Protected: Niente di nuovo sul fronte occidentale

Ancora adolescenti Paul Börner e i suoi compagni sono strappati ai banchi di scuola per essere inviati al fronte delle Fiandre, dove affronteranno una realtà di morte e distruzione. La vita diventerà allora soltanto sopravvivenza, un angoscioso aggrapparsi agli istinti di conservazione e un disperato rinsaldare i vincoli di cameratismo per fugare la paura e trovare reciproco sostegno.

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Erich Maria Remarque: What All Quiet on the Western Front Means

When Remarque’s English publisher sent an advance copy of the novel to Sir Ian Hamilton, a British general, Hamilton wrote a letter to the publisher thanking him and telling him how true he felt the book was and how deeply it had touched him. The publisher forwarded the letter to Remarque, who responded with the letter below.

“All Quiet on the Western Front” Reflects the Postwar Mind

All Quiet on the Western Front is often praised for the way it faithfully captures not only the physical experi­ence of war, but the psychological bent of the young sol­diers who were caught up in its futile and alienating brutality. Modris Eksteins, professor of history at the University of Toronto, Canada, argues that it is more accurate to say that Remarque captured the postwar mind.