Justice Society: World War II (2021) – Transcript

Justice Society: World War II (2021) - Transcript. The Justice Society of America, a group of heroes aiding the allies in World War 2, acquire an ally from the future who sends them on an adventure that changes history.
Justice Society - World War II (2021)

Flash discovers that he can run even faster than he imagined, and that milestone results in his first encounter with the Speed Force. Flash is promptly launched into the midst of a raging battle during World War II between Nazis and a team of superheroes called the Justice Society of America. Led by Wonder Woman, the group includes Hourman, Black Canary, Hawkman, Steve Trevor and the original Flash Jay Garrick. The Flash quickly volunteers to assist his fellow heroes in tipping the scales of war in their favor, while the team tries to figure out how to send him home. But it won’t be easy as complications and emotions run deep.

* * *

[Steve] Mr. President.

[reels whirring]

We have to act now.

They marched on Poland, and we did nothing.

And they kept marching.

They’ve taken control of most of Europe. And Russia.


[Roosevelt] An invasion.

[Steve] That’s not all, Mr. President.

He’s been searching for ancient artifacts since 1933.

[Roosevelt] You mean magical artifacts.

Merciful heaven.

What a maniac.

Unless, of course… he’s right.

I take it that’s where your big idea comes in?

[Steve] Let me introduce you to the team.

Rex Tyler, known as Hourman.

He’s one of the best scientists America has to offer.

Now, he’s developed a chemical called Miraclo to enhance speed, strength, everything.

An hour at a time.

Then there’s Dinah Lance.

A bit of a fire brand with sonic sound abilities…


…that have gotten her shunned by her community.

Next, since attaining his powers of speed, Jay Garrick has been a full-time crime fighter.

And he’s willing to serve his country.

Finally, Carter Hall, an ancient Egyptian in a modern Egyptian’s body.

Oh, and he’s got wings.

[Roosevelt] Ancient Egyptian? You can’t be serious.

[Steve] Claims this is his [clears throat] fourth reincarnation.

[Roosevelt] He’s one of ours?

[Steve] Yes, Sir.

[Roosevelt] I see. Lights.

[clicks button]

And you think they’re enough to fight back the Nazis and magical artifacts?

I know they are.

But, who will lead this motley crew?

I think I’ve got someone in mind.

What do you say, Mr. President?

Are you ready to end this war?

[dramatic music playing]

[birds chirping]

[Barry] I can’t remember if I locked the car.

Or the apartment.

Or turned off the coffee pot.

[Iris laughing]

Honestly Barry, I don’t know how you’ve survived this long.

Hey, this is our first trip to Metropolis, I want it to be perfect.

According to the trajectory of the sun, we should have the max amount of light if we set the blanket… here.

Think we’ll see Superman?

I thought you were taking a day off.

Right, right, you’re right.

[scoffs] I should have brought sunscreen.

Can I get your back?

[sternly] Barry…

Cold cuts, bread, mayo. Oh, I forgot the cheese.

No, Barry.

Do you think it might rain?

I can grab an umbrella, just in case.

Barry, just… focus.

Everything okay?

What are we doing?

We’re having a picnic.

You wanted to get out of town, away from… [whispers] my other job.

But, we’re never fully away from your other job.

[somber music playing]

That’s not fair.

It’s who you are, and I love that about you.

But, Barry, it’s been… years.

What do you want from me?

Is this just a fling? Because I…

No, no, Iris…

It’s okay if it is, but I’m not interested in…

I love you.

It’s just… the best way to keep you safe is by making sure no one finds out.

If you really believe that, then break up with me, Barry Allen.


Life is dangerous.

It shouldn’t stop us from living it.

[distant explosion]

Go. You have work to do.

I… I’ll make it up to you.

Tomorrow. I promise.

[glass breaking]

[all screaming]

[sinister music playing]

Resistance… is… illogical.


I have you now, Superman.


Superman! What can I do?

[straining] Maybe help with the tentacles?

Right. Sure.

[grunts and groans]

Are you all right?

I will be after we take care of Brainiac.

What do you say? Interested in a team-up?

