver is so black,

it just did four hours on the Shannon Sharpe podcast.

[Julian chuckles]

Jeff Ross is here.

[audience cheers and applauds]

What’s up, Jeff?

Fun fact, Jeff and I are both Jewish.

[audience cheers]

The difference is, I’m the kind of Jew that people look at and go:

“Oh, he’s Jewish?”

[audience laughs]

And Jeff’s the kind of Jew that makes you wanna join Hamas.

[audience laughs and groans]

[Julian laughs]

[White] Let’s go, Julian! Yeah!

Gronk’s here.

[audience cheers]

I don’t really have a joke.

I just wanna make sure that he knows.

Gronk, you’re gonna kill it, bubs. You’re gonna kill it.

I’m so proud of you, bubs. So proud of you.

Now, everyone always asks me how big Gronk’s dick is.

[audience laughs and applauds]

Now, don’t get me wrong, it gets the job done.

[audience laughs]

But there was this other Patriot’s tight end.

Now, he was hung.

[audience groans and applauds]

Think about it, think about it.

[Julian laughs]

Coach Belichick’s here.

Oh, coach.

You barrel-chested son of a bitch.

[audience laughs]

You remember when you used to yell at us, “Look, assholes.

The fucking kids down at Foxborough High can make that fucking play”?

[audience laughs]

I’ve been waiting for this for so long.

[audience laughs]

Look, asshole, Foxborough High is the only job offer you fucking had!

[audience laughs and applauds]

“Do your job”?

More like “need a job”, coach.

[audience laughs]

Now we get to Tom.

Look at you, you handsome devil.

TB12, Tampa Bay Brady, the GOAT.

Or as I like to call him,

Leonardo DiCaprio’s ex-girlfriend’s ex-husband.

[audience laughs]

When we played together, Tom, you used to scream:

[high-pitched voice] “Laser focus! Laser focus!”

[audience laughs]

[normal voice] Now that’s what he screams at his plastic surgeon.

[audience laughs]

Who’s laughing now, Tom?

Not you, because your face can’t move and you don’t have a sense of humor.

[audience laughs and applauds]

Now, when I got to New England,

you were already Tom motherfucking Brady.

[audience cheers]

Three Super Bowls,

married to a supermodel.

I wanted to be like you so bad, bro,

that when your wife left, I thought about getting rid of my beard too.

[audience laughs]

You’re gay. You’re gay.


But, hey.

But I don’t wanna talk about your wife.

He’s actually here.

Alex Guerrero, everyone!

[audience laughs and applauds]

For those of you who don’t know, Alex is the snake oil salesman

who transformed Tom into a total fucking weirdo.

[audience laughs]


He’s weird. He’s fucking weird.

I know there’s gonna be a lot of jokes about me being gay for Tom.

Well, let me set the record straight.

Those balls weren’t gonna deflate themselves.

[audience laughs]

That TB12 method works.

Lots of pineapples in those smoothies.

[audience laughs]

Sweet cum, sweet cum, if you didn’t know that.

[audience laughs]


the only reason I came here tonight

was, will you come on my fucking podcast already, bro?

I have Peyton Manning. I’ve had everyone else.

I had Eli Manning.

No, but Tom, you’re my brother. I owe you everything.

You let me into your inner circle, bro,

and you showed me what it meant to be a professional.

And I’d do anything for you, bubs. I love you.

You’re a great sport for doing this.

And who are we kidding?

This is Tom motherfucking Brady.

[audience cheers and applauds]

That’s what I’m talking about, Julian! That’s what I’m talking about!

Just remember, these are jokes, Tom. These are all jokes.

Because you’re my gravy train.

I love you, bubs. Let’s go!

[audience cheers and applauds]

White boy-ing at its finest.

[audience laughs]

Boy, them white boys love to play with the dick jokes.

I don’t know what it is.

I don’t know what the fuck it is about the cultural separation.

Willie, you was in that locker room.

How many dick jokes flew your way?

[McGinest] I’m in trouble.

How many dick jokes flew your way, Willie?

I bet not one. I bet you said:

“Motherfucker, nigga, I’ll kill you if you say shit like that.”

[audience laughs]

Julian just made a joke about draining Tom’s balls.

[audience laughs]

Tom was like, “Yeah!”


It’s fucking…

This is live on Netflix.

It’s like, millions of people watching.

Two white boys. “Your dick, my dick.”

“My balls, your balls.” What the fuck is happening?

It’s live television.

No, Julian! No!

Tom, you’re supposed to tackle that motherfucker right here.

The only person to celebrate was Jeff.

“I’ll… I’ll… I’ll do it too, if you want me to.”

Jeff, Sam Jay said something earlier,

and I’ve been thinking about it since.

She started talking about her dildo. She was like, “Oh, my God.”

Like, “Yeah, what my dildo would look like.”

I was like, “I bet her dildo looks like Jeff Ross.”

I bet.

A little fucking white dick.

Sam, if you got a white dick, I’ll never talk to you again, I swear to God.

All right, guys, uh…

This roast honestly is going so well.

It’s going so good, so good…

[audience cheers]

…not just because of the performances,

which have been amazing, but because of our live audience.

You guys have been amazing, man.

Make some noise for yourselves right now.

[audience cheers and applauds]

I need to know my live audience is still with me.

We can do better than that. Make some goddamn noise!

[audience cheers]


All right, next up is the host

of the number one live podcast in the world.

He’s sitting in the audience because he’s so hated

that we made him buy a ticket.

Give it up for the host of Kill Tony, Tony Hinchcliffe. Let’s go, Tony.

[audience cheers]

[hip-hop music plays]

[Hinchcliffe] Fuck yeah.

[hip-hop music fades]

Howdy, y’all. We are here with a special episode of Kill Tony:

Kill Tommy.

You guys know how it works.

I got a bucket here. If I pull someone’s name out,

they get 60 seconds, uninterrupted.

You know their time is up when you hear the sound of a kitty.

[cat meows]

That means they have to wrap it up then.

So here we go.

And I’ve pulled out… Oh, wow, look.

It’s Dana White, everybody.

Make some noise for the great Dana White.

Sixty seconds, interrupted, for Dana White.

The President of the UFC.

[audience cheers]

Thank you.

This is not my thing,

so I’m gonna keep this short, like Gronk’s bus.

[audience laughs]

Actually… Let me get into this real quick.

It pisses me off.

I flew all the way out here, and you guys give me 60 seconds?

My name is Dana.

Is that not trans enough for you liberal fucks?

[audience laughs]


All right. Tom, you played for the Patriots for so long,

that I was actually starting to feel like you were from Boston.

Then I saw you running,

I was like, “No, he’s definitely from San Francisco.”

[audience laughs]

[Dana chuckles]

You led the league for 20 years in passing.

As a straight guy.

[audience laughs]

Come on.

That was a good one.

Hey, I got two of the baddest dudes in the world here right now.

