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Instead of marveling at the number of books, articles, and documentaries he produced, some of Christopher Hitchens' friends muttered about the quantity of booze he drank. Now medical science backs his long-held belief that booze is a subtle weapon. Plus: Hitch’s tips on drinking right.

STANLEY KUBRICK’S THE SHINING – Review by Flo Leibowitz and Lynn Jeffress [Film Quarterly]

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by Flo Leibowitz and Lynn Jeffress To all appearances, The Shining is simply a hope­lessly clichéd gothic horror film. Can this be ser­ious? A lonely house on a hill haunted by ancestral ghosts that curse successive generations and force them to re-enact the original horror. It is not even redeemed [...]

BILL BURR: WHY DO I DO THIS (2008) – Testo italiano completo

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Va bene, grazie, grazie mille. Va bene, Gesù. Va bene, va bene. Sedetevi, sedetevi. Avremo di che parlare... Va bene, grazie, grazie. Grazie mille. Grazie. Va bene, va bene, grazie, grazie... Gesù Cristo! Distribuisci un po' di biglietti omaggio e si presentano tutti. "Questo tizio spacca! Biglietti omaggio! Mi piace!" [...]