I thought you’d never ask.

Another meta.

Chance of success down to 95%. Recalibrating.


[machine whirring]


Accelerating projectile.




Recalibration. Success at 99%.

[whirring and beeping]

Are you okay?

That gem… it’s Kryptonite.

It’s the only thing that can hurt me.

But, you’re like a God.

So, what’s the plan?

Don’t get hit. Avoid the beam.

Punch really hard.

Save the day.

I like it.

[Flash grunts]

[ominous music playing]

[Dr. Fate’s voice echoing] Keep running!

Follow my voice.

[ominous music playing]

[soldiers grunting]



[sinister music playing]

[glass breaks]

[gun cocking]

[soldiers grunting]


Any sign of him?

Not yet.

We should have gone with him.

We had our own mission.

We’re running out of time.

Rex’s hour is almost up.

If we don’t leave soon, civilians will die.

We wait.

Steve won’t let us down.

Go check on the left flank and report back.

[Flash grunts]

[straining] What kind of crazy gun was that?

It will take more than the speed of Hermes to stop an Amazon, fiend.

Who are you?

So, they’ve got one of their own.

[planes whirring]

Wait, what?

[guns firing]

Wonder Woman, what’s the plan?

Regroup with the others.

Tell Carter to take care of the planes.

We need to buy more time.

Did President Roosevelt send you?

President Roosevelt?

What? What’s happening?

Keep an eye on… whatever this is.

I got him, boss.

Am I dead?

Sometimes feels like it in France.


[man shouting in German]

[woman pleading in French]

Someone’s in trouble.

Everyone’s in trouble right now.

You’re not going any… where.

[woman shouting in French]

[all pleading in French]

[speaking German]

[guns cocking]



[guns firing in slow motion]

[Nazi soldiers grunting]

[breathing heavily]

What… what is… [groaning]

I’ve never been out of breath before.

[straining] Not again!

Who’ve you got there, Wonder Woman?

Is he one of theirs?

It’s unlikely he’d be working for the Germans.

[straining] Right.

So, I think I know what’s going on here.

I can’t… breathe.

[gasping and breathing heavily]

I’m… I’m from the future.

Jay, report.

Uh, it’s not impossible.

I mean, with the Speed Force.

Sounds more like something a Nazi would say.

There are things that we don’t understand, forces…

I don’t want to hear about reincarnation, Carter.

Make him talk.

What about your lasso?

I’ll get him to talk. [cracks knuckles]

[sternly] We don’t have time to discuss this.


We’ve got a fight to finish and I have less than ten minutes left.

[planes whirring]

Take cover!

[glass breaking]


[Hourman] It’s Steve!

[triumphant music playing]


[ominous music playing]

Based on the trajectory, the velocity, Hawkman’s wingspan… he won’t make it.

[Steve] Come on! Come on!

[engine explodes]

[engine sputtering]

Let’s try for one piece, Trevor.

[Flash panting]

[grunts] Whoa! What’s going on with my speed?

[breathing heavy] You got this. Come on.

What now, Red?

A Flash classic.

[electricity crackling]

[Jay groans]


It’s good to see you, too, Princess.

[Flash panting]

I see you picked up another playmate?

It seems I misjudged you.

Thank you.

[panting] Heh.

Retreat back to our extraction.


They’re gonna tear this village apart.

Look, I saw another division headed this way.

They’re looking for me.

We can’t leave them.

Spread out.

Hourman, you and Jay with me on the ground.

Carter, you and Dinah take the sky.

And I can do… Nothing.

Look, if you really are from the future, we can’t complicate the timeline.

Oh, right. I’ve seen that movie.

Get Steve to the extraction point in one piece.

He’ll lead the way.

[Flash] This is crazy.

I’ve never seen this many heroes working together.

[Steve laughs] Kid, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

How come I’ve never heard about them? About this?

The JSA?

Justice Society of America.

Yeah I know. Corny.

We’re top secret.

Real high-level stuff.

Even have a war correspondent embedded with us to spin the stories.

Keep the super-powered team off the front page.

Why try and keep it a secret?