Sugar Sean O’Malley,

and Max Holloway.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Tom, you would have been a great fighter.

You’re already the master of the ground and pound.

That’s what you call “coffee dates” with your boyfriend, Alex Guerrero.

[audience laughs]

[cat meows]

One more thing.

You people probably don’t know this,

but Jeff Ross was very interested in the UFC.

He thought it meant “Unlimited Fried Chicken.”

[audience laughs]

I love you, Tom.

Dana White, ladies and gentlemen.

Great job, Dana.

A lot of you might not know this,

but Dana is the millionaire founder of the UFC,

and he’s also a degenerate gambler, so…

That’s fucking awesome, Dana.

Hey, Tom. This is great. Nice shoes, bitch.

Did you win those in the divorce?

[audience laughs]

[Hinchcliffe laughs]

I love it. This is a fucking stellar dais we have up here.

Randy Moss, I was upset that Bill Belichick said

he wouldn’t give you a ring.

You know what else doesn’t have a ring? Bill Belichick’s phone.

[audience laughs]

Everyone’s up here talking about what a big winner Tom is.

But let me tell you, Tom is afraid of the Giants,

which is why Kevin Hart is hosting tonight.

[audience laughs]

It’s true.

All night, he’s been using the stool

that Aaron Hernandez kicked out from under himself.

[audience groans]

Yeah. It’s true.

Kevin is so small

that when his ancestors picked cotton, they called it deadlifting.

[audience laughs]

So many great quarterbacks up here.

You know who doesn’t pass? Kevin Hart on any movie he’s offered.

[audience laughs]

But we are here for Tom.

Tom Brady is a Patriot, which is surprising,

considering he looks like a Confederate fag.

[audience laughs]

Tom Brady, why do you look like a gay Tom Brady?

[audience laughs]

Clearly, your ex-wife takes after you.

I hear she’s out there draining balls right now.

People love you, Tom.

You have the same fan base as Kyle Rittenhouse.

[audience laughs]

Gronk, I’m happy you could take a break from writing Santa letters

to be here today.

[audience laughs]

I knew you were here when we were all out of chocolate milk backstage.

[audience laughs]

By the way, that’s Kevin Hart sitting next to you.

That’s not your shadow.

[audience laughs]

Gronk, you look like the Nazi that kept burning himself on the ovens.

You look like the final boss in George Floyd the Video Game.

[audience groans and laughs]

Ah, the great Jeff Ross, ladies and gentlemen.

Jeff is so Jewish, he only watches football for the coin toss.

[audience laughs]

And of course, throwing long bombs at brown people.


Nikki Glaser. What a performance tonight, am I right?

[audience cheers]

Absolutely killer set.

Nikki, who wrote that?

Where was that your entire career?

[audience laughs]

Nikki has such a bad eating disorder,

the industry keeps shoving her down our throat.

[audience laughs]

You might recognize her from her podcast appearances,

specials, and winning the Triple Crown at Churchill Downs.

You might recognize Kevin as the jockey that rode her.

And that’s Churchill Downs the racetrack,

not to be confused with what Jeff Ross looks like

when he smokes a cigar.

[audience laughs]

Sam Jay, everybody.


An obese African American lesbian.

So by having her, Netflix checked off a lot of boxes.

[audience laughs]


She is a Black lesbo, which means she doesn’t eat pussy,

she “aw, hell, gnaws” on it.

[audience laughs]

Earthquake’s on his feet, I’m killing.

You might recognize Sam from this.

Her entire Wikipedia could fit into a fortune cookie.

[audience laughs]

Andrew Schultz, I’m glad you took a break from watching YouTube videos

on how to dap-up Black dudes correctly.

Schultz’s mom is a professional ballroom dancer,

which means she’s a stripper that talks too much.

[audience laughs]

Bert Kreischer is a king.

He looks like if the Tiger King and the Liver King

only ate Burger King and had a liver that looked like

Martin Luther King got beat up by Rodney King.

[audience laughs]

[inaudible dialogue]

And how about the appearance from the great Ron Burgundy, huh?

[audience cheers]

A whale’s vagina, which reminds me, Kim Kardashian’s here.

[audience groans]

She’s had a lot of Black men celebrate in her end zone.

[audience laughs]

Kim, word of advice: Close your legs.

You have more public beef than Kendrick and Drake.

[audience laughs]

Thank you, guys. Thank you, Tom.

Thank you, Jeff. Thank you, Netflix.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[man] Whoo!

You… [chuckles]

You fucking give it up for To…

For Tony.

Give it up for Tony.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[Hart] Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

Tony, that was good.

I felt like we should clap or else you’ll go shoot up a school.

He looks like he’s gonna do something crazy.

Those fucking pants and that belt, you fucking podcasters.

I said don’t let him in here.

Tony, I can’t deny great comedy.

Goddamn it, that was great fucking comedy.

Bit for bit.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Bit for bit, Tony.

I believe in giving flowers. I have nothing bad to say, man.

Performance, goddamn. Every box.

Whatever you want to say, you check.

The… I just have to say this.

Sam, fuck him. All right?

[audience laughs]

The… “Aw, hell, gnaw.” That right there.

That right there, like…

Sam, I want to come back and, like, get him for us both.

But that was really good.

[audience laughs]

He got us good, Sam.

He got the Black culture good with that one.

“Aw, hell, gnaw,” that’s…

He turned into Tyler Perry in the middle of the show.

[audience laughs]

Fuck you, Tony.

I’ll come back in a couple days, Sam. We’ll get him.

Just not now. Let him have this moment.

Son of a bitch. That was so good.

All right. Fuck that.

And fuck you, Tom.

All right?

All right.

Guys, our next NFL roaster holds the NFL record

for the most receiving touchdowns by a tight end.

Oh, my God.


[audience cheers]

Yes, it’s true.

And soon, soon he will hold the record for most concussions received

from reading a teleprompter.

Please welcome Rob Gronkowski.

Come on, Rob.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[hip-hop music plays]

[inaudible dialogue]


[hip-hop music fades]

Wow, this has been a fucking night.

Kevin Hart, first off, I’ve taken shit bigger and blacker than you.

[audience laughs]

And unlike you, my shits don’t sink when they’re in the water.

[audience laughs]

Yes, Kevin looks like one of my shits.

And Jeff Ross looks like one of my livers in 20 years.

Yeah, sit down, bitch.

[audience laughs]

Jeff is so Jewish,

that backstage, when I put my hand up for a high five,

he took ten.

[audience laughs]

Bert Kreischer, Krusher…

I don’t know, I can’t fucking read, we all know that.

…is here.

Bert went to FSU.

Fat Shit University.

[audience laughs]

I love you, Bert, even though you stole my whole drunken gimmick,

shirtless fucking thing I used to do back in the day.

You’re more like Slob Gronkowski, you fat fucking lard.

[audience laughs]

Look at all my guys.

Rodney Harrison. What’s up, dawg?

