Dear Reader
thanks for landing on my website, I hope you have found what you were looking for.

I decided to put together this website for 5 main reasons:

– I like sharing my interests and exchange material
– I’ve been collecting through the years a huge amount of material about things that interest me in the form of books, magazines, photos. Many of them are now out of print, difficult to find, expensive to get. A few years ago I started digitalising my collection.
– I big amount of the interesting content in my possession is either not available online, badly presented/formatted and no mobile/tablet friendly
– I get frustrated when I’m searching for something online and I can’t find it (yes, even when I’m ready to pay for it)
– I’ve been a student, curious and eager for knowledge but with no money

A great deal of time is spent every week putting together the content of this website which is exclusively for non-commercial educational purposes only.

You can be part of this project in 3 different ways:

– Becoming a contributor
You probably have some forgotten awesome content hiding somewhere in your loft\storage
– Leaving a comment
A word of appreciation or constructive critique is always welcome
– Donating
Your money contribution helps keeping the website running by covering the hosting costs and buying rare material