This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen and I can run faster than sound. Usually.

Coolest? That’s nifty.

Look, they’re not infallible.

And if Hitler found any sort of weakness, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

[Black Canary shrieks]



[all grunting]


[speaking German]


We’ve used the giant bird excuse twice in the last month.

I don’t think we’ll get away with it a third time.

Let’s not push our luck.

Just refer to Carter’s attack as an experimental prototype.

Be sure to give the soldiers all the credit.

They protected the citizens.

Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to focus.

Makes my job easy.

And what do I write about this guy?

Nothing, as usual.

We don’t even know your name.

Oh. Uh… I’m Flash.

Well, we’ve already got one of those.

How about Future Boy?

That will work for now.

Future Boy, this is Shakespeare, our war correspondent.

Do I know you?

[Steve] Princess, I’ve waited long enough.

Is this happening?

This is happening.

[Steve] I can’t hold this in anymore.

Will you marry me?

Good attempt, Trevor.

He upped his game. [chuckles] Flowers.

If he doesn’t quit soon, I’ll lose my bet.

Wait… what was that about?

He proposes every day, and every day she says “no.”

Didn’t take you for a stalker.

Stalker? Is… You mean like a cad? A wolf?

No, no. It’s… it’s nothing like that. I…

If it really bothered her, I…

She promised one day she’d say yes.

When… when it was the right time, of course.

And that…

Well, that makes every other day just worth it.

Thank you, soldier.

Extraction’s here.

Of course, you know, if she ever does say yes, I might drop dead from shock.

[birds chirping]

[Wonder Woman] We said we would end this war.

It’s been two years.

That’s not our call, Diana.

Too many people have died already.

We can stop this.

[loud crash]

Oh my goodness. Please, take a seat.

You want to stop this? Future Boy could stop It.

That’s not a good idea, Dinah.

We can’t use the future to change the past.

It would create a paradox and this Flash won’t be able to return to his own time period.

Or this could be how it happens.

That much I knew. See, there’s this movie…

Paradox. Unable to go home.

Right. Shutting up.

[Wonder Woman] Dinah’s right.

We need to utilize every meta-human we can.

We can’t keep putting civilians in danger.

Well, I suppose those of us without power

are just chopped liver?

So, we’re just supposed to let people die?

Oh, we can handle ourselves, your Highness.

Don’t worry about us.

Oh, I get that the rest of the gang have powers…

War is a place for warriors.

Not a place for wishes.

Well, everybody’s gotta die some time, Princess.

I won’t.

Look, it’s gonna take everyone to get off the sidelines and onto the field to win this war.

And if I die, at least it’ll be for something I believe in.

Are they always like this?

Like a broken record, son.

[Steve] You’ve got a new mission.

We can’t decode the intel.

So, that fight was what? A gas?

What exactly was this intel supposed to be for?

The Germans are looking for a new artifact.

They’re saying it’s a game changer.

If we can’t read the code, then what’s the mission?

Now, I have a lead on some help.

A man with mystical abilities.

They pulled him out of their camps and stuck him in a securely guarded castle in Bavaria.

They say he can break any code.

Problem is… he’s insane.


And what are we going to do about him?

What do our scientists think?

The best course of action…

After narrowing in on the potential outcomes…

Not to mention the quantum physics, which is really something that should be studied here…

To the point, gentlemen.

He should stick with us. For research.

Then, Future Boy… welcome to the team.

[crickets chirping]

[vehicle approaching]

[suspenseful music playing]

We should slip in without notice.

You’ve seen your wings, right?

This place is a fortress.

We won’t be able to take it by stealth.

Stick to the plan. You all know what to do.

Jay and Rex worked these out.

They’re for communication.

When you have a message, tap the earpiece in Morse code and the message will be received in our own ear pieces.

Oh, do I get one?

No. You’re with me, Future Boy.

Let’s move out.


[soldiers grunting]

[gun cocking]


Shouldn’t we have attempted to be more…

I don’t know, stealth?

Carter worries too much.

You’re very… upfront.

Like Steve said, we all die sooner or later.

[sighs] What? It is a joke.