We got Matt Light. We’re gonna get Matt lit tonight.

What’s up, brother? How you doing?

And fucking Amendola. What’s up, buddy?

[audience cheers]

You went into coaching last year,

so you’re now known as Amen-Dumbass.

[audience laughs]

Coach Belichick, nice to see you, sir.

[audience laughs]

I’m your last Pro Bowl pick on the offensive side of the football,

and that was like 2000-fucking-9.

[audience laughs]

But man, this is like a family reunion.

Tom and Julian are like brothers to me,

and Drew Bledsoe is the grandfather I assumed would be dead by now.

[audience laughs]

[mouths] You’re right.

Drew got traded to the Buffalo Bills,

so he’s played for two of the worst fucking Bills in football.

[audience laughs]

Oh, fuck, coach, I just noticed that joke is about you.

Should I run the hill?

[audience laughs]

Coach makes us run that hill whenever we fuck up,

and I didn’t fuck up there.

Randy Moss, so…

Randy Moss. Randy Moss.

So good to see you, Randy.

Randy hails from the great state of West Virginia.

Country roads take me home

to the place where dating your sister is as common as dating your other sister.

[audience laughs]

By the way, we’re talking about sisters.

What’s up, Tom’s sisters? Yo.

[audience laughs]


I just made that up on the spot, too.

[audience laughs]

[Ross] Get it, Gronk!

Go, Gronk!

Randy’s nickname was “The Freak.”

Edelman’s nickname was “The Squirrel,”

because he loved having Tom Brady’s nuts in his mouth.

[audience laughs]

[mouthing] I suppose.

And when Tom left for Tampa, he gave him the whole shaft.

[audience laughs]

And Julian is gonna change his name to Jillian

and move in with Tom.

Just two little gay boys prancing around.

[audience laughs]

Everyone kissed Tom’s ass. Even I did.

That’s fine to admit,

but Julian, you’re the only one who used tongue.

[audience laughs]

I saw it in the shower.

[audience laughs]

Oh, wait a second. Tom, you don’t shower.

You must’ve been extra stinky.

All right.


All right, yeah. Julian.

Tom left you on the Patriots so you couldn’t blow him anymore.

We all know that.

And Bill, you never gave Tom any action.

No hand job, nothing. Fucking…

[Belichick blows whistle]

[inaudible dialogue]

He gave him a hand job!

Yeah. All right. Did you give him a hand job, coach?

Why’d you blow the whistle? I said you didn’t give him…

Take this joke out.

All right. Take this joke out.

[audience laughs]

Scroll back up. I’m saying this joke.

[audience laughs]

Bill, you never gave Tom action.

Well, let me tell you,

did he fuck you in the end as hard as he could.

Rear-ended you from Tampa Bay.

That’s a 1300-mile-long cock Tom has.

And let me tell you, Julian sucked that cock all the way from Florida

through the Carolinas, all the way up to Massachusetts,

spitting on it, lubing it up

to even get further penetration up your ass, coach.

[audience laughs]

Holy fuck. I wrote that joke, by the way.

[audience laughs and applauds]

Wow. Wow.

No wonder why you didn’t want me to say that.

You can read like me, coach.


But, coach, you used to talk about Foxborough High School when we sucked.

But now I know

why you were so obsessed with Foxborough High School.

You were scouting your new girlfriend.

[audience laughs and groans]

I mean, coach, my joke wasn’t fucked up,

but that’s fucked up.

You’re 73 years old.

You should be trying to bang someone your own age,

like Nikki.

[audience laughs]

All right, I’ll run that fucking hill again.

This time, I’ll just keep running.


And now let’s talk about my designated driver, Tom Brady.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Even though we played together for 11 years,

I feel like I barely know this guy.

Tom’s just like the avocados he eats.

I think he’s a fruit, but I’m just totally not sure.

[audience laughs]


I didn’t even know you were in Ted 2.

I was watching that scene

when a tiny, furry bear started jerking you off.

At least I think it was Ted 2.

It might have just been security cam footage

of Julian at your house.

[audience laughs]

Oh, I like that one.

I’m creative.

You guys all think I’m a dumb piece of fucking shit, but…

[audience laughs]

[audience cheers]

Well, I really am. I really am.

Fucking… I run into people for a living. Obviously I’m fucking dumb.

[audience laughs]

All right, Tom.

You should find some new hobbies, man.

Like I did.

I had a racehorse called Gronkowski.

I didn’t name it Tom Brady because, unlike you, it’s good at running.

Oh, and it also knows

when it should be taken behind the barn and shot.

[audience laughs]

Shootout. [imitates gunshots]

I’m one of five brothers.

Tom doesn’t even know five brothers.

[audience laughs]

I mean, there are only two-and-a-half of them on this roast.

[audience laughs]

They don’t count behind us, Kevin, all right?

Oh, you’re standing up. You can still suck my dick.

[audience laughs]

Wow. That would feel good.

I never tried it before, but I’ll do it with you.

[audience laughs]

Just ’cause you’re standing, like, imagine that grip you can give me.



Oh, man, I’m making shit up as we go.

Just like my routes.

But we had a connection. He would still find me.

“Gronk, why the fuck did you run that way?”

Touchdown, motherfuckers.

[audience cheers]

Good. That’s good.



Gronk, you’re supposed to run in.

Oh, he’s going deep. Oh, shit, touchdown.

[audience laughs]

Bill would be like:

“Oh, Gronk, he doesn’t know the playbook, but he scored.

It’s fine.”

[Rob] Oh…

But, Tom, I really am psyched tonight that we got you and Bill here tonight.

Everyone thinks you guys hate each other.

But I saw firsthand, you two are exactly alike.

You’re both hardasses that hate fun.

[audience laughs]

You both live and breathe football.

Neither of you are married anymore.

You’re both even divorced from football,

and both of you take full credit for the dynasty.

And worst of all, I’ve never had a fucking drink with either of you.


Now, hold it, hold it, hold it. No, don’t drink.

[Hart] He said don’t drink!

I got something for you later.

[Hart] Listen, Tom! Man.

You don’t fucking listen, Tom. He said don’t drink.


[Hart] Go ahead, Rob. I got you.

Well, tonight, we’re doing a fucking shot, baby.

And… Yes.

[audience cheers]

And that’s why you gotta listen.


That’s why Coach Belichick got rid of your ass.

[Hart] Holy shit.

[audience laughs]

Holy shit.

Oh, man.


Oh, shit.

[Hart] Sound it out, Rob. Sound it out.

All right.

[audience laughs]

Where am I?

Where am I?

[Ross] Shot! Shot! Shot!

[Hart] You got it.

Oh, yeah. We’re doing a shot.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t have any strawberries in it, Tom.

Nightshades, inflammation, whatever the fuck you’re talking about.

And it was approved by your mom and Bill’s boss, Alex Guerrero.

[audience laughs]

[Hart] Shots!

Come on, Rob.

