2001: L’odyssée de l’espace (1968) – Revue par Jacques Goimard [Fiction]

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D’avance, nous savions que ce serait un événement. Parce que les dix millions de dollars dépensés garantissaient la qualité du spectacle et nous promettaient ce récital d’effets spéciaux, cette fête de l’imaginaire, ce plongeon dans l’inconnu dont le cinéma de SF nous frustre régulièrement.

2001: A Space Odyssey – Review by John Simon [The New Leader]

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2001: A Space Odyssey is fascinating when it concentrates on apes or machines, and dreadful when it deals with the in-betweens: humans. For all its lively visual and mechanical spectacle, this is a kind of space-Spartacus and, more pretentious still, a shaggy God story.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY – Review by John Hofsess

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2001 no less than Dr. Strangelove is an apocalyptic vision: it i is an alternate future but no less pessimistic. Beneath its austerely beautiful surface an alarm is sounded for us to examine a problem of which Dr. Strangelove was a pronounced symptom: the possibility that man is as much at the mercy of his own artifacts as ever he was of the forces of nature.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY – Reviews by Louise Sweeney and John Allen [The Christian Science Monitor]

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Louise Sweeney, New York-based film critic for The Christian Science Monitor, wrote a generally favorable review following the New York premiere of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Boston staff critic John Allen’s full-page review appeared in the Monitor a month later and M-G-M reprinted it as an ad in a Sunday edition of The New York Times.

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY – The Harvard Crimson Review

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After we have seen a stewardess walk up a wall and across the ceiling early in the film, we no longer question similar amazements and accept Kubrick's new world without question. The credibility of the special effects established, we can suspend disbelief, to use a justifiable cliche, and revel in the beauty and imagination of Kubrick/Clarke's space.


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Kubrick’s original plan was to open 2001 with a ten-minute prologue (35mm film, black and white) — edited interviews on extraterrestrial possibilities with experts on space, theology, chemistry, biology, astronomy. Kubrick says that he decided after the first screening of 2001 for M-G-M executives, in Culver City, Cali­fornia, that it wasn’t a good idea to open 2001 with a prologue, and it was eliminated immediately.

BEYOND THE STARS – by Jeremy Bernstein

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We are happy to report, for the benefit of science-fiction buffs—who have long felt that, at its best, science fiction is a splendid medium for conveying the poetry and wonder of science—that there will soon be a movie for them. We have this from none other than the two authors of the movie, which is to be called Journey Beyond the Stars—Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke.


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2001: IL FILM DI STANLEY KUBRICK Il viaggio interplanetario è un viaggio biologico di Lino Curci Sono giorni di scienza, non di fantascienza. Per la prima volta, con l’«Apollo 8», ritorno ha varcato il confine che separa il campo gravitazionale della Terra dalla zona in cui agiscono le forze dì [...]

2001: ODISSEA NELLO SPAZIO – Recensione di Giovanni Grazzini

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Non siamo soli nell'universo. Per convincercene, e umiliare il nostro orgoglio, Stanley Kubrick ha scritto e diretto il più clamoroso e agghiacciante film di fantascienza, o come lui dice, di "prescienza", che sinora sia apparso sugli schermi del sistema solare.


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Avvisaglie della fine impossibile di Francesco Cattaneo «...è l'individuo tale quale, elementare e tortuoso, vomitato dal Caos in piena Versailles". E.M. Cioran (1). «La luce è tenebra quando è solo luce» Franco Rella (2). Una delle immagini più vulgate del Settecento è sine dubio quella afferente alla formula kantiana secondo [...]

2001: ODISSEA NELLO SPAZIO: Recensione di Fernaldo di Giammatteo

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Il caso di 2001: A Space Odyssey, film di enorme successo e di enorme sfortuna, è uno dei più clamorosi. Tanti furono i sofismi che ne accolsero l’uscita da indurre lo stesso Stanley Kubrick a fornire, un poco infastidito, la sua semplice spiegazione