No it isn’t. Not to Steve.

He thinks it’s as simple as asking a question.

He doesn’t realize what he asks.

[man screaming in distance]

That sounded… Bad.

[earpiece beeping]

It’s Steve.

He needs us to see something.


Can’t you just zip in, take out their guns and zip out?

I could, but…

But what?

Well… my powers haven’t been acting right since the other Flash arrived.

Of course. Why is it always us?

[Jay] Don’t belly ache. It’s not always us.

It’s just mostly us.

I should take a swig of the Miraclo.

You can’t.

It’s not been 24 hours yet.

I’m no use to you like this.

We’re running out of options.

[gun cocking]

If this goes haywire, blame the new guy.


[gun firing]


[gun cocking]


Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks.

[Black Canary sighs] This is not what I had in mind when I joined an elite fighting force.

But you’ve got so much experience digging through dirt.

You all right?

Regular good-time Charley.

You’ve been hard on Future Boy.

It’s just he… he doesn’t know anything about us.

We’re supposed to be a secret.

No, I know, but…

But what?

[sighs] What’s the point of all this if we aren’t even remembered?

We fight, we die.

Death probably isn’t scary when you have someone waiting for you.

And what about the nice detective back home?


I don’t really think he’s the one. You know?

Listen, I know things seem dire, but one day this will all be over and we will all need to live again.

For me it’s finding that other half that I look forward to.

[man screaming]

[tense music playing]

That’s, uh…

That’s not what I think it’s for, is it?

[chains clanking]

Shakespeare is looking.


I didn’t know.

Let’s go help.

Two corridors left. I’m checking now.

[door creaking]

[flies buzzing]

[door creaking]

[flies continue buzzing]


[door creaks]

It’s… you.

He said you would come.

And here you are.

This is yours.

I’m supposed to give this to you.

What are you talking about, kid?

Take it. Use it.

You have to make sure it never happens.

I’m sure that’s why I’m back here now.

He said you’d know what to do.

Who said?

[soldier] Halt!

[gun fires]



[Jay] How’s it going?


[water dripping]

[Dr. Fate] Should we tell?

Yes. Yes, they should know. They should know.

[speaking Latin]

No. It…

it can’t be.

[continues speaking Latin]

Do you know this guy?


I know him from a previous life.

Is this…

He’s the code breaker?

He wasn’t like this before.

Well, make him snap out of it.

We’re not equipped to handle…

[Dr. Fate] Dead.

They’re all going to be dead. [shuddering]

They need to know. They should know.

Jay, do you have the code?

We need your help, my friend.

Can you translate this?



Well, that was anti-climactic.


[Steve] Shakespeare, the bullet hit you dead on.

Steve, release these captives.

You keep calling me Shakespeare, but it’s…

[exhales] It’s Clark.

It’s Clark Kent.

Well, you… you’re Superman.

It’s me, Flash.

How did you get here?

Did you follow me through that time warp?

Is this a rescue? Why do you have a mustache?

Stuck? What are you talking about?

You… [sputters] You’re Superman.

You fight for truth, justice. You save people.

I don’t even know how to wrap my head around this.

You are invincible?

I’m a little tough-skinned, that’s all.

If you stand by and do nothing… you are as bad as the Nazis.

[chain clanking]

You’re wrong.

Then why are you here?

To get this story.

But you…

You’re one of the most selfless people I know.

I don’t know you.

In my time on this planet, I learned you look out for yourself.

This planet?

But in my time…

Something’s different.

What about your parents?

Martha and Jonathan Kent died in an accident when I was three-years-old.

I was sent to an orphanage.

I’m going to make sure the captives get out of the building.

Does that make me complicit?

Wait, this…

I’m not…

This isn’t…

Are you all right?

I’m not in the past.

This isn’t a different time.

What are you talking about?

This is… this is a different Earth.

I have to find Jay.

Was he always able to do this?

This… and so much more.

These are…


For where?

It looks like…

The Bermuda Triangle.

No, he’s not ready yet.

Yes, he’s received the package, but he doesn’t know what it means.

It’s you.

I saw you when I traveled here.