No, Rob, not that. The shot, not that.

Put that back. There you go.

Rob, get the fuck… Help him, Jeff.

Goddamn it.

I said don’t leave him up here by himself.

Get the glasses. There you go. Good job, Rob.

Good job.

I love you, Bill.

I love you, Tom.

Hold on. Give him a shot.

Coach, take the shot. There you go.

Come on.


Building bridges!

[audience cheers]

[Edelman] Touchdown!

[Gronk] Love you, guys.

[audience cheer and applauds]

[Belichick] That was tremendous.

Thank you, coach.


We’re live, so there’s no way to hide the fact

that Gronk might be on a little more than alcohol.

[audience laughs]


Yeah, no, it’s okay.

Yeah, yeah, no, Gronk, we’ll get it.

Yeah, no, we’ll clean it up, Gronk.

Yeah, just sit down when you get a chance, Gronk.

Jesus Christ. Just lay down.

Just lay down.

I’m gonna say what everybody else is saying.

And I don’t know if I can get canceled for saying what I wanna say.

No, go back. Go back to the top.

I’m gonna get to that. This is just my truth. Um…

Gronk scares me.

He scares me.

[audience laughs]

Gronk is the… He’s the unsafe drunk white guy.

I want… This is a moment for white guys to understand how Black guys feel.

I looked at Randy when Gronk was saying a lot of shit,

and Randy had a look that said, “I’m going home.”


Gronk is the guy that does shit

that we all know ends up in a fucking bad situation.

Goddamn it, Tom.

You need to get him on a fucking leash.

I wish y’all could’ve seen the words

that we had to sound out and elongate on the fucking prompter.

There was so many Es.

We had a lot of Es on one word.

Gronk got stuck. He was like…

[audience laughs]

I had to help him. Sound it out, Gronk. Fuck.

Keep it going. Jesus Christ.

You know, Gronk…

They had this concussion protocol, right? Here’s the protocol for Gronk.

If you hit him in the head,

the only way to get him out of it, you got to hit him again.

Gronk is the only player that can take two hits.

Fucking Gronk.

Jesus Christ. This whole live almost went to shit.

Here’s a good thing. Uh, Gronk says that he’s returning, right?

He’s not returning to NFL football ’cause he’s lost, like…

He doesn’t have the itch for the game, and that’s understandable.

Uh, but the women you slept with do.

They’ve all claimed it, Gronk.

They’re itching.

You fucked them good.

A lot of fucking going on in the Patriots organization, by the way.

Jesus Christ. By the way, Bill loved that. Look at Bill.


[audience laughs]

Jesus, Captain Smiles is laughing hard at the fact that you’re giving out herpes.

Jesus Christ, Bill.

What type of dark humor have you been blessed with?

[audience laughs]

“Yeah, fuck all of them, Kevin. I don’t have a job.”

All right.

I get it, Bill.

Fuck you, Tom.

All right, guys, listen.

Your next roaster just sold out Madison Square Garden.

I want to fucking exclamate that.

My guy sold out Madison Square Garden.

And it was a dream of his, and he fucking made it happen.

And that’s pretty good for a guy who looks like he works at Olive Garden.

Please show some love to Andrew fucking Schulz.

Let’s go.

[audience cheers]

[hip-hop music plays]

[hip-hop music fades]

Hello, Forum. Make some noise!

[audience cheers]

All right. Give it up for Kevin Hart.

First of all, hosting this thing. Absolutely amazing.

Hardest working man in Hollywood. Give it up for Kev.

[audience applauds]

Kev is the hardest-working man in Hollywood

outside of the PR guy from Nickelodeon.


[audience laughs]

Kevin Hart, or as he’s known in the industry,

the Rock’s bottom.

[audience laughs]

Kevin is best friends with the Rock.

Uh, his dad was also best friends with the Rock.

Crack. Uh…

[audience laughs]

We could smell what he was cooking.


[audience laughs]

Kevin’s a superstar.

Only thing you can make fun of him is for being short,

but there’s advantages to being short. Kevin is the only Black guy

you can still call three-fifths a person, which is awesome…

[audience laughs]

…’cause that’s what his wife took in the divorce.


[audience laughs]

What a dais we have here, ladies and gentlemen.

Look at this.

This stage has seen more head trauma than a Kennedy on the campaign trail.

[audience laughs]

Speaking of brainless Patriots, Tom, all your boys showed up for you.

[Tom] They did.

Gronk, you hunky retard. Look at you.

[audience laughs]

Gronk, you look like your mom fucked a monster.

Energy drink.

[audience laughs]

I’m surprised you didn’t start your set with, “Hey, you guys.”

[audience laughs]

Despite coming across as a mush-brained mongoloid,

Gronk actually has a New York Times bestselling book.

He is the first author in history to have a ghost writer and ghost reader.

It is… No, it’s amazing.

He can’t read. He’s still trying to figure out what three-fifths is.

[audience laughs]

Three-fifths is how much of Nikki’s hand goes down her throat after a meal.

[audience laughs]

Whatever you’re doing, Nikki, it’s working. Keep it up.

Julian Edelman is here!

[audience cheers]

I didn’t even know that Julian was Jewish

until I saw him return a kickoff for a refund.


[audience laughs]

[inaudible dialogue]

Julian is notorious for having sex with, like,

every Jewish model on the planet.

Both of them. Uh…

[audience laughs]

I’m joking.

There’s plenty of Jewish models out there, or as they call them in L.A.,

Leo’s Bagel Holes.

[audience laughs]

Dana’s here!

Dana White, the greatest promoter in history!

Make some noise for Dana.

[audience cheers]

Dana has put more immigrants in cages than U.S. border policies.

[audience laughs]

Dana is a skinhead genius.

He found a way for minorities to beat each other up.

[audience laughs]

Respect to Dana, though. He’s a self-made man.

Before the UFC, he left Boston with absolutely nothing.

And that’s something, Randy, you can completely relate to.

Shout out to Randy, coming out dressed like Bagger Vance.

[audience laughs]

Someone get him out of the sand trap. I mean, Nikki’s pussy. Sorry.

[audience laughs]

Randy is the greatest wide receiver of all time.

He’s also a civil rights hero. A lot of people don’t know this.

Randy got expelled from his high school for fighting with racists,

but that did not stop him.

He fought racists his entire career,

and that’s why he refused to win a championship for Boston.

So give it up for him. You won in the long run.

You beat them, okay?

[audience applauds]

Randy made sure, on Super Bowl Sunday in Boston,

the only people celebrating a happy ending were the priests.

[audience groans]

Jeff Ross is here. Roast royalty.

Jeff, you remind me of the patient from the game Operation.

[audience laughs]

‘Cause every time kids touch you, you light up.

[audience laughs]

There’s none back there, Jeff. Just sit down.

[audience laughs]

It’s amazing Jeff Ross is even here, actually.

He’s recovering from a horrible ACL injury.

