BLADE RUNNER – Review by Michael Dempsey [Film Quarterly]

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by Michael Dempsey In director Ridley Scott’s $30-million noir thriller, Blade Runner, set in Los Angeles 36 years from now, sophisticated new robots known as “replicants” have drastically narrowed the gap between humans and machines. Prize creations of the cadaverous, ironic Dr. Eldon Tyrell and his superconglomerate, they not only [...]

BLADE RUNNER’S MOVING STILL – Essay by Elissa Marder

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by Elissa Marder In the decade that has elapsed since Blade Runner's first commercial release, Ridley Scott’s 1982 science-fiction film has been retroactively hailed as one of the most powerful and influential examples of cinematic postmodernism.1 Despite the fact that Blade Runner has achieved almost canonical status in the annals [...]