Please, do you know a way for me to get back home?

Back to my universe?

Your universe?

But this would be Earth 1, the real Earth.

This is the multiverse theory.

You’re not making this up, right?

You may return, but you have another task ahead of you and a lesson you must learn.

Only then can you…

No, I won’t tell him about the League.

You will see her again soon.


You should go.

It’s starting.

[Steve] Sounds like this guy’s gone cockeyed.


But Hitler worked hard to keep this place a secret.

Where’s Shakespeare?

[sighs] He’s on his own.

What are the coordinates for?

The Bermuda Triangle.

But it’s… it’s a legend.

So are we. Got anything for us, Future Boy?

We’re not in my world.

This isn’t my past. I don’t… I don’t know where to start.

Steve, can you get us a ship?

I’ll do you one better, Princess.

Just try it on. See if it fits.

You’re relentless.

That’s why you love me.

[door creaks]

Two. Maybe three.

Down bubble, five degrees.

Slow propeller by 50%.

[hinges creaking]


Two, maybe three ships above us.

Do they know we’re here?

We’re about to find out.

[sonar pinging]

Ooh, is it hot in here, or is it just me?


Down bubble, full speed. Right rudder, 15 degrees.

Right rudder, 15 degrees.

[tense music playing]

[alarm blaring]


Leaks toward aft.

Engine room is flooding.

Where your tools, and how do you fix leaks?


[hinges creaking]

Ooh! And Iris says I’m not handy.

[continues panting]

What’s happening?

The depth charges have knocked out our engines.

We have to surface.

If we surface, we’re dead.

Is there any way to restart the engines?

You have an extra 20 batteries lying around?

No. But I have the next best thing.


Give me a hand.

There she is. What now?

We build up enough electricity to jump start her.

[electrical buzzing]

Well, I’ll be…

What the hell are you doing?

Going out there.

Look this behind me and flood the tube.


You are just so beautiful when you’re about to kick some Nazi tail.

You know, there is a captain on board.

Let me make an honest Amazon out of you.

See you when I get back.

[alarm beeping]

Someone’s flooded Tube 1.

Did you order a torpedo launch?



Then what is it?

One guess.

Sir, depth charges… They’re… going up.

[sonar pinging]


You okay?

Yes, we had… help.

What kind of help?

Some sort of… aqua men.

Greetings, surface dwellers.

On behalf of our king, we welcome you.

What is this place?

An outpost.

A place where the people of Atlantis can stay informed about the irrational behavior

of the monkeys above us.


Come. Our king would like a word.


My King, here are the ones that repelled the boats.


I am Arthur, ruler of Atlantis and all of the oceans of this world.

What brings you to my kingdom?

Your Highness, I am Diana, Princess of Themyscira.

I know of your island.

I’m sorry for your loss.

Thank you, but what happened there could happen to the rest of the surface world without your help.

The boundaries of my kingdom far exceeds those on the surface and demand my undivided attention.

Tell me, why should I care about the affairs of those above?

Because these Nazis will not stop until the whole world is theirs.

Above and below.

Yes, the blood of air breathers does run hot.

I think you speak true, daughter of a Hippolyta.

I will help you.

Sire… [whispering indistinctly]

Come. There is something I have that might turn the tide in your favor.

Hm. The king of Atlantis made a pun.

Please, in here.

I see nothing.


[powering up]


I’m afraid Atlantean magic is quite powerful.

There’s no use in trying to escape.

Maybe he would have if you had gotten here sooner.

But now…

Heil Hitler.

Once upon a time, a modern day pirate smuggling, traversing the ocean to make my fortune and then, a storm destroyed my ship and the Atlanteans saved me.

Little did they know that my particular talents would grant me control of their king.

[Hourman] So you’re human like us?

Then why side with the Nazis?

Don’t you know what they’re doing up there?

Of course, I do.

It always pays to be on the winning side.

And with the Allies superpower team off the table… [chuckles]

Honestly, I’m surprised you took the bait.

The codes.

You set us up.

Obviously. The war is all but over.

And you have lost.