ACL is the only injury Gronk can spell. Uh…

And speaking of things that make men limp, Nikki Glaser is here.

Give it up for Nikki!

[audience cheers and applauds]

A lot of people were wondering why Nikki was even on this dais,

which is sexist fucking bullshit.

She’s absolutely hilarious. Give it up for her.

She’s absolutely hilarious.

[audience cheers and applauds]]

Killed it. Killed it.

A lot of you don’t know. Nikki has deep ties to football.

Not only is her face made out of pig skin,

but every guy she dates bends her over and takes a hike.

So she deserves to be here.

[audience laughs]


People talk about Nikki’s appearance,

but I think we all know what matters is what’s on the inside.

What’s on the inside is what counts.

Sure, on the outside, she looks like Tiffany Trump,

but on the inside, she’s Barron.

[audience laughs]

Speaking of people that can no longer deliver,

let’s talk about Tom motherfucking Brady.

[audience cheers and applauds]

The man in the arena, the GOAT.

Uh, Tom, I know Bill Belichick showed up late,

but don’t worry, he has someone secretly recording this

so he can watch the whole thing later, okay?

[audience laughs]

Bill has secretly filmed more guys playing for the other team than Diddy.


[audience laughs]

That’s your boy, Kev.

A lot of tight ends turned wide receivers, if you know what I mean.

[audience laughs]

Tom said that the reason he loves football is ’cause it allows him to be

his most true, authentic version of himself.

Hiding behind a mask, throwing things at Black people.


[audience laughs]

I’m kidding. He never threw to the Black guys.


[audience laughs]

Gronkowski, Edelman, Welker.

That’s not a receiving corps, that’s a law firm.

[audience laughs]

And with that divorce coming up, you’re gonna fucking need them.

[audience laughs]

Oh, that’s why Dana’s here,

so you can learn how to fuck a Brazilian out of half their purse.

[audience laughs and applauds]

Tom, you became the GOAT

by being the fiercest competitor on the planet.

Tom was once asked which one of his rings was his favorite,

and he said:

“The next one.”

Sorry, that’s a Gisele quote.

Uh, my bad. Uh, guys…

[audience laughs]

Yeah, that was Gisele. That was Gisele, for sure.

Tom, you all remind us… Or, sorry, you remind us

that no matter how big you get, how successful you are,

how much you accomplish in your life,

you can always end up a twice-divorced supplement salesman in Tampa, Florida.

[audience laughs]

And for that, we all thank you.

You are the GOAT. Thank you so much for even doing this.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[inaudible dialogue]

[Hart] Goddamn it.

Andrew Schulz. Worth the goddamn hype, man.

You’re hearing his name a lot more and more, and it’s deserved.

It was great.

I gotta be honest, it was great.

Guys, don’t go down. Fucking show him the love.

It was great.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[Ross] Hey, hey, how about a hand for this fucking guy?

Kevin Hart.

[Hart] Oh, shit.

Thank you, Jeff.

[Ross] Amazing show tonight.

Amazing host tonight. Amazing host, Kevin Hart.


I appreciate you.

[audience applauds]


Oh, thank you, guys. I appreciate you.

We are having a good time.

Hey, my question is,

if Andrew is here, then who’s fixing the dog race?

Because they look like Andrew.

Just wait a second.

Andrew Schulz is looking so peculiar.

It’s like, you just can’t put your fucking eyes on it.

What is it? I cracked the code.

Andrew looks like a pedophile from the ’30s.

Like the 1930s, the guys with the weird…

[audience laughs]

Or, Andrew Schulz looks like a silent film porn star.

No noises, all faces and mustaches.

That’s it.

[audience laughs]

Andrew Schulz is… Andrew Schulz, here’s what it is.

Andrew Schulz’s dad, I’m willing to bet, has a pizzeria,

but one of those pizzerias with no pictures of Black celebrities.

It’s just weird, and you can’t ask questions.

Andrew looks like… You know what it is? Okay.

Andrew, you look like you were in Guys and Dolls,

but you also look like you fucked them.

I got to be honest with you, Andrew.

Looks like you do weird shit.

[audience laughs]

Not just because of the mustache, just because of your face.

Uh, Andrew is proof that once you start pretending to be Black,

you will never go back.

He has been here for the entirety.

Andrew, they didn’t like that. I thought that was good.

They don’t know the fucking, like, 50 Cent history.

Yeah. No, they don’t get it, Andrew.

I thought that one was gonna hit.

Like the Black shit you just did, the concert, 50 came out.

All right, I’ll explain it to you later, I guess.

You understand what Andrew Schulz is.

He’s a great guy, the culture loves him. All right, I’m done explaining it.

Fuck you, Tom Brady.

All right. Uh…

Guys, listen, we are honored.

We are honored to have a living legend in the building tonight,

and I do mean honored.

Listen, I want you to make some Patriot noise,

some good noise, good noise,

for our Patriot owner, Robert Kraft. Please.

[audience cheers and applauds]

[energetic music plays]

[energetic music fades]

Tommy, thanks for having me here at this unique experience.

I thought I’d seen it all, but this is special.

And you know the Patriots are more than a football team for me.

They are family.

And guys, it’s good… So good to see all of you here again.

Thank you so much for everything you did for us.

[audience cheers and applauds]

And you know, like many family reunions,

there’s some people I’m desperately trying to avoid.

[audience laughs]

Coach Belichick, good to see you.

You really look debonair in sleeves.

[audience laughs]

Tonight has really been funny,

but Julian, let’s be honest and realistic.

I’m not inviting you to my funeral.

[audience laughs]

Tom, good luck buying the Raiders.

They did your favorite thing for you already.

They got rid of Jimmy Garoppolo.

[audience laughs and applauds]

But in all seriousness…

Tommy and I… This is very meaningful to me

because I remember him coming down the stairs

at the old Foxboro Stadium 24 years ago.

[audience cheers]

It was built for $6 million. It was not fancy like this place here.

But the first thing, he came down with a pizza box under his arm

and said, “You know, I’m Tom Brady.” I said, “I know who you are.

You’re our sixth-round draft choice. Number 199.”

He looked me straight in the eye and he said:

“Yes, and I’m the best decision this organization has ever made.”

[audience cheers and applauds]

So nothing could be truer.

I want to raise this drink to you

and say you will always be special to my family.

And I love you, Tommy.

[audience cheers and applauds]

And one more thing.

In case, Vladimir Putin, you’re watching,

give me my fucking ring back, will you?

[audience cheers and applauds]


Robert Kraft bringing the heat.

[audience cheers]

He wrote that, all of that himself. He wouldn’t let us give him anything.

That’s all him.

That’s right, Vladimir. Give him the fucking ring.

[audience laughs]

I got you.

Yeah, no, Robert, I got you. You already know.

I fucking got you.

No trashing Robert Kraft tonight. Not on my watch.

Not on my watch. Not on my watch.

[audience applauds]

But Robert, I do have some questions.

