LE NOTTI DI CABIRIA (1957) – Review by James Kerans [Film Quarterly]

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by James Kerans All the Fellini virtues are here: the fluent camera, the wit, the elegant composition, the theme-and-variations style, the melange of theatrical and religious symbol, the parabolic eloquence, the vocabulary of private motifs. La Strada is more exciting, because it calls for the management of material more coarse, [...]

LAST TANGO IN PARIS (1972) – Review by Bosley Crowther

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by Bosley Crowther The vast attention that Bernardo Bertolucci’s Last Tango in Paris received while it was several months in the making and when it opened in the fall of 1972 was not due to the prospect of its being a likely worldshaking film. It was because Marlon Brando was [...]

DOUG STANHOPE: NO REFUNDS (2007) – Trascrizione italiana

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È finita. Ultima chiamata. Questa generazione fa schifo, è la generazione più fottutamente noiosa nella storia della gente. È tutto moscio e annacquato... quand'è stata l'ultima volta che avete sentito parlare di gruppi rock che lanciano televisori dalle finestre di un albergo? Dov'è finita quella roba che era... divertente! Dov'è finito il divertimento?

KUBRICK’S STRANGE LOVE – Review by Gerard Fay [The Guardian]

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by Gerard Fay Stanley Kubrick is unusual among American film directors for a complete lack of flamboyance. He dresses without distinction, talks quietly and modestly, eats and drinks frugally, reads and thinks a lot. He is not an Austrian or even an Hungarian but was born in the Bronx, New [...]


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by Jean-Andre Fieschi Original article: ‘Néo-néo-réalisme’, Cahiers du Cinéma 141, March 1963 No one could be more pleased than we are that American cinema has on the whole won the war that history said it had to win (and not just by winning over the critics). We don't deny that [...]

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE – Review by Don Daniels [Sight and Sound]

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by Don Daniels Stanley Kubrick's films seem to provoke the kind of mindless praise and attack that is called 'controversy' these days. In the case of A Clockwork Orange, the responses have ranged from 'brilliant' to 'boring', with special attention to the film's depictions of violence. If the viewer responds [...]