Enjoy the solitude of this prison because when we return…


No. Wait. Why did I imprison those people?

They seemed upright…


Because they are the enemy, Sire.

They want to rule your kingdom, pollute your water, enslave your children.

Enslave? No.

We must help these Germans win their war, and then, when both sides are weak, we’ll destroy them all.



It’s time to show those above what true power looks like.


Give it a rest, will you?


We need a plan.

I think Red over there is working on it.

You okay?

What? Yeah, yeah.

I’m just… Ever since I’ve arrived, I’ve been less.

Maybe I’ve lost some energy from overextending myself by getting to this world, but…

The Speed Force.

What’s the Speed Force?

Well, it’s just a working theory,

but it’s a little like photosynthesis.

You know, the way plants convert sunlight into energy?

Imagine the Speed Force is the sun, and we draw energy from it, converting it into our speed abilities.

I’ve been having the same problem.

If both of us are drawing from the Speed Force at the same time…

We’ll be less powerful.

Although if we could somehow combine our energy…

We might regain full power.

How will that bypass magic?

Physics are universal, Diana.

When I was younger, I could vibrate between molecules phasing through solid objects.

Have you ever done that?

Seriously? You can do that?

What the heck have I been doing all these years?

All right. Hands on the floor.

Start vibrating. You’ll feel it when it’s close.

I’ll try to help.


Keep going!


Oh, [chuckles] I can’t believe that worked.

Seize him!


Where did your king go?

I will tell you nothing, mouth-breathing, finless…


I yield.

You made it.

Thanks to Jay.

Stand back.

We have to get to the surface.

Warn the Allies of the Atlanteans involvement.

No, there’s no time.

It turns out the Atlanteans and Nazis are launching a surprise attack against the Eastern Seaboard of the US.

Then we stop them.

Yes, but that’s not all.

One of the guards said that King Aqua… Man

is headed down to the trench.

Someplace nearby.

He’s going to unlock some sort of cage.

So… what’s in the cage?

I have no idea, but it can’t be good.

Right. You’re coming with me to stop him from opening… whatever.

And the rest of us?

Take the submarine.

You have to beat them there.

Be careful.

I’m always careful.

We both know that’s not true.

[tense music playing]

[sonar pinging]

I think I found them. Dead ahead.

What does this do?


Atlantean pressure suit. Cool.

[punches landing]

[men grunting]

[men grunting]

[chuckles] We were getting worried.

So were we.

Captain, I need you and the boys to get us to New York as soon as possible.

It would be my pleasure.

You heard the man. Let’s move.

Take us out of this hell hole. Full speed.

They’ve got quite a lead.

There’s no way we can beat him there.

We have to try.

Jay, how are you feeling?

Ship shape.

Are you up for supercharging those batteries again?

I have to be. This is war.

Now, Your Highness, use your trident to focus your call.

Unlock the gate.

Bring the creatures. Seal our victory.



[glass cracking]

[Advisor] My.

You’re a strong one.

Don’t worry.

You’ll get your fill of violence.


Something is wrong.

Ah. My head.





What’s… that?


[people screaming]

[man] Oh, God!

[siren wailing]


[Black Canary whistles]

Hey, fish lips.

How about a real fight?




Keep it up, gents. [grunts]

Master race, my rear.

Shake your tail, Canary.


Join the army. Fight Nazis.

Fall in love with an Amazonian princess and end up in an Atlantean tank taking on bad guys.

Steve Trevor, never complain about being bored again.

Send these fish back to the sea.



[woman] Over there.

[man] Do you see it?

[boy] Look.

[man] Is that…



They’re going to destroy your home, my King.

It’s best to destroy theirs first.



[people screaming]


Hawkman, civilians.

I’m never eating seafood again.

I don’t know. I bet it tastes fine in butter.

Canary and I will get the big guy.

The rest of you stop those… things from getting to the city.

Let’s give them hell, boys.

After you.

How gentlemanly of you.







[Black Canary] No, no, no.

It’s okay.

You’re going to be okay.

You’re a terrible liar.

Stay with me, Carter. You…

[sobs] You can’t.

You can’t go.


I’m not leaving.

Not forever.


Listen, little bird.

You spend so much time building walls, keeping people out, and I know you’ve been hurt before, but… you have to promise me something.

Promise me you won’t give up on this.

On life.

On love.

Remember. [grunts in pain]

It’s the only thing worth living for.






I’m coming.


[Black Canary crying]






So I guess the big one is mine.


[Atlantean commander] Surrender.


I’m an American.

We don’t do surrender.

You okay?

Yeah, I think so.


Told everyone I wasn’t much use without…

And stay still. Here. Put pressure on it.



Steve, what are you doing?

Whatever I can.

[Black Canary shrieks]

Yeah. That was me.



You call that a scream?




You know? I gotta admit.

You’re pretty tough on the outside.


[Wonder Woman straining]

[engine accelerating]


You okay?



Just need a minute.

Take your time.

I got this covered.

Who dares?


Steve Trevor.

Colonel in the US Army, Wonder Woman’s boyfriend.

I admire your bravery.

But your fate will be like the rest.

You have no business fighting with gods.

But I do.

[Wonder Woman] Enough of this.

You will not win today or any day.

The hearts of humanity yearn for freedom and I aim to help them achieve it.

Then you are a fool.

I said enough.

What have I done?

Oh, what just happened?

[sighing] And good riddance.

[Advisor] You think this means you’ve won?

You and your league can’t stop the Fuhrer’s reign.

Can’t you hear it?

The sound of defeat.

The sound of failure.

No. No. What did you…

[blade thrusts]

Ah, I won.

I always win.

Steve, you okay?

I’ll be fine.


Mother of God.

If those bombers reach the city…

[Black Canary] We have to do something.

We can’t just sit here.

[Wonder Woman] Where’s Hawkman?

We might not have to.


What in the world?

No… not this world.

[Flash] You shaved.



My real name is Clark.

But you can call him… Superman.

I don’t understand.

Weren’t you just a reporter?

I was… Am.

But I couldn’t sit on the sidelines any longer.

I guess it was time to get in the game.

[Hourman] Diana.


Stay still.

We’ll get a doctor. We’ll…

Ah, come on, princess.

We both know that ain’t happening.


This can’t be.

I thought when the war was over, we’d…

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

Only today.

Right now.

That’s why we fight, right?


But honestly… being with you… I wouldn’t trade it for all the tomorrows in the world.

So what do you say, Diana?

Grant a dying man his final request?

[sighs wearily]

[Wonder Woman sobbing]

[Jay] Where’s Aquaman’s crony?

[Flash] I don’t know where he went.

There’s not a trace.

And trust me, this is what I do.

It’s like he just… disappeared.

[Black Canary] Don’t worry, Future Boy.

We’ll find him.

Leave it to us.

Right now, we need to get you home.

[Wonder Woman] Thank you… for everything.

We’ll be sorry to see you go.

Yeah. I wish I could stay but… I’ve got a world of my own that needs all the help it can get.

I can’t take this.

You said… you understood why I said no.

I was wrong.


don’t make the same mistake.

[Jay] Ready, kid?

[Flash] Yeah.


You were just… And then you…

I guess it doesn’t matter.

Great work, Flash.

Thank you.

No problem, Shakespeare.

Uh, I mean, Superman.


I should be off.

Nice working with you.


Listen. Brainiac won’t be the last to show up and threaten our cities, our world.

There’ll be others.

There always are.

But there are also others like us.


Maybe if we stick together, we can keep the peace.

You know…

Fight for truth, justice, the American way.

What are you suggesting?

Like a club?

Yeah, something like that.

[Iris] How long were you there?

[Barry] Maybe a week.

Here, it wasn’t even a second.




A little bit.

Yeah, it was.

Oh, shoot. I forgot something.

[giggles] Glad some things haven’t changed.

The future is uncertain.

It could be full of bad things or good things.

But whatever the case, it’s better to face it together.

I know we said that we could always have tomorrow, but whatever tomorrows I have, I want them to be with you.


What are you doing?

So, what do you say?

Will you marry me?

[gasps] Yes.


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