[audience laughs]

I just… It’s nothing. It’s just a question.

You and Bill… [chuckles]

You and Bill are so far apart from each other.

I just feel like…

Why don’t you take a shot together, man?


[audience cheers]

Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah. Robert wants to do it. Bill?

Let’s make the uncomfortable uncomfortable, right?

Pour Bill a shot.

No, no. No. Gronk, Gronk, that little black cup right there.

The Gran Coramino cup. Pour some of that in his cup.

Pour it in Bill’s cup. In Bill’s… Goddamnit, Gronk.



[as Gronk] Pour the Gran Coramino in his cup and have him take a shot.

[Kraft] I love it.

[Hart] Okay.

[in normal voice] Robert’s here. Wait, Bill… Don’t move. Bill. Bill.

This is a big moment, Bill.

[audience cheers and applauds]

I want to say, this is the greatest coach in the history of the game

that did what no one else has done.

And having Tom Brady and him

was the greatest honor the good Lord gave me.

So, cheers.


Cheers. Let’s go.

Drink it.

A Black man made that happen.

[audience cheers]

That’s right.

That’s right.

A Black man from North Philadelphia took the racism out of Boston.

Ended a beef.

This was a beef.

By the way this beef is bigger than Drake and Kendrick.

It’s that big. Holy shit. I can’t believe they actually did it.

Good shit, Bill. Robert, good shit.

By the way, remind Robert where he is.

He may not remember in a second.

So when he gets to that seat, tell him what he did.

‘Cause that’s my friend. He needs to know.

I love you. [laughs] I love you, Rob.

All right, guys, listen, we have a very special guest here tonight, right?

This guest is a great friend of mine.

Uh, one of the most famous guys from Boston. Seriously.

One of the most.

I would say there is only about two or three,

but this guy here in my opinion is the one.

Please show some love to Ben Affleck.

[audience cheers]

[rock music plays]

Thank you.

[rock music fades]

Wow. Got here just in time, I see.

[clears throat] I, uh…

Tom, I gotta say…

[audience cheers]

How are you doing?

How are you?

[audience cheers]

This is pretty fucking ballsy of you.

Is life too fucking good?

You’re like, “You know what, I’d like someone to kick my ass for three hours.”

Uh, is this…?

I gotta tell you, this settles it.

You won’t find me volunteering for the Ben Affleck Roast.

[audience laughs]

Or as I like to call it, Thursday.


Hi. You may know me as an extra

from Tom’s Dunkin’ boy band Super Bowl commercial.

[audience cheers]

In fact, it was during that shoot that Tom asked me

to look at his social media accounts for him.

I guess for some reason he thinks I get a lot of online criticism.

I do.

But I took a look at it.

And I gotta tell you, I didn’t even last two fucking hours.

It was the most toxic thing I have ever experienced.

And that’s saying something.

[clears throat]

For instance, here is one line, uh, that I remember from Tall Boy Henry Bill…

There’s a lot of L’s in it, okay?

“Brady was just assistant quarterback with no arm strength.

He’s a whiny pussy with a lot of protection from the refs.

He sucks. Fuck you. Fuck you, Tom Brady.”

[audience laughs]

Thanks, Tall Boy Henry. Uh…

You guys out there, talking shit, all right, behind your fucking keyboard.

That doesn’t make you a fan.

That makes you a bitch.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Look, Tom started his career

as arguably the slowest, least physically impressive non-kicker

ever to put on an NFL uniform, including massage therapists.

I mean…

Look at the fucking guy. You know what I mean?

He went to the Pro Bowl.

He started his career with the physique of a professional bowler

with a smaller right arm.

[audience laughs]

Overcame all that to become the GOAT.

Tall Boy Henry, you didn’t overcome…

You can’t overcome a modest fucking flight of stairs

without your rescue inhaler.

Fuck you, Tall Boy Henry. You suck.

A bunch of football experts…

[Hart] Get them.

Thank you, Kevin. I appreciate it.

A bunch of football experts living on their aunt’s couch,

saying like, “Oh, Tom, you should have thrown to the slant receiver

against the Dolphins.”

Or “Tom, you should have seen the fucking quarterback

when you threw that pick six in the Super Bowl against Atlanta.”

Actually, you should have. That was terrible.

You should have… There was no excuse for that. [clears throat]

Maybe, yeah, just, you know… No, I don’t even know what to say.

But look, essentially, fans… I get it, right?

They pay the salaries.

But could you imagine, just try to think of a less rewarding,

more agonizing professional experience than effectively working for somebody,

you go out and fucking kill it,

succeed every day to the degree, that fucking level,

and you gotta go online and read that shit.

I can’t think of a more fucked up, dysfunctional, horrible working system

designed to perpetually make people feel awful.

You know what I mean?

You… What… Even the boss is always that fucking much of a miserable prick,

and you can’t do anything right…

[audience cheers]

I didn’t know… I didn’t know you were gonna be here, Bill.

I actually… I actually can think of one. [clears throat]

[audience laughs]

I want to ask you a question, okay?

Don’t… It’s not about Malcolm Butler.

There’s no answer to that question. It’s just… [clears throat]

I get it. I know, I watched the press conferences, you know.

You’re not a talker, no chitchat.

[as Belichick] No comment, moving on to Cincinnati.

[audience laughs]

I don’t know how you get away with that, honestly.

Like, in my business, even if you make Justice League,

you don’t think I want to fucking move on to Cincinnati?

[audience laughs]

Anyway, I just, uh…

I just have this question,

and I guess, you know, I think I’d like to get an answer.

It’s pretty simple, you know, we’re not gonna move on.

I just… I got nowhere to go, you know?

I just want to know, like…

What the fuck does a guy have to do to make Bill Belichick happy?

Like, fucking cure… How about just to see some teeth?

Like, you gotta cure cancer?

And they’re watching the Super Bowl, Tom throws a touchdown pass.

You guys win again, and Bill is looking at him like,

you know, fucking Tom shit in his cereal.

[audience laughs]

That was the look on your face.

Do you know what the look on my face would be

if I was a football coach and Tom Brady was my quarterback?

Thank you very much.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Another piece of white boy humor.

[audience laughs]

[Ross] This is the first time I ever wished Netflix had commercials.

Oh. Jesus.

All right.

Guys, we are fucking rearing the end of the show.

And by the way, at the end, it just gets better

because this is a moment that we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s the main event.

By the main event, I do mean main event.

So do me a favor. Get on your feet

for the moment that we’ve all been waiting for.

The man of the hour.

That’s right, the fucking legend.

And when we talk about goddamn legends, I’m talking about Peyton Manning!

[audience cheers and applauds]

[rave music plays]

[rave music fades]

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

[audience cheers]

Thank you, Kevin.

When Kevin reached out to me about roasting Tom,

he told me he wanted me to be a surprise at the end of the night.

And he also told me how desperate Netflix was for downloads.

They said, “Peyton, you gotta help us out.”

Aaron Rodgers can’t make it anymore.

No one really knows who Julian Edelman is.

[audience laughs]

And Gronkowski probably can’t read a teleprompter.

[audience laughs]

How great is Rob Gronkowski? When I think of Gronk…

[audience cheers and applauds]

When I think of Gronk, I really think of firsts.

He is the first tight end to lead the NFL in receiving touchdowns.

He’s going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

[audience cheers and applauds]

And by the looks of him, his parents were first cousins.

[audience laughs]

It is great to see the greatest coach in NFL history,

Coach Bill Belichick here.

[audience cheers and applauds]

For those that don’t know,

coach is gonna be doing some work on Eli and my

Monday Night Football show this year.

I gotta tell you, it’s gonna be awesome.

Eli and I are super excited. And it’s gonna give Coach Belichick

something he hasn’t had in a while.

The chance to be around quarterbacks that he respects.

[audience laughs]

Honestly, it is great to be with a bunch of people sitting around,

talking smack about Tom Brady,

or as we call that in the Manning family, Thanksgiving.

[audience laughs and applauds]

True story, after spending several Thanksgivings with my parents,

my kids now excuse themselves to use the bathroom

by saying “I have to go take a Brady.”

[audience laughs]

In all seriousness, let me tell you about Tom Brady the man.

Tom is making a donation to every one of his former teammates’ charities

that came here tonight.

I gotta tell you, Tom, that is first class.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Hey, fellas, don’t let him pay you in crypto.

[audience laughs]

Tom, even though we were bitter rivals, we’ve become really good friends.

And I appreciate our friendship.

Although Tom and I are still very different.

Like my idea of a fun Saturday night is going to a local bar with my friends,

shooting a little pool.

While Tom’s idea of a fun Saturday night is going to the Met Gala

dressed as the most fabulous general on the Death Star.

[audience laughs]

My idea of dinner is Applebee’s.

Tom’s idea of dinner is eating apples and bees.

[audience laughs]

Of course, we all know Tom has five more Super Bowl rings than I do.

He also has more touchdowns.

He also has more touchdowns than I do,

more passing yards, more retirements…

[audience laughs]

…more fake hair.

[audience laughs]

More TB12 bankruptcies. That is all true, okay.

But I remember once that Tom told me, “Peyton, numbers don’t matter.”

Sure, it was right before he deleted every number in his phone

because NFL investigators were about to kick down his door.

[audience laughs]

But it was still nice of him to say.

One thing that Tom and I definitely have in common, though,

is our love of the game of golf.

And listen, not to brag, we’re both pretty good players.

My handicap is a 6.4,

while Tom’s handicap is blowing leads in the Super Bowl to my brother, Eli.

[audience laughs]

But look, I want nothing but the best for my friend, Tom Brady.

Now that we’re both in broadcasting,

some people think it’s a rivalry again, that I want to see Tom fail.

That I want to see him embarrass himself and get fired.

That is absolutely ridiculous. It’s Coach Belichick who wants that.

[audience laughs]

Ladies and gentlemen,

it is almost time for the guest of honor to defend himself.

The last time…

[audience cheers]

The last time Tom Brady had to wait this long to get on stage,

it was the 2000 NFL draft.

[audience laughs]

He is a three-time Super Bowl loser.

Please welcome, Tom Brady!

♪ Allow me to reintroduce myself ♪

♪ My name is Hov, H to the O-V ♪

♪ I used to move snowflakes by the O-Z ♪

♪ I guess even back then you can call me ♪

♪ CEO of the R-O-C, Hov ♪

♪ Fresh out the frying pan into the fire ♪

♪ I be the music biz number one supplier

♪ Flier than a piece of paper Bearing my name ♪

♪ Got the hottest chick in the game Wearing my chain, that’s right ♪

♪ Hov, not DOC ♪

[audience cheering]

Thank you.

[audience cheering]

[chanting] Brady! Brady! Brady! Brady!

Oh, thank you.

Brady! Brady! Brady!

Thank you.

Brady! Brady!

I’ve had a lot of tequila.

I’ve been up here for two hours listening to a bunch of shitty jokes.

[audience laughs]

Where the fuck did Peyton just walk off the stage?

[audience laughs]

Peyton, thank you so much for coming out to L.A. to do this.

I know sometimes you live in Denver and sometimes you live in Louisiana,

but you’ll always live in my shadow.

[audience laughs and applauds]

When I heard there was a slow white Bronco heading down the 405 to come here tonight,

I thought we might actually see a real football legend.

[audience laughs]

Peyton and I, we go way back.

When we started playing,

Brett Favre was still faxing his dick pics.

[audience laughs]

And Antonio Cromartie only had one kid.

[audience laughs]

Well, folks, here we are once again,

a packed arena, five minutes on the clock.

Everything on the line.

[audience cheers and applauds]

We need a hero.

Someone to come from behind

and pull this clusterfuck out of the toilet.

What the fuck did you guys do here tonight?

Looks like it’s time for Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr…

[audience cheers and applauds]

…to step up and lead us to glory.

Because you and I know and everyone in this dump knows he can do it.

Yep, the word “hero” comes to mind.

[audience laughs]

But I struggle with that word.

Because like the rest of America,

I’ll always remember where I was that fateful day in September of 2001,

when tragically, those two jets slammed into Drew Bledsoe.

[audience groans and applauds]

Jeff Ross, I want to thank you for talking me into doing this.

Another thing that I’m great at. Who knew?

[audience cheers]

Oh, yeah. I did.

[audience laughs]

Because I’m about to replace you as the greatest roaster of all time.

[audience cheers and applauds]

So hit the bench, Jeff. Tonight you’re Jew Bledsoe.

[audience laughs]

People ask, “Tom, why would you do this roast now?”

It’s simple. I can take all the hits.

I would have done this earlier,

but I’ve just been too busy winning championships.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Which explains why Peyton did this roast eight years ago.

[audience groans]

So let’s fucking go!

[audience cheers and applauds]

I’ve heard some people talk about me having bad knees.

You know why my knees are so fucked up, Kevin?

Because I spent so many goddamn hours on the floor

begging Netflix to get Chappelle to host this.

[audience laughs]

Yeah. Fuck you, Kevin.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Sit your ass down. Let’s go.

Professor Gronkowski.

My boy.

Thank you for being here.

Despite everything we’ve seen here tonight,

Gronk was actually useful on the field,

although the bar for Patriot tight ends was pretty low back then.

Block, catch, don’t murder.

[audience laughs]

Thanks to me, [inaudible dialogue]

Gronk was so beloved there’s a baby rhino in the Tampa Zoo named after him.

And Gronk, I’m here to say you are not the father.

[audience laughs]

You can stop sending those checks.

[audience laughs]

Oh, I fucked that rhino.

When you’re Tom Brady, you’re not only feared, you’re envied.

People want to be you. Right, Julian?

[audience laughs]

Bro, you can live in my guest house, swim in my pool,

try on my fucking jock,

or any other sick shit you do when I’m not around.

But you’re a fucking stalker, bro.

You’ll never be me, ever. Ever.

No, you can date a model or four, steal my cologne, actively lobby to get Peyton Manning removed from the Hall of Fame…

[audience laughs]

…but you’ll never be me.

[audience cheers]

[Hart] True.

By the way, I want to set the record straight.

Certain haters, you’ve been up here talking shit about me

not having any Black receivers.

I never noticed.

White players, Black players…

[audience laughs]

Even if I take their job while lying in a fucking hospital bed coughing up blood, they all get rings when they play with Tom Brady, right, Drew?

[audience cheers and applauds]

Unless you’re Randy Moss.

[audience laughs]

Can you believe that guy up here begging me: “T-boy, give me one of your rings.”

Give you a ring? Bitch, please, you’ll be lucky if I sent you a text.

[audience laughs]

I’m not sitting on some plank trying to hook me a catfish.

I’m Tom Brady. I got shit to do.

Where’d Ben Affleck go? Look at Ben Affleck.

He’s a huge movie star.

Jersey Girl, Phantom, Batman…


[audience laughs]

And he’s here defending me?

And when has Ben Affleck ever made a bad decision?

[audience laughs]

Glaser, Schulz, Hinchcliffe, two racist bears.

Who picked this shitty lineup? The New York Jets front office?

[audience laughs]

Nice fucking haircut.

But I’m not gonna say shit about Sam Jay because she looks like that fucking dude who shredded my ACL.

[audience laughs]

I don’t care if you’re from Boston.

[audience laughs]

Kim Kardashian, thank you so much for being here.

[audience cheers]

I know Kim was terrified to be here tonight.

Not because of this, but because her kids are at home with their dad.

[audience laughs]

[audience cheers]]

We got so many great football greats here tonight.

But where’s Roger Goodell?

[audience boos]

I know.

Remember Deflategate?

The NFL spent $20 million and found it was more “probable” than not that I was “generally” aware that someone may have deflated my footballs.

You could have just given me the $20 million, and I would have just told you I fucking did it.

[audience laughs]

That’s the way it goes. You know what I’m saying, boys?

You know what I’m saying?

But I don’t want to get the NFL too upset.

I’m trying to buy a piece of the Raiders.

I’m tired of owning just the Colts and the Bills.

[audience laughs]

Buffalo fans call themselves the Bills Mafia?

How are you the fucking mafia?

At least the mafia has a ring you can kiss.

[audience laughs]

And while we’re at it, screw Colts fans.

Colts are just Broncos who don’t fuck.

[audience laughs]

Kansas City, you say your stadium is the loudest?

It helps when all your fans are 14-year-old girls.

[audience laughs]

And in honor of Tay Tay, let’s take a look at the Chiefs’ eras.

Terrible for 50 years, good for five. Shake it off.

[audience cheers and applauds]

Philly fans are just racist assholes.

But Kevin Hart is from there, so I get it.

[audience laughs]

Yeah, fuck you, Kevin.

[audience laughs]

In Philly, they have to grease up the light poles, so people don’t climb them after games.

You know how they grease up those poles?

They rub someone from Philadelphia on them.

[audience laughs]

And Giants fans…

fuck Eli and fuck you, twice.

[audience laughs]

And now for the real reason you’re all here, Coach Bill Belichick.

[audience cheers]

Everybody asks me which ring is my favorite.

I used to say “the next one.”

But now that I’m retired, my favorite ring is the camera that caught Coach Belichick slinking out of that poor girl’s house at 6 a.m. a few months ago.

[audience laughs]

Hey, you still got it.

[audience laughs and applauds]

Respect, baby.

[inaudible dialogue]

You know, we’ve been through so much.

And after two decades, I finally had to admit that all along, it was you.

You’re the reason for the Patriots’ dynasty because you, Bill Belichick, you are a true coaching genius.

I mean, you had to choose between an aging injured, overpaid Drew Bledsoe, and a young healthy, minimum-wage superstar.

I could have got a fucking coach from Foxborough fucking High School to make that decision.

Run it again, Belichick.

[audience laughs]

I’ve been out of the game for a minute, so I’m curious.

How many Super Bowl rings have you won since I left?

[audience groans]

Maybe it’s not just the guy on the sideline.

When I go to the Indy 500, I don’t ask the winning driver: “Hey, who gassed up your car?”

[audience laughs]

There have been a lot of jokes tonight, but the truth is I miss the love of my life… football.

[audience cheers and applauds]

So to my fans, it’s been an honor to be your guy that you can count on to get the team down the field and somehow pull off a last-minute miracle victory.

What’s called in football “a Tom Brady.”

[audience cheers]

And to all the rest of you who have been talking shit about me for 20 fucking years,

I got one thing to say.

Lose my number. Fuck them all, baby!

[audience cheers and applauds]

Get on your fucking feet one time for the GOAT himself, Tom Brady.

Now, Tom, one second.

Before we end the night in amazing cheers, one second.

One quick second.

All right, Tom, this is a me thing.

I was like, all right, if I’m gonna do it, well, Tom has to leave with something impactful to match the energy of the success that he’s had along the years.

So Tom, what we decided to do was add another ring.

Goddamnit, Tom, you deserve another fucking ring.

But a ring fitted for a GOAT like yourself.

Put it on.

Oh, I love that.

That’s right, put it fucking on.

Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Tom fucking Brady.

And this is a live event on Netflix. And you are a live crowd in the Forum.

And we have a dais full of fucking hits.

Thank you all for watching!

Thank you all for supporting.

More importantly, thank you for laughing.

I love you guys so much. Good night.

♪ Another one gone Another one bites the dust ♪

[audience cheers and applauds]

♪ Another one bites the dust ♪

♪ Shoot out ♪

[inaudible dialogue]

♪ All right ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT Greatest of all time ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

♪ I’m the GOAT Greatest of all time ♪

♪ I don’t know who told you different I worked hard for this ♪

♪ Sacrificed so much to make it here I came too far for this ♪

♪ They was sleeping, I was up and training Going off of this ♪

♪ Elevate my confidence ♪ The best and that’s no argument ♪

♪ Competition ain’t no threat When I step to it ♪

♪ Not to mention for them checks I just do it ♪

♪ Push myself to limits unimaginable To average folk ♪

♪ Notice don’t come overnight ♪

♪ You get there staying gradual ♪

♪ Staying gradual ♪

♪ GOATed status ♪

♪ GOATed status ♪

♪ Only the greats relate ♪

♪ Only the fakes I hate ♪

♪ That’s what it takes To make it go ♪

♪ So we tune them out Don’t give them no attention ♪

♪ Never focus on the opposition ♪

♪ I’m focused on winning, ’cause I ♪

♪ I’mma keep on going hard Till it’s all mine ♪

♪ Won’t stop until I am the greatest